DAO Weekly Meeting #49

December 8, 2022

0:00 Intro • 0:16 Operations Update • 3:01 Design Update • 6:30 Development Updates • 7:21 Marketing Update • 9:25 BOP-2 • 11:32 Publius Update • 18:20 Beanstalk Farms budget Stalk voting on proposals • 27:18 Closing statement

DAO Meeting


Meeting Notes

Operations Update

  • Guy had a call with the Code4rean team, the thinking is we have some audit competition for BIPs before they go live for voting
  • Documentation for BIP-30 is ready to go if BIP-30 passes
  • There is a lot of stuff to update for the Seraph BIP

Design Update

  • Working on the details around Pod Market V2 graph, trying to make it generalized so the team can use it for other graphs
  • Claim and do X is going to be ready for the frontend team to use
  • There will be a design kit for Beanstalk is being actively worked on

Development Updates

  • It's infrastructure month, so we're focused heavily on writing docs, nailing processes with auditors, and generally setting things up to grow the team as @guy mentioned
  • In progress on UI: we're migrating the existing pod market chart & graphs to the new layout designed by @sweetredbeans and updating the data to pull from the latest decentralized subgraph by @Cujo

In progress on protocol: - Base documentation PR https://github.com/BeanstalkFarms/Beanstalk/pull/155 - SiloFacet docs & naming changes https://github.com/BeanstalkFarms/Beanstalk/pull/153 - @m00n working on Tractor https://github.com/BeanstalkFarms/Beanstalk/pull/154

Marketing Update


Publius Update

  • It is infracture month and Publius is actively helping Beanstalk Farms
  • The goal is to have new devs or auditors to have the least amount of frication when trying to get immersed within the Beanstalk code base
  • Publius is thinking about a road map for the next little bit. This will be separate from Beanstalk Farms and this is just what Publius’ thoughts on things
  • The Seraph process is being actively worked on, and the hope is the Seraph BIP and everything associated with it be purposed soon. The members of the BSC (Beanstalk Seaph Committee) will be anonymous to preserve the runbook.

Beanstalk Farms budget Stalk voting on proposals

  • Beanstalk Farms deposited their budget within the Silo so they own an amount of Stalk. There are a couple of questions like does Beanstalk Farms vote as one or do they take votes from contributors
  • Publius thinks this makes sense
  • It may make sense to exclude certain proposals such as budget BIPs and other proposals where there could be bias
  • Publius adds that this does not scale to on-chain governance. It becomes very complicated to add certain rules within a BIP
  • If a wallet cannot vote on a BIP, it does not make sense to count that Stalk towards quorum
  • Mod323 adds the idea that we just block the Beanstalk Farms Stalk from quorum


