DAO Weekly Meeting  #8

DAO Weekly Meeting #8

January 20, 2022

00:00 Intro/Agenda • 04:22 Beans of Poker Tournament • 03:20 NFT Giveaway Idea • 09:27 Merch Update • 12:47 Educational Materials • 25:45 Structure/Org Chart • 30:32 Pod Marketplace • 32:15 Omniscia Audit Update • 34:58 Marketing Agency Exploration • 40:20 NFTs • 41:07 Payroll Setup • 42:25 Initiative to Support 1559 Community • 53:53 Branding Update • 58:04 Analytics • 1:16:05 Closing Thoughts

DAO Meeting


Quick Summary

In the DAO meeting, we went over a slew of updates across all areas of Beanstalk, including:

  • New Beanstalk meeting structure
  • Beans of Poker Tournament
  • Merch Update
  • Educational Materials Update
  • Pod marketplace update
  • Omniscia audit update
  • and more...

Notes and project updates



foreign everyone uh thanks for coming I'm sure a few more people will hop in but uh I can kind of get started on a little bit of high level stuff that's uh not that important I just have a uh so I do have a new structure now where if you go to the notion uh there's two places I'm gonna put the weekly agenda and so if anyone wants to add to the weekly agenda and has like an action item there's a couple things you can do you can DM me beforehand a couple of days before the meeting or you know an hour before the meeting whatever um and I'll add you to the agenda but also I can if you look at the the actual event um in the like a farmer Dan do you mind meeting um in the like if you click events you'll see I'm gonna post like an abbreviated schedule in there and I'm going to post a detailed schedule in the notion and where you can find that is in down notion and then meetings the meetings tab which has like a little phone next to it and if you click that then I'm going to have upcoming meeting agendas and if you click then on it'll have a little notebook next to it so if you click Beanstalk Farms down meeting this one is you know January 20th then if you click that you can click open and then that will have all the meeting notes um so right now we have like 12 um 12 agenda items and then obviously it'll be time at the end where anyone can bring anything up but that's kind of uh this gives you a little bit of a format of what we're trying to achieve what's on the schedule and who's going to be doing the talking so um so just to get like that's my my opening little rant which is I just said like update new meeting structure dumpling speaks two minutes so I think I used my two minutes there um so I don't know if it's useful for me to say everything we're going to talk about today before we talk about it um I might just do it this time because it's the first meeting um but in the future since people will know where to look I won't have to go over you know go over the schedule before but I probably would just just mention this time just to make it a little easier for people um and good I can see a few people are on the uh or actually on the notion so that's cool um but so the next item I was just going to chat we're gonna have a beans a poker tournament uh meeting tomorrow so I just wanted to kind of chat a second about about what that's going to be uh where that meeting is going to be held um then after that farmer Dan was going to talk a little bit about the merch update and how that's going to roll out then we were going to uh these beans was going to talk about uh educational sorry I was going to talk about educational materials but maybe these beans will talk about a little bit too uh then we wanted to these beans and I were going to talk about um a kind of the overall Dow structure and an org chart that we've put together um that kind of a visual org chart which we think is really cool and we wanted to kind of show that to the community and maybe get a little bit of input on it um then be real who I don't think is here today um yeah he told me he wasn't going to be here so that's fine uh we might actually just push that item because he's not here he has an idea for email standardization we might uh talk about maybe next meeting but it's not urgent so we'll push that um then Silo Chad was going to tell us about the Pod marketplace update um then IPO and chill and jww were going to tell us about the marketing agency exploration that they've been up to so just a short update on that jww was going to update us on the nfts uh jww is going to update us on the payroll and then syncubate and jww are going to update us on the Pod the pods initiative to support 1559 community so look forward to that and then these beans will tell us about The Branding progress update highlight stuff from The Branding meeting that happened on Monday and just kind of update the Dow on that so a lot of small kind of five minute items but uh we'll go ahead and get started um so on the beans a poker tournament uh that's going to be a meeting with uh me farmer Dan Bean intern and whoever else is interested and wants to be a part of that project or just has some ideas on it um so that's going to be uh tomorrow at 9 00 PM uh eastern time so we have to do a little bit of a time zone dance because of um because of uh Bean interns time zone but uh totally totally cool and so if anyone wants to hop into that chat we'll just do it here in the barnyard um and we're going to talk about uh also maybe Mr manifold if you if you happen to be available that'd be great um if you could come too um we're going to chat about uh different people we can collaborate with different protocols that might be interested right now we have some people with from Olympus we have some people from uh bong Bears some people from uh income however you pronounce that and a couple other nft projects that we think might not only have people who want to buy into the tournament but also would donate towards the prize pool which would help us diversify the prize pool and hopefully bring more people in so um things we're going to be talking about during that meeting are which providers are going to be best to use or which Um poker platforms and Harry did we have the prize pool maybe the structure of the prize pool timing of the tournament things like that um so I won't take uh too much more time except to say that if we could get a developer uh to come to that meeting just to kind of give us an idea of what the technical limitations are going to be um how feasible it is to have like a a buy-in option on the website on the bean.money website that would be super cool so if I don't know if anyone here could speak to that or could commit to coming to the meeting tomorrow so we could get into that in detail but that's something that we're going to need and um before shooting to have the tournament in February that's something that we need to figure out sooner rather than later so um that's something that's my last item on the uh on the poker tournament but does anyone have kind of the bandwidth for that or the like um or does anyone I'm just trying to I don't know really who would be involved with that it seems like this we're going to need some kind of smart contract for people to uh to put like 100 beans in for that to be locked up and that's going to be the prize pool which later is delivered um ideally there would be some kind of front end stuff that would show how many people have registered that would kind of a Snappy um the snappy interface I'm thinking along the lines of when Olympus did 3-3 together I don't know if anyone else was involved with that or had seen that but they did this cool thing where basically they gave away their rebases um for 3-3 together was super cool and the I have some screenshots of it I thought it was a really nice looking um sort of interface that they had there so um anyway now anyone who's you know free or I can follow up with people later but um might be cool to um see who's available for you know for help and to kind of get an idea of what what might be doable um so yeah I think I think we'll probably be able to help out a lot with that um okay you probably don't need to spend too much time talking about that in a group setting but um between I mean it's not particularly complicated and given how we already have the nft set up um you know it'll just be porting over a similar structure for like a basic contract that'll probably just support uh buy-ins if you will and then we can maybe represent that buy-in as uh like a something that you receive in return for your buy-in and then you can use that to authenticate you know sort of like through collab land or something and entry into the poker game you know just making that up here but awesome that sounds great we'll be able to figure something out okay I just I just wanted to get a quick like gut check for feasibility so it wasn't like we came up with this great plan but then we couldn't actually execute on it so um okay that's great we should just circle up on that sooner rather