DAO Weekly Meeting #6

January 6, 2022

00:00 Funderberker introduction • 01:30 Agenda • 02:22 Intro From Publius • 07:45 Discord Channels • 10:36 Branding • 13:53 Operations • 16:39 Max Sow/Partnerships & Integrations • 18:28 Welcoming New Users • 30:01 Meeting Format • 32:51 Copy Team • 34:10 Dealing With Sticking Points • 36:35 Landing Page And Other Video Content • 48:17 Branding • 51:49 Closing

DAO Meeting



Funderberker Introduction

  • Been working on the middleware for the past couple months. Developed the Telegram and Discord bots. Will be shifting focus to work on an SDK in JavaScript in Q1.

Publius Comments

  • There is a lot happening on a daily basis, but over the next month things are going to continue to pick up in pace.
  • With BIP-9 going live and the Curve pool going live today, this is the beginning of the march towards a more sophisticated Beanstalk ecosystem.
  • Teams have been migrating to the new Notion and organization is improving.
  • Hoping to put out a robust outline for the future of the DAO within the next week or two.

Discord Channels

  • Organizing the Discord is still a work in progress. Needs to be a collaborative effort and each channel needs to be looked at one by one.


  • Had a second branding session recently. Work is being done compiling information and doing research. A style guide should be ready in the next week or so.
  • Interviews are ongoing, talking to people about how they found Beanstalk.
  • Branding document or roadmap will be available soon.


  • Working on snapshots for contributors. Helping to revise and prepare for posting. Will be posting a lot within the next few days.
  • Filling open positions and getting more organized with the help of the Notion. Wrapping up Infrastructure Month.

Max Sow/Partnerships & Integrations

  • Want to meet with people for exploratory conversations. Especially looking for suggestions on who to partner with and integrate with.

Welcoming New Users

  • Can be complicated to find things on the web site. Might be helpful to have a button that says “start here” that explains everything.
  • As we talked about last week, it would be very helpful to have a live person on the Discord to answer questions.
  • Might help to have dedicated channels for different facilities, ie Silo, Field, etc.
  • Office Hours approach is great.
  • A lot of changes are coming to the website after the branding update and the style guide. Drop suggestions in the Discord.

Meeting Format

  • Might be helpful to have some of the DAO meeting dedicated to who has problems that they need help with.
  • Probably will be less intimidating to do it in the barnyard, where you don’t have to come on stage to talk.
  • Could have the first half in the town hall, and the rest in the barnyard.


  • The copy team is growing. If anyone from other departments needs anything written, structured, or formatted, whether it’s front end or a community campaign or anything else, feel free to reach out.

Landing Page and Other Video Content

  • There is probably need for a high quality series of videos explaining various concepts, in addition to the landing page video.
  • Wolfie’s team has a script ready for the landing page video. Looks good so far. Not animated yet, so things might change.
  • Could be helpful to have screen capture videos of people using the site with some narration.


