DAO Weekly Meeting #55

January 19, 2023

0:00 Intro • 0:20 Operations updates • 3:05 Engineering updates • 7:27 Design updates • 8:38 Marketing updates • 9:51 BOP-2 updates • 12:06 Publius updates • 15:36 Closing statements

DAO Meeting


Meeting Notes

Operations updates

  • Reposing the Budget, Seraph, and then proposing the Sunrise improvement in the first week of February. Working on various projects such as setting up Halbron audits and setting up other competition audits

Engineering updates

  • A kickoff call with Halborn was yesterday, there are still some changes to the code base but it is mostly done
  • A lot of work on the SDK and subgraph
  • Silo Chad has seen an uptick in the number of developers interested in Beanstalk but thinks it would be very nice to have the budget on hand to keep growing Beanstalk Farms
  • Reach out to Silo Chad on Discord if you are interested in working on Beanstalk

Design updates

  • Spent the last week or so rounding out the Pod Market v2 and the chart/ graphing
  • Prepping the UI for the BIPs that are going live soon

Marketing updates

  • The focus of this month will be highlighting all of the development work that is being worked on
  • There will be Twitter threads going live about Wells, Toxic flow, etc
  • The TASC partnership has been paused

BOP-2 update

  • The ethical return contract was deployed last week and the on-chain message was sent yesterday. Going to move forward with the Whitehat and security effort.

Publius Updates

  • Wells is now under audit by Halborn. There is still some work that needs to be done on Pumps and integrating with Beanstalk.
  • Publius is spending most of their time thinking about governance and how to make a permanent permissionless governance system


gm, everyone. And thank you for joining us today. As a reminder, this meeting is for the Dow. And, you know, even though we go through all of this from the contributors, we can discuss any any questions or any topics that anyone that would like to would like to discuss. All right. Guy, how's everything at your home? Ahmad Doing well.

I'm not sure I have the most substantive updates this week. Just, you know, continuing to push the proverbial proverbial boulder up the hill on all fronts. I guess with regards to the bips that the community should probably be aware of in the near future. You know, gold continues to be proposing re proposing the budget seraph and the sunrise improvements, but hopefully first week of of next month or so and yeah otherwise sort of working on a smattering of of, of different stuff like coordinating the various audits with Holborn and looking into setting up hopefully a Katrina audit of wells by the time that that gets fully audited by Halpern think that you know programs like

M unify where we have this like decentralized set of white hats incentivized to look at our code has has proven to be a huge value add. So looking to set that up for Wells in the next few weeks or so and I think I'll leave it at that. Okay. And do you think or is there an idea or a plan on when will those steps be repurposed?

So hopefully the sunrise improvements BIP, which actually, you know, has some substantive updates to Bienstock, unlike Seraph on the budget cap, can go up on them, unify for a couple of weeks. Call it Monday or something like that early next week and then hopefully propose to all three of them a couple of weeks after that. All right. Thank you.

Hope to that. To that end, know, with regards to the previous bips, not not passing, you know, when the when the time comes. So just remind everyone that you know the importance of discourse with regards to all these BEPS and will aim to host, you know, some more off the record office hours and such when the time comes.

Okay. Thank you. Thank you. So. How are things that you're trying to see or that once were are in review by the contributors? Any updates on that? And everybody? Yes. So we had a kickoff meeting with Holborn yesterday to start digging into the Wells code. There's still some ongoing changes that Publius bring that I are working on in the meantime.

But they've been briefed on the code base and are beginning to speed up their process there. As a quick reminder, this covers the Wells core code and still in development are the pumps which Bienstock will use. So I just wanted to let everybody know that and I think we're you know, things are starting to move forward with respect to the audit side.

Happy to speak to any of the specifics in terms of what's still being worked on on the contract side. If if anybody is interested, just let me know. And yeah, I mean, I think beyond that, really across the board, there's lots of stuff going on, you know, on the SDK and the sub graph front, perhaps our Albion can talk a little bit more about the SDK work that he's working on.

But before that I'd just make one comment from something that I'm seeing from the Bienstock farm side for everybody that I think might be helpful over the last couple of weeks in particular, I think we've we've really seen an uptick in interest in Bienstock in particular from from developers. So I've been around for for about a year now working on Bienstock and there's been, you know, ups and downs in terms of times when when, you know, developers were available to work on bienstock and interested and other times where that wasn't the case.

And I've been personally really, really excited about the amount of talent that's, that's floating around these days. I think there's actually there's a couple of people on the call now who we've we've been chatting with and just getting to know and working on some some projects with. So thank you to everybody who's been reaching out and and sort of talking to Bienstock Farms about, about collaborating.

I bring this up to say that, you know, I think Bienstock Farms is in a really unique position right now to go onboard Some really great developers and contributors over the coming months. And I think the last couple of weeks of interest has has reinforced for me at least how you know how valuable having a budget on hand would be.

So I know the budgets been something we've discussed over the last couple of weeks, maybe the latter part of this meeting. We can dig into that a bit more if if you feel like that's the right direction to go. But just wanted to flag for everybody that, you know, we have a really unique opportunity to to move right now and hire some really great people and kind of keep the whole the whole machine moving.

So and for what it's worth, that that applies across the board, solidity, engineers, front end, back end engineers kind of the whole stack is you know, we need tabs on the whole stack and folks are available. So I just wanted to make that note and, and also say that I'm just, you know, it gets me really excited to see folks interested in Beanstalk.

