DAO Weekly Meeting #27

July 7, 2022
00:00 Intro/Agenda • 01:01 Operations Updates • 02:16 Community Updates • 04:14 Copy Updates • 07:51 Bean Sprout Updates • 10:48 Marketing Updates • 13:48 Explanation of Root • 17:35 Design Updates • 18:42 Front End Updates • 20:07 Back End Updates • 36:44 Closing
DAO Meeting




  • Been working on a handbook for contributors to help them understand the culture and expectations
  • We will keep updating on how funds are being used in the governance chat


  • Continuing to grow the international language portion of Beanstalk
  • Continuing to develop educational resources for new farmers as well as vets
  • We have developed the first couple primary classes and attributes for the NFTs


  • BFP-79 updates terminology in light of some of the new concepts introduced with the Barn Raise
  • Thinking about the future of Beanstalk Farms, it doesn’t make sense for the DAO to vote on every hiring proposal in perpetuity, so we’ve been wrestling with that
  • Hope to have the gitbook finished in a week or two
  • Close to finishing the disclosure statement

Bean Sprout

  • Continuing to have conversations with capital
  • Root has engaged Trail of Bits for an audit in Q4/Q1


  • Twitter is our biggest channel outside of Discord, followed by YouTube and then the blog and podcast
  • Been working on the Why Beanstalk? video series. Working on the third one. Once that is out, we want to reformat the blog posts into videos to reach a larger audience.
  • The community grant program will be available after we have a Q3 budget
  • Bean Pod episode with John Wu from Aztec about ZK Proofs
  • Song by Beanthoven about Fertilizer


  • Building a generalizable marketplace infrastructure such that many types of markets can be built on Root.
  • First use case will be a rate swap, in which Beanstalk users will be able to trade Silo yields.
  • Specific Roots can have various durations and returns.


  • A few features that still need to be built out on the new site
  • Preparing for the Replant

Front End

  • Working on the Silo and Field to take into account changes to the protocol from Replant and things like the Farm functionality.

Back End

  • Responded to Halborn with the changes made based on issues found in their audit.
  • Started addressing issues highlighted by Trail of Bits
  • Plan to make the repo with the Replant code public next week


