Stalkholders Meeting Q1 2022

March 30, 2022

0:00 Intro • 2:50 Operations Update • 10:15 Engineering Update • 16:05 Business Development Update • 21:05 Marketing Update • 29:50 Copy Update • 36:10 Design Update • 44:00 Community Update • 53:50 Bean Sprout Update • 1:12:00 DAO Future Needs and Roadmap • 1:32:00 Publius Closing Remarks

DAO Meeting


Updates and Questions



okay i think this is a pretty good time to get it started thanks for coming everyone to the first quarterly stockholders meeting so the idea here is to have each department head give a short short update on where their department currently stands at the end of q1 looking forward to q2 some successes some failures they brought on and hired that kind of thing uh and then leave most of the time at the end for people to ask questions and just you know general high level questions about where we're headed um and any thoughts they have really i mean this is uh beanstalk farms um you know it's really you know i'm viewing this as that we you know we work for the dao so the dow's voice you know i really like to have a platform where the dao can be heard and it's not a monolith either you know people have different opinions and uh i think we'd like to just have this be a formal place where people can you know speak up there's not always time in the weekly meetings and there's not always a place in discord where you know you can trying to work on that sort of thing but uh that's the really the vision here so for the next uh hour or so we'll be uh hearing from several different people and pio and chill was was available and i uh as a co-host here so uh happy to have him and uh thanks for coming how are you doing tonight ipo hey i'm good i'm good i'm in new york and i'm chilling literally it's freezing out here but happy to to be involved and do this you know i see a lot of obviously a lot of familiar faces here uh or literally faces i guess and um i i completely agree with the notion of you know pun intended of just raising issues and obviously discord is that has its disadvantages and advantages it's a great place for us to all talk but as the discord has grown significantly it has been a little bit more difficult to have some of those more um strategic conversations but also get into the details of things and this is a great opportunity to do that because we do have all the department heads here and as we head into q2 literally and you know in a day or two and we have the budget uh on on the hinges of you know potentially being proposed i think this is a great opportunity to actually raise your hand because things are moving things are slapping as uh as we've been discussing so looking forward to what we're gonna talk about tonight all right um so yeah as far as the agenda tonight we're gonna start off with uh all started off as uh as operations uh so if you all don't know i'm the head of operations here at beanstalk farms and um the you know i wrote up a little thing that we're gonna we're going to consolidate this and distribute this it might take us a little while because we're going to have it be kind of a formal um stock forms document but uh in the meantime reflecting on the quarter it's been really interesting and has uh has made me really happy as far as how far we've come it's been an amazing experience from first time when i you know i dm'd publius and i said what can i do to help you know i'm ready to i'm ready to help and i'm ready to to really commit to this i think there's really something here and that was back in the beginning i think that was in actually in late november and my first real day was december 1st which seems like a lifetime ago but it's also just you know four months or so right so that's pretty crazy i think then we had uh nine or nine contributors um and then you know including myself and since then there were a lot of that was a really sort of flat organizational structure that we had um we started slowly building it out so we created uh the seven departments of well we created the seven departments of operations community design marketing copy business development and of course engineering we didn't have heads of all those departments but we were coming up with the structure that we thought would work without having any real centralized leadership except to some extent the you know the guiding advice and wisdom of publius but with the idea that they would you know as much as possible step back and let stock farms run the day-to-day i think we've been quite successful at that we've since onboarded 41 new contributors try to do this in a really transparent snapshot approval system which i'm sure you've all seen um so many of these people have been either people who are friends of other people in the project or they're people who have come to us through our skill sets skill set volunteer channel or who have seen our job board but who have been inbound who are already farmers who are already interested and bought in and have under you know struggled through the white paper and who have hung around the discord even when the the price was that was low and we weren't printing and it was you know it was uh through you know the early days a lot of these people you know we're really just kind of inspired to uh to reach out and starting a lot of them started part-time and then eventually came on full-time i think that's the most inspiring part of my job is getting to meet new people on a weekly and even sometimes daily basis who are so interested in beanstalk that they want to spend all of their free time on beanstalk like how cool is that that they want to come to beanstalk farms and they're saying okay i think i can dedicate 20 hours a week all of my evenings most of my weekends you know as much as you know i hear sometimes as much as my wife will let me or as much as i you know people are obsessed and that's so cool because we all are it's just you know we're just all so into this thing and it's it really conveys uh you know it's conveyed when anyone's talking about this you know all of my friends know i just don't shut up about this uh so that energy has really um i think it i think it starts from uh you know this is a shout out to publius the just the really like clear pure-hearted motive and and presentation of there's just something about when public speaks that's really inspiring and i think that we've all felt it and wanted to be involved and it's so i'm really happy with how that's how that's gone but i'll i'll continue um so everyone here that uh you know that's involved and with beanstalk farms and who is uh you know contributing volunteering um thank you it's really fun to work with all of you um so looking forward uh operations the operations department itself i view it as hr payroll project management and what i deem kind of general operations um so i'll talk about those each in turn so from an hr perspective i discuss the you know who we've onboarded um then in q2 we're planning on adding uh 17 new contributors which is outlined in the budget which is in the dao um dao governance channel which you can take a look at um and if there are questions on that i'm happy to provide you know more t more details um from that um potentially in a written form that might be you know easiest for people um with payroll we've really developed a pretty good system a big shout out to jww here for creating the spreadsheet of death i mean it's so complicated with the especially with the pod payment system um completely unrelated we have decided to not pay contributors with pods anymore going forward which should greatly um simplify the process so that's that's nice but it's still a pretty it's a pretty complicated undertaking doing payroll we've uh had five payroll payments we've made this uh this quarter with the final sixth payment that will be made on april 1st and that's so that's retroactive back to the 15th of uh of march so a couple of those have been have been late but for the most part we've we've been on time um we've solved the issues that you know they address the the late payments i think that moving forward should be pretty streamlined and clean um so that's the payroll end of things project management has probably been the weakest part of operations we've been as publius says building the building the airplane as we're flying it so you know it's been i think a little bit of disorganization should be tolerated but i'm going to be holding us all to a higher standard uh in q2 so i've hired a team of three pms black mamba shabam and al aseros who we've been having meetings this week we're just getting ramped up but i'm really excited i mean these are guys that experience with this and are i'm just really gonna be relying on their expertise and their um you know their tenacity moving forward so i'm really excited to introduce them to all of you and to get them starting to work you know with you know from improving the notion to meet ups with with the department heads to check-ins to helping define processes and and next steps and breaking big projects down into smaller chunks i think they're going to be really really helpful for us so i'm excited um for that um now in i think that i'm actually i'm a little over my time uh i've been trying to keep this to i want to keep everyone to about five minutes um each each department head so i think what i'll do next um is i can bring up i'd love to bring up uh silo chad to talk about engineering he's available to come up um okay awesome can you hear me okay i can't so yeah if you wanted to chat for you know between you know three and three and six minutes or so about uh engineering and q1 and q2 then what i'm going to do is just because i didn't say this before we'll have each of the department heads uh chat for a bit and then then we'll take questions but we'll hold questions until the end sounds great thank you dumpling and thanks for hosting here oh i'll just i'll just say quickly i would even say double you know for those who are maybe new or not familiar with you know all the department heads if if every single one could just get maybe just like a quick 30 second intro hey you know i'm xyz i do this i joined yeah i think that might be helpful sure let's have them