Scrib3 Comms Weekly Call #3

March 29, 2023

0:00 Introduction • 0:40 Content plan and feedback • 14:09 PR plan • 15:14 BD plan • 17:50 Content calendar • 24:40 What does capital efficiency mean to Beanstalk? • 30:50 Closing statement



Meeting Notes


That we're just putting together some final touches and then I'd love to get kind of just a quick thumbs up from your end guy on it. So if you have some time later today or even like early tomorrow, I know ideally we get a little more runway for this. This week's just been a little crazy. So we have that and then there'll be a thread to follow that. You know, we think the engagement on the threads has been awesome. The community is really liking it. I think, you know, I think this is how we're going to kind of get outside of our own little bubble that we kind of have is kind of maximizing that engagement so that it gets shared a little more on for you, share a little more on for you. The other thing we've been thinking about is maybe if we did like the Twitter verified thing, because I know that that's pretty helpful on the engagement stuff, but that's something we can talk about later. So coordinating the posting of the blog itself, what is that process like for posting it on the actual website? Is that something you have access to? Guys that's something that boobs or silo chat has. Yeah. So there's a site where you can log in and input like the markdown and then you like attach any images, things like that. Push a button to publish it. Yeah, I mean, I think a couple of other folks have access to it, but we have them posting on the blog all that often. But I guess I'm one of the primary users of that. So we can get you access to that if you're talking about it like, you know, literally the mechanical steps to get something on the blog versus like who approves something or whatever. I guess I would say both, right? So as far as like, I was definitely talking more about the actual mechanical posting of it, you know, it's mostly going to be educational content. So I don't think there's like too much. But yeah, definitely one to get your guys's eyes on it. So maybe we can like send it to you, have you kind of look through it and then we can kind of do a quick huddle menu and then you can kind of just walk me through the or said, just send me the info for logging in and posting it and then we can actually get it posted and then we can kind of take that from there. So, you know, trying to conscious of trying to take as many things off of your plate. Definitely want to be adding anything on your plate. Amazing. Yeah, I think we might have a dock or a guide on on uploading, so I'll find that and shoot it your way. And yeah, if you want to jam, live on, on anything happen to show you as well. And you said there's another thread that you want me to take a look at. So what we want to take, we want you to take a look at the blog itself. Okay. You know, thread that to where. Oh, sorry. Yeah, the blog. Got it. Got it. I hear you. So. And it's pretty just like high overview. You kind of stablecoin trilemma of just like, hey, where do we kind of stand in comparison to others? So we're just giving it a final look down and we're waiting on a couple brand images, just like pictures and stuff. So pictures are almost done. And then as soon as everything's kind of finalized, we'll send it to you or get you to look at it and then hopefully we can get it posted tomorrow and then we'll go through the kind of what to expect over the next couple of weeks, what blog we go to the calendar. But I trying to run through all this real quick. So social so beanpole has been doing good. We're kind of trying to work you know we're figuring out like how shit posted and in the conversations we want to be. But I think it's, you know, we're we're getting a good traction there. I think we want to be like kind of max meme on that side. So, you know, our head of social is kind of like, like, I mean, God. So he's working with, you know, the person is kind of doing day to day social and kind of doing a lot of the ideation in order to make Beanpole a little more shit posted. And we're going to start kind of, you know, or we're do we're working on making like these being peppered type things where like, you know, it's like the pepé frog meme, but you know, kind of beans instead. So I think we're going have a lot of fun with that kind of stuff. And then, yeah, I think Beanpole is like getting into more conversations. I do have a little bit of a logistic thing with Beanpole, but I'll hit you on the side for that guy being farmers. Like I want to get just like general ideas about like what people are thinking about the content so far. So I'll just pull it up real quick and, and we can kind of get an idea of how everybody's kind of thinking about it, like general vibes. I mean, so we're going for like the heavy kind of educational thing. So we just put one out today about field, about the field and like kind of the mechanics behind the field a little bit what the field's important. So we did field today. Yeah, we, we kind of bumped the Buttonwood blog post that they did that poops on missing troops. God yeah. So like kind of trying to do like 2 to 3 threads a week and then re upping and re bringing up all the general kind of updates and things like that, you know, kind of trying to putting ourselves in these convos. Right. Something about stablecoins, you know, margin lending defi I think this is a really good place where we get to talk about kind of positive, carry a little bit. You know, I think on Monday we did the why being so you know, why are we kind of building this with this is motion