Scrib3 Comms Weekly Call #10

May 18, 2023


Meeting Notes


So, yeah, I mean, first thing and main thing really right now is that both Twitter accounts are down, suspended. And yeah, it's IP issue for multiple locations signing into too many locations, maybe the content, but probably not. So yeah, I mean we've appealed and trying to get those through, but there's a five day minimum of a five day process.So beanpole, hopefully we'll get an email back tomorrow and then maybe we can kind of lumped together depending on who we get on the other side working with us. I don't know if anyone's dealt with Twitter suspensions before. I haven't. So I'm not too familiar with with what exactly the process is like. But yeah, it sucks, especially since we like right now there's a lot of really good stuff going on that we can talk about with Mayflower, with the Benin Festival and all that.So yeah, I mean, super unfortunate in regards to that guy. I don't know if like we want to kind of post anything from the being farms being stocked farms account about the benefits. So I know like I know that stuff falls in general format on there, but yeah, I mean I don't know if you want to draft a threat over it.Yeah. Yeah absolutely. Rob already has one actually. Rob doing a summit in right now. Yeah. I'll send the, I'll send the draft. Cool. In our chat here. So yeah. I mean one benefit beneficial one out it's live it looks great and yeah I wish we could push it like normal through through those accounts but you know hopefully hopefully it's just solved next week and then we can get back to normal and it won't be too big of a deal and we can just kind of advertise it as as it came out next week essentially.So that's yeah, I mean, well update there and and kind of see what happens and what progresses but not much we can do besides just wait for the emails and then in terms of the benefits. So as well, since we're on that PR, do you want to kind of give an update on on just where you're at with pitching that out and then we can move forward into some of the other stuff that I want to talk about after that.Definitely. Thank you for that, Joey. Um, so yeah, in terms of being a festival, how we have gone about pitching it, we went to both Coindesk and Dao Times to pitch it as an exclusive embargo. We were even pitching them previously to come into the Dow before the Vina Festival was going to happen to just try and, you know, hear a meeting, kind of hear the high level conversations that are happening in the Dow weekly to just have them get a feel for that only Dow times bit at the pitch.We were sending them they received the press release. They they they said they were interested in the see it the latest update on that is we just responded to them this morning asking them for an update and if they're going to post it because check their website this morning and they hadn't done so and then we also sent out a and that those those pitches all happened before the Vina festival went live this morning.So that was yesterday and the day before. And then this morning when it went live, we also sent it out to pretty much just a massive comprehensive list of about 300 reporters and journalists. And that was also preceded by going to system select, tier one tier two journalists yesterday and throwing it under embargo. And so that was to a list of about 70 people.So we've done it quite a bit of active outreach. And so hopefully we'll see some returns on the on that front. In terms of the benefits, though, um, yeah, there's also deal news which we sent it on embargo who was also a project or sorry a journalist who we were talking to this week that had requested another pitch and that was the Bitcoin tether pitch that we communicated with Bienstock and Publius and Pizza Man.And I think some other people in the Dow on Monday we got him the comments as well, you know, and he actually just said that he didn't have enough time and that he was sorry and that he was open to further comments in the future, that he didn't use the comments. But hopefully we can just keep massaging that relationship with that journalist.Um, but other than that, we're just going to be doing follow ups on early next week with the live link that went live today because we had basically we had sent a press release out. And so now that we have the live link, we can use that in the follow up. So yeah, that's the update on the benefits, the outreach.Cool. Yeah. If again, as usual, just paying if there's any more info needed. I know that a lot of the discussions with Publius was good early this week, last week, so yeah, that's pretty much it. In terms of the benefits though, and why we're out with that. And then kind of in regards to other stuff, now that these Twitter accounts are suspended, we will be able to, you know, focus on some other initiatives which which will hopefully prove to be a little bit helpful.One thing I did want to bring up was the Y2K thing that was brought up yesterday and the Bienstock group. And yeah, I mean, I agree. I think that would be fantastic marketing to get a pool out there. I am trying to visualize in my head how that would look in terms of strike and actually structuring that. But we are trying to get in touch with the team right now and we'll hopefully kind of be able to get a conversation going there.If not Y2K, we could maybe reach out to the should generate account and see if they want to do some sort of, you know, as grown over the counter bet about that. But regardless, I think that that is an awesome chance at marketing, especially leading into Mayflower, these upgrades and seed stock parity that will likely be will be in in that for just $1.So yeah working on that working on payrolls our approach with Crowell is it's going to be like very targeted and finding people that we have a good relationship that we can be in a nuanced conversation, obviously, because it's just going to it's not going to be as easy of a pitch. But yeah, we're working on a list to talk to people and, you know, with with Mayflower, with this coming out, we can hopefully do it as kind of a educational Cole Pitch and see if people are willing to to really talk about Mayflower in that sense and and just talk about it from an objective perspective that here's here's this interesting situation with Beanstalk.So we're starting to frame pitches for that and reach out some parallels. So hopefully we'll be able to lend. And at least get some conversations going there. And then in terms of the Zillow campaign, we have kind of a list of objectives and things we want to do some stuff to try to really incentivize people depositing, being in the silo and being selling on beanstalk and