DAO Weekly Meeting #5

December 30, 2021

00:00 Intro / Agenda • 00:25 Q1 Budget Proposal • 08:50 Bean Sprout • 11:21 Need for Metrics • 13:23 Marketing Budget • 16:35 Poker Tournament • 20:29 Curve Pool • 25:00 Newsletter and Newcomer Education • 41:40 Structure Update • 45:27 Educational Content • 54:16 Beanstalk Metaverse Ideas

DAO Meeting



Q1 Budget Proposal

  • Budget was formally proposed on chain within the past 24 hours and has gotten some support.
  • There were some concerns over the size of the budget and transparency. The size of the budget is in anticipation of growth throughout Q1 as Beanstalk Farms hires a number of full and part time contributors. Beanstalk Farms is very transparent with their roadmaps and much of the work is done in the open and can be followed closely on the Notion.

Bean Sprout

  • Focused on driving user growth with killer apps.
  • Had a call with Curve and talking to other teams regarding integrations.

Marketing Budget

  • Original marketing budget was 80K Beans. Paid for contributor labor, merch project, NFT project, and a landing page video.

Poker Tournament

  • Would be a good idea to challenge other DAOs to poker games.
  • Olympus and Bong Bears play poker often.
  • Raising funds for charity would generate some good coverage.
  • Farmer Dan is organizing the poker tournament.

Curve Pool

  • Plan is to launch a Curve pool that is unincentivized but can be accessed via the Bean website. Users will be able to trade and deposit liquidity. After that it is a matter of getting the Bean token integrated into the Curve ecosystem and getting Curve integrated into Beanstalk. This will involve getting a proposal passed for a gauge on the BEAN-3CRV pool and allowing Curve liquidity to be deposited into the Silo to earn Bean seignorage.

Newsletter and Newcomer Education

  • Good idea to have a newsletter for the community to keep up with events.
  • Office Hours would help people get up to speed on some of the more difficult concepts like Stalk, Seeds, Pods, etc.
  • Important for anyone new to get quality answers when they join the Discord.
  • Might be a good idea to have a group of people that can be tagged with questions.
  • Twitter Spaces are an effective outreach tool.
  • Good idea to have weekly updates in the Discord.

Structure Update

  • Been revamping the Notion, on track to launch in January. Engineering team has already been getting set up on the tools.
  • It has been set up with databases for department level pages, a CRM for partnerships, and various other templates.
  • Set up recruitment forms that integrate with Notion.
  • Next step is to get all the department leads on board and onto the system.
  • A ton of stuff has to be ported over from the old Notion pages.
  • Want to record a series of video explainers so that people can get up to speed really quickly.
  • An article will be coming in the next week on the structure.

Educational Content

  • Might be a good idea to have short courses on Teachable or Udemy. Something with short 5 minute lessons on concepts like the Silo and Field. Would be good marketing as well as education.
  • Might be something appropriate for Bean Sprout.
  • More video content could be very effective.

Beanstalk Metaverse Ideas

  • People could wander around on a metaverse experience learning about Beanstalk concepts.
  • Could interact with bean.money inside a browser in the metaverse.
  • Might be fun to have Beanstalk meetings in a barn in the metaverse.


