DAO Weekly Meeting #4

December 23, 2021

00:00 Intro / Agenda • 01:07 BeaNFT Update • 05:20 Q1 Budget - Transparency & Engagement, Various Organizational Issues

DAO Meeting



BeaNFT Update

  • Launched the Winter collection of the NFTs yesterday at the start of Season 3300.
  • The Medium post has details about the collection.
  • There will be 2000 wind turbine NFTs for a 50 Bean investment
  • There will be 5 NFTs for the top 5 transactions in per season, with some weighting factors influencing rarity, such as investing earlier in the season.
  • Holding Genesis NFTs increases your rarity.
  • Two select hyper rare NFTs went to the first 50k deposit and the first 50k sown, which were claimed within the first 15 minutes.
  • Additional bonus hyper rares are going to people sowing.
  • There will another Medium post coming outlining plans for a DAO.

Q1 Budget

  • The draft that was released is quite vague. More details are being fleshed out. A lot of the conversation has been somewhat fragmented in DMs, but it should probably take place in a central location going forward. The Discord might be an ideal place for that.
  • Working on figuring out who will be on the multi-sig. Availability and responsiveness is important. Trust is also critical.
  • The community is encouraged to comment and engage about the draft. People have seemed hesitant to comment, but their feedback is welcome.
  • Still a lot of ambiguity around the process. A lot of it is being figured out on the fly. Hopefully structure will be developing.
  • Looking at 1.2M for Beanstalk and 800K for Bean Sprout.
  • There will be things that won’t be settled by the time the BIP goes out.
  • People should volunteer to be on the multi-sig as soon as possible.


the one other thing is uh that's probably on everyone's mind is the nfts so I think we'll bring up jww to just give us a little bit of uh background on how the nft drop went and uh if there's any news on the nfts and then we can move towards um towards both the budget and kind of you know I will open it up to anyone anything else that's on people's mind uh as far as like Dow organization structure um and and that sort of thing but the purpose of this meeting again is to have an open format where people can really share their ideas and uh you know really anything goes so once we get through the nft Section then we'll kind of open it up for everything and we'll do you know raise your hand I'll kind of call you out in a little bit of order and we can discuss them but um we'll try to keep it orderly but I'll try to get basically get everyone up here and if you don't feel like you want to speak up you can put it maybe in the see do we have a chat for this uh just put in the barnyard chat and I'll read those and I can express those ideas too so uh jww do you want to come on up yeah hey hey dumpling um so yeah so we launched the uh winter collection for the nfts yesterday at the start of season 3300 um so if you guys haven't had a chance to read through the medium document I'll give you a really quick overview of what it entails but we're going to be putting out 2 000 wind turbine nfts um those are obviously already underway and you can qualify for them by doing a 50 uh basically 50.50 Bean investment into the protocol or more either through Silo LP Silo beans or sewing and then within the season uh whatever the top five transactions are you'll be getting one of five nfts and um there are a couple waiting factors that go into it to help kind of increase um the significance of getting like rare elements of the nfts so for example how early you invest in the season meaning like if you invest in the first five five minutes of a season versus the last five minutes the earlier in the season there's higher Rarity um if you actually hold the Genesis nft already it increases your Rarity and so there's a couple of other things that we're looking at to how are that are already Incorporated that basically help enhance the chances that you get rare components of it um as I think everyone can tell the release went really well there was a little hiccup on the rare beans hyper rare be inside which we smoothed out pretty quickly but we're also doing a select hyper rare set of beans for the first two which have already gone were for the first fifty thousand dollar deposit and the first uh or the first 50k deposit and then the first 50k so those were actually claimed within 15 minutes which was fantastic um then after that it was the next uh was a hundred queso so everything thereafter is for um sewing specifically to keep uh to really encourage people to stay in the protocol with their with their Capital um and I think that was actually claimed already as well um I was looking through the ethers scam last night but I might be wrong but we can look in the top transactions we'll find out so then there would be two remaining hyper rares left which is um crazy because it's barely been a day uh one for 150k um sewing into the field and the other for 200k going into the field um so the first day went really well I think um I think we're all seeing that the investment size is actually it's quite big um in the couple hundreds I I that might be going down in the future might not but either way I think it's just great to see the excitement that we're seeing come into it um the question that I think people are asking is when they're going to start seeing the nfts populating we're still finalizing just some some final last things um but those should be populated in um I think we have it listed in the medium article so you can refer to that for the date the season that we're looking to start showcasing those um so that's kind of a quick update on where we're at um and then we have another longer term medium article that we have in draft where we're going to be pushing out to the community uh in the near term that spells out uh the bean dial that we've been talking about and the mechanics of that and the governance structure and I feel pretty confident that Genesis holders when they see this are going to feel