S1E19: UI with SiloChad & Sweet Red Beans

September 12, 2022
0:00 Introduction • 2:50 Approach to user interface • 7:17 Multiple interfaces • 12:58 Recent improvements (vAPY & pod marketplace) • 18:49 Pod market future plans • 21:29 Positive community feedback • 27:04 Plans for UI • 33:04 Post-exploit development • 38:24 Benefits of community feedback • 41:56 Closing Thoughts
The Bean Pod



Approach to user interface

  • Find a balance between how friendly it should be to new users and showing as much data as possible. Probably leaning towards showing as much as possible.
  • Do the best to accurately represent the system.

Multiple interfaces

  • Could be third party clients designed for different users, such as a simple one click interface, or optimized for particular devices, such as an iPhone client.

Recent Improvements

  • vAPY
    • Help farmers understand potential returns. Tricky to calculate because of so much going on under the hood.
  • Pod marketplace
    • Shows an overview of all listings and orders that are currently active on the market. Gives users a better sense of how people are pricing pods at different places in line.

Pod market future plans

  • Imagining a future where all interaction with the market takes place through the graph.
  • New pricing functions of next version of pod marketplace will involve lines that users can create themselves.

Plans for UI

  • Top priority is maintaining parity with new BIPs.
  • Make sure every piece of functionality that Beanstalk is capable of providing is represented by the UI.
  • Refactor of the balances page, to show the whole picture of your exposure at a glance.

Post-exploit development

  • It was extremely chaotic and there were no users at that point, so it required some judgement calls and help from people who understood Beanstalk to make some decisions. Now that people are using the site again, feedback can help guide decisions.

Community feedback

  • The feedback from the community is amazing and creates a positive feedback loop that makes the UI much better.
  • Speeds up the process to get a steady stream of feedback.