DAO Weekly Meeting  #7

DAO Weekly Meeting #7

January 13, 2022

00:00 Intro/Agenda • 02:20 Bringing In New People • 03:20 NFT Giveaway Idea • 16:17 Organization/Structure • 20:47 Twitter Activity Discussion

DAO Meeting


Quick Summary

In the DAO meeting, we went over:

  • Ideas for bringing more high-quality community members into Beanstalk and driving awareness
  • Publius and Beanstalk being more active on Twitter
  • A potential NFT donation campaign to drive high-quality individuals to Beanstalk
  • and more...

Project updates


DAO Meeting Notes



Okay. Well, mentally now we can pick up and head over to the Great Hall, which is right here, and I don't have too much an itinerary for this.

But what what is the difference between. What is the difference between the two meetings?

Well, the meeting was.

So the stand up was just trying to go through, you know, project by project kind of person by person, status of things. And a quick stand up update there was, you know, 15, 20 minutes and then we're all down meeting is you know talking about like I think we could talk about the you know, the branding if everyone had a chance to read the branding document that these beings did, you know, more stuff, you know more.

Natural, could it. Well, last week right you said if you have problem, what are your problems? So maybe now it's the problem hour. So if people have problems that they need, need help with, they should feel free to speak up or if they have anything they want discussed or yeah. Continue. Continued. I didn't mean to cut you off.

No, I totally agree.

I mean, that's the thing is when we have so many action oriented things or department oriented things, we don't have a chance to you know, I want to have some some oxygen in the room so that people can, you know, especially like here we have o x here or there's, you know, some folks who don't have formal roles in the Dow, but who just want to we want to chime in or people who just have something that doesn't quite, you know, it doesn't quite fit in in a very targeted meeting where they don't want to, you know, take everyone's time here.

If that's the purpose of the call, then, you know, that could be. But also, if it becomes if it becomes redundant or unnecessary, we can always we can always cut it, too. But that's that was my vision for the Great Hall.

So come on, guys. What problems do we have working on that that we want addressed in a group setting? This is a friendly environment.

This isn't a strong problem. But I would just bring up, since you have a bunch of smart people kind of in this room, I just think, you know, again, our committee is still, I think, under 2000 people. You know, what can we do to kind of continue to bring in high quality members and new communities in this manner, which are good ideas, but I think there's just more we can do.

I've already gotten a bunch of DMS of interesting newsletters I didn't know about so yeah, I just think if people have ideas for like marketing and outreach, we should be doing a lot more of that. But I just think we have something amazing here and we should be doing it so that maybe that's too open ended. But I would, you know, I've reached out the bank listening, other newsletters, other podcast.

I think all three branches are going to help with that. But yeah, just more and more of that stuff would be good. So if you have ideas or whatever, I think that would be a good thing for everyone to try to help with.

This is thinking about I.

Feel like we have so much momentum internally. Go ahead. Go ahead. Think about.

It. Just wanted to say, I was speaking I had a really good chat with which I WW the other day and I don't know if you guys are all aware on the marketing front in terms of expanding the community extensively, not just extensively in terms of quantity, but in terms of quality. Before IP 1559 was officially implemented on Etherium Main, that there was a public goods funding NFT collection that was actually launched by an artist on Twitter.

I discovered it through ETH finance, which, if you guys are familiar, is probably one of the if not one of the or if not the most popular Reddit forum related to this area. It was called the IP supporter 1559 NFT series. And so what it was was essentially this artists got together, I think, with some of the prominent ETH Ethereum related influencer issues, and they launched this NFT collection.

It was 1559 Nfts They were all the same. NFT There was nothing different about them. And there was one additional NFT. They called it the patron NFT which was sold by auction. So the 1559 Nfts were all sold for 0.1559 eth and all that money. And then the patron nft the the, the one that was sold by auction that was actually sold for 32 ether.

So all that money was donated to, I believe, a set of 22 developers and contributors that helped make IP 1559 happen. And you can imagine this was kind of a prominent it was a gesture of, you know, thanks from various people in the community space, Ethereum space, because they purchased this NFT without any expectation of it becoming like a, you know, like a cryptopunks or, you know, bought HCR club.