carry rates carrying costs, how does it kind of work? So I love to kind of open that up right here. And just like, you know, guy or anyone else, you know, general thoughts about the content is this do you guys think this is kind of what's needed in order to fill that educational gap? Are you feeling about the content so far? Not everybody all at once. Yeah, I was or just one question I have is like, are you bringing this when you write the threads, do you have someone else within being like forums, like go do it or I was a this one. So we, I mean, we can, I think like this, like high level kind of educational content. I don't, I didn't necessarily think we needed to but I mean all you know more eyes are always good to just like I think the idea is that we're trying to take as much off of beef's plate as we can, not wanting them to like add in. So we're keeping it pretty high level. I think definitely if there's anything kind of in that second layer. But I don't know, is there anything that like you feel like do you feel like we're not kind of hit the nail on the head? Or do you maybe feel like, you know, we're just a little off on some stuff or is it just all in general? All I'd really I think it's great. Sorry. Go ahead. No, I think everything in here is great. I just wanted to say, like I think in the text and the Twitter temperature equals interest rate, you have an instance, our graphic shows a 26, sometimes 64%. One pot purchase today means you receive 8075. That should be 87 or 88.65 being some maturity. Yeah you're right. So you would receive or is I guess one being for issue you 8865 towards the thing that kind of stuff is kind of a roughly you know either double check and it's definitely hard enough during it. But I do agree that it's nice that you're taking plate off on our plate, but a definite date and just unwarranted just to have a little thing took like 10 minutes. Yeah. And you can definitely pin any of those I feel. Yeah. I don't know. That's great. That's great. That's a great point. Yeah, that's. That's totally on us. I think we'll try to like I like thanks for bringing this to our attention. I mean, I think eventually too kind of seen it. I do think things, small things like this are definitely avoidable and things we want to solve for So let me kind of let let us kind of go back to the drawing board and think about this a little bit, because we all like kind of that balance between wanting to not bother you about every single post because it's going to be a lot of posts, a lot of things going on versus like obviously, you know, having that final kind of check through and making sure that's right is definitely important. Yeah, I think like 87.6465, whatever that number is, you know, if we were getting, you know, 8000 beans for everybody, I think, you know, we'd be we'd be a lot more excited for sure. So yeah, those kind of things to our process and but yeah, good call. Thanks for bringing that to our attention. Yeah. Because that's definitely something we don't want to happen going forward, especially when it's like heavy educational. But how about I mean, I would just say I think like the to some extent, like the magnitude of the kind of errors, like the cost of doing business, but at the same time, like it's really not a bother whatsoever. You know, this would take just a couple of minutes to to run through if you sent it, you know, a couple of hours in advance. So I really don't want you guys to think of it as bothering us in any way. You know, we want to be, you know, an endless resource for you guys to figure things out, particularly, you know, particularly in the first first couple of months where you guys are getting up to speed. So whether it's, you know, questions in the channels, do me or anything like that, always happy to help. So but I'm also curious on just general content feedback. It's like, is this what you guys want to see? Do you guys have other ideas for types of content you want to see? I think like, you know, we're kind of thinking about it in phases. So this first phase in this kind of run that we're going to is like kind of having the resources to explain all of these things as simply as possible and then kind of getting like a layer deeper, layer deeper, but in general, like, do you guys think that this content is helpful? Like is is this kind of, I don't know, maybe people that aren't as involved, members of the community or maybe like newer per se, like, is this kind of stuff helpful? Do you guys think this is where we need to be as far as content right now? No, I love this. I love the Twitter thread. I love the fact that you clipped one of these podcasts in town doing this now with more detail when you are like, It's great. I loved it. I love the inclusion. And to this you get a one tweet summary you only want. The goal is the field is, you know, I love this whole version of education. Cool. Yeah I'll I'll jump in here too that we like have kind of a bunch of these regarding the in-stock mechanisms and different things that make beanstalk what it is coming out for the next two weeks. Like. And one of the topics that is going to be hit on is kind of like unripe converts, fertilizer, all that and then bringing up kind of like the current situation of being stuck under a dollar. And what we really talked about in our call last week with Publius, kind of about how people are incentivized right now to hang on to their silo assets and not convert for that extra stock. So really addressing that and making that known that that's a big reason and saying how that's going to change here soon and whatnot. So like there's yeah, there's a ton of like good stuff