Scrib3 Comms Weekly #7

April 26, 2023

0:00 Intro • 0:24 Scrib3 update • 3:04 BD update • 6:23 PR update • 10:40 Housekeeping items • 13:10 Beanifesto • 14:57 Basin MEV resistance • 20:34 Closing statements



Meeting Notes


We'll go ahead and get started. Right now, it's waiting for a couple more people, but each one is going to be running a little bit behind today. So, yeah, not more bunched right now, should you? Oh, yes, I thought just. But yeah, like our main focus right now is tightening up and getting everything ready for the Bennett Festival. So obviously we had a lot of substance last week in preparation, preparing everything so that getting our notes, getting all that. So now it's kind of refining all that, making sure we're in an important parts, talking about future upgrades, what it means and really kind of driving at home in a laymen's term perspective, but also still not undermining like any of the significant, significant developments that are going on where we're scheduling to launch that out on May 15th, Monday and then before then, we'll be putting out a different blog post the week before that. We're still finalizing, but yeah, so that's the plan. We want it to be on that Monday, May 16th and yeah, we'll be guy we'll obviously be talking a lot here, making sure that everything that we're covering is important, that we're not glossing over anything. But yeah, I mean, I've been talking about Mayflower, deep dive essentially, and what it means for the future of being stuck along those lines. We have a lot of like educational threads still that are on the schedule and plan to go out in the coming weeks. So this those will be aligned with kind of like this being a first campaign that we have going on and making sure that everything that we're putting out is kind of forward looking from this point. And yeah, we've set the foundation, we have a couple more of those kind of like beginner beanstalk threads that are going to be coming out and we can continue to educate and and discuss all those necessary things. But moving forward, a lot of it is going to be focusing on this, on this being a fest. So on this forward looking guidance and what it means, what beanstalk is going to be in the future. And yeah, so that's kind of where I mean, we do really have everything we need on our side in terms of Mayflower wells. So everything all that we're going to be talking about on the being a festival, so that's great, buddy. We were able to get the ether scan contract upgraded to a neutral reputation, which is I can't remember what it was before it was upgraded from whatever is a tier below that neutral is what FRAX is, and I'm assuming there's a lot of other other popular things that are the same. There's, there's some defi tokens that are that have a step above that. And but yeah, I mean we're, we're kind of we think that's great that we got up to the neutral. I don't know how much that'll move the needle but again with this speedy stuff we're just trying to like tighten everything up, make sure that it's all clean. We, we want to get the price also featured on there. I don't know. We are in discussions with the industry and I don't know how they missed that one, but we're going to going to try to get the price on the Etherscan page. But other than that, we do have kind of everything locked into either scan page. Um, coin market cap. We talked with them and similar to kind of what was well, actually it is a different reason this time. There's just not enough volume for being stuck for it to be or for being for it to be featured on on their page. So that's unfortunate. But hopefully in the coming future after Mayflower will be able to get that on that, that'll be big. But there was nothing about they didn't mention at least anything about the way it was calculated. So we'll bring that one back up. We've been able to secure a couple of kind of the more niche non US native educational resources and just kept being pages up so that everything just kind of relating to information links, what beanstalk is, how to buy it, all that stuff which yeah I mean could, could be useful in the long run having having a more international presence Defi llama wiki that'll be live this week just finishing out that and then we're hoping that we'll be able to talk with them. We're going to kind of start discussing about getting the TVL. It's going to be tricky because obviously they have everything programed in their system, like everything sets their book. But for being stock TVL, you have to click in pool to staking for it to show what it's currently at. So that one might be a little bit tricky, but we're hoping that we'll be able to get that lined up, which would be great. And yeah, just continuing going down the list that we have, the long list, long laundry list of efforts that are all educationally focused and then once we get this being investor out as well, we think we'll really be able to start at least start conversations in a in a more productive manner with projects and just see what we can do there. Something we're looking forward to. So and the PR. Kyle Patrick Carlyle, I don't know if you guys want to jump in with the update. I know that you guys have been working a lot on setting up campaigns for being stocked and you just sent out that