do that uh as part of their as part of their little presentation is that good sounds great yeah appreciate you inviting me up uh great to meet everybody here uh see some new faces some old faces my name's silo chad i'm the head of front-end engineering here at beanstalk but work kind of across the engineering department so i'll be giving a quick overview of engineering as a whole and i'm sure publius and others will step up later this call to talk a bit about the specifics of some of the things they're working on like the at the protocol level um so i joined at the beginning of this year but have been around beanstalk for about the last four or five months uh and yeah really i think there's a couple key themes uh for the engineering department as a whole and part for myself as well over the last few months so you know moving into into 2022 we really wanted to begin growing the engineering teams across the board so i started at the beginning of the year on the front end side we've we've got two part-time contributors one of whom is going to be moving full-time starting at the beginning of q2 and have really started to ramp up team growth on the front end side we've also got a number of other contributors across middleware the subgraph side as well as back end that have really been spinning up so i say that to remind everyone that beanstalk is young and so we're still growing the sort of foundations of our teams quite quickly and then also as a shout out for for anyone who might have interested friends who want to come work on uh work on beanstalk engineering please point them my way or publius way uh sort of in tandem with this there's been a process of of assessing the state of beanstalk engineering and what we've built and sort of charting a path forward and figuring out how all the pieces fit together there's a number of different pieces of our infrastructure um most notably we've got the you know the protocol level um solidity contracts we've got the front end the subgraph and the sdk and happy to dig into any of these specifically with you but they all kind of need to fit together so we've been figuring out the best way to to do that and to grow teams around those and i think the last thing is just you know pushing for some specific front-end improvements throughout the quarter we release the silo ui the trade widget curve curve data the farmer's market a lot of key pieces of the the front end that i think will will start to play out over time and we'll be upgrading more i'll also drop the change log for the front end in chat after i finish speaking in terms of uh of q2 so i think the the most important thing for us is really just continuing to grow the team uh if there's anything we've learned over the last couple months or at least that i've learned it's really that there's there's so much to get done uh some so many ways for beanstalk to grow and we want to keep up with all of the interested interested folks who are joining uh joining us here then also um you know looking forward there's a lot of interesting things coming down the protocol pipeline that we've been some of which we've been talking about for a while and many of many more i imagine we'll be seeing over the next couple months and so making sure that our engineering team has the capacity to keep up with all of those new developments is really the key from my perspective so we'll probably be hiring a few more engineers across the team and then in terms of the the sort of engineering specifics uh a couple key things we want to upgrade the the sub graph for those who don't know the subgraph is a piece of our infrastructure that basically helps us efficiently process and present uh information from the beanstalk contract of which there is much and so if you've ever gotten stuck on the spinning bean on the website uh we hope to make this no longer be a problem by using more of the subgraphs infrastructure for the website um we'll also look towards open sourcing the front end which will be a big part of generally decentralizing beanstalk um and then just keeping up with with new pips that are coming out across the board a number of these have already been talked about most notably the the generalized silo is something that's on the horizon wrapping that up um so you'll see some upgrades to the silo as well as more tokens white listed in the silo um and then there'll be a number of other upgrades such as the the generalized bean farm which i'll defer to publius to talk about the specif specifics of so um with that i'll i'll kind of wrap up here i'll drop that link to the website updates in chat and yeah happy to answer any questions or dig in more as well so excited to see everybody here okay thanks silent chad if you don't mind staying up on stage we'll invite up next uh maxo can you come up exo is head of our business development department hey what's up everyone um i like what you did dumpling i'm gonna do a little background thing um i first learned about beanstalk in september a friend had sent it to me um and at the time i was just working for another tech company doing growth for them um and i've been doing crypto stuff for a couple years and so i you know beanstalk was one of the first things in a while that really got me interested um so i spent more time on it and and then in december i ended up leaving that tech company for other reasons um and then you know only like a week or so later i reached out to publius and i was like hey um you know do you guys have any work is there any place where i can contribute um we gotten a call first i talked to dumpling and i talked to publius and then right away they were like we're starting the bd team uh we need someone to kick it off and i was just like you know what this this sounds you know amazing so um very glad that i did that it was like december 29th and then and then publius was like all right you're good to go like tomorrow right like we can we can like start working tomorrow so it was like the 30th that i started um so we have had a full quarter you know to kind of kick off the bd team um in that time we've had two amazing hires we've had sync and liam uh both of whom are who are part-time but you know do the work of multiple full-time people you know they're just super efficient amazing contributors um you know super deep knowledge of defy and you know really helpful with reaching out to other groups um and so when the bd team formed just a couple months ago the original just publius was like we need to build utility that's it we just need to work with other parties and we need to build up utility for for being can you help us do that um and so early on we were reaching out to you know money markets and other things of the sort and you know other things that are you know more unique like borrowing against pods which is you know complicated and still in the works uh nonetheless but you know since the and that was kind of v1 of bd efforts and then v2 was when the silo was generalized and so with the generalized silo now a lot of what we've been focused on is reaching out to other stables who we want to build a pair with and then you know seeing about adding those to the silo and so something i'm very proud of that we've been able to get done in q1 is create this being lusd pool which may be the first pool to start earning silo rewards and so that will be up to the community you know the pool is created you can look at it on curve there's been a ton of interest from the lusd side uh it seems like they're by they're swapping into beans which is really cool and yeah and then perhaps in the next week or so you'll see a bip where you know we can vote on do we want this pool to receive silo rewards and the reason why this the generalized silo i think will be you know such a champion you know in terms of like a product offering on the bd side is because um when we talk to a group like liquidy you know lusd we can say to them you know you want more capital to leave your stability pool um beanstalk can offer you know almost 10x you know the the yield that lusd holders receive now um you know let's build out this pool together and so that's been another big learning over the last three months is how do we communicate beanstalk to outside parties you know when we're saying hey you know we're early but you should trust us for these reasons i feel like me and sync and liam and manifold everybody has just done you know a really good job at refining that language for people who are you know have no experience whatsoever you know with beanstalk and then getting them up to speed um it's like we have 30 minutes on this call let's begin like let's begin with the field and just running everything down for them um so that's definitely going to still be a work in progress but um yeah i'm definitely proud of you know what we've done there um so yeah i mean the thing that i'm most excited for moving forward is building out more stable pairs and potentially getting them added to the silo um this will build up being liquidity it will build bean stability um i just think it'll go a really long way and i think the silo is is going to be super attractive you know to the other token holders we build out with so yeah those are just some highlights some things i'm excited about um we will be expanding the bd team we will need some help on the research side as well as on the outreach side so if you like talking to people and you want to help with outreach reach out to me if you love dfi and you want to do some research also reach out to me okay thanks max um really exciting stuff uh all right uh tb do you wanna come up and talk about marketing yeah sure um hi everyone this is tb um i was actually introduced to beanstalk through the person on my left that'd be happy and chill um and so just shout out ipo for for getting me into beanstalk um i've been here since november joined in a more formal capacity um the beginning of february so in a sense the marketing department has been around for roughly two months today um it's and it's it's been a hell of a ride um we i think generally we've been able to um gain momentum and help beanstalk gain momentum um and so i'm going to list a few things that we've been able