Scrib3 Comms Weekly Call #1

March 15, 2023

0:00 Introduction 1:02 Scrib3’s framework 11:00 Scrib3’s Content plan 24:03 What does Scrib3 need from Beanstalk Farms? 28:53 Scrib3’s PR plan 36:28 Where is Scrib3 doing right now? 38:46 Content calendar 44:56 What Beanthoven is working on right now 47:18 How can the “Bean Twitter Army” help Scrib3? 54:16 Why will Scrib3 use multiple Twitter accounts? 56:51 Closing statements



Meeting Notes


So we went through the agenda real quick and then I'll be doing the content plan so we could roll into that first. Yeah, you want to go ahead and start that? Sure. So for the agenda today, refresh is going to go through the content plan where we lay out, you know, what channels that we're going to be working on or being how we're going to approach them, you know, the tone, the audience with us.And then after that, we'll be going through our PR plan. So similar thing, but, you know, different scope. I go over our timing for meetings in the future. Some community members we want to talk to, then just a few other administrative details after that. First off, I'll be doing the content plan. Let me get my screen share ready here.Quick question and sorry if there's a lot of background noise for me, but do you guys mind if we record this? No problem. Yeah, sorry I ran a little over, but, yeah, super excited for this, guys. Yeah, I see. I see six in here, so. Great. Yeah. So super excited. So to lay the framework and the groundwork for everybody, just so any context, any need.So obviously, guys, you know, we were kind of brought in to do a lot of the kind of go to market strategy in the building and kind of helping grow the community. You know, one thing a couple of things we want to really focus on is like, one, building this community, making it bigger, having more people understand about the product.We want to kind of revamp a lot of the ways that we do our kind of comms. And there to building. You know, we think this project has some really beautiful narratives and there's some really awesome opportunities to really grow up in. This can be one of the kind of biggest, most scalable, more stable points on the market.And so we're, you know, incredibly excited by the opportunity to kind of really build this out. You know, we've been talking to the team for a while and yeah, so just in general, you know, we did meet the team for a little bit in Denver and, you know, we had some awesome conversations about ways that we can work.So we're, you know, just kind of table set. We're in a little bit of our kick off phase where we're kind of doing our planning, strategizing, you know, figuring out how we're going to go out and attack this thing. And so what that looks like and then kind of the scope that we're covering is, is is one, you know, you know, obviously on the docks, you know, one thing that we love about the big guys is that and the dev team is that they're incredibly diligent in upgrading and updating, you know, the white paper, the the the book and things like that.So that's something we're definitely going to be long form content is something that we focus on. And what that's going to look like is a combination of, you know, educational content that's going to live on the blog roadmaps, right? We want to get Pwds to be a lot more open about working on and what we're all, you know, what we're kind of spending their time on and what the next kind of three, six, nine months look like for the community.And then also, you know, general educational content. We want to make it a lot easier for people to be able to come into the ecosystem, right? So we feel like there's a little bit of a knowledge gap for people when they come to learn about the protocol and computers of it, that there might be a little bit of cognitive dissonance maybe in between, you know, where we are and where we want to be or what they think the protocol is and what it actually is, right?Like, I think there's a lot of people that just get here algo stable and they're just kind of like, you know, we're kind of out, but, you know, they don't really understand the nuances that are being created and you know that. And so one thing that we also learn from Pwds is that they're very heads down focused on solving this one problem, which is a massive problem.But what that doesn't do is help you, you know, have more people come into the ecosystem and learn about the problem and that that, you know, we're kind of solving here. So we want to do a lot of like narrative building kind of growing pubes presence, having them kind of out there a little more as thought leaders. So we also want to do socials.So we're going to be running social. So there's going to be kind of three socials that we're running. We're going to be running one, you know, we're going to be working a little bit on the beanstalk forms Twitter. We're going to keep that very high level and academic, too. We're going to start running a Beanstalk Bean Farmer's Twitter account, and that's going to be kind of a community driven social that we're going to kind of build from scratch and where we can be a little bit edgier, a little bit funny and things like that.And then the third account we're going to be running is Bebo. So we're going to really use Bebo as an opportunity to really push narratives, get even edgier and as edgy as possible, you know, hop into a lot of different conversations. I think if we've seen anything for this last weekend, there is never a time more necessary than now for, you know, an algo stable or a, you know, non fiat collateralized stablecoin.And so, you know, a lot of great narratives to hop on. So we're going to be running socials, we're going to be doing a lot of biz dev. And so this is an area where we're going to look for a lot of help from the community. We do is create more opportunities and, you know, more integrations for beat, right, having been used in more places.So we're going to be doing a lot of business and a lot more integrations, right? Finding more composition opportunities, ways for other protocols to integrate, ways for being to integrate into other protocols. And then the last thing we're going to be doing is public relations. PR, which is, you know, getting, you know, not only just being in the protocol, but also probes into different orbit opportunities and larger opportunities in the vaster kind of scope and being able to appeal to a lot more normal audiences.But we're talking about going into Coindesk, Cointelegraph, places like that. So. Oh, so we met with Guy in Sweet Red in a silo Chad last week, and we kind of had our little bit of our kickoff. And so what that kick off kind of entailed was we kind of went through a big audit. So I actually dropped that audit in here for the in our in the chat for the community to take a peek at.But essentially, you know, here, drop it right here. And so so we went through this audit so you know, feel free. You know, I want I want you know, my goal here is I want to create almost like a case study of how projects are, how, you know, people like ourselves, like Scribe are able to come in and work with Daos and work with large communities like this.So we have described channel