DAO Weekly Meeting #38

September 22, 2022

00:00 Intro • 00:52 Bean Sprout Updates • 05:24 Publius Updates • 11:10 Marketing Updates • 13:20 Operations Updates • 15:47 UI Updates • 19:08 BFC Term Renewal Proposal

DAO Meeting



Bean Sprout

  • Will have BIP-24 up for community discussion in a few hours.
  • BIP-24 is an exciting new precedent of having independent entities and organizations proposing BIPs. Hopefully the first of many.
  • The Angel Protocol will be introduced to the DAO soon. It’s a product of some discussion in the business ideas channel of the discord. The goal is to offer a source of yield to charities.
  • Had a call with Smokey of Bera Chain the other day. Some collaboration there would be exciting.
  • Had meeting with crypto on-ramp, banking, and payments companies. Made significant progress on that front. Would like to see a Bean card out by the end off the year.
  • Had a series of meetings regarding a B2B/Beanstalk-for-Business-Banking idea. Started talking with a seasoned entrepreneur who has proven ability to build businesses.
  • Root is building a handful of things in parallel right now. One is the fungible BDV token wrapper. Another is their Oracle architecture and contracts. They are also working on the order book.

Publius Update

  • Trying to get BIP-24 over the line. A little bit of complexity as a BIP proposed by a non-Beanstalk entity.
  • The BIPs for the Q4 budget for Beanstalk Farms and the bug bounty will go live in the next couple days.
  • There has been a lot of back and forth with Halborn regarding Seraph. We are likely going to have to form a Beanstalk Seraph Committee to work with Seraph to design the run books and the functions that will be part of the BIP when it is proposed.


  • We have been in discussions with Chainalysis, who have been helping us track the stolen funds. There is some disagreement about their fee. We would like it to be some percentage of recovered funds, but they prefer a flat fee. They are saying that there has been some movement, and they will look into it more once an agreement is in place.
  • AMA with Halborn has been recorded.
  • Another podcast with (Brock liner?) will happen today.
  • Had two calls with reputable news outlets, building a relationship there.
  • First grants from the community grant program went out a few days ago.


  • Two documents will be shared with the DAO. One is the program structure, with what category each bug falls into and amounts they qualify for, and things like that. The other is the BIP draft itself, proposing a bug bounty committee.
  • Q4 budget BIP draft is ready to go in the next few days.
  • Working on Seraph governance issues. Codifying when the committee has discretion to disable Seraph and things like that.


  • Finishing up some graphical work for the market.
  • Kicking off work on the fall theme, which should be on the website soon.
  • Finished a V1 for the new field page and the balances page refactor. Both are still works in progress. The idea with the balances page refactor is to make it more tactile than it is.
  • Exploring some new branding direction.

BFC Term Renewal

  • Proposal can be expected in the next few days.
  • We will have this proposal every quarter to give the DAO an opportunity to give feedback to the Beanstalk Farms Committee members on their contributions and work over the previous quarter.


