Scrib3 Comms Weekly #4

April 5, 2023

0:00 Introduction • 3:06 Content calendar • 15:30 BD update • 19:01 PR update • 20:25 General Srib3 update • 24:04 Bean farmer Twitter bio • 28:07 What is the difference between Bean Bull and Bean farmers • 31:40 Closing statements



Meeting Notes


Yeah, on the on the blog front, that's probably not something we're going to invest any engineering resources and into the near term too. So I would defer to you guys on, you know, if that was sufficiently troublesome, maybe, you know, spin up a mirror that you guys control and we could link to that from the landing page. Just throwing out ideas, not a not making any calls.So defer to you guys. I think we can talk about this for I thought we were wanting to stick on the current blog posting format but I do think Mir would be better. I mean, maybe we could do a post and just keep the blog running because that's on the website, but then also have the mirror. But yeah, I don't know.We can we can talk more about this internally, but I think like in general, kind of the mirror's a little bit more crypto native and that's, that's kind of like the standard across a lot of new protocols. So I think for us, yeah, we should pick one of the other and I always lean toward a native blog, but I don't know how hard it is to figure out.I thought it's just a little go ahead, a little at times. So it took it, you know, a few extra minutes here and there to make sure everything was shown up properly. I like the biggest. Yeah, I think so. But, you know, we'll get it cleaned up and kind of get a better idea after it after doing it a couple of times.But I think, you know, the only thing we had issue with was kind of the banner. And so but I think it is important to go native blog because especially a lot of the educational content that we're putting out is very is very educational focused like that's very SEO friendly when people are like, Oh, stablecoin Trilemma Right. We want to be like kind of ranking higher there and kind of getting that added benefit of also, you know, kind of putting it on Twitter and getting that SEO.And then also kind of when people are looking at what's the stablecoin Trilemma Right. Ranking higher, ranking higher. As you know, we do have this general thesis that like SEO is maybe not the biggest right now, but over the next couple of years it's going to be growing like people aren't going to always only find all of their their projects on Twitter, right?Like if if this space is going to grow as big as we think it is, then, you know, whether it's Google or, you know, I don't know. I don't want to charge you guys here like MAXINE. But, you know, something like that is going to have a pretty big impact on how people find projects. So I think we do want to stick with native blog as long as you guys are.No objections here. Awesome. Yeah. I mean, it's it's finally it wasn't like too bad or anything. Okay awesome. So we can get it kicked off. So first thing we want to do is just kind of run through the content calendar. So. So one thing I wanted to bring up is, is the blog from last week. So we we did run into a couple issues, not too much on the posting side but more on on our end is definitely is our bad luck.We were looking to put it out Wednesday Thursday and then we ended up getting it till Monday because we had a couple images that we wanted our designer to kind of really get down as far as kind of the flows here, I can pull up the blog, so but yeah, so, so we wanted to really make sure that we got some of those images down and had some issues with the with our designers.So that's on our end. And so I think we're we're kind of we're going to shift to do a monday to Monday so we can keep it consistent. So this email a little bit because there was a couple of issues and then we had to fix some things and there was a couple of missed misspellings. So going forward, looking to go back to the content calendar itself is we're going to go with the Monday to Monday.Every Monday, the blog will go out. So I think by end of day, this one should be ready. And then we definitely want to get your eyes on on this being an all makes and pick incentives post So so we'll kind of so the idea will be by Wednesday to Thursday we can shoot it over to you guys or, you know, if there's anyone else in the community that wants to take a look at it, we can get those looked at and finalized by end of week to be ready to go on Monday.And that thread and blog will go out on Mondays. So that's just the housekeeping for the long form. Big picture. What we've been thinking about is a little more campaign planning and kind of structuring each area of content to kind of fit in a larger campaign. So like we think this first kind of month is that we're going to really focus on the educational content hitting kind of every area of educational content that we can possibly think of in every angle.So that's why you're seeing like the silo three stablecoin trilemma, how we deal with the trilemma. So, you know, on Friday we're going to have like a kind of history of beanstalk thread go out and then, you know, kind of the beta nomics, you know, peg incentives, the system mechanisms, more educational content. So this kind of month think of like the month of April is kind of like being Education month.And so that's kind of be that first