DAO Weekly Meeting #30

July 28, 2022

00:00 Marketing Updates • 01:06 Copy Updates • 02:58 Root Updates • 03:49 Design Updates • 04:39 Publius Updates • 08:43 UI Walkthrough

DAO Meeting




  • Spaces planned with Liquity and Ceazor
  • Podcasts with Mission DeFi and Mark Jeffrey
  • Bean Pod with the CTO of Halborn will go out Monday
  • Hope to have the community grant program after the Q3 budget passes.


  • BFP-81 voting ends in the next couple hours. The goal is to codify how changes are made to Beanstalk, Beanstalk Farms, and the committee. Documentation will be in the Farmer’s Almanac assuming it passes.
  • BIP-21 draft was shared Monday. The plan is to propose it tomorrow.
  • There will be a blog post about the new functionality and upgrades to Beanstalk.
  • Working on adding a few how-to guides to the gitbook


  • Looking to roll out a marketplace sooner than later


  • Almost finished with the UI, just making some style tweaks. Mostly quality of life tweaking.

Publius Updates

  • Continuing with testing. Things are looking good. Haven’t had to make a protocol change in a couple days, which is great. Maybe 90% finished with testing.
  • White paper draft went out Monday along with BIP-21. There will be some slight edits. It is in a near final state.

UI Demo

  • Starts at 8:43 of the video on YouTube.