than later and you know because it will take a little bit of time given how much other stuff that's going on sure sure also if you know now you're uh you're already making me get into like Dreamland a little bit but if we could have some kind of like nft that you you get you receive in exchange for your buy-in that'd be pretty awesome because we'd get people to screen share that you know screenshot that and share it and that kind of thing um maybe like that rotating coin that bean goons designed would be awesome so anyway we'll we'll save that for the meeting but I just wanted to mention that um okay so next on the agenda is um farmer Dan do you want to chat a little bit about the merch update um what's going on there yeah for sure excuse me um so yeah uh the the hats are currently on the way um I got an update email yesterday actually it looks like they're not going to be arriving until February 8th though um just some you know classic pushbacks there um and then yeah we are if you've taken a look in the merch Channel recently there are also um you know getting some like boats or some says for different um mugs as well as shirts the shirts were made by Bean goons as well you know I think they're awesome they're just like the Genesis nfts like the shirts that they're wearing there um so yeah those will be pretty sweet um those will be ordered you know within the next couple days here um so yeah if you haven't gotten a chance to look um we're just hoping to get some like um some like sizing polling as well as um on the two different mug designs there um so yeah I mean if if you're interested just go ahead and um take a look in there yeah both of those things are coming in the short term as well and similar setup um just be shipping them out um once we receive them so yeah that's that's pretty much it there um you know we we definitely you know you and I should talk about the potential of adding to the merch store just in the way I've been getting some other requests for people running hoodies or like NF t-shirts and stuff like that so you know if we could put um so just kind of Riff on that as well sure yeah I think that's that's a great idea and also eventually If people could one thing I had uh to maybe just discuss and see if anyone has any ideas on is um the you know the the viability of paying for things and being would be super cool if like I'd love it if I could buy a hoodie with Bean right but then just trying to understand like the fees that like the fees associated with that and if it would make sense um so I I don't know just it seems like it probably wouldn't but um it'd just be amazing if this could be like our first like actual use case of being right um I don't know yeah um and then kind of just going off of that as well um it looks like the layer three bounties just got um voted and pushed through um earlier today um so yeah I mean I guess we'll have to touch base on that Mr manifold um but yeah I mean if that's the case we can definitely go ahead and get those pushed out to the layer 3 team I'm not sure obviously we'll have to touch base on all this but it seems like everything is um in the next few days going to be ready to go for those as well and we have our announcement ready for that right yeah uh yeah no Uriel is not here but yeah he put that together and it looks nice okay uh well great yeah well um thanks for that and so yeah go ahead and head over to the merch section and uh vote so we get an idea for sizing uh some cool stuff on the way there uh and we'll give more updates as that you know as as they come in um okay so next um we have in the uh branding meeting we we had a really big priority of creating more educational materials so we've been um you'll notice in the Dow um let's pull up uh in the dial project section there's been a couple of new projects that have been made one of them is video curriculum so we have several people now who are working on a whole series of videos that are going to be like educational videos so we have um am I um you know if you're interested in that head over to that channel and you can chat with the folks um in the channel it was a DM um with with mod with TB with jww I'm sorry if I'm forgetting a few people um who are involved but these beans is going to be uh working heavily on that project too so if you're interested in that head over to that video curriculum Channel and um kind of raise your hand because we're gonna get moving on that stuff um pretty soon um then this was also uh I know that the zero to Beanstalk yeah I was going to bring jww do you want to talk about the zero to be in stock um initiative and elaborate on that a little bit yeah that'd be awesome um actually that's just because I've never shared my screen in here I want to try it um so we like one thing that I've been thinking about I think we've all kind of voiced um but thinking about for a while is like how to actually try to focus on those the full bandwidth of non-defi users to like you know those that have you you know that working like a curve through pool Etc I like the full bandwidth of people um that we can think about reaching and so I maybe a month or two ago I started sketching down some ideas about like a zero to Beanstalk initiative of like what it would actually take to get someone who's never like you know interacts the computer but has never actually done anything with anything in defy or with crypto before um and trying to actually get them into Beanstalk and really break it down to be as simple as possible it was a way for me to just try to explain it to myself in more detail but then also to like talk to you know friends and family especially those who are by no means involved with any of this um so I started working through like a really simple deck that I was hoping that could become like a thread where we talked through really basic concepts of D5 and cryptocurrency and the idea is like okay after 10 minutes my initial hope is like after 10 minutes of doing this like being stock 101 so to speak um you'd be in a position where you could actually then go invest like which we would talk about in Beanstalk 102 where you could like jump in and we would teach you how to actually make a transaction and the the thinking behind it it was really very simple excuse like the notes that we have here but like taking a very simple phrase such as this where uh and this is again this is not a final version or anything but just this kind of language where you know Beanstalk isn't being as a type of a cryptocurrency specifically an algorithmic stable et cetera et cetera but taking that and breaking this down to make it as digestible as possible like through analogies where we you know pair a bean with a dollar and you know email with physical mail so again just at the end of it the end goal would just be like okay we want anyone to be able to like basically spoon feed them into beans and again this does not like uh you know these these beans is doing an awesome job on on The Branding piece which is you know we're targeting a little bit more on the defy and we've got this Persona of this person this like that curriculum um and then to dumplings Point um you know we started to kind of expand more on like what the videos would actually look like this is something that actually came up a few months ago during one of the very early Dow meetings we were talking about like how do we get how do we feel confident like onboarding people how do we develop a series of classes for people to feel like they're advancing and making sure that they're getting the right content like you know Publius and and the previous Community has like so much thinking how do we actually take as much of that as possible and like make sure it's accurate and pushed into the community and so that I think this curriculum that you just that we're that we're thinking about now in these videos are the start of like a broader scope of like this coursework and so the zero to Beanstalk broadly in my mind is like something again we've talked about for a long for for a couple of months now of like how do we break this down to make it as accessible as possible and kind of continue with The Narrative of universities and classes and stuff like that um so that someone at any again whether they're they're a D5 crypto native or someone who's never even heard of D5 can get up to speed with Beanstalk some of this we need to create some of it we already exists obviously and it's not saying that we need to focus on all of this but just starting to map down like what this journey would look like and so some of the thinking behind this kind of zero to Beanstalk curriculum was taken from again that that group that that dumpling just started where TB throw some ideas out for creating videos um and this is not by no means a fleshed out set it's just like initially like what would it actually take