dumpling um do you mind if I do a quick intro oh sure yeah we'll stand up quite but yeah any any carryover business from the stand up we can do now too so yeah go right ahead cool uh I'm finder Burger I've been working with the middleware for the past couple months um so I developed the telegram and Discord Bots and then coming into q1 I'll be shifting Focus to to try to put together an SDK um in JavaScript which will be deployed on the website first uh and that might include working with some other people who also might join the middleware team um coming up uh see the SDK is off to a very slow start because I'm also sick this week um but I think that's going to involve a lot of working with the front end and website team so just kind of want to introduce myself uh get my name out there I'm very happy to take um if people on the the web team want specific features or or want the SDK to look a certain way I'm happy to have those conversations and we'll be keeping people updated with progress as it comes together over the next couple months okay great I really appreciate it all right I think it's about time to get started just put a tweet out there with a link to here so welcome to the town hall great hall meeting um so yeah obviously going to be a ton ton to talk about um between the q1 budget uh going up curve pool National Bean day you know we got a lot going on um so I'm trying to think of any carryover from uh you know from last meeting um you know and how we should kind of organize this meeting I think since biblius only had a short amount of time to talk at the the end of the stand-up meeting there I might have probably a kind of kick things off with a little bit of a you know vision for the next month or so and then uh you know we can kind of open the floor up too for other people's uh thoughts and questions and all that sure thing so there's a lot happening on a daily basis but over the next month things are going to continue to pick up in Pace so with bip 9 going live today and the curve pool going live today uh this is the beginning of you know the March towards um a more sophisticated Beanstalk ecosystem as the you know the Beanstalk model itself continues to get improved through efficiency biffs like bit9 and you know it had a drastic effect on the soil today things like that we are very excited about the position that Beanstalk is in when it comes to the opportunity available to it to really disrupt defy over the next couple months and so maybe the frame where things are at uh you know a couple weeks ago we said it was infrastructure month and we're very pleased to report you know there's probably a week or two left to really get the infrastructure all lined up and maybe we can get you up here to quickly talk about the status of all of that but in general uh all of the teams have started actively migrating to the new notion which uh Hugh has set up and we think it's really fabulous and uh there are sort of working groups forming across a variety of the Departments of the Dow from operations to engineering uh you know we just heard thunderbrookers speak about the middleware uh group uh you know there's a lot happening at the moment and so one of the things we would we would encourage this time to be used for is for down members that are either unsure of what's going on or want Clarity on certain things or have issues with something that's going on things are moving so fast you know the hope is that this is really an open floor for people to voice their concerns and as dumpling said with the q1 budget being approved you know within the last 24 hours it's important that everyone has an opportunity to speak a little bit about uh how if they want to you know not saying everyone needs to speak if they don't have an opinion obviously please don't do that but if people have strong opinions about uh whatever it may be concerning the queue on budget or really anything related to the Dow uh this is this is an open floor for everyone to participate uh and the the meeting room is aptly named Town Hall so everyone should feel free to participate and uh with with with that you know happy to open up the floor uh the only other thing we would maybe highlight before we do is uh there is a lot of stuff that's still a little bit up in the air uh but but it's all coming into shape so we do hope to within the next week or two put out more robust detailed outline for q1 and maybe even into Q2 for the Dow so that everyone has sort of a central document to work towards but um there's there's some final details that are coming into place and we obviously don't want to put things on paper before they're they're more or less finalized and things always can change but we don't want to misrepresent anything so uh with that in mind uh before is is everybody's foreign stage if you just raise your hand we'll get we'll get you up here hey everybody maybe while people are getting organized I might just quickly do a PSA um I know quite a few of you have reached out already via DM around notion and access um yeah please feel free to send me DMS um we're going to get around to adding everyone um uh so like yeah just let us know if you haven't got access and we'll get us set up for you but um thanks to everyone who's already reached out and um uh thanks to Austin for for recording that call the other day hopefully that was handy um and as I mentioned um I'm always available for uh chats with um people 101 if they need to kind of ask specific questions on notion or or like workflows or anything like that so always happy to um learn how lend out uh helping hand where that's uh where that's valuable thanks um so I don't think it can raise a hand because I have Channel permissions oh yeah just pop up all right um Hugh to follow up with you actually I was wondering if there was a plan for the uh Discord channels it it feels like we're in a sort of a state of transition right now where we've created several dozen new channels um and also have many of the old existing channels and I don't want to beat a dead horse here but it does feel sort of overwhelming um in terms of I want to get online and just kind of catch up with the latest