DAO Weekly Meeting #9

January 27, 2022

00:00 Project Updates • 22:36 Discussion on Discord Growth

DAO Meeting


Quick Summary

In the DAO meeting, we went over a slew of updates across all areas of Beanstalk, including:

  • Educational Content updates
  • Biz Dev Updates
  • Aphra airdrop
  • Ideas for growing the Bean Community


Notes and project updates


Well, there's been a lot of discussion. I wonder if all the relevant people are here. Let's just see these. Do you want it? Just because there's been a lot of discussion just in the last little bit. Do you want to pop up? I know you have a couple of items you want to talk about, but then also maybe finishing with talking about landing page between you. And so, Chad, maybe we can come up with an action plan on that. Yeah, I think Silo Chad should be able to take the lead on that. Yeah. I mean. Speak to the landing page. So just everybody's up to speed. The basic idea is we're going to make big money a landing page that's much like many other Ethereum protocols where it's something simple that kind of gets an overview of a beanstalk and then links to the app with a launch button. So we want to get this done in the next. Couple of days. So we'll be working this weekend on a design for that. In terms of what we need from everybody else, I. Think we're pretty much good to go wrapping up copy now and I'll be working. With sweet red beans on some design stuff. Happy to answer any questions about about like the motivation behind this or what it'll look like and all of that if anybody has any. But yeah, just expect to be in that monitor to get updated in the next couple of days with that design. Great. Great. I also had a chat with Jacob today. He's going to be a project manager on a couple of different projects, kind of making sure timelines are done, making sure people are documenting things in the notion, that kind of stuff. So I just looked him in to that. We had a chat about an hour ago and so there should be a project card, a notion for this now. And I added everyone in there, but just take a look, make sure that that's going to he's going to kind of clean that up and take ownership of the project a certain degree. But since it's moving so quick, I'll probably be done by the time he's really following up with people. So just just to let you know he's involved, but I think this seems like it's moving faster rather than slower. So that's great. Now back to these back to you for other things you want to talk about as far as the design department, and I'll just let you take the floor for a little bit. Yeah. I mean, did I have anything specific in particular? But just to be brief and give an update. So if you different projects going on, a lot of you are probably part of at least one of them just trying right now the focus is just trying to get some good quality educational content out so that people can understand being stuck quickly and easily, especially our target audience. And so we have things such as like the video curriculum, which is for starting out as blog posts. We have Nasdaq, who is going to be trying to make videos, upload, uploading those onto YouTube so people can just have those a lot more readily accessible. And then again, like with the landing page, hopefully that should be able to kind of guide people and stream maybe experience for this users as well. And then as far as just an update on the brand and like the visual identity that's being worked on right now, I know there's some new snapshots up for for people that I personally referred to to help out with the design department. So please go and go and vote. And yeah, I mean, that should be pretty much everything as far as what we're getting done. Okay, great. Yeah, those snapshots are up and ready to ready to be voted on. So take a look at those. There will be probably a couple more here coming up pretty soon, which is exciting. Also, anyone who should have received I know that we were a little bit slow on the payroll end of things, but if anyone who should have received pods, just take a look. If you didn't get them, send me a message. I'll show you. Yeah, we can. Sort of. Everyone should have gotten their pods. I think we're pretty accurate on that. So just let me know if something seems seems wrong there. Right? Glancing at my notes here, Gww, I was going to bring you up. You had a couple of items here? Yeah. Yeah, I had a couple. Unfortunately, my my notes just crashed as I was working through that list. But I know, for example, I'll talk about the poker piece. There's a couple things on there. By the end of T we made this note, the 1559 last week didn't make any comments or anyone, but if you guys can take a look at what we were thinking of in terms of that, that's a great night through out there. Be great to get some feedback and some thoughts on that and again, I would touch base in the next day or two as well. So there'll be some more details coming in about that. These is talk to briefly about the video curriculum. So we're still working through that and we actually kind of have the first draft of it. We're open like the high level script will look like, and so that should be ready to be reviewed on. The. Second me on the agency side. So we're still looking to get a follow up call with another agency or two. Now, I know we talked about that before Dumplin in terms of obviously we've at the end, but like I said to start out with, we're kind of cutting out the the people that are just clearly or the teams that are just kind of not not really something we want to go too much further with. But once we get to that stage, obviously we'll socialize with the team so that everyone knows where we're at. You mentioned payroll just now and again to iterate with Dumplin said everyone will have that going on a much more frequent cadence going forward. So thanks for your patience. As we got that out, I've got a bunch of messages for people, but if you do have any hang ups, dump instead. Either shoot him a message or shoot me a message. And yeah, there there are some other pieces as well, I don't think. But unfortunately, like I said, my notes crash. There's just a ton of other random stuff. I guess, but that'll be it for now. Yeah, no problem. If you you get them or. I was just you mentioned that some of the things that were on my mind. So that's good. Mostly the is there a timeline like it seems like Luna PR seemed pretty good was that one how how were you feeling about them. And I guess like what would next steps be if we found like the perfect match? Yeah, Luna. Was pretty good. We're talking with him about overall scope right now because they fleshed out the, frankly, you know, an agency approach that either can tell you they can do literally everything for you. You don't need to do anything. Just sit back and relax and so we have to cut that down to tell them kind of more where we're focusing and like what's a more interesting. So that's kind of the stage, right? I'll be honest. We're waiting for a follow up from them. The team is based in Dubai, so it's been a little tough to get time on a calendar. We send, you know, back and forth like late last night. But as of now, I think the soonest. We're going to have a follow up with them is probably early next week. So next steps would be follow up with them, clarify a little bit more what makes more sense for us and then talk quickly about what that would look like from a pricing perspective and then share that with, you know, the community, get thoughts on it obviously then because we wouldn't be proceeding or anything before doing that. So hopefully by you know, end of next week, we're in a position where we can share with the community what that's looking like. It sounds great. We have a quick announcement on the desk, the beans, the little drummer on that, the total count was 9166. And a half beans. And that makes the winner. Was. Altcoin writer on Twitter who is a member of the discord. He goes by much you know he's been there he. Is my to my. Just. Like