um here we don't have uh you know a ton on the on the itinerary but there's a lot to talk about obviously with um with the budget coming out with uh uh the curve pool with you know we have a lot of exciting stuff and I'm sure there's a lot on people's on people's minds um probably so you have a couple of things you might want to uh keep the meeting off with sure so the immediate item uh is that the q1 budget was formally proposed on chain uh in the past 24 hours and uh it started to get a decent amount of support uh I don't recall exactly what it was it's about 20 at the moment and uh you know were it was a little bit of pushback from some people on the amount and a little bit of pushback by some people on the the transparency of it and just to respond to that um even though uh it seems like uh most of the people that raise those concerns are not here at the moment um the amount is largely a function of our expectations for the size of Beanstalk Farms over the next couple of months and how large it needs to be in order to deliver across a variety of really different projects and deliver really high quality work on all of them and do it in a decentralized fashion so the hope is to develop and train a you know a set of long-term contributors some in a full-time and some in part-time capacities um but in general uh working back from around a dozen you know full-time uh and two dozen part-time uh contributors uh that gets us pretty close to that number uh and you know there's some wiggle room with the Hope being that the doubts and continue being sock farms can continue to grow and isn't strapped for a cast it's a cash at the end of q1 uh like being stock Farms was at the end of Q4 uh you know because of the small 200 000 being allocation um and with regards to being Sprout uh that number is a little bit uh less substantiated candidly but the hope is that there's a lot of flexibility to fund some cool stuff so that hopefully some of it sticks uh it remains to be seen what the killer app uh for beans or for stalker seeds will be and uh as much as it's not good to talk and sort of you know truisms are platitudes maybe it's a better word um the there's a lot of benefit to the ecosystem from funding some innovative ideas at the moment through something like being Sprout and so the amount you know 2 million uh is around you know a little over two percent of the current value of uh Bean stocks market cap uh and uh really a very small fraction of the implied valuation on the debt side which uh recently crossed around a billion dollars uh and in short we still think it's enough Capital to allow Bean style Farms to execute uh decisively over the next couple of months but um it's an estimate um with regards to the transparency of the actions of Beanstalk Farms [Music] hey uh there's regular uh updates of the Beanstalk Farms roadmap um the last update was around seven weeks ago and there should be another update at some point in the first couple weeks of the new year um and furthermore uh a lot of the activity of being soft Farms can be followed along in the notion uh which a large portion of it is just accessible to the public to view because all of this is meant to happen in a welcoming and decentralized environment so uh the hope is to uh continue to create processes that are widely transparent and um respectfully we would uh say that most of the concern around uh you know lack of transparency of how Beanstalk Farms is doing or spending its money uh you know is probably misguided at the moment um so other than that uh regards to commenting on concerns about the budget um there is a lot of exciting growth uh happening around being stock farms and happening just in general around Beanstalk and the fact that beans continues to oscillate above and below a dollar and certainly tighter to a dollar is very exciting um there's been a lot of uh growth in the community and specifically the quality of contributors to be in stock so we've been very excited to see an increase in commitments from individuals that we find are very impressive um so we're very excited about what's going on uh in general I don't want to talk too long as we kick this off um because this is meant to be more of a community uh discussion about the state of Beanstalk and uh and uh don't wanna don't want to keep keep uh droning on but that's a little bit about what's on our minds on the Dow front uh it's generally all very exciting great no I appreciate that um and especially on the uh the bean sprout side of things uh I'd like to bring up uh Mr manifold who could maybe just introduce himself to anyone who hasn't uh hasn't chatted with him I had the pleasure of a long chat with him um yesterday and we uh I think he has a really great vision for being Sprout um and where it's going to be headed um but also it looks like we have a we have a prophet on stage uh in profit um happy to um you know the the floor is is widely open so people can come up and uh and bring up what's on their mind and go ahead being profit oh um we can't hear you or I can't at least you may have to set up your mic differently yeah we lost our profit okay um well once once you get it set up we'll um okay we'll get you get you going um Mr manifold are you in a place where you can come up be an intern uh let's take Bean intern and then we can do Mr manifold I'm I'm happy to wait wait if you like I think I have a pretty convoluted question so I'm happy for this amount of old to go fast I was going to raise my hand but I can't I have to just jump up okay go ahead yeah that's true anyone can just jump up on stage the way this is set up I believe uh go ahead Mr manifold and not to put you on the spot but I just would like you to introduce yourself no this is great I feel like I've been attending teams one thing can you speak up a little bit it's a little bit quiet on um on my end or give us a quick test here I don't want I don't want you to it's okay now that sounds much better go ahead beautiful no no I'm saying I've been listening to these downings for about a month now it's still a little hard to hear you again yeah your audio is a little spotty um okay is this better I just took my uh okay great now yeah excited to be here um have had several calls with obviously you dumpling fublius and and everybody kind of contributing uh within Beanstalk and bean sprout um George I'm looking through the list here I talked to Max earlier today I've spoken with Bean Merchant and um yeah really excited about the early community and and teaming of contributors that's building around being stock um kind of a little bit about my journey I've been involved in D5 pretty deeply for the past two years um and have seen certain ecosystems really start to thrive in the stable coin World in specific um I've mentioned Tara to to uh on the conversations I've had with people and I and I and I see a similar um you know ecosystem we can build around beans and stalks and seeds and pods and the silos yields and all the cool stuff we we always talk about and so you know with bean sprout one of the things that I'm I'm particularly focused on and and would love to see come to fruition is is you know one those killer apps that that leverage all the cool aspects of Beanstalk and and really Drive user growth um outside of the current community that we have and kind of give beans stock um like this supplemental branch and arm that that further you know helps us carry out and Achieve our goals so you know I know that's Broad and there's a lot you know I'd like to dive into um but excited to be here and and kind of hit next week running um and and there's just a ton of exciting things going on I mean we just had the curve call um and you know that looks like you know we've got to really in like strategic way to go about that um and and that's going to build really well for you know text ability and bringing in external dollars that are that currently aren't in being stocked today um and then you know we're we're talking to other teams as well um for Integrations and and yeah you know incredibly happy to be here and excited for the opportunity and and to work with you know like-minded people that that all share the same goals so thanks for