and that's where we're going to have all open communications. Imagine our scribe channel to be like if we were to work with a client or if anyone's worked a business where you have kind of a place that you work with, you know, other Yeah, I just your access, you should be able to be viewed now a place where you can kind of communicate with the, with the agency or the team.So that's what I imagine, just like, you know, we work with a lot of other clients and then those other clients we have a flat connection channel or something like that. Rather than that, we're going to use kind of this Discord channel as our slack connection. So we're going to communicate like I'm talking to a guy about all the things that we're working on.But you know, for everybody to see and keep it as open as possible. So that's the audit that we worked on last year where we kind of went through all the channels, what's working, what's not working, areas of opportunity, things like that. This week, you know, what we've been working on is our plan of attack. So what that looks like is, you know, we have Randy here.Randy is going to be our Randy Rob. You know, Randy is going to be going through a content plan. So we're kind of went through and thought about, hey, these are the main pillars of content that we want to hit to make sure that we're kind of, you know, putting our thoughts out there in a very concise way.I put together a PR plan, so kind of a plan of attack for how we're thinking about are getting a lot of coverage. I think PR is going to be really important early on. It's going to take a little bit to kind of get the ball rolling. Their PR does take a lot of time, but earlier we get the ball rolling, the better.You'll start to see a lot of being coverage in some of these top tier publications. And so that's the what we'll go through. We're still working through some logistics and things like that. We do want to set a meeting. I want to make sure you know, my team and everybody from my team that's working on is like kind of a been expert.And so for that, you know, we've put together like a huge host of questions. Everybody on the team has kind of went through wrapped in a white paper a bunch of times reported to get book. You know, we even had a whole internal kind of presentation about, you know, our current thoughts on being what's going on, kind of an explainer.And so with that and all the research we've been doing to get caught up on the ecosystem has led us to a lot of questions. So just a quick agenda. What's going to happen is we're going to walk to the content plan, we're going to talk to the PR plan. We're still looking to get a timing for this big brain meeting that we're going to do, which I think maybe would be open to the community as well.Where we're going to talk to pools are going to talk to silo Chad, and a lot of the engineers, and we're going to kind of grill them, pick their brain on everything that we need to know to make sure we're being experts so that when we do go right content, we do a lot of these op eds and things like that that we have all the information we need.There is some finalization of the contract, stuff we need to do with them. Working with Guy on one thing that we've been asking, we asked from Guy and that we'd love to get community input in from as well, is we're looking for a list of community members that have been in the ecosystem for a long time that we can talk to their brains about, you know, you know what's going on, what they think is working, not working areas of opportunity, you know, their kind of maybe mindset or framework for being.And then so we're working on a content calendar and that's going to be shared publicly and that will give you a better idea of what a content's going to look like on a week to week basis across one form plus social. And then last thing we're going to be doing is, you know, you know, Guy mentioned that there's going to be a Twitter space one with Chris Black and one with some Cosmos guys.And you know, what we want to do is make sure that when we do things like these two Twitter spaces between them and maybe when we do things like these Twitter spaces that we have a lot of structure with that we're getting what we want out of these opportunities, right? Making sure we're maximizing pwds time, especially with some of this public stuff so that everyone can get the best bang for their buck.So I know I just talked for a while, but just wanted to make sure everybody has context. These meetings are going to happen every Wednesday at this time in this discord without fail. And so every week you guys will be able to get a little update about what's going on. But we're working on making sure that, you know, the beans that we're getting.Everybody's kind of you know, you guys are getting your money's worth and that we're actually doing things productive, you know, building this project out and, you know, being able to really, you know, grow into what we think we can be, which is kind of one of the largest stablecoins on the market. So with all that said, I'm going to hand it over to Randy and run through the content plan he put together to give us a good idea about, you know, what content's going to look like, how we're kind of thinking about planning content.So you want to share your screen to go at it. Yeah. Awesome. You guys will see this screen share here, how we get on that. Yeah. Yeah, it's perfect. Yeah. So Randy also knows Rob, but I've worked on, you know, decentralized stablecoins before. I've been working with liquidity for a while, so I kind of have an idea of the general narrative going on there, and we want to hook being into that because, you know, that's what is at its core, a decentralized stablecoin, especially with the recent, you know, indie pegs and stuff.That's something that people are going to be having a lot more eyeballs on in the future. And this content plan we're just laying out, you know, what we want to put out there, how we want to promote it, and how we want to get the most eyes and attention on being. So first off, we have some goals for general social channels.We want to get the Twitter up. So we're thinking ten K in the next three months is a solid goal there for the main Twitter and then for the Instagram money, Twitter. We're trying to get that to around 1.5 K in the same timeframe. But beyond that, like you mentioned, we're opening up a new community. Twitter is being underscore farmer's confirmed as the handle for that.Yeah, that's for me. Okay great. So yeah that's going to be a new handle. We're trying to get that to around 5000. And like you, Sean said, that's going to be, you know, a little more informal content, a lot more engagements and community based. We're really excited to get that up and running. And then the discord, obviously, that's such an amazing resource.There's so much information in there. So one of the main goals with the platforms is going to be funneling people to the discord to give them access to all the great content that the community is putting out in there. Yeah, beyond just the numbers, we want to get the partnership participation levels up as well. You know, getting people to have