well round of applause for Matthew. For the wonderful guests on the guest the beans. Thank you, buddy that's awesome. I don't know if you can hear me again. Oh yeah. I just was IDM Tim and I said, hey, come to come sell out. So I was trying to figure it out. Well I like I'm going to get a graduation. Thank you. That's. That's awesome. I appreciate that. Thank you very much. So does the MBA will coordinate who gets paid on? That's awesome. Thank you, buddy. No, not me, but something. Just listening. Okay. Okay. So next, I wondered if someone could. Let's see. Do we have Max? Max up? Great. As wonder if we could get a big step update between you and maybe Mr. Banfield could time in a little bit, too about meetings that happened this week. It seems like there's a lot of kind of on the plate. Yeah definitely. I can give an update put up. You made me pull up my notes. Yeah. So one of the things that we have in the pipeline that's fresh as of this week that I'm super excited about is we started a conversation with the auto and they basically enable holders of what they consider to be zero coupon bonds to borrow money against those cars. The KBS and clause are essentially zero coupon bonds where you don't yield anything before maturity. You know, everything happens all at once. And so it would be super exciting if we'd be able to borrow money against our pods. So the pod marketplace will need to be live for a week or two before we can move forward with them. But basically they were saying, you know, if we get some idea of how much a part is worth, you know, at whatever place in line, and then they might be able to list pods as a collateral type. So that's that's super, super exciting. So that's that's great. That's typical. So that's the auto and then there's liquidity. So we had a conversation with liquid here about a month ago and nothing really happened with them. And so we were able to reengage them. And basically the integration that we're going to do with them is we're going to add LAUSD as a option for for interacting with the silo in the field. And so that'll be really interesting. And then the other thing that will happen is we're going to be basically the be in doubt will be added as like a liquidy front end where if holders can directly on been converted to USD and then interact with this silo or field that way also. And so I think that there's just like a really symbiotic relationship with liquidity just because they need borrowers, we need lenders. And so I think that that will just work out really nicely into the future. So that's liquidity asset also. And then we're having some early cross-chain conversations. So we talked with like it's not the highest priority right now. So that's the we had a conversation with them and they're willing to keep chatting, but frankly for us isn't the highest priority by that's in the pipeline as well. Yeah. And then obviously one of the last things is tbtc. This is this is an integration that'll probably be complete in the next week or two. That's basically allowing BTC holders to essentially interact with Bienstock via Tbtc, which is this like decentralized wrapper for BTC holders to use appearing in Dapps. So we're talking with the team, they're excited and yeah, that's great. Mr. Manifold, do you have any updates? Hey dumpling. Yeah. So I'm sure some of you guys saw the the app for Airdrop is now live, so you can go claim it. There's no rush to do so. It will expire. So, you know, if gas fees are high or he has spent like, you know, spending the ETH, it's totally fine. But that's life now and kind of the cadence there will be, I think within the next few days there will be like a low liquidity uniswap pool launched which makes offer tradable and just kind of some natural price discovery after that, probably in the next week to ten days, I would say bonds will go live and that'll be for kind of cash flowing assets for for us. So I think like serve card backs, access and things like that. And then, you know, USD, the instant currencies go in live tomorrow, which is great for Aphra because hopefully they'll after we'll be able to tune on its protocol to protocol minting with USD relatively soon. And then like where does this leave being? So then at the tail end of this and I say tail end, I mean like in the next hopefully like 3 to 4 weeks we start bootstrapping the D3 pool which which starts to lead to some real buying demand and our strategies for after around beats pack. So all of that's kind of imply making great progress. The airdrops live, you can claim it, but there's no further guidance there at this time. The next thing kind of is the the FRAX being LP that we're working on that tracks. Everything's positive and constructive there. We're kind of just in a holding pattern, figuring out what the best what the best way to swap kind of beans and fracs are to kind of bootstrap this pool expect within like the next week or so. What kind of have that panned out and hopefully be able to get that pool live sooner than later? So those are kind of two main items that we're making progress on chugging away on, but all good stuff. Esme, thanks for that. Mr. Manafort, was there a is there a detail feel like a medium or anything about claiming those airdrops? So literally, just like like an hour ago we got the UI up. There's now there's no there's no media or anything like that right now. This is kind of just a post on offer and but I think, you know, once we have the white paper out, maybe the next 5 to 7 days, I would say, you know, we'll have we'll have a few formal medium articles out about offer and they are dropping on one. Okay. And how to claim it, I assume, because I think that will probably come into the general chat quite a bit. Yeah. Yeah, totally. Just for reference for this group right here, you can just go to offer dot finance, click claim and connect you all to clean it. I went there. It looked pretty, pretty easy. But you're right, Gww. There probably will be some people who have maybe never claimed to their dropped before something and they'd be a good idea to have something for them and to just verify that they're at the right, you know, the right website and everything like that. So that might be a nice thing to just kind of put together something on that. Yeah, maybe we can we can just tweet tweet out those steps tomorrow. I'm from Green Sprout. I'll take care of that. Okay, cool. Yeah. If you did a little, you could do like a little thread and then we can just link people to the thread or something like that. Okay, great. You have any idea of, like, the amount of tokens that they have or what, you know, what kind of like what kind of range? Well, whatever we'll see as they as they start trading. But yeah, I think it's pretty variable at this point, definitely factoring the kind of current market conditions. But you know, just for, you know, anecdotally, 10% of total token allocation is allocated towards the drops and the being community received a third of that. So you can kind of back into valuation that way once the recent fourth launches. Sorry, you said we were we were. How much of that? The airdrop? A third. So like 3.3%? Oh. Well, that's quite a bit since considering the buying community isn't that big. I mean that's. Exactly so exactly so like kind of on like a pro-rata basis to the community. Definitely one in terms of, you know, airdrop per participant. Yeah, that's awesome. Okay, cool. All right. One item I had I want to chat about was just you may notice that your discord rolls may have changed a little bit. We went over that today. So now there are just give me 1/2. We changed Shepard's name to mods, so that's just a little bit cleaner and clearer. I think we went over that last meeting to discuss that a little bit and we have a new a new elite squad of being scholars. So being scholars are going to be the people who answer questions and who can kind of rush in and direct people towards resources and to people's questions. Kind of what we were we were calling