that we think is going to be really beneficial coming out. And in regards to this sorry, go ahead. If you want to jump in. Okay. In regards to kind of like making sure that the quality control is solid and all of that stuff, I will be pinging you guys in this in the scribe channel. I'll just update with a link to the calendar and say there's a type play thing. You guys can all access it and you'll be able to leave comments and just make sure that stuff is completely accurate. And yeah, I'll do that well in advance of it because we have these threads ready to go well in advance. So yeah, I'll make sure there's ample time if I don't see any comments, if I see that no one has confirmed of it, then I'll ping again, whatnot and then if someone after a couple of renders could just say it looks great to me, confirms good to go, whatever, that would be awesome. But yeah, I'll just draw up a link to it and describe channel and then you guys can run through it, leave comments insightfully and that would be super helpful. But yeah, again, like won't happen again. Kind of that oversight on our end of not having that quality control before this one one out. Yeah. And yeah last thing on this one was yeah we had this weird problem where when we posted it I guess like this second tweet didn't read and so I assume because right here instead of core, we put lifeblood. And so I guess they got flagged for that reason, I'm assuming. So then we just had to delete it and then repost it really quick. So that was the only kind of hiccup we had. But I think that was just like a kind of Twitter algo type of thing. So we're pretty excited about educational content. We'll go through the calendar and kind of what's up next right after this. So on the PR side, so we're trying to work on getting like a smooth rhythm for some of these Twitter spaces and kind of having that set time and having some people on. So as far as like podcasts and kind of PR type of things, you know, we're talking to I mean, from Rye, he's a little bit kind of and right now, same thing with the flywheel guys. Like we reached out to them and then at first they said, yes. And then second thing they were like, you know, maybe in a little bit. So I think like we're going to try to hit the kind of reserve guys because they look like they're doing quite a bit of spaces. So kind of being a regular in some of these table conversations with them, obviously, but with their friends and before their friends. So we're going to try to get some stuff with them going. But yeah, overall I think people are just a little bit kind of like sheepish about it. So it's so, you know, we got a couple maybes, so we're just trying to set up kind of that consistent cadence and kind of helping get Pwds on more like out podcasts. Right. Trying to get the message out there a little more in different audiences. And then on the BD side, so one thing we did on B D is we started to look at some of the other Stablecoin integrations, and one of the big ones that we wanted to look at was liquidity. And, you know, we kind of looked at all the recent liquidity partnerships that have been done and it's a little tough. We want to do some like level setting is like it's a you know, a lot of these are just like very simple, like, hey, we just integrated it into the protocol. So I think like a lot of people want LAUSD, especially right now because of how kind of strong it held up while everything else kind of hit the shitter. And like, we held up really strongly, like basically as strong as LAUSD did. But people are still a little worried about the PEG thing. So, you know, I think that pushing out the content is going to kind of help down stream into the PR and the BD stuff. Right now it's just a little tough because people are just a little bit like Stablecoins in general, that people are like and then like algo staples in general, people are a little bit maybe squeamish on. So we're having some of these conversations. I think we're trying to do some of this more like partnership for the sake of partnership type stuff. But looking everywhere else and kind of we looked at FRAX a little bit, they're not really doing too many partnerships right now, not like a crazy amount of integrations happening with Staples just because everyone's a little worried about the landscape. So integrations are going to be tough til kind of wells. But I think what the focus is going to be on some of these just like cross-community type partnerships. And so that's why I think right now like BD and PR going are going to be a little bit hand in hand as far as, you know, doing some PR stuff is going to be a lot of the BD stuff. I think doing these community partnerships is going to be essentially like PR, so these are going to be a little bit hand-in-hand right now where so we're reaching out to Threshold and LAUSD haven't gotten a response from either yet. But you know, we'll just keep kind of bumping and pushing until we can get something. And then, yeah, we're just looking through everyone else that's getting different integrations and kind of seeing if there's a space for us as well. But I think the you know, taking beans out of the silo, putting them somewhere else is, you know, obviously everyone's not super excited about that because everybody wants their stock. So I think we're just going to keep pushing along for BD. I think PR is going to be pretty easy once we get kind of a a steady stream and like I said, Twitter space going. And so as far as content calendar, so this is kind of, you know, what's on tap. So trilemma analysis is going to go out tomorrow. You know, we're going to have some some single posts I think