master list that we're working on. Do you have any updates there that you want to fill in? Yeah, I can jump in. Hi, everyone. So, yeah, we've been basically aiming to socially guys beanstalk to our network of contacts, you know, podcast group, crypto media reporters and really what we want to do is align everyone along one major campaign. So we think this being a first will be the right opportunity to start coordinating media, push with social media push at the same time. So right now we have a few opportunities and we just think like once we have that beneficial out, it will be some novelty that we can tap into and and then align those two to go live after May 15. So we might send you a few questions ahead of time to really help us pitch it to media, you know, and and get your perspectives as founders. And then we also like to include some perspectives from from the community. So I think was it Patrick, Patrick or Kyle? Patrick or Kyle will reach out either today or tomorrow with a few questions, and that will really help us to get, you know, unique quotes and unique perspectives on what excites you about the future of being and what excites your community about it. And I think we can then use that to get you to get interest from media. So. Well, we'll keep you posted. We'll start pitching that. You said the under embargo before the before them, everything goes out on socials. So we'll give reporters a first look once we have the first draft. So that's the update here. That was me who sent I sent them the questions yesterday and they I think it was guy who said he would send the answers back hopefully by today. So, yeah, pretty get the ball rolling. Quick question. Is there any value and like if you give us a deadline that's three days out for one of these media inquiries, Is there any value in responding sooner than that time? Just want to make sure I understand the situation. Yeah, it's for media inquiries. It's always good to if if we're fast, faster than anyone else to respond, it gives us a bit of that first mover advantage. But you know, sometimes thus there can be little bit more of research or more like really take the time to think about the topic. So it's fine as long as you give us something before the deadline. And it's also good for us to know if something is not a fit or something you don't wish to comment on, you can just let us know so that we can ask the reporter if they have anything else on their radar, if they're working on any other articles in the future. So, you know, just keep the the conversation two ways. So so we can we can, you know, go back and get more opportunities for you guys. All right. That's very helpful. Thank you. And yeah, on the Kyle and the one you dropped in the chat, still hoping to have something drafted by the end of the day. Great. Thank you. Yeah. So I mean, essentially, yeah. More, more of the same with really prepping speed and faster shipping and just getting everything ready. In terms of PR, is there anything guy that you any comments, anything that we want to like clean up in terms of either I mean I know we've talked a think about kind of blog synchronization and making sure that we're all good there. But yeah, I mean, is there anything else? And then anyone else from the community that wants to jump in and there's not a ton of people in here today, but yeah, any comments about where we're at right now, what what we're kind of planning here in the next couple of weeks. I don't think I have any particular thoughts when this upcoming that goes out either today or tomorrow. I've also been working on a short blog post, mainly of all the different stages of the Mayflower update, which should not be any different than our conversation last week. It will just be a nice, you know, link that people will be able to send each other. So I assume that will probably inform some of the festival work that you guys do. So just a just a heads up on that front. But yeah, I mean, feedback wise, I don't have any particular thoughts to share at the moment. Definitely are. I don't know if we've talked about this before BIPs or we're, we're like fine to be sharing bits from the Being Farmers account. Right. Is that something that please do. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. If you could send over a draft if, if it's going out soon, whatever draft you have, just so we can make sure that whatever language we use is aligned with that, we'll get something scheduled and send it out. Sorry, I dropped for what passes for the beep. Oh, the drafts are in the shared in the channels under under Townsquare. There's a there's a couple of different discussion channels for each, for each proposal. So here I'll just. Oh, okay. There are the most recent announcement has it to. I'll just drop that in the scribe channel. It's not okay. Yeah. Well we'll schedule some of those out as well. And yeah, I don't think there's anything else that we really needed to go over. I'm wondering if one had anything specifically. I know like just the main focus that he was going to be talking about was being a festival and he might have a little bit more to say on it than I do. But I mean, again, the gist of it is what we what we've discussed last week, which is which is all just Mayflower and the future path for being