as we're getting uh closer to uh to unpause or replant uh we're piling up uh appearances or scheduling uh um like spaces and so on so so far we have uh spaces with liquidity and caesar uh planned and then we have two podcasts with mission d5 and and mark jeffrey um otherwise we recently had uh a being pod with uh the cto of hal burn that will go out on monday and then on once the bit passes and hopefully we'll have a q3 budget that will pass uh we're gonna propose a community grant program and we expect them to start creating more content around uh around bean stock that's that's the plan for now great thank you uh and then i should have prefaced this with uh we will uh we'll be doing the dow update and then at the tail end of it uh then after we do those updates uh silo's gonna give a ui update um so definitely stick around for that tail end of it um austin do you uh do you want to give in an update on what you're covering yeah sure thing so uh hopefully everyone had a chance to read and vote or not vote on bfp 81 unfortunately i didn't get to you know set the scene or share some context for that last week uh during the dow meeting but oh the goal is always for the proposals to to speak for themselves but yeah the goal of that one is really to codify to the best extent possible how changes are made to beanstalk made to beanstalk farms and the committee bean sprout proposals etc and so the point was to uh make that as comprehensive as possible so i think voting on that ends in the next couple hours and i'll be writing some documentation in the farmer's almanac uh accordingly assuming it passes uh otherwise bip 21 was uh draft was shared on monday that the plan is to propose that tomorrow and we're also going to put out a blog post um about the new functionality and upgrades that are happening to beanstalk along with it let's see what else uh also working on adding a few how-to guides to the getbook based on the new site and then uh you know be updating the the get book accordingly for all the the bip 21 changes so probably a couple other things i'm missing but uh that's uh what i've been thinking about at a high level okay great um really quick on the nft front uh everyone saw the blog go out yesterday so uh we put a blog together uh gave more details about what those nfts will look like uh and i think i will continue to keep you guys surprised there's a few other attributes that we're working through on the tail end of uh setting those up um but we're excited to get those live and share those uh mr manifold i know you covered a lot earlier this week with the rude announcement but is there anything quickly you wanted to give an update on hey um you know nothing nothing to material uh that wasn't mentioned earlier this week uh you know we're just kind of head down uh building at this point um we're we're looking to roll out a marketplace sooner than later if we can so you know it might not be fully fledged the tech we want to build in the long run but you know if it's something we can uh value add to the beanstalk community sooner than later we might divert some resources to do that so you know that's one of our focuses but aside from that nothing nothing else to material cool okay um sweet red do you want to give a design update i know with the talent of this that silo is going to walk through stuff but if you can give a design update that'd be great yeah um you know we're we're about finished with the new ui uh there are you know a few style tweaks and and i say that every week because it seems like as soon as we fix them you know we find more so uh anyway excited to to have cylo chad walk you guys through the site uh at the end of this meeting i think we've we've come a long way so uh yeah i mostly just quality of life tweaking at this point to uh from now until the end pause so okay great um publish uh is there any update um across the board that that you wanted to share uh and then after that i think we were actually ready to hand it over to silo yeah um you know just still chugging forward with testing on our on our point um you know a lot of testing to do things are looking good you know haven't had to make uh you know an on you know a protocol change in a couple days which is great i'm glad to see that it's kind of you know standing up to testing uh we're still not finished testing we're probably you know ninety percent of the way there uh and we're going to be continued you know we're going to continue testing throughout all the way up until replant um and just you know want to make it clear that you know the testing is not fully done and there's very likely you know another bug that might need to be fixed in the upcoming days and uh you know just want that to be clear across the board that you know the dow is aware of that uh and is you know willing to move forward with the proposal given that um you know we on our end are comfortable with the state of the protocol and you know i've been testing it for a long time but you know there's always something else that can be there um you know even with two audits you know faye had seven audits and you know the protocol broke the first day so uh you know there's always something that can happen unexpected yeah great thanks for the the heads up on that um pubes any other other publius is there any updates uh would would add that the white paper draft that went out on monday along with uh dip 21 uh there will be some slight uh edits there a couple people pointed out some typos as well as uh the convert white list uh is being uh finished uh and then there might be some changes to the glossary to reflect that as well but otherwise the white paper is in a near final state uh maybe some other formatting issues but it's neither here nor there and otherwise maybe just to add on to what publish was saying before uh at the end of the day there is no guarantee that uh every the current contractor code uh are perfect and at the there's two separate comments one is that over the next week if there are any other minor uh issues that can be fixed in the code uh all uh convert isn't happening perfectly or there's a minor rounding issue minor things like that uh i think what publius was asking for was uh the approval of the expectation from the down i think this this will be reflected in language in bib 21 that if there are any other minor fixes to the code that are in made in response to bugs found over the next week of testing that that shouldn't delay the replans and then the second larger comment is that there are uh when dealing with code out in the wild like this there's no guarantee that any of it is secure and you know that that's the state of things so at the micro level if there are any other minor changes or problems that uh need to be addressed over the next week uh we intend to make them assuming that they're non-substantive uh in a fashion that doesn't delay the replant and then you know i think everyone