It was strictly to extend gratitude to those who made the IP 1559 happen. So I thought to myself and I said this, we did it. W What if we could potentially, you know, some of the being NFT holders here? I, I have over five from various activities now since I discovered the project and we had the winter NFT collection.

So just speaking for myself, I'd be happy to donate mine. I don't know if any of you also would be happy to donate yours. The idea being that we could potentially really expand the community here with whatever is donated, plus potentially some of the maybe unclaimed ones. But I would focus primarily on seeing if we can all get together, maybe donate our NFT.

The idea being that we would essentially be acknowledging all these people that supported public good funding on a theory. And I think that would potentially spark a significant amount of interest in buying stock just because I know nobody has done this for that collection. And I speak, you know, just following in finance, some of the holders have kind of expected that, hey, maybe there will be a project that will acknowledge our support for public good funding.

So I'm just throwing this out there. Just an idea. J. J j. J. WW actually thought that would it be, you know, he presented it as like, you know, he'd be happy to contribute to. So I'm just letting you guys know I'd be happy to give up all my NFT if it meant we could get 1560 new contributors to Bienstock stock.

And not just any contributors, but like prominent people in the Etherium space developers, etc.. So just throwing that out there and.

Well, thank you. But first, I wouldn't I mean, I would definitely keep, you know, keep on for yourself. I think they're worth what they're you know, what we what you paid for it.

But they keep one keep one, but the rest I'll give away some good.

Yeah. So and you know, we chatted about like the idea that the NFT is needed to be earned, you know, but then once someone earns it and kind of has their own NFT, what they do with it, I think that's a that's a great point. So then, you know, it's kind of like the larger side of that that you were mentioning of the giveaway, thinking it would be like, you know, 1500 plus.

But then even on the much smaller side, it's kind of like two dozen or so when you're talking about that specific. Yep. So I think that, you know, depending on how the community feels, you know, we might be able to get, you know, a dozen or two dozen or two dozen to kind of give away in that in that vein.

But definitely worth hearing everyone's thoughts on that as a way to kind of continue to spread it. Yeah. So I myself have a surplus and I'm happy to donate and I have a feeling we might be able to get a few others to do the same.

But I also want to say that I would also be happy to donate pots. Just throwing that out there, I think that would kind of be a two for one. It would get more bang for our buck in terms of not just.

Just giving it away.

Yeah, yeah. I mean, look, I look at it from that perspective, like if we can get high quality contributors to this community and I'm telling you guys right now and I shared the thread with Jay WW because you probably seen some of the, you know, it's like airdrop season lately like with S.O.S. gas token fees that WITF is coming out with one I think tonight we're not just doing this for the sake of doing it right.

We're doing this. It's a very specific, targeted community of amnesty holders that have an appreciation for high quality development, which is, I think, an ethos that this this project itself embodies. And, you know, hopefully we can bring some of those people on board. So I would be happy to give up some of my nfts. I even have to give out some pods with the idea being that, you know, it would kind of be an educational outreach initiative as well, because once if this were to be, you know, considered by the community and we invite these people in and there's a probability that of the 1560, maybe only a couple of hundred are receptive to it.

And I'll give you an example. The artist, the Bartow Project, it's an artificial intelligence dhow. They have an artist that creates AR every week and sells it on SUPERRARE. They gave up 30 million of their hundred million tokens to holders of Cryptopunks, bought a yacht club, etc. They had a two month window to claim those tokens. The window just closed.

Of the 30 million, only 16 million were claimed. So 14 million went back to the Treasury. So what I'm saying is there's a possibility we might only get a couple of hundred people interested, but that's still 100 more than what we have now. So just throwing that out there.

And then maybe a way to kind of bridge the because again, the 1500 that you're mentioning that we talked about before or the 1560 is pretty generous. So maybe even a way to separate that into thinking about incubators, if we did just those that already have earned their entities who are willing to, you know, want to do this, to focus on the small group of two dozen or so, and then once you know the marketplaces up, maybe it's the case that we could just, you know, agree to a portion.

So even in that vein, you know, like I would comfortably give up 100 pods to that. Those contributors of the 1560 that hold on that and that space. And I think that's another way, just as you said, to kind of get them to invest and keep them looking at the protocol. Because obviously, if they're like the back of the pod line and, you know, they're going to want to start to dig in in some other ways.