so we're just gonna kick it off so as mentioned in the past as everyone knows these sessions um going forward or continue to give an update to community members um what's happening with being stock contributors and what we're pushing along the way continuing to provide transparency throughout the week as we're going through things but want to make sure that everyone still has time to ask questions uh and get get their eyes on a little bit more of what we're working on um so we're bringing up a bunch of people from different areas of the of the of Beanstalk farms and bead Sprout to talk a few things um we're going to go through the Dow update a little more quickly this time uh keeping in just a couple minutes per um per contributor because we want to leave time at the end to basically do a joint session with dial weekly update and with uh class so I'll hand it over to mod at the tail end of this and he'll do some some q a and some questions with Publius so without further Ado um I will give a quick update actually on the I think I'll tackle both operations and Community side so on the op side um just a few pieces that we're working on there's a proposals that we're we're thinking about and kicking around in terms of um what it means to have future contributors Austin can talk through this if needed in more detail but we're starting to already plan for you know post replant what does team development look like um adding on to that there's been a handbook that we've been working on to better understand Beanstalk Farms membership and what what uh contributors you know what it means to pair with the culture and what those expectations look like I'm trying to put a little bit more formal process around that um also there are additional operational expenses uh and there was requests in the governance chat to get more transparency around those line items and Austin throughout an update in the governance chat just to give you guys some um understanding of what what we've been using the limited amount of funds that we have on uh we'll update that keep that posted so that everyone has Clarity of power um you know spending on the small bit of expenses that we have um but that's really kind of largely it from an Ops perspective on the Community Front I mentioned this last call on the call before I believe but we're continuing to grow the uh the international language portion of being stock farm so if anyone does uh speak another language or um has anyone that they would recommend that they would want to get involved with the Community Management side of that shoot me a DM as mentioned before the Chinese Community is doing quite well we're working on quite a bit of pieces to continue to make sure that they get as many resources as needed but there's definitely other channels that need some support so should you speak any other languages and you want to help us grow that even just you know on a volunteer part-time basis or anything send over a DM to me on the education front uh this came up a couple of times in Discord but just a reminder that we we have a plethora of resources as everyone's getting up to speed I think that you know we're constantly turning out new content and so it's really important that everyone knows that all those resources are available I'll drop a message in the town hall chat that just kind of points to a couple of them but high level there's the Beanstalk Learning Center can't emphasize enough the blog um even for the new and the old Vets For example with the new bfp that is out that Austin will talk to you there's quite a few quite a bit of terminology updates so important to take a look at that um so just in general a lot of Education resources and we're continuing to develop those uh on the community front uh to make sure that we can help make Beanstalk as as digestible as possible to both Uh current and new coming Farmers uh on the nft front uh excited about this we've actually developed the couple the first primary classes and their attributes for the nfts themselves and we're making good progress on those when we're ready to leak something to you guys we will overall we're pretty excited especially after seeing what they look like after the winter but we're on track to release those soon after replant as Ben as has been discussed and um I think that's largely it between Ops and Community uh let's see who we've got Austin do you uh do you mind giving an update on copy yeah sure thing uh so a handful of things in Flight um I guess starting on the governance front bfp 79 is live and I think Anton oh excuse me ends on Sunday and the kind of reasoning behind that is you know the binary has introduced a lot of Concepts we didn't have a lot of time to think about the nomenclatures things were moving quickly but a group of us got together a couple weekends ago and took the opportunity to rethink some of the existing terminology and some of the new binary's terminology and that'll be complemented with uh you know glossary in the upcoming get book so that's currently live and you know assuming it passes I'll be spending some time over the next couple days updating uh app.bean.money accordingly uh as far as like tool tips and terminology goes um otherwise on the governance front um I'm doing a lot of thinking on the future of Beanstalk Farms um it's been pretty interesting you know some people have decided to start working on Beanstalk since they exploit others have decided to stop it probably doesn't make sense in perpetuity for the Dow to be voting on every hiring proposal so kind of the questions we've been wrestling with is how can you have some sort of uh you know subset of Beanstalk Farms a committee of sorts that that makes hiring decisions all while making that committee both accountable to the Dow and permissionless to join so hopefully we'll have a draft of sorts to uh to share with the Dow you know if not this weekend sometime next week or so um let's see on the bips front I haven't started work on these yet but uh as far as bips to expect in the near future of course one to replant Beanstalk that'll probably be combined with the transfer of uh ownership of the contract to the Beanstalk community multi-seg and then thereafter uh you know Q3 budget dips for for Beanstalk farms and bean sprout that probably probably don't make sense to propose until until Beanstalk is back online uh on the documentation front uh a couple things so I've been working with Ariel and alloceros on the get book hoping to have that fully drafted by next week or so probably have another week after that to review and then hopefully launch it after that and that'll be an ongoing project we'll probably use a similar structure that Chad has used in the in the workshop section of Discord with like a UI feedback and updates channel uh we can have something like a docs update and docs feedback Channel post launch um I guess one last thing is that I mentioned this last week as well but I think we're pretty close to the finish line on a sort of disclosure statement of sorts that alloceros has done a lot of great work on so that's going to be uh hopefully comprehensive list of all the risks of participating