more comfortable with their Investments but also at the same time you know continue to encourage everyone to get into the the winter being an ft space that's a it's a pretty quick overview okay great yeah I think that's um it's a tough balance to strike I think you've um from what I've heard I think you've done a really good job I of course I don't know I'm waiting to hear the news too so uh yeah great thanks for that and I think we can unless there's any other items that aren't related to the budget we can kind of move on to discussion of the the q1 budget um did everyone have a chance to read the document and um I imagine some folks have some ideas some suggestions and uh we're open to you know to any kind of guidance on that hey um so I I read the q1 budget and it's all good stuff um I was wondering though so it's like kind of like a high level overview um and I was wondering kind of where you guys are on the details and uh kind of like where the discussion is going on if anything isn't more like in private message is it is a specific channel is it a notion um just kind of like yeah shining some light on like so what's next or uh what are the next steps being taken because I thought the again I thought the human budget uh proposal or just the initial stuff was great but I thought it was kind of lacking in a little bit of detail sure yeah that's I think that's a fair uh a fair thing to point out um some of the discussions yeah have been happening um you know in yeah kind of in in DMS and that sort of thing but not that much I think that what we really need to do is pick one something that someone brought up I think um not to I think it was Erial uh when I was chatting with him but he was saying that maybe if it's split between too many different places then it's not really happening anywhere or it's less transparent than it could be otherwise so I think we should try to keep the discussion to it uh just in um well we should really decide maybe Here and Now where we're going to do it but there's a commonwealth uh you know that we could we could do whatever in Commonwealth we could do it right here in the Discord um or we could do it in the notion so there's kind of pros and cons to all of those but I think that just for the most transparency and so that everyone can easily have access to it I think likely doing it the Discord is the best idea but I'm open to people's um ideas on where it's best to do those discussions um and also uh yeah just you know maybe doing another document with more details you know in the next couple of days um would be something that we could do I know there's been discussion of who's going to be you know on the multi-sig um so that could be something that you know we kind of uh propose and Float to the community and see what people think um as far as uh as far as that you know there's different ideas of you know we obviously want people who are uh something that's important is availability someone being nearby to a computer within 24 hours so that you know when some people if you're going to go on a lot of you know um backpacking trips or you know that sort of thing you want someone to be who's available in case we need um you know to to access things fairly quickly uh someone who's also fairly trusted within the community um and uh yeah I mean those are those are kind of the base qualifications uh but um yeah so that's something we could we can certainly talk about as far as other details of the The Proposal you know as it gets fleshed out more we can we can post more details um but yeah we can also have more constructive conversations um you know in public as far as the details of the proposal so that I take your point um and I think we just need to get the discussion going a little bit more as opposed to just kind of waiting for the discussion to happen if that makes sense yeah more engagement I think is is what we're really after so let's just start let's start that conversation more in Earnest it really hasn't started yet this is part of that but you know let me propose possibly a Discord Channel for it or a thread I feel like this is uh the discussion is going to have to be more fluid than what notion or Commonwealth would allow and as we formalize those ideas then we can move it up to those channels yeah that makes sense so let's um in community I know that we had you know where the budget dropped like the budget document but maybe that should um maybe we should just make a separate one for now in community that is uh budget what do you guys think yeah so you know obviously I have some biases here um but uh I mean I would say I think like even someone already called out that you know we have a lot of Discord channels um and I think especially as we sort of continue to go to the operation and we have like important discussions like this um we don't necessarily want to be making an entirely new channel for every new discussion um so I mean that's sort of one thought I have there um and then I think if you start to overlap uh important conversations in the same channel you then make it pretty hard to track those conversations looking backwards um so I do think that you know I mean again bias uh something like Commonwealth works well in terms of um tracking those conversations over a longer period of time and ensuring that there's a lot of transparency into those conversations um whether you know it's that or um you know notion I think um you know can be open for discussion um but but yeah I think like especially you know it's already so hard to keep track of all the different channels um I don't know if making an entirely new channel makes sense yeah actually on that note dumping because the is it why is there a reason why we deviate just away from the q1 budget I mean I think since we're already here maybe we can just make an announcement in the uh in the general chat that you know the q1 budget's out it's live uh and we just kind of keep the conversation going there because even as I look at it I mean it's one of the pretty sparse channels that we have um so