Yeah, you guys can count me in for 10,000 pods, if not more. I'd be happy to that.

So it's. Yeah, I mean, that's quite generous. I think it would be great to get the community started on that. My, my only thought is I didn't want it to come across like a show and I know like we talked about that incubate where I think that we can it would be clear that would be a sign of good gesture or like a sign of good faith.

But that would just be my my one thought. But it would be great to get the community's thoughts on that.

Definitely. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to express that.

Thank you. Yeah, you bet. I mean, I think that sounds cool. Can you send a link maybe to that original airdrop or that Reddit subreddit you mentioned as well? So we can kind of read about it? But I mean, I know that sounds like exactly the kind of people we would want to get involved. So, you know, I'm right.

And maybe to interject and glad she was here, but we should try to figure out a way to date some of the things like this is a specific project should we create a project channel in the discord? Like what's the best way to make sure that the people that want to work on this and get it done quickly can can work on it together in a collaborative fashion.

So we have a Dow Projects section on the discord. So the idea of that section is that for any large kind of cross-functional project, we create a new channel and then you name it, something that's like quite easy to understand. But then that would be the central place for coordinating the work from. For that project. That project might be really big.

So you who create threads within it. But yeah, that would be like the main place for how we, how we would do that on discord and then obviously supporting that would be having, you know, the single source of truth for the project being a notion project. So like one of the projects within the, the, the projects database, so that would be like obviously referred to in linked from Discord International.

So Hue, actually this might be a great chance if maybe you and I can just work on setting both of those up together and then, you know, we can just kind of flesh this out in more detail and then think about we can put you in there. And you know, if the community is interested, we can start to get some attention around it and just set some kind of high level structure of what we are, what, you know, what it might look like.

And, you know, just really like a basic high level project plan of what that could look like and timelines behind it. If that works you and then if that works, incubate.

Yeah, works for me and I'd be happy to. I'm just sharing the information for everybody's reference. So the first link is, you know, overview of the series and all the contributors, the 22 contributors that were funded via the arrays in addition to the two sets of NFT is the 1559. There was sold for 0.1559 ETH plus the patron NFT which was sold via auction for 32.

And then I'm going to separately send you guys a link to its finance thread just so you can see, you know, a recent thread that I caught and I shared this with Jay WW Just some of the sentiment there recently in terms of, you know, kind of feeling left out. Like for example, these holders were not included in the airdrop that the Bato project, you know, distributed to, you know, some of these higher end NFT collections like, you know, crypto, etc..

So this would really I personally feel that this would kind of distinguish bienstock in terms of acknowledging public good, public good funding contributors specifically.

So yeah. And then the other thing that's I mean, it's great because we have all the I think all the addresses are even listed in that document. So yeah, not to keep the conversation going on this, but I think that would be great if we can connect and incubate. And then, Hugh, if you and I can have a touch base so we can think of how to put this in the notion and the discord, and then we can start conversation around it.

I think that would be great, actually, on that vein. In that vein, I'm sorry, what is the what what's the timeline for, like the pod market place? Again, I know we talk about it a lot, but I just don't remember off the top of my head, I.

Feel like we're still looking at like a like a week or ten days aren't we. Saw something recently on that. Did anyone see.

It's it's, it's been a week to ten days for ten days so they're working on it.

Because that's still actually really, really near term. So even, you know, we start planning this over the next couple of days, still something that we can probably squeeze out yet in January, which would be awesome.

Hey, can you hear me? Yep. Got everyone. I'm so well that I've been thinking about this. This is shifting gears completely is at least from the marketing and copy departments perspective. One thing that I think would be helpful for me and if it's if it's helpful for me and that we often we can discard it, but I think can be helpful for everyone is to set up like a weekly standing call where everyone can get together and sort of have our own department level stand up.

Whereas like in this stand up, like with the weekly town meeting, it's great because we can talk about all the big projects, but there are lots of smaller things that are going on that don't necessarily want time in the hold down stand up, that are probably important for people within the department and within the sub department teams to just the latest on so so this is really just targeted at marketing and copy I know that busy up or at least maxed out will lead to too busy of having a standing weekly call.

I thought that was just a great idea that I think we can benefit from as a place to to just touch base on whatever was working on where they could use help and then also just brainstorming specific ideas for marketing initiatives or things like that.