bringing me up dumpling of course yeah thanks for coming up um okay uh be an intern your convoluted question um yeah no it's I don't think it's too complicated actually I was as I was thinking about a little bit more but um I just wanted to say because I know I pushed back on the bip but I don't know if anyone's noticed but I just push back on every dip because I want to see how people respond to me um but my main thing is that I think especially with some of it harder to quantify um bits and pieces I think just having like really clear metrics or as many I guess with like marketing and some of the growth stuff I think as long as there's sort of metrics and evaluation for how successful different campaigns have been I think that will definitely ease or even if that's like requirements for a certain level of reporting of the success of how money is spent I think that's the main thing that I have I guess issues with sometimes is that it can be hard to like quantify how much value we've gotten and I know that's really difficult in even in a traditional business sense but I just like with like maximum reporting of like how money is spent but with that boy and I know that can be pretty hard to say like oh no mistakes here and there but I just think it's much stronger sort of moving forward to make sure that capital's spent in a really effective way rather than just kind of throwing throwing it around absolutely yeah absolutely I I think that part of your question too that I'm not sure we got to in the in the Discord was um how much was the uh how much was the Q4 marketing budget that was one yeah yeah yeah um so that was in a bip um one of the early bits and bean Merchant I think I saw you're here um being Merchant uh I believe that was the bip that um that you were on can you come up on stage for a sec and probably as I think you could speak to it I think was it was it 80 000 beans for the um for the initial uh marketing budget the original marketing budget was 80 000 beatens correct and um just in terms of it's being merging Tech yeah go go ahead sorry yeah hold on let me see if I can open up easily uh Okay so uh some of the things that the marketing budget uh have paid for uh other than paying for being Merchants uh labor IPO and chills labor um and hype Ace Labor uh is dumplings merch project um uh there was a uh a revamp to the website uh and the web uh website designer was paid to do that um the nft project was funded through the marketing Budget on this quarter and then there's also a uh landing page video which has not been uh finished yet um but is being developed um and that sort of covers the extent of the marketing budget for 2021 yeah hectic I think I think I guess what um as long as there's some sort of system of like public reporting I guess of I know the main the main issue I had and this might just be a problem that just I have but I think it could be useful for other people as well is I'm across like a whole bunch of different projects and always kind of like jumping around in and out and I think it would be awesome sometimes I just want to like sort of catch up on what's going on and then it can be really good I guess to see like which projects um Money's been spent on and sort of things like that I just think it'd be awesome to have it collated so I guess that would be the main that would like aren't sort of quash most of my um concerns but yeah as I mentioned before when I sort of push back on a lot of the bips I'm more just uh testing and getting questions answered even though I know I can be aggressive with the way I push back on it as well I think that that it's actually uh it helped open up a conversation and I think it it often does um and then you you balance it nicely with uh with your presence when you're actually speaking so I appreciate that but I think that uh you brought up a good idea which is instead of someone having to search through you know scroll through all the snapshots and see okay this person was hired this person this came out of this budget this came out of this budget um having a document that just has a running um you know and this could be something that we utilize because a lot of things that aren't labor related are going to be going through bean sprout so having a bean sprout in a running Ledger basically saying here's here's what was spent on this here's what was spent on this here's you know we're starting with 800 000 here's um you hear the different things you know that are they're being spent on I think that's a good idea and certainly be open to um you know what uh Mr manifold and Publius and and other members of the community have to say about that but I think that that kind of transparency seems very good to me um is that kind of what you'd be after being entered yeah I think that would that'd be awesome and then I guess yeah I know we were talking about this before as well but um it'll be pretty crazy I know you were mentioning um a poker tournament and I think poker is something that a couple of because I know um NASDAQ you'd be in um bong Bears uh in the Bongos Discord they play poker often and I brought this up briefly I think it could be really uh funny if we organized a poker tournament and then we'd have to come up with a good way but basically to challenge other dows and say that like even if we're not better at poker than them but just say that we're going to beat them and then challenge a whole bunch of other doubts put forward some of our community members my money is on on our doubt candidly [Laughter] yeah I think and math people we have I think so yeah like especially when you can't read tells on online poker I think yeah I think it's great yeah but I think like especially maybe we maybe we do a lot of the actual um challenging like I'm definitely happy to be tweeting at people for the kind of I think maybe we have like a sort of quite polite invite because I think we don't want to have like too much meme aggressive um stuff like actually under the name of Beanstalk so maybe we like have a couple of people from the Dow as I like people to post at other Dao members to rile them up to get them into um wanting to like challenge Us in this poker tournament but yeah I think that that could make for a pretty interesting way to um but yeah I think because I know that Olympus has that um sort of connection with poker but I'm sure there's a few other people and then ideally you want to like bring in some other Dows that are competitive with each other and I think a good we need we could come up with a sort of Charity spin or something like that that might um entice them or at least a sort of good for the whole protocol spin that can justify it rather than just doing this sort of stuff yeah just come up a couple of times um as you know if we could round it out by a little bit of Charity especially if it was if we found a charity that was willing to play ball a little bit and accept its own beans it would be uh you know it'd be once those beans Harvest we'd sort of get two pieces of news right we'd get the piece of news initially when we donated it and then later when they harvested I think it could be kind of a cool thing imagine if as well we had it set up so that like a percentage is charitable oh trying to think of a way that it like forces like the dowels to buy some of each other's tokens if if I was gonna say actually like imagine if it was like everyone had to sew or like we have we agree we're gonna buy some a certain amount of whichever protocol uh which wins what I was going to say is just if we made another way we could kind of incentivize other protocols in is if we one of the prizes was a little like five ohm right or 3 ohm or something one of the prizes was uh you know we could have different different prizes for different protocols and then it would allow us to say that part of the prize pool is that token but then the number one prize b means oh but I yeah true yeah I like that um well we can discuss all these things in uh farmer Dan is doing the um is really going to be the one organizing it so but um you know we can all have have this discussion in the events tab but I think that's yeah that's very exciting I'm really excited for it