Shepard's before, but I think that when we, you know, that's still open to changing potentially potentially back to Shepard's. But we thought that being scholar had kind of a nice ring to it. And the only scholar before was Mr. Mochi, who we have now made a B scholar. So we thought that that that didn't take away anyone's, anyone's role. But you can also notice that the discord has been reorganized a little bit, and we can thank these beings for leading the charge on that. But we went over. Now, General has been split up between General and town square. Town Square has some of the arguably less important things, but things that make being really fun, like the sea being channel events, guests, the being, being merch, that sort of thing. So feel free to look at your leisure about that. And we're also cleaning up the department pages. So the department pages should be a little bit more clearly labeled now. And each department heads should have control over their channels, pages. So feel free to make that your own and you know, to kind of if you think that something's needed, you can reach out to whoever is in charge of it to maybe add something to that. So just things are things are changing, things are getting more organized. And the other thing is to just make sure that, you know, we're really using the notion and know make cards and to make updates and to try to make the ocean actually reflect the current progress of a project's time. Something might start as like actively being worked on, but it might still be in the planning stages on the ocean or that, you know, ready to begin stage. So just kind of try to keep those updated as projects finish, you can take them over into the archive section, so things like that. So and if you feel like you have questions about that, you can you can reach out to me. You can also Gww is going to be taking a big role in in the notion and also there's going to be some project managers. So but just other people who you can reach out to to sort of if you have questions about, you know, how the ocean's working and that sort of thing. So then I'm just going over real quick last week's notes from our meeting to see if anything was was dropped. But in the meantime. See here. So one of the thing I want to talk about was just briefly, the poker tournament. So we're actively moving towards more more organization on that front. It's getting pretty exciting. We have some we're starting to approach people to try to get commitments on adding to the prize pool with other tokens. We had some really good meetings on those. The poker tournament, specifically farmer Dan and I think Farmer Dan, I don't want to give credit, but I think it was I think it was my and I'm not sure the other person was who was researching some poker sites that can be really good for, you know, for buy ins and for for kind of community management for that actual poker event. So anyway, that's. Really coming along. We're targeting February 26th for the date. That's a Saturday. And I think that's going to be a good enough time to get it done, but enough time to also like not too far in advance so that we we lose energy, you know, and things happen fast in Defi. So, you know, we want, you know, we want this to still happen, but we want to do it right. So you have a very exciting if you have any ideas about the tournament, we're having specific meetings for that. So you guys can come to the poker tournament meetings, which will be in the to be in the agenda. I think we're shooting the next one isn't in the books just yet, but you can check also in the project tab. And there's a a project for the poker tournament. So most of you should have access to that. And if you want access to that and you don't have access to that, just send me a diamond. I can add you. So happy to get help there. But other than that, I think we're I think that's that's what's on what's on my mind and what's on the agenda. So, you know, people are definitely open to chatting about anything else in more detail or anything else that's on people's mind. I'll start. So, so here's something that's been on my mind and this is kind of like an open discussion point. Hopefully something I brought up on the call tomorrow or sorry yesterday. But you know, I'm fairly new to being stock like I think I'd like two months ish, new to be in stock. I think a lot of people here have been around longer than me, but I've also been in like other servers and stablecoin servers that, you know, I've seen go from like 1000 to 10000 members, you know, within the span of, you know, 30 to 45 days, which is which is really impressive. And so I think like something that's on my mind is like, you know, I'm looking at the members we have in our discord slightly over 2000, you know, like how can we get over 10,000 members and maybe the next 30 days? Like, you know, I know that's a really generalized broad thought, but I'm really curious about this because I think, you know, for being start to grow kind of organically and and whatnot, it's like how can we just recruit more people into our into our home here and, and do it at kind of the same pace and scale some of these other projects are able to accomplish. So I'll leave it at that. So that's been on my mind. Yeah. Totally agree agenda. Yes. Yes, I can. I mean, so one of the things that we're talking with the agency about so that one of the agent, the Luna that that company mentioned before they've they've grown discord's for other crypto and other defi projects in the past. And so one thing that we're talking to them about is just again, we're still in the very early stages. Have we been setting up some KPIs with them that we would actually have to have measurable increases from so I think they've got a handful of ways that they help kind of drive traffic to the discord, you know, either via the Reddit, via Twitter, etc.. But that's something that definitely on the on the on the agency side as we talk with them that we were looking to do. But that being said, we don't have to obviously limit the way we would do it with this agency and who we'd be paying to help kind of grow organically to what they're doing. I mentioned this to them as well. Like I almost kind of want to take their tactics that they have and then amplify by everyone that we have in the community. And so I think the learnings that we're going to get from them would be helpful. But then, I mean, just in general, there's probably a handful of things that we can do organically. I mean, dumpling, I think, has done a good job of plugging the discord. But in general, I think the the unfortunately right now I do think is kind of more of a grass roots approach from us as individuals until we have a bigger agency or team that's helping kind of on a full frontal attempt on that, really that it needs the attention. So one other thing I'll bring up and I can speak freely because he's not here right now, but we had talked about hiring. It's like a one off that Dave Craig, who has built Discord's up pretty big, has some, you know, but we ended up not going with him because, you know, some concerns in the community a little bit of question marks regarding a little bit of a feud that he had had with with Olympus. And without going into details, just he was someone that we were hoping could add a little bit of jet fuel to like just kind of like really just our numbers, you know? I mean, I think that numbers are like we want to add quality people, but at this point, we also kind of just want to add people. I think that we do need that sort of like there is a certain social credit, I think that you get just by having like 10,000 people in the discord, even if you know, some, even if they right now we have very high quality people and we don't want to to balance. Right. I mean, we don't want to totally just have a bunch of idiots rush in through the gates. But at the same time, we kind of want to open ourselves up to like, not just like people who have, you know, really taken an interest in like the white paper