I don't know. I don't know.

What anyone else in the community or the marketing and copy teams think about that.

I totally agree. I think that'd be great. The only thing is coordinating a time maybe in Mondays is not too much going on on Monday.

Or we should probably do this at at the department level.

But I think that's that's a great idea.

All right, great. I'll drop something in the marketing channel.

So, Hugh, maybe could you just give us a little bit of an update on the and the status on that front?

Yeah, sure. Yeah. So in terms of the A training video, we we recorded that community call a few a few weeks back. I've now finished up recording all of the kind of detailed pilot videos that talk to like much to the probably many of the questions that people have on the call and people following up with me after that call.

So those are now uploaded onto the notion on the homepage by like the down version page, the on the training notion training videos. I'm just in the process of putting them up on YouTube so you can stream them, but you can you can obviously like download those videos and watch them now, but yeah, I think that's so that's all, that's all good.

And I think what I cover is I cover like an intro into the meta structure of the notion the about down section. I go really, really deep on the project's workflows. So exactly what we've been talking about here, like how to set up a project like what to include, how to manage it through the process of, you know, being an idea through to kind of getting, getting it mobilized, picking it up and running it and all of the kind of knowledge management stuff.

So all the admin meeting notes, blah, blah, blah, the recruitment process, the governance process, as well as all the department level pages. One thing also that I did I may not have covered on that community call was our CRM. So this is more specifically for the partnerships team. There's like a CRM in there. I just want to make sure that that gets used because it's going to be a way more effective tool than using the project's database to manage opportunities and contacts and different organizations.

So that's that was that. And in the final video that I have is a bit of like a pre tips video where I just kind of walk through different features of notion and how I use it going in my, in my normal day. So that's all done. Video should be on YouTube in like hopefully soon and now just link them into the notion.

Everyone James being here just a quick one I've kind of noticed in now I spend a little bit more time moving around Twitter but it just seems like most of our our post on the Beanstalk Farms is about BEPS, which is great, but not really engaging, I don't think for people that don't understand Beanstalk and I was wondering if, you know, maybe we could even do some retweets of some of the Beanstalk members to and allow people to see who's involved in the community and to kind of create that maybe camaraderie or whatever.


Might be there so that people can kind of see the excitement in the activity and thoughts there.

NASDAQ Can you also talk about your thoughts about Twitter a little bit? I know that you're pretty involved over there. And we were just chatting about it, so I wonder if I could put you on the spot and ask you about what you think a good Twitter strategy might be.

Yeah, that's a great point. Something I've been thinking about, and I guess I don't mean to put people on the spot, but I was just wondering, have you guys thought about like getting on Twitter and like because essentially so what I was, I was talking with dumpling is like, if we're if we're trying to get podcasts and marketing and like all these newsletters and stuff, it's kind of hard to like DM people in English or like, for example, and be like, Hey, you guys should talk to people.

And they're like, I've never seen Pugliese on Twitter or anything. I know you guys like run the main Twitter account to, but you know, it's just like, like, for example, Olympus, Dao and Zuse. Like Zuse gets a lot of podcast interviews just by like people knowing him on Twitter, not, not because of like the main account, even though that main account like has more followers.

So I don't know, I have some more thoughts there, but I think I think one of the one of the most helpful Twitter things I don't know, might just be putting like an on face to a to the to the community because people and this is my last thought here is like, I know we're like decentralized, but sometimes people just need a leader and that that that's my thought.


Well, on the one hand, we agree we probably aren't leveraging Twitter, you know, as much as we could. But on the other hand, you know what you said at the very end, there is sort of a point that that we so we recognize that we are at this point. And so maybe we shouldn't shy away from that at this just do as you're suggesting.

But on the other hand, you reluctant to step into more and more. But, you know, if that's what it takes and you are sort of our media group, we can do that. Do you guys have thoughts on whether we should have like what is our to publish accounts or how should we manage that? I mean, you know, it's hard to say.

But let's just to clarify, you know, you're starting to you're starting to break up a little bit, too. But you're saying should you have one previous Twitter account or two Twitter accounts? Was that your question?


I would think probably just one. That's right.