to do under marketing but before before i go there i always you know it's important to clarify a lot of things marketing does is thanks to copy design engineering community uh and biggest of all i think everybody who's in this meeting today and our community in general um it's very it's it's frankly easy to run marketing when you have a community that's in and of itself um such a strong um such a strong thing to have all right so start the first step we we kind of took was established analytics because we wanted to do the baseline of where we are today how many folks do we get on the website when they go on the website what did they do um what's what what is that's the data part of it is kind of the missing element so we put that together in terms of google analytics um it has helped inform our decisions based on where we're getting traffic from where it's going um what's really driving conversion what's propelling people to come and interact with people inside discard at the website we've also established a blog that's more for seo seo is a very long term game but what we've realized is in general seo is one of our strongest sources of traffic people looking for being stock on google on different search engines um so so in collaboration with silochad we've established that blog i think it's gonna it's already gotten a ton of different posts um and it's gonna help develop that long-term um sort of real estate that we're looking to build and hopefully our goal is you know to rank for uh some of the top d5 keywords in general so that's that's just the goal under seo one of the first hires we had was uh mod who is just a really strong just a powerhouse of energy when it comes to beanstalk and someone who has led the partnerships department under marketing uh so one of the things that they did when they came in was manage the creator dial partnership our partnership with creator dao has been very fruitful in general they've produced a ton of different content uh infographics twitter threads youtube videos banners podcasts um and and it's all been under mods leadership so i just wanna you know shout them out there the other thing we've done so there's a lot of different partnerships but two of the contracts we've closed um are luna pr and serotonin these are two separate pr marketing firms um luna is a bit more traditional serotonin is very crypto focused um and they actually do much more than pr for us at this moment they're also going to do content marketing um they're also engaging in a little bit of product marketing so they're doing a lot of different things and advising us and that's just good to have someone who's experienced in the crypto space uh with crypto protocols they're helping build our community uh helping figure out how to increase conversion within discord all that good stuff so really two very important partnerships um with two different pr firms um that was also something that we did in this quarter and independently from that we have our own efforts to get publius on different podcasts so publius has been on refi d5 mission v5 a couple of others but really where our goal is much bigger um when it comes to podcast um apart from that we've done a ton of promotions so basically everything that happens whether it's babes podcasts blogs poker tournament being at usd pool you know anything that's happening what we're trying to do is use that to get more momentum and so you'll see discard events twitter posts not necessarily trying to create hype but trying to create events where other folks who are not currently part of beanstalk can engage um and lastly as you've seen our twitter presence has definitely picked up we've gained a ton of followers i credit that all to the twitter army and and the community really um we all we've done is made sure that you know when there's relevant information we can pass it to the twitter army um and we can catch where wherever somebody's talking about us and make sure that our community on twitter knows that we're being talked about um just 30 seconds to talk about the next quarter we're gonna hire more so we have at least a couple of people we'd like to hire in terms of having someone who does full-time graphic design um having someone who does full-time sort of marketing analytics on the technical side um because in terms of promotions and um you know that i'm managing myself so we might even hire a third person so that's that's something under consideration what we want to do in q2 um i think that's when serotonin luna all these partnerships that we have would really come to fruition um and getting beanstalk into the big leagues i mean that's that's kind of our goal um as soon as the generalized maintaining generalized convert generalized bean stock comes into place our goal and our thinking is that beanstalk is ready for for that kind of attention and that's going to be our goal going forward so yeah that's uh i think that's it i've spoken probably longer than i should have so where is tv that was uh that was all meat no fat um so i did want to give a quick shout out to a general of the twitter army ipo and chill uh so yeah that's if you want to join you can uh dm him or just send him your uh uh your twitter handle you can also send it to me um most of the people up here are in the twitter army but uh i salute you sir yeah i'm uh a nishkamitra on twitter and everywhere else and yeah it's it's just honestly i i checked that thing religiously it's just fun it's like almost like a sub community in it of itself but uh feel free to join it is actually a great way to just have a filtered list of all of the being relevant tweets that are out there and for those who are tweeting about bean um i just want to say a few things you know a the general tone and just vibe has been mainly just educational positive high energy which is really what we're going for that's how we want to be seen on twitter and print and and all the other forms of media that that we're in so definitely shout out to everybody who's been putting in work to either respond to threads or make sure bean is in conversations that we're not in you know stable coins have been all the rage recently especially since you know lunaterra announced the bitcoin buy and it's been amazing just to see people interject being into the conversation but do it in a way that makes us look smart and really vibes with all of the values that we've listed in our branding etc etc so you know want to recognize that and absolutely promote that behavior um and then two you know obviously if um you know if you have ideas for other things we could be doing on twitter you know we tried the spaces you know maybe it could be a good time to start that again um definitely want to keep the conversation going on twitter and also utilize the army in more ways that we're just doing now so please you know reach out to me and and talk to me about that and would be happy to brainstorm things one last thing i'll say on marketing is uh cassie is coming on board to actually help me with promotions so that's that's okay great uh next we'll bring up eriel from the copy department hey can you guys hear me i can hear you great awesome um so i work on the copy team um on beanstalk farms i discovered the protocol and the community like i don't know late october early november actually yeah late october um actually randomly from this super inauspicious uh nasdaq tweet that really was not like the most substantive uh uh piece of content he's put out but nonetheless somehow randomly drew me into the the the discord and and i i've i've explained my backstory to with beanstalk to a few folks um over the month of the past few months but but essentially like most people i read the white paper or attempted to um once didn't understand it twice didn't understand it went to a university session was very impressed by publius and then for whatever reason decided to volunteer myself to dumpling to try and help out with any little side projects here and there so i worked on an infographic uh one week and a one page or another week then we we sort of decided together that that i could help out with some with some copy stuff came aboard part time in january and have been a member of the copy team ever since so that that's that's sort of my my personal backstory um with the protocol but as far as the copy team goes so sin in q1 we've brought on four part-time uh or five rather part-time contributors um quasi-matt j mann dalteco two-bean uh and myself um and in that time a lot of what we've focused on is not only putting out content both for the dow but also for the newly created blog that tb touched on um but also setting up the sort of the rails for the copy team to be able to pump out um reliable uh content in a uh a speedy amount of time and so that that sort of leads into the three primary functions that i think the copy team or a good copy team for a dao serves um the first one is discovering beanstalk farm's voice i think that's super important and this sort of goes into what marketing does and what design and branding do but just sort of figuring out how the community speaks to the world and that's not just explaining what new announcements and or protocol upgrades we have going on or new integrations we have going on but just the general tone that beanstalk uses to speak like there there are lots of ways that companies speak like amazon speaks a certain way it's very corporate and professional and that's well and good but that's not all beanstalk is so it's sort of balancing or finding the right balance of objectivity but the playfulness and approachableness that i think we all love about beanstalk and that's a long process that we're all figuring out together but i think we've made a lot of strides over the last three months in figuring out the different ways that beanstalk farms does speak to the world the second piece is being a resource for the rest of beanstalk farms so i think that a great coffee team should never hold up a project and that's a goal that that i am striving towards and i think the rest of our department should strive towards in being a helpful resource for putting out content that's required for a project regardless of the