DAO Weekly Meeting #40

October 6, 2022
00:00 BIPs 26 & 27 Passage • 00:49 Bean Sprout Updates • 03:11 Engineering Updates • 07:28 Publius' Thoughts • 12:00 sweetredbeans Updates • 14:38 Podcast Updates
DAO Meeting



  • BIP-26 and BIP-27 have passed
  • Bean Sprout update
    • There will be a fourth stream of audit with Halborn, this will be focused around the generalized Pipeline.
      • It will cost 20,000 Beans (covers all of the audit stream)
    • BIP-24 passed! The Root token is in audit.
    • The Bean card is in progress.
  • Engineering updates
    • UI fixes have gone out,
    • The Chop function is now back, and updating the transferring silo deposits per the passed BIPs
    • Bean-Sama working on a new balance’s page.
    • Cool Bean is working on a new governance page.
    • Alecks has been working on a Javascript SDK.
    • Brean has been working on a PR for how Soil is issued.
    • Wells is still in development on the contract level, but the design work is done.
    • Still exploring UI challenges around the Pod Marketplace.
  • Publius’ thoughts
    • A lot going on across the ecosystem, love to hear about all of the work that is going on.
    • All of the discourse and the discussion around changes to Beanstalk is healthy and good.
    • The whitepaper has been updated to reflect BIP-24
      • Working with Austin and others that are close to the development to make the updating whitepaper more decentralized.
  • Sweetredbeans’ updates
    • The fall theme is now live on the website.
    • Balances page rework is out of the design phase.
    • There is a basic V1 for predefined Farm functions.
    • Going to revisit the governance module.
    • Plans on working on a Halloween theme for the UI.
  • New podcast
    • Much more produced and scripted podcast.
    • Designed to bring in people who are not all in on Beanstalk.
    • Episode 1 is done and episode 2 is in the works, podcast will launch when episode 2 is ready.
    • Episode 2 is focused on debt, if you know anyone that you would like to hear on the podcast reach out to Beanthoven and belabeantok on Discord.
    • This is funded through the community grant, would highly encourage farmers to take advantage of this fund and make cool content.
    • Transcript

      right why don't we go ahead and get started in that case um so hey everyone uh mod was not able to make it today so I'll be I'll be host um maybe just a kick things off briefly um the voting periods for bip 26 and 27 uh both ended a few minutes ago and both had a majority uh of stock voting in favor which was exciting to see um so just in summary the 26 was the the bug Bounty program uh set up with a munify and bit 27 was the uh Q4 budget dip from from being Sprout so uh that's all exciting to see and I posted a little blog post summary of all the the bips that passed over the last couple days uh in the announcements Channel uh maybe uh Mr manifold Do You Wanna Give a quick update on what's going on in uh your world with regard to root and bean sprout sure um so I guess just recently we we actually uh negotiated a fourth stream for this next month uh with halborn so we'll have a fourth auditing stream there's just a lot of code uh looks like we want to push out this one's in specific going to be uh surrounding the generalized pipeline so so looking to get you know thought it started there sooner than later um it's going to cost 20 000 beans um and going to look for bean sprout to fund it so uh to look out for a bead Sprout proposal on the next 36 hours let's call it uh for that so that's that's a new update and again I think it's a positive sign uh you know halborn again just just aligning with with Beanstalk you know accepting beans in exchange for um the stream and and continue we continue to kind of you know strengthen our the mutual relationship we have together so I think that that's really awesome um dev24 obviously passed which is great um so we have the fdbdv which which we're labeling the root token in audit now um and and we're making good progress there so that's also exciting and uh you know what I think is a pretty instrumental development for the ecosystem um and then you know kind of aside from that uh some of the updates I gave uh in in the last two weeks Dow calls regarding you know business banking um you know being card Etc uh all all is in progress uh not nothing material to update the Dow on right now but uh moving forward across uh multiple funds there so yep those are my key updates and uh people can message me or whatever um if you have any questions or comments manifold just curious is that 20 000 beans cover the entire audit stream or is uh or is that just a portion uh that they're accepting in beans correct it covers the entire audit stream nice very cool that's uh that's awesome to see for sure uh Chad do you wanna speak for a minute or two about uh engineering updates yeah what's up everybody uh let's see so a lot going on this week A Couple website updates which are in the UI updates channel so far this week um notably some updates to the governance page in terms of how we're calculating voting power and Quorum uh and some other bug fixes and then we have Incorporated the necessary front-end changes for the bips that were uh were posted over the last 24 hours including reintroducing chop and updating The Silo deposit transfer function beyond that let's see so lots of stuff in flight on the front end Bean Sam is currently working on a new version of the balances page that uh red beans finished last week so that's uh that's in in development um cool being has been doing some work on the governance