from someone who's again never heard of D5 to get them all the way to the level of it you know just understanding impermanent loss or Peg maintenance too and again this is not by any means this isn't assigning anything or anything like that it's just like walking through the steps of getting there um and so what would be awesome is to talk through these courses in more detail you know add learnings that we could have at some point again and where we needed to focus is very very crucial because all of this could become like disaster if everyone's trying to focus on it so again it's just more so high level to put that thinking on paper and then probably it's obviously your thoughts on a lot of this would be invaluable um but even when we get down to like the bottom part of it for example like somebody who might be like an advanced expert in the field like they you know there's a even a video you know where we're actually walking through the equations in more detail so that by the end of it you know after you kind of graduate through class five 502 or 505 like you should understand Beanstalk through and through and then this kind of layout is again something we've talked about in the community for a while where ideally we can say like okay a true Shepherd or somebody who we're gonna help somebody who we want in the community talking to you know newcomers and stuff like that um has some kind of designation and we know that they've gone through all of these courses Etc so we can use it for a bunch of different purposes um again it's not it's not fully fleshed out the idea is just barely barely on paper um but just wanted to show you guys with this kind of very high level thinking is about um obviously get everyone's thoughts everyone to tear it apart break it apart you know tell us it's garbage and we'll just delete the whole spreadsheet but just wanted to share kind of high level what that looks like and again I I we've had a bit of conversation about it but I think it's like very important that we down the road when we want to focus on like the non-d5 users from like uh from like a Outreach perspective and stuff like that again not saying that's the Target in the near term but down the road um it's just going to be helpful for us to be able to tie all this narrative back together so um anyway that's just a quick snapshot of it everyone's thoughts would be great um sorry for the long-winded explanation sure uh JW that's the first I've seen this spreadsheet looks super cool um I think that I'd be happy to yeah open it up and see what other people think um foreign I think um what can you hear me can everyone hear me first yeah we can hear you yeah um I think what jww has done is is great um especially with the with the highway you know system uh where anyone anyone can come in anywhere and then suddenly you know join in in that Highway and get that educational courses that I want and one of the things that we were discussing yesterday was thinking where do we want to focus So like um who which which courses or which material do we think is um is is the one that we start with and then and then we embed to the rest and after that um I looked into the proposal for the landing video uh that we'll see and and these beings are working about this being where the chat yesterday and he briefed me or got me up to date with it and I think there's a lot of great work happening happening there and the way that I'm thinking about it is um when I joined uh the community a month ago all of my thinking was going towards how do we make you know Beanstalk more efficient and The more I've been like you know listening to the composition getting it I understand that our Target is growth right now so it's not efficiency it's getting more people onboarded and and to grow growing together and Wolfie seems but he has done a good amount of thinking in it with a script that is working on on that landing page and and what I'm thinking is do we want to think of a unified message and then use that in different channels so right now what they're thinking about is how do we get someone to convert you know so you have a follower and how to convert that follower into into a user or into a business user so if we get that amount of thinking and we decide this is this is the message that we wanna we wanna deliver and then we can start rephrasing it into different uh Channels with different content so the same message we do curriculum for this is how it starts the landing page Twitter threads blog posts etc etc but we have the same message which you know is focused on how can we convert the day-to-day user or someone who doesn't know anything about it and switch that does that make sense Matt I think I think that makes sense and actually I think this is I think these beans is actually really nailing this on the The Branding work that he's tackling um and we actually did chat about this yesterday I think if they've him these beans and and um sweet red beans have put a ton of work in this and talk to the community and these beans I'm not I'm not sure not to put you on the spot or anything or I think you're going to talk about it later but I know from like a tone-in voice for example like again they put in a ton of hours behind this so like even for example the whole curriculum that we just walked through none of this would ever be done like from a Content or creative perspective with you know without ever the whole creative team controlling all that right um so I think like I think that is actually in the works which is great news but these beads I don't know if you want to chime in hey yeah um no that's uh definitely good question um that would probably make sense I mean that's a that's definitely a great idea it's not nothing is ironed out uh just quite yet as far as like a uni uniform message um for when we start I guess the discovery process for the user um a quick update on the landing page video though because that might be something good to talk about while we're on that topic um so Wolfie and wildheart they've been doing a great job um e-real has been helping a ton with editing some of the the content and the material for it and hopefully we're gonna try to do another draft by tomorrow um we're thinking because uh they're pretty pressed for time as far as getting their animator um there's not going to be like a full official Beanstalk visual identity uh set um from when they needed to start the video so we're thinking of actually um making that video kind of like an unofficial Community created project that way it puts a little bit less pressure on them and um they don't need to make it completely on brand with Beanstalk they can kind of make it a little bit more uh you know it's kind of like a one-off community thing um definitely wanted to get a little bit of feedback on that from the community though if you all are okay with that just be just knowing with like the the timelines and things like that um my take on it would be that I think getting it out yeah getting it as long as it meets our standards it might not meet 100 of like the new branding type of requirements or whatever but like getting out a little bit of content just to get some video out there it's probably good um yeah I would just think that you know trying to push for a little bit sooner as opposed to um you know I'd like to it'd be great to have something sooner rather than later in my in my eyes yeah no for sure that's kind of why we're thinking like uh just to make it a bit more unofficial and that way we can have some type of video to share on the socials um that's kind of the aim of it now but yep that's pretty much just the update as far as that page or that video goes um so these beans next I wanted to if it was a chance um uh I wanted to see if you could share uh do you are you able to share your screen because I wonder if you could show the the org chart and just obviously we're going to flesh it out a little bit more but I think that that could be a really helpful thing maybe we put on the notion um you know I think that it just helps people kind of like understand who is in you know what department and I think that was like a breakthrough moment for us once we put it together so I wanted to see if maybe you could just sort of give people a like a taste of it that maybe you could maybe we could uh let's see it later also then if people said oh you know I really shouldn't be in that department or I think maybe you know it might just um help people to see it and uh I understand yeah no for sure I just shared it um but apologies Community for the crude drawings it's it's still a work in progress as you can see the sketches [Music] okay it just loaded for me this is all elsewhere in the notion but it just sort of helps to have things laid out I think so uh days you could cut us through it a little bit and oh yeah okay um yeah so just