DAO Weekly Meeting #48

December 1, 2022


DAO Meeting


Meeting Notes

Bean Sprout Update

Operations Update

Marketing Update

  • More educational videos will be going live soon
  • More sound bites will also be going live
  • Ereal has been working on a blog post about bank runs, Pipeline, and depot
  • The audio team has a new song coming out
  • The second episode of Radio Defi is going live soon

Engineering Update

  • Frontend side work continues with the Pod Market V2 and the winter theme is live!
  • Al Bean is continuing work with the SDK they are currently working on supporting the Silo
  • The dev team is working on the documentation of the main code base
  • The dev team is also working on a better swap page. They are working on allowing swapping LP to another asset like USDC

Design Update

  • More updates on the Pod Marketplace UX. working on UX for v2.6 now.
  • Winter theme to go live today with matching component styling
  • new UX spec for a UI selector for farm balance / circulating balance / total balance in the input field
  • new UX spec for “Claim and do X” to compose simple txns together (90% complete)
  • The focus for the next week:
  • More progress on the UI Kit with styling /components
  • Pod Marketplace v2.6
  • Handoff and ship Claim and do X
  • Begin UX spec on Plant and do X

Revisiting the exploit Update

  • There is now a channel open on the discord for the discussion around this
  • Sync is hoping to get the Snapshot live the week of 12/5

Publius Update

  • Publius will be working on infrastructure and processes for the next couple of weeks