page and we'll be jumping in to help with a couple other things and in the coming week Alex uh we've talked a little bit about Alex's work over the past couple of weeks but I think we'll uh proved to be increasingly important throughout the rest of the quarter but just to get get everybody up to speed and hopefully get you excited so Alex has been working hard on a JavaScript SDK to interact with Beanstalk and this will basically allow any developer to use the logic that we've built for the front end to do things like uh run the farm function do swaps all that kind of stuff and we'll hopefully be implementing that SDK into a couple projects that will be using Beanstalk in in the coming months as as people start to to you know build on the bean economy and so we've been hard at work uh designing that he's taking taking lead on on architecting that system and has been moving super fast so already have some some working versions uh in in the UI that may be really soon as well as a number of other other test versions so that's a pretty big uh pretty big piece of code and also something that's going to be pretty important for the ecosystem moving forward so happy to talk more about the implications of that if if anyone's interested or if anyone wants to kind of think how you know how this might affect the ecosystem of developers as well beyond that so um Brian has been working on a PR for updating how uh how soils issued that's still in in the worst but sort of at the testing phase and we'll be working on the UI side of that uh moving forward from here to zoom out a little bit other big things that we've talked about over the last month on the UI side that I just want to remind everybody on so one is that uh Wells are obviously still in development at the contract level from a design perspective all of the uh the work has already been completed uh by sweet red beans and cool Bean on that front and once the contract level stuff is locked in we'll be working on kind of Bridging the bridging the two so building up the subgraph to track uh trading in different pools and then also making it so you can swap between curve and Wells uh using the the farm SDK uh and then also in the marketplace we're still exploring some of the the UI implications of this um this is predominantly my my project right now so I think the the marketplace V2 is going to introduce a lot of really interesting uh opportunities but also UI challenges uh that we'll need to need to solve so a lot of work to be done there still if um I saw some questions about that I saw some questions um in I think General chat about about the marketplace V2 I I think Maltese might be doing a a podcast soon about this with with Rex but if anybody has questions on on this call uh you know now it would be a good time to kind of get into some of the specifics of how it works but beyond that um I mean anyone from from the inside feel free to jump in with the stuff that I've missed we've got a ton uh a ton in the air right now but uh happy to happy to talk more about any of those awesome appreciate the update Chad uh Publius is there is there anything you wanted to to share over the last week or so um you know on this end you know nothing specifically a lot going on uh across you know the Beanstalk ecosystem which is always so incredible to hear and you know uh it's just great to hear how many different projects are going on at the same time and how much work is being done and uh you know just happy to be a part of all of it so uh yeah thank you guys for uh being a part of such a wonderful community agreed it's too bad oh I say other privileged unmuted go ahead I was just gonna say on this end the only two real updates are one wanted to now after the fact kind of once again reiterate how important we think the the discourse and the discussion is and was and will continue to be around changes to Beanstalk and governance proposals in general and I think we can continue to all try to do a better job of being more constructive but generally felt like this is this is the way it's going to be if if this is really to be done in a truly decentralized fashion and there is some friction around getting changes made and that's healthy so from our perspective it was uh it was it was wonderful to see the process at work and obviously some of the bibs did better than others but they all ended up passing so really interesting to see at the margin how how people were voting I thought that was pretty cool uh the other update is that the the white paper has been up to lacked uh bib24 uh there may be one or two uh minor changes that might have to get rolled out uh in an update to the white paper but uh just around some typos potentially and otherwise the white paper is currently up to date and think that that's generally another good practice that should should collectively be tried to maintain as the development process continues to become more and more decentralized and so we're going to be trying to work with uh Austin and a couple of other people that are involved pretty closely in development to get them set up such that they can also start to maintain that document in a more open fashion and it's already been transitioned uh it was a while ago to a beanstalk Farms overleaf so now there's some Community Management already but I think one of our focuses is going to be over the next couple of months continuing to elaborate on that process such that even not not just editing the code once the front end is open source not just editing or proposing changes to uh the front end uh potentially the sub graphs the whole stack it should also include the white