updates that are relevant to me I'm gonna have to weed through like maybe 10 different channels is there a plan there yeah so this one will definitely be um a bit of a slower burn um what I'll need to do is I'll need to catch up with um one or two of you to go through these channels one by one and then we just need to make a call on on um you know like remove um consolidate into one channel or keep and then the goal like I think everyone's reiterated is Clarity and not having it overwhelming so that's still work in progress um and I think like we'll just need to do it collaboratively because you know you don't want to make any I like I specifically don't want to make any edits on on any other channels that will be like um that will cause you know confusion so um yeah that that's like gonna happen in the coming days and weeks but um yeah if you've got any suggestions or if you're Keen to think through this together then that like um you know please join the combo yeah let's try let's make a goal of trying to get that done by this week um I think we can definitely do that it's since we've been focusing on the notion and and then also on you know the budget and everything like that it's been a little bit hectic but we can get that done this week I think awesome awesome and I I hear you and I thanks to everyone for saying that because I I know that we all feel the same way and the more the more we're all getting lost in it the worse so we should we need to we need to clean it up for sure yeah and those types of comments uh from funder broker those are fabulous we appreciate that so when people have issues they should always feel free to to raise them oh um you know people if they have things that they want to raise specifically they can always raise their hand one of the things that uh might be helpful uh is not sure if these beings is here uh but I see sweet red beans uh not to put you on the spot but maybe you could hop up here and just give a little bit of an overview of the status of The Branding and uh how that's coming along as we try to try to get one cohesive brand uh around being stock and uh obviously as being stock starts to reach into many other protocols and its exposure increases it's very important that everyone working on the Dow as sort of a a consistent set of material with which to to work off of so not sure if uh sweet red beans if we could get you up here uh or if these beans is here awesome hey guys uh hopefully you can hear me um yeah so I I think a lot of you guys were at The Branding session that we did the second one this recently um these beams is kind of compiling all of the information from that and then also doing a little bit more research I'm sure many of you have talked to him within the less uh week or so and the idea is hopefully within I think the next week or so he should kind of have a like a branding style guide and just like an opinion on basically like you know what what is beanstalk's brand and hopefully that can kind of help inform a lot of our Direction on like even even the website and just all of the touch points that uh that potential users might kind of have so um definitely look forward to that and um yeah that's that's probably all the information I have on that thank you very much we appreciate it be the next sort of thing we would like to would like to get an update on and not to just sort of continue to call people out uh but maybe if Max so you could come up here uh and talk a little bit about uh how things are going or just structuring structuring the business development side of being stock farms and how we're working on getting some Integrations going uh and obviously you're a more recent uh member add to the Dow so maybe you could also just introduce yourself a little bit as well I'm not sure if you're able to pop up here Max you can just become a speaker if you click on the um uh microphone icon yeah it looks like you requested Max I'm gonna dismiss it and then just hit become a speaker for some reason inviting you up was great out so just try to become a speaker all right we'll get Max so a little bit to try to get up here um maybe since you're already up here dumpling could you talk a little bit about the the operation side of things and uh how we're going with integrating the new notion and maybe talk about the snapshot proposals related to debate and then Max so you know maybe you can just chat afterwards sure yeah so we have a lot of um we're working I've been working with a lot of you on your snapshot proposals um if I haven't been working with you or you haven't been put one together then um it's time so reach out to me and this is kind of your quarterly time where we look at um you know if you were previously had a snapshot that you know we revise it um and we're gonna put we're going to post it and if you haven't had one yet then we will get that posted you know if you're looking to um you know work a little bit more for for being stock or if you already are working in a kind of a paid role um so yeah we are working on those um we're also yeah we've been having really good work um especially thanks to Hugh uh with organizing everything um on notion so everyone you know in in different departments and so with one big with one big board and you know individual uh Pages for each of the Departments which is really cool um so that's really exciting [Music] um yeah we're just kind of focusing on getting everything uh kind of organized filling open positions um and getting everyone Clarity on you know exactly what exactly what uh Falls within their their role and anyone who is feeling a little bit uh you know like what what they they want to work in a certain area but have been doing a certain something else then we're just trying to get clarity on that so um in this next probably few days or so we should be just issuing a ton of snapshots um for everyone's vote and those will have the um yeah so you know we'll look forward to um getting those up and I'm sorry Publius uh you know anything else um that you want me to focus on I don't want to just ramble too much uh no whatever you think is relevant dumb ways okay um for right now yeah that's about it