DAO Weekly Meeting #71

May 18, 2023

0:00 Operations update • 2:27 Engineering update • 4:15 Design update • 5:55 Silo v3 • 11:37 Closing statements

DAO Meeting


Meeting Notes

Operations update

  • Temp-Check 1 is still live for voting, and the DAO can express their preference. Something similar will happen to BEAN:ETH Well so the DAO can express their preference on the Seeds per BDV
  • The Silo v3 will not be done at the end of the month. The goal is not to rush this.

Engineering update

  • Some new UI updates to fix and improves new things. Working on Silo v3. This delay probably delays the BEAN:ETH pool.

Design update

  • Working on the Basin UX and this is the 7th iteration. Working on making the UI look good on mobile. Next up is the Wells composure flow, this might not ship with Basin right away.

Silo v3

  • According to the Mayflower article, Silo v3 will finish voting end of June. This is probably pushed back a couple of weeks. The UI will not be a blocker, the current blocker is the audit and UI/ contracts testing. The plan is for Beanstalk to create a mainnet fork that everyone can talk to. If you want to be a part of the testing process ping SiloChad on Discord.


So should be a quick one, but have a couple of things I wanted to mention on this call, the first of which is that temp check, one vote still live for voting until tomorrow. That's the one that the Dow can express a preference as far as whether or not the unripe seeds for BTB rewards should be set to be equal, with the point being to reduce friction in conversions from Unripe LP to unripe beans. So check that one out. It looks like the Dow is in support of making those equal. So once that passes, we'll put up another proposal for the Dow to express exactly what the seed reward should be set to. So the thinking right now is to have it just be a multiple choice. And, you know, something like the choices could be like 0.51, 1.52 or something like that. So that'll go up tomorrow and then hopefully, you know, that'll be clear. As far as what the Dow is much most interested in setting those two. Similarly, at some point after that, we'll probably do something similar for what the Bean is. Well, LP token should be set too, so I stay tuned on that front. Otherwise, as far as other happenings on the farm, I suppose the most top of mind is silo V3. So I think I initially wrote in that blog post that we were going to get to propose that sometime this month. That is signaling seeming unlikely at this point. So today we had another meeting with Holborn regarding their audit and gave them a walk through of some of the new changes we've implemented and that is likely to take them 1 to 2 weeks and there is still a interface and a bunch of SDK changes that would be necessary to implement for that to be ready for proposal. And you know, the goal is to do especially this change, you know, as as safely and securely as possible and not as fast as possible, particularly as it relates to a bunch of the migrations from the upgrade to silo V2 to say, look, we want to make sure we get that right and have plenty of time to test it both at the contract level and at the at the UI level. That's most of what I wanted to share on my end. I'll fill in the gaps maybe after after chat if they have anything to add on the engineering front. Thanks guys. Yeah, I mean, things continue to move, move forward here, so a couple of miscellaneous UI updates have gone out over the last week, patching some of the new functionality that's been released. You can check the price list there if you're interested, but the main focus remains on wrapping up silo V3 and based on code and making sure that those are audited to to spec. So we are in the final stages of preparing the remediations that cipher in provided us and have a document nearly done for for them and just trying to get all of those last things kind of patched together. Awesome and related. Harry Smith as the sale of V3 pushes this to July four being it pool probably, but not necessarily. I mean they are sort of at least technically separate work streams, But you know, the people we have staff on each thing are the same people. So we'll get to refocus our efforts on the basic integration once the silo V3 contracts are finalized, hopefully in the next couple of days, such that you know how one can audit them. So basically, I don't think that the number of weeks that silo V3 gets pushed back will be the same number of weeks that the pool gets pushed back, but probably some amount, if that makes sense. So to answer your question more directly, feel like July is pretty, pretty reasonable at the moment. All righty. Red beans, anything you want to share on the design front, everyone? Not too much of an update from my side, you know, have mostly been focused on the base and the and think we have a pretty good sort of like I don't know what iteration this is their seventh iteration of them. I think the visual design is sort of all starting to come together the that is pretty close. So at this point, yeah, hopefully going to spend some time in the next week working on making the UX as we have it responsive so that it will work on mobile and look nice on mobile and then planning to spend time working on the base and wordmark And I'm hoping to have a couple stabs at that by hopefully a week from now. And then we'll get started. On designing the well Composer flow, which may not release when we launch wells, but maybe shortly after. But otherwise I think