and who are really, you know, I think that it's a I guess that's kind of open to other people's thoughts is how much do we want to kind of open this up to like everyone as opposed to like right now we've been sort of self-selecting for like really, really high quality people, but we do need to grow at some point to kind of like the yeah, I hate to say like the unwashed masses, but you know, it is going to be different when there's ten, 20,000 people in the discord and it's just kind of a different vibe. But I think a big part of that dumpling, I mean, what I associated with that, I think I can't remember who was on a call yesterday. I'm not sure if it was Mr. Manifold might have mentioned it. I think a big part of this is some a lot of people outside of the being community can find it difficult sometimes to understand in like this really memorable way, like how how they can get the value from being or what Bean's about. So I think that's a big thing as well in the sense that like we look at Olympus, they are it's very complex protocol, but that's three three meme really helped bring people in. So I didn't really have any solutions. But I think that the sort of meme ability of thing, which was something that came up in a call the other day, is, is like a really important part of the community building process where people can feel, you know, a sense of understanding and affinity with the project and that really helps them sort of Yeah. Become, become, come into the, into the sort of beanstalk community. I don't know if that made sense, but it was just a thought that I had hearing you talk about some of this stuff. Oh, I think it does. I think also just good, actually, in listening to Max describe pods as zero coupon bonds was kind of like an it was kind of a nice, snappy way of and I don't I'm not sure about how we how we feel about that in general, but it was just a like different ways of explaining things to different people based on their backgrounds, I think is important. And you know, talking to like a finance person and maybe you could mention that talking to someone else, you could say that you're sort of sort of betting that the profile that the protocol is going to get to a certain size, that other people you could say, you know, just thinking about different ways of saying things to different people. And yeah, anyway, but yeah. Yeah. So graduate. I mean. Yeah, I mean, well, you know when I first joined the protocol, one thing that we said quite a bit and I think they continue to echo now is like the the significance of having, you know, high quality capital and high quality individuals. And I actually don't think it's an issue if we even though we're still concentrated, that we're a little bit more, you know, tight knit and niche. Because I do think once we start to open up, it's going to open up pretty quickly. And, you know, I bring just to bring that back again to like the agency side of what we're thinking about. You know, there's been conversation of like do they want to run like really campaigns and stuff with us, etc.. I mean, there are a couple of levers that we can pull with and that we could get definitely a, I think a pretty good flood of people in here. But it's kind of equivalent to I mean, the other thing is we're not trying to shill, right, and we're not trying to come across as a shell. We're trying to come across as much more buttoned up and legitimate. And so that's kind of something that we have to balance. And we've been talking about with them. And the other thing is we don't want to just drive in organic traffic that's only here temporarily or signups that are just, you know, existent, then nonexistent. I mean, I think one thing that would be interesting to look at is to look at some of these larger discourse and actually see what their activity looks like versus, you know, as a ratio of to members versus just the sheer volume of it. I get the volume, but I think we'll get there. But I think one thing that's been really good about it for us has been that activity. And so continuing to focus on like the organic side of growth I think will be helpful. But nonetheless, you know, my angle on that is one of our one of our stronger leverage is going to be pushing the side in terms of intent. And so in terms of the agency. One thing that we could do right now is, like we said, just sort of like in a more coordinated way, like signal boosting things where it's like, oh, like newbie merchant like substack post, like Admiral Mike Hammer the share button or like, oh, we crossed P&G and like previous tweets about it. Like, everyone hammer the like button. Like, I think things like signal does work really well within a community. Like I've been in other places where someone's like, Hey, I posted this tweet, everyone showed some love, and then everyone does and it just like blows up, you know, when you get like, even like 50 people coordinate coordinated. And we could do that like through a discord channel like signal boost. Yeah, sure. We have it on Twitter right now with the Twitter Army. But I think we could the more of those that we could do, some people are on signal, some people are on Twitter. Some people are you know, some people. Yeah. If you could set one of those up, be cool. Or if signal boost, you say. Yeah, that's like one way to put it. Okay, it's not like this isn't like a different platform. This is just a different way of of gotcha. Gotcha. Yeah, I think that's right. Just like anything relevant, you know, being merchant post as we like, we should all be hammering the like button like, and we should just be posting that in, like, a discord channel. Like, hey, everybody, go show the some of their goals. Yeah. And, and I don't mean to sound to, I guess web too. And I say this, but I was randomly when I was working on something with moderately or I just randomly googled credit based stable stablecoin and I mean I was pretty pumped to see like being is number one actually if you have a hyphen, it's number one. If it's no hyphen, an IRS is first. But either way, I think it's it's great because like it's more slowly started to build more organic traffic. So that might be something else to think about. And also something again from like a marketing slash from an agency side is it's pretty easy for us to just start to see what again on the web two side what, what what keywords. WW We can't really hear you really. I'm sorry, I can. I'm pretty. Well. Oh, that's that's me then. Anyway so when I was saying there was a lot, I mean and again the tactic that we can chat with this agency about, which is again a little bit of an older tactic and focus on like Google and SEO stuff is to see what keywords are doing well for us and using those as are starting to hammer out more content as well. I mean I think once we get this kind of blog and slash landing page tweak up where we're starting to put more content on the on associated with being that money itself, I think there'll be a lot of help from an echo perspective. Again on the unpaid side, which is great because then the traffic is more high quality. And then on the agency side, I think that would be very helpful as well. That all sounds good. And Mr. Randall, thanks for bringing that up. I think that's a good that's a good point and that's a good metric for us to focus on, especially as we the other last thing I'd mention is we'll be getting a job post up here soon, a job description posting, and we're going to be looking for a full time community manager. So that would be like one of their KPIs would be like, you know, increasing that number, right? So that's not to say that we shouldn't do it before we hire someone, but hiring a full time person in that role should help with that, too. And there's you know, that's kind of where I'm going with like the poker tournament and that sort of thing. Like just to bring more people in, you know, any kind of fun thing that we can do to bring more people in I think is really cool. But we need to approach it from a lot