okay I think we can get started another reminder to everyone that this meeting is for the Dao this means that you can unmute yourself at any point uh join the conversation or start one of your own okay um why don't we get started with updates from Beanstalk Farms guy how's everything with you hey mod doing well uh let's see you can give a couple couple updates um this morning had a call with some folks from the code arena team so for context uh with regard to bips moving forward that uh ship new code I think it probably makes sense to have some sort of period where it's listed as in scope and the immunify program perhaps we can also set up some audit competitions like with projects like C4 or code Arena and I think it's probably not in the cards to uh test out code Arena on the next bip but hopefully sometime in January we can do a trust test trial of that and the thing makes a lot of sense to you know have that along with being in scope of the immunified program and post post halborn audit so stay tuned for for updates on that possibly next month sometime um otherwise I think most of the documentation for bip 30 is queued up and ready to go with regards to the white paper the almanac and the technical Docs and uh yeah I mean over the next week or so there's sort of a a mountain of stuff to update for the Seraph bip with regard to BCM processes Bic processes things like that so I'll be heads down on that and after that gonna be spending some more time thinking about how we find more uh more Engineers uh particularly on on the front end side of things which has been a been a bottleneck so if you are an engineer have any friends that are Engineers that might be interested in working on Beanstalk let me know thanks Guy um can you maybe also update us on what's the status of bip 30 did it pass so I think the Quorum calculation on the U on the UI at the moment is a little bit imperfect but given the view number of withdrawals over the last week that happened during the voting period I think it's pretty safe to say that uh it's in good shape to pass in a couple hours okay sounds good and thank you for the update all right um a farmer Dan did you want to give us some updates on marketing at your end I don't know if you size uh message in the chat I see it now okay um and we are also waiting for an update from Dev maybe sweet red beans yeah hey bud uh going well how are you doing doing well here sir good uh a short update for me today but sort of working on some of the details on the Pod Marketplace V2 graph um you know hopefully this the the graph is what well sort of working on some of the last minute like Zoom zooming and uh some of the smaller details with regards to the chart in particular but uh the idea is to build it in such a way that it's sufficiently generalized so that if we would like to build other markets uh we can use the same components and so that's sort of uh from now until the end of the year we'll we'll probably take the majority of my time and then I think hopefully by tomorrow uh we have another designer on beanstuck farms who's working on the claim and do x uh capability and so hopefully by tomorrow we have a finished spec for for the front end team to sort of go and build that um and then we've made uh uh we're getting the rest of the sort of color palettes and and theming into a uh UI kit so that and all the colors so we could sort of make that extensible for uh for the future so in the case you know you can sort of think of like if somebody were to go build a the I know there's a bean sprout Grant right now for the coop and uh provided we find you know a designer who wants to take on that work the goal is to have the the UI kit in in a place where they could you know sort of just come in and and grab all the components and the colors and the styles that they need to just sort of extend them so that's that's sort of in progress um you know maybe still a few weeks up from finishing that but uh yeah that's that's for the last week or so and that's sort of where we're going so SRV you said that you'll be working on um do you say like designs that can be used as modules later by others did I understand that correctly that's correct yeah so the goal is to basically create a a figma artifact that can be sort of cloned and it in that figma artifact you would have like you know a base component uh all of the padding and spacing all of you know the Border radius and uh of the icons that you know basically all and the colors so that if somebody wanted to you know they have basically a starting point to like go build some Beanstalk UI um which is maybe separate from the core app and uh that's that's sort of the idea behind the UI kit okay and and you give that as an example uh or for example building the UI for the coupe they may utilize things things like that or or or this kit for example that's that's the Hope yeah hopefully by the end of the year we're finished with this and so you know if we end up finding a product designer or somebody or ux person who wants to work on the coop they'd be able to to use uh this this artifact okay great anything else with red means I think that's it from my ad uh you know if if any of you are listening or you you know you have a friend who's a product designer who uh would like to help out with some Beanstalk work I mean we have plenty of work to do so uh you know please DM me or feel free to make an introduction but otherwise that's that's it on my end all right thank you um I'm going to read the development updates from side of the chat and then maybe we can go back to marketing dropped the update I'm going to read it or read it out loud so it's infrastructure month and the team is focused heavily on writing docs and nailing processes with Auditors and generally setting up things to grow um you know as guy mentioned so what's in progress right now is that the UI uh where the team is migrating the existing pod Market chart and graphs to the new layout designed by sweet red beans and then updating the data to pull from the latest subgraph that was set up by Cujo otherwise there are the work in progress is updating the base documentation and then the style of asset docs and there are naming changes there as well and then lastly moon is also working on tractor okay all right farmer Dan hey guys um yeah so let's see here um of the past week uh new episode of the bean pod was put out uh talking about Paradox um you know some of the novel Concepts they're bringing into um you know betting protocol um as well as some stuff about root um there was a new Bean Bowl song that was put on YouTube um and also the bi-weekly being went out um on December 2nd so maybe a little over a week ago um and yeah and then on my end I uploaded the marketing content calendar up to notion um and you know kind of to just go over that a little bit it's just basically um a weekly schedule um for you know different releases that we have going on whether it be um you know the audio team putting together a new video um or you know a podcast Radio D5 um bean pod that kind of stuff um and then also just some stuff that I want to start doing as well um so I mean the goal here is to you know