Jim Mr manifold hey mod how are you um very well how's everything with you doing great thanks all right how how has it been going at bean sprout the past week great so um I don't know if anyone noticed but bsp 9 just went live uh funding the development and execution of the coupe which is the liquidy chicken bonds concept on Beanstalk uh huge shout out clean cutting and putting their time into this at no cost to the Dow uh you know we need more Builders and hopefully this is another piece to inspire more people to build and around Beanstalk um let me just go ahead and Link um if it's not there already in the chat on one moment here yes because I don't think I see it in the yeah there's a snapshot oh yeah let me get this up this literally just went live so I actually haven't even announced it on Discord yet um let's see here my little chat all right cool so you can take a look right there in the barnyard chat um several roles are listed uh that will potentially need to be filled um and the majority of the balanced um the but the proposal is Seeking a 90k bean Grant and the majority of the ballots will be used to seed liquidity um but you know I'm going to refer defer to Breen on presenting the the formal details um from a bean sprout budget perspective uh this proposal will effectively utilize bean sprouts remaining Q4 budget um you know I personally do this as a as a positive even use of funds um and this proposal has my full endorsement um I just wanted to thank Bree again for stepping up so I'll get this uh put out um into into the bean sprout channel but um yeah this is this is the first time uh presenting it here that is that that looks great um manifold I have a few questions maybe to understand a little bit um so is there a plan already or I see there's like a breakdown on how you know what the proposal wants to spend uh the beans on is is there already do we already know who is going to work on the front end and so on or as you said we're we're looking to fill these positions bring uh I don't know if I don't know if you I know you've been speaking to several people so um do you want do you want to give the update on that front yeah so uh like you said my d uh roles are actually open so if anyone wants to like do these then you know BME and or DM manifold and we can get a group chat going essentially you know a smart contract wise uh I'll be spearheading it but you know people looking at it is also great too but essentially what I really need or what group really needs is a is a front-end development right and also a ux uh yeah yeah I said yeah no real leads yet okay thank you and I think that's clear and you know to those who are with us or would listen to this recording um the the proposal will the proposal is already on the on Snapshot and discussion will be there um on Discord so if you or you know someone who would be interested in this reach out to bring him so brilliant will be the point of contact uh for this for this proposal or this project okay Mr manifold otherwise how's how is root busy man busy all in all really sweet has been uh positive for some keeping item coin gecko ether scan just kind of x's nose um you know we we're continuing to to build and um many of the betting exchange contracts are either under audit or about to be under audit um the root token.org UI um will have an advanced mode um in the near future for Farmers right now it's kind of the basic mode um you know continuing to reflect you know strategies and liquidity strategies um and and continuing talks with capital so you know all around there's a there's a lot going on but you know really excited um and hoping to have a big end of the year yep and I see there is a root um being put on on uniswap V3 which is meant to help let's say or to move some efficiencies into getting into an outside out of the Euro token yeah and now um if you go to root token.org uh you can swap out of roots between the eustt usdc we've um you know any erc20 token uh in one Transit coconut is on the call here but that's a Coke can that happen okay thank you manifold uh really excited and exciting to see uh the developments with the root and wish you and the team all the best appreciate you Matt thank you all right I think we can move to binsock Farms um guy how's how's everything at your end hey mod doing well can you hear me okay I can hear the web great uh so let's see some stuff uh it's happened in the last week or so um we just published the first version of that Beanstalk technical documentation haven't announced it in Discord yet uh so there's the few things we want to clean up first but I just dropped a link to that in the barnyard chat and you know hopefully that'll support our larger effort of uh you know increasing the amount of documentation we have about Beanstalk particularly for uh you know setting up Auditors like halborn to me be more successful in their their audits of Beanstalk um otherwise uh let's see on the bug Bounty program um the Bic elected to add a couple more uh contracts it's in scope including Pipeline and Depot in the root token and uh as well as bip 30 uh importantly and um on that note I think depth 30 which is a the bip that adds uh you know pipeline integration and functionality to Beanstalk hopefully that goes live sometime today or tomorrow I think halborn sent over their final audit report for that uh earlier this morning and otherwise um there's been a couple things on my list that I haven't gotten to yet but hoping to over the next couple weeks so there was some discussion about uh you know onabi in the state of having uh you know other protocols building on top of sorry my phone uh just rang so I think my headphones might have cut out but I was just saying that there's some discussion about you know the processes for which uh other projects building on top of Beanstalk can request you know to be audited by halborn and other parties so going to be working on coming up with a sort of permissionless structure for that as well as looking into uh uh code Arena to get you know as many white hat communities looking at new bean stock code as possible so I think the idea is that moving forward at least for dips that are proposed by you know Beanstalk Farms probably makes sense to have you know a period between the draft period and proposal before the code is uh committed such that you know white hat Community is like immunify and code Arena have a one or two weeks to review the code and find vulnerabilities before uh the code is live if you will so those are a handful of updates on my end I know wonton asked a question yesterday that I wanted to address but uh maybe we do the rounds first what do you think about um happy with either why don't you go for it guy sure so uh I guess for folks listening into the recording uh wonton asked a question about the snapshot for hiring Alice Harris full-time and uh maybe I'll just read the question for the sake of completeness so he says I read the snapshot for aliceros Alice Harris's full-time contribution and also the previous part-time snapshot it's clear that they achieved what was outlined in the part-time duties what's not clear is how the kpis for this full-time role are any more significant than their part-time achievements and appears to be mostly up key and upkeep and refinement so I would ask them why they aren't able to achieve their kpis as a part-time contributor and or what else can we expect for double the money so uh maybe to zoom out a little bit in terms of operations and what we spend most of our time working on I guess you know in practice there's been only three people part-time I don't know if working under me is really the the right way to or put it or