Scrib3 Comms Weekly #9

May 11, 2023


Meeting Notes


So we get into it, have just kind of general updates and things that are going on. Things that we've been working on and all that and then all kind of topics that we want to talk about and try to address that and just get your opinion on. So that we've been talking about internally. So, um, yeah, I guess first things first, it's been a first.

So obviously in the review pipeline, you're well aware of where we are with that. Um, we, we have a completed draft, it's getting reviewed and Rob is working on the images and that is still planned to go out this coming Monday, if I'm not mistaken. Right? Rob We should be good for that. Still, I guess the images might be potentially Tuesday.

Um, I, I'm not sure, but according to Triton, their requests were apparently easy af. Hopefully those will be ready by Monday. All of their things going according to schedule. So yeah, I'm optimistic that we publish Monday. Cool. Yeah. Okay. So you are planning Monday to release that, If not Tuesday for sure. But we'll, we'll have we'll update there if that changes.

We obviously had the on that on that on that topic. We got a request from the PR team to maybe move that to maybe Wednesday. So that they have enough time to pitch it out and then we can have maybe one of the bigger outlets pick it up. I'm like a coin dazzling, a cointelegraph, like a Dow times or something.

So that might be a little bit variable. It might be like they're saying maybe Wednesday, maybe like even the Thursday. So definitely next week. But I think like, you know, having a good strong PR push is kind of maybe worth pushing it back a day or two and having like a big bang to go with it. So just something to keep on the radar.

Well, what PR team will chat a little bit and they'll kind of give their insight. But, you know, just want to put it on your radar that we we and that this discussion just happened today with the PR team. So I didn't get a chance to update you, Joey. But yeah, so we think it might be like maybe a Wednesday, but awesome.

Yeah, I mean, definitely seems worth it my opinion with that. So yeah, we'll, we'll update and chat obviously with where we're at with that. We have the kind of just visual content plan going for the farmers, going to be really doing a lot of discussion around. So if you three and everything that comes with that and continuing to build off the benefits.

So and then hopefully other kind of PR pieces that we can get there, being bold, we've got the extra firepower going now and getting a lot of names out there, so hopefully getting a little bit more engaged and and some of the players and getting some increased engagement and viewership there that we think will be valuable. So excited about that.

But yeah, I mean, really, really looking to just continue to capitalize on the upgrades that are coming that are continuing, going to continue to happen over the next 6 to 8 weeks. And really trying to get a push on solutions there. Then we obviously had the blockbuster article from from the PR team, which was great. And yeah, just kind of jumping off of that, the idea of anything that you want to bring up in terms of what's on, what's on the schedule besides August update on the benefits of stuff and then anything in general on the schedule?

Um, no, it was more of just making sure we're on the same page of the timing of the benefits. So, um, because yeah, as Eshun indicated, we're trying to make a push. You know, it's late this, late this week, so we'll want to make a push for it early next week. Just send a, send a pitch out to people so they have it on their radar.

So yeah, I mean, just in terms of benefits, though, that was that basically the only thing. Okay, cool. Awesome. And then we have, um, I know we brought this up a couple weeks ago, but we are going to be trying to get through this on the Central podcast ASAP. And yeah, I mean, hopefully there will be some good stuff to talk about with what's going on with stock currently.

And then also just in general, getting, getting them out there. Yeah, I mean, I love the way that they talk about the stock protocol, so I think that's just useful and continue to look for any other podcast opportunities we can find. But that one is on the radar and we're going to be trying to close that as soon as possible.

So it's kind of just general updates about what's going on with the usual. If anyone has questions or comments or anything, please feel free to chime in. And then yeah, the as I mentioned in the beginning, we do have kind of some things that we've been thinking about internally and I'm just going to bring up and try to do a little bit with you guys and anyone else who wants to chime in.

So obviously, like we're the numbers aren't where we want them to be in terms of what are engagement and and in general, just follow whatever all the numbers are aren't exactly where we're wanting them to be. So we're thinking about different ways to improve that and have a couple ideas, one being some sort of like ideally for three community type stuff, if that has any, if that would be of interest to people in the community and we can get a discussion going on in the discord.

But I mean, I know it'd be could be a lot of feedback just given how active the community is, but seeing if that would provide any value. So what exactly what is really or for you kind of like the it's it's pretty much an objective space way to interact with protocols. Yeah it's it's kind of like incentive system with experience points and and whatnot and you achieve you do certain activities and get involved in whatever way you want and there's rewards that could be monetary non-monetary and we are kind of starting to do.