because right now uh Beanstalk Farms so I guess to kind of go through we we kind of have like three dials right now in this Discord we have the Beanstalk Farms doll um and sorry if this is a little bit redundant for people who have been here a bit longer but um the Beanstalk Farms that was just the dial that's trying to help support Beanstalk and and move product and all the and all that stuff uh the bean sprout that's run by Mr manifold these are like the one-off projects and the one-off proposals that people can do things like the layer 3 bounties and then the actual Beanstalk Dow just the regular beans locked out these are all the stockholders um and so what we do as we're just onboarding a ton of people into the Beanstalk Farms now uh because we need to just we need to hire we need people um we wanted to kind of make sure everything was fully organized and cleaned up so that as we're on onboarding people we know exactly right up where to put them in uh which department they would go to and who they could go to to help them through the hiring process et cetera et cetera and um we have kind of these um five main departments that we're thinking um the design Department the marketing department operations engineering and Biz Dev and obviously this is not uh final so if any anyone has feedback or is like yeah just like with dumpling said oh I want to be in this department versus that one you're not really limited to your department but it is nice to kind of have your home so that way uh we know which circles we can work in um but yeah we kind of just since we're small enough we literally listed out everyone was hired on here but uh dumpling yeah I don't know if there's anything else yeah no I think that's about that's about enough it's just like we're we're trying to get organized here we're trying to figure out who um you know should be I think that everyone should probably have at least like a weekly check-in with um you know their sort of department head or whoever's closest to you know whoever they're working with um and this just helps us sort of organize it like you know between people saying oh okay like you know it may be that there's some people on here that you never have contact with and that's okay if they're outside of your circle but if they're in your circle we should probably be in touch with them or at least aware of you know what they're um what they're doing what they're up to and just just helps kind of overall I think to get a visual um at a high level so we'll we'll clean this up if you have any um thoughts or concerns or anything like that just just kind of let us know um but just kind of wanted to um just show it show it off um okay let's uh foreign so I'm going to push the e-real thing about the um e-real's idea for email standardization we'll probably talk about next week um we have Silo Chad let me looks like we don't I just wanted to get maybe I probably asked would you mind giving a popular marketplace update for anyone else sure if being Troyer is here maybe maybe they want to go ahead sure not sure if they are if not we can go ahead don't want to steal them uh yeah no I don't see Bean dryer so what we're wrapping things up on the Pod Marketplace side uh you know it will require a bip to to be incorporated into the Beanstalk contract and so you know we would say maybe within a week we can expect to get that proposal uh you know either at least a draft live or perhaps even the formal on-chain dip um that's that's kind of on the immediate Horizon now from a down perspective we do need to draft that proposal although my understanding is that Austin and e-real have done a good job of getting that started I'm not sure if Austin you can just comment on the status of the documents and whether or not it will be easy to Port the current content into like a budget not a budget a bit proposal uh yeah that's mostly put together I think it'll be a lot of copy and paste we'll want to run it by you first probably and then uh I'll also have to touch up the how-to guide once I see the the new UI but most of the work is done there great thank you so that's in the immediate future and maybe just one complexity that we would highlight uh is that the initial audit is well underway at this point and so one of the problems is that you know we're we're continuing to aggressively push updates to the code and new commits uh in the sense of uh Leo FIB is doing a great job of leading the back end uh and developing a lot of the more sophisticated functionality that will help you start scale in the coming months but the question is now how do we get omniscient of both you know finalize the audit on the old version of the code but now you know how can we get up to speed as we keep pushing bips in real time because we don't want to delay upgrades you know another month until the initial audit's done and then they can review the new bips so one thing that we've been trying to figure out with them is how can we figure out a an agreement that allows them to sort of continuously audit Beanstalk in each of the bips in advance and specifically we highlighted that we really want it to be in a timely fashion so that they're not the delay or the clogging the wheel and we can keep pushing content so they just today sent us a draft formal retainer agreement which just you know speaking candidly we found to be very attractive and reasonable so we are thinking now about proposing another bip uh to fund like the continuous relationship with omniscia so that um they can they can continue to audit being stuck as we roll out further bips and that includes something like the Pod Marketplace which is pretty complex um you know in in the sense that you know it's it's not like we're adding one or two functions to the contract so it is really important that now that beamstock is getting audited that each each new version of the code in each dip uh is also audited so this is just uh an important step but one that we we wanted to hold off on until Amnesia started to actually perform the audit and we we get a sense of what that relationship is like but at this point we're feeling pretty good and so uh you know that's just uh something that's developed in the past day that's also relevant okay that sounds great um while we're at a pool place is there any um I wanted to give you a chance to have the floor for a few minutes just to give any other or I can keep going through our action items and you can maybe take something at the end what do you think why don't you keep going jumping this is great okay I'm going to keep going throughout the schedule and then we'll get Publius uh maybe the sign off at the end so we can get a few other updates um okay so next yeah oh um IPO and chill and jww we're working on they had a couple of interviews uh or meetings with marketing agencies PR agencies um so just kind of exploring that so I just wanted to see I think probably uh jww I don't think IPO is here so do you want to give an update on who you spoke with and what the status is there absolutely um also I have to give a call out to I think it's chummy and that then that being I mean just money um yeah so we've on the on the on the kind of paid marketing side paid media side uh in the sense that we're paying them not paying for advertising um have been chatting with a couple people um IPOs had a couple conversations we've had a conversation with a team overseas that actually we like quite a bit um and so we're just trying to figure out like the best Avenue to help bring awareness to um to Beanstalk um and I want to really emphasize that this is not through paid media NASDAQ I've seen you have a couple comments about it and I think the comedian General feels the same way like we don't want to be doing this through paid media this is more so looking at like what is more traditional PR and like social Outreach and just trying to get more people to help us do that so for example the team that we reached out to and that we've been that we've kind of had one conversation with and we're aiming to have another one pretty soon um like they might help us with reaching out in terms of a PR side and media coverage so that would include both kind of more traditional like old school Finance press when it comes to like Bloomberg and CNBC and stuff like that and Business Insider a little closer to web 3 by you know talking Outlets like coindesk um and they have connections and relationships with editors at these Publications um so it's it's much easier for them to get conversations going um and obviously you know we would pass all this through published to make sure like you know your voice is in the earth so the voices of Publius and Beanstalk Etc is articulated the way that it needs to be Etc nothing would ever go live prior to that but one section would be like looking at public relations and media coverage another would be in