it's been just focusing you know wrapping up infrastructure month here and trying to focus on getting everything organized and trying to get up the uh those snapshot votes really pleased that the uh the budget was approved and just looking forward to a successful q1 here Max cool yeah hey guys it's good to meet you all my name is Max I'm heading up Partnerships and Integrations and so um thus far I've sort of been following along with the curvepool launch and just kind of getting a handle on everything um started full-time in the last week or so and so one of the things that I'm going to be doing is I want to be meeting more of you guys and just anyone who has suggestions like syncubate has been super helpful with like insanely good suggestions for who we should integrate or who we should partner with next um so if you have any ideas or you know anyone who you know we should just take a exploratory conversation with please reach out because it'd be really fun to explore with you guys and I'm logging everything in the Partnerships notion um so that's mainly what I'm doing right now is sort of like feeling out and sussing out the different opportunities that we have and trying to prioritize those things so it's gonna be pretty hectic couple months uh on that note if there's a new application process that Hugh helped us with so now instead of skill set volunteer you fill out a form that's linked with notion which is really great and then you can actually see all of people's um applications too that have have applied and what the status of them is so it's a lot more transparent and a little bit better kind of in the spirit of the Dao so that's really cool of course it is in our Discord so it's a little hard to find um I'll mention it here in a second um James Bean go ahead hey everyone can you hear me yeah we can hear you great I just want to say uh have exciting things happening obviously and it's just great to see uh the project moving along uh a couple things about the the new website and the user interface seems very organized but I found using it this week at um it's it's a little complicated to find things that I was looking for a couple of thoughts there one is oh I know last week we talked about you know trying to help new people when they when they come and explain how they how the protocol Works um is it possible for us to have like a button that says new here start here or something like that where they can click on it and kind of explains everything because I see that you know the some of the explanations for you know this The Silo and and the field have been moved down below um uh where a lot of people might miss it um second one to that is I know also we had discussed last week about uh maybe having a live person that could always kind of interact with um you know new people coming into Discord or whatever it might be um the the second thought there is could we do like you know you go to some websites and they have uh chat now or whatever you do something like that in the corner where we'd have we'd always have a live person so somebody gets on there and it's like I like I heard about this protocol I like it you know starts to have questions um where they could interact live with with somebody those are those things we could implement that's a really cool idea it might I wonder if we could always you know be committed to having someone 24 7 is the only question I'd have um I think a lot of those someone else can speak to this who knows but let's probably rely on like Bots and then at a certain point that gets handed off to a real person um all right we got some experts yeah actually uh I I there's a web 2 app called pagefly which I think does a fantastic job where I think basically they have their whole team that can basically respond and field any question that comes in and I think just given the size of the Discord Community dumpling that might be a way for us to you know we could just assign like a crew of us you know 20 or 30 again I'm not sure how the feed would actually work but um I've definitely been part of it where it's just kind of whoever Fields it first and not like a designated person that's on the clock but I'm not sure what that actually means building it out via money or write a mask sure uh silent Chad do you have any thoughts yeah first of all James Bean thanks for the suggestions here in terms of the um sort of like chat on the website we can certainly look into that that's really interesting idea I think one way to work around that as well is to just better present Discord as an option for for people who are looking for information and then I think you make a great point that we should also have some folks to to welcome new users and just kind of jump into conversations right away uh I actually like don't quite know where the feed of new user is joining us uh so that could be something for us to to dive into more on the community side and then uh to speak a bit to the Website Layout and sort of um explaining to new users like exactly how it functions um or one of our priorities on the front end team this this quarter is to really iron a bunch of that out and we'll be working pretty closely with the design team a lot of this will come after The Branding exercise is completed things like relaying out the website uh we've already done excuse me done a bit of this with the with the sidebar but we'll continue to to upgrade more are but yeah definitely please throw any suggestions uh into the website suggestions channel that goes forward for anybody here and we'll try to ship ship things as quickly as possible but yeah happy to to talk to more uh talk more about specifics as well I do kind of like that idea of as someone joins the Discord right now they just get they just get everything right um if they got a limited sort of selection of things then maybe it would kind of guide them in a certain direction as opposed to just them just kind of you know scrolling all you know and being lost and saying forget this you know so that could be an option and Hugh that can be something we can maybe talk about um this week is where sort of architecting the the Discord um but I do I like this