their own discussions around being and what the future is going to be like for you.So yeah, the next major goal, being pegged to $1, you know, that's going to be something that we're focused on the entire time because that just, you know, allows us to do so much more once the tag isn't, you know, the main issue of concern. So obviously are going to be taking care of that first, just establishing the importance of being and the uniqueness within the Stablecoin ecosystem and then generating demand for it by promoting the opportunities within the ecosystem and just getting our plan to repack out there to the masses so they can see what we're working on.Beyond that, brand recognition is going to be big here. Like I was mentioning before, putting being in the conversation with some of those big non dollar on fiat reserves Stablecoins like liquid is LAUSD and then, you know, just kind of emphasizing beans mechanisms, getting a good understanding around those and what the innovations are in terms of the stablecoin trilemma, what problems being solves.So there's four main pillars that we're going to be looking at when we're building out our content. The first one is financial utility, and this is going to be mainly focused on educating people on the concepts underlying being, you know, all the economic mechanisms that are kind of going on below the surface of the protocol. And as far as like the yield opportunities within the system, you know, how all the bonding works and stuff and identifying beans, the use cases as a stablecoin.So yeah, we're just targeting defi users. Stablecoin users yield farmers, all those good groups and we're going to be establishing a long form. So that's going to be on Mira. We feel like that's kind of the most, you know, decentralized, web3 aligned platform for a long form and we're going to be doing weekly articles that kind of breaks down key elements of the protocol and makes it, you know, digestible, understandable for the average reader, and that we're going to expand our audience just from like, you know, the core being community that's been for a while and really knows what's come out and be able to bring in a bunch of new users that way andget them up to speed quickly. So yeah, we're going to try and make the content pretty simple here. You know, using analogies, straightforward language infographics, which I was talking with Sara Chad yesterday about actually just getting like some good flow charts of how different parts connect within the ecosystem and how money flows through the different, you know, the different elements.As once per quarter, we're going to dedicate a post to metrics and analysis. This could be monthly as well. We're still not completely decided on the time frame there, but we're going to be doing metrics and analysis, you know, just the current state of being kind of a snapshot of what it looks like any given month or quarter and then laying out the potential for some of the new markets that are coming up like wells.And you know what? The opportunities are going to be There on Twitter. We're going to use that for more from content means more engagement stuff depending on which Twitter channel we're going through. And then obviously repurposing that long form content to Twitter, getting it out to that wider audience and then threads as well. Just like general Stablecoin threads use cases for being same stuff, just like, you know, Twitter threads, different audience, shorter form content.Have some example headlines here, just, you know, some basic ideas that we came up with. And I want to get deep into the plans and we'll build these ideas out and we'll have, you know, pitches for each of them and we'll actually actually get the content going, which I'm really excited to do. So things we need from the Bean team here, it's going to be support on all the technical side of things like explaining stuff well, making sure everything's accurate and concise.And then like Keeshan was talking about the future developments roadmap so we can let people know what's coming up for the protocol. All right. Moving on to our second point here, community building. So obviously, like the community is really strong and I feel like the people who have been in been for a while, you know, they have a great understanding of the protocol and just promoting like the strength of the community to a wider audience is huge.Keeping everyone well-informed with updates from the devs, governance decisions like being improvement proposals and all that good stuff. Anyone we integrate with promoting some key brand elements like the classroom program and just kind of like the farming theme and branding and yeah, we're going to be doing that through basically the same channels mirror more long form stuff, basically just cutting through the complexity and establishing Mir as like a resource that people can be directed to when they want to learn about being and they want to get introduced to it.Twitter threads. Yeah, same stuff as the first point, but we're going to be repurposing that content, doing some more engagement stuff. You know, like pause discussions means interacting with like ecosystem accounts, whether that's maybe some other decentralized stablecoin accounts or defi infrastructure, stuff like that. And we're going to use Twitter to supplement our efforts as well by engaging with those partnered projects.Like we said earlier, we're going to be doing some I don't know, I was thinking maybe some community calls moved to Twitter. Not sure how you guys feel about that, but definitely at least some spaces with no other prominent figures. A stablecoin defi space. So YouTube last one I wanted to touch on here. I think the content that's on YouTube right now is excellent.I think we can all agree that, you know, if you go to the Being YouTube, you're going to get a really nice clear understanding of what's going on. And also it has like all the community call recordings and stuff like that. So we're going to be repurposing the YouTube content, cutting it up for like Twitter clips and such, just making sure that resources known because I feel like it might not be getting the exposure it deserves right now.Some things we need here, just talking about the upcoming use cases and the roadmap and then yeah, figuring out who we're going to be putting on Twitter spaces, you know, coordinating all the details there. All right. Next point is going to be empowering users. So, yeah, kind of the kind of big theme here is that Bienstock is a little more complicated than your average stablecoin, But we want to make it to a point where you don't have to be some like giga brain defi native to consume the content and really get what's going on here.And I mean this has done really well on Discord, so we just kind of want to replicate that to Twitter, Mir and the other platforms. You see some points here, you know, just a little bit about how you doing. Obviously, infographics, videos, screenshots, stuff like that is really key because, you know, when you first click on like a new protocol or something, you want to understand it.It's a lot easier to get a visual than to have to read through a bunch of docs or something, at