department that requests it and then not being the hold up because the copy is is an important piece of the project but is ultimately not the project itself so i think it's critical to not only put out good quality writing but not to hold up the hard work that's gone into the substance of the project itself and whether that's bip bips bip announcements the get book copy for the website or announcements for integrations and protocol upgrades any of that stuff i think is important to write well and clearly but to have a clear process for how that stuff is getting done and to be able to do it in a timely manner and then the last thing is publishing less formal content and i think we have this great platform now with the blog that the marketing team and the front end team have built out that allows beanstalk farms to to to gather and put out con contributor written content um like dalteco's first um piece of his uh his series which you should all check out is a great example of this kind of thing that we should be doing as a community to to highlight all of the great individuals we have but also the different ways that anyone can interact with beanstalk itself and i think one of the focuses that we should have that the copy department team should have for q2 is coming up with a with formal cadences for putting out content so that this isn't just an amazing platform that we let wither away um so so that's one of the main plans that i think uh the department should have going forward for the next quarter the other bit is hiring someone full time as the as being stock farms grows um the the department's ability to respond quickly to short term written is critical and when the entire team is part-time that that ability is is constricted and and like i said earlier that's not the job of the copy department the copy department is supposed to be a resource for the other departments i think having someone full time that's on call will be critical for that all right thanks ariel okay uh next up uh these beans hey don't think um sorry is this working uh yeah i can hear you okay great um yeah hello everyone uh deez here yeah i'm really excited for uh the quarterly stockholders meeting uh it's kind of fun and um a quick intro uh for me i was probably introduced the protocol um uh maybe in october of last year um october or yeah i'd have to check but um as far as for beanstalk farms i got hard on in more formal fashion uh middle of january so i guess like relatively new and how that started was we actually initially did a big uh branding workshop uh branding strategy uh with the dow back then towards the end of december that was done with uh with sweet red beans i'm not sure many of you might know um this work and we kind of uh spearheaded that initiative and then from there on um we got hired onto being stuck so um as far as the design department uh yeah so some of our major i guess goals for the design department is uh one of them was to build a strong brand uh to quality control and to help maintain the consistency of the brand and then to also create a an in-house studios that's that or sorry and then the third one was yep to create an announced studio to essentially just support the other departments and be a resource as well similar to what evil is saying um and so far in q1 i mean lots of stuff have happened i mean kind of echoing with what the other heads have said uh we've been really busy and trying to um keep up with with crypto and it's changing nature but uh so far we've built out like four major sub departments within design um those being graphic design product design audio and video and motion for graphic design we're able to hire on a full-time lead very sorry a part-time lead guava guava nam and with uh guava nom we've been able to take a first stab at a new brand identity for beanstalk and then along with that just help supporting the other departments with just incoming requests and things like that like podcast graphics the announcement graphics any any of that it's been it's been good uh for production and on top of the um brand identity for for product design we've had a chance to hire uh jelly beans who's time um and surprise design has been really busy we also have another part-time uh designer uh who's whose name is kataro and while we've you know hired some people on and also dropped some some people in the process uh mostly in the past month we've been able to revamp a lot of the the ux and we um as many of you might have seen in the discussions we're trying to get some some more people for the user testing and we'll um trying to figure a few things out internally but we'll figure out like how we wanted to do the user testing um towards the end of this week or next week because we really want to get some of that ux flow out on the website live um [Music] for audio uh we've been able to hire on uh beantogen full time as some of you might have heard um awesomely talented we're really excited to have someone like him with his expertise and not just you know the fun folk songs that he's been able to produce for us but really like his background in audio and audio engineering and uh things with with podcasts as well and he's been able to also recruit a close friend of his uh namely bella bean talk and this person has extensive experience in podcasts and audio engineering as well in sound design so i have a pretty healthy audio team that will help us more so in q2 to support again like the podcast that we have in-house and the the video curriculum that we're planning on creating to help support education and create that content and namely lastly i guess for video motion that would be one thing that we're trying to get more help in now getting going into q2 because of this need for the video content with it with the educational content but for now we've been able to uh work with fellow qt um they've uh been able to bring a lot to the table as far as just what being stuck and how we could um portray it uh better through through our visual content or sorry through our video content and hopefully if they'll be willing we can grab them full time for q2 but if not then that's something that we would definitely need help so just shouting that to the audience if anybody has friends with um extensive knowledge in motion design and could work on this whole time that'd be great um yeah so i mean as far as like major major accomplice mints for for q1 just building up the team and uh getting getting content out there um it's been great some things that we want to definitely improve upon for for q2 is uh first and this has been talked a little bit uh internally and with some some major contributors and the dao is just trying to figure out a strong process for receiving feedback and but also not uh pressuring design for really tight deadlines i mean we understand that um crypto is moving very quickly and so that way we want to be able to match that but at the same time if we want to be different and have strong designs then we should also give some time for that as well and so we're trying to figure out a good process as far as you know how much time do we want to give things and who do we want to go to receive feedback and how can we work with the dao in the design process and all those things and so um excited for that and really think that'll make us stronger as a design department and and with the beanstalk style um and then the second thing uh we definitely want to improve on is just yeah getting more resources for uh the other departments because it seemed you know as you have heard from the other departments we're ramping up a ton in content uh like with marketing and um uh with educational materials and so trying to get um higher full-time person for graphic design trying to hire um some more people for for product design because we need to build out that team and get some things uh updated on the website uh now so yeah and again if anybody has friends or um no i know of anybody that could help in those departments that that would be great um but yeah that's pretty much everything from the design department okay great thanks dudes um all right if you everyone wants to stay up on stage that'd be great um next we're going to bring up jww from the community department and uh then finally after jww we'll bring up mr manifold uh to talk about beat sprout and that'll round things up cool uh dumbledore can you hear me uh yeah i can hear you okay good um so just uh just to give everyone transparency i am uh here on behalf of community um stepping up for rex as well who's uh in the midst of um some in real life sounds like flight traffic issues that are not fun um so just gonna give a update on the community side um to everybody else's point i i definitely want to chat quickly about the background uh about the protocol since september october um but some of my favorite conversations actually are when i scroll up to the top of when dumpling and i first met um it's actually before you definitely were thinking about like joining the team and like you know what's the risk and stuff like that i've actually got one of our first chats where we were debating like well what happens if soil runs out uh back in november uh so it was a long time ago and yeah now we now we know yeah right yeah soil scarcity just and this was before like the idea of like the infrastructure even existed um so it was like it's just been absolutely insane watching how quickly we've grown from you know just random classes all the way through seven departments with heads up to heads and everything else that we've got built which is fantastic um so i yeah i joined in september october i got more involved uh starting november worked on the uh being nfts um in winter of last year and then started this year q1 was kind of was working with dublin on some op stuff in terms of payroll and did some things lightly with notion and then also started working on a handful of other projects and that's actually kind of how i got tied into rex so just to give a little bit of overview the the community team is actually fairly new um and i'll talk about that in more detail um but just to to echo what actually tv said before i think the community team is definitely