yeah it'll be it'll be a pretty pretty interesting yeah I love I love that idea I feel like I'm gonna jump down and let let some other people speak because I can just absolutely speak forever sure sure how you doing um is it premature to give more of a detailed update on the the curbpool or is it uh is that something that needs to digest and talk about it a little later I'll let Publius speak to that I was in the meeting um but you know I wasn't contributing a whole lot I was really just to fly on the wall yeah so um it's kind of hard to you know speak in depth about kind of the overall you know kind of strategy with curve without you know taking a significant portion of time um but we will try to formulize kind of an outline of you know our plan for the curve rollout and as well as kind of how that impacts being in the bean token um but generally the idea is you know to first you know launch a curve pool that is unincentivized but can be accessed via the bean website users will be able to trade through the pool and a positive liquidity on the and then kind of this once we have that out you know kind of start down two different separate paths one of giving the B and three curve pull and the bean token integrated into the curb ecosystem in one to get curve integrated into being stock so kind of as we go down the route of getting beam integrated into the curb ecosystem what this entails is you know first off getting a proposal passed to get gauge and the ability to add gauge to the beam three curve pool and then you know kind of internally working on ways to build gauge through getting a voting share of curve the second way that we're going to work on that is you know allowing curve liquidity to be deposited into The Silo and earn rewards the same way that unit swap LP earns rewards on top of that once we're there we can allow users to convert to and from the curve pool as well as Beanstalk to earn the gauge rewards associated with that LP and start to build a voting share itself in the curve gauge voting um so you know there's kind of a lot there and a lot of differences that you know it might be better to break it down in an article and then discuss it in class um but that's kind of a short summary okay super cool thank you so much I'm Gonna Leave the floor open for a bit I think people might have uh questions and I have a couple of ideas for other people who could uh come up and share a few things but if there's any questions or things people want to bring up I think this is a good time okay let's be real um so this is this isn't really I don't really have anything in particular to like give an update on that I didn't already in the in the stand up but this is sort of just like a shout to the community so one thing that I'm focusing on is trying to figure out um how we can most effectively explain Beanstalk to non-advanced users over the next six months so what would be really helpful is if when any of you are explaining Beanstalk to like your non-djet like defy Degen friends like where the Hang-Ups in the explanation are like what pieces of the explanation like are not really resonating where it feels like we're just like we don't really like quite have the language or the phrasing that is like getting through to them so if you come up if you come across like any of those snags like it would be super helpful if you could shoot me a DM and just outline like what exactly wasn't working like what seems to resonate with with like newcomers really well um so so that would be that would be really good just from a marketing and and uh and messaging standpoint that's such a good point Uriel and I'm gonna call this e-reels Focus Group um hashrash and Jamin you guys have any ideas on this um yeah sure I kind of had a few things connecting to um stuff that had been said in um the stuff that e-real said and then they'd previously been said um so it seems that there's a large focus on kind of better communicating a lot of different things whether that's communicating to um people who don't really have any crypto experience or better communicating to the community um on things you know going on with the Dow and I was wondering if it would maybe be a good idea to create newsletters both like an internal newsletter and like an external newsletter um because we have a sort of a lot of um information about like what's going on either within the Dow or you know information about Beanstalk in general for new people um but I was thinking that maybe if we had like a newsletter that there's one specific place or uh one specific Source each week um that people can kind of check for updates and you know what's going on with Beanstalk that might help kind of um you know streamline the places people have to look just for like a um you know if they're trying to catch back up on Beanstalk or if they're a new person um they wanted to learn about Beanstalk you know they could look through the newsletter or uh um you know go to the get book or something like that um and so it would help both marketing to new people with the external newsletter and then helping um Dow members kind of stay updated um and Austin just hopped up but I guess I was kind of I got this idea from the notes that Austin always puts out from all of our meetings that's kind of like a great way to have like that that's basically most of what I would think of we want in kind of an internal newsletter along maybe with like information about um newly funded bean sprout projects or something along those lines foreign yeah I I think it um maybe a little bit difficult for some people to understand the stock and the seed uh mechanics um so I was thinking maybe having like office hours uh in the Discord where new people come in and they have a way to you know speak to somebody and get clarity and hopefully get them to convert to understand the protocol I don't know if that's something that has been discussed with like a community manager yeah it has um and maybe even short of having a community manager maybe just having people um the original Vision behind having the classes was kind of that you know in in right people having stupid questions small questions the classes have have turned into something really great I think but it's usually turned into a little bit more um nitty-gritty and like high level stuff yeah more sophisticated exactly right I think if we took if we took some people and almost like had a little bit of a test right or or we could I don't know how we would qualify people as um sort of like Tas right and the Tas could hold yes I think that's a great idea um yeah I love it but let's um we'll have to figure out a way to make sure that you know it's not that people are are qualified to answer the questions but I think that if they are it could be a really good idea because when if if a real newcomer comes to class they may or may not at this point be able to get their questions answered right so I think that's a good that's a good idea I mean we talked about this actually I think uh maybe three or four weeks ago we were talking about like graduating classes from one level to the other you know what we could do is for a few of us that have been around you for a couple of months we could just do um spreader maybe even like a daily or um every other day 15-minute session that hashrash is talking about or we can just sign up to say like look I'll take 15 minutes this day I'll take 15 minutes to stay and then we just share with the broader Community um what those are and we can make them again and probably it's obviously if you have the time but obviously know that this is your time is much more limited um but have like the shorter smaller sessions where those kinds of things can come up hash rash and then that way I think it would be able to address it in much more real time um like kind of like the Twitter spaces but almost like just for classes um and again maybe for those of us that have been here for a while we can just sign up for like 15 minute slots um once a day and like those could be like a standing time frame that people could jump in should they have questions yeah no I agree I mean I think it's I think it's a very important for anybody new that joins Discord