you're getting pretty close here. So yeah, that's sort of the the update from my end. Awesome. Yeah. If anyone wants to see any any leaks of the interface that are red beans, I've been a marshall have been working on, there's a thread and dev journal called there's an SDK and you are that that's public that's the ask and rapeseed party is also dependent on silo V3 as well. Yeah that's correct. Should we expect that the parity will be proposed on the current public timeline early June or delayed? Let me see exactly what that blog post said. Yeah. So the blog post says that the sale would be three BIP would finish voting at the end of early June. I think it's safe to say that that's probably a couple of weeks pushed back and I'm happy to help it. Update this blog post with little Mark on, you know, when it's been last updated. So call it proposal, you know, early June or something like that. We're optimizing in real time here, as we like to say, but theoretically, if so, V3 is done being audited in two weeks and it's just a matter of the UI from there. Yeah, that's right. Curious if we have any estimates on how long the UI side of it might take. The UI won't be a blocker. All right. So Chad has spoken. So that means like let's say that the contracts are done being audited in like two weeks and we put up for vote and the the UI should be pretty fast and maybe, maybe, you know, early, early June is still reasonable over a while. So we had to I mean, so given this is a significant migration with a bunch of storage changes like, you know, on par with with replant, one thing that we did prior to replant that we think was pretty successful as far as, you know, security and testing goes as we had like a period of a week to two weeks where we had a couple people full time like trying to break, you know, both both the upgrade as well as the UI. So, I mean, you know, to be discussed, but feel like given the magnitude of the changes that would be of significant value to do so. You know if we end up doing that, you know, as soon as the UI is ready, that UI testing period can begin. So just just don't want to be, you know, too aggressive or are optimistic about timelines due to that, but otherwise totally aligned with everything you guys are saying makes, you know, the, the you know, especially with these like you know, migration UI and such, I mean with the sunrise improvements, like we were kind of working on that up until the last minute and even after the BIP was committed. And you know that seems somewhat acceptable given that, you know, being below Peg right now, the morning option won't be used heavily at the time of their commitment. But of course, in order for anyone to interact with the silo after silo three, they will have to like run this migration function. So, you know, definitely want to take the time to make sure we get this right and have the UI ready and advanced to that end. So how do you think we can at least the, you know, the help of the, the general discord to do some do some testing on that. What's the sale of ether. You guys ready. That's the hope. That would be great. Would be it would be awesome to have more than one or two people doing that. So we have to do a quick overview of that. The hope is to basically set up a, you know, our own main net fork that everybody can talk to and deploy the code updates to it and, you know, push the UI with all of the relevant changes, you know, a couple of weeks ahead of time so that everybody can experiment with it. It's going to take some time to get that that right. There's and technical problems with it, but we're working on that now. Awesome. Yeah. And you know, as far as who might be a good candidate for doing this, some of this testing certainly don't need to be a dev, but it would be would be great to have someone with a little bit of command line experience. So we'll be more clear on the ask and and who we're looking for once we get a little bit closer to that point. So hopefully that's all clear. And I know you have that public bet. So, you know, we're we're doing all we can while we have everybody here. If you would be willing to be a part of that testing process, could you tag myself in the Barnyard chat just so we can start building up a list of names of people to reach out to what it would entail? And, you know, Guy and I can develop a bit more of a sophisticated ATTD document to explain things. But effectively, you know, you'll be testing the code updates on a fork. So you'd need to have some experience. You're navigating wallets and playing around with the different beanstalk functions and possibly also some command line experience. So we can have you run some commands and test different things from your side. And other than that, just, you know, looking for folks who are willing to play around with being so I can give us some feedback and point out anything weird that occurs. So the more being stuck experience the better. But feel free to. Yeah, just tag me right? As most of what we wanted to get to today, you know, this one was kind of quick, but we'll leave the floor open for a few moments to see if anyone has anything they want to bring up, ask questions about, etc. and feel free to drop questions in the Barnyard Chat as well. All right. Well, thanks, everyone. As far as the scribe guys, I mean, if you guys want to start early, I can hop over there. But if not, we can wait till the top of the hour as well. So just let me know. But otherwise, Thanks, everybody, the next week.