going to benefit from the a lot of the gains of all of the cross-departmental work and that's been something we've seen um over the q1 which is great again we'll talk about that in a little bit but i'm going to give a quick overview from rex himself so just bear with me as i read through this and imagine it coming out of a much more soothing tone than mine uh so the beanstalk community has thrived in the first quarter of 2022 to quickly glance the numbers we've seen truly remarkable growth we've had it we've added more than one thousand discord members since the new year a 55 increase with 125 new members last week alone new member exploration is also encouraging with about half of the new members visiting three or more channels on their first day new member retention itself is steadily increasingly increasing as well uh with current one-week retention rates at nearly 50 compared to discord's own benchmark of 20. uh events like our 18t university and down meetings are continuously growing as well and social media presence uh is also reflecting our course draw our like core growth as well which is largely driven by marketing we also just had a audit that came in from serotonin as well which i don't think has been shared with the broader community but they gave us an a nice strong a or a plus or something of that magnitude in terms of how the discord is being run in the community itself which is great news really though numbers are just a small part of the story far more exciting to me rex are the conversations questions and answers and overall positive energy that i see in the discord on a daily basis staff moderators and band of mary farmers have been beyond been beyond compare and their willingness and ability to help new members feel welcome and supported on behalf of the leadership team i can't thank you all enough the community team itself has also been developing the last quarter we had a jww as a full-time farmer of all trades brought farmer dan over from from operations and then cassie and pf drake and social media events event lead roles respectively uh we've also we're also in the final steps of bringing in um uh bean intern uh as the metaverse lead um and the unofficial executive vp of vibes quote unquote our team is still getting settled in but everyone is approaching their work and positive attitudes and willingness to learn and i'm excited to see what we'll accomplish in the near future as a final observation it appears to me that the community in the broader organization has entered what i would call our awkward teenage phrase running fast developing our image and growing through the stress and strains that come with getting better it's been fantastic to watch so many individuals embrace the challenges that come with the phase come with this positive helpful attitudes genuinely thankful for the culture our community has built and see that the culture is a cornerstone of future success um that was from rex so just really quickly uh the mission itself from the community team so to take a step back it's definitely the most newly formed department in the dao and it kind of makes complete sense that it comes to fruition but as a result q1 is a little bit more split in terms of what our what the deliverables will look like but the goal of the community department as a whole is really to educate and grow grow the bean community and so the the efforts that kind of started in q1 were more like i guess more fringe activities and efforts so there was definitely running of the ama classes which frankly dumpling had been running for a long time but since past passed the torch over to rex um who will continue to run the classes um in q1 itself there was which is actually q4 we had that being nfts um and then in q1 there was the poker tournament itself which you know helped bring in a bunch of new members uh brought in new dowels as well and new partnerships um but if i'm being honest personally it was actually i think one of the greater things i worked on at the dow because it was so incredibly cross-departmental um huge efforts from copy huge efforts from marketing um great efforts from engineering to get uh the front end and the processing and the payments set up beans brought help with with funding i mean it was just a fantastic effort that happened in q1 um and we rushed to get it done and uh it didn't explode which is probably the best part uh but i i there's also been demand for a new one which is good um we also started on the educational content rollout um with the first video it's actually on the live landing page now um which is actually done fairly well it's had pretty good reviews like we think we're just under a thousand views and maybe 25 to 30 likes so far so that's doing quite well um and then there was the start of the podcast as well which happened in tandem with design and marketing and has gone pretty well so in terms of q2 um really now that we've kind of finalized the community team and are going to start growing the department uh the few areas that we're really going to keep our eyes on are as mentioned of the gate educating members and so there's a couple of efforts underway are ready to start that um one is uh bean basics is what we've dubbed it but there might might morph a little bit in terms of providing more frequent and uh higher touch points from like an audio perspective when people join the discord so that they know who to talk to and how to ask questions uh the classes are good for tons of great conversation from hugely but we've definitely seen that people come in with much lower hanging questions that we want to have people readily available to answer them so that's one thing that we're thinking about another huge effort that we're going to be leaving leading in the community team is the zero to beanstalk educational materials um and this is going to be done in tandem with with marketing and the idea is to really focus more broadly not just on the exact like the current market that we're looking at um but more broadly like when somebody is coming new into them into uh d fire crypto um and they happen to stumble on bean stock but they have no understanding of you know uh what what what decentralization is or what cryptocurrencies are um that we can quickly get them access to information and education um through scripts and through um video content to get them up to speed quickly um and that's essentially going to transition into this kind of broader goal that we have of combining both the community and the marketing effort to create like this higher level academia or curriculum and university so that by the end of this whole course people will be able to run through a full array of information um and let me see i'm just going to quickly turn through a few of the quick things we're going to work on improving the the discord itself there's a handful of ways that we're going to be tweaking that we're going to have some improvements to the role structure we're going to adjust some of the actual structure of the discord itself a little bit particularly focusing on the import import like the onboarding of new customers or sorry new users when they jump in that'll be a big piece we're going to set up some other merch options with which farm dan's going to lead uh we're going to kick off more events which uh pf drake will be helping us on so we'll be running more community events more frequently like the poker tournament and there's a couple of other ideas we're kicking around that we'll share with the community and then the last piece as rex mentioned this piece is how we're going to be expanding the web 3 components itself um so sorry that was a bit long but just in general i think the best way to think about the community team is i off i think i often liken it to a house or maybe a barn you know where engineering's built a really good infrastructure uh marketing is going to continue to like shout out to people that come join and enter the barn and then we're inside you know teaching people how to use the utensils where to sit um and you know just make sure that everyone that is in beanstalk is better after beanstalk so that is it okay that's great thanks thanks jw um and finally we'll bring up mr manifold just a quick uh point of order where there's so much exciting stuff going on we're running a little bit long but we're gonna um extend it uh you know i was just thinking an hour to begin with but i think we should go longer to allow for more questions so we'll uh you know as long as as long as people are you know are available uh you know i think we'll end up extending this by for to 90 minutes uh until 9 30 eastern if that's okay with everyone and if it's not then i guess you can hop off so uh all right without further ado uh mr manifold cool hey guys so i was first introduced to beanstalk in mid-november i think um from a couple really smart buddies of mine you know we have this weekly crypto call we're all kind of sharing what's new and exciting in the space um and they kind of jokingly brought up bean and you know kind of like most people i was curious i was skeptical whatever the following weekend dove into the white paper it was pretty interesting of course i ended up speaking a stolen hamburger on like a facetime for like an hour um and kind of got bean pill right away i have always been fascinated by algorithmic stable coins a few of my good buddies work at terraform labs so i kind of followed tara luna's journey with chai and like going into 2019 and 2020 defy run 2021 launching anchor and really seeing that ecosystem gain like true product market fit was really exciting um and so when i came across being out i thought to myself i mean this works and you know we're at peg the community's growing it's highly scalable there's there's no reason why you know we can't execute the same thing um or even do it at any even higher level and that really fired me up and so ultimately i ended up getting introduced to publius you know we had a series of conversations and i remember it was christmas eve and and there you know pool is like hey you got a second and you know christmas eve most people aren't working so that really was like a pretty high signal thing for me um