reach the point where we're putting out some sort of high quality content or media writing three to five days a week um you know usually that bean pod type of stuff on Mondays um middle of the week doing some sort of um like sound bite and explainer stuff um and then wrapping up the week with a thread um a little bit out of sorts this week you know um getting over being sick and everything like that but um expect one of those sound bites to come out today um and then yeah we'll just uh try and get more consistent on putting this stuff out in accordance with the calendar as the month goes on um so yeah that's that's pretty much it for me thank you farmer down and I wish you a speedy recovery and I also dropped the link to the latest being Bull song uh in the barnyard chat okay um I think that's it for Beanstalk Farms um syncubator see that you're here with us did you want to give us an update on on The Bob that that you propose or plan on proposing hey Ma do you hear me all right I hear you agree yeah so um thank you um yeah blp2 I had a lot of deliberation about that um as everybody's aware wanted to thank everybody again for all their feedback and input really appreciate it um over the past week we've had some suggestions and updated the draft based off of the feedback we got in the channel from the community so um looks like we're good to go um Austin our guy rather reached out to me told me we had to cut a couple hundred characters so it would fit within the snapshot character limit so that looks like it's squared away and hopefully um if the BCM is available to post it tomorrow or this weekend looks like we'll go forward from there so thank you again everybody for that and for your patience and understanding decentralized governance is not easy and I think it's something that everybody's learning and I think you know it's been a solid learning experience so thank you thank you sync and you know the same goes we're learning or doing this uh and figuring it out together so when do you expect to or when can we expect you know voting to open uh for this bop or Bop I believe um if the BCM is able to post it the snapshot tomorrow um that's the that was what we were planning or that you know but I'm going to defer to the guy in the BCM on that okay so we will keep an eye on I believe there'll be an announcement uh once it goes live anyways yeah once um once a snapshot posted guy's gonna reach out to me and I'll I'll go ahead and post the announcement and keep on top of that sounds good okay uh Publius any any thoughts on your end or updates that you'd like to share Ahmad a relatively quiet week on this end uh as you read uh from Chad's mentioned it's infrastructure month and we're actively and uh excitedly participating in it uh trying our best to help uh document the contracts and really get get things to a point where new devs or new Auditors or new people that are engaging in the Beanstalk ecosystem have as little friction as possible to really immerse themselves in it and one of the main limiting factors to date has been cohesive and comprehensive technical documentation the agronomics handbook that just dropped is a great step in that direction but getting the contracts themselves uh really cleanly annotated that's probably the best thing that can be done on that front and therefore uh trying to try to help out uh as much as possible on that front and otherwise we had previously mentioned either in class or perhaps in the Dow meeting uh Our intention to write uh like an end of year road map of some sort uh which we hope will lay out to some extent our understanding of the lay of the land at the moment and where things are probably going or where we we can see them going and that that's uh well we haven't uh put pen to paper if you will uh that's also been top of Mind during infrastructure month is really trying to figure out what is the what are the important things and how to best articulate them uh and their thoughts on them so uh not not too much work to to show on that front at the moment but hopefully by the end of the year we'll be able to publish something and we don't intend to publish that with Beanstalk Farms or with anyone else we're just going to publish that as Publius as of now and it'll just kind of be our our thoughts on things and so take them or leave them and maybe the only other thing with noting is that Seraph uh that that process uh which has now been going on pretty actively for two months maybe even three months at this point with significant back and forth between ourselves being stock farms and alborn and their Seraph team uh in order to try to get this up and running uh the hope is to have the Seraph Bib and all of the associated things uh that go with it and just because we're talking about it we can't take almost any credit for it there's a a large lift happening uh here but don't uh I I believe the intention is for the members of the BSC to remain anonymous when they propose incorporating Seraph to protect the Integrity of the the Seraph run books and so can't actually shout out any of the members of the BSC but would just say which would be the Beanstalk serif committee if it's created by the Dow by the Seraph vote but would just say that we've been witnessing just how much work and thought and effort has been going into trying to create a useful extra layer of security that well at the moment because Beanstalk currently has octane governance may not be the most practical or practically useful thing in the world as the Dow starts to prepare itself to hopefully move back to on-chain governance having Seraph in place uh is is hopefully going to be a major layer of protection uh or or bumper if you will uh uh in in in our Collective movement back to on-chain governance which we know is somewhat untested Waters certainly treacherous Waters and therefore having uh having some extra layers of protection probably makes sense so uh just want to shout out those members as a collective that have been working on that there's been I mean there's been there's been hours and hours and hours and hours of calls uh trying to figure out what our the right steps for Seraph to take in order to actually check that things are happening as they should and defining it in a codified fashion has has not been such a simple task and so uh as really two months of intense work again maybe a little bit longer than that in total but two months of intense work has it is close to winding down I think the hope is have the final review call on Wednesday uh with them uh the hope is to have something to present to the Dow mid-December and I think it's a it's pretty pretty novel so it'll be very interesting to see what everyone thinks about it and the Dow is always such a a thoughtful and critical and I use that term very positively in this context very critical uh group of people to present new ideas to and therefore excited to see how this uh Sarah concept is received obviously it was presented to the Dow in a down meeting by halborn a while back but now this will actually be uh pretty substantive hopefully even though the details of the Run books themselves will remain uh private uh to protect their