of different angles and see what sticks and what works well. Yeah, totally, totally. I guess just my last two points on that are like, you know, if anybody, you know, if there is a video or content or whatever agency that, you know, that we think is promising and we could really run some like memetic campaigns, you know, and we need some funding. Like I think that's something that's really appropriate for for Big Sprout to look into and help fund. And the second thing is, is like I think right now the currency of the market, especially the Stablecoin market, it's a little bit of disarray, which I think for Bienstock is actually a great thing. So, you know, I think we have a real opportunity here, you know, this quarter to capture some some market share market participants, users of other stablecoin protocols, maybe they're looking for something different, etc.. So I think I think the timing is also really, really ripe for us. Yeah. Definitely. Um, does anyone else have other, other thoughts? Different direction. Just want to make sure that folks come to the meeting with something they have a chance to say. Hey, guys, I just kind of just touched on somebody else's point. They're like, for myself, I am pretty new to Discord. It was kind of like organically like I ended crypto like maybe one year ago and it started with probably Reddit and then migrating to Twitter and then finding out about Telegram and then very recently just coming to Discord. Maybe only three weeks on the discord and I actually quite like Discord platform, but it did take me a while to kind of figure it out and what it's all about now, it's just another social media thing or whatever. But now that I'm here, I actually do quite enjoy it. It's laid out very well, but again, just to the point the other guy mentioned was maybe one of you bigger guys can make a post on Twitter that has the discord link with maybe a little blurb and some nice things that's happened in the Discord or or something like that. And then from that length and we can all share it and maybe other people can, can easily click. Because for me, like I said, it took me quite a while to kind of figure out what discord was or even how to get here. Just just because there's so many different platforms are there really. Right. But I think that'd be that'd be good just to play on that. Yeah. I like the idea of like maybe someone could do a because I bet there's a bunch of people on crypto Twitter who have never even used discord. Right? Like, just like, just like you a few months ago. Might you? So what if there was a like a thread where it talked about a little bit about being, but mostly about discord, how we use discord and different things you can use within screenshots and that kind of thing. And it was like a whole Twitter thread that just said, here's how being, you know, being stuck uses discord to sort of, you know, as a as a key part of its DAO and how we hold our meetings and, you know, that kind of thing to be kind of a good way of showing people jumping. Think I can do something? I think that's a great idea too. I can do something similar to the way that I did it for like the winter and a tease where it was like a kind of a just quick, I mean that when I did pretty sloppily because I was in a car, but something similar, I think that's a great idea. We're like with the bulk of it is about how to interact and get onto the discord and then how to specifically involve yourself with me. So it's kind of like a 7030 split. I can take a crack at something like that pretty quickly and pushed out too much this point, I think something that would be really helpful for the community and maybe this is something we kind of echo even just in the general chat, not not in the dial, but having people added their invite links to their profile. It actually I didn't you know, when you and I did that for the first time, I think like maybe a week ago and I think in general that should be something maybe we just encourage the community to to help grow people into the site. So maybe with those two things, it would be one quick short term attempt to try to grab some new followers. But the one thing that that strikes me with, I totally I think that's a great idea. I guess I was just thinking like, what can we do? No one's done before. That would just completely be like, wow, look at what these these guys did. Like, this is completely different. Like, I had that feeling when I was trying and I know I've talked about this probably a lot in the meetings and I'm not like a big temple guy, but when Temple did, I have to like do this crazy crypto voxels thing to like solve these riddles in order just to buy the damn token? It really got my interest and it was really, it was really, it was cool. And I wouldn't, I wouldn't have gotten involved with the project at all had I not seen other people like trying to get involved with this and just sharing their screen and this. And, you know, so I wonder what we can do that's completely, completely new and completely different because there's so much to explore, you know. It'd be kind of cool to do like an Easter egg within the discord where there's like, you know, 50 K Pods Prize, if you like, join the discord and like find this Easter egg or like solve this puzzle. That can be one way to, like, get people joining and then, like, looking around because there's like some incentive, you know, but it also requires them to like, you know, sort of be diligent and, like, pay attention to what's happening in the discord to, like, solve anything. I just see some Technorati. Discord, so go ahead. I was just saying, like, I see some like just like non defi like tech startups doing this for they like set up a website with like some puzzle and they're like, hey, like, like there's some that you figured this out, you know, but I think you could do like a discord specific one. And I like the, you know, the point is verification in discord sometimes as we just click through about like just making that a quiz on beanstalk to do to even get in. Right you know just just make it a little more interesting. Maybe it's, you know, so solving a word or whatever, that could be one way to do it. Engage people more and get them more interested. Yeah, I hear that. I also think it might be a little bit more of a barrier, you know, for people who want to jump in and listen or, you know, learn. But I hear where you're coming from. And that's true. I mean, it is a double edged sword, but it could be like a limited timing thing so much. You you just joined did you just join the discord or were you on here before building discord? No, I just joined the been discord today. I saw that little link on your profile and I was like, Oh, okay, well, I'll just join through this link pool. And that's because I DM'd you to try not to come because of that. Yeah, you did me and I was like, who is the scammer I am I get why is somebody admin me. Right. Like I just, I don't trust that a lot of the time. Right. Um, and then I kind of chased it back and I'm like, okay, well, maybe it's real. And, but anyways, that's how I joined the discord just because of that link. Cool. I'm saying. So just this is a good example because we have someone who just joined the discord. Now, if there was a little like being where it all and you had to like type in like being and then a couple of like like a little, like a little word search or like some little task that you had to do. Do you think that would have stopped you? Like I think if the task required too many steps or the answer wasn't straight forward. Like if I just click the button, it says Enter the riddle. And I had like no clue where to look. Yeah, that might have prevented me. But if there's some sort of clue there, right? Like, Hey, here's a clue, like, you got to read this or check this out like some sort of a link and it's maybe just a two step thing. Sure. I don't think it would have stopped me if it was simple. You know? Hmm. Gotcha. I just thought since you're here, we could