but i was like yeah i'm down we ended up speaking for like an hour um and ultimately they were they were basically offering um if i wanted to kind of you know lead a role at beansprout and i thought about it for a week um i ultimately said yes with the goal being you know how can bean sprout help grow the bean economy um grow being use cases and utilities such that you know beans can get you know grow past a billion and then 10 billion beans and 100 billion um and so throughout this quarter kind of been jamming on partnerships and integrations with max incubate liam which has been a ton of fun thinking about what pulls the seed you know head hunting you know talented teams and protocols that could potentially build on top of beanstalk um but you know about a month and a half ago was really thinking deeply about some things and and really thinking about ust to be to be candid and you know how they how ust has really gained product market fitness through anchor um and back to christmas eve one of the things i brought to publius is like you know anchor has been really good for ust mira has been good for ust you know we should strive to create a suite of ecosystem apps on top of bean that can kind of create the same type of demand syncs and so started ideating on and sketching out and designing a protocol you know that we're calling saloon right now um and that's pretty much taken up you know the last month and a half last month i would say um of my time personally um you know whether it's been building a team around the concept finding the right engineers um ui ux marketing you know bd people i used to work in in real really you know high quality fintech roles um fundraising so we've been on calls with funds for the past two weeks um legal which is you know a huge pain in the ass if you're based in the u.s so that's been you know taking a bunch of time but you know it's really coming into shape and you know i think that's been a nice way to uh wrap up q1 and and sprint into q2 like at full speed and you know so i think what being sprout is now up to is is really exciting i think we're going to be able to incubate a project um at least stemming from beansprout where you know it's backed by significant capital it has a tier a team um and it really makes that dent in the ecosystem um you know and is a key building block i should say of this ecosystem as it continues to grow out that's put on top of beans um so yeah really excited about it it's just me i'm i'm a one-man show technically at beansprout but you know i'm i'm usually just working with everyone here it's been it's been great so um you know this has been a lot of fun um definitely a a memorable quarter um and excited for you know q2 i think we've got a lot of exciting things in the pipeline um so yeah okay thanks mr manifold and thanks to everyone who's come up and and spoken so far uh and thanks to the audience for uh sticking around so now the floor is uh is open for questions uh let's see just make sure you can request come up it'd be great if you could come up but also um if you want you can drop your question in the town hall chatter but we'd really encourage people to come up and speak if they don't mind another thing i'd mention is just because there are a lot of beanstalk farms contributors here just because you're a contributor doesn't mean you're not also a stockholder so you can anyone on stage should feel free to ask any questions and anyone uh in the audience who is who works for beanstalk farms uh should also feel free to ask any questions that are on or bring up anything that's on their mind it doesn't have to just be questions can be statements any kind of input statements reactions thoughts vibes sounds even just while no one has anything active i have a quick question for mr manifold that was just on my mind and mr manifold you were mentioning that you're a one-man shop have you thought uh have you ever thought that you know you could be more effective if you had hired a couple more people or if you would have you thought about you know expanding the team at beansprout you're completely a different organization it's completely up to you whatever you want to do but i just wonder if that's ever ever crossed your mind yeah it's funny we we just had a bd meeting right before this and and we talked about exactly that so i think that's also going to be on the q2 agenda um is kind of building out the team and adding a person or two uh to work within dean sprout so definitely awesome that's exciting okay in the town hall chat we have bean merchant mr manifold what are the bd initiatives you'd love to see in q2 what can the humble stockholders do to help well i think max could probably follow up to my answer on this um because i'm sure you have some thoughts but you know quite bullish on what max also said earlier which is stable coin pairs within the silo so you know obviously we're working on lusd i think ust tracks are two others that we wouldn't want to get up and running you know as soon as possible um i think that there's real product market fit there um for beans so i think that that's just an outstanding way to grow liquidity within the silo um and is a true use case uh and unique utility that beanstalks beans can offer that under stable coins can't um also i think that yield bearing pairs within the silo is super interesting so think about like staked ethereum so um you know setting up pools with yield bearing assets that are in high demand like staked eth or like a staked l1 um is really interesting um it just allows um you know lp's to kind of gain this like juiced up yield um that's half stable coin half staked l1 which is also really attractive i think so i think a lot of the you know things that i'm really bullish on are within the silo for q2 in particular um and so on that note you know any introductions any ideas any any protocols that um you know you might have relationships with that could be an interesting fit like you know please send you know think liam or my way you know we'd love to talk to them we'll never say no but max i don't know if you want to add to that yeah i know stable pairs take to eat um you know all of those in the generalized silo i think will be big so if you have any introductions or you know anyone who like is a whale in any other stable like we can just spin up a pool with them you know seeding it so any introductions like that are super helpful um also getting onto money markets this is something that we've been kind of held back by which was like you know most groups who we talk to they just say you know you need to be like at 100 million market cap or liquidity for us to even consider it so that might just be something that comes with time but if you have any close relationships with you know anyone who works at ave it is a community decision but still you know any introductions like that are helpful so stable pairs stage pairs seating pools like that um and then money market introductions hey just just got maybe this is a question for a quick question for tb here um is this somewhere where like luna or serotonin can be helpful like have have they worked with any of them or would they know anyone who potentially could facilitate those introductions or even make them directly yeah i think for sure um i mean we are still exploring sort of their contacts a lot of them are in the media um in terms of you know that so they are connected their circle is uh mainly within sort of like famous youtubers influencers pr outlets but we haven't explored uh this site a lot and i think it's a it's it definitely deserves a call between serotonin and our bd team to explore kind of what other protocols they work with and if they can connect us with them so that's that's a great call out yeah where are these stable coin whales is that like a telegram group one of us can just sneak into okay oh sorry go ahead uh no i was gonna say and just uh kind of even further that tv might be something to chat with luna about too because uh maybe they're not part of like the uh larger protocols or anything but it sounded like they might have access to the ultra high net when we were working on the contract okay uh oh yeah ox nims i gotta let you i gotta let you speak it's such a beautiful mfr you got too so thank you very much gm fellow stockholders um so i just wanted to get on stage to let you all know and and particularly mr manifold because i'm assuming this is where you lead in um i have i work at it now that uh we recently partnered with frax so i'm like in contact with that team so if you guys would like an intro let me know i would be willing to you know set a telegram group together you know what um i think we'll take you up on that and it's because we already have a telegram group set up with frax and with sam who's the man but i just think i'm busy that you could also you know use another channel why not yeah totally very happy and willing and you're totally right sam is very busy we got that we learned that uh the way too so it's all good though he's a great guy and they and they do respond uh you know just takes a little bit of time totally i mean they've got like five people working there so so you know totally understand but yeah that'd be great thank you of course uh i'll dm you i just friend requested you and then we can kind of go offline from there sounds good okay i'm gonna keep the mr manifold questions coming because they're they're here uh mr manifold what is the roadmap for adding more erc20 pairs to silo or even just creating pools for them both stable and non-stable assets is there any reason why we would not be trying to create pairs with all of the top erc20s got it so i'll give my take and then would love to hear max's um but i think it's i think it's a good move to start with stable to stable pools um that are white listed in the silo because there's also the added benefit of increased peg liquidity or sorry peg stability and stable to stable liquidity for beans um also do think it's like really interesting to you know silo pair like a token that's an erc20 that's in really really high demand um that's not necessarily a stable coin and i think we're gonna get there but i think in terms of