Mr manifold can you give us or can we start with being spot maybe you can give us an update from your end before we move to windshield Farms sure and first off apologies if my audio isn't great I've been in the airport right now so it's a little bit noisy um but nonetheless so you know I guess the first the first key update is bib24 I know a lot of people have been asking about the 24 uh we just had to get one last update turned around with halborn um it's you know just got back to us uh just a little bit ago um and so you know hoping within the next you know hours really uh we can get we can get uh big 24 uh uh for the community for discussion um and go from there so so you know it kind of starts to set in in my opinion like an exciting new president of Independent entities and organizations uh proposing books um and you know hopefully there's many many more in the future which I think is incredibly healthy uh secondly um zero one zero one zero one and uh Alex have been working on this Angel protocol idea that was initially uh you know kind of talked about or proposed by zero one zero one in on the business ideas Channel um and you know they've actually started making some pretty uh decent progress on it and I think next week the plan is to propose you know maybe some mocks and you know a deck and what not to the Dow um for discussion so so that's terrific and that's really a community-led effort uh which is awesome uh next uh we had the uh call with Smokey uh with from Barrow chain uh a day or two ago um and I thought that was a constructive call and it was clear um there's all sorts of really interesting synergies and possibilities um that exist uh between you know being Stock and Barrel change which is great um you know I think you know in terms of like next steps there um you know Bearer change just getting started and you know we've got a lot on our plate and you know I think some mutual Discovery process is going to have to happen um you know when you think about things like cross chain you know decentralization um of other chains you know the audits of other protocols and machines um Etc you know just begin that but but you know smokey did send me uh very chain documentation at least what they have so far uh 24 hours ago so you know hoping uh we can start to get some type of a review process going um and open up a discussion with them so that's sort of um next you know had a series of meetings this week um with you know crypto on-ramp banking payments uh companies uh and partners and really made significant progress on that front um we had a series of really really good discussions with one company um and we believe we're in a position to get Beanstalk uh to States or Partnerships like these can you know easily access being stocked in a simple and efficient manner um but you know it's my personal goal um you know that there's a there's a beam card and some other cool things out by the end of the year so so trying to make that happen um additionally on the distribution front um also had a series of meetings uh regarding you know uh B2B slash uh Beanstalk for business and particular banking uh idea and you know started talking with this seasoned entrepreneur who's proven ability to build businesses and um you know I think it's pretty interesting and you know starting to get into the customer Discovery process that next week or two um so so I'm pretty uh optimistic and hopeful about that as well uh lastly root is chugging along you know we're kind of building a handful of things in parallel right now uh once the fungible to positive bdv uh token wrapper um you know we're also working on you know figuring out our Oracle contracts and the best way to you know to you know the best practices for Oracle architecture frankly and getting smarter there but also starting to um you know push code which is which is exciting and and the last thing is you know we're also working on the order book um which which is a critical element of mood stage so you know those are those are my key updates if anyone has any questions or comments you guys can ping me anywhere um but yeah that's quite the update manifold and as as you said if anyone has questions or follow-ups on this please feel free to drop them on download chat I had one of myself manifold you mentioned the zero one zero one and I see the thread uh done it but what exactly was he trying to build on top of the side yeah so I'm not an angel protocol expert uh but you know he's basically looking to build the angel protocol on top of being stock which allows for you know charitable donations um to Charities I believe and non-profits um and it's like you know a higher yield source for for these non-profits or for donors um you know I'm not an expert there so I'll defer to him uh next meeting but but Angel protocol who I'm looking up yeah and for everyone else if you have any ideas we have a new uh channel uh that's a business idea Channel and that's one of one of the ones that zero one use so feel free to drop them there and manifolds and others would be happy to to look into it and discuss these ideas all right um let's move to bin stock Farms or maybe before that probably is do you have any updates that you'd like to share yourself on the you know overall uh protocol and where we at and what what are we doing or what can we expect uh nothing too significant on on on this end uh there's there's a lot of moving Parts uh but trying to get in particular uh trying to get bib24 over the line with root uh and as it's the first bip that's being uh proposed by a non-beam stock entity if you will so not being stopped phones are being Sprout uh but sort of a a separate party uh there's a little bit of uh complexity there and as Mr