maybe we can even just use the pre-existing one yeah I mean there's no reason we can't just yeah have it in that I think people were just maybe a little intimidated to be honest you know it was kind of like a few things were said but it just seemed like the the barrier for posting seemed kind of high so maybe we should just the more people that post the less it'll feel like that yeah and that's what happened but it just seemed like we didn't get enough feedback there and people might have felt like it was the wrong place so they didn't you know whatever but I think we just need more people just more engagement there yeah I think if we just a handful of us just chime into the general and say you know provide your thoughts look through the document um it'll push it pretty quickly I mean I think um the community can be pretty responsive so maybe that maybe that's a good balance between all of us I mean I know George Commonwealth might be might seem better but I just think that given the bulk of the traffic right now is on on Discord it still might just be the best Avenue foreign yeah I guess we just can't we will not really be able to kill that channel you know the q1 budget maybe we should just change it to well we don't want to like take that I see what George is saying about like backwards compatibility like we want to be able to look at this discussion potentially you know a year from now um it may be important for some reason so we should probably like find a way to like if we're going to use the Discord to like download it or like back it up somehow or not delete that channel I guess um I guess that's kind of the meta conversation I kind of want to also like dig into the actual I don't want to spend the whole time talking about how we're going to do this discussion when we're all here and we can have a bet like probably a higher quality discussion right now if that makes sense um so I guess to kind of like interweave all the ideas together we could just use the q1 channel don't need to create a new Discord Channel but then also use either I guess Commonwealth would probably go better with the uh with the with like Discord because you it's like you know a website front end and then you can link important things that have that were being said in the Commonwealth into Discord uh compared to notion you can't really link anything together so I guess my vote would be more for Commonwealth and then I guess uh to get the budget discussion going forward um like so like okay there's like a initial budget proposal um now what like how do we divvy the money up how do we assign people to roles how do we I guess like what what do we do next like what's the next step even uh to get this thing going there's just so much that needs to be done so many so many things that need to be answered still this might be a good place for us to just hop in for a second and there's still a lot of ambiguity around a lot of the process and so uh as dumpling mentioned uh one of the things that we start need to start figuring out is which community members in addition to Publius will serve on uh as signatures uh or key holders for the multi-state wallet and uh beyond that I think and it's I mean a lot of you here have you know in many ways self-selected and uh you know are already in unique roles within the Dow and I I'm just looking at kind of a head count it applies to at least 50 of the people you're already sort of have um either explicitly defined or roughly defined roles within the Dow and so over the next month let's call it as the notion and the infrastructure all starts to come into into scope uh hopefully there will there will similar similarly be an increase in structure in the Dow um and so maybe just like and it'd be great if this is like since most people are here it might even be good for people to just pop up and do like a 10 second a 30 second like what you're working on in the Dow at the moment and that might be the best way to do I'm not sure if that would be helpful for people to sort of get a sense of the roles that everyone is starting to take um and that might be a good way for people within the Dow to get to know one another but not sure if that's the appropriate thing to do right now um that's sort of up to to you guys how you'd like to spend this time um but in general uh I think it's going to continue to be mostly the people self-select and step up into the roles that need to be filled as opposed to you know people being put into the rules uh by some sort of you know some sort of uh arbitrary process so um obviously there's a little bit of friction there when it comes to allocations and funding and so in short yeah Evan this is a little bit uncertain and I think the way that we're thinking about it more substantively is Beanstalk Farms is going to hopefully pay like salary people that are working full-time or part-time uh sort of across the larger stack and that process for what roles need to get filled and how much to pay for those roles um is is not explicitly defined at the moment uh one thing we're working on is putting up a job board with more detailed descriptions of the roles that need to be filled and similarly in notion a task board um like a master task board but the yeah it's difficult to do because we are we're trying to have lots of conversations with people to help everyone figure out what is the best place for them to get involved and contribute and what's a reasonable uh amount for people to get compensated for that contribution But ultimately the hope is to uh more and more uh be removed from that process and so for example as you know a couple examples of people that have really stepped up on that regard is like an example is dumpling right who is obviously uh according to the snapshot proposal the operations lead of Beanstalk farms and since that Snapchat snapshot was approved dumpling has been just absolutely amazing at getting team stock Farms set up and making sure to touch base with everyone that wants to get involved and so he is you know self-selected himself and we're so