paper and potentially other documentation as well so just trying to continue to think about how this whole process should work in a in a as decentralized fashion as possible while still making it such that things are correct and accurate and there's some uh there's some truth to the documents which is ultimately the goal and so uh that's a process that we're excited to to continue to dig into with a couple of the community members who have expressed interest so those are really the only two updates on this end but uh as Publius was saying it is kind of amazing to see the the explosion of activity on and around Beanstalk and we are really excited to be a part of it so uh nothing too substantive on this end this week but I feel like there's lots of moving parts and as we've spoken about before we really view our role and the role that we'd like to have that's just helping facilitate all of that development and so uh perhaps going forward Less Direct updates from public and more updates from the people that are actually building the stuff that we're just trying to help Grease the wheels a little bit that's the way things are going to go more and more so think that this is all really healthy and a part of the growth and further decentralization of Beanstalk and as public as echoed we're very grateful to be a part of it awesome thanks for the update Publius and uh yeah I would just add on the the documentation front all the all the changes to the Farmer's Almanac that need to be made for the four previous bips uh our stage and we just gotta go push a merge button after this call is over and all that should be up to date as well uh sweet red beans anything you wanted to add today foreign yeah um so I'm sure many of you guys have noticed but the fall theme is is now live on the website uh Chad already mentioned this but the balances re rework is handed off at this point so uh there will probably be some more work there but uh you know we'll see kind of how that goes as it's being built uh at this point have a kind of basic V1 uh design for some kind of limited uh like predefined Farm function functionality so more specifically like Harvest and deposit rinse and deposit claim and deposit those uh expect to see those soon the design is is about finished uh after all of the voting this last week I probably need to revisit the governance module and make some changes there on the UI side and then uh yeah hopefully if I have some extra time planning to get around to the Halloween theme this weekend and see if we can get that kicked off so uh yeah that's all the updates from me thanks sweet red beans um yeah maybe I just want to like make a make a general comment that I think the the high level goal of you know these weekly down meetings is you know not necessarily just for Publius and a handful of contributors to give give updates you know certainly I think there's been a lot of good discussion and good ideas brought up in the couple new Forum channels in the general section of the Discord Beanstalk ideas and business ideas and you know in particular I think of whenever maxo presented one of his business ideas a few weeks ago and that's uh that kind of uh you know kick-started a lot of good discussion both both live and uh you know in text form in the Discord so if folks have ideas about how to you know make this more uh I don't know welcoming or attractive or you know etc for folks to folks in the community to come you know surface ideas live uh would definitely be interested in ideas not something I've spent a whole lot of brain power on up to this point but hope to in the near future and uh and yeah moving to this voice channel for example was one one example of that but uh you know folks have other ideas I'm all ears so I'll uh I'll just pause for a few moments in case there's there's other things that folks uh want to discuss yeah I might as well just uh jump on and mention that um so Bella Bean talk and Rex and I have have just kind of completed a pilot episode of a new podcast which is much more produced it's not just like a conversation it's it's it's uh you know it's an actually scripted and thought out uh podcast kind of designed to bring in people who are not already you know all in on being and and hopefully provide some content that's valuable to just about anybody um and so we're hard at work on episode two hopefully we're going to be launching as soon as episode two is done just so that we have a little bit of a Runway um the episode two is going to be focusing on debt particularly you know how Beanstalk thinks about debt and how and how the the fields Works Etc um but also you know making comparisons to how uh you know other protocols think about debt and and other historical you know looks at debt from tradfi so um if anybody has a desire or or a good suggestion for people that might be interesting to interview for this podcast we would love to get those suggestions so just reach out to me or bellabeen talker Rex and yeah we'll get the ball rolling awesome thanks for chiming in there Bean tone uh and just would add as sort of a a metacom and I think Beethoven and Bella Bean talk have been sort of working on you know both songs and uh this new podcast through the the community grant program so you know essentially there's uh you know there's beans out there for folks who you and I create various content to you know educate Farmers spread the word things like that so uh I would encourage folks to you know check that out and take advantage all right well if nothing else I suppose we can wrap up there thanks everyone for for coming this week see you in the next one