Yeah. I was just going to say probably just one. I mean, you know, like like you guys said, it's an unspecified number of people. I so probably just one. And then I don't know if one of you wants to like your market, like from publicist to or from P or something like that. That could be interesting. But but just like, yeah, putting the publicist name out there like you guys don't even I don't want it to like distract you guys or, or anything like that.

But it would just, it would just be helpful. And then on the leadership thing, like, so I know, like Zoey's is the creator of Ohm but is started to like step down and like a bunch of community members are starting to really step up and talk more about like Olympia's binding to and stuff. So, so I think that kind of just naturally happens and like do started tweeting less and everything.

But yeah it is, it is, I would say like helpful with the chicken and egg.

So what kind of Twitter content you asked us created? Are we responding to things or are we are we being like like obnoxious? Like, what's the goal here?

Definitely not them. Not this. My thought is, I don't know, like just just even just having an account. And whenever you're like, oh, we're we're getting close to like, like. So for a specific example that I saw all the other day and it was mentioned in the stand up was the decentralized the three curve pool. And I was I was thinking to myself, I was like, oh, because like published a retweeted it or like quote, tweet this and be like, this is a cool idea.

Like we're we'll think about this or like something like that. And then like it was cool in the stand up meeting to hear that, okay, beans is like confirmed, like thinking about this and, and all that stuff. But like, you know, somebody just floating around on Twitter might see that and be like, Oh, maybe I should buy beans or something like that.

It's not like trying to produce to tweet today or something, but whatever. I guess something interesting happens that's kind of like not an alpha leak, but just like, hey, this, this could be interesting. Or like, Oh, we're thinking about that. And then, yeah, I guess like if people in the comments have questions like you can respond to that or not, like if it takes a lot of time, I don't want it to like distract you guys because you guys are working in coding and I'm sure you guys will figure it out.

But even maybe just like an account, I don't know. This is, this is my this is my.

Three guys account dropping soon. Twitter accounts.

All right.

So the thing I just noticed just real quick is that I just put in the barnyard chat. Is that juice only tweets like once a day. So it's really not probably that big of a demand. You know, I think that if you just aimed for like one tweet a day. Okay, sorry. Go ahead.

Yeah, no, that's great. So just, you know, personal opinion here, number one is just, you know, tweet, whatever feels right and, you know, don't don't, you know, just just be yourself. I know it sounds really corny, but that's like the only sustainable way, I think, to, you know, participate in Twitter at a high level. And the second thing is like I think it's a great point just because, you know, crypto communities rally around leaders even though the things aim to be decentralized.

So you look at Daniel at Spell, you look at DOE, at Tara, you know, you look at Andre Yearn. You know, the list goes on here. So, you know, people want a figurehead and like, you know, anons and just like random people kind of scrolling through crypto Twitter like enjoy that. So like my hunch is, you know, people are going to start to stumble upon the public as account because everyone here is going to order like everything you, you type and this thing will just start to kind of, you know, scale on Twitter just because people will be curious about like Kubernetes.

And then, you know, you kind of just like create whatever content you want and respond to things that you want. Maybe people send you tweets and like a Twitter group chat that could be interesting for you to participate or comment on just so it doesn't take up your time. But yeah, even just like once a day, that's enough to do real damage.

But yeah, of that.

We can also maybe have a channel.

So good.

So I was thinking maybe we can have a channel and we can also recommend things that we think are interesting or worthy of of tweeting under probably or something. And people just you can choose or get ideas, you know.

Like there's stuff to reach we maybe.

Also that yeah.

So I was going to say I just want to say go ahead.

Go ahead.

Now we have we have Dave in this call and he has quite a bit of thoughts on Twitter. I thought you might have a follow on Twitter to share.

One, I just wanted to say shout out to Jack for bringing up the idea. And yeah, I think if if there's anything that we could do to support you, I think that you mean you're writing in the discourse. Fantastic. So I can't wait to see what it looks like on Twitter as well.

Go ahead.

This thought I keep being it to a pop because I know we've talked about this enough, but just to kind of take you back on what everyone has said, I think with Twitter, honestly, one of the biggest things as we've done the analysis research, people literally just listening to previous and amazing how your response that has been one of the major factors in people converting to buying stock.