priority like saying if like say we're on a weekly cadence right now or a bi-weekly cadence of whitelisting in the silo um i think that you know lusd ust staked ethereum you know that isn't a stable coin but makes a lot of sense you know are things that would be priorities but then i hopefully we can get to like a more exotic mix um as well um but also kind of curious tbd on how that plays into um a decks that you know uh beanstalk or or somebody develops using beans um but max curious in your take yeah same thing i think for the first few pools that go into the silo it makes sense for them to be stable pairs just because you just think about what do we want bean's stability to be tied to do we want more you know eat contingent stability you know probably not because we're already very exposed to each so we probably want to build up with some stables but then in the long run manifold like you mentioned like for if the silo is going to be a solid dex then it will need a variety of tokens um so yeah i think the balance is start with stables um and then you know think about other tokens later yeah and like well what i'll add to that is i think by like the end of the year you know could see scenarios playing out where projects are coming to beanstalk and saying hey we'd like to you know start our lp or cd or lp when we launch our token with beans you know can you do this can we whitelist this in the silo i think like those opportunities are going to start coming too once we kind of prove what the silo is to d5 one more thing i'll add on the silo just because i'm so excited about it like there's 300 million lusd in their stability pool and if the b l usd pool is added to the silo it will be the best yield available to lusd holders and that's humongous for attracting new capital and just becoming more stable building up liquidity like it is just it is a giant leap the generalized silo do you mind talking a little bit more i know it's listed in the uh for the proposal but could you talk a little bit more about the upcoming roles that are being looked to fulfill the 17 or so that you mentioned kind of what orgs are way or what departments of it oh sure yeah for sure um so i was planning those 17 based on individual conversations with department heads and what they feel like their needs will be you know coming into into q2 so those are you know looking to fill those throughout the quarter um for yeah i can uh chat a little bit about that for design um we're looking for two two hires uh two ux uh ui designers then well i think yep yeah yeah you wanna update this at all sure yeah for sure um uh so i think like i'll have to check with jelly who's the product design lead as far as for for ux ui i think they have some people that they're willing uh to to bring into the fold but for um video and motion after we check with fella um yeah with love if if we could have somebody uh if you if you have any friends who would be willing to be full-time video emotion just dedicated to beanstalk that'd be great and then um potentially yeah or for sure we're looking for one uh like full-time graphic design person so that we could help out with marketing i did already get a chat um a dm but please send as many people as possible so that's that's great you already got a dm so this is this is a good forum for this uh that's pretty cool so i'll just i'll do high level first as far as the amount and the department and then i can go into details um you know as needed so um yeah so we'll start we're looking for uh one uh copywriter one full-time copywriter uh one full and one part-time person for the community department um [Music] then two one full and one part-time marketing person engineering we're looking for a lot basically as as many as many uh seats as we can fill but we have four people uh listed um we have two uh full-time and two part-time but honestly with engineering there is flexibility in the budget to hire more than that it's just a matter of finding good people um and filling seats uh for biz dev uh two folks i budgeted in one full time and one part time but again as you know as as biz dev really starts ramping up that could also be something that you know more people uh and engineering i'm sorry uh operations i've just brought in some some pms so i'm pretty happy as far as that but i am looking for a full-time hr manager because we're doing so much so much hiring and we want to try to formalize you know onboarding off-boarding all those processes more and then i'm also budging for one part-time person and then going back to design uh we have uh four uh two full-time and two part-time uh people can i just jump in a copy real quick dumpling so yeah so so we're looking for someone full time but also if you're a writer or you know any writers and you think you have great ideas or articles or blog posts that can go on the website i'm i'm absolutely certain that we could work something out and have a sort of freelance project by project um sort of gig going so so even if it's a one-time thing you just have a great idea for an article that's sort of like burning a hole in your pocket um feel free to shoot me a dm we can chat about it and if it works out and it makes sense we could definitely work something out where you can get compensated if you publish something that ends up on the blog post on behalf of beanstalk farms you'd have a byline and all that but but if you don't have the time to commit or don't want to commit to a full-time or part-time position i'm sure we could make that happen i'm reasonably confident that from this meeting we're gonna we're gonna get someone uh just the way that these things go so also never feel shy to reach out to me and i'm happy to set up a little almost informational interview to figure out what you know what your skills are and where you might fit in so i'm happy to do that i do that several times a week um and sometimes there's a great spot for someone sometimes there's not but i'm happy to it's also great to just meet more you know meet more interested farmers who are sitting through you know meetings like this so it's great um happy to talk about more details there but also happy to take more questions i'm going to pop into the town hall chatter okay is there a website or place to send proposals to beansprout this is from jmanforce hey um there might be something on the notion but frankly people usually just dm me um on discord or or tag me in the server so if you have something you you can just feel free to shoot me a message um and we can kind of coordinate on drafting a proposal together if it makes sense this might be a good thing to shoot for though in in q2 because we may be whenever the process is you know dm so and so you're always going to lose some people just in the in the friction there and so it may be something that we want to do but it probably would have to be a standalone you know we have to really be careful about since it's a separate organization um we'll have to really we'd have to really think about that so maybe we should have a conversation about that yeah that'd be great we'd appreciate your help on that we could probably lend some resources for that or figure that out where it's um it's not just all on you right to make this website randomly right so we can figure that out seeing other mentions of you know send me a message for for this role send me a jdubs just said for you know for community um and db said for marketing so feel free to dm basically anyone who's up on one stage i was just gonna say i think there is a i think we did this early on in the quarter actually i think there is a google forms somewhere for this we no one's just used it so i think we just got to dig it up okay yeah no problem and maybe we can post it somewhere to make it more you know make more visible um but i don't mean to also turn this into a recruiting session you can see how rabid uh you know we are but uh yeah doubling i was i was going to say i mean obviously the the need for personnel is probably going to grow as you know we do more marketing people come in is there any plan to set up a job board or you know one that's outside of discord that's also maybe external facing that way we get people outside of word of mouth yeah there's been some some thinking about this about you know connecting it to the website you know it's a kind of a weird hiring i think that would be better also the the notion job board you know has to be updated you know for current hires and that sort of thing so uh yes to both of that but i think moving bringing that off notion and more publicly visible could be really good because like you said like i said i guess you never know who you're losing when you make the process harder than it should be everyone go retweet the publius tweet i didn't see colin is it another it's good you have to go to it now we do have ten ten more minutes uh like to get some more uh folks up and and asking questions uh you know with their with their voice if we can if people are better don't mean to pressure people either this is uh speak now or you have to wait a whole quarter not true anyone can feel free to come to uh down meetings as well there's usually some time at the end of the down meeting where you can uh you know hear your voice we're also going to be posting a lot more um in the uh in the beanstalk dao section the discord so you may have noticed there's been some proposals and uh we always do post the bips there for discussion but also there's going to be i'm hoping a lot more discussion in the discussion channel there um with little kind of memos and things like that that we're just looking for for dow feedback on in q2 so um just wanted to mention that well dumpling and everyone else on stage in lieu of any other question since this is being recorded and i imagine a lot of people listen and we'll probably reference it moving forward we don't do these often i guess i think it might be helpful if everyone just kind of goes around really quick a minute each maybe say you know one one thing they're looking forward to doing and what to reach out to them for that might be something helpful to do that's a great idea um why don't we go left to right top to bottom if