campaign. And then once, you know and things are going to change around when when when wells gets closer to coming and things like that, you know, it'll kind of shift towards like, you know, maybe a larger push towards a larger push towards, you know, like more call it like, you know, wells specific type of content and kind of pushing wells and other things like that.So but this month is going to be a lot of education, and that's kind of where we're focusing most of our time and efforts right now. So if there's anything or any other kind of areas that you think that you guys think might that we might be missing, you know, like feel free to take a look through the kind of notion and see like, okay, well, these are what these guys are going with so that we can make sure that we're hitting kind of every single angle that you guys think there might be some level of ambiguity for for like Normie audiences.And then the other thing that we're thinking about there is like kind of pushing ourselves into a lot more conversations, you know, where there's a larger kind of big conversation going on around stablecoins that we want to be a little more reply, guys. So like, one thing that we're finding is like, you know, we're getting great engagement on this being farmers account.Like the engagement, the engagement to follower ratio is like, like absurd. Like, I don't think there's anyone there finding on an account out there that has a better follower to engagement ratio. The problem that we're thinking is that this might be like a little bit of like a like an echo chamber where it's like just, you know, all the big guys and, you know, it's it's it's starting to get out there more like, you know, we saw a tweet from that, the Caesar Clement influencer, Caesar McCain and you know, he was talking about like, you know, wanting to see more information about like positive carry.What is positive positive care even mean. Yeah, I'll pull up his Twitter real quick So he commented on some of our stuff. So it's definitely helping us get more. I think he's got it. He's got a pretty, pretty big YouTube channel, so people are starting to see it and that growth is happening. What we want to do is like go into a little more replying so that we're getting a little bit more outside of our little our little echo chamber and so that more people are kind of seeing what's happening.They understand what's going on, they're getting the educational content out of it. So, you know, the message is getting out there. I think like, you know, I think we probably just this week, I think we doubled followers on the on the being farmers account which like obviously the numbers aren't aren't most massive right now. But you know the engagements been great the growth is getting there.I think like as you guys know that that first kind of thousand is the most difficult. And so we want to start also kind of recycling some of the early content to kind of bring it back to the top of the feed. Tell me about all the great working thing I have. Yeah, cool. So just the big picture, the what the things that we're thinking about are like one campaign planning, making sure all of these things are kind of fitting into the themes that we want to hit every kind of month or quarter two is kind of growing our bubble and getting our bubble a little bit bigger.But, you know, all the support that we've gotten in these Twitter DM grips has been incredibly important and will continue to be incredibly important. We definitely want to encourage more participation there. As far as like when we put something out, putting it into the chat and having more people talk about it and then and yeah, just like keeping up with the educational content, I think it's just going to continue to be key as we grow is like, you know, we still think there's that gap and that education is, is still the gap.And then in that the goal is kind of stability and re pegging and we think that you know there's obviously the ripe unripe aspect of it. But our focus is like if we educate people, get more holders, get more people excited about the ecosystem, like, yes, it's not perfect, but kind of harping on this, harping on this. This is like an experiment and this is a very important experiment for us to do.And we can't just like, Oh, it's not working or like, oh, it's not perfect. Like it's a process. And we're going to continue on this process in order to create like this, you know, perfect, you know, non backed endogenous value. Stablecoin So big picture, that's the things that we're thinking about. So all the contents here, you know, guy's been really, really helpful in helping us review this content, making sure we're not only hitting everything, but also making sure we're wording things in the right way that kind of match the things that groups are saying.So that's been incredibly helpful. And we're going to kind of lean on on DEI a little bit, at least for these next few weeks, to make sure that we're all on the same page as far as messaging. And then hopefully we'll be able to kind of take that load off over time. So content calendars always. And and the notion for anybody to see and look at long form is going to be Monday to Monday you'll see long form blog plus threads going out and then what's on kind of the schedule for this week is got some stuff for being able and then that's