in Beanstalk essentially so you know in line with the ethos of Beanstalk being as strong asparent as possible we want to be as transparent as possible about all the risks whether that's whether that's uh Beanstalk assuming the risks of uh assets of Trades against contributor risk Etc so I think that's it on the uh governance and documentation front amazing thanks Austin yeah I mean there's uh quite a bit as mentioned going on and so definitely if you haven't taken a peek yet jump in and look at uh bfp 79 uh it's really well laid out in terms of explaining what these new terms are um but there's a lot of stuff that's happening uh across the board between copying the governance side that's really exciting so thank you for that Austin uh Mr manifold do you want to give an update on your side sure hey guys uh can you hear me okay my Wi-Fi is a little spotty right now yep we can hear you awesome um so you know starting on you know the capital restaurant you know that's typically where most of the questions and interest lies be faced uh you know continuing to have conversations with new investors um and you know there's still uh checks continuing to come in um in various capacities um and and you know all positive momentum so far um and personally feel pretty good with where we're at uh and you know on the audit side uh We've engaged Trella bits that is root as engaged trailer bits um and so you know it looks like Beanstalk Farms has had a really positive experience so far with with uh Tob and and so root will likely be engaging uh Trail but um you know probably ended end of two four early q1 um and so we're just looking to get that on the books uh because they are quite backed up uh we'll probably go with a another audit a little bit earlier um and similar to uh Beanstalk and you know maybe that'll be halbern um that's still TBD um you know on the bean sprout front uh you know there's there's not much going on to be honest right now that it's it's again you know mostly just a capital raise um you know push at the moment um that's kind of taking up all of my time personally I know a lot of uh so delicious time um the Publius uh 690. 6 status uh so you know not too much else to share um from you know the previous dial calls for the last two weeks but happy to answer any questions great great thank you Mr manifold uh one quick question that came in from uh Mr manifold uh sorry from Harry Smith and maybe you and Ormond can address this but uh when is the root Labs PR the question they asked yeah totally so you know I want to say within the next two weeks um you know there's a couple moving pieces here um you know um one of the firms that you know Beanstalk and and root is is working with um I believe is starting to uh contact uh various media outlets and kind of figure out the best distribution strategy um for the press and for the story um and you know we really want to get this right because uh we think it'll be a fantastic opportunity for uh people to learn about uh the barn race um and and understand you know and think more deeply about you know the exciting technology that is Beanstalk and like the really amazing things that can be built on Beanstalk so you know uh not necessarily in a huge rush but within the next two weeks we just want to make sure that um you know our PR partners have have the time to do this properly foreign do you want to give an update on marketing yes um hi everyone um before discussing what marketing is up to maybe I'll give a bit of a quick summary uh on on what our channels uh are performing right now and then maybe explain a bit of our strategy uh moving forward so our largest channel outside of Discord right now is Twitter uh Twitter is our biggest uh and strongest Channel richwise anyways followed by that is our YouTube channel and then lastly is our blog uh podcast and that's both the Vince Farm podcast and the bean pod and our newsletter the by week baby if if I was to group them into three buckets uh number one would be Twitter and then number two would be YouTube and then the third bucket would group in all of the rest together um content-wise what performs our videos and our top uh we've all we haven't had really much videos so our top two performers are the beans of expand video and then followed by that is the parties video um after the video wise is our blog on our blog pieces uh uh that that perform um starting with our guides and then uh the first articles that we're writing so where we are right now is we we have been churning out Blog blog posts or blog pieces uh uh in the past uh you know post exploit essay beside the boundary race video uh and the series that we've been working on is the Y Beanstalk series which we had two uh parts of it out uh part one and two and we're working on the third one now and what we want to do is after after having the third one out is reformatting these blog posts and and get them into a video format and you know pushing them out on YouTube to to get out a bigger or a wider uh uh reach let's say let's say people would like to you know to watch a video rather than than read read a piece or or a blog post nevertheless they've all been performing as expected we have been getting you know the reach that we we expect them to do uh about what what we will want to do moving forward is get more video content uh churning out so so this is this is where we are and this is what we're thinking uh at the moment otherwise we have a community grant program that's that's expected to also like boost the same the same idea or initiative and that that can only come in place after we have a Q3 budget uh uh out um um we also had uh uh the press release I guess uh um manifold already given update on it so we're looking at the next two weeks uh the beanpod had an episode out with with Jonathan John Wu from Aztec about ZK uh proofs and then lastly there's a song uh by bintoven that will come about fertilizer that we should push out either today or tomorrow that's that's it for marketing wait thank you man um that's really helpful um Mr manifold really quickly uh before we hand it off to engineering do you mind uh just giving a really quick um high level Eli 5 of root as a whole absolutely so root the way we are building a route you know we've introduced kind of this um ability to swap the rates and we've discussed that with the community at large um which is really exciting and so um you know I'll get to that in a second but the way that the way that we're building root is to really be um you know generalizable Marketplace infrastructure such that you know hopefully you know many types of markets can be built um on Route and you know people can participate in you know uh prediction markets um that are settled through some Oracle or Commerce markets that are represented through some you know nft represented you know good or service um that people can buy with a specific route and sell within a specific route um and so you know we're pretty excited about you know the many use cases but the first one is is a rate swap in which you know Beanstalk users will be able to trade Silo yields um and so you know uh specific routes can have various durations