um to get quality answers and to understand right we want that conversion we want to convert them do we have any statistics of you know uh active Discord users I know there's a 18 18 40 people that joined the Discord um do we know how many people connected their wallets and we have that number anyway I don't get that data but I think that you know some of those things are getable through Discord um we could work on getting that um it would be nice to know yeah a little bit more more details about who we're getting who we're losing um you know all right that kind of thing uh but overall just having it would it would make us a lot stickier if we had like if the Barnyard if we just not always had someone in the barnyard but always from you know in the evenings when people are on Discord or you know if we could have people in there if we could fill an hour a day with uh you know with with some sort of teachers that could be really good also just want to jump in here I think you know this it's kind of hard to predict when people are gonna gonna have interest and one want to ask questions but um an easy solution there I think is with the Shepherds we all know who the shepherds are if you see somebody new in there and you don't feel qualified to answer a question why don't we just tag the shepherd and say what do you think being interned or what you know tag all of them and then maybe one of them can respond pretty quickly just a thought yeah that works for for text um as far as for people who want to who feel like they need it sort of chatted through then um that would be where we'd have the sort of office hours for um but I definitely agree with that if we could just direct because often people are going to ask questions instead of yeah yeah I think definitely didn't it'd be really good as well okay versions for them and I don't know if we have been doing them and let's do uh let's do JW first and then we'll get to you be natural yeah yeah just quickly I think we actually added the scholars tag for that exact reason similar to what James Bean was saying um so yeah maybe we can do that but then I agree the standing more people can come in and talk I think because people sometimes can just be feel more comfortable that way um but is there if there's a way to set it up that we can tag the scholars that would be really helpful as well I think so yeah we need a little more clarity on what Scholars is and you know because right now Scholars are kind of acting more as like mods and we need to like we need to have people who yeah anyway we can work on that later but yes that's that's a good idea and we need a little more clarity on that once we have a specific tag for that person then we can have we can always tag those people when we need to answer a specific question um be an intern uh I was just gonna say have we been doing um any like regular Twitter spaces I'm not sure if they've just been in times that I'm missing or it's not something that sort of continued it'd be good to get like I think Twitter spaces as well could be a good opportunity to add some of those small dumb questions wait sorry some background noise coming through a whole bunch yeah I hear you um about once a week uh and IPO and chill and hype Bay have been leading those um there was one that was missed this week just because it would have fell in like Christmas day or something so the next one's going to be next week um okay and I would really like them to to get adapted to two a week because they've been really successful yeah what sort of time do you guys um do them is there is there a set time or is it just randomly sort of yeah so far they've been a bit random I think they should have more of a set time they've been available more like one of them was on a Saturday like um 11 A.M Pacific I think so kind of midday Eastern and then another one was um I think like five o'clock or so it wasn't so I think we should try for more of the evening because that's when Twitter spaces tend to be more popular but um that's something we can refine as we go or do you think at a consistent time similar to these like Town Hall meetings is would be good uh somewhat yeah I think that could be that's that would just make it a lot easier for me is the main thing and I think if people can sort of plan around it um because ideally we'd want anyone that is uh in the Beanstalk community that has a decent uh Twitter following jumping into them even if you're not gonna like be super active at least jump in because then like your sort of followers can see that it's popping up there because I just think that that's it's a because it's new and lots of people are engaging with Twitter spaces a lot at the moment it's like a crazy cheap effective market like even if they don't join they're just going to see Beanstalk q a at the top of their Twitter um and I think we've got quite a few people with a decent amount of following and it's like really targeted because it's going to be everyone that's in like crypto Twitter I'm going to add you to the DM with the Twitter spaces so that you can share your ideas in there I think it'll be good yeah easy thank you um and I totally agree that if you have someone with a lot of followers we have some ideas with cross promotion with with Olympus and with different places that might have so yeah totally good um there's a couple people who've been up here for a little bit who haven't had a chance to speak um Austin and Bernoulli I'd like to get in um Austin did you have anything sure yeah I guess we're doing this a little bit out of order but uh I came up whenever j-man was talking about the newsletter uh I was curious like kind of on your thoughts on like the notes today is the main thing that you would like to subscribe to an email newsletter or I'd be curious to hear from you know everyone here in terms of I mean maybe the low-hanging fruit is really we could just have the notion and last week's AMA notes and down meeting notes added to the weekly updates and start here channels and that would probably go a long way in terms of uh onboarding new members but um I'm curious if folks are having a hard time keeping up with things happening in the Dow and the like and how I can help out with that I'll let others speak to that because uh yeah I think yeah Allison you and I actually talked about this before um so I do think like uh doing like a you know a tldr at the top of it or something like that with like the five bullet points and then maybe we just I don't know the date of it but like kind of key takeaways to the top of it I think would be really advantageous um I think we're all in agreement that the notes that you put together are fantastic um but I just think it's hard because if you're if someone's jumping into it and they see like a long string of it it's just a lot to digest so if they've got you know three to five things to just as the takeaway um and then I don't know if that works then as like the newsletter but the tier point is now of like emails or something like that um J manforce I don't know if you have any thoughts but obviously we're not doing any kind of an email list um so I think sending some kind of an update that way would be a little tough other than providing like the updates in the Discord or on the notion I'm not sure how else we would disseminate it yeah um for the I was really thinking um yeah for like a Discord or uh notion updates for the internal part um just because I understand that not everyone wants to put their email out there or anything um yeah maybe we can play with just updating the weekly updates Channel with last week's uh notes and yeah I'm more than happy to add add a recap uh at the top of each and that's uh that's definitely very straightforward and I agree we'll definitely help out with folks who have less context on kind of the day-to-day happenings it might be nice also to get these things tweeted out there I don't know how we could achieve that but um you know we have so much going on and so much to kind of kind of brag about honestly that it'd be nice to get some of that out there from the official Beanstalk Twitter or from um from other people's traders that we could all retweet that sort of