thrilled that he has uh and impressed in the way that he's done it self-selected himself into uh more of an a coordinator role to help fill some of those positions and uh we think he's doing an amazing job in that role so without explicitly defining who's doing what um from the top I think the the process that we want to encourage through Beanstalk farms and bean sprout structure is one that allows in a modular way for people to contribute in exactly the way that they want to contribute and be fairly compensated for it based on you know their work and their contribution to being stuck so just on the on the heels of that kind of uh to answer your kind of your question Evan too is like most of you have had a conversation with me um you know where a lot of that conversation to Echo what Publius was saying was like okay what are you good at what are you passionate about and what does the Dow need you know and so you guys are all kind of in the enviable position of kind of getting to pick where you know you want to to focus on uh to you know to a large extent um there's always going to be a few unfun things that you know have to get done but in general you know focusing on what your um you know what you're really good at and what you're um you want to do so that will be on the Beanstalk Farms end of things where you know um if you are you know if it's a very a recurring role um that's already you know that isn't like a super easy to Define type of project that we could do through bean sprout you're probably going to be paid through Beanstalk Farms um because of this you know we kind of played with the the different numbers of what um you know what what should you know how would the how the budget should be allocated and currently we're thinking 1.2 million for Beanstalk farms and 800 000 for Beanstalk sprout now those numbers could change um but once their funding is Sprout bean sprout oh yeah sorry I did I don't know what I said um bean sprout uh but those you know those could change uh but once they're you know once we vote for it you know then it's pretty well uh pretty well locked in for the quarter so um you know that's something that we can we can discuss but um as far as the overall like Evan what else do you feel like needs to be um I mean it will be a much longer document once it's all finished but are there any things that jump out to you that you really want Clarity on um you know that should be brought up right you know um right away that we can discuss so I think um for for me at least and it might be different for other people but if we work from a top-down approach so we got 1.2 mil and 800k divided um how do we further divide them and kind of just go from there so like um my thoughts would be what are the main I guess like categories of roles how like dumpling you've talked to you you're probably like the center of the operations right now where you've talked to everybody and you have the best idea of who's and what role and so how would you categorize maybe you know all of the different people into these very broad roles let's say like you pick like five or six let's say six different role or yeah like types of rules I guess and then from there on you can split the budget accordingly into each of those then you can you know split it into full-time versus part-time and then just uh recursively divide and conquer from there yeah yeah so we've we've already started that that's if you go to the notion you can you can find where there's a um basically everyone who uh is you know what they're getting paid for this last you know quarter or you know what they're what they're currently getting paid extrapolated forward for the next quarter um how many how many beans we'll need for that and then the question is how many additional roles were there you know will there be and how much will we grow into that um especially on the development end so that's a that's a working document right now but we are doing uh we are doing that to come up with the allocations and that's kind of how we backed into the to the 1.2 number um is that uh so if you go to the org chart and then if you go in the order okay within the org chart you can go to um so that's you know kind of along that that's along the ideas of what we're thinking and then you can poke around in there and that the Beanstalk Farms Dow positions um so that's kind of the you know where where we're operating from uh but then you know furthermore I think another another important thing to discuss is with the in terms of where we need to have more um you know more clarity before a vote comes um but you know that's certainly something we can get to um and then also you know yeah as far as decision making within the beanstock farm side of things um I think there's there's more that we can flesh out there too do people have uh any other feelings on this though we would comment the the main thing that we want to focus on when it comes to process is transparency so whether it's a role for Beanstalk Farms the hope is that the role is clearly defined or whether it's a project for being Sprout the hope is that there's clear deliverables and clearly defined goals and an objective and beyond that the hope is to fund lots of like we want Beanstalk Farms to be able to grow aggressively on anyone that wants to fill in in a continuous basis uh we want to find a role for them because long-term contributors to be in stock even if they're part-time uh that's better than people who will do a full-time month and then disappear and so the hope is to encourage lots of people that want to focus on one specific aspect of Beanstalk to have the opportunity to apply and and I mean unless there's a problem or they're not qualified the hope is to to put people into roles that will you know help them grow and succeed and also benefit Beanstalk but in general we're focused a lot less especially at this stage of the game where we're trying to grow incredibly aggressively um at who's making the ultimate decision to hire everyone can hire like like it's not about everyone has