it's kind of imperfect language but there have been three people working uh under me in a part-time capacity and you know for better or worse I have a pretty good idea of day to day what people are working on and you know what's getting done well Etc so I don't think that you know writing up formal kpis per se would necessarily be a good use of my time but that said it's still an important question to ask given that you know the Dow may not always know you know the Dow can't read my mind so fortunately nine out of ten Thursdays I'm here for an hour happy to answer questions and so uh you know happy to answer any questions on that front in terms of the kinds of things we work on but so in terms of alicero specifically you know I don't have uh that many more waking hours to dedicate to Beanstalk per se and there's a lot of things that you know even the Dao one stuns I think you know manifold introduced an interesting idea that uh Safi dropped in the root Discord which is that you know perhaps The Root Down multisig doesn't need to vote on behalf of stockholders on bips and that on the beanstalked out snapshot page there can be some you know custom logic written to include the stock per root token for every uh route holder those are the sort of things that you know I have to add to my growing list of things to do and uh you know we need more people and uh more Beanstalk Farms contributors there's sort of endless work to do these days particularly uh even if we just want to keep up with all of the things that Beanstalk Farms engineering is shipping from a you know bip written proposal perspective uh technical documentation perspective Etc so that's sort of my high level take on it I know that was kind of a kind of a rant but hope that's helpful and happy to you know treat this as a discussion and go a little bit more back and forth as well wants to add anything feel free to oh and and the last thing I would add is that if there's confusion on what folks are working on based on the contents of you know the bfbps uh that's probably on me but I think to some extent you know priorities change week by week and so it's hard to codify exactly what folks will be working on in those but you know think that this process of having the Dow critique the budget proposals because they're published publicly is uh an indication that you know the process is is working in my opinion thank you guys and I I can add maybe my two cents see it as well is that even though elocitas was working part-time he's the kind of person that was working you know around the clock um and and given given their talent under and their skills as well uh I would say you know they're definitely an addition uh not only to be in so far as but but to the being sucked out as well I saw you unmuted yourself I don't know if you wanted to you know shift or or say something otherwise if you're if you're happy with the answer we can we can move on yeah thanks uh guy and mod I think I think you covered it pretty well you know one time I just you just did directly um address some of the things you said um I think I think you're right you know part of what I do is a lot of the recurring work so a lot of this just making sure that Beanstalk Farms operates well from you know just a payroll perspective record keeping um just making sure that we do our financial reporting um transparency to the dowel um so that that is probably most of my time and that was most of my time as a part-time contributor but like I said there's a lot of work that we want to do there's a lot of work like the documentation improving documentation especially on the developers occupation side now we're turning to um you know increase in transparency even further um and I think that's you know that stuff I think is you know it's kind of one of the core things of what we're doing here is we're trying to increase transparency we're trying to do these things better part of the whole point of being stuck and I think to the extent that anyone here has feedback to that respect in you know what areas can we be more transparent to you you know if you look at operations reports and you think oh I'd really like to see this piece of data that that piece of data or I'd like to see what's going on in this piece of Beanstalk Farms I think that kind of feedback would be really great um for all of us in operations um so you know let all of us know that and I think you know to this feedback in general and especially as we go into the um the q1 budget process which is going to be kicking off shortly and I'm working on that is you know if some of you know to play Devil's Advocate if you think that Beanstalk should really try to conserve every being here and that you know if we're spending too much time on trying to increase all this transparency and you think that you know we should just really focus on the engineering aspect um you know I'd say that that's that's a valid perspective we could consider that as well so you know happy to hear that perspective as well so we can we can of course continue this discussion um so that's just you know my two beans there if this was uh or if you would like to continue with the conversation now you can do you can do so now so unmute yourself and you know share maybe uh your your thoughts or if you have other you know questions uh that were not addressed I also just want to say and sort of I mean I think it's worth sort of commending wonton on uh the way in which he asked the question you know I think there's a lot of discussion in the last couple budget proposals about around pay and things like that that were a little bit unsavory and you know I think that there's a way to ask about and critique uh you know things like this regarding pay and Personnel decisions and things like that there's probably no better way to do it I think it was very reasonable okay on one time um he was happy with the with the answers okay um we can move to uh marketing so um farmer Dan uh or you know new marketing manager he he will be sharing or giving the marketing updates um this week and hopefully moving forward how are you farmer Dan hey Matt I'm doing all right um but yeah yeah it's been a great first week here um I'm super happy with that educational video that we put out earlier this week um so yeah definitely keep an eye out for more of those moving forward as well as some different um like sound bite type clips from you know different previously recorded things as well as um like radio D5 we actually have um a little sound bite thing that's going on Twitter today for that as well um that was made by um a new video guy that we have Triton um he's been doing a lot of awesome stuff recently um updating some logos and stuff like that too um they look super good so keep an eye out for that um see what else um I know e-real has been working on some blog post stuff um one about Bank runs and then something about the pipeline in Depot as well um there is a new issue of the bi-weekly being coming out tomorrow that um Uriel and I will be working on uh mostly e-real from being honest um and uh audio team front let's see here uh they have a new song coming out soon uh it's it's super good um so yeah keep an eye out for that too um radio Defy is working on their second episode that should be released soon as well um personally on my front I've been putting together a marketing slash content calendar for the month of December uh I'll probably add that to notion later today it's just about done um you know trying to get stuff put out there most days of the week um and then personally I've been working on some new threads as well on the educational front um you know similar to previous ones like simplifying