So if you're ever curious about things to to you I would honestly just literally how you talking discord things that you like in discord things that you've enjoyed discussing about it in DMS. All that is great. I would say just again, going back to the tone of voice, right? Being genuine and welcoming, that's I think if you're just yourself, then it's going to attract the type of people we want.

Yeah. And it's I to everyone echo everyone's with everyone saying obviously probably so. I mean when you guys talk it is extremely helpful for all of us. Maybe one thing that it seems like we're all constantly struggling with is how we're articulating the necessity of a stablecoin to non defi users. So maybe even some of the tougher things that we seem like are trying to crack either from a messaging or marketing perspective like you if you have two thoughts on those kinds of things.

But, but to everyone's point, like when you when you, when you, when producers are speaking organically, just as you guys, your voice is fantastic. And frankly, I think as a community, we even enjoy to continue to just follow along and hear your thoughts along the way.

And if you ever have trouble thinking what to tweet, we have a we have already have like a Twitter Army type of thing where we'll just add you to it so you can just retweet. If you can't think of something to tweet that day, just retweet something that's in there because there's always stuff in there.

So that all sounds great. Have a follow up question about, you know, the Beanstalk forms, Twitter. You know, going forward, if we're portraying our voice through a public as Twitter, what do we want to do with the Beanstalk forms? Twitter? Should we, you know, kind of keep doing what we're doing, only tweeting, you know, believe in protocol, related information?

Or should we be using that more as a community Twitter, getting someone in Beanstalk forums, access to that and doing more retweeting of beanies going backward. James Beam initially said, First off, we would love to, you know, give the community appreciation and retweet things when they're good. So, you know, first off, post any tweet, you think it would be good for us to retweet from that account using the share channel and we can go ahead and use that as like a vehicle to assist.

You know, the community thinks this is a good tweet, but also, you know, in a more macro scale, what do we envision the Beanstalk forms Twitter being for so?

So if you look at like Olympus Dow like these, this is just the easiest example that I keep going back to the Olympus Twitter is still very formal similar to the Bean's Twitter. It's just it's just more like the I guess approval as Twitter is like produce interacting with like zoos or instead of like the FRAX account or the founder of FRAX, you know.

So I would still I would still keep the the been this is just my thought is keep the being Twitter still more formal like you guys are doing.

Yeah I would agree with Nasdaq on that. And then probably that could get handed off at some point because it's I mean, it's a you know, it's kind of checked off and you guys approve of the tweets that are going out. But if it just maintains like a professional decorum and it's much more like update focused and doesn't have the same like personality is like your personal account.

I think it's going to continue to drive the like a stronger reputation for the protocol overall.

Got it. Thank you for those tips. And so then, you know, when you see we are sharing opinions, Twitter, about something that makes more sense to do from the company's account than from the official Bienstock Forums account.

That's my feeling. And I think NASDAQ. Right, you speak to that?

Yeah. Sorry, I missed that question.

So you know something, you know, James we mentioned was, you know, giving more recognition to the community on Twitter and, you know, want to be has a good tweet that's popular within the community. We officially recognize that and recreate that tweet. Should we be doing that from the Bienstock Farms Twitter? But I guess or based on what you just said, the Bienstock firm, it's just more of like, you know, this is our public voice or is the Bienstock firm sort of like this is the community's voice?

Hmm. So, I mean, if you like a community tweet, I think, you know, if you have the this account, I think it would be best retweeted from that account. I think the way that think about it is like the Bienstock Farms account, the brand account is just formal and it's more updates. It's like, okay, this is a good update.

Maybe I don't know, like every once in a while, like, okay, I wouldn't even say that. Like if there's a good.

Get some roadmaps, read articles and stuff like that.

Yeah. Yeah. BIPs yeah. Updates the protocols. Yeah. Stuff like, like integrations whenever they're launched. Yeah. That's, that's how I see the brand account. Yeah. I would, I would agree with you, this account can just like be like, oh, that was a cool thread. Like I'll just retweet that on the Publix account. And then there's the Beanstalk count where it's like, okay, we've pushed this update.

Let's talk about this Nasdaq. I was I was just going to say I agree with that, too. And that's kind of like what I've seen best practice like with other protocols that have gained large followings. Just kind of that dynamic right there. I would say like something I've thought about a little bit ago and being Sprite would be happy to kind of help with this.