So if anybody here is, is interested in working on Beanstalk or knows folks who maybe we should chat with, please, you know, contact myself or Guy or anybody else on Beanstalk Farms and we'd love to kick that process off. And Chad, is there a way that you recommend, let's say whoever wants to apply to reach out with what would be the best way for them to to reach out, you know, to a small business or farms?

Yeah, I think if you're a developer, you can just basically reach me directly, tag me in in the chat or DM my DMS are open for all other things. I would go to go to Guy, but if you message either of us, things will get right into the right place. So we're, we're around all the time as that value maybe in creating a channel that you know summarizes that or even, you know, one of those bots where you just do a question mark, you know, hiring you know, there are details on what to do.

Is there any value on that guy? 100%. Good. Kafka, Right. Thank you. Thank you, Chad, for the update. Twitter, How are things? I shouldn't have. How's it going? Go on. Yeah, a brief, brief update for me this week. I spent the last week or so sort of rounding out some details in the pod marketplace and all the charting tools we've been building.

So more specifically, sort of the some of the details around the interaction of the forms and the chart during the order and listing creation process sort of for the next week or so, planning to pause efforts on sort of the charting stuff that's going on to prep UI for the bits that are slated to go out soon. So the Dutch auction for the field, the withdrawal time recorded zero and then spending some time hopefully reviewing the the wells UI that we developed a few months ago.

So that's it for me sort of heads down the next week or so. Yeah. Feel free to ask the questions if you have any. That's a thank you. Certainly sweet, sweet ramblings. Farmer then and marketing of this student email does it go and yeah, I guess a few things here but basically the the focus for this month and you know sort of beyond is going to be highlighting all the recent development updates and advancements in.

You know, we spent some time this week working on like a threat outline that we can use to highlight these different topics and also like link any of the relevant documentation that already exists. So yeah, we'll be posting the first one today. It's going to be covering Wells a little bit and then going forward, you know, hoping to post I like two of these a week, probably covering different topics, you know, things like why is Composability important?

You know, what's toxic flow, the role that pumps have in the DEX architecture and, you know, like just different things like that. So yeah, that's what I've been working on for the most part this week.

Hello. Thank you. Thank you for them. I think I see that you are in the audience, that you want to give an update or or so on on the BOP or you are very satisfied with where things are at right now. Hey. Hey, Matt. Yeah. The ethical return contract was deployed at the end of last week. Thank everybody.

And being sinopharm's for being part of that, moving that sort and the on chain message was sent to the exploiter at Sundance. Did an extended Twitter thread yesterday giving a little bit more context and we're just going to move forward on the white hat and security front at this point, unless the exploiter does resurface and, you know, returns the funds.

But we're just going to continue to just move forward with the white hat and security effort. And as updates are available, I'll do my best to keep the community aware. And I did share a link to the thread that had finance put out the OP to channel for anybody that wants to refer to that. So that's all I have now.

Thank you. Thank Zika ops. I'm going to a server on YouTube, but let's not I think someone already. One more update on our end is our relationship with task. Who is our the PR agency that we worked with is currently on pause or to put it on pause. And you know, we will we we will visit that. You know what the data says.

We don't think that this is the right time to continue it at the moment. So we've put it on pause. Effective January 15th. So that's a few days ago. And we will we will be revisiting that finish repetitive as a bit of time. All right. Maybe before asking probably about any updates or closing comments on their end, I'm going to pause here and get a few moments to see if you know anyone, anyone at the Dow or anyone you know in the audience have have any thoughts or things that they would like to discuss.

Okay. Publish any closing comments or thoughts. Let's go down. How's it going, Mark? So sorry about the background noise on this and the wells. As Chad mentioned, it's now with Albarn or the chorus, which is a very exciting update, something we've been working on for months and months and months, and it's great to see some real progress on that front.

And, you know, there is still work to be done on the pumps and we didn't talk integration as we discussed in class, but this does feel like a big step in the right direction on this end. The main focus or the thing that's occupying most of our brainpower is governance. And at this point there hasn't been any update to Bienstock governance since the exploit or since replant with the back to the 50 snapshot based governance.

And in general, we feel like that is that was always a short term solution. But now that there seem to be some major friction around getting bits cast in general, the the governance of Bienstock seems to be the the the, the least common denominator of the system. So really trying to just give give the governance system its due and think deeply about what what a permanent permissionless governance system looks like and how how how bienstock could handle dissent in the community and forks and things like that.

So we don't have really anything substantive to say on the topic at the moment. But the update on this end is that that's really where we are directing a lot of our focus at the moment. So not too much to add on on things at the moment, but that's what's going on on this end. One thing maybe to talk about on this and, you know, just want to shout out the beanstalk developer community, you know, the, you know, the the release of wealth and the development of wealth has really become a community and community wide development effort.

And there's been so much help across, you know, the community and the beanstalk forums team and really getting the wealth to a place where it needs to be in order to truly be technology that can, you know, stand up the test of time. So just want to, you know, shout out all the people who have helped, you know, across the board getting this project to its near completion and, you know, really proud of the work that's been done and really happy to get this, you know, on chain in the hands of the farmers.

Thank you for this. We we can pause again here for a few minutes before ending this call just to see if anyone again has any any discussion or any topic that they would like to bring up to your free to unmute yourself and join the conversation or just drop us in the Borneo chat and I'll read it out loud.

Thank you all for joining us today and we'll see you next week's meeting. Have a good day.