Some other clients haven't explored it too much in depth. And so I don't know if you have anything to add here. It's some some other projects do it and it definitely can be a success and is the community incentivized system. So like, you know, one, it's good as far as just purely discovery, right? So like you're getting on this platform that people are visiting all the time and then we can create objectives like, you know, join the discord, deposit in the silo, you know, So in the field, you know, like we can kind of set whatever objectives we want and then we can incentivize them.

We'd like been right. So. Oh, layer three, is that what you said exactly? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. I'm really something. But again, they recently rebranded to Zilli, now called Zilli. But yeah, yeah. Just wanted to kind of get an idea of like, Yeah, like, I mean, you know what? Like, you know, we'll kind of take care of everything on that side.

So, like, I just want to make sure there's nothing, you know, no, like, side oppositions to it or just like, you know, like we're still kind of figuring out exactly how we want to structure the campaign, you know, And we can we can draft like a more formal kind of proposal and write out exactly what it would be like and get opinions from the community.

But, yeah, I mean, just kind of wanted to see general initial thoughts on what that would be like on our own, what you guys think about that. I don't know if I have any thoughts on the efficacy, but certainly no objections. Okay. We've actually we've done this before. I don't remember what kind of tasks were on there. And I think we did find it with beans.

So I don't know if that's like I I'm looking at the link and unfortunately it's it's broken, but yeah, for, for us. So I don't remember quite what was on there but there is a snapshot somewhere I can try to find that might have detailed what we did. Okay, cool. I can, I can try to dive into that too.

If you don't of finding it. I'll see if I can see if anything's still out there. But yeah, warm. We'll talk. Can get a little bit more of a written thing out but yeah that's, that's kind of one angle that we've been thinking about. And then I just, I just know the proposal and the scribe channel basically there are some sort of like a hodgepodge of stuff, like if you make an introduction to a podcast or, you know, write a small tweet thread explaining bienstock, put the seedling and money emojis in your Twitter name, that kind of stuff.

You can check out the rest of it. And that and that markdown proposal that I just dropped in the scratch panel. But yeah, I mean, I guess the obvious next question is like, did that work? Yeah, yeah, yeah. So this is so hard to say. There's like so many so many factors that led to being start growing back then.

Yeah, it's hard to say. I think people I mean in general, like, you know, for example on this like number six item, I saw a lot of people they did put the emoji in there in their Twitter name. We did have a fair amount of class attendance at the time. But you know, also people are making money on bean stock at the time.

So, yeah, I would what's kind of the incentive that we would be able to provide for something like this? Obviously, I'm guessing this budget is probably not in alignment with where we're at right now. I would I mean, we can we can maybe try to get a little bit creative in terms of non-monetary things that we think of that we can we can throw some beans at this, just, you know, tell me how much.

It's hard to know. Yeah. Okay, cool. Uh, awesome. And then, yeah, another thing is kind of and I don't know, I mean, I don't know exactly how this would look. It definitely would be different than normal, but kind of potentially exploring getting payrolls involved. And and it might be obviously, it's going to be kind of a tricky sell and and we'll see how we can approach that and try to craft a unique value for them.

Um, but yeah, I mean, was this something that you guys worked on in the past at all? I know obviously everything is kind of really organic. That's been the thesis from the beginning, but yeah, Is this something that you thought about before exploring, before just getting in touch with different people on Twitter that can talk about things not getting beyond kind of getting Publius on the podcast and and getting PR stuff, getting getting paid well and some high, high value accounts, working with things.

I mean, I guess theoretically that's what we did with Chris Black. You know, sort of don't think that that was extremely fruitful. I don't know if you guys saw the article and to me there was not because he didn't talk positively about the stock, but that was not the point. But was meant to be a quality critique, which I don't feel like we really got.

And I don't know. I mean, if anything, my takeaway from that is it's like hard to you sort of need some intrinsic motivation to some extent to like study, be in stock and I don't know, maybe you can pay someone to do that. I have no idea, frankly. But I guess the only way that they would be, you know, one example where I guess we tried to do that.

So it's not like we're against it. I mean, what are you asking specifically? Like like paying people to tweet about? Like what? Yeah. What exactly would you hope that people do or these these tales as you described them? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's different for each kind of it looks like a different structure for each protocol that we work with.

And I mean, kind of similar to the daily stuff, it will be more useful to kind of draft up a formal ideation about exactly what this would look like. Yeah, I mean, potentially kind of monetary compensation for writing about things or talking about being stuck just to get, you know, some extra extrinsic growth like people that reach different audiences because we still feel like we're kind of stuck in the bubble.

So trying to find ways to to reach outside of that with all this stuff coming up and the upgrade pipeline, we feel like it's kind of trying to follow the momentum and roll with that. So yeah, I mean, that's in general like it would follow some sort of high like at a high level be some sort of compensation in terms of talking about being stuck in whatever platform these people use.