terms of like social media and uh like blog management she'll even want to go down the block side I know we talked about adding that on the site but in terms of like the social media side they would help us you know with with um if we need it um pushing things on Twitter and on Instagram LinkedIn if we go that route with them and then YouTube again it's also really helpful because they have action they have access to a laundry list of um you know high volume Instagram high volume YouTube high volume Twitter some of it again is kind of means a little less um like the crypto or the D5 Natives and a little bit more mainstream again just to help kind of look to drive volume into the protocol um they also would potentially help us look into getting into uh future podcasts and work on Outreach in terms of getting us into like panels for speaking and speaking opportunities other amas and interviews um and then there's a couple of other ways that they can help us in terms of marketing campaigns should we want to go that route with them um they can you know each of these agencies can provide a bunch of other stuff too like they can do creative and design but obviously we're doing that in-house so we don't need to um but they also have which is might be helpful is they have investor relations where they basically take a cut for what introduciness to larger institutional Capital that it sounds like so there's a bunch of avenues that the this agency could help with this one that we're talking to in particular but again the idea is from an organic growth side how can we continue to grow the brand and just basically get you know more help to do it and so we'll once we get kind of a better understanding of what this might look like in the end obviously we'll be sharing with the community and then in terms of funding and stuff like that we're not sure exactly what that would look like but nothing's getting pushed out we're just still in the immediate conversations but hopefully in the next you know week or two we can kind of wrap up what those look like and then be able to share with the community uh you know what what we Envision that looking like and how soon that that can roll out but really think from growing uh you know our social following and the Outreach to kind of these more public other Publications this is going to be a this could be a very big win for us great um can you get this idea of like how many you've spoken to or when you give us the updates you'll give us like you spoke to these folks we didn't like them for this and this and this reason we spoke to this folks like will you give us a breakdown like that or what was your plan you know yeah yeah yeah some I mean we absolutely can I'll be honest some of them are not worth even giving an update to the team uh because they just were conversations that didn't go anywhere um but yeah we can make once we Whittle it down to like the three or four like absolutely because it's not um obviously just like I say that we're making but these three make sense so for example we talked to one IPO talked to somebody who he thought was going to be a good lead but ended up just being like somebody who seems like he's just trying to chill nfts but kind of positioned himself in a different way so the kind of The Fringe stuff that doesn't seem value-added at all we won't even waste the community's time but in terms of those that that we think are value added might actually go in the Direction with um absolutely sure okay great makes sense um now next if you speaking of nfts do you want to give an update on the nfts the minting of which that sort of thing yeah I think the big thing was that the the new the winter nfts now are uh mintable and um I've been stuck and probably I think made an announcement about that a day or two ago but everyone should be able to go to the bean nft tab now and scroll down and see their uh the winter nfts and be able to Mint them um and then we'll be turn you know future information about the nfts um in the in the near future great yeah I just minted mine uh and I'd encourage people to maybe just like throw a tweet out there or just you know copy paste them somewhere in the Discord you know it's kind of fun to share which ones you got um okay oh and uh do you want to speak a little bit about the like the payroll we've been getting that set up and you have everything you need from everyone I assume I just you know wanted to yeah I think everyone's probably pretty excited to hear about this first everyone thank you for sending over the details that you did um about getting payroll set up uh just this for this first round of payment it's just taking us a little bit more to finalize and make sure that it's smooth um but then ideally starting uh you know in the first uh week or so of February through the rest of the quarter we should have this much more streamlined um so everyone thank you for your patience just as you've been doing this and responding to the to the one-off messages that I've been sending to you and stuff like that um but yeah this it should all be ready to go uh and we should be able to push out payment uh in the very near future but if you have any other questions it's definitely about this or anything else that I've been talking about be sure to send me a DM um I don't know if there's anything else to talk about on the payroll side dumplane or Republicans or anything uh probably probably just that um we'll keep the rest of that so kind of internal but I just wanted to let everyone know we're working on it and JW thank you very much for your for your help I think uh it's very nice and organized and well done so we're really happy about that um okay next um oh syncubate uh if are you near Mike would want to bring you up um and I know JW you were talking a little bit about this with him too the um the pods initiative to support 1559 Community I wanted to give you a few minutes to chat about that um bring that up to the community and tell them where to find more information on that hey good evening do you hear me okay yeah you sound great all right um hello everyone so um as we briefly alluded to last week uh during the dial call uh a question came up as far as how can we engage other communities to uh broaden the audience um and brand recognition of Beanstalk within D5 and ethereum community and uh I brought up an idea that jww and I have been discussing on the side regarding public goods funding linking that to engaging other um communities when the within defined ethereum space and specifically the eip1559 nft series that was um produced last summer to support 22 contributors and developers that were um a significant part of making eip1559 a reality and as you all know uh that that's had a significant impact in terms of the monetary um value and policy of ethereum uh since it was debuted Last Summer so um what does this Encompass essentially there were 22 developers and contributors that um received funding from that nft series the nft series was composed of two parts the first uh predominant part was what they called the supporter nft and they sold 1 559 of those uh for 0.1559 each and so all 1559 supporter nfts they look exactly the same There's no distinction between them so the people that purchased these were strictly purchasing them to show their support and gratitude for these 22 developers and contributors that um some made eip1559 a reality separately there was an additional nft they called it the patron nft and that was sold via an auction and It ultimately sold for 32 eth this Patron nft the funds were also distributed uh to these 22 developers and contributors and the patron nft is distinct so it is has variation in terms of the image and um with the features um but um in totality uh you can you can see that there was a significant amount of heat that was raised and distributed to these uh 22 developers and contributors varying proportions depending I guess on criteria that they determined internally um but long story short we'd like to engage that Community we think that um you know in doing so we might uh broaden the audience and uh potential user base of Beanstalk and we may not capture everybody you know we may not be able to attract everybody but even if we can attract some um I think that would be a big win for Beanstalk and in terms of raising its visibility and um just making it clear that Beanstalk is you know stands behind the idea of public goods funding so um jww and I have been talking about you know how can we do this so we are proposing that for the 22 devs and contributors uh who receive funding through that nft raise we would um the community would donate 22 being nfts to those 22 devs and contributors and then separately 1559 pods uh and jww correct me if I'm wrong but this is my understanding based off of our most recent communication 1559 pods would be allocated to the 