and just getting that into a nice, concise, optimistic piece that that we can really use to kind of rejuvenate being stuck. So yeah, and I can just talk a little bit about how the process is going to look for that. So we're going to be cooking up an outline, the piece meeting with Joe in on his soon here and we'll send that over to you guys this week. And since it's planned for May 15th, we're going to have draft ready for you guys to edit at least a week in advance just because this one's going to be, you know, obviously a very important piece and we want to make sure everything's, you know, all lined up technically correct and that it kind of hits the hits the march we want to. So that's how. Yeah, that's just how process that's kind of going to look. Yeah. And we'll obviously be talking a lot into there leading up to that week before we have the final draft ready to go. But yeah, I mean this needs to be something that we're all very confident in, pretty much every single word that's on that paper and making sure it's the best quality it can be. So we also had a question regarding the MTV Resistance Protocol that we talked about last week. So after that we did start doing some some research around that and there was a recent interview on Unchained with two of the Ethereum Foundation researchers, Justin Drake and Yuri. So yeah, they were talking about that and they were talking about how like it's unfair to protocols and users, you know, that this is happening. So we were wondering if since you're building this MTV resistant protocol that is to be widely used after, are you working with any researchers or any working group to build this? Have you been in touch at? I would like Ethereum Foundation folks on this topic. Just curious if you have any of these relations or talks happening in the background. We do not, as I understand it. Okay. I mean, it's this sort of thing. It's the sort of thing where, you know, I don't know how much say we really have over the direction of a theorem. And so independent of it being, you know, multi bloc MTV being fair or not, it exists. So it's like something to, you know, account for in the tech we build, if that makes sense. Yeah, we're just looking at ways how we can find this or how we can draw like a bigger, you know, maybe like a bigger topic of conversations. So, I mean, we'll do some digging, see if there's any working groups already or if there's any, like, roundtables where we could include you guys, you know, on different people working on this or thinking about this issue. So and then I think that will help, you know, when we go to to try to get PR around it. If we if we show like there's multiple parties talking about this and they're working towards it, it just it just shows that there is like actual Yeah. For for for reporters it it matters when they see that there are several parties involved and it just validates the idea. So yeah I mean I think I think people should be more and more than interested in having those sorts of sorts of discussions. I mean, yeah, I mean, part of the reason, you know, it feels like we wouldn't have to necessarily build some of this stuff if there was a lot of that discussion happening and people were working on it. So, you know, the more that we can facilitate that, the better, in my opinion. Yeah. So we'll we'll start diving in to see if there's any of these groups already. But if you guys come across anything or like even talk leaders who have been speaking about this, anything that gets your attention on this and you can share with us, it will be great. Just so we have your perspective as well and what matters or where you think it moves the needle in this in this sector. All right. What's that? What's the ask specifically? So if you will not trust what tweets or if you come across someone who is was talking about this and you agree with him, or if you come across any like discord groups or working groups related to today's, then just drop it to us, we'll do the same and we'll start to see if we can engage some of these conversations. But just if you come across something that's relevant, let's drop it in the In the Discord chat. You bet. Got it. Would it be helpful for you guys to have like a very clarified TLDR about every single upgrade that's going on with the Mayflower update? Carla, Kyle and Patrick, because I mean, Rob Eshun and I were going to meet either I think tomorrow or Friday to discuss in more depth like the the outline that we're going for, for the being a festival. But we can, I can try to expedite that and get that over to you if it'd be helpful to like have all these topics that you need to be looking out for. Yeah, yeah, we'll be super helpful. Okay, great. Cool. Well, I haven't heard from you, Sean. I'm sure you're still wrapped up, so. Yeah, if there's anything else, feel free to speak up. I can. I can stick around for a little bit, but we can also possibly, if you, Sean, does have some more things that he wants to cover, we can figure out a way You can either just drop a voice memo somewhere in a chat or we can try to get together. Guy But I'm sure that will be good until next week. So my end. Awesome. Sounds good. Thanks everyone. Appreciate it. And yeah, I'll talk to you guys in the chat. Awesome. Thanks everyone. Yeah, thank you.