the ability to allocate funds but if you if you want to work on Beanstalk the idea that you're not gonna have a role um you know it's pretty unrealistic at this point in time so if anything the thing that that we're more focused on is making sure that there's flexibility on both Beanstalk farms and being Sprout to allow for sort of whatever needs to happen over the next three months and uh like one of the big limitations in the Q4 budget was that it was way too explicitly defined across the board um and that caused a lot of friendship like should this be in marketing or should this be in development well it's kind of both like it there's a lot of friction there so the hope is that this is a little bit less explicit uh and a little bit more open-ended keeping in mind sort of the difficulties we've experienced into for managing the the current budget so um it's not like if anything the goal is to have really clearly defined stuff in the notion so that anyone can like apply you know without having to even speak to anyone per se um and so the this is a process that's very important to iron out but candidly will not be ironed out in the next 48 hours or 72 hours before the PIP goes live like that that's pretty unrealistic um I think that the stuff that's more realistic and more meaningful for us to try to have a discussion on is um like the custody of the funds and uh whether it should be custody by one wallet or two wallets and uh in general how many signatures we want on the wallets and talking about how many community members we want to be signatories on the wallets like these are in our opinion slightly more pressing questions than um you know who gets to decide who to hire people or be in stock Farms because the hope is it's going to be lots you know like basically it there won't be any bureaucracy when it comes to that um so uh that's okay with most of the people that I've talked to have been you know community-led like people who just kind of jumped in to the community and or have been here for a while and kind of want to step up and we found roles for like 95 of them so uh basically if I Echo that with if you want to work for Beanstalk Beanstalk yeah just uh let's find a place for you and let's find something that makes sense so um I can't promise that it will always be exactly what you you want to do um and you know I could get into details of like there was one guy who was really good at video stuff but he didn't feel like he really wanted to do video stuff um and then the things that he wanted to do he didn't really have experience for and that was like one of the only cases where I was like well we'll have to wait until something jumps up that you know that is that both attracts you and is useful for for Beanstalk but in most cases we're fine you know we're finding a place for everyone so um yeah so I think that for q1 that probably won't be as big of an issue um but uh yeah to talk about the multi-sig um do people have like people have an idea you know uh two different multi-cigs um one or you know for five or seven uh signers you know that's kind of what we're um privilege should we say you know I think you have I mean I hate to put this on you but um can I say you know what kind of what um the the thinking is right now or we've only had a couple conversations about this but so we I mean some of our preliminary thoughts are or or I mean you're you feel free to present them as well dumpling um not sure if that if you wanted to present them or you wanted us to present them um I'm happy to present them uh but I just wanted to um I just wanted to kind of make sure that was okay um but the uh so we're thinking two the two multi-cigs would make sense um for being Sprout and for Beanstalk Farms two different uh different ones but with only a little bit of overlap as far as the um you know and who the signers are so uh the same people couldn't be you know if everyone basically allowing for it to overrule um uh you know the same people on the same side couldn't couldn't make both choices essentially um we were thinking uh seven would probably make sense and if it was seven three of them just to clarify not to cut you off don't play but I think the the thing to clarify that dumpling was saying is the hope with a multi-sig is that uh there's enough overlap uh where the there's communication between Beanstalk farms and bean sprout and like there's not totally like discordination between what's being funded um but at the same time we don't want like one set of community members to be holding the keys for both wallets because of you know a the lack of like there's just you know Apples to Apples it's it's preferred to have a more decentralized set of key holders right I would also point out that this is uh this is a significant step in decentralization from having Publius have control of everything uh so you know this is I think still having Publius on the multi-sig makes sense but not in a controlling stake so not in a you know that wouldn't make a lot of sense but uh so we were thinking um published this you know we were just talking about this but three keys for Publius and then four keys for community members and they're not being overlapped between the community members on the multi on the multi-sig for bean sprout and for Beanstalk Farms um and you can give a little more details on it probably is but I just wanted to kind of throw that out there as a beginning point and then we can discuss it in the the pros and cons um you know as a community yeah so to highlight I think that the sort of open questions are whether there should be five signator of signatures excuse me uh or seven for each wallet and then the secondary question is how many keys should Publius have versus uh should community members have and were we we don't want to have a majority of the keys going forward and so if there's five five keys you would we would we wouldn't want more than two uh and if they're seven we wouldn't want more than three so uh the only other movie thing to add is in terms of process uh we were thinking that