22 dozen contributors the one holder of the patron nft and the 1559 holders of the supporter nft so in total we would be donating to just under 2.5 million pods if this is agreed upon by the community and if there's support from the community and I'm referring to the Beanstalk community um JW and I are committed to this us speaking for ourselves he is going to uh he's agreed to put forward one being nft uh so we would need 21 more um to donate to the 22 devs and contributors separately I've agreed to donate 15 000 pods and so we would need you know we'd still need a good chunk of PODS to make up the difference and so we're just throwing this out there for everybody's kind of you know everybody digests kind of we welcome your feedback but we would you know we would see this as an opportunity to number one um make it clear to the ethereum community and to the broader defy space that you know Beanstalk is a stable coin protocol that stands behind um ecosystem development and those that make it happen and number two this would be an opportunity to engage a much broader user base many of whom are you know regular people on the Finance on crypto Twitter speaking for myself I found out about this fundraise 3 Finance last summer so um that's all I have for now jww was there anything else no I think I think you nailed it syncubate um I think uh in terms of our contributions it's a little different but yeah that's a small little detail but um so we we listed these details out that think you may just walked through so you don't have to in case you didn't jot down all of that in the um the 1559 I think it's the EP 1559 marketing thread um it's within the Dow projects so if you guys go to the Dow projects in that you'll see like the Pod Marketplace of the ep1559 video curriculum Etc and so further details about that that we just talked here that think about just talked to we actually spell out there for you to take a look at um and we just listed this out there I mean if anyone has any immediate responses that would be great um candidly thinking through this logistically uh I had a chance to talk with a few other community members about it it seems like it might be a little tough to to execute just in terms of like collecting the funds and tracking it accounting for gas but overall I think it's a it's a great initiative and thanks thank you babe thank you so much for bringing this up and I've enjoyed kind of talking through it with you but obviously we would love everyone's thoughts either now or if you have some time to think through it and then leave comments in that thread that would be fantastic wanted to this is something that we have time to open up uh about and I think it'd be good to get some uh some feedback and I think the public setting would be a you know a decent uh Avenue for that if if people have thoughts we don't have to spend time on it but I just thought I'd open it up um because we have a little bit of time to discuss um and to kick it off my one thought would just be that 1559 pods each might be seen as a little bit low once people dig into the um dig into the protocol and maybe there's some way of um I don't want it to get too expensive but maybe maybe we could reward the people who the original contributors like the 22 um you know with maybe an order of magnitude higher than that but then the other people could potentially like mint them if they yeah I'd like to minimize gas you know I was just thinking minimizing gas so maybe offering people the ability to like to Mint them instead of air dropping them uh or you know something come off and then yeah the other thing we would just point out is because pods are not like an erc20 asset or an ERC 721 they're not going to show up in people's wallets so we'll need to have a really concerted effort to direct people to attend the website if that makes sense but it does visit the website and recognize their pause so it's like the the airdrop needs to be publicized otherwise it's useless and it just seems as if people had to come and if people had to come and claim the pods it'd also be less expensive you know people would we wouldn't you know we wouldn't have to actually allocate it until people actually came and did it and maybe only 25 of people actually do it you know so that would be the one the one piece of feedback I'd give but um certainly interested in it if it gets rolling I'd be you could count on me for a donation either for an nft or for some pods um I'd be happy that this guy I think it's a great idea overall just logistically it could get a little tricky yeah and just a comment on in terms of um what Publix mentioned about making sure that this is kind of broadcasted appropriately um I brought this up to jww um the artist that was behind creating the nft as part of the fundraise um their their Twitter handle is at um underscore kitta design um so they're they're an established nft artist so my thinking is you know if if we did proceed with this we could probably Engage The Artist and let them know that hey you know as a community we'd like to show our support for public goods funding and this is our first kind of initiative along that um you know frame of thought and you know we could work with that artist to kind of make the make the message known to the holders of this nft series and the contributors obviously who made eip1559 reality did you say underscore kitta or just yeah um I'll I'll shoot you a man I'll just message your teachers yeah I'm just maybe we should reach out to them in advance of this just saying we're thinking about this you know uh you know would this be something that we could really count on your support to promote or to you know to be behind would you be interested in this you know that kind of thing yeah I think that's a good idea dumpling uh sorry for the background noise um but I I think maybe let's flesh it out just to your point to typically at this point let's definitely flesh it out a little bit more to because if if we're actually going to execute on I think that's one thing versus it just be an idea that might take up too much effort there'll be plenty of discussion over in that that channel so in the dial projects Channel the EP 1559 marketing um so there's a lot of active chat in that and uh you know let's keep it going over there but just it's great to have this on everyone's radar uh syncubate thanks for uh for explaining it so so fully for us and yeah uh on to the next item now um so the um just wanted to we had a branding another branding meeting with these beans and I wanted to bring these beans back up on the stage just to say kind of give a highlight from that branding meeting um and update the Dow and we ended up leaving that meeting with three areas of focus like that we really think are probably most important so uh these beans could you just maybe take a few minutes and uh for everyone that wasn't at that meeting kind of give an update and point people in the direction of any notes or anything like that yeah for sure um yeah I can be pretty brief here so uh it was pretty much our final uh brand meeting to kind of solidify some things um we have the dock and I would say probably like 85 90 done and so we encourage people to use it it's uh if you need to know where it is I know there's the current version is on the notion um in the marketing tab and what we're able to do is we were able to finalize kind of the brand personality or the attributes of what Beanstalk is who we are that kind of thing and we're also able to finalize our target audience come to consensus and we're also able to come to consensus on what our next major steps are uh dumpling was talking a little bit about it earlier so the the three main things that everyone felt was top priority was one uh create educational content so content to help explain people what the white paper is or to give a friend or just resources for people to understand being stuck um the other one is streamline the experience which is just meaning revamp the website revamp the ux and the UI and then the last one being increase awareness obviously because we're focusing on growth right now so we need to um we're taking a lot of time to plan out how we're going to do marketing and how we're going to uh grow but I'll also grow organically because we want to make sure that um we're getting the right people and not the paper-handed pumping numbers um the things that we didn't get to in that meeting that we will be figuring out soon um those are the first thing is we need to figure out the budget for those tasks um and the second thing being just finalizing some of those high-level statements in The Branding dock the the final 10 being for example like the purpose statement our positioning statement and position statement but um but yeah it's it's available in the notion and so we definitely encourage everyone if you're curious