a means of proving one thing one thing I know guy thatwe talked about during the day, it didn't hit me at first after after a little bit it hit me is the Matt Madison really liked this one and I agreed with you at the beginning, maybe one on April Fool's. Yeah. Yeah. So I didn't even realize at the beginning that I was like, Oh, like Publius as Mr. Bean, because that's a mr. Bean picture.And it's like Publius is Mr. Bean. And that was the docs. So I was like, Oh, that's really weird at the beginning. And then when I was talking to the guys about it in our internal that we do every week, then I said, Mr. Bean, and then it all clicked to me and I was like, Oh, Mr. Bean probably is doxxed, that's why.So yeah, it took me a while, but I didn't immediately get it either. Then after a while it hit me and I was like, Yeah, that's actually pretty funny. So. So shout out to Madison on that one. But yeah, it's over my head. Yeah, that's the same exact thing. Have everyone totally over my head was like, okay, let me start looking over these.And then once we were talking about it, it clicked to me and I was like, Oh, Mr. Bean, pubes been. So that was another funny one that we, that we talk there. So, you know, we're working on more meme stuff. You know, we're trying to make like almost this, this, you know, everyone loves the Pepe thing. We're trying to create this and we have a designer working on this is kind of this meme structure for like a pepé beam type cross where like almost like a like Pepe memes, but beans instead of Pepe.So we think that'll let us do a lot of fun stuff. Cross across people and some of the and being farmers. So there's going to be some pretty fun stuff there and so yeah, so just going back to business Joe you you want to happen and kind of go to the notes, you want to kind of keep on there, you can keep running through.I'll jump in if there's anything that I think I need to cover a little bit more in detail and you can pass it off forever. But yeah, you got a blog. Yeah. Blog poster in the notion, something that we just talked about, Right. Continuing pushing, being in the conversation there, being Bob, being farmers. Right. Like we love the echo chamber.We want to make a big guys echo chamber. So that's kind of what we're thinking about plan wise, you know, kind of getting a little more replies, going to kind of expand that echo chamber a little bit. Education stuff, ready to implement. We're going to get more conversations around, you know, kind of current events, right? Like why the beat is below paragraph.We have a couple of threads that are going to explain and kind of introduce why this is happening. So I think that's going to help out a lot. So what do they want? To have a pretty big push there and have the community kind of help us out and kind of expand on that and kind of helping push that as well as future upgrades?You know, we want to start to get people excited, get a little more forward about what's happening, what's on the roadmap to getting people to the just to add on to that. Yeah, like with and we do have more stuff in the calendar, obviously. I mean the education could be never ending with being stuck and we want to do a sufficient job of covering main details.But like this, this is kind of the path forward, right. Is getting these upgrades as well as upgrade getting been back to like kind of Yeah doing a little bit more forward look that future looks like how we get there and getting a little bit more current events focused rather than just like kind of education look back stuff.Yeah but that'll be shift. Thanks but, but that's kind of Yeah. End of month like that's when that tone will start to really shift. Yeah. So just a quick look at the long form that that's going to be coming out is like we have this being an unexpected tag mechanisms and system incentives and then counting beans is kind of a series that we want to do every quarter where we kind of give an overview of everything that happened in the ecosystem over the last quarter.So that's going to be mid-April. Put that out and that'll cover jump up March. And so so that's the next long form. And then after that it'll be the different flavors of stablecoins. So just a quick look at long form and what you can kind of expect to see out of the long form content. Again, obviously always open to ideas and concepts.You know, if anyone wants to see something or thinks we should be writing about something, you know, right now the focus is typically education. So anything focusing on that, but obviously always open to different ideas on the back side, again, like a larger campaign focus is education, brand awareness. We're working with Defi llama, we're trying to get a into the defi llama wiki now that had defi llama drama llama drama that is kind of subsided a little bit.We're working with Coinmarketcap. We're trying to get on Coinmarketcap We're obviously in Coingecko but you know more the merrier. We don't want to go on Coinmarketcap and then we're working. You know, one thing that we've been talking about is, is, is, you know, we're obviously very US centric, right? Like most of the community is is pretty US centric, you know, pubes, builders, you know, So Chad guy, you know, most of us are kind of us based and you know, while the US is is definitely a place where the need for this kind of