It varies drastically from cable. Well, obviously, yeah. I mean, we can we can pin down a little bit more specifics of, okay. I guess I guess the answer is it depends, but not opposed. So you know, have at it. Yeah. Awesome. But we'll all work we'll work internally on getting those done and over and Yeah, just discussing the instructional design.

Do you have anything to add on under those points? I think yeah. It's something like, you know, I think what's really important is like making sure they're value aligned. I think like, you know, that was the cool thing about Blake is that he was very like value aligned. Like, obviously we're not going to come out here and ask for like some shit quintanilla's to like a, like she'll be in stock.

I think we're going to be a lot more meticulous about it, but just wanted to kind of gauge the overall sentiment towards it, which yeah, I think you bring up a good point about Blake is that you guys aren't against it. It's just yeah, like we're, we're totally conscious that if we're going to do it, we're going to do it in like a tasteful way, like very eco system aligned, but just wanted to gauge kind of the overall willingness.

I think that's a great way to put it. But yeah, we'll put together a list of people and thoughts about kind of what exactly we're going to be doing for. So you'll hear more from that. Cool. I don't have really anything else at the moment on Is there anything else aside from those two points and everything else that I've covered or anyone else from Scribe, Kyle and Kyle, if there's anything you want to add about the PR stuff, if you want to go through kind of the report, if you feel like we.

Yeah. Was yeah, not trying to jump directly into the meeting to ask some of these questions, but yeah, I mean there's just a few questions at least I have from the PR side about how I'm looking to pitch and present being um, as a protocol, etc.. So I mean one of the ways we've been trying to think about how to pitch, being and present it to different journalists and people is how it differentiates with its multi block and EV resistance in how out how that is just different than like what is happening basically on like main Etherium there was a a podcast the bank lost podcast on I think it was Monday this week that

was all about the MTV updates, how Etherium is planning to go about it. And basically they said, Oh, this is like a multi-year thing. Like we're going to this is going to take us a long time to figure out. And so just hammering into that note of like, okay, well, now it's on a Etherium, it's a multiyear process, but Bienstock is doing it right now.

They've they're they're finding solutions as we speak. So just going in, trying to get some more clarification in on the nuances of that, if you guys could speak to that to just give a little more detail, that would be great. I mean, I can't speak at all to what was talked about on the podcast, but would it be happy to watch it and provide some input as so far?

As far as like what what what like Etherium Roadmap pieces are different from what Bienstock is working on? Okay, But yeah, I can't, I can't really I can't really say much about it at the moment. Sure. I mean, yeah, I mean, one of the clear that's one of the things is, is it, it starts to get into like pretty technical weeds where some of it goes over my head to be honest.

But it's, it's just I think a really apropos nuance where it's something I've been just seen happening. You know, you have a link. Yeah. Give me a second. I mean, would it need to be something that needs an answer immediately once it. Yeah, it's all about how they're planning to burn it. Maybe I'll drop it in the slots.

Greivechannel one second. I can find this grab channel. Here we go. Yeah, this one, I mean, I mean, they have a written update here, and then it's more or less how they're, like, planning to to, to burn. Try and find a way to burn the, the like rewards that these validators are reaping essentially and trying to again, just control and kind of tamper down the limits of what these validators can can take when it comes to every like block.

But then again, it doesn't have to be something we we hammer out today because it might it might just be again, it's an ongoing process because it sounds like, again, with this area, it's going to take a long time. So if that's going to happen, we can we can really find a way to just hit this, hit this angle and make sure we do it right.

Cool. I'll check it out. And then there's two other things here that we wanted to to just mention is so like when we we're we're going about pitching Publius as an entity. And again, this might just be if they're not on the call today, it might be something we just post in a chat. But we want to just be clear about how we present them.

You know, it's a group of three people, but like if we're going to pitch them as an entity, like what is the, the best way to do that as like, okay, can we share any part of their background? Like maybe where they studied, you know, the things along the lines of like, okay, if they're where they're trained, like where they have their their economic training, if it's something we can we can we can use, that could be an asset in conversations.

We could leverage that and be like, hey, they're trained from X, Y, Z institution. You know, this is why you should listen to them, because they are of of of this training, whether it's university training, whatever type of essential job experience. Actually, what would be helpful is like if if you can help us build some kind of like boiler plate on, on, on Publius so that when we go to journalist, they're like, okay, well, what the hell's Publius?

Then we're like, okay, well, like, this is it, right? And this is why they're a big deal and this is why this is really cool. I don't know. Yeah, I mean, and then Intergraph issue, that point there too, like even growing off of the like, okay, what, what does Publius even mean? Okay. Yeah, it's the pseudonym of, you know, Alexander Hamilton from the Federalists, Federalist Papers, blah, blah, blah.