thing that can be distributed [Music] I don't know if anybody has seen the Agora dispatch from Olympus uh but that does a really good job summarizing uh everything that's going on in Olympics and I probably have way more than we got but um anybody has a chance to take a look at that maybe do something like that yeah also uh I think obey does a really good job with sort of their weekly update uh where they include both sort of a recap of like the financial Market as well as some of the technical developments that they've been doing and then they post that in their Forum um as well as making into a PDF that they can distribute um hashrash and George would you guys mind just dropping uh like examples of those PDFs like either well yeah I think it's okay to put it in the general or even just fire over a DM or something like that it'd be great to see it yeah I'd be curious if you know folks are Distributing the PDFs on Twitter and things like that um yeah I'm sure there's a lot to to copy in terms of good practices yeah I mean Austin if you want you and I can can regroup on this I know we kind of Kindle that fire um about two or three weeks ago I think I just got very focused on the nft stuff but I think it's something you and I could pick up pretty quickly if it's anyway helpful for sure and maybe include George and hashrash because they have some ideas too I think if you if you forward made a little working group on that that could be really good yep we'll do it right now um Bernoulli yeah I just wanted to I love your Bean brandly thank you I yeah very very happy to have uh finally finally joined the club was able to find low enough gas um uh but wanted since since well with all the uh talk of newsletters uh and such wanted to to share this one idea um that has kind of been percolating a bit from the first conversations with with dumpling and Publius um but I've also been talking to zero X7 a little bit about it um but I was able to secure the uh the being Economist Twitter handle uh and one kind of idea we had there is like just a weekly update on the economic performance of being so you know summary stats on Peg adherence that cleared and issued new things minted um things like that but I just wanted to to flag that that was something uh that that I was uh starting to uh starting to work on and wanted to start to make posts from that account and eventually sort of create a formalized report kind of on a weekly basis and uh you know that that's something we might want to fold into the newsletter to include both in the newsletter and and in sort of a separate Twitter account so people can react to the individual statistics so one of the throughout the idea there uh see if it's relevant for the discussion of the newsletter and also just if anybody has idea for um interesting summary stats or visualizations uh would would always love to hear them I think that's an awesome idea yeah I'll throw you into the mix I feel like we're all in Zog zwang in the chess game or something um tb456 um three three four five six you know Mike might not be on okay well the floor is uh open maybe uh maybe we could get you up here to talk a little bit about the structuring of the Dow yes absolutely uh here are you available to come up hey everyone can you hear me um yeah cool I can give a quick status update on the work that I've been doing in the background um and then like open with questions if there are any but yeah like it's been a lot of um stuff happening um interplay that that wouldn't have been seen by anyone but it's like um just like you know a big part of it is revamping um our notion and Discord uh for the Dow opening that's you know that we're trying to get launched kind of officially um mid-January so I think like we're actually really on track and potentially can launch earlier um and I think uh some of the engineering team maybe it's like the front-end engineering team is actually already um getting set up on the tools so that's like really really good to see um in terms of what's being built like um in from the notion side all of the um databases have been set up the department level Pages have been set up um and then a variety of like miscellaneous databases have been set up for example uh like a CRM for Partnerships um and and like you know various other templates um the and that's and that's like mostly for the notion side and on the Discord side um it's uh yeah I would like just getting started working on this and um uh like what I've just what I've just done this morning is set up like the recruitment um forms um that integrate with notion so that's looking pretty good and then the main next steps for me uh or for our team will be like um getting all the other department leads on board and onto the system there's a lot of um uh stuff that is has to be ported over from the old notion um pages into the new one so that that just has to happen in the background I'll be working with the other department leads to you know get that set up appropriately um I want to record a series of video explainers so that people can um you know get up to speed really quickly I've already written um kind of like an article on on the structure uh which I'll be sharing um at some point in the near future like in the next week or so um but I want to supplement that with videos because everyone likes videos and it's more likely that you'll watch a video than read a long article um I also want to send out comms to describe all the updates and changes um and then work with the team to get everything ready for launch so that's that's basically my update um Q took us through it and it's everything you've done here is very beautiful and so much more organized and we just love it so very excited to see your continued work on that and uh yeah that's so appreciated so um that's gonna be great to keep us organized and to have some really good workflows and everything so that's a really really great and I'm excited to see what you do with Discord because I think everyone knows and there's been some chat that it's getting a little bit uh you know it's getting a little a little bit difficult to find what you're looking for a little bit you know it's kind of growing a bit like a cancer so it's good to get it tame and organized so appreciate that no worries we have someone else just jump up here no can you guys hear me yes we can now okay perfect sorry I was trying to figure out my mic I've been um since we were talking about uh just onboarding people what I've noticed is there is less kind of like visual training on how to kind of work with Beanstalk and what Beanstalk is and I think that's what maybe you was referring to is and I I guess the idea that I was trying to suggest is maybe have like a mini course on a platform like teachable or or udemy um like a 25 to 30 minute short course which has like short lessons five minutes each you know one covers to siled the other covers the field kind of thing I'm I mean I would do it if I was qualified enough to do a beanstalk course but I think it might be a cool idea especially because a lot of developers also hang out a lot of technical people hang out at these platforms um it can also be like a marketing thing because uh new people would discover us on these platforms so I don't know what we think but I think um that um some kind of visual medium to explain uh being stuck in a structured format might be might be nice especially because a lot of the questions are very repetitive I feel like um that come on on discard yeah that's it sure no I think that's a great idea um it's to clarify a little bit what he was talking about was more for internal stuff so people who were coming on um you know who are coming on to use the notion to figure out you know exactly how to to use different parts and how you know what best practices are and that sort of thing internally but I think that uh that really sounds like a a very nice idea but it'd be amazing if we have it I guess the question is is that where we want to you know expend resources or do we want to try to pick lower hanging fruit first I think would be the question but um that this would be the exact sort of project that could be proposed and could be um done