endogenous value Stablecoin is like important.I think there's like a larger opportunity where we can kind of try to start pulling in holders from other geographies so and kind of the first one that we're thinking about looking at is like India, because India one has a like India, like South Asia, and then also like Southeast Asia is like not only one that they have a lot of money problems in and of themselves.So there's always like people looking for stablecoins, but too it's just like there's a massive crypto market there that are always interested in kind of playing with the use different types of gaps in new tools. So we're looking at a bunch of other non U.S. native crypto education platforms. So we're in talks with a couple of based in India right now and kind of doing some community level stuff with them, you know, getting on some of these educational platforms to teach.So that's a big thing that we're working on is like trying to expand our kind of range a little bit. So it's not just like, you know, because, you know, it's a it's a pretty good sell to U.S. users, but it's an even easier sell to non-U.S. users. And obviously, we're pretty global and there's no reason why we can't be global.So on the BD side, that's what we're working on is like listing in more places, getting the name out there a little more and then non U.S. education platforms in communities. And and I'll have a more tangible update there Friday kind of the people the guy I'm working with we're going to be signing up tomorrow or Friday. So I'll have like a written saying I can send in the scribe channel that will have a little bit more substance behind it.But that's yeah, that's generally what we're working at right now. And the comment on the Coinmarketcap thing is that we we were in contact with them and there used to be a B price on the site, but they were I can't quite remember the technical details, but the Web site calculates the being price is a little bit unusual and they weren't willing to accommodate it, which meant that the price on their site was like significantly different all the time.So we sort of just scrapped it and let it be that it wasn't on there. So not to say that we shouldn't reengage them, but just a heads up. Okay, that's very helpful. Yeah. Yeah. Well, so you have to try and see what we can come up with, but that's good to know. That's great context. Yeah. So yeah, super full context.Just so we know and that we have a little bit of ammo to go in with and so so yeah, we'll definitely work them from our side. But yeah, I appreciate the context. They're very helpful. Last thing is on the PR side, so couple updates. One, we, we got an agreement just, just yesterday today on getting proofs on this Fiscus digital podcast.I mean these guys that they're building like a a stablecoin educational platform where basically they're just like, you know, wanting to have like a database and like almost like an educational wiki plus like, you know, they're kind of trying to form out like it type thing for Stablecoins as well. So pretty interesting platform. They have a podcast where they talk to a lot of stablecoin projects and so, you know, they we're getting proofs on there.We're just, we're going to coordinate times and group said either Mondays or Thursdays in that mid afternoon. So I'm coordinating with him on timings and then I'm going to hit cubes again to get one of them on there. But I think that's a pretty interesting opportunity. Again, like the PR thing has been a little tough trying to go.I think we've been kind of going for like the jugular kind of tier one and I think, you know, one on like level set. So two things. One, we got fiscus to we reached out to Flywheel because, you know, we talk a lot about fractions, some of the necessarily similarities, but you know, adjacent structures of of being the fracs and they they decline this and right now's not the right time.So that was a little upsetting because we have a pretty good relationship with them, but we'll keep pushing for that update Just on the general scribes. That is like we're we actually just signed like a three or three people to kind of come in and really build up this PR arm for us. And they're like a really experienced PR team that we brought on.So, so PR is definitely going to like really get up in the next week or two. So we're really excited about that. We, you know, we brought on like kind of three superstars. So I think like kind of going for straight tier one. I think we're going to have to kind of work our way up and we're going to start to do a little more of this thought leadership kind of we're going to shoot for some more, maybe Web two ish publications, more like your Nasdaq's and your Forbes, and then slowly get out, because they want a lot of crypto content, especially Stablecoin content.And then we're going to start to work our way further into here, more crypto native publications. We did get an opportunity to to do some sponsorships, and I know we just did the Black Report, we're talking to Defi dad and he just launched a new podcast. So we're in talks with him. I'll kind of reach out to guys separately if it's something we're interested in, where we can kind of do like a small sponsorship and then get cubes and the guys on with, with Defi that they have a VC for our C, So it's not like super expensive right