idea I think certainly people need more support um understanding in stock because it's not such a simple thing so um yeah I think the the office hours approach could be good also uh maybe as an interim solution until we come up with something on the website integrating something on the website would be cool it's more complicated and we'd have to see what the you know technical limitations are with that but um but yeah that's great that's a great thought Thanks James I mean one one hour note for the um for the Discord maybe we can I know we have a lot of different tabs but uh if if we could do like maybe like a a silo in a field kind of section so people get questions particularly about a you know silo or about sewing or whatever it might be they can go directly to those tabs you know it might it might help uh Elite answer some questions without them having to search through a general tab or whatever yeah we just we want to avoid like Mission creep a little bit right with the um but yeah under so maybe instead of under Community it would be under information but maybe we could delete some things if we you know um okay I'll drop this down but we'll have to think about I think that everything get that gets added we have to remove two things something like that but I do think that in instead of someone just asking all kinds of questions in general maybe having some delineation might be a good idea what do other people think about that sorry dumpling you were saying having delineation for the general chat overall is that what you said I guess the I was trying to follow up with with James bean and saying that right now uh there's general questions speculation off topic Etc so all of people's questions are just going to go into questions if there was like silo field then they could ask a question about the silo they could ask a question about the field so I think he's saying that it would be easier for people something something like that do you guys think that would be helpful or not or yeah I think that'd be really helpful I think I think to your point then eventually just having a feeder that goes in where you basically you know from the after we do the the because I think you guys actually changed it so there's like a Gateway now once you once you go into the Discord but if prior to that we just have like you know uh like two to four different places where we quickly talk through each of the different mechanics like Silo LP Silo Silo being Silo LP you know curve if we add it and then uh maybe even so just explain the mechanics really quickly um like in a really pithy way like in two sentences then they get exposed to the full Discord uh might be another way to kind of just have a really minor Gateway in to make it easier to make sure that people are quickly up to speed before getting the the waterfall of information and then having those separate groups after sure um yeah hey hey everyone um I would just say like I don't think the questions channel is nearly flooded enough with questions to justify making like five different channels for all the different things what I would instead maybe recommend is like I'm sure we have write-ups in different places about like here's what LP means here's here's what siloing is and everything and then we could just have like pinned uh messages in that in the questions channel that people can like easily reference or like canned responses at least yeah pinned is good um yeah I don't think we have do we have anything right now I guess uh really quick on that note dumpling like the flow that comes in are people going through like or because I know we have the start here thread um which I'm not sure people are actually like starting there and versus just jumping in is that something that also maybe like that would be a gateway to have someone go through that first or something like that could you know being Merchant put together all those awesome infographics and stuff um that I think are pretty advantageous for someone who's new sure yeah I don't often start at the start here but I think that if we sort of force people to like we were saying that might be good and pin messages would certainly be good too on all the um relevant channels maybe um you know we don't have to take all the time in this meeting for the Discord I think it is great though um and it's certainly important I think as we build out like a we do have listed like a community um Department which we don't really so far we don't you know have many people in but I think that even just starting kind of a community work like working group on these different ideas and bouncing it off of people um as really this week as as Hugh and I go through kind of organizing this I would love your guys's input excuse me um and yeah that could be I think we could probably kind of do this there and I think a lot of these ideas could kind of could shake out and um and be really just improve the Discord so um anyone who's interested just you know kind of raise your hand or DM me or whatever and I can start um as we are thinking about changes I'd be happy to run them by you and and that sort of thing if you if you have the bandwidth and you too James Bean but I think probably um it might be good to move on to you know a different question or topic but I think this is all really good thank you foreign I don't mean to kill the conversation as it's getting good too but I just thought it's probably some other other stuff people are thinking about well since no one else joined I figured I would just say this um I think instead of I don't know if like specifically we're asking people for updates right now but I think something that could be helpful is to like frame this as like who in the Dao is working on something that has like a problem perhaps and like I don't know because people might not join the stage and be like oh I have a problem if they don't have like a cool update but like who has a problem and can we like talk through potential Solutions I think that might be helpful uh that's a great Point yeah yeah I love that because I think people exactly like you said the incentive isn't like uh I'm having a lot of problems with this