least for the average user. And then, yeah, linking to discord whenever possible to leverage all the info that's already in there. We're also going to be doing the like evergreen content on the basics of Beanstalk, and then whenever we add something new to the ecosystem are going to be explaining that and getting people hyped up for it.We're thinking about doing a little a little more on Reddit as well. You know, maybe I think there was like a Beanstalk Reddit that hasn't really been used much, at least lately, but there's always subs like our slash defi and a bunch of other ones that we can be posting on there just to engage a different side of some of the crypto audience.Yeah, we're going to kind of like be putting out an example means just brainstorming there. Obviously that's something we could bring the community into as well. Just, you know, more fun, creative content to kind of get some engagement there and then obviously input from the team on the technical side of things, I last pillar is going to be thought leadership.And this kind of goes back to the narratives we're talking about. So obviously Stablecoin is are like a huge focal point for crypto and they get discussed all the time. But you know, inserting being into that narrative and pushing the differentiation that it offers is going to be kind of our way of like hacking, hacking into the narrative, hijacking it a little bit, if you will.So this is going to be articles on the mirror like State of Stablecoins, you know, the future of Stablecoins why being is important and then, yeah, like I said, taking topics like, you know, usdc censorship as he sees stablecoin regulation stuff and then just, you know, showing that in has a finger on the pulse of what's, what's going on in the stable sector and then yeah, repurpose that on Twitter includes memes and spaces just to talk about, you know, general thought leadership points when it comes to tables, then we'll have lines here and yeah, we just want to get input from the Bean team as well as the community just on kind of the rolethat it's trying to play a feature of like on chain transactions. And that's our concept plan right there. Yeah, looking forward to getting into the, the dirty work and actually getting this stuff up and posted. So awesome. I think maybe we can pause there for a second and like yeah, if anyone in the community has any questions or thoughts or, you know, other areas, maybe you think we should head on content other than a big picture narratives, we should be thinking about other framings.I was just going to say on the on the needs front, you guys should feel free to harass us, whether it's like asking questions in real time on discord or, you know, if some of these needs require a call like please just say so I can make it happen. Yeah, yeah. That's one thing that we've been really grateful for, is that, like you guys are definitely like super available to help.I know in our past, you know, we really, we saw some clients, maybe Iot as receptive to helping out a lot, but definitely being in the community has been so you know, definitely super excited about that. So what we can go through next is, you know, anyone else that. Yeah, everyone else I think questions if not on the on the needs front like what's like I mean I guess there is a few different things, but what's like thinking around timeline like when you when are you guys expecting to get your hands dirty with like drafting tweets, things like that or are there more like, like discussions or calls you need from us or getting startedthere? Um, I can jump in really quick and just I, I wanted to add some things out next week in regards to the spaces that are going to be going on and some recap posts of those and then also just the vanilla announcing. But then I think we were going to talk after this call and get a firm timeline, but I think we did want to start kind of putting out content this week.So I mean, when we get checks from you, I think we've already talked about this, but we'll kind of just send it over for a check beforehand and we can figure out a better system. But we obviously have the notion that we can use to maybe we can create the drafts thing. I'm going to be going, yeah, like the content calendar, you know, we're just going to be pointing that stuff out.As you know, this week goes on, start getting like a cadence going for one. We're going to be posting, you know, on the medium when we're going to be doing threads or we're going to be doing spaces just to get there on on the same page. So. So yeah, the only thing that we're kind of waiting on is that technical deep dive.I think what you can expect is like, you know, Twitter, you will start to see a lot more on Twitter coming this next week to Eshun. Did you want to go through the PR plan next? Can you guys, can you hear me? No, I can hear you. Okay. I wasn't I'm not able to hear You can hear me now.And you can hear me, right? Yeah, I can. I can hear you. You want to you want to try meeting and meeting with the application? Okay. How about now? I can still hear you. Weird. I can't hear you. It's really good. Yeah, I'm just going to leave and join in like. Like anyone else. Like, Hey, like Sweet Red can.Can you? Yeah. Can anyone else here now? I can. I can hear it. Maybe it's just my guys. Oh, okay. We're getting a refund. Yeah, just. Just makes you haven't heard, right? So as far as, like, the. You know, the only thing that we kind of need is like, we want to do that technical colleges to make sure we're all on the same page.And I think we got a pretty good idea of roadmap, but want to make sure like narrative frameworks like, you know, want to make sure we're all in the same headspace as far as like some of the more technical mechanics of the protocol and how things work. Make sure we're all on the same page. And I know my team has a lot of questions about some smaller things, so that's the only thing that's stopping us from really getting everything going.So I think we're going to plan for that like early next week and includes is pretty busy this week. Yeah, let's let's figure that out right now. There's a 11 a.m. Eastern on Monday work for you guys. 11 a.m.. Eastern is and my time and Joey's time. Yeah, at can we do ten 3130 for you guys, Eastern at 730 for me, but I'll make it happen.Just might only have a few brain cells or 30 minutes later. So that would be, oh, 30 minutes later. Sorry. Sorry. Yeah, we can do that. Perfect. Because I'll put on the calendar right now it's me 1030 Central, 1130 Eastern, 830 Pacific. Seattle will set that time on Monday. And then, yes, I think like quick timeline. I think you can expect socials to get going from next week and then we'll start to draft out and put together the full content plan for long form content.And then hopefully we'll be able to get you kind of like we'll be able to set that. And then from that following week is when the content normal start kicking off. So socials will kicked off next week, week after that will start to kick off long form content. So to get like nice long blog post educational content, all that good stuff.So then we can have that meeting here. So we'll set up a discord