the terms just taking a dive and a look at um you know unripe Bean fertilizer those kind of assets as there have been some requests to um have that kind of walk through as well so um yeah I mean it's it's been a busy week but good so um yeah that's what I have going on thank you farmer Dan okay we can move to uh development Silo chat what's up everybody uh a lot of stuff going on so on the front end side work continues on the Pod Market V2 there's a new uh winter theme coming out soon uh that everybody should keep an eye out for as well as some internal upgrades related to making the UI work with the decentralized network of on the subgraph um beyond that lots of other development going on I don't know if we have uh Alex here on the call Alex if you'd like to chat a little bit about the SDK progress in a second that would be great I think Beyond this uh one big Focus that we're looking at right now is documentation for the core code base so we spent some time with with halborn thinking about how we can we can best set halborn and other developers in the ecosystem up for Success when it comes to understanding Beanstalk and correctly identifying you know how different aspects of Beanstalk work and so we're putting a lot of effort into getting some of the documentation lined up over the next month uh and presenting that to both uh both halborn and the community so investing a lot of effort into making sure that things are clear and well documented uh maybe Alex if you want to jump in on the uh the SDK side yeah of course yeah so in the SDK the current short-term plan short to medium term plan is to uh develop the style functionality uh and all the stuff functions there so deposit withdrawal claim all that stuff um and then uh basically we're rebuilding that from the ground up to support to make it more generalized so we can support Swap and deposit and kind of in the same spot uh in the same shot that'll allow us to deposit any kind of assets Into The Silo um and uh once we have deposit or I'm sorry once we have The Silo functionality done uh we're gonna change gears and switch to actually integrate the SDK at that State into the UI just to put it in action and start leveraging some of the new functionality and uh the two things that we're going to replace in the UI with the SDK are the swap page first and then The Silo functionality once that's done and working and uh you know it's had a while to churn then we can easily add some of the new functionality uh for example adding more tokens for swaps uh and things of that nature and then after that I think we're going to start looking into supporting uh Power swaps for swaps so that we can do swaps between pretty much anything right so behind the scenes we'll do a Power swap swap and we'll use that for both you know swaps and deposits and anywhere else where there's a swap that's happening so that's currently the plan yeah to give a little bit of an overview of why this is this is important so we're we're basically trying to make all of the different things you can do within Beanstalk and in D5 more broadly uh as interoperable and and chainable as possible so one example is you know currently on the swap page we offer a number of different ways to swap in and out of beans and other related related tokens but it's not uh it's not fully generalized there's some Pathways that currently aren't supported so we're working on making that completely generalized using for example in this case a routing system so this will allow us in the future to do things like when you remove LP from The Silo being able to swap that LP into an arbitrary other token so if you wanted to withdraw and get usdc or something like that you could do that and obviously that applies in in other directions as well starting with a certain token and going into LP so lots of lots of work going on there I think it'll start to manage Fest in the UI pretty soon as something like you know attaching different modifiers to transactions so one example would be many many farmers want to plant before calling the withdrawal function to to withdraw some of their earned beans so that's one example of a thing that this sort of composability will enable thank you Chad and Al okay sweet thread beans couldn't join us today but he dropped their updates I'm going to read it out quickly um so they're they're currently working on the the new uh user experience so the the ux for the marketplace I understand that this is something that's going to take some time so it will be constantly in in development uh the winter theme is supposed to go live today um then they're working on um user experience or specs um uh for the farm balances or the circulating balances as well and then also uh you know to claim and do do something or do X which is going to be you know compiling or composing uh different transactions together okay I think we are at the end of the updates sync can I add something real quick mod yes so I just forgot to mention this uh earlier but um regarding transparency about the kinds of things operations to work on is working on it's on my list for a couple weeks to uh open source or make public this uh kanban board that we've been working uh or using internally to manage you know various projects we're working on recurring processes things like that so hopefully you know that's something we can share in the next next few weeks or so just wanted to toss that in there thank you guy all right I was saying sync um I see there is uh or there is um a channel for the proposal uh that's currently live did you wanna maybe share it with a doubt a little bit on what's happening there on what's what's the update hey mod thanks do you hear me okay I hear you great yeah so um yeah so um been having this discussion since the end of October so um um D5 Chad Community member signaled support um with his stock um to move the proposal forward through the formal governance process so it's um uh Beanstalk operations proposal number two um thank you guy for creating the dedicated Channel um for that and just for um you know patience and understanding and navigating this whole governance process and the nuances of it I think we're all learning as we go so um the idea behind this is um we'll have this channel up open for about a week or so and then um the intention is hopefully for the snapshot to go up um subsequent to that um so that farmers can have the opportunity to vote on it hopefully before the end of the year holiday season so if there's any questions feedback um you know feel free to chime in we've already gotten some feedback we're going to be updating the draft proposal um to account for that feedback and um go from there so thank you sync okay I'll give it a minute or two just see if if any anyone in the audience want to maybe discuss or comment on something that we've we've already talked about or something that we haven't haven't discussed okay Publius any updates or closing comments from your end before we end this meeting on this end not not too much to report the next couple of weeks as we understand it or more focused on infrastructure and processes and so not likely to see much new solidity code pushed before the end of the year as we understand it but otherwise just keep on keeping on if you will and generally maybe the only comment is a huge shout out to everyone who participated in this down meeting because I feel like it was incredibly constructive and positive and the quality of discourses frankly inspiring so uh thank you all thank you Publius and I couldn't think of any more all right um with that thank you everyone for joining us uh today and we'll see you in next week's Dao meeting have a good day