integrity I think that whatever is going to be presented to the Dow hopefully will be uh indicative of the amount of work and thought that's gone into it and at least on this end are very excited about it so that's uh that's maybe the only other thing to know thank you for this and that's a lot of work in progress okay before before ending this uh meeting I had um maybe something to discuss um and that is maybe probably for for your thoughts and the rest of the down as well um so we've seen we have challenges let's say or there's a challenge uh in in passing bips or governance and generate uh and one of the things um that Jr own and may not be a determining Factor but it is uh uh you know something that has has a factor in it let's say uh is the stock that's held by being so farms and maybe we can go uh back to why this means of farms hold stock so the way that currently uh budgets are passed is that means of farms will hold contributors pay ahead of time in this idle and then when it's time to pay that's when the transfer goes from the means of farms water to the individual contributors let's say during this period of time this stock counts or as part you know of codon so uh business right now does not vote but with it not voting uh that makes let's say passing the passing of bips uh more difficult or or harder so my my question is is it appropriate for being so foreign to vote and that would be or as part of you know what the country first of all how does being so funds vote maybe first of all is it okay for means of farms to vote and then the second question is how do they vote uh as one or and then lastly you know do they maybe take the contributors vote and and becomes a representative for it does that make sense uh Publius and everyone else and what what are your thoughts I think it does make sense but we'll kind of defer to the doubt a comment before we we do so if anyone wants to do you know by chance uh the percentage of like a stock I will buy it down I believe right now from the Dow or held by Beanstalk Farms other Farms I guess 100 of the stock Itself by the doubt okay yeah uh currently it's 0.35 percent yeah so it's a small percentage but it plays a place and maybe we can discuss it from now as it may grow in the future so it becomes a point of discussion from now safani and others talking about this National governance and how to do custom strategies you know that could be one way as well stack onto that like remove the stock on the Dell but you know as it transitions to on-chain governance I'm not sure where'd it go from there and think of it also share the link that that's about you know um delegating votes or a delegate program and he shared an example of what maker does so I'm just saying that uh for clarity okay what what do others think I want to take credit for allocaris's ideas here but it was discussing this briefly with them and they had mentioned you know in the event that it is ratified that Beanstalk Farms could vote on anything may make sense to exclude certain proposals like uh Beanstalk Farms committee proposals perhaps budget bips you know just cases where you know there's potentially some sort of conflict of interest yeah I mean the problem is this just doesn't scale to on-chain governance as brain was why does it not scale to unchain governance well it's like you'd have to encode in the bip that if the bit like in the rules of bips that if the bip minted beans to the address in the bib then that address can't vote for the bip or something like that and it's unclear A how you would Implement metal level governance rules around what uh uh you know limiting who can vote on specific bits like that and separately it's unclear whether you even want to implement general rules like that so when governance is being done by a multi-sig and on Snapshot where snapshot is highly manually uh adjustable to some extent or the Beanstalk website and how it displays the votes cast on Snapshot can be customized certainly uh it's unclear that those customizations actually map to online governance now in theory you could probably set things up to to do arbitrary things but uh unclear in the case of updating a smart contract uh in this case what are what are the limitations that can be placed on the system with the goal to remain generally flexible so uh in this case you'd have to have now like specific rules that limit the viability of a bip or certain ability for voters to vote on a bit it becomes very complex I mean personally was not imagining this being codified on chain there's probably like 20 plus processes that Beanstalk Farms follows that were ratified by the Dow but are not on chain but the question is when voting moves back to unchain how to count the stock but if a wallet can't vote it does seem weird to to count their stock in the vote but again this goes back to then there's some maybe maybe you could have it that included in the bit proposal is you know a list of wallets that can't vote but then obviously that's a problem if you can just propose a bit that you can say who can vote and who can't vote so again this isn't such a simple problem to solve what do you think about always excluding the mean stock Farms watered from Quorum so thus the amount of stock that that wallet holds does not count that's really easier to Blacklist certain wallets from governance uh not sure that's the right way to handle things but it's definitely going to be Implement you can Implement that on chain for sure I think it's not something that we would have to implement on chain I think this could just be a policy that Beanstalk Farms follows ultimately speedstock Farms that's voting right but you're trusting I guess or there's an element of trust here what guarantee is that they won't vote and what they're not you know mental and the Beanstalk Farms has one percent of the stock now for being stock Farms to not be included in the the vote or not be allowed to vote but be included in the Quorum now you actually need 50 of the total stock but only 99 of the stock can vote so you need well over a majority so it's unclear without codifying it on chain how you would do this and preserve a simple majority I think the case I was talking about is if uh Beanstalk Farm is a beanstalk Farms is allowed to vote but let's say for example not on budget bips I don't think that the the inability to vote on budget bips is necessarily something that needs to be codified like or you know in a smart contract s but yeah if that's the way to do it sure but the that seems to me to be like a very reflexive voting mechanism for the people that are like sponsoring the bib can't support it and in fact in practice sort of are voting against it because not voting is like voting against seems very strange okay okay I think maybe we can think about this together you know and together as all of us the Dao and we can maybe bring it up um and discuss it another time or the next null meeting or whenever as we you know bring up more thoughts on it foreign else has something to to bring up to discuss before ending this meeting all right thank you all for joining us today and we'll see you in next week's Dow meeting have a good day