through bean sprout so I think that's you know something that um certainly could be done yep sounds good I mean uh it I'd be happy to to to help anybody I do online courses for a living so if anybody's thinking about it I'm happy to help um formulate that and to me one more point it kind of brings a fourth is is Discovery and when you do discover let's say Beanstalk um and and one thing I've been working on is is SEO um which is basically you know people discovering us through search um and I've noticed that like in SEO one thing is that there's you've got to have some content on your website which explains and I know we are kind of doing it off website we're kind of doing it on medium and and different places um so when you go to the about page of the website for example there's not a whole lot to kind of describe um what Beanstalk is um so I don't know who thinks about that but I think that's one more thing that's just the content of the website describing what Beanstalk does uh might be helpful and I think right now it's kind of structured mostly for very crypto very D5 people because everybody's going to run to the white paper so I don't know that's uh just one more thing I wanted to bring up but that's that's it thank you so on that front you know we've definitely been interested creating a landing page on the bean money website and you know Wolfie you know is still working on a video kind of intro explainer video that will be you know the focal point of that kind of landing page um you know be the landing page in the works and you know we should probably expedite the process of getting the language and copy study room to go sounds good thank you age you know be copy the copies kind of needs to be worked out so if anyone is kind of interested in taking on you know drafting the language for the landing page that would yeah I'd be I'd be happy to help with that um dumping just let me know that's a lot of the full-time focused me on web2 stuff right now okay great um and one thing I want to bring up is uh TB I know that for SEO sometimes people if they associate if there's a Blog associated with a uh with a website like if you sort of wrap the blog within the URL um that can really help for SEO it's that um is that true in your experience or is that something like should we continue to use notion or should we try to have an internal blog or I just wanted to we can chat about that offline too but um I would just be interested in your take on that yeah I mean the I wanted to mention that but I felt like I didn't want to you know propose a change that's like too drastic but it definitely if you look at it some some of the other crypto websites um you know they have a Blog and even stable clients you know a blog post as simple as like what is an algorithmic stable coin um and it's on a beamed off money website and it starts ranking I mean that's gonna get us a ton of traffic so that's definitely a best practice um and and so I don't know how to bridge the gap between all the content we have on medium um and our medium does Rank and I've seen it but it doesn't rank as high so um if we if we are open to thinking about having a Blog associated with our own website on our own domain I think that's going to help a ton in the long term in in getting such traffic something on that note there's just there's a ton of other content we could add and migrate over to the site to help with crawling to help with SEO ranking in general for sure okay yeah I think these are these are good things to discuss and think about um as we especially as we build the site and we have the landing page it seems like those are things we could incorporate to that um we can leave that for now but I think that's great sure Mike was open do you have something to say I was going to say that uh since we're talking about this site uh it's super uh helpful to expand uh specific sections of the website to get detailed explanation of what as an example Silo is um was thinking would it make sense to add like a um you know linked to a video explaining um that section so you know you would have links in the descriptive section of the feature and that will also take you to a video that explaining it would that make sense well at this point we don't have those videos but if we did um yeah that could be it that could be a an option um are you suggesting like short little like one minute videos explaining that um and would this be hosted on the site or would this be like linked to something like to like YouTube or somewhere else um they can be embedded YouTube links okay and get the content out into YouTube all right so you're thinking like when you when you expand from from being money if you like what is the field you would that would make it a drop down and then there'd be a video beneath the text explanation um could be I mean I don't know how that would look on a website but possibly okay something to think about I think definitely more video content um is is great um and if you know I think this would this would be a good first bean sprout project is people who you know who would really want to walk through and um now we have to see what the Wolfie video has we don't want to duplicate uh effort but smaller videos explaining individual portions of Beanstalk seem like that could be a really effective thing for sure trying to think of the best use of our next uh four or five minutes here is anyone on stage have anything else to say hi um I was just gonna say I could make use of the metabean for additional stuff I don't know how many people have said they're like gather town you're kind of cutting in and out a metabean hello can you hear me more clearly now is it I don't know if it's my connection yeah okay so I was sitting a bit far away from my computer uh Hugh ages ago like super early Beanstalk um made like a gather town space where you can actually interact with different parts and I think it could be interesting to put you could sort of put a little educational signs and things to read about um to explain different parts of the protocol in there and then we could just have it up as a thing that people can wander around in to learn there was a yeah just to Echo that there was a um I think it was redacted uh they had like a community engagement event I'll link I'll find a link to it um but it was a gather town map that they had created and it was one of the most immersive kind of like metaverse experiences I've had um it blew our metaphor oh you're cutting out you're cutting um be an intern yeah um anyway like uh it it was so much more um immersive than than the metabean but I mean we had a lot of fun putting that together and there's some pretty cool Integrations like one of the things you can do is you can like put these um like embedded uh browsers everywhere in the map um so you can put one uh in like a like a little graphical um computer like a little computer thing in the map and you click on it and opens a browser but one of the coolest things is that you can interact with metamask through the browser within gather town and so we have this thing set up where you can go to a computer and then um uh like interact with being the money uh through metamask within the metabeans it's fantastic but you can extend that very easily to adding educational resources as you say or like hosting town halls or a whole bunch of other things so yeah there's some ideas so cool it sounds so cool I had this idea of trying to have our our meetings early on I had this idea of like having them like in a barn where we could like be like sitting on bales of hay and like our us and our beans and I thought that's something that would have to happen in like you know a year from now or something but if you can make that happen but even better than that would be what you said like walk around like a digital farm right and like go to The Silo and like learn about The Silo at The Silo like go you know go to the field and learn about you know that sounds amazing to me I'm almost tempted to show you um if if anyone has like oh it's only one minute left maybe I'll just share some screen no but we don't I mean there's no hard stop here I've I'd be really let's do it like other people