uh in the spirit of sort of self-selection uh we're gonna try to put out like a very short form uh that people can sort of fill out to to describe you know their their experience with Beanstalk their experience of custody in crypto funds uh as dumpling said their availability um and sort of then from there the hope is that you know there will be some sort of community discussion and and process from there and uh remains to be seen whether you know there will be some sort of Vote or I mean in general a lot of I mean this is where it's difficult right because on the one hand we we want to make sure that being stock is in good hands especially as we start to relinquish control in various capacities um but we also don't want to be the ones to say who is in control and this is where the friction comes in and we think that allowing people to sort of self-nominate uh is probably the best way to to do this process in a decentralized way and then the hope is through some sort of you know we might have some follow-up questions for people or something like that we can maybe narrow it down or we'll see but the hope is that this process will sort of play out over the next 48 Hours let's say so that we can try to get an actual bip live shortly after Christmas um so that you know it will it will be approved in the in the very beginning of January um and you know enough said I think we've been scrambling for a bit so yeah so I think that's all good stuff and that's you know certainly more than we we discussed but I think I like the sound of so self-selection basically people filling out a little form to say hey hey I'd like to be in charge of this be you know I think I'm qualified to do so then we could um you know potentially narrow it down by a little bit after kind of a vetting process but then presenting it for a vote uh maybe could we do a snapshot vote with that um as opposed to a snapshot vote and using a form um that still sounds a little on the centralized side um that it might be better to use Commonwealth because you can uh basically have we create some guidelines uh what do what do we want to put into like you know self-nomination and then you know make a post say which multi-sig you want to be a part of write about yourself um I believe each post can even get likes as well and so then you can also see like who has the most likes at the end of 48 Hours um in terms of like who is I guess the most popular or who makes the most kind of sense um that's all on the record um you can post General comments for follow-up questions uh clarifications um but yeah I think Commonwealth might be a better for better Outlet than using like whatever the forms process was sure yeah um anyone else jump in on that and the overall you know overall thoughts on that yeah I guess I just had a question back to I think what I what I saw in the proposal dumpling was that these multi-stick decisions are for anything that's above a 10 000 uh spend is that right uh no I think this would just be the multi-sig that's in control of the funds um not not the nitty-gritty of like of of spends foreign yeah so to add on to that the process will look a little bit like um let's say there's a new role carved out for somebody and be in stock forms according to the proposal within one week from them coming on there needs to be a formally proposed snapshot and uh whereas currently there's sort of the assumption that the answer is no um and we have to wait until there's a quorum voting yes um the thought is to switch that to an optimistic approval where now there needs to be a quorum against so there will be a lot of flexibility in terms of the initial um speaking for the funds and then the community will have an opportunity to to veto it basically shortly thereafter but the the the multi-sig keys are just a question of who is custodying those funds and where do those beans lie and then um how are those beings actually spent for payment so I personally really like the idea of the optimistic approval because it seems like it allows us to move a little faster and it also allows us to spend less gas um but I'm just curious what what you know what other people think about that too since that's kind of a big change and sorry dumpling just to make sure I understand them that would that would be basically like we give it approval and then it has to get a certain amount of nose before it's rejected is that right yeah that's right okay well it's sort of like it's approved like Auto approval unless unless there's enough votes to kind of veto it yeah I mean I think that might be great to do starting out um and then I guess it would it be if it just starts to grow out of control um I assume we could just work through some other proposal or something like that to change it later on right yeah if we wanted a big change to the q1 budget a Publius would that operate through uh through a bit would have to be a bib um anything that is even though like the a lot of the the caught the uses of the funds for the budget are written in words as opposed to explicitly defined in the smart contracts themselves um a language in the bip is you know is substantive and we would want to stick to that um we've tried our best to do that with the Q4 budget um even though it's been a pain in the ass and so uh you know the fact that there would be an on-chain approval of these funds and what their uses and the procedures around them um there would certainly have to be a bit to amend that or or at least a snapshot proposal that would you know have to receive a majority vote for example gotcha yeah so um to your point then JW it would have to uh if we were going to change the optimistic approval or you know if it was like if it started to get out of hand or anything we'd have to do the bit okay yeah and I guess the only thing behind that is like you know giving the community still quite small um you know once we start to I mean actually I think you've pointed this out the other day don't believe we've been growing pretty quickly but as that continues to grow and grow um and we