now because they're early on so and they're more than happy to take on beans andthen have a larger conversation and get groups on there as well. So it's going to be a little bit of a slow roll. But I think this plus this PR kind of structure that we're bringing in is, you know, we're pretty excited about it. That's going to help kind of double down, triple down our efforts. So the PR help is coming.We're going to get a lot more resources to push that because I think that's another way where we can get a little bit outside of the echo chamber and kind of continue to build that. The storyline behind being, which is like kind of we're also thinking about some interesting campaigns around kind of this. You know, first is going to be education and then kind of think about, you know, something like we're thinking about names like, like build back better and and, you know, like a way that we can kind of structure some of this push to kind of just reeducate, but, you know, kind of bring in more holders so that we can kind offully recapitalize, bring the pay back up, get more holders, etc.. So Fisker's Digital is going to be a good part to get on where he's just like a stablecoin maxi and, you know, has a pretty large understanding of all the different ways that Stablecoins work and is kind of building the Stablecoin website and kind of educational platform just specifically around staples.So I think there's a good conversation to be had there. That'll be next early next week. And you know, the cavalry's coming on the PR set, so we're going to be able to get a lot more outreach going to try to hit like a lot of different publications. There's also the SEO aspect there as well. So pumped about the PR stuff, get a little bit go in, haven't gotten as many bites as you would have liked early on, but I think a little bit of mix of like some like paid stuff plus, you know, getting, you know, kind of working our way up into restructuring our larger PR strategy and then kind of working ourway up the ladder. And then obviously, like anything we can do towards page stability and getting back to a dollars is going to help a lot of that sense. So that covers PR, social content. You got any questions for us? Thoughts? I have a couple, but I'll see if anyone else wants to speak up first. So I was thinking as a matter of process, it might be nice to have like described cannot be the place where if, you know, questions aren't able to be answered, you know, like over text and discord that they can be answered here.If that sounds good to you. So like I know there are a couple questions in the last week or so or maybe the one from our been was before last meeting, but I don't think we talked about it, which was that the copy on the the being farmer's Twitter bio. Do you have any thoughts on their comment there.Yeah, we've been we've been trying to kind of come up with exactly how we want to phrase like what what we're trying to achieve is kind of what Yeah, I mean, we've been talking and trying to figure out how we want to change that. You're talking about are you talking about restructuring the bio or. Yeah, just the comment they made about how it has this powered by scribe and it sort of contradicts the community aspect of that that's out.Oh, all right. Then we gave it an update with apologies. We still don't. Yeah, we still don't love it. I'll drop a screenshot in describe chat. We still don't love it. We're still trying to find a way to kind of get the wording right. We think like the spilled, the thing is funny and but you know, and then like, you know, farming being money and a commission maybe and stuff, we still want to get like, you know, when people see it, we want them to kind of be able to get to the other profiles as well and, you know, kind of get the full range.But yeah, we're still kind of thinking of a way to kind of worded that hits everything that we're trying to do. So I mean, obviously open to suggestions, but yeah, totally agree with the comment about kind of focusing a little more on the community driven aspect as far as, you know, we've been going back and forth. So so we'll try to pull some of our conversation that we're having with Guy into a little more of the larger forefront.You know, we're still thinking about about logos for this account. We've been kind of going back and forth, so I'm going to drop the couple. You know, this is the first one that that guy sent over, which is really good as the only issue that I had with it is that like, I'd like no idea what it was and it makes sense now that it's a silo.And then we kind of iterated on a little bit. But I yeah, I agree with guy that it was a little busy but I'll drop just to kind of get you know for full full view on it. So yeah yeah we'll definitely utilize the scribe chat a little more and get people in there. I think you make a great point about pushing more content on to onto this where like we don't have to come to you for every question.We can just kind of put it in the scribe chat and then other people could kind of be involved and answer questions as well. So open to these conversations, you know, we want everyone's feedback. We want this to be as like community friendly and collaborative as possible. So, you know, if anyone has any thoughts, feedback, recommendations, you know, we're we're more than happy to take whatever