what Beanstalk is and what our brand Strat is like uh go and look it up okay great thank you um so to highlight those three points it was the creating educational content number one streamlining The Experience um which is mostly focused on uh improvements to the website and number three increasing awareness which is um could be things like the you know the marketing push that we're doing even with um I have the little project going for the for Twitter the Canadian Bennett put together a list for that and you know reaching out to people that way but also like jww and IPO and chill reaching out to marketing and PR agencies like things like that so um okay well great that's what we have for the um for the sort of formal agenda I want to open things up for now for people um the pain points people are having ideas um that sort of thing uh so the floor is open I have a question um I don't know if this has been discussed before um and if it makes sense to think about something like this or not I was talking to a friends yesterday about Beanstalk and and they were like looking at it from a p l uh uh point of view or level where they wanted to like you know trying to make understand how does this look month on month and I understand that you can get the data and and try to run it in there but do we want to do something like that that is easier for those who are like used to that kind of you know reading so that they understand what's happening in the protocol foreign what format would that be or like what specifically would they be looking for the the way I see it is pretty simple right now so so let's say month and month what you're looking at is how much the protocol um buy in in in beans uh like you know you bought this much in beans and then you issued that they need that so that that becomes your expense and then it sits uh on on the balance sheet uh and then you know the months that the protocol prints money then you know this is the profit and then you're paying off on that and then month and month you can start seeing you know are you going negative or positive negative positive anyone here with accounting background that can like you know add money to that or understand one you can probably you could probably query the sub graph for that kind of thing or yes yes I mean that was already available it just it just becomes like a form of a report I'm happy to draft uh something and share it and if you know if people here think that you know it's interesting or it adds more credibility or transparency to the protocol then we can like give it a thought well correct me if I'm wrong but I I think it'll be um with the new bip that passed Publius won't it end up being net even as opposed to the amount of uh beans that are printed balancing out the amount of debt issued and then it's just as we as we grow the proportion of debt to the size of the protocol gets smaller oh well you said dumpling is correct but not sure how exactly that relates to mods concern about wanting to model different things out yeah I think um what I'm what I'm talking about here is is more like a financial report um so what we're what we're looking at here is the market cap this is the currency um or the the market cap of beans uh basically but that doesn't give you what's happening on the Dow level you know so uh you're talking about a financial report for the Dow like Beanstalk Farms like what is the Beanstalk Farm spending its money on or you're talking about like a financial report of a status of being stolen being stuck itself so so on that front you know we would highly encourage people like yourself mom to write their own thoughts up but in general we definitely want bead stock Farms to stay away from giving Financial advice or financial appraisals of Beanstalk you know that's where we think we run into a little bit of trouble perhaps uh understood and clear hey Ma to your point real quick um I'm not sure and correct me if I'm wrong everybody is there is there a doing analytics page do you think that might be helpful like a public I know we have analytics on the beanstock website but uh to your point about maybe more analytics for those that are interested do you think um that might be helpful I think the question that we're trying to answer like the answer or you know the point of it is like anyone comes here you know the first question is first of all how does this thing make money and and and has it been you know working or not and yes you can take a look at you know how often has it been printing how often has it been assuming that and then come to those conclusions or these conclusions uh but if you see it in a typical p l level and then you see like you know in this month this is how much was printed and this one this is how much that was issued and then you can see already positive or in the negative and you continue building up uh on it but then it was um maybe I may not be clear or on explaining it well so I can I can I can drive something and share it because this won't be really advice it's it's just what's happening it's more of like let's say you know we want to get audited financially not not from a security perspective this is what they will look at and say you know that's what's happening the data is there there's like no more um to give out there it's just it's just presenting it okay I'm about to sneeze someone else has to trim it I was going to say briefly I think one of the reasons we don't have a June analytics page is because we're using a diamond structure for the protocol so until doing updates we can find some alternative I think that's what prohibits the Dune analytics well Evan I'm not sure if Evan's here evidence said that they had they thought they could get some stuff up on June but not sure if they were they had made any progress on that I can follow up with Evan on that um that would be amazing yeah I remember him saying that and that seemed pretty cool so if if that could be and that'd be amazing yeah that seems good would be great uh Publius just said in the dab Barnyard chat that Beanstalk is on tune now but that's news to us so uh would have to find a link not sure if you can post it publish awesome yeah I mean there's a whole like Dune dashboard Community I know they have like a podcast and they feature different dashboards so yeah please post a link and maybe some of us could go kind of play around there and see if we can share with some people who'd be interested I think that could be referenced on the on the on the main page um somewhere sure yeah we also have to have the curve uh the curve pull to the website as well a link to that so lots of different things we have to update well unless anyone has any um other things they want to bring up which are certainly open to um I might pass it to biblias for some other uh kind of updates and their their thoughts um sure thank you Tumblr first off the our biggest concern is that people are not going to spend the like hour which is a real pain in the ass uh but it's important that everyone does it uh getting themselves set up with the notion because once you go through the friction of just understanding how it works um it will greatly benefit everyone to operate through the notion and to keep it live and updated so Hugh has done a great job of putting together a series of um videos that should explain pretty in-depth uh how the notion works and uh you know with all due respect to you that it is a little bit you know dense to get through so we would encourage people spend time you know spacing it out so that they can really focus but we would just really encourage everyone to block out the time they're not that long 10 minutes apop or so uh to to get familiar with the the notion that would be our first just item that we would really encourage everyone to to spend the time so that things can start to run more efficiently and in line with that if there are things that are unclear or you don't understand or you think can be improved definitely shoot us a line uh doubling is there a place already for like suggestions and stuff for the notion uh or if not maybe we can add like a a spot for that either in the Discord or the notion not sure yeah I'll act I'll add it right in like on top of the videos or maybe right at the end of the video so people can just jot down their various comments on um yeah I'll add a little spot for that that's a great idea one thing I'd mention on the notion is um I mentioned this in the in the operations meeting but if you play it at 1.25 times speed that's like I found that perfect as far as like understandability but also like just keeping things kind of kind of Snappy and uh but they're really great videos just watch them and we can see on YouTube how many people have seen it and right now it's not too many so uh let's uh let's all try to watch that so we can so we we already spoke a little bit