get new members who are excited to join um just don't know how that could impact if we just got a lot of proposals that come in um I think the optimistic approach is great and really does help us get stuff going ASAP um just good to know that we could you know later on potentially review that and change it if we had to yeah that's that's a totally totally fair uh criticism oh we got Josie let's bring you up um share requests here you go Josie you should be able to come up now the invite was sent um shoot Josie don't know how else to you're you've been invited to come up so Josie does it say just come up on stage because you may be able to come up on stage this isn't working great guys to get people up on stage wondering what the problem is maybe the hand raised was a missile oh got someone up oh farmer Dan how did you get up on stage yeah uh I just pressed the um it was like the far left button it said become a speaker so I just clicked that so Josie are you able to press press that button become a speaker button uh there was another person uh Mike Jones also wanted to come up see if you can just become a speaker okay Dave you're up how'd you get up I just push the become a speaker button okay Mike or Josie can you can you do that oh maybe you want to type out your your uh in the barnyard chat and I can read it it's a good backup I don't think Josie's in the audience anymore who scared him away I guess so but uh Mike Jones you're still we still want you to hear from you or J man you got some ideas oh no I was just commenting on that very good Town Hall if people can't can't speak sorry about that figure it out okay Mike you're requesting show requests it says invite sent on the request to speak um foreign how'd you do it Mike just so everyone else knows how to get up you're currently muted together we will revolutionary revolutionize decentralized Finance guys uh Mikey unmuted briefly I'm not trying to speak oh you weren't trying to speak at all the whole time yeah sorry about that oh okay um I was so excited all right who else [Music] well what what I'm definitely I think maybe just like in terms of the best next steps like it seems like again reviewing the proposal is going to be really helpful for everyone um and then would it be best to start having like the like specific conversations about these within the within the Commonwealth then or within the Discord Channel I'm sure that maybe maybe it's just that people are um a little more timid and plus it's obviously given the holidays obviously harder to get attendance but I have a feeling like if we start soliciting or just asking for comments from the community um we probably could um pretty quickly um so I don't I mean candidly we don't want comments from people that don't have comments like we're not in the business of looking for people to opine to give us more opinions for they don't care about so we take seriously the people that are here and like that's the statement and of itself so everyone in general in the community has an opportunity to comment but I don't think that it it behooves anyone other than we're happy to bump a q1 budget one more time just say hey add everyone like uh or you know take a look at the budget one more time and if you have any comments um but if people don't have comments there's like meaningless comments aren't aren't helpful here yeah I mean that's that's certainly true I don't think we want to um and we want to move you know we we want to move pretty fast here so we want to probably keep it targeted to um the things that we need in the next 48 hours to you know to decide on um so a lot of that would be yeah getting this you know figuring out who's going to be on the multi-cig um and you know any other kind of last minute changes but it's true that we don't we don't have uh we don't have six months to figure out this budget so it is we want to keep this targeted but that said that's what the purpose of this meeting so if anyone has you know anything uh don't feel too shy but to J Dub's comment uh we can do it you know over in the in the chat you know in the next you know this evening tomorrow uh but we gotta get moving so Evan uh how about I guess an action item for ending this you know as we're coming to the end would be um so priority is to figure out who's going to be on the multi-sig I know you guys want you know five to seven seven is obviously better uh the more the merrier however I'm not really convinced that like you know there there's a one two there's 28 people here six are speaking 22 are listening um I'm not convinced I'm not sure we're gonna have like it it's you know it's not like where we have like a hundred people and there's gonna be a bunch of people to select from for the multi-sig I feel like it's going to be more like yeah so I'm questioning will there be enough people who want to take the responsibility of the multi-cig and want to self-select to even get like the five to seven number and I think a good way to look at that would be to just say you know Post in the q1 budget um you know like let's just get this rolling with like people self-nominate uh I would suggest Commonwealth uh just to like write a bio what you would be good at or you know what the purpose is we can hammer out the details of what the nomination post should have but to just have that and then post a message about that like you know this is you know it's open if you want to self self nominate go ahead make a make your case and then just have that start going um you know like today or tomorrow or just soon yeah yeah agreed I think that if we don't get people then we'll have to just sort of solicit people from you know from probably the the most involved people uh working our way down is probably ours but yeah because you know the worst case scenario or like the ad the opposite case scenario I don't I don't know it's not necessarily the worst but what if there are not 10 people to well I guess Publius would take four so like what you know what if there are not enough people to fill two multi-six then we'll just be