but it's also it's also actually kind of intimidating to come up on stage I don't know like I mean uh I think actually the stand up before this I missed part of it this time but last time it was more lively I think we're like more fluid conversation as well we could also lengthen the stand up to 30 minutes and then shorten this meeting if that's uh I feel like the only problem like stand up is less intimidating for people who are like you know active like already have like a role but people who don't I was hoping this would be less intimidating but yeah if it's more intimidating the goal of this is to be less intimidating but um yeah I actually I think it's just easier to stand mute and then if I have like a quick comment like I can unmute and chime in uh you know assuming I'm not interrupting anybody um rather than like raising my hand and trying to come on stage it's harder for me to like say stuff um sure yeah yeah I don't know that's good to know from your from you know your perspective as as someone who comes on stage frequently um maybe do you think next week we should try for uh just a longer standing or just a longer meeting in the part we could start as a stand-up do the whole thing in the barnyard and then uh we could just transition after you know after we finish the stand-up items we could transition to the down meeting yeah yeah I think that that'd be interesting to try I'll still do two I'll still do two appointments just so that people who aren't interested in the nitty-gritty of the you know they could uh they could come later but I think that's a good idea we'll try that cool yeah that's just my thought and like yeah and going back to the first point like if anybody has any problems that they're trying to solve right now it could be interesting and that was the magic that was the magic NASDAQ okay we have we uh we had we had JW we have Farmer Joe and we have Uriel in Mexico oh I guess I'll go first um uh yeah I suppose I just wanted to uh um uh just I suppose to create some visibility on um like the the copy team and and sort of how we're sort of growing and I think really the purpose of me coming up on stage was just to be like to the other Dow members that if you do need anything written or structured or formatted whether that's like a front-end component where there's copy or if there is um you know maybe an nft or Community campaign that you're doing um if for any reason you need help in terms of writing and structuring your copy um you know please feel free to reach out as the sort of new structure for the um for the notion sort of solidifies and people have the right access to the right things um they'll probably be more visibility so you know feel free to just reach out if you do need any help with with writing things um you know that's what we're here to do and we can we can absolutely sort of take some of that load off of whatever it is that you're working on um and yeah as as things develop it'll be a little bit more apparent how um you can sort of work with us so that was really all I wanted to flag that's great thank you um this is sort of uh this is a slightly different topic um and this is something that I brought up last week but I think there are some folks in here who weren't uh in the Dow meeting last week so I figure it can't hurt to get a bit more visibility for it um but so if anyone if anyone especially people who are new to Beanstalk or are consistently speaking to people who are new to be in stock have consistent questions or misunderstandings about the protocol or how to interact with the protocol or what some of the jargon means it would be extremely helpful to know where those sticking points are so if you have any ideas like that please shoot me a DM because that'll help me and the rest of the team figure out the best way to communicate all the concepts that the protocol has going on to as many people as possible to make it as accessible to as many people as possible so if that applies to you if if you've talked about Beanstalk to your friends and you feel like you have an understanding of what's going on but for some reason there are just a couple of of pieces that just aren't really connecting with them quite enough that would be super helpful to know so feel free to shoot me a DM anytime with anything that'd be great amazing yeah thanks cereal uh jww or Max so do you have something to say no I don't have much to add but yeah I'm just getting really excited about some of the things that uh me and Leo fib and me and syncubate are working on so um yeah just super excited about where we're headed on the partnership side um one thing that I was um I forgot to bring up in the stand up Publius is um how is uh Wolfie's video coming along because that's one thing I've been hearing from a lot of people is like do we have any video explainers or do we have any videos coming up and sometimes like having one one project kind of spoken for might be disincentivizing other people from jumping right in or from us pushing it so I was just wondering if that is um you know what the timeline is on that and uh um not sure on the timeline for the video uh you know that there are Wolfies working pretty hard on it they recently had us look at an outline um it looks fine uh we're we're optimistic it's going to be cool but it is going to be more of a landing page video you would highlight but there is probably a real need for someone to do like a series of high quality videos that are explaining different parts of the protocol and it'd be great if it wasn't us um but we're obviously happy to review scripts and stuff but that would be a big project that we'd love for someone to take take over um I have a call uh tomorrow with someone who's uh pretty experienced in making videos so that could be really good but to the point um that Liam you brought up about the copy team that would be something that we could put together you know say you want to do four videos and if um you know can we come up with decide which four videos we want to do come up with a copy for them and then it would just be a matter for the video person to turn them into videos right so it'd be a little bit less heavy