that works for everyone i ipo is that you or me you know yeah i'll go first one out i didn't actually i didn't even take my own advice i didn't even mention how i got involved in any of this but uh you know what my my name is uh ipo i think i'm one of the that's my actual name my mom gave me but i i think i'm one of the few folk uh one of the one of the few i think yeah that is uh is public facing um you know my name is anish you probably have seen me tweet um you know i also create videos i'm a full-time content creator and uh i got involved in beanstalk back in october and you know it's been an amazing ride i think the one thing i'm looking forward to doing is just continuing to find ways to not only build the community be you know make this a fun experience but obviously also build this business and help us accomplish our mission um so if you have any ideas or you want to do something fun that is either you know in the the social media space or you know something you think i can be hopeful with please reach out to me let me know and obviously if you're on twitter we we've been doing a lot of a lot of uh talking and conversing uh reach out to me at nishkamitra on twitter i'll add you to the bean army and uh you know kick it over to you manifold cool yeah so beansprout is always open and you know our we want to be able to recruit and support anyone that wants to build a protocol project any use case utility integrating with on top of beanstalk integrating with beans on top of beanstalk way that really supports the native protocol and and leads to being demand generation and and user growth for beanstalk um so you know even if you're ideating on something if you have a rough idea um or you just want to have a sounding board on on a concept or you know you you have something and you want to put a formal proposal out you know always happy to talk through any of that you know that's what i'm here for um and and yeah you know mention the saloon um you know there's nft marketplace i think black mama's in here that he's kind of um ideating on and you know we just want to do more right like tara's ecosystem again using that as an example has you know hundreds of projects and builders building on top of ust um and you know i think that's you know just one one thing beanstalk should also strive for so if you're excited to build you know we'd love to support you in any way all you d's hey thanks manifold um yeah deez here uh just design is really excited to you know portray beanstalk in the best way it can be portrayed um really excited to make content that helps explain beanstalk the best way possible and to really represent the community and the protocol um just really excited to bring as many high quality people into the um this team and really just to make you know the best visual content out there and the best experience for for our farmers so yeah really excited for what what's to come in q2 i think it's gonna we're gonna see a lot of fruits of the fruition then uh past the tv yeah so i think the question was the one thing uh we're excited about doing and i think for us it's uh pretty straight up that's getting publius on bank class so if you can do that in q2 i think it's going to be a good quarter we're going to be hiring a little bit more on the bd team so if you love doing research and you're super tapped into d5 let me know or if you are tapped into d5 and love talking to people let me know because there's room for both outreach as well as research yeah and if you know any whales who are holding you know tons of stables and they want to help us seed pools also let me know that's actually how the lusd pool was seeded how a few upcoming pools are also going to be seated it's just community members saying sure i'll i'll throw you know a fair amount of money to see this so those are my three asks on the um on the engineering side so kind of as dumpling mentioned earlier we are hiring uh for pretty much everything so if you're an engineer yourself or have any friends who are please direct them my way uh sort of extending off that too i've started to see some people on twitter talk about doing beanstalk hackathon projects so if you see this kind of chatter or are interested in hacking on something yourself please let me know or ping me on twitter and would love to help make that happen uh we've been doing some really great work on the sdk front i don't know if thunderbirker is here but he's been getting that spun up so there will be some infrastructure soon for more bean stock focus projects um and then in terms of myself personally sort of looking forward to the next the next quarter i really think it's going to be exciting to to upgrade the front end and keep up with some of the bips that are coming out once we start seeing the generalized silo and some of the bean farm updates begin to come out i think things are going to get really really interesting for beanstalk so just really excited and please ping me if you're interested in any of those things uh yeah so for copy i think there's two things really one is just turning the department into an absolute machine that just pumps out content both creatively and formally for other departments and the second is just trying to figure out like the right combinations of words for like the magic words that make beanstalk super easy for everyone to understand like that as anyone who's trying to do that knows it's super tough but i think once we figure out that piece of the puzzle it'll it'll help things explode so i'm looking really looking forward to getting out of um air extinguisher mode you know of just like handling a lot of different things and kind of being stretched in a lot of different directions to actually like laying down solid processes and workflows and um just making everything a little bit more formal uh you know but i'm always gonna try to make sure not to put down a bunch of kind of heavy handed you know difficult processes that slow things down i want everything that i add to the system to be to make things easier for everyone so everyone can just accomplish what they're doing easier faster with less friction so i'm really looking forward to to that and and also realizing that i can't do everything myself so um you know hiring more um delegating more and um just really excited now that we have all the departments set with uh people leading them uh where we can go from here we've built the foundation now now it's so much exciting stuff to come so uh i can't i can't pick one thing and on the community side um you know just to tie back to what the mission is again just educate and corral the community i mean the number one thing is definitely to grow grow broadly the community um total head count and then getting users to engage with it and feel you know just as glued to the discord for example as a lot of us felt like on the website in the early days where you just want to be part of it no matter what where you're helping out with copy et cetera so i would say building stickiness in the community is by far almost it's just the most important part stickiness in the community i thought of one exciting one one thing i'm really excited about jay dubs and i were just talking today and i didn't want to steal it in case it was his but of doing uh beanstalk trivia where we ask really hard questions like about how much you know if you have x amount of stock and such and such amount has grown and then you withdraw this amount of beans how much is burned and questions like that but also you know just all kinds of different questions the stuff that we really should know uh and we were just kind of jamming on that idea and how fun that could be so uh that may or may not i don't want to commit you j dubs to that but you may or may not uh be seeing something like that in q2 which would be super fun i think does that sound fun winner gets a full-time role at beanstalk they might get that anyway i'm gonna check the town hall chatter here real quick sorry maybe i'll just in that note dump i'll consolidate and i'll just say gather and educate gather and educate on that side and that's what the trivia will help with too i see austin posted the um publius tweet oh wow i'll read it for people listening publius listening in on the beanstalk stockholders meeting is one of the coolest things of our lives so many incredible people working to make beanstalk a success being the ubiquitous stablecoin of defy feeling very inspired grateful and very lucky so much cool stuff lies ahead might be a stockholder do we want to just bring them up real quick give some closing thoughts do you guys want to come up sure yeah we'll leave that up to them we can if they want hop up yeah absolutely bliss welcome honestly i just i just missed the voice to be honest maybe just have to get the mod set up hello can you hear us yeah and yeah or not to be has informed me that he ha we have about two minutes of storage left for this call so uh right so we'll keep it very short but just uh you know the the main update is uh you know hopefully the initial audit will be published in the next day or two so maybe end of q1 q1 maybe beginning of q2 but that'll be a great thing to get uh get us going for q2 [Music] that's amazing what does that audit allow us to do publius well there are lots of different projects uh that are kind of waiting for an audit like for example the curve being three curve uh gauge proposal uh was waiting on the audit uh then there's some little stuff like uh the the logo for being on uniswap can now be added now that we're audited so uh there will hopefully be dividends in lots of places now that there's a public audit going to be ready in the next couple days dope hey everyone can you hear me yeah okay great i had to switch i had to switch airpods um okay well i think that we've we've reached our time guys this has been amazing thanks everyone for coming i think this is a really really great uh first stockholders meeting and i look forward to doing another one at the end of the next quarter and in the meantime tomorrow uh we'd like to see a bunch of people at the uh the dow meeting that's 8 30 eastern time uh tomorrow and um let's all let's all get back to building let's go