probably would too rather being reveal um unfortunately I can't share my screen on this thing it doesn't oh I wonder if I can give you a permission or something I think on this stage you're not able to to share screen how about this how about we all um we go to people who want to see this um now we could yep Back To The Barnyard and let's uh let's go to this let's watch it hey everyone walk on over back from Once We Came um just to like talking about a Discord bloat we have a lot of we have a lot of um a lot of different voice channels I was like lost looking for a meeting and I kept I just joined the wrong one and was sitting in there on my own for ages without realizing that I was missing out on a call yeah that happens to me too so we do a bad Discord plan I just find myself scrolling and scrolling we have to yeah I've already I already I don't know if anyone noticed but I made I made like an archive section and started dragging channels we didn't need down there so you can actually drag other channels you want to temporarily I thought it's better to have it there just in case we don't want to completely delete them but then yeah didn't want to do too any too many crazy things I just did The Farmhouse and the bean recipes because it was pretty unanimous that we don't use them anymore but yeah please move other channels down there oh okay so you're actually working on on uh before we get too crazy you know changing our Discord around you're working on it right I am so there's like um uh yeah so let's let's let you do it and sorry be an intern I agree with that but he's gonna do it so let's have one person in charge okay let's see this let's do this okay cool uh let me just show my screen so um yeah like a bit of story um so like being interned myself and I actually can't remember what his nickname is but uh one other uh guy called Liam we we got together and basically like joined this um uh gather town as just a way to hang out during covert and we drew this town plan because we wanted to create like a bean metaverse and so we have like the field for sewing we've got the silo we've got the market and we've got the Great Hall and um you know this is just like our town plan but then if I like exit out of this I'll show you what it actually looks like um this is the market that I'm sitting in and so you can have like these white boards and signs that that display certain information um and these computer terminals where you can open the browser but I'll just give you like the quick tour if I walk around here um so you can come through here and um this is the Great Hall this is where we meet to discuss Bean related matters and come in here and basically like stand at the podium and then you're now broadcasting to the whole room um and you can imagine like everyone's sitting here and listening and basically like we do on Discord but it's more of a um like a yeah like a metaverse experience um and if I go over here this is the field um where you you know you can get sewing and as I said like I can you know click X on this computer terminal and it's going to open up the web app um and then you know once this loads I you can see that my wallet's connected and then I can go through and basically like you know do stuff here so if I click this what it's going to do I'm not sure if you can see the pop-up but it's gonna like pop up metamask and I'll be able to you know um or convert Bean or whatever it is like this is much better yeah I I didn't like that either I noticed that 280 just I didn't want to add more um sorry that's yeah so anyway that's like kind of the main thing there and you can come across and we've got the same thing for The Silo we've just represented it with a whole bunch of barrels um I love it this is so cool yeah and what we really wanted like we had this Vision when we first started this like we wanted to have this um um you know the Beanstalk has like a dynamic object that could grow um based on like the size of the protocol or some other metric um but yeah like we didn't get around to to sort of fully fleshing this out and the last thing here is the Mead and beer Tavern it's just like a stupid space that you know you could kind of like come and socialize um or you can take your meetings here for example um yeah anyway that's that's kind of that's kind of a tour I love you so much this is I'm going to change the town hall to the Great Hall first off we now have great hall meetings well you see the great thing is right like because you can embed um like any browser right or any website you can if you've got a poker game on a website like poker.com or whatever it would be then all you need to do is just have it um linked to the terminal that you're playing on um and then you know people can play on it right um what I was basically thinking in the future so I don't want to cut you off we stop putting all of the videos and everything in there as well yeah oh by the way this was when this is back in before bit two this was like just after bit one I think and we'd like put this as a proposal but we never actually did anything with it I love the idea of the Beanstalk growing like growing somewhere getting bigger and bigger like that's awesome yeah when we when we're trying to figure out ways of like expanding the nft space too like I was definitely looking into the in the um Hitler town a little bit but this is so fantastic yeah so I want to find there was a there was like another one um but I'll have to find it anyway it's like there was another one that I think it was redacted did and it's it's so worth having a look at it's a lot of fun um and there were all of these like Easter eggs everywhere um some phenomenal work but uh and I don't know how they did it and they must have worked with gather town to build it because it was so complex um but yeah it was a lot of fun and got so many people on Twitter like sharing like screenshots and yeah it was a really big thing for a redacted some screenshots and I'm gonna share them on Twitter just you doing that I can totally see that dude that would be so clutch for us in terms of in terms of socializing and making it like the educational accessible and stuff like that I mean um I I think like that's you know something I know something you and I've talked about in the past but like there was a playfulness to the site when it was kind of the long scroll in the past and as a result like it almost had this like gamification feel but like that obviously takes it to a different level um it is fantastic I mean that's so cool I was about to say it all it does feel very like you said like playful as opposed to like Temple dial using crypto voxels like it's much different and I like it like this is it's perfect for us I think yeah it's in it like it makes me want to explore it it makes me not feel like overwhelmed by it um I think it really does embody like from from like in my on my side at least what it's been like to be part of being stuck so I think this is something we should I mean continue to build for sure and figure out how we can use it um either internally but definitely externally I think it's a great way to attract new people to it and we can use it as a as a way to really educate about the protocol in a playful way so one question you in terms of loading data feeds into you know uh the space can we kind of Route API calls that return data in there and you know kind of get some you open this board it tells you the analytics maybe even load a graph into there yeah I mean I don't see why not right like it provided that there's um you know you can Surface on a web browser like you could easily put June analytics right just embed the link to do analytics where I think you know it would be interesting to talk to the devs from gather town to understand more is like yeah can you put some web hooks in um into like in into our systems and actually and actually change the map dynamically like maybe you have a billboard or something that shows the current price for example or like the market cap or whatever it is without needing to go into a browser but for MVP like you know you can you can do everything on a browser you should be able to do it um natively yeah thank you