event and let folks know. Perfect. That's awesome. I'm so last thing that I have I think that took care most of our logistics is I got a quick PR plan that I'm going to run through just to make sure everyone's on the same page as far as, you know, what PR is going to look like.The only caveat is that PR typically takes a little bit of time to get going, right? Like, you know, putting together the the pitches, the narratives, kind of create the relationships with the right journalist, figuring out which journalists are more likely to cover us rather than other ones. Right. Like, you know, we're not going to go to like an NFT journalist and be like, Hey, let's go talk about seigniorage.You know? So that's just a caveat. But yeah, so if you guys can see my screen, so what this is going to look like is, you know, putting being stuck in the press and it's kind of it's going to come in multiple forms. It's going to come in like long form blog or, you know, like media coverage of some of these top publications is going to come in the form of like op ed opportunities for pubes and to kind of give some of our thought leadership pieces about what's going on, what the future of the Stablecoin space looks like.I think there's going to be a lot of good opportunities that come up over the next 4 to 8 weeks because everything that happened this past weekend, I think people are starting to realize like, Oh shit, even if it's fully collateralized, like there's still huge issues that come with this, a lot of counterparty risk. And so there's a lot of awesome stories to tell and we want to make sure we're kind of at the forefront so quick walk through, you know, high level objectives.One, you know, we want to use PR as an opportunity to build brand awareness, right? Get pubes in there about leaders, you know, commentary, op ed podcast opportunities, how we want to get boobs and a lot more podcasts, longform ways where we can talk about the vision, the theory that this is behind why we're building bienstock to. It's going to be educating users on the importance of kind of this non-sovereign credit backed money.I think that's kind of now more than ever, more important ways that users should be using Beanstalk as a diversification. I think now everybody realizes that you can't just hold your life savings in Usdc and I think people are going to realize very quickly, Usdc is not the answer either. So education, we think education is going to be such an important part about what we're going to be working on over the next couple of months.You know, these are just some ethics about questions that we're going to get asked from a lot of these, you know, journalists and things like that. So making sure that we have the right talking points and that's something we'll kind of go over when we do our technical deep dive on Monday, making sure we're talking about things in the right way.We're using the right words so things can't get kind of twisted against us in the media is in headlines, right? So we want to, you know, make sure we're hitting the right angles, you know, revolutionizing the money we use, you know, creating permissioned stablecoin on top of a dream, shaping the future of money, seigniorage, right? I've always been kind of fascinated by the concept of seniority, and it's kind of like one of these least understood and utilized, you know, kind of tools.And obviously the government uses it quite a bit. But why in a decentralized way, it can create like a better form of money. So we want to do a lot of things around educating around seigniorage and the importance of carrying costs. Right. I think this is like a massive, massive, easy thing for people to understand. And we just need to find the best way to frame it.But, you know, obviously, like the opportunity cost of holding anything gives you a negative carrying cost. And so when we kind of flip it and say, hey, been actually creates a positive carrying cost are going to pay you to hold and kind of breaking down how that works, why that happens and being able to put that into a page and bring that in a very condensed way is something we're really excited about.And then the last thing that I want to kind of touch on is it's kind of this narrative that we're thinking about building around being as an economic kind of experiment, right? Like, you know, we don't have to be like we have we don't have to kind of put our selves in this box that we have everything figured out and we kind of know what, you know, non fiat money is or non Fiat backed money is like, I think there's a larger opportunity if we think big picture of kind of framing being as like, Hey, this is an experiment that we're figuring out, but this is an incredibly important experiment that we need to beallocating resources time into figuring out how to get this thing perfectly. So while like, yeah, you know, we're not at Peg right now and yeah, that's not great. What it is, it is more about the journey that we're on in order to get to the goal, which is, you know, a credit backed non fiat stablecoin some headlines that we want to hit, right?Revolutionizing stablecoins creating the most stable stablecoin in all the drama, right? Like, you know, usdc is going from a dollar to $0.85. But guess what? You know, being was at $0.92 all weekend. So kind of hitting those narratives, some target places that we want to be in, just like all the different publications we're going to look at. The big thing I want to point out here is not only are we looking at crypto publications, but we also want to look at Non-crypto publications.A lot of these, you know, maybe more fintech focused ones. So like Bloomberg Business Insider, CNBC, Financial Times, Forbes, Fortune, Reuters, TechCrunch rate some of these more fintech focused platforms is where we can be. We can get an opportunity to get people excited about the experiment that we're doing here and what we're trying to build here, and kind of the big picture ideology.So obviously we want to hit crypto publications because that's definitely our target audience. But there's also a pretty big opportunity to hit Non-crypto native audiences and people that are kind of just interested in fintech, interested in economics and, you know, money and things like that. And cash is obviously a big place we want to focus on, right? Getting, you know, the pubes guys into some of these bigger, better podcast or some more nuance places where we can have longer conversations about what we're trying to build leadership areas.So, you know, different content categories that fit different publications, right? You don't want to be doing, you know, newcomer educational content on like block works research or something like that. You know, you want to kind of be able to match the content category to the publication. So that's something we're going to be spending a lot of time on, getting a lot of the op ed thought leadership betting kind of the beam message and gospel and then launching just like, you know, key messages, right?Foundational educational content. You know, what are stablecoins hitting that in more maybe general crypto publications and some of these web two fintech publications senior age and