Like just, just getting the idea of why Publius did it and understanding that just goes a long ways to explaining to to people who want to hear about being bienstock. It's to the point of what we were talking about earlier, about getting like social engagement, right? Like people if once people understand that, it might start to click to them like, okay, wow, this is really cool.

This is important. There's actually legit people creating this, you know, social or this type of monetary experiment. This is why I should listen. Basically. Would it be helpful to just use their names? Are you saying like the Publius thing is like a point of friction? Or are you just saying like, no, it's not? I wouldn't I wouldn't necessarily say that.

I mean, pseudonyms and and, you know, aliases go almost hand in hand in the crypto crypto world. I wouldn't say say that at all. It's we we just want to be clear about it. Okay. There's three people that we want to be pitching as how do we what is the best way we should be doing that? What is the clearest, clearest way we can explain to people is that Publius is the pseudonym of these three.

These three guys who are really intelligent. You know, they have a prowess for economics. You need a quick way to explain it why Publius is really cool. I like they should listen to what they say. Yeah, I mean, we can do that. We can we can we can create the cool spin of it. We just need the little, like, factual elements of it that they're willing to share if it's their legit biographical data of Cool, that's great.

We can use that if they want to be, you know, type craft individually, that that's cool as well. We can start pitching them individually, but at this point, what we understand is we should be pitching them as Publius. This group of, you know, founders, that's one entity going under the pseudonym. But again, what is the what is the like ammo we can be using in our, you know, gun at the gun fight, basically to take this forward.

Yeah. All good questions that I don't know I'm really the best equipped to answer. Yeah exactly. So yeah we can we can ask them to hop on the next one. We can have a call sooner than that in the future. Maybe. Maybe it makes sense. You know, if you guys have heard questions that, you know, you expect that perverse is going to be the best to answer them in our in our DM before the call.

Okay. But but otherwise. Yeah I don't I don't know that I have much to say. Sorry about that. Yeah no problem. A call would be great to just sync with them within, you know, the next week. Most likely we can do that and just get on the same page with them. That would be, that would be perfect. This could probably just be written, right?

I mean, if if you're looking for like effects of universities, names that you can draft, like how long they've been working and whatever, like what what their programing experience, economic history, all that like if that's kind of just the facts are you looking for I'm sure that they're probably easier to do for them to write it out. Yeah it could be 100% on async as well.

If they're not available for a call, it's also good to just always chat and just get on the same page. But if they're unavailable, we can always just send them a couple of questions and then on they think that they're unavailable, but they're just probably not going to join these calls by default. So we should let them know as all we can.

Definitely, I'm sure we can schedule something, if that's what you'd prefer. Okay, yeah.

Then you can try Monday sometime. We can coordinate and that in that group. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, Yeah. And then, I mean, the final question we had was just again, solidifying what sorts of like events and things they would want to be interested in over the next. Yeah. That would be in the future. Helpful that ask them. Yeah. The same goal.

Exactly. So yeah we can just save that for for later. So cool. That's all we have. Oh let's try to set up something on Monday. Great. I mean, are there particular times that would work best for you all Monday? I'm pretty open in the morning. In the morning. Okay, I'm on Pacific time. But I mean, it would be probably when at least Patrick and June as well.

So I would think he's available mornings too. I mean I'm on was not here Monday is that Pacific time correct. Yeah I would think that works. There's nothing on my calendar. I don't know. Patrick, please interject If you. Well, I'll be technically out of office on Monday. It is Discovery Day in the Cayman Islands, which is I kind can make it to a meeting if the wife doesn't want me to go to the beach.

But I'm free up till like 12 or 1:00. So. So 3 p.m. US Central Time is the first meeting. I would have on Monday. Okay. I'm sorry, I'm not filing. So you want to have it after that? No, I'm free up until then. So any time the morning, early afternoon. So. Yeah, 9 a.m. Pacific time. I mean, we're throwing around a lot of time zones here, but 911 Civic Time, which is noon Eastern time.

So what your purpose? Okay, perfect. Cool.

All right. That's everything. I think from our is shown to it all Good. Yeah, I think that's all good. Yeah. We'll follow up with some of this PR stuff. I, I pinged us in a in a group that we have. Kyle would probably. So maybe we can do it there or we can try to set that time on Monday.

But either way I think, I think we do need like a like a PR download from them. So try to get that on the books anyway. Okay, great. Appreciate the time. Go. Yeah. Thank you. I'll pay you later today once the revisions are in. It sounds good to you guys. I see. Thanks again.