should just be on the same page about uh there are risks associated with replanting and we're all gonna i think everyone has know a lot uh from what i've seen uh everyone working on the replay is working very hard to make sure that things are as secure as possible but it's i think if anything this group is particularly well aware of the risks of dealing with on-chain codes so enough said on that front don't mean to be particularly morbid or negative but uh it's important that we're all on the same page here and otherwise uh very excited uh very excited about what the next week to 10 days looks like great thank you um yeah i think that's a good good thing to continue to level set um so i think that's i think that's it in terms of updates from the tao um solid does it work uh for us to hand it over to you yep that sounds great thanks j dubs um and great to see everybody on this call excited to kind of show you what we've been working on the last couple months on the the website front i'm gonna go a little bit slow because my my internet is kind of in and out so if i get cut off or something just message me in the barnyard chat and i will uh i'll repeat whatever i said so with that let me get my screen shared here awesome can everybody see uh this demo screen yes cool okay well i'll just i'll just jump in so a couple notes before before we started this should take like 10 or 15 minutes then happy to answer questions as well um so just wanted to give a shout out uh to the beanstalk farms team um this site is you know the product of several months of work from a lot of folks but in particular uh the folks listed here sort of working across the the stack so just wanted to say thanks to everybody who contributed uh please give them a shout out in discord um the thing i'll show is a test account and so some numbers will look outdated if you have any questions about the numbers just just let me know and then you know we're still putting the finishing touches on this site so uh if if something seems out of place when you pull it up in a week or two just head to the farmer's almanac for you know for a tutorial or message us on the ui feedback channel on discord so with that uh yeah i would love to hop in and uh welcome you all to the to the new the new beanstalk ui so just to kind of ground things a little bit before walking through all of this you know there's like three main goals that we had sort of rethinking the ui over the last few months the first was to to keep the the aesthetic that we know farmers uh know and love with the you know the farm background and the styling that beanstalk has used over the last year while also making it simple to find things and understand how beanstalk works on top of that we wanted to polish old components and and create them new ones to kind of fill in missing functionality or you know fill in new features like like the farm so but i want to show silo first but before getting into into that uh just kind of talking a bit about the the high level structure of the site now so we've got a new nav bar here at the top with pages for each of beanstalk's core functions along with this this new page called forecast which i'll show you in a bit throughout the the site you can keep track of the the bean price and the season up here in the top left corner with these buttons and then over here under the wallet button you'll find links to your balances and transaction history and that sort of thing so we'll get into those more in a second but first let's let's look at the silo so we've rebuilt the silo page to surface more of the more information about your deposits your stock holdings rewards those sorts of things here at the top you you can see this value of your silo deposits over time in a handy graph along with a breakdown of your stock ownership and percent ownership of the silo in the in the rewards bar right here you can see how many earned beans and earned stock you have as well as easily claim those and on the claim page here you'll find that we've added gas prices on on the right side uh to help you optimize gas costs when you're trying to mow plant or do whatever you need to do in the silo at the bottom here uh you'll find the the list of whitelisted silo assets which looks a lot like what we had previously with some additions to the table then this these new unripe assets here at the bottom so i'd love to jump in and show you how the deposit interface actually works so here's the deposit interface or i guess the silo interface for uh for the bean 3 curve token you'll you'll find basically everything you need to interact with the silo right here on this page up up here at the top we've really tried to clarify the life cycle of assets in beanstalk through these tabs so deposit convert transfer withdrawn claim um and you know transfer i think is a is a new thing that's thanks to the transferable deposits feature that will ship with bip21 uh so let's go ahead i guess and and make a deposit over here on the right of this of this input you can see that now i can actually select an asset so i'm going to go ahead and jump in here on this list you know i can choose from a list of any supported asset that that beanstalk supports in the front end this is obviously expanded a lot from just being in ethereum previously to cover a lot of other tokens that we know uh farmers use pretty frequently and and more will come as we continue expanding the this functionality so i'm gonna go ahead and pick eth here just to kind of walk through things so when i make an east deposit you know we've we've kind of simplified what everything that's just happened here but i just entered one uh one eighth is uh can be exchanged for 1038 being three curve it looks really simple but but under the hood there's a lot happening uh with the farm function to actually plan and execute these transactions so in the uh the example of this this one each transaction what's actually happening is that beanstalk is wrapping that each to weave uh swapping that weave for for tether on curve uh swapping the tether for three curve in a different pool and then depositing that three curve as bean three curve into the bean three curve bowl and using farm we've basically like run that sequence of of transactions and kind of estimated it out what you're gonna get and then we'll show you the corresponding uh you know being three curve tokens and stock and speeds here so a lot going on there and a lot of flexibility that we can we can now have with the uh with the farm function right here at the bottom you can see the as always the change in concedes for for doing an action in the silo and then you know some helpful tool tips on what's like what exactly is going on in this case you can see the bdv that beanstalk is offering for one bead and three curve at this time and this pattern of showing tooltips is something that we will continue to do throughout the site and you'll see