If somebody wants to take take on this initiative, it would be a third account that effectively tweets, season updates. And, you know, I think on seasons where you can imagine, you know, there's there's a decent amount of pods harvested that would get people excited and those types of tweets would generate engagement. They would also kind of spread through, you know, other people's feeds and instantly make people curious on what the hell that even means.

And I think that's also a really interesting approach. So to the extent that anyone wants to help build a Twitter bot for, you know, tweeting out seasonal statistics, I think that I personally would be happy to kind of help out on the bean sprouts side for I.

Think this is a good idea, especially that one. And hopefully when we reach the point where soil becomes scarce and then when it's available, we want to reach out to a lot of them that this could be a good way of quickly reaching out to a lot of people and telling them that there's soil available.

Yeah. And Mr. Minnifield, that works really well too. We're starting to point as we start to reach out to other people on Twitter, you know, we can have a different couple of different avenues that we can point people to if they want to get the personality versus like the formal or even just the data. And that's a really good idea.

Awesome. Yeah. I think aligned with with both of you guys. Yeah. That's, that's kind of how I'm thinking about it. If you want to get like a good example of how something like this could work, check out Emblem Vault on Twitter. Effectively Emblem wraps non etherium nft like name coin, bitcoin and nfts and tweets. And so they are tradable in a theory.

I'm an on opensea and the dynamic that starts to play out is like any time there is like big sales are, you know, just notable collections or something that gets traded, these tweets just generate an auto tweets it and then these tweets just generate a ton of engagement. So in that same fashion, you know, you can imagine soil getting really scars or, you know, a couple million pods getting printed hopefully soon.

You know, when that happens and we all react to it like that should flood Twitter timelines. So yeah, again, if anyone wants to help build that and get that back going, please, I'm.

Well, I think that's been a huge win, guys. We got Publius to surgery. I think it's going to be a huge.

But maybe just to complete the loop on that for how.

How hard would.

Get the season information into it.

But um, on the programing side, it would be very easy. Um, on the Twitter side, it's a little bit challenging. Maybe somebody with some experience setting up Twitter bots could point me in the right direction, but I actually looked into it earlier and Twitter does not encourage easy development of bots, but it's something I'm very interested in putting together.

That's crazy here. And, you know, maybe the the first kind of thing is also tackling, you know, what are the criteria for when we want to tweet it? What does it do? We want it to be every season or do we want it only to be like big harvests, risking soil, like you're saying, manifold or like, you know, or where, you know, I really, you know, exciting pig or something.

Or do we do we want to define a programmatic ruleset for what we should be or should be? We kind of just use judgment on current, you know, I would think it would be at midseason. And then it's just the more popular we get more well, it's just my opinion.

I mean we can modify on the fly as well, right? Like if every season becomes too much and we can scale it down programmatically. Sure.

But it's nice to of that history too. It's like someone's new and they.

I, I agree. And then it becomes a question of whether we want maybe a couple of bots or different accounts or everything just kind of on one account.

Because I think for sure you probably.

Won't get.


Go ahead.

The one I was just saying, if if it's too heavy of a lift to do the development, we could Mechanical Turk this I mean you just have someone, someone on call, you know, every, every hour they could just do it.

Oh my God, we're not doing that.

Kind of a brute force kind of guy.

So think another question about, you know, the whole point of thing. So currently, you know, the Beanstalk forms Twitter only follows, you know, make much like includes work you've done by free file but you know is following people on Twitter something we want to start to do more both on the official account and on the publish account. Does that help generate, you know, traction and, you know, make people aware that you're there or what's your thought?

I think not on the brand account. I like that you just follow one person. I think that's fine. On the publisher's account. It's like if you like some of these content, you can follow them. But some people go for no follower, no following, and it's totally fine to yeah. Just people you respect if you were. Yeah. I just think on the main account just keeping it that way is fine.

Or like also following you as well.

But if we, you know, see we have like an integration in the works, other code to follow them, you know, it's like a little hinge or something or does not supporting the brand Twitter account.

Maybe not from the brand account, but from the published account. That would be that'd be find out. Yeah. I would just.

Kind of like the, the protocol account is kind of standalone, you know, regardless of even the community members here we come and go, the integrations might come and go. But the idea is the protocol is like standalone on its own long term. So I would actually agree with what Nasdaq's saying there.