ask you, you know? But I don't know. I kind of. I kind of think that, like. If someone is getting to be the, like, join step of entering the discord, like, they're already there already. They're like the. Two bottlenecks, I. Think are. People to the join step of the discord like lifecycle. And then once they've joined, getting them interested enough to either like understand what's going on and participate or just be like, okay, this seems pretty cool. And then participate. Like either participate an advanced or beginner level. I don't think. The bottleneck is people like saying like like sitting on the discord. Join page and deciding at that point like, do I want to join this or not? So I guess the point being that like I don't know if like, like a little puzzle, even if it's really simple, like I don't think that's going to entice people to join if they're already at that page. And it certainly could turn some people off. Like I think the enticement will come before they get to the discord, to get them to the discord, or once they've joined the discord, to get them to participate in the protocol. And just to. Kind of agree. Just throw a. Couple of other ideas. In there. This is I mean, I know we have, you know, some complex math. In our my paper. I don't know if that could be. Designed like a small. Math challenge, like solve for X and perhaps say one of the clues in the like paper or something, but something that can that has some potential to go viral on Twitter in the sense of like, oh, yeah, let's I. Want to see what if you solve it, you get. Like a certain amount of beans. So it's just like a challenge that, that, come on, surprise and being something like that. You know, or even if the, the intro was like, you know, you add two beans to the, to the field at this point and like something super simple that gets people to understand the protocol more to I think we can spell it out pretty easily. Yeah, I, I think that's kind of what Fajardo did is you actually have to purchase the token to unlock some of the channels. And I think there's another one that railgun that that followed a similar approach. So even if it's not the verification step that could probably let people into the discard and then restrict some, some channels based on solving a quiz or a puzzle, maybe even windows, maybe solving a quiz. If we're if we're also talking about getting more views for the Discord Link, I think something like just adding the Discord Link to like the description of the podcast on anchor, I think that would be helpful because sometimes like somebody might be listening to it with a friend and then they share it to a friend and like then they listened. They might listen to it and then see they might look for links and like there's no links in the descriptions to like direct them to anything. So I think that would be just the easy way to maybe get some more eyes on the discord notes. We can also customize the discord like the discord links so that we know which ones are getting more and which ones are getting less. So like on our upcoming blockbuster YouTube videos, the videos you're going to be working on Nasdaq, we could do a custom link. So then we know how many people are coming from that, which would be really awesome information. Yeah, we can add custom links too. But I'm coming back to this idea of like, what? What is no one else doing? Like, what's a really cool idea that no one else is doing to, you know, to drum up interest around something? Because something that really has a lot of like that is it's actually really cool. Like, we just need, I feel like we just need the eyeballs because we actually have something here. A lot of people who are promoting stuff, you know, they're just they're just promoting vapor. They're not really promoting anything cool. I really like the the Olympics idea. It's not not anything new, but the amount of folks remember here, even early on, it was, you know, just Twitter images that you could put out that said, you know, these aren't even like 10,000 API, API, right? And I think they have run that quite a few times. I feel like since we have been, you know, we could potentially do something like that, you know, stable since October 20, you know, something like that. And if we. Did, what would that be? What would what would the banner read, you know, for it, read the API, write for Olympics, what would it read for us? Yeah, good question. I was thinking something like stable, stable from, you know, whatever date or or sewing sense or whatever date or something at once or. Whether yeah, I think it should be this farmer's earning 4,000% whether whatever they so. That. And then it also like has a double meaning of being like okay if if like if it tracks somehow like when your earliest cell was and like your lowest, whether it kind of becomes like a status badge. So like if you were selling at 500%, whether that means you were like really like you're an O.G. to the protocol versus like 39. Thousand, whatever it. Is, three, 300, 900%, whatever. Yeah. So I think whether because like the ap y on the silo is not that great like other things, I just think like this. Farmer is earning x whether could be cool. Yeah. Yeah, I think that's really cool. The other thing is if we could come up with like we were, I think that an idea for the website and I'm I'm curious what you all think is if somehow we could talk about it because like right now everyone who has money in the silo, you're earning more stock, right? Like you're earning every hour you're earning one 10,000. Right, for every seed that you have. And if if you could. If there were analytics. Sort of saying like you started, like, say you put $1,000 in the silo. Three months ago, there was something that said, you know, you started with this amount of stock you've now earned this amount of stock like your return in stock has been, you know, 63% or something like that. Right. My getting it and. People. That like it, it will increase over time. So then they'd have to be like constantly updating their. Cover. Profile picture. Sorry, I went on a tangent. I'm just saying, would that be a better way of explaining the benefit like your your percent ownership in being stock has gone up right? Regardless of whether you know what you've earned and beans you've earned more in stock to pay your. You're right. Hey yeah this is. Thank you, Bay. Yeah. I was going to suggest that we emphasize that versus the API thing. The only reason I'm saying that is for me personally, when I discovered stock, that was the most interesting feature. The fact that there was no pre-sale, the fact that there were no VCs that got in. And, you know, I can't you know, I didn't even understand, like, oh, so there's this thing called stock and I'm having to buy it. Like, I can just deposit at a silo and I'm automatically entitled to future yield from future buying events. Like that's really cool, you know, and I say that because of the what Mr. Manifold was talking about earlier, there's just a lot more scrutiny now with these stables and, you know, Olympus and some of these other things have had tremendous growth and success. But you guys have seen the consequences of maybe too fast, too soon. I just wouldn't want me personally speaking from my own perspective. But there's a lot of scrutiny. I think if you just see what's going on on crypto Twitter and you want to you, I would think that we would be better off marketing being stock from that community owned angle versus the angle of, you know, the field is for the 5,000% right now because people need to be mature enough to understand that if they're going to participate in the field, it's it's a very, you know, asymmetric bet. So, you know, we don't want to be attracting like that, that type of scrutiny, people coming in and saying, oh, these guys are pushing 5000 people. Why? This is a new you know, you know that that's just me speaking from a more generic perspective, you know what I'm saying? So the stock and all that, I think that's a really