everywhere in addition we've overhauled the transaction details module to show exactly what beanstalk is doing when it's running these transactions so in this case swapping the the ether for for lp tokens depositing those lp tokens in the silo and granting you stock and seeds so i'll go ahead and just make this deposit um and you'll notice that as soon as i make the deposit right here down at the bottom i've got this table of deposits um aggregate value in the top right and then a list of everything that's uh that i've deposited in the past with with tool tips to help you understand the uh the exact mechanics you can actually see here as well under the stock tooltip that will now show the the stock that's accrued since you deposited along with the uh the base stock that that you aren't for a given deposit so kind of a cool new thing so i would love to show the withdraw and claim process as well so really quick i'm going to head over here to to withdraw i know previously these tabs in particular were ones that uh you know sometimes were hidden depending on whether or not you had withdrawable or claimable assets and you've now uh you know basically shown them at all times so anytime you want you can click on this tab and if you have withdrawable assets or deposited assets you can go ahead and withdraw them so i'm going to go ahead and do that just like on the deposit page i get a breakdown of what's going on and some handy tool tips to show exactly you know what beanstalk is doing when i when i make this change i'll go ahead and make the withdrawal the season timer is now one season as a part of bip 21 so you can see that in one season we'll we'll get some get some tokens out of the silo so i'm going to run up here real fast and and actually call sunrise on my uh in my terminal um and so this should refresh here in a second you can see the season's bumped to 60 75 and that the the assets are now claimable so uh if i want to go ahead and claim them i'm just going to quickly refresh head to the claim page um and walk you through this so here on the claim tab you can see a couple of things one i can you know i've got this balance of claimable assets here a new thing is that you can actually claim your assets to one of two places i can either send them to my wallet or to my farm balance which uh which bean stock will is capable of using in any any of these transactions so if i deposit to my farm balance and i want to go or i move this to my farm balance and i want to go deposit later i can do that i can even use combinations of assets that are in my wallet and and farm balance for example if i have both for now i'll go ahead and send to my wallet here on this button i can actually choose what i want to withdraw this bean 3 curve lp token as so i can either keep the token or i can go ahead and unwrap it to to another asset like 3 curve for example let me actually just refresh this real fast there we go cool and you can see that uh the farm function has again like figured out exactly how much three curve i'm gonna get when i uh claim this asset and go ahead and swap it so i'll go ahead and run the claim and then yeah we're good to go i've now got that uh i now have that three curve if i come back to deposit i just want to show you kind of what that looks like you can see there's that 10523 curve that i just uh just pulled and if i hover over the this little balance annotation right here i can see that it was it was sent to my my farm balance so you can use any combination of these assets for so for example if later i want to redeposit it's good to go all right let's see what i want to show next so i'm going to head and head over to the field you know more or less the field is very similar to in structure to the silo you've got the sew harvest and send tabs here and a list of your your pods uh plots with the total number of pods here at the here at the bottom the barn is more or less the same as what you can see on app.bean.money right now with the exception of this rinse tab which is now uh allows you to rinse your fertilized sprouts and also send those to your to your farm balance or to your wall the farmer's market has been more or less like completely overhauled to be fast and flexible so we'll have a lot more updates coming here as well on this page right here you'll see a list of all active pod listings and pod orders which you can quickly buy and buy from or sell to using an interface like this it's also fast to create a pod order or a pod listing just by clicking this create new button here in the top right i'm gonna go ahead and make a pod listing just as an example so let's pick this plot uh i'll start selling the whole thing 99 cents set in expiry can choose where the proceeds go and somebody buy some of my ponds um and also if i want to choose what region of the plot to sell for example uh i can just pop under here under advanced and select a range so go ahead and just uh create this listing if i want to view the listing they're easy to find now it's just under my orders and listings i'll head to the listing tab and i can see that listing i just created right here along with the progress of how much uh the listing has sold so if you want to keep track of you know if somebody buys part of the listing it's right here if i change my mind about selling these pods i can just hop over to this page and cancel uh the analytics page brings back pretty much all of the charts that we uh we all know and love from before with a with a nice new ui so this is kind of our our standard chart ui now so i can hover and see see the value at any point in time group data points by season or by day if i want to look at a bunch of data or you know roll back in time for one week one month or uh all time so you'll also notice how fast this data loaded um it's actually because uh thanks to some of the upgrades to the subgraph we can now cache a lot of this data in your browser so whenever you load price data historically we'll kind of save it and make it really fast to load next time for all the uh the bnft people out there we've got a awesome new bnfts page where you can come to to view all of your currently owned nfts and into ones that you haven't minted yet okay i know you've been talking for a bit a few more things left to show and we can wrap up and happy to answer any questions as well um so if you're looking for the balances page that's now nested here under the under the wallet button um you can also use a keyboard shortcut for any of these pages uh as well as the balances page so i think the keyboard shortcut for this right now is option d so i'll go ahead and press that and i'm here on the balances page so this page shows a breakdown of all the different categories of of assets and that you have in beanstalk as well as your stock seeds and pods and sprouts here at the bottom and if i hover over a category i can get a cool little breakdown of you know how much of each