of a lift than it would be if it was just like create a series of videos you know foreign I think yeah building the script off of um sort of what uh We've sort of settled on for um sort of the first version of the git book and sort of maybe highlighting things from there and I think to Ariel's Point around um you know Common sort of areas that resonate that would be helpful for the community to know that could be another sort of way that we look at what we surface out of um you know all of the all of the docs that we have as well yeah for sure I thought well that sounds good uh yeah in terms of the video itself I mean I know um I think Wolfie's proposal or the snapshot pieces a little while ago um and they're probably obviously quite a few design changes that are happening for The Branding work between these beans and um red bean um so I don't know it might make sense for them to connect with Wolfie I don't know probably just how far along they are they're well connected so uh Wolfie has for example you know Wolfie's whole team uh and one of their team members was at the extensive branding meeting last week and uh in the script it was evident that a lot of that material was incorporated so we're very optimistic that the video is going to be on brand uh and great for the landing page but it's not going to be like a substantive walkthrough of Beanstalk yeah and something we've been hearing I think that's as long as it's not duplication of effort I think then we should definitely go for it because the more content especially the more video content I think the better so um as far as I'm aware they haven't animated it yet and so there is going to be the ability to coordinate the like same feel across videos potentially okay cool um yeah that sounds great wonderful uh Jamin um yeah previously you guys were talking about um I guess an idea for like a nuded Beanstalk button on the um website um and I was wondering if um using loom to get like a screen recording of uh somebody going through and using the different parts of the website um with like a voiceover might be a good solution for that because that would allow new users to be able to quickly you know a button for new people basically and then see how you know you actually interact on the site to do the kind of simpler things that they want to do and then if they're looking for you know further information then they can go off the site um but that would allow them basically to get um the basics of what they need just right there on um the bean.money site sounds cool to me um is that just like a little like modal that pops up with the the Loom or is it does it send you external to loom or um do you have a like a website that utilizes that same feature that we could take a look at and then obviously we'd want to bring someone up um from like byux to you know um limitations are and so yeah I don't have um any specific website or anything that uses Loom um that I could bring up I just thought the idea of having sort of a um and not necessarily even Loom either but just kind of having a screen recording of somebody actually using the site so people who have kind of basic questions over you know okay now that I know I want to use the silo on this website how exactly do I interact with the site to use it um sort of a video that kind of goes over those questions sure have we thought about this I think that uh I think a video might be really helpful though but I think the closest that we've come is probably a static version that you really and I were working on uh in terms of like the zero to zero to Beanstalk uh but I think the idea of having like a tutorial um on the site might be awesome or walk through foreign [Music] who wants to listen to a robot explain to them how to use a website oh we got plenty of people with uh with good voices but I wonder about what the pros and cons are um of having the the video there you know uh yeah his name My Only thought definitely not the only downside is I do think there is a bit of like um you know when you do the self-learning process like the self exploration that kind of further embeds you into it um versus if we just have you walk through it you know you're you're not thinking as much um so I think that's just a personal preference to kind of further embed yourself um and I think that the UI is actually pretty like encourages a lot of exploration um yeah but I can understand like from an efficiency perspective it's just much easier if someone's like oh okay press this button to press so and then you know I can move some eth Etc so that would be my only thought is that I think a little bit more interactions a good thing from a knowledge perspective from learning I've certainly been to those websites before where they Sorry James I'll let you go in a sec but where you know you maybe there's a new update to the site so there's like a number one if you click here this is how you draft an email number two you know like I'm I'm imagining like when Gmail issues a new release and they kind of guide you through the process I don't know what that's called but you know we could do something along those lines where it explores the site through like a one two three four five again I'm not sure how effective those are I'm not sure how many people just click out of those sorts of things but it could be sort of thing that we could Implement um I also think that because a lot of onboarding new users to Beanstalk requires introducing new jargon it can be helpful to walk people through and say like this is where you go to like sow beans but you still have to have you still have to educate the people on what the beans are so I think the jww's point like where I think that a series of videos could be really useful would be to help in a in a super super easy to understand way explain the concepts as opposed to the mechanics of navigating the site whereas this sort of like pop-up navigation helpers on the site itself could like fill that role um yeah I so I don't think that uh the walkthrough on the site necessarily needs to be the primary um introduction for users for Beanstalk it might be better suited as sort of a um excuse me a um you know