You know, it almost comes off more professional. Sorry, not so. It's just also going to add actually on the brand account, you probably shouldn't follow Publius because you guys don't want to be the leaders. And so like, for example, the Olympus Dao account doesn't follow suit. So that makes sense. They only follow one other account, and that's the Olympus Bonds account, and that makes complete sense.

So brand account can just be that that solidity depth or or.

Even that maybe even the brand account can follow like the, the account itself. But even on the solidity website, I mean, that's just something to keep top of mind long term probably is because, you know, Nick is going to easily one of the few I think that is very non anonymous. So just keep that in mind in terms of long term, like it once traffic starts to grow and you know, requests start going out to Nick and stuff like that, just what the impact could be.

But it could just be that the other account that the protocol or that the Beanstalk Farm account follows this like the daily update or the hourly update that we're talking about with the bot.

And without getting into too more detail, too much more details, Nasdaq could quickly it's just kind of keep on call and ask you questions as they set up their Twitter account so that we can take my stuff for sure.

I, I sent them a wonderful. So okay.

Perfect. All right. Well, that's that'll be very helpful. I was excited. So go ahead.

I was saying one last thing maybe to add as well. I think since we've recorded all the previous sessions is that we can take this questions and make them into a thread or thread formats and then it could be something to keep posting because these questions would probably be, you know, the questions that come to people's mind when they're introduced or they find out the account.

Yeah, that that's a great idea. I mean, along those lines, maybe just as a v1 before we can get like in and just having someone goes all of the recordings of us and sort of cutting the Q&A just by questions. And then you kind of like on a, on the being structured book for example, like the written down question and then people can play the on.

It sounds great. And we can also put those we we're talking about a YouTube channel to Nasdaq and they were talking about YouTube channels that could be really good.

Here's here's a stupid question. Why don't we make why aren't the why aren't the AMS on Twitter spaces versus discord where it's harder to find for outside?

We thought about that and I think it'd be so great if Publius is on there. I think it'd be so much more.

I think the only problem is I'm not sure that our Twitter spaces, we might have to just do a test run. And if that works, they could do.

It there is there actually we find.

Interesting that happens.

Here at Gww.

Can you tell the story?

Sorry, definitely. I was just.

Thinking when it happened actually that the.

Places does have a mod publius.

You definitely need to, but we can't use like the twitter modifier for they can just modify it very easily.

Okay. So we had a funny situation where so Height Bay was on, but all of a sudden we heard your voice public and we're like, Wait, how is Publius here? But it turns out she just used one of their voice mods and she couldn't she couldn't figure out how to turn it off. And it was hilarious. And we're all like.

Oh my God, is hype.

Bay Pugliese Is this hilarious situation. But yeah, anyway, you probably have to root your mud. I'm not sure we have to figure it out.

Personally, I think I think having the emails on the discord is because it's like community members that want to learn like privacy. You guys can just like tweet and being like, Hey, we're going and like join the discord and that kind of like it's the people that you want to get on the emails. I think one of the beneficial things, so I was talking about YouTube is just like Spotify doesn't have an algorithm to promote anything really.

But like the emails are great and like if people stumble across them on YouTube, they might listen and then it gets watched time and then it grows. So I was talking to Austin, but now Austin's not doing this. So whoever is the new person doing this should probably just like repost the screen recording or video of the emails that go on in the discord as well onto YouTube.

And then if you have like good hashtags and stuff, I don't know, I think I think that'll help it grow.

To being or not to be. And that's that's you also.

Oh yeah. Cool. Always happy to answer any YouTube questions or any sort of social media stuff.

All right, guys. Well, we're coming up coming up on the hour 15 mark. I think this was pretty successful. Yeah. If there were any last thoughts, I'll let someone else close out or I can pass it over to Publius. I think this was just this is great.

Yeah. Thank you, everyone, for coming. There's a lot going on. So everyone, you know, this is all hands on deck. And however you want to contribute, I think there's probably a role to it to have you contribute. So I just want to reiterate, this is an open community and we're trying to just attract the best people here to help you make Bienstock the most successful.

But it can be very exciting what the next couple weeks look like. So thank you everyone for your thoughts and opinions and ideas and look forward to chatting again soon.

Okay. After that, everyone sit.