good angle because then you can be like, look, you deposited at a silo and you are a stakeholder, you are stockholder and you are a stakeholder in this protocol. You have a voice. You are entitled to governance and you're entitled to yield if there's protocol growth. That to me is a beautiful thing. And if we can emphasize that heavily, I think that will sell itself very quickly. Yeah, I agree with that. I think there's been so much focus on sewing and so much less on siloing. That would be nice if we could push the silo a little bit more this way. If it's maybe a good time for publicity. What? Anything you want that's on your mind. You want to chat about end users? Oh, yes, yes. Good is nothing particular. A lot of things were covered here. You know, if if the Embankment Reef ride, if you wanted to discuss your question now and then, we're happy to have a brief discussion. Now, if you feel that, you know, if that's what you want to do, I'm not sure if that's I mean, it's kind of you. Know, I think you answered my question over there. And, you know, my my angle with the whole immutability was around preventing bad faith actors. Right. So that's that's that was kind of the angle that I was going for. And it seemed like a more of an idealistic and in my opinion, at least a pure purist goal to have. However, I do understand there are, you know, more immediate concerns and things like that, like, you know, promoting cellular controlling where there are things that might be needed that might. I totally get that. So however, I mean, there are certain aspects I feel like I can still aspire to be immutable and in and build on top, right? So I don't know if you have any thoughts on. I think what you said is generally correct, but in general and this is the case with most cryptographic networks, you do need to rely on some set of incentivized actors not to make changes that are detrimental to the protocol. So now we acknowledge, you know, there are some rules that probably shouldn't be changed, like the 5050 split, as you indicated. At the same time, you probably do still need to accept the risk of stockholders like collectively screwing themselves, which is one of the assumptions that most cryptographic networks are generally comfortable making. Right. That's kind of the the ethos behind a proof of stake system. For example, about it. Yeah, that's where. Being in turn. I just noticed we had you here, gave a little bit of an update on the poker tournament, but I get so excited about it. I thought you might have fun chatting for a sec about it. Yeah, I jumped in because I heard that you guys were lame. Shot me a message. You guys looking for a community manager? And I was going to say I'd love to, like, look around as well because I had I had a few people, but also for the poker. Yeah, I am I am super excited. I actually just organized a call with one of the guys that we want to partner with, so that's exciting. Just need to update the CRM with some info about that. And yeah, I think it should be pretty, pretty awesome as everyone I don't know, I've heard, I guess I'm assuming people have heard about the brief too much, but the plan is basically having this sort of into protocol poker tournament, inviting as many like big protocols that we like into it, sort of these like decentralized ones. I'm massive in arm. That's like how I originally found Beinstock with someone that sent me over here. So that's what the sphere that I'm sort of really involved in. But if anyone has any like big protocols that they think would be a fit for it, I guess then I would love like more input because I've got a couple lined up, but then it'd be cool to include some others as well. But yeah, if anyone has any questions about my different suggestions for it, please jump in. So yeah, being intern is kind of handling our sort of is Dev, we'll call it in the poker tournament. So if you have people you think would be interested in maybe the thing we're thinking about doing is starting a little as of the meeting last night is starting with a smaller prize pool. But he can then say that if they give $1,000 worth will match it effectively. We're still going to be using the same number, but it just will help it will help him get more people to kind like, quote unquote, donate to the to the thing if if we match so well. Anyway, I don't have to enter the details here, but if you have people, we have a good we have a good sales pitch now. So if you have people at other anywhere else that might be willing to throw $1,000 of their coins, I mean, it's really great publicity if you if you think about it. So I'm pretty excited. Yeah, I think it's a good way to co market and then I picture it as just sort of opportunity at some somehow in the event we'll have like people are allowed to show their protocols. So that's why we I think we have to be a little bit strict about which ones we allow in, in that they're relatively decentralized. But obviously then I like the idea and that's something that we I guess. Oh yeah. Can you talk about the one that sense. Yeah, yeah. That, that was something. So basically I was thinking of having particular community members that we want to get involved in the project. So I kind of have a couple of people that are really big, like Jaws is really big at Olympus and stuff like that, and we can make like wanted signs for them so that we want them to participate. And I was thinking that before we do the poker tournament, we basically release all of these wanted signs for different people and possibly different protocols, and we sort of made tentative agreements in the back end at least. But then I think that'll be a really good way to drum up hype. And to just explain a little with the wanted signs, like we're thinking like the old Western style. Like, yeah, like sort of these like saloon kind of thing. And you imagine like the being like I'm looking at being bankman-fried like imagine that one with a wanted sign and like wanted, you know, for the poker tournament like a, you know, a spare the diamond heart and a club on like the four corners maybe, you know, just that's like that without a lot of explanation. And then people on Twitter are seeing this and are feeling like weirdly cold out and like what's going on with their with their fee. And then later we announce the poker tournament and everyone kind of. Yeah, so that's that's kind of the idea. Yeah, exactly. And we don't have to get into it here too much, but if you want, you can feel free. Anyone who wants to come to the poker meetings and bounce around some ideas, it's pretty exciting. The Yeah. I just want to ask someone, show you a message that you guys are looking for. Community Manager I just want to talk to us about what that role look like. Yeah. So I'll shoot you tomorrow. I'll shoot you the. The job description. I'm just working on writing that up and getting the job board all online that J.A. and I will be working on that. That's a new project to getting all the positions that we're going to be hiring for and, you know, all the descriptions up. So you can look you guys can all look forward to that by next week. But the community manager, I can get that up tomorrow and send the link over to you. Be an intern so you can take a look. But yeah, basically full time. Let me just pull up one thing they can look at. As much as I talk about it. So we we. Have. Under community is going to be it's going to be pretty broad. We're going to have like social is definitely going to be one of the kind of sub departments of that. Also, I know that you're very interested in the metaverse and like with meta being, so that's going to be one sub department marketing is going to be one sub department and events is going to be a sub department. So some of marketing will will be sort of over in design. The design department, but some of it's going to be under the community. So it just kind of depends which piece of marketing that is. But so that's those are kind of the four roles that we have in mind for