a need help section where after people have tried to use the site and you know they found themselves confused they can maybe click this proportion for uh get help with The Silo and it pops up with a uh a screen recording that might simplify or clarify things for them um but I do think a videos that go more over the um functions in the the details of Beanstalk are more important um than just a run-through of how the website works for a first introduction yeah on that on that front-up dumpling I mean in previous you know we could definitely add like there's still a bunch of web 2 mechanics I think we all know we could add to the site like um if there is exit intent that that's implied based on Behavior then another window pops up so that says hey do you have any questions you know after a 30 second delay or something like the less attractive like web 2 stuff that we could glean to kind of help uh from a tension perspective but I think that might be a little Overkill um just something else for down the road yeah it might also be fun to I'm sure that someone's already been doing this but um looking at the analytics to see what you know when people do bounce and what they you know how how long they stay on the site and you know all those sorts of things um be interesting to look at and then we could incorporate um either like a video or um you know depending on that we could we could uh incorporate some stuff but this is probably conversations that's already being had so I don't want to you know necessarily rehash things that people are already in the process of of so foreign oh these beans arrived sorry these means we were just looking for you earlier um okay well uh is there any other any other last thoughts you could probably take one more into Workshop or we could call it hey these beans sorry still kind of new to this uh uh the tunnel section didn't know how to speak um yeah sorry about that um yeah we were just uh we were asking you uh earlier if you were around to come up and just talk about The Branding how that's all kind of coming together and also the the meetings you've been having with folks about about Beanstalk um not sure exactly what you're calling them but I participated I wanted to oh yeah absolutely hear of those were going yeah I know it's been um really really insane insightful again thank you to like all the people who have volunteered to just kind of um give us your time and uh they've been really they've been really great been able to find a lot of just um some common threads with some of the I feel like I'm talking to some of the same people over and over as I'm doing more of these information interviews but um it's to give a little bit of context to that it's just so that we can kind of um understand a little bit more of the types of users that have interacted with Beanstalk and how you found it what your conversion story was to be in stock and still in the process of synthesizing and still have a few more meetings or I guess interviews with some people tomorrow but yeah that's been going well and um as far as The Branding um still synthesizing from Reading two trying to focus a little bit more on I guess the audience being these interviews but I definitely were aiming for like a draft of like The Branding document or roadmap whatever you'd like to call it um end of this week and then we're gonna push it out get as much feedback as we can next week and hopefully try to finalize it by the end of next week so um I guess that's all the updates on that end cool um quick question were there any surprising things from the informational interviews that are like things that kept coming up over and over again that you didn't expect or do I just have to wait for the full thing oh no like yeah for sure here I actually have me so I don't want to keep all these people on the call but um we said some interesting things from the last training meeting but as far as throughout this week it was really interesting to kind of see that uh a lot of people have had some kind of tie to to crypto much like a lot farther back than we kind of thought we we kind of assumed that because of like this whole um like the summer of D5 that's kind of where a lot of these people would come from but uh surprising a lot of people have just experience with crypto since I don't know 2014 2017. and so I'm definitely dealing with a little bit more of like a veteran crew and um we also mentioned this from the last burning meeting but again just every single person we've talked to has come through being stuck um purely purely from a person they trusted um maybe someone out there just came here just purely by reading the white paper and like yeah I'm gonna do it but more or less yeah a friend in need and so I think that's a great sign of organic growth yeah interesting well we'll look forward to reading the whole thing um and uh yeah that's that's exciting though to hear both that yeah anyway it's just kind of that's a cool thing to hear uh excited to look it over so yeah if there are no last thoughts um probably next week to um to nasdaq's point we'll probably go ahead and do this meeting uh the whole meeting in the barnyard and see how that works and um yeah other than that we'll have our University class next Tuesday we have been doing on Wednesdays we've been uh we've been doing the Twitter spaces so we'll post that in the um the event calendar here on Discord on Discord if you scroll to the very top it says one event right now and you can look there for when the events are happening um and uh and thanks for coming today and if you uh you know happy to if you ever want to make sure that you can uh get up to speak you could always send me a DM before one of these so I allot some time for you I'm happy to do that but otherwise it seems like everyone who wanted to say something today was able to so that's uh that's really great and I'll just pass it to Publius here for uh for a sign off of the ian3 curve medium article is officially live uh we'll tweet it and post it shortly um shout out to Farmer Joe and e-real for really grinding to get that out uh today we appreciate you uh tremendously and thank you everyone for coming