we want to do like flat coins at the end of the week, right? Like, I think that's a big narrative to get in front of just because, you know, Coinbase specifically, they've been talking about wanting flat coins and I think we kind of definitely flipped fit into the flat coin category as far as like we can do those type of things by pegging to essentially anything we want to. So whether it's the CPI or, you know, something like an FPI as in pegging to that and then as far as next week we have the silo thread. So that's the thing that Jodi put together is going to be very similar to this kind of feel that we're going to kind of do one on like a what's the silo? Why the silo? We're pretty excited. We've been talking to us about has been scholar's class. So we're just going want to bring a lot of attention there and bring some people in there. Next week's blog post is being a omics and like, you know, we're going to focus on kind of peg mechanics and system incentives and kind of go to the behavioral stuff. We're going to put out a thread about kind of the the unripe assets and kind of the conversion and then kind of the three token design of how beanstalk works, right between, you know, beans itself, the silo and, you know, the stock and all the different kind of tokens that are in the ecosystem. So that's what's on tap for next week, kind of keeping on going down. I think, you know, by next Wednesday, we want to have this filled out all the way through to the end of April. And so we already have a long form kind of planned out the following week. So the week of the 12th, we want to do something like a we really like the name, like counting beans. So something along the lines of like a kind of update on the ecosystem, what all the big metrics look like, how do we want to be looking at these metrics, analyzing the big metrics that we want to look at? So that's something that Rob is working on. So it's going to be beachcombing and actually counting beans the following week, and then the week after that we'll have flavors of stablecoins not this next week, but the week after. We're going to have some stuff about why being is less than a dollar, right. And how we can kind of work on that Fix that the history of Beanstalk, we're excited about that. We think like kind of walking everybody through the timeline and explaining kind of what happened and when and why is going to help. So by next week we'll have this all the way filled out until May. And then, you know, once we get around here and we're going to, you know, basically two weeks out, we're going to start filling it out for all of May. And then hopefully we'll be able to get in some wells content. I think it was going to be June, so start entering was a little bit and start teasing it. And then, you know, we can start filling in. You know, we just want to get people excited about Wells. So that's going to be the big push that's going to be like educational content for the month. Then Wells Content getting everything kind of upped and ready to get everybody primed for Wells. And then, you know, we'll kind of see what the narrative landscape is around that time. So what question do you guys have your own graphics? Person Yes, we do. Yeah, we have two graphics guys. One guy is like a like a very meme and he's the guy that's working on this Pepe B and stuff. And then we have a guy for just like general graphics and things like that, but I know you guys do as well, right? Cool. Yeah, we do as well. You know, the more or the better. Just. Just just curious. Yeah. So I think I might tap into your team's guy for so I have my guy working on a that's in the design queue right here. So it's kind of nice. So we're trying to get him to like kind of combine these into this is a Twitter logo. So this is what he had. I don't think he really got it. And now he's starting to get it. So something like this, maybe green background with a bunch of different guys being NFT Nfts if anybody wants their specifically and that'll be kind of the Bean Farmers Twitter logo. I'm not necessarily sold on this. This is just his first iteration. So if anyone has ideas about what they want that to look like for the Being Farmers account, Twitter logo or Twitter Avatar open to thoughts and suggestions and means they're like something kind of like this except with, you know, everybody's actual been NFT. So we think that'll be fun because I don't want to use just like the plain Bean Money logo. So that's, you know, content is churning out. I think we had about three threads we'll hit we will hit three threads this week. We'll head out, we'll put out our first longform. That'll be good. And then, yeah, long form will be weekly. If anyone has any thoughts or ideas, they're more than happy to kind of take any anything you guys got there. We'll send that over to you guys so that you can kind of take a look at it or if you want to send it to Pewds or or whoever else, I wants to take a look at that piece. We can do that and then we'll get that out tomorrow. We'll get a thread, a Twitter thread with that out tomorrow and then yeah, bye bye. We're pretty close to having the content machine just kind of running autonomously where it's just kind of chugging away and everything's everything's just on schedule and scheduled weeks out in advance. So once that happens, then that gives us a little more bandwidth to focus on the PR and BD stuff and getting those initiatives like really clean and the machine like super nice and cocked and ready to go to just keep churning out content and like the idea is like we're just going to put out so much fucking content that like people won't be able to ignore