manifold was saying uh a couple of hold UPS around getting that uh over the Finish Line uh I didn't I haven't seen halborn's response to the latest so uh perhaps Mr manifold seen something uh we haven't uh which would lead bib24 to go out today uh but we're at latest we heard uh as far as I'm aware maybe might be the better way to say it uh we're still actually waiting for one last thing from halborn so uh that's that's the been kind of the main hold up on on bit 24 it's just a little bit of friction and back and forth uh pinching a couple of things and uh as we mentioned in class they're also is likely to be uh two other bits that go live in the next couple days the Q4 budget for Beanstalk Farms as well as uh the bug Bounty bip so not sure whether bib24 will actually make it as big 24 whether it might end up being 525 or 26. uh so uh we'll see on that front but there's a a relatively quiet week on this end speaking of this or those would be proposed by other entities we're also expecting one from hellborn with Augusto setoff do you have an update on what's happening with the the set of pip uh with hellborn sure so there's been a significant amount of back and forth with halborn's Seraph team on the implementation of Seraph and to be in stock over the past at this point month and a half uh uh and the the next step is the formation of uh uh basically a set of uh people on the Beanstalk side to form I don't know what it's going to end up being called but something like a beanstalk seraf committee uh to work with sarath uh to design the Run books and the functions that will ultimately be a part of the bib that is proposed by Sarah so there's some coordination that needs to happen between that committee and Seraph uh in order to implement Sarah for propose the VIP that does implement CRF uh and it it seems like uh it makes sense for the Seraph committee similar to the BCM because this is a security related uh multi-sig if you will uh that it also makes sense for the members of the seraf committee to being similar to the BCM and so uh we're in the process of uh trying to form that properly and get everything ready such that uh whenever the bip is proposed formally the bib will be able to include all of the information around the committee the rules around the committee the formation of the Run books the maintenance of the Run books everything will be ready to go such that uh per usual things are implemented within a single bip and there's no need for multiple bits to uh to implement something that can be done in a single bit so that's another thing that's been happening and the the next steps on that front is once the committee is formed which is happening as we speak there's been some back and forth some Outreach on for people to serve on the committee some people are in some people don't want to so then you gotta keep looking uh or ask the next person if you will uh so that's happening at the moment and trying to move that product as fast as possible uh given that it it seems like like the halborn people the surf team at halborn is is trying their best to move products so we're we're trying not to be the the hold up there and we're optimistic that maybe in a couple of weeks that Seraph pip will be ready to be formally proposed but also I know I'm trying to rush it or that process due to the the importance of of implementing it properly and the thinking of this new committee is that it would be the one that's in touch with the with the setup and then they would also be the ones that are able to remove a self and that is separated from from the BCM uh um that generally is the one that uh can propose changes to be in stock that's that is that is the thinking and obviously the Dow will have the opportunity to vote on this and approve it or reject it uh as part of the seraf bit so this is all uh the preparation for the Seraph bip all right thank you Publius for the for the update um I can start to some updates on marketing before going to uh the other contributors um I had a bit of an update from chanalysis who who reached out to us I think a week and a half ago or so and we had two calls with them and this is uh with regards to the stolen funds that happened in the incident there isn't much uh to share from them and and maybe that it isn't a lot of new news given that what we had heard from the previous uh firms that we were in touch with and that's uh lossless and and blend um they said so they shared with with us uh what you know they think their services would cost us we told them that we were interested or the Dow in general was interested in in submitting the offer that we had offered previously which was a percentage of you know any amount that is recovered I believe that they are thinking of something to be of some sort of a flat fee that's being cleared up front instead of that um we still haven't received the final offer from them so we expected that we expected some time later but generally speaking what they think is there has been some sort of a movement they're unsure when that that has happened uh uh and and they're they're saying that we would look more into it once we have like signed some some sort of some form of an agreement um once they share with us that agreement we'll we'll share it with the Dao and then we can like discuss it further and see if that has uh any interest or if it is of uh of Interest all right otherwise uh we had to we had an Amy with with halborn recorded we have another one or another podcast uh with Brock liner and that was an introduction through sync that would happen uh today we also had uh two uh let's say uh calls uh with with repeatable news outlets uh we don't expect anything to come out anytime soon uh uh but you know that