the community manager. And he'll have obviously he or she will have the ability to hire for several positions within the community department. Right. They can do. Yeah, awesome. But within that metaverse, we think there's just so much cool stuff that can happen. So that's, you know, we can chat about this and who you think might be good to, you know, to run. But it may also be even if these people aren't full time, if you have people you think would be good, then yeah. Yeah. No, yeah, exactly. That's what I'm it's sort of depends what. Yeah. I'll definitely get back to you on that. I'm pretty. Okay. I think we can chat after that, after this call that will help me to keep everyone around for too long. We don't have to go for the full, full hour if this if there's nothing else prevents. Do you have any any. The thing that you want to be able to want to chat about. Actually jumping before police for actually. Can you say one more quickly? So one thing that actually I think was really cool that happened this week was an Evan he co-hosted by Do In Session. I think there are a couple of people are on the call, but I was just thinking like I think the sessions where we're either getting up to speed on something or like teach others in the community stuff is really great. I don't know if we have the bandwidth to do it right now just because I think there's a lot of execution happening. But just in general, I would love to continue to see like I mean, obviously we have the game and the classes and stuff and I think the community is pretty open to education and stuff like that. But just really, I think sessions like that where we can kind of jump in and learn about different parts of what people are working on, stuff like that would be something I'd continue to love have happen like in the past it was like a, you know, like a lunch and learn where somebody would like lead something where they were just kind of, you know, get people up to speed, more detail on what they're working on and stuff like that. So just in general, something to kind of maybe plant the seed on. Yeah, I think that's a great idea. If we tried at least one of those week that was yesterday, right? Wednesday seems like it's kind of Wednesday. Seems like a good day because we have the meeting Tuesday, we have the class Thursday we have. But you know, if we could shoot to try to always have something on Wednesday kind of like that as far as permissions on, you know, posting in the calendar and that sort of thing, since I can, it's a little hard for me to do you have permission to post on the calendar. Generally. I think I do, yeah. But that'd be a good thing too. We could call it. Yeah. Like it doesn't have to be for lunch, but kind of a lunch and learn type of attitude, sort of a lower bar. It doesn't have to be a huge meeting, but just things where people could. I feel like I can already think of a few other things that people might, you know, use this sort of format for that doesn't really we don't need a whole meeting for it, but it's something you can explain or show or. Yeah, exactly. Like, I mean, I think we're all benefiting from yep. 25, 35. But to be honest, you know, I still have a lot to learn about myself. And I'm sure the dev and engineering team is obviously quite aware of it. But even something like that, like an overview of like just Brendon parts of the protocol so we can kind of get up to speed on more details of what's happening in different areas, you know. There. Sure. No, that sounds great. If that that might be something good that if you were interested in or if someone here was interested in kind of taking ownership of trying to put together one event per week that was you for this sort of thing or, you know, maybe let's just plant the seed now. But if someone can think about it, maybe by next week we can see if this naturally happens. And if it doesn't, maybe, maybe it's something we should put a little bit of effort behind. Oh. Perfect. That sounds great. The last thing I'd say is if we I don't know if we have anyone. Here besides GW. For the next Twitter spaces, we were thinking about trying a different time. I wonder if there's any way. If someone had a little bit of. Bandwidth to help. I'd probably it's I don't know if you could. It'd be so great if you could hop on one of them. I don't know how we want to utilize that. Maybe we want to wait a little bit for the following to grow a little bit more for us to have a specific announcement. Does anyone have any ideas as far as if it's possible, first off. But if it is, how can we utilize progress on something like a Twitter space? I mean, you tell us where to go, right? Like when and where. And actually, no planning started. I forgot to say this is what I'm saying. My list kind of disappeared. I wrote out like a kind of a high level strategy that I wanted to chat with you, an IPO about in terms of like putting more structure on behind the spaces of what we're chatting about. And then I was thinking like maybe once every four weeks, if we can try to line up like a fireside or something like that, where you know, you or IPO is having a fireside with Publius and then maybe somebody else from a different community to help drive in their followers and stuff like that as well. And just frankly have a good conversation. I was I don't know if once a month is too frequent. I don't think it is. It would just take us kind of coordinating who that would be on the spaces with us. Yeah, I think we could forget actually, because he he sent me a message saying that he feels bad. He hasn't read the white paper yet, but he's really interested and so that he might be good and he has a good following. So whenever you whenever you're in a Twitter spaces, it alerts basically alerts your whole audience. So that could be a way of bringing a lot of people in. But yeah, okay, that sounds like a good thought. Yeah. Publishers, that is, you know, once, once a month for for an hour. Too much of a commitment or is that doable? I mean, generally, we can make the time. We just have to triple check that the modifier wants to and twitter we we weren't exactly sure how that works so they didn't have very clear audio settings. So pending that there shouldn't be an issue. Now we can just offline, we can just try real quick and make sure it works. Well, you know, before we before we plan anything. But that sounds like a good idea and it's nice to know that you have that availability. And I think we could get a pretty awesome, dynamic Twitter space going and so. Great guys want to. Keep you to let. Me do real, real quick. I think it will be good to have someone like a little to talk about like what community building was early on and Olympus and you know, just just to learn from some of the experiences and stuff or that have gone through this. Sure. You know, it'd be cool if someone could come to our meetings and chat with us like some some people do this. I think they. Who was it? It was, you know, I'm forgetting right now. But anyway, for the first 10 minutes or so of a meeting, they have someone from a different protocol. Come on now. Chat a little bit. And just like you said, explain, you know what things were like in the early days or, you know, whatever. That might be a cool thing for us to do. So if anyone has any connections in their thinking, that might be a good way to both introduce someone to the protocol, but also for us to learn from them. Yeah, I can try call Liam in LA to. Share, but we might have someone else who, you know, who could just send them a message. Maybe JD to 80 to 80. He's pretty connected over there being in intern knows some people that we might want to work through connections but you can also try to call be able to find. Like our approach better. Well we'll we'll see if someone has connections otherwise you can always call them. That sounds good. Yes, it's a good meeting and yeah. Well, soon there should. Be some meeting notes that are up by to be or not to be. So you can look for those and talk soon.