talking about maybe some of these more complex economic concepts hitting those and more research focused places like Defi and BLOCK works, research, things like that. And then, you know, we think there's a really big opportunity to hit a lot of these, you know, simple explainer video content, and that's content we're going to put on the blog, right?We're going to be putting that kind of stuff on Twitter, but then also syndicating that content out to other kind of publications like be in crypto, crypto, Slate, Cointelegraph, NASDAQ. Right. So syndicating it. You know, one of the big things that we want to focus on is taking the content that we're making and putting it in as many places and forms as we can, right?So writing a blog post, turning it into a Twitter thread, linking it at the bottom of the Twitter thread, you know, turning it into a Reddit post so that people can can comment on it, and then also getting it syndicated out to some big publications. So these are kind of the things were thinking about in a PR lens, you know, something we are thinking about.But, you know, the main thing is that, you know, PR takes time and it's going to take some time to get that ball rolling. But once we do get that ball rolling, you guys are going to see some really cool stuff. And in some places where we're going to be able to kind of bring in some more B members into the community.So this is just like in our planning phase. You know, just to summarize everything that we've kind of talked about today, but we're kind of deep in our planning phase and that's going to help us get kind of up to speed and make sure everybody's on the same page and we understand what our priorities are, what we're focused on, what the kind of lowest hanging fruit is that we can knock out early.And then we're in the process of spinning up the social machine where you're going to see kind of consistent weekly social engagement. We're in the process of spinning up the kind of content machine, so you'll see a lot more long form content coming. And so over the next week you're going to start to see a lot of cool stuff coming out.So last thing I want to say is that if there's anyone out there that you know is interested in helping in any way, we're more than happy to take on any community support. We can get anything from just sharing ideas, thoughts, you know, bouncing ideas off of somebody, talking to them about why they're interested in the ecosystem, why they feel so strongly and passionately about this project.You know, we would love to talk to you or if there's any anybody that you think that maybe wasn't on this call that you think would be a great person to talk to. You know, we want to do almost like a community survey. Think of it like that, where we want to have one on one conversations with a lot of you guys to be able to pick your brain about, you know, like, why do you spend your time in this community?Why is this important to you? Why is like, you know, decentralized Algo stables? Why do you think it's an important thing to contribute to questions like that? So but that's what we have for right now. We're going to be a lot better about keeping everything up to date in this channel. I know that's something I haven't been great about in the past week so far, but something that we're going to be spending a lot of time in as we want to keep this scribe channel to be open, an open conversation for everybody where everybody can open and contribute.You guys will see what we're working on, what we're doing, the questions we're asking. And yeah, just super excited to kind of get the wheels starting to roll. We're really, really close. And you know, once the machine kicks on, you know, it's not going to stop and it's going to be going hopefully for a really long time. So any questions, thoughts, comments and feel free to hit me.You guys know where to find us. You can find us in this Discord channel. You guys can hit us on Twitter or Discord DMS. But yeah, that's what we got from you. I got I got one thing to add. Just really good for regards to the content calendar, just since we have it here and this will kind of be the standard, I just want to go over it so pretty much what we'll be doing on the show is super quick.So we're going to be doing is things in here. Can you see this? I know, yeah, we can see it. Okay, cool. So yeah, like this is obviously super bad right now, but these are what I kind of added in regards to the spaces that we're going to have. Like this is just announcing it and then we're going to like, do a little bit of a recap and guide.What we'll do is we can go in here, I can tag you on this, will tag you for checks on more long form things, things that like need approval and then other stuff. You'll be able to go in and just check it out and get an update on what's going on. But pretty much, yeah, we can leave a comment, we can talk back and forth on this.There's different categories to post into here and basic. But yeah, in general, like obviously it's not like we're bringing being the market. There's been an account that's there's multiple accounts that have been live so we'll probably do like a little bit of kind of announcement of our new feed some farmers account but. It's going to be like kind of just getting things going from the get go with like these recaps and different things.We're going to be announcing kind of voting periods for different implementations and making sure that people are aware of updates that are coming in the next six months because that long update that you posted earlier this week is super important. So we want to make sure to get the word out, get people to look at the bips and whatnot.So this is kind of going to be the main hub of what content is going out and long form in tweets, everything of that nature. So it may just be me, but I can't see your screen right now. But I assume you're just showing one of the notion pages. Yes. That's super tough. It's like it's loading for me, but I think it might just be on my end.It might be mine too. But yeah, I can. I'll just send you a screenshot really quick because it really was just one page. But yeah, I'll send you the screenshot and I kind of visualize what I just went over, but pretty simple. If you could drop it in the channel, that'll be awesome for everyone to see. Yeah, definitely.But yeah, other than that, we're looking forward to getting started next week in terms of putting that out and then obviously then going on long form, we'll definitely have a ton of questions. I don't, I have a handful of kind of more technical things and kind of the voice that we want to go for with content in terms of like the actual function of being price have been things of that nature that we need to do to get it back to $1 and other things around that.So once we our call next week, definitely we'll have a lot of questions to go over, but really looking forward to that and then kick it off from there. Yeah, love seeing all you guys in this call. And you know, if you have ideas on the content, feel free to tag me in the scribe channel. You know, I'm always open to suggestions.And are those, are those two content and PR plans that you guys shared? Do we