that affordable building is is happening and it's pretty uh pretty posted okay Austin do you wanna do you want to continue from there yeah sure thing so I think probably is pretty adequately covered some of the upcoming outstanding governance proposals but just to add a couple details on uh the bug Bounty program in particular so the goal is to share with the Dow 2 documents uh with regard to the bug Bounty one would be the actual program structure that has you know in gory detail uh you know what categories each bug falls into what amount of bounty koalas buys for things like that and that would be what goes on up on the immunify site so I'll just drop an example of what like Olympus is looks like for example and uh that doc the final version of that is in immunify's hands so it might take another day or two for them to turn it around back to us but for all intents and purposes uh things are ready to go on that front and then the other document of course is that the bit draft itself and in that proposes the formation of a bug Bounty committee if you will to essentially in cases where there does need to be human discretion figuring out you know what's the potential economic impact of uh bug of this bug or that bug they'll hop in and have a you know well-codified process to to determine those uh those parameters if you will so that's that on the on the bug Bounty front um as Publius also mentioned the Q4 budget bip drop for Beanstalk Farms is uh pretty much ready to go and the Dow can probably expect that in the next few days and otherwise spending uh my time at the moment figuring out some of the the Seraph governance uh stuff so you know codifying exactly when that committee that Publius talked about has discretion to you know disable serif and when they don't things like that so uh that's it for my end for the past week thank you Austin and one more thing that I forgot to mention was that the first um the first grants from the community grant program went out a few days ago and Lucille encouraged everyone to make use of that Grant all right sweet red beans yep uh hey guys uh so this week uh finishing up some graphical work for the market which has been great uh kicking off some work on the fall theme so you should see that on the website soon it's exciting should see that hopefully by the end of September uh and then finished a V1 for uh the new kind of field page and the balances page refactor uh I would still say you know these are still work in progress so so not finished yet uh kind of the idea particularly with the balances page refactor I'd love to make it like a little bit more tactile than it is so you know for example trying to figure out a kind of great design system to allow you guys to kind of see how mints would impact your balance and that's with regards to the senior agenda so uh yeah I mean beats pretty complicated but it's it's been fun so hopefully that will will be coming out soon and then lastly I have been exploring some new branding directions and so uh yeah that's kind of my my last week here I would say for the next week or so uh yeah really could have had sound focused on this balance this page refactor and then moving on to the field so that's it for me thank you sweetre um and I see Chad and another quote unfortunately you couldn't join us today but he had posted a few updates on the UI updates channel that may speak uh to to their work um I can I can go through the model what I'll do I think I'll just copy copy the message and drop it in the in the town hall chat okay and we have a question from Mr Tony and asks if we'll be able to convert Android beams to Android eth being possibly we've discussed this a bit a few times probably is any update from your end or is that that we're unsure yet if that's something that we'll do uh it's it's as always something that the Dow can implement but uh you know at this point it it's it's unclear whether that's really an efficient use of uh Dev resources so anything's possible uh as has been the case but at the moment the past couple of weeks it it doesn't seem like that's an optimal use of resources but if the Dow felt strongly about that perhaps uh there could be like a Snack shot proposed uh it you know if people wanted to vote to move in that direction in some capacity uh but at least on this end having really thought much more about implementing it because it doesn't seem to to be a good use of resources I think we start with the webs being deployed on them we can consider this one or think about it again all right um that's it from the contributors if anyone in the audience has a question or would like to come up on stage feel free to do so now we'll give you a few minutes before we end this meeting one last thing I forgot to mention is that uh another proposal that the Dow can probably expect in the next few days is the the quarterly Beanstalk Farms committee uh term renewal proposal so as written in the proposals that form the Beanstalk Farms committee uh the idea is that you know every member started with an end term I believe all of them are uh end of q1 2023 at the moment and we'll have this proposal at the end of every quarter essentially to have the doubt give the Dow the opportunity to give feedback to the Beanstalk Farms committee members on you know their contributions and work over the previous quarter so obviously this one was a bit short uh you know just like the last six weeks or so but uh uh just uh FYI for uh you know another upcoming proposal that the Dow will have a chance to look at thank you awesome for for that update and with that I see no questions of a town hall chat so I think we can we can end this meeting thank you everyone for joining us and we'll see you next week