left with one multi-stick anyways which I don't think is the worst thing in the world considering where we're at um but yeah that's I think that's also a possibility to consider at the end of the day if we don't get enough we can use we can go down to five multi-sig with uh poopless controlling two of them so they still don't have a majority um and then we would need one two three one two three we need six more um so that would be another option but yeah I agree with you we're not going to be having a huge amount of people probably who want to take on this responsibility and kind of the burden of it to be honest so yeah it's probably a good point so jump in then just to make sure that this makes sense in terms of timelines like it's the idea kind of like within 24 to 48 hours worked through the multi-sig and then publish maybe your thoughts on this too but the idea is to like get the q1 budget proposed or like not proposed but um finalized by like Monday Tuesday of next week is that is it the thinking or so today's Thursday um Christmas Eve is tomorrow and then Christmas Saturday so we would say basically you know by Monday at the latest which is the 27th you know we would want to get almost all this finalized and then like if the bip goes out later than Tuesday that's that's probably too bad so that would be not ideal so you know even though it's Christmas over the next 48 hours um it would be great if people just take five minutes and sort of drop their application if they're interested and if not there's no there's no other work required so uh in Barnyard chat we just dropped a rough draft of the form I'm curious for people's thoughts um if there's anything that should be added here or if this is sort of we think this is concise and gives people just a short form to explain what they're what they want to do maybe instead of the the like you know how much time do you spend away from your computer also I guess like how much well never mind that never mind I answered my own question like seven um but yeah that's like that's that form it's short it takes maybe like 15 minutes tops to fill out it takes other people you know like less than five minutes to read it it's not extremely difficult to look through give a thumbs up or a thumbs down and then it's just a matter of getting the awareness out there which can be done through the q1 budget uh maybe even put an announcement and at everyone if we really need to uh but yeah it looks good cool cool um so maybe the best format for this discussion is um you know is in the q1 budget um Tab and then I'll you know so I'm sorry go ahead go ahead but no I think what I'm going to say yeah yeah we'll especially as we only have a few minutes left here on wall drop the official form in the next hour or two in the in the q1 budget chat and you know hopefully within 24 hours basically anyone that wants to apply will have applied and then we will We intend to sort of speak to anyone that applies um and then we'll kind of go from there um and based on our conversations with people then there may be sort of a final pool and there may be a vote or maybe as Evan said we don't get so many applicants and then there's there's no narrowing down process so um it will be a little bit up in the air on how this oh how sort of the final selection is made um as a function of how many people apply and and the pool of applicants um in general so this is I mean this is how like this is how we things have to be done as we're working to make Beanstalk Farms totally unreliant on Publius but obviously you know at the same time it's important that that transition is led by people that are you know highly competent and aligned with Beanstalk so um it's it's hopefully we get you know between Community input and um our conversations with anyone that applies there's a there's the right balance of ensuring that we're comfortable with the people that are selected uh and their sort of commitment to being stuck thus far uh and what they've demonstrated and then you know what the community wants as well so that's that's sort of where our thoughts are okay great uh Wendy did you have something to say I was just going to say with regards to being a multi-sig um I'm sure there's a lot of people that have no idea what that that entails and and you know what that would what you would have to do if you were one and you know what I think there's a lot of people here that are new that it'd be good to have sort of some sort of explanations candidly those people might not be the best suited to manage private keys at the moment yeah that makes sense I think you Wendy's point is probably more that we should try to weed weed people out like that um you know there should be a question maybe I guess that what's your experience with um let me get back to the questions but it seems like I feel like that's kind of implied but yeah maybe we should be a little more specific in the in the form yeah that's a great great point we will add one okay okay well I think um you know that's probably I think to JW's point the better place to do this is probably you know if you have um you know specific budget concerns or thoughts um just put them in the q1 budget uh section we can kind of go go that way um but I think this was good to hammer out uh and to you know get the discussion open about the multi-sig um and to really kind of kind of a call to action we do need people to do it and it'd be better to have more people to pick from rather than less so um you know please if you're willing to do it um fill out one of those forms and you'll likely be on it so um yeah but we don't no reason we need to uh you know kill the next six minutes for all y'all um but uh privileged you have anything else to say um not at the moment uh I just want to say thank you guys for coming out on the Night Before Christmas Even you know this is uh this is a holiday week but Beanstalk keeps on chugging and we've been crossing the peg plenty today so a fun day and you know we hope everyone has a merry Christmas okay thanks everybody Merry Christmas