what's happening. Like it's just going to be like so much and people can be like, Holy shit, so much is happening in this ecosystem. I'm like, I got to get in and I got to know what's going on. So that's most of what we got for this week. Any thoughts, questions, comments? I think we can kind of opening up to everybody. I had one real quick just for finalizing some stuff for the trial of a long form. Some of you guys on the team could just talk a little bit about how you think of capital efficiency for being. I just want to make sure that I have everything included there. Well, I guess what makes being capital efficient in a way that most stablecoins are not is that most stablecoins are collateralized and having collateral, you know, So you have to you need other money in order to mint the money. And so inherently the, you know, number of the stablecoin that can be minted is limited by the amount of collateral you can attract. So to me, when I hear capital efficiency in the context of Stablecoins, it is largely a function of the amount of collateral necessary to to mint the stablecoin and which bienstock requires zero. Okay, great. That's yeah, that's exactly what I have right now. I was just thinking, are there any other like sort of scaling limitations that come to mind, be worth mentioning that like with Stablecoins generally or with Beanstalk or both? More with just Beanstalk specifically, because, you know, as you said, it doesn't have a collateral requirement. So that's not a limiting factor. But yeah, well, so one of the limiting factors to it's scale at some point would be the amount of on chain nonbeing value it can trade against because beans derive their value entirely from the non bean value it trades against like the liquidity and that means in order to scale to a particular supply, you need enough like again, non bean value to trade against. And so eventually it's like at a certain scale, like what is that value? At a certain point it would only be ether. And so theoretically one day, you know, we're being stocked to be, you know, the most widely used protocol on a theory. It would still be limited by the value of ether on a theorem. Okay, that's an interesting note. Might a might work that in there in some way but they saw X figure as they guys can hear me. Yep. Yeah. Maybe I'll just touch upon this a bit on to to I said Typically speaking, efficiency comes for stablecoins but you learn that again. So when you say liquidity is more efficient or more efficient than other, it just mainly has to do with that you need or are required to look up a smaller amount. You can also put in this argument if, let's say we had a group of people on coming together and then we choose the currency that we want to use as the one that is formed, you know, through through a CVP like die and liquidity and then say that this is not efficient because we are going to have to lock up so much collateral just for the case of using a currency. But otherwise, if we are like, you know, you're a user or someone who just wants to use the metals, not, you know, cut to the efficiency and that and that thinking just because, you know, you're buying on the stablecoin. So it doesn't matter what stablecoin your bank and the scalability, but this is also collateral comes in the sense of scale, or you can scale more than the collateral. That's your whole mint. And if you look into liquidity as an example, I'm going you think of, you know, let's say that as more demand for home equity and then, you know, liquid account scale. And that's I'll just add more clarity. I'm not confused. Mm hmm. Yeah. Okay. Thank you for that. I mean, that is. Yeah, that's pretty much what I talked about. I just want to be sure I wasn't missing out on anything. That section. Just for reference, I'm working on a blog post that outlines the timeline and different pieces of what we're calling the Mayflower update, which are the Big Three upgrades to the ecosystem over the next couple of months, one of which is well towards the end. So just to heads up, hopefully can put that up sometime next week. Oh, nice. That's awesome. Yeah. Yeah. If you if you want to kind of like sharing your progress with us or maybe if you want us to like, take that home for you or, you know, however you think we can, we can help there. You know, just. Just for it. Yeah. What you say, Randy saying we could do like, a thread for it for when it comes out. Oh, yeah, that's a good call. Yeah. I mean, it's just a handful of paragraphs at the moment, but once it's a little bit more polished. Or should it your way? Definitely. That's a good call. Yeah, that's good. I think people are gonna get really excited about that. We can push down on farmers with the thread. Yeah, but most of what we have this week, I think we can, you know, we can hang back for a little bit if anyone has any questions or thoughts or wants to bounce ideas off, we can hang back. But yeah, just, you know, overall just kind of cleaning up the content machine, getting that really dialed in and consistent long form regular tweets threads on all the main accounts to grow top of funnel and then yeah, and I think a lot of that's going to help the one page stability stuff that to the overall growth stuff and then that is going to help us get everything else that we want to do, make it a lot easier to get those pushes as far as like BD and PR suite. Well, thanks guys. Go all I know it's on my on my list of my looking to getting us access to the CMS to upload by post right away. Perfect yeah and what we'll we'll drop meeting notes for for today's meeting in the in the script channel Tig thanks everyone who's just seen.