about the Pod Marketplace that sort of in the immediate pipeline uh one thing that you know we're quite kind of curious for people's thoughts here and we don't know what is the right answer but to date we've gone out of our way to make sure that each version of the code each bip uh that has substantive changes to the model as an Associated version of the white paper with it and over the next two months let's call it there's going to be a series of divs that are all very much related like adding the curve pool to The Silo and then adding the curvepool to the Oracle that you know we could maybe continue to do one white paper per version of the code but it's it's starting to take up an excessive amount of our time and we're thinking about maybe just doing like like not a 2.0 version of the white paper but like uh a significant leap in the direction where it's going so that maybe we'd have to do five uh five different versions not sure if people find the level of granularity we've been performing changes hopeful thus far whether people think we should keep doing that in which case if people think it's really valuable like there's a reason we've been doing it so it's not like we we're you know we're necessarily chosen to stop but just not sure if that's the best use of our time versus doing like a larger update to the white paper and this is just something that's been on our mind I mean I personally think that it's well for me it's not too much of a problem if you uh maybe do it in chunks like uh larger revision I feel like that's just a little bit more efficient and especially while we're in uh crunch time um to just be moving products I would also cast a vote in that direction I think you know things like links to the curve pool from the bean Dot Money site or the you know more impactful low-hanging fruit that everyone sees rather than a few edits to the white paper which are important at the end of the day but I think pair Point can certainly be batched yeah I I vote the same way I think I've been getting a lot of questions from you know not everyone looks at the white paper some people are just saying like oh you know I get a lot of questions about why the silo is paying three percent and like how much they can expect to make in the next year in The Silo if it's only three percent and I'm like like some of the level of understanding is much lower and I think if we could push out changes like that as a like um yeah I would just encourage you to batch it and be as efficient as possible yeah I mean the the only problem is you know at the margin that just means that there might be short periods in time where the white paper is slightly inaccurate which we've tried really hard to avoid as much as possible now there has been a lag typically when a bit has been approved and when we've published the white paper to reflect those changes so it's not like there's already like a perfect situation but these this feedback is helpful and we may we may scale back the level of granularity to each version of changes and you know there's no right answer here so we appreciate everyone's feedback also maybe even um just on the white paper in the beginning just like read a side note or something saying oh it's updated every three weeks or something or two weeks I don't know how how often we want to do it but that way people if they're really concerned about it they can just see that it's like oh okay it was updated here and it's gonna get updated at this time yeah I mean the problem with that is we don't know the pace that bips will go out like the Pod Marketplace bit is one thing you know that's probably a simpler integration into the white paper because it'll be more just a part of the appendix probably but the curve integration into The Silo and the Oracle those are sort of two separate two separate changes to the white paper but we want to generalize both The Silo section and the Oracle section to Encompass other pools potentially we don't want to keep rewriting the white paper to upgrade you know every time we add a pool so the point is maybe it isn't even that many versions of the white paper at this point we're just thinking out loud so uh thank you everyone for your your feedback or you know we want to do what what everyone else thinks is right as well here so yeah I was just I was just gonna say could you just like you know whenever we add a dip that changes the Oracle or or the silo or something maybe just add a note at the top of that section and be like hey go check out the bit that's attached to the bottom of the white paper and that explains the changes that happened like just add the bips to the bottom of the white paper like I think that'd be a lot faster and easier yeah that's an interesting idea actually um the problem is at some point you get into the white paper just gets abusively long because it's already 35 Pages um and now you add each of the bits that'll probably add 10 pages or something to the white paper so yeah we're gonna think a little bit more about this but this is all very helpful yeah and dumpling the sorry publish the the white paper rank is the source of Truth at the end of the day for everything right so um correct me if I'm wrong but I I would I think I agree with everyone else that updating it in chunks makes a lot of sense but it is it is like the source of Truth for everything correct correct and that's why today we've tried really really hard to keep it as accurate as humanly possible and you know we re-read the white paper front to back like really in depth for the first time during the version edits for 1.6.0 and we did make pretty you know pretty thorough just modifications and tweaks but the whole thing has held up pretty well to the point where we do feel like you know the bits that are all lined up in the next two months can probably be incorporated either in like four versions of the white paper or one and so that's at the margin that's probably what we're considering um so unclear whether it'll be two versions to end up putting out or one or four but this is very helpful and knowing that police I mean does it would it make sense at all um to potentially look for like a part-time technical writer that that Publius vets quite thoroughly good looking so hard I promise you uh so uh yeah that's top ultimately we want the white paper to be maintained by the community but uh given how important it has been uh in attracting the really high quality community that be in stock has thus far we we are committed to making sure that it maintains its really high standards uh so until we you know we're not at the point where where we feel like you know we can hand off any of those responsibilities better or worse right that makes sense I mean if it if it's helpful um I'm happy to just get on a call and just you could uh police in general could just talk through high level what those criteria of someone might look like for a technical writer and then in turn you know obviously once you you sign off and approve of whatever it is I think it might be a way for the community to help potentially look for future uh technical writers to help rather than making that seem like it's entirely on polluted to shoulders um just as as an option yeah I think that that should probably be a part of the job board that you know as we're working on structuring the notion a little bit more that's definitely a job so maybe you can just make a note-trade dubs and we'll we'll be sure to flush that out together sounds big uh not to get you off the white paper quick list but um anything else that's top of mind all right fine we'll stop talking about the white paper so the the there's probably not too much everyone's already been on 15 minutes so I don't want to take up too much your time uh but the maybe the last thing is uh want to thank everyone for your patience as we've been getting together the snapshots stuff uh we know it's annoying to get paid a little bit late uh and we're sorry about that but I do want to give just a quick shout out to jww who's done an amazing job to get the infrastructure set up for like continuous on-time payments going forward so uh this should be like a one-time delay and we feel pretty good about the setup on that front for for q1 so uh sorry about that and thank you everyone for for coming out okay well thanks for everyone thanks for coming out everyone and uh yeah we'll uh see you next week we'll be doing the on Tuesday we'll be uh back to our regular scheduled uh uh a t University and also want to let you know that there's a little guess the beans giveaway if you go onto Twitter you'll see it also there's a link to it in the Discord so the fun jar of black beans you could I haven't counted them yet so that's a fun one uh and yeah we'll uh thanks for coming and we'll see you all around the farm thank you dumpling for a good meeting thank you guys take care