have links for those as well? Are they link from the notion we there will be in the notion but yeah well when I when I do we actually had a recap for the meeting then for everyone that wasn't able to join them will drop those links in there as well.Yeah. Yeah. Just so everyone knows. Yeah. So yeah it's, it's me, you're going to see Joey and you're going to see Randy Rob and Yeah. So that's most of the team you're going to see. There's a couple of the people working in the background, but yeah, feel free to head us up will be in the channel, you'll see us a lot and yeah, excited to, to like really kick this thing up into gear and really get this thing going.That thing right now is kind of the perfect time with the entire of shit show that happened this past weekend. So yeah, we're, we're ready to rock and roll. Awesome. So I'll defer to you guys on how you want to, you know, have the agenda for these meetings, but think it'd be nice maybe in the future, like set aside the last 15 minutes or so to see if folks have particular ideas to discuss.I know, you know, folks in the past, like you know press been having wanted to talk to you a little bit about the content they work on and how to integrate that with the overall plan. I know folks like Kobe being sent me, you know, tweet threads in the past, things that they would like to see published. So just as a heads up, that might be something cool to do for the community moving forward 100%.I think that's a great idea that I think that'll be the standard is that, you know, we'll come into these meetings every week with our agenda. We'll probably run through what will set the timing for these meetings that about an hour every week and then yeah, what? So we'll come through and we'll run through our agenda. What we're kind of working on, what we what we kind of worked on this past week and then yeah, we'd love to leave, you know, even this week I'll leave the last 15 minutes for the community and we can just hang out here and, you know, ask questions, shoot the shit, talk to everybody and yeah, happy to takein any thoughts, comments, you know, criticisms like, you know, you know, all we want to do is help you guys out in this community and really build this thing. I mean, we're we have a lot of conviction in, you know, pubes and their kind of vision. And so, you know anything that can help us get a little closer to that vision, we're more than happy to kind of talk about and implement.On that note, he had been Tovan was I just saw you and me. I was going to ask if you wanted to give a describe guys a download on like all the things you're creating when they're going out, things like that. Yeah. Yeah. Thanks guy. Yeah. So, so many developing talk who's also here where we have an audio production company, Audio Farms and we've been producing content of a wide variety of content really for quite a while now.You've probably seen some of it, at least if you've been through the YouTube channels. But yeah, just in general, just really interested to probably sit down for, for at least hopefully a bit of a deep dive and talk about like, you know, some of the points that you were trying to to focus on, you know, and as far as like things that might be good targets for us 100%.Yeah, I think you know what, we'll shoot your DM and I think a part of our kind of like community kind of survey call it a series but yeah, definitely, definitely want to like, you know, like, you know, we talked to Ashley last week and that was really great. You know, saw some of the educational things he's working on, you know, definitely would love to talk to you guys and see like what you guys are doing on the audio and YouTube side.I think there's some awesome stuff there that we can definitely use, repurpose, get a lot of value out of, you know? Yeah, like anyone else that you know, wants to kind of help us out or contribute or you know, just let us pick their brain. You know, there's definitely a couple of guys in here, like, I know Harry has been like super, super, you know, excited about us getting in here has been super supportive of some of the things we've been pushing for.So obviously I'd love to talk to Harry as well. And Kobe being so yeah, definitely. That's 100% of what I'll shoot you down and we'll set some time to kind of chat and yeah, just want to pick your brain. Cool. Yeah, that's that sounds great. I mean, one of the things I'm really excited about is that, you know, we, we're content creators, but we're not necessarily marketers.And so I think that's something that, that we've struggled with in the past and just super excited to, to have your expertise on board. Yeah, Yeah, we are. We're pretty good marketers. We're definitely content creators. So yeah, I think there's a match made in heaven. Yeah, if anyone's got anything else, you know, we can hang back for a couple and if not, you know, well, you know, you guys will see us around or, you know, feel free to drop questions and scrap general shooters.DMS Yeah, whatever you guys need. Yeah, I got a good question for your comment or just curious about your thoughts on that. So I personally and I'm sure a lot of us in the community do this as well, but like as we're browsing, you know, Twitter or Reddit or just the Internet in general, every now and then we'll come across something that is related to cryptocurrency or something where I feel like this would be a great place where Bienstock should respond or comment, right?Some in some official capacity or someone with more knowledge or someone that's better, that's better spoken than I am, or something along those lines I like. I'll see a post on Reddit and I'm like, It's actually to happened this morning. There was like some, some thread about, you know, the recent events with banking and all that stuff. And I was like, Oh man, this would be like a really good time in place for for somebody to respond with like a thing about the stock, right.In some more official capacity. Right. And on Twitter, this kind of is happening. So there's like this informal group of big people on Twitter that sometimes just paste, you know, Twitter threads that are found from from the crypto Twitter community that are kind of related. And everybody just kind of uses that as a, hey, everybody jump on this and just like spread the word and just kind of bombard with bits related stuff.So I was just curious if that approach is good and if we should if it would make more sense to kind of formalize that approach or have some kind of mechanism where like if somebody sees something or a conversation taking place online, if there's a mechanism or if we should have a mechanism to kind of surface it to the right place, I guess to the right people, probably you guys, I would assume so that a proper response or a proper engagement can happen in your store.I mean, 100%. No. And I think similarly in the right place, I think, you know, I think at least for now, I think a system for that is definitely a great idea. I think, at least for now, we can use our kind of scribe channel for that. And, you know, obviously, you know, we're pretty ear to the ground on what's happening on crypto, Twitter, you know, Reddit, we don't