yeah, we'll be publishing a PDF more specific to that kind of drawing, walking through exactly how it will work with Sealy, but hopefully we'll be able to align that with with having the Twitter live again.So we'll potentially have a little bit of a hold on that. But yeah, that's that's what we've been working on a little bit this week and that's going to keep focusing on that as we await these Twitter things. So yeah, any questions, anything else people want to add? And it's kind of a dead situation right now, obviously, with the Twitter, but we'll do what we can.And yeah, I mean, I really think the the Y2K thing could be a big hit in good timing if we can land that. So if you guys have any opinions on that, please jump in. I would love to hear your thoughts there. Can you explain what it was? I'm not sure what you're referring to. There's yeah, there's a tweet that someone let me grab it really quick.Someone was pretty much asking about making a be in stock farms pool on Y2K. The can I bet on stablecoins do pegging in June and yeah I mean it was just left at that It's a pretty quick conversation but it's something that obviously Y2K gets a lot of attention. And you know, I mean, it's relying on these stablecoins that are at a dollar ante paying off of that.But there might be some interesting thing that we can come up with there. So that's why we want to get on a call with them, see if they would be willing to support that. And then if not figuring out another way to interact with this person. So and so just a little bit more context around that. So and throughout that tweet about people pegging Ox Fucci who is working on a project that actually involves being he's working on some type of gaming project he had replied with with some more information just about how everything works and trying to provide a little bit education.BGN knows the project and I wouldn't say that. I wouldn't say that they are trolling us but is more than happy to generate some interaction. And so when I saw that, I thought that's it's too good of an opportunity to miss. So I replied with, with cause I'm at thread and I haven't seen a reply, I haven't got any type of direct reply, but I definitely think we think we should pursue it because yeah, I mean it's just such an easy, easy marketing win.Yeah, absolutely. I was just kind of trying to look around. I didn't actually see this initial tweet that I just threw in that describes cumshot described cumshot where yeah, they talked they tagged fishy. So yeah, I really we we have kind of some connections with Y2K so yeah we'll see we'll see what comes out of that and we'll keep updated there.But I think it's a good opportunity nonetheless. But yeah, I mean that's pretty much it. Again, if anyone has anything to add or any questions about kind of what we're doing at the moment, please feel free. Yeah, we have some updates from the PR team. Yeah. So yeah, I mean, moving beyond the benefits though, you know, we're trying to think of new angles outside of just some of the just updates and things that are just being done by the Dow and the community, you know, and also another motivation for this is is is trying to get different types of news out there that can just help us vary some of the the news that appearswhen you basically Google search for for bienstock now there's this a lot of stuff about the past where we're trying to find ways to get some new articles out, get some pretty much like easy wins so that we can start to pretty much bury that old news. And so one of the ways we're thinking of this as a new angle from the PR team is guest articles and op ed submissions.So we're familiar with a few sites that will allow us to create op ed in the name of either Publius or Bienstock or, um, you know, someone else from the community. We could even have it be anonymous, whatever. But yeah, using these guest articles to showcase aspects of bienstock, you know, give critiques on maybe, you know, parts of, you know, the crypto world and analyze that through a lens of why bienstock should be on your radar, why should be why it's an important for you to, you know, be familiar and know this project.And same with the op ed submissions. And these can also be done with, you know, trendy topics in the news, you know, like Rock works had a, uh, an op ed I read this morning that was by a comms person about ledgers, you know, shitty response to their, to their, their situation yesterday. So sites like that who will take, you know, outsider submissions.And so we're going to start thinking and brainstorming of some ways of how we can, you know, fit bienstock into some guest articles in some of these op ed submissions. And we really think that this is a good angle moving forward to, again, just get some articles out there in the Bienstock name and start to get some fresh air hits on, you know, search engine results, you know, Jesus improve that image and help continue moving past some of the older news in the in the ecosystem.Yeah I mean any questions on that any any any other any ideas people might might have for some of those. You know, we're definitely open to any suggestions then, you know, if you can always just ping us with any ideas as well in the future and then we'll be coming back with like a short list of events that we think would be would be good for Publius to just help improve the the the Bienstock name in-person events.You know, there's just always crypto events and conferences going on. So, yeah, we're going to look and see if any will fit in their schedules in any that we think that bienstock and you know, the Bienstock ethos will fit at the conference, you know, obviously not like maybe not like an NFT conference or something like that. But yeah, again, some of these might have, you know, interesting talking panels that could fit.So we're just going to scour some of these conference lists that we have, make a short list and come back to the team next week and see if anything fits. Um, but that's it from our side on. PR Yes. Cool. Um, all right. Yeah, I mean, I'd say it go Anything than that on this and cool. Yeah. So I mean we will all be working really to, to get those Twitter accounts back up and then Yeah, everything else we mentioned, we'll, we'll keep you guys updated The zeal Israeli proposal I want to have that over a CEP working on that internally with someone so we'll get that over soon and then and then well stuffwe'll keep updated as that progresses. But it awesome. Sounds great. Thanks, everyone. Appreciate it. Thanks. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you, guys. We'll talk to you. Get back soon and thanks. Hopefully we get this Twitter situation. Yeah. Yeah. It's all.