• Tractor is a peer-to-peer, decentralized, permissionless, on-chain transaction market where mulitiple parties can engage in collective on-chain activity.
  • Likely one of the first implementations of Tractor will be Pod Market V3 where you could use Deposited Beans in Orders, etc.
  • Goal of Tractor is to create an off-chain order book to allow the exchange of any derivatives.


  • Tractor is implemented with proper test coverage, but no internal review as of @January 20, 2023.
  • More implementation discussions to be had.
  • Tractor heavily depends on middleware infrastructure and needs this before being usable.
  • Not a whole lot of clarity on this at the moment or when to start the internal review

Beanstalk Integration

how should it be released?

  • beanstalk-native facet
    • automated farming is only possible if the TractorFacet gets added to Beanstalk (unlike how Pipeline was deployed separately first)
    • also for gas efficiency
  • adding to depot (a newly deployed version of Depot)
    • safer (no assets at risk)


  • sowing/planting/etc for other farmers