spend as much time on a day to day basis.Some of this I personally don't but yeah like you know you guys are we definitely would love for you guys to be our kind of eyes and ears where if you guys come across a conversation, you'll find it. Just drop it in this channel, in our scribe channel and we can kind of take it from there. Or maybe, you know, you're like, Hey, this is a good conversation we want to happen.You know, just at least we can use this for now as a central place where we can kind of take all of that in and yeah, well, what that's going to look like is like, yeah, feel free to drop it in there. And then we can go out there and evaluate hey, we, we should respond to this. This is how we should think about responding to this.So I think one, that's a great idea too. For now, let's just use the scribe channel and then three, let's also try to think about and I'll also think about this as well, is ways that we can maybe formalize that process. Maybe it's a ticket system, maybe, you know, maybe it's a separate channel, or maybe it's just like you see something on Twitter, just dive into one of the accounts and then we can see it.I think deals might be a little tough on Twitter just because typically doesn't we use type only to kind of run all the Twitters. And so that might be a little difficult for us. But yeah, I think that's an awesome idea. So if you guys if anyone out there also be our eyes and ears for for different wet places that we can drop some knowledge on and kind of plugin.We definitely want to do that. So yeah, I want to add to that really quick too. We definitely we're planning on doing that as well, like just trying to find where we could plug being in the conversation. So yeah, I mean the more the merrier is great than just having more people looking out for that content and sending it in.We'll definitely take care of it. And then to your other point of like kind of I think you mentioned just having people you cut out their time to do that. Unless I was going to say one thing, if you do have a Twitter group, maybe we could get the bean in stock, underscore farmers account. And there, you know, being underscore, if I miss account that we're going to be running is going to say the exact same thing.There's a couple different there's a couple different Twitter groups of being farmers that will get the you want the bean underscore or farmer's account added to that. But yeah it's probably I'm really like engaging with, you know, just community discussions. We can also get from the like main Twitter account sometimes to just depends on depends on the situation we'll get that account out of go again this group of being Twitter one if not just okay but it might be worth some like you know posting it in the channels totally fine that that works great.That's kind of what I was hoping for. It might be worth just messaging this out on the larger DAO call because there's only 20 people on this call. But if we made everyone aware of like this, this concept of like, Hey guys, if you see a conversation taking place somewhere that you think we should respond to, like drop it in the channel, chuckling in the channel, that could go a real long way because, you know, as you guys know, like this stuff happens real time, right?So like, if we if we can respond to things in real time, but that's probably the best day, of course. Hundred percent. Yeah. That's why I think either here or yeah, I think Twitter DM is probably the best place. Yeah. Something where we can just kind of see it, respond to it, gauge with that and not even just like specific bean related stuff, but even larger, you know, just any kind of like stablecoin conversation, you know, economics, conversations, all that kind of stuff.Cool. I think I think that's just about everything for this week. But yeah, again, same thing. Like, you know, feel free to drop some thoughts, comments, concerns into the main group or into our Scribd channel and yeah, let us know if you guys have any questions, thoughts and. We'll start reaching out to Bitcoin and other guys about, you know, setting up some of these community calls and community surveys.But yeah, that's a goal for this week. Well, you know, I think Sophocles had a question, the marketing voice chat. They said, What's the cons to just using the main Twitter account. Not sure which one they're referring to exactly, but I assume it's the beanstalk forms Twitter. And that is a great question. And what So we want to what we want to do is we want to have a place where we can be academic, right?So like the BFA team is kind of, you know, highly academic. And that's kind of the tone and voice and that's great. But that doesn't give us the range of things that we need to do in order to, you know, be as effective as we can and hit a lot of different audiences. So what we imagine is, you know, a beanstalk that the bean bean, be it the Beanstalk farms, Twitter is going to be very academic, high level, big picture roadmap, things that are going on, updates.And then we have Beanstalk farmers, which is going to be like a community run community initiative Twitter account where we can be a little bit edgier. It's a little bit, you know, a lot more educational content, teaching, things like that where it's not like highly academic. And so more a larger ability to appeal to a wider audience there.So we can have like the highly academic folks look at beanstalk forms, we can have like more of the Naumi general audience for being farmers is like a community initiative. And then we can have bimbo as like our ship posting, so then we can have a wide range of content audiences that we can hit that lets us, you know, talk to a lot of people, work with a lot of people appeal to a lot of different audiences, a lot of different types of users, so that we can maximize the total number, like the total type of funnel that we have so that we can have as many different types of users kind of working withthis as possible, talking to us as possible. So if anyone has like if you have like a specific like, hey, you know, I totally agree we should have multiple different Twitter accounts or I'm like totally against it. Like, I really think we should only have like one Twitter account like now more than happy to have that conversation. Like, you know, I think a lot of the stuff is like just the way we're thinking about it and things from our experience.But if anybody has a specific thoughts or like, feels really strongly one way or another, definitely, you know, want to have that conversation and hope that brings us on time, but definitely want to keep having this convo going. Feel free to kind of drop more questions in notes, grab channel and, you know, again, within the same time every single week.So you guys will catch us here every week at this time. And yeah, see you guys next week. And, you know, I guess we'll definitely talk on Monday because we'll be doing the big brand calls. So we go to a lot of questions there, making sure everybody's up to speed. But yeah, super excited to work with everybody. Amazing.Thank you, Sean. And thanks to all the scribe guys. Excited to get this started. Appreciate you guys. We will chatting.