you guys got.And we'll be better about having more of these conversations in the larger Scribe chat. In the end, that's quite channel, right on fiat currencies. Yeah, I think that's a that's a that's a really good idea. We'll make sure we get that in the in the calendar going but that is definitely a good idea. So yeah like as collaborative and as evolved as you guys want to be, we're more than happy to kind of work with everybody and have everybody in on it.It looks like Belsky also had a question from a few days ago, and it sounds like the the Docs team also went over their head, but they asked like basically what the strategy was between like what goes out on the being farmers accounts, what versus what goes out on the being by accounts. What's the what's the thinking there?It's it's something we're still finalizing, definitely. I mean, we definitely want to be a little more shit posting on people and that's kind of going to be our place where we can be like a little bit reply guy ask and shove ourselves into more different conversations. You know, I think we still want to have some fun on being farmers and like, definitely want to be this like cross between education and memory.Like maybe not as much shit posting, but yeah, we definitely want to have fun with it. We want people to see that. Like we want the vibe of being farmers to match the community and like the community vibe is like definitely educational and philosophical and like it's like economic philosophy, but also like, you know, you guys have fun in here and like, that's how we think.Like, you know, it's a, it's a good medium to mirror what it's like to be a part of the community where it is like. Mimi But it is educational and philosophical as well. And that's kind of the that we want to mirror. Definitely. Yeah. Happy to hang out and answer any more questions or any thoughts or, you know, shoot the shit with everybody.Last question on this one. Was this just if you all would be game to move this meeting an hour earlier, just a little bit more convenient on this end. So I figured I'd ask who looks like now? Oh, yeah. Oh, sorry. What do you. What do you think? Yeah, no, I think is definitely doable, but let me just confirm with the team.Yeah, let me just confirm with Rob Madson and and Joey. And as long as they're cool with it, I mean, I think my schedule works for it. So, yeah, I'm more than happy to move in an hour earlier to match it. So it'd be just like the same time as just on Wednesday where the dog calls on Thursday.But same timing. Exactly. Yeah, definitely. I'm more than happy to do that. But yeah, let me just confirm with the guys and make sure we don't have they don't have any kind of conflicts. But yeah, I think we should be good. They do that. All right. Well, that's all I got on this and yeah, I appreciate your time, guy.Appreciate everybody hopping in and kind of with us. I can call him back for a couple of minutes and so I'll be there, kind of chat through things with guys or anybody has any ideas or wants to shoot the shit. I'll hang out here for a bit. So thanks everyone, really appreciate it. Hi guys, and I'll be hitting you guys with the draft for the next blog shortly here.Hopefully by end of day today and to get a get started on the editing process. Yeah, Rob, let's just let let's just go ahead and drop that into into the scribe channel to just as many people can get eyes on this one and just, just kind of give a give guy that maybe, Yeah, of course. And we got, we got images that'll be coming into that that are still in the process of being made.But yeah yeah that's a, that's another, that's another bigger thing that that we'd love ideas on is like if there's maybe like if you, if anyone on the committee has ideas for like infographics or like ways that we can structure the be kind of ecosystem or offering and like ways that we can show what being is about and an easier kind of picture format, you know, we have a couple of really good to send you guys a really great designer as well.So if there's other ways or like if someone has an idea about like, you know, hey, someone has a concept about what they want to think about stability and they want to like, sketch it out or something, and we can kind of build it out like we're, we're super open to that. I think that's another good educational way that we can get a lot of the get the point across in an easier to understand way for people.So we're really interested in infographic thing if anyone has any thoughts there. But those are the those are the two that are going to be coming out this for with this blog post. So yeah, those will be really helpful and we'll send those in separately with the post and then we can kind of like all go back and forth and have a little bit of a dialog on, on how to get some more stuff like this, because that's what Rob and I had been talking about in trying to figure out is good ways to visualize both the mechanics of Peg's stability, how the silo operates and kind of continuing to do that for a lotof different aspects of being no immediate thoughts. But it's a it's a good shout we could probably use in my graphics and the docs to Yeah, a little bit light on that. Pictures are always nice. All right. Well, I'm going to get back to writing this thing. I'll talk to you as soon. Thanks, guys. Want to help, So thank you.