asset i have let's see last i want to show the forecast page so the the idea of the forecast page is to give you a quick snapshot into the the state of beanstalk at a high level um so we've shown the the time weighted average price here the pod rate liquidity and the total amount deposited and we'll update this page with with more metrics as as time goes on for peg maintenance and price you can find those up here again top left the price button here will show you all of the different pools and the current delta b for different pools uh and this uh we're calling this the sun button but if you want to look inside recent seasons uh see when the next season uh is gonna hit or look at past seasons data that's uh that's all available here so i think last but not least um i know you know one of the things we found surprising previously was just how many farmers uh were using beanstalk on mobile and mobile was just not uh something that we prioritized previously on the website so in redesigning uh uh you know this new website we've made mobile a first class citizen so uh you can i'm just going to go ahead and show you a a demo here of kind of what mobile look like but all of these pages are are mobile friendly um the website loads on mobile it loads even if you don't have a wallet connected so you can use uh safari or whatever on your phone or or connect through metamask and all of this should should behave exactly as uh as you expect so all the forms work and that kind of thing cool okay um i've talked to everybody for like 20 minutes now so i'm gonna go ahead and call it there but happy to answer any questions um so jdubs i don't know if you've been keeping an eye out for those yeah i think so uh well one silo you know amazing this is incredibly exciting yeah it's fantastic but james james asked a question which i think was kind of addressed but you can address it as well saying what's the difference between the farm balance uh versus the wallet if you deposit into the farm balance are the tokens still within the bean protocol yeah so great question so what we call your wallet balance or circulating balance is assets that are you can find for example if you pull up your wallet in metamask there or you know or any wallet that you have it's just stuff that any erc20 token that's sent to your address so those tokens will behave exactly as as you've uh you've seen on any other site beanstalk also is capable of maintaining its own internal balance of of any token and this is part of what enables the the farm functionality to be uh simple and gas efficient so for example when i make a withdrawal i can send i can choose to have the assets sent to my wallet if i want them or i can send them into into beanstalk and keep them within beanstalk uh previously we also supported this functionality for example um if you wanted to do something like harvest and deposit that was possible so and beanstalk is kind of maintaining those beans for you internally the the trick is that in any transaction that uses farm farm balances circulating balances you can basically couple those two together into one transaction to save gas so if i had some some beans that were in my farm balance i had some beans out of my circulating balance i can use both of those at the same time to deposit okay let me know if that didn't make sense okay no i think that was great um yeah james if you have any follow-up please just let us know so guilfoyle asked if apys are going to come back at some point and sweet red addressed it saying that they're locked up but i don't know if there's anything else that you have to add to that no that's that's spot on so they'll probably appear right here next to rewards um but stay tuned on that chad can can you show us how to pick our assets and also how to chop unripe assets yeah great question um so up here in the top right you'll click the wallet button and you'll see pick and chop so when uh beanstalk first replants this will probably be the first screen that you had too to pick your unripe assets so you can go ahead and just run through this this workflow to do that when you pick you can either pick assets to your wallet or pick and deposit them so that will just deposit them straight to the silo and then for chopping on ripe assets here on the chop page uh you can see both unripe assets here unripe paint and unripe bean three curve and then uh if you have circulating balances of those so for example i would i would need to withdraw from the silo first once i make the withdrawal and claim i'll have some assets here that i can go ahead and chop um currently because the season is only one season beyond the chop penalty is 100 but as as time goes on that will change and i see the the chat penalty will be shown yes shown right here when you make this uh make this chopping transaction great and silo will we uh one thing that i was thinking about in the past is is any of the data from the analytics going to be uh like can we export any of that or is it going to be static via the subgraph that's on the site yes so all of the data that's used in these charts uh is accessible through the sub graph uh for those of you who aren't familiar the subgraph basically scans over events that beaten stock emits on ethereum and and compiles them into a format that's easier to access and so anybody can go and pull that that raw data um the format it's in is called json but that could be converted for example into a spreadsheet or something else if you wanted so that's not supported by the site but you can do that using other tools okay great sweet any other questions here cool i guess last thing um so in terms of rolling this out the updates to the site uh currently there's a there's a version live that lets people access the barn rays um as well as some other you know like viewing your old uh bean stock assets the this update will come out um once replant begins so stay tuned and just let me know if you have any questions and uh in the ui feedback channel amazing yeah i mean silo i think the the phrase that's coming in obviously is on point uh fantastic and uh well i think we're all thrilled for this to go to go live and obviously just phenomenal work uh it looks so good and yeah it's great thanks guys yeah excited to uh excited to get this thing shipped so soon cool well i'm sure other people have questions as we progress through this um you know we can keep asking those in uh class or during the down meetings um if there are any other questions right now that anyone has feel free to drop them real quick um otherwise on that note i think we can we can call it i i can foresee the questions and then everyone like dm sign the chat yeah so i guess in preparation please everyone dm silo chad directly with your questions okay um i don't see any i mean benedict i think you're typing something uh maybe it's an emoji for silo but i think we're good to call it there so thanks everyone thank you