and and returns and you know Beanstalk users can choose to you know uh opt to lock and fix rates they can they can opt to you know provide Reserve Capital um and gain more variable rate exposure um so there's going to be all sorts of like really you know you know deeper more more you know if you're a knowledgeable beam stock User it's going to be a fun place to play to start um just because of the the nature of how these uh rate swaps are going to be architected and you know there's going to have to be you know uh implications with stock and seeds and kind of you know how to price that and so we're really excited to kind of see this yield curve develop all the silo which comprises you know many different routes at various rates and durations um so that's kind of like the first thing you know but then you know hopefully you know later on this year early next year you can imagine a world where uh you know people can participate in Roots um that you know enable uh users to to make you know Sports bets or political bets that are that are kind of settled by an oracle and so you know that kind of gives Beanstalk you know a an Avenue a first or you know uh a very early Avenue of you know utility for beans that aren't directly tied to or associated with kind of just like yield farming right and we think that's really exciting because um you know we believe um through Beanstalk technology and economics There's an opportunity here for for markets to kind of you know uh price um in a more advantageous way for users uh and be rent free but also you know there's a seniors component that you know you know other other markets and prediction markets lack um and so kind of the last thing I'll say on this is um you know if you look at the prediction markets of today um one of the common denominators that they all have is this like lack of liquidity right so you go on poly Market poly Market's doing you know less than 800k in annual revenue less than 100 million dollars in annual volume which is really tiny and it's kind of baffling um and but if you kind of look under the labs you realize that there's a liquidity problem in these markets and you know everybody in this chat today knows one one thing that Beanstalk is really really good at is solving liquidity issues um and so you know that's really exciting and we think There's an opportunity here to become you know the number one player in many different markets but you know back to the original question you know root is kind of generalized Marketplace infrastructure uh for for uh anyone to really build a market and and make a market on top of beats amazing thank you um Alex so hopefully that that kind of gives you a really high level overview and I appreciate Mr manifold you walk into detail about the breadth of it so uh that was really helpful um sweet Red Bull we've got you up here love it uh can we can we get an update from you on design how things are going foreign yeah hey everyone um yeah I I haven't spoken in these dummies very often but uh yeah I'm sure you guys have all kind of interacted with the new website at this point so uh tightening Corners there uh there are still a few features that need to be built out and so we're just kind of uh getting ready for replant and uh you know going through and tightening details you know fixing some of the Design Systems making all the the fonts kind of standard and things like that so uh yeah expect expect the whole thing to kind of be ready here pretty soon so that's uh that's it for me I've been happy to to get into more detail if anyone has specific questions that that's great too Brad thank you I think we've all been very happy to uh be able to get back on being that money and uh interact and play around on the site in any capacity so um thank you for continuing to push on the design front um actually yeah and then on the Note title do you want to do you mind giving an update kind of on front end and what you're all tackling yeah for sure and first I want to give a huge shout out to sweet red um for all this hard work on the the front end of the last month or so he's really The Mastermind behind this this new design so I think it's looking uh beautiful and it you know sort of implements a lot of the things that we've been wanting to do for a while on the front end so uh definitely give him a shout out in terms of the the actual internals and such right now uh cool bean and I are just more or less like steaming ahead there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes to enable uh things like The Silo in the field to work internally um some things uh take into into account changes to the protocol over the last uh you know month or so with the replant and others in terms of things like uh you know adding new features like Farm functionality so over the last week in particular we've made a lot of progress on that front with The Silo and the field are working on our test uh test versions with three planted Beanstalk and depositing from various assets so I'll probably post an update in Discord or on Twitter with some screenshots of that pretty soon but in the meantime just uh just stay tuned and we'll just keep steaming along and yeah I feel like we're pretty fortunate to be able to get uh to get you in sweet red and Publius and some of the others out uh because you know you've all been pretty heads down so um thank you um actually probably since we've got you up here uh do you mind giving an update on how things are going on the on the back end side with the contracts and everything yeah can you hear me okay yep let's have you try talking it's a little spotty but maybe maybe it'll come through okay awesome so on the album can't hear you can't hear me how about now again much better much better yeah much better awesome awesome hey guys um so you know late last week halborn got back to us with their audit report and sometime yesterday we basically responded to them with the changes uh in accordance with the issues that they brought up in the audit so uh you know pretty much all but wrapped up on the halborn side which is fantastic hopefully we'll be able to share that report with people once that final version is ready on the trail of bitside they gave us the uh rough draft of the report yesterday and you know we've immediately started addressing issues you know there is a fair amount of overlap between the issues reported in the how warning trailer bits audit so you know there isn't too too much work to be done on the trailer bit side but it's still important to you know do our due diligence to make sure that we are addressing all issues properly um so you know trying to shoot for early next week and when we'll be able to get those uh changes back to them and hopefully have a pretty fast turnaround there are um you know they've already kind of started you know they said they were going to hand on you know hand off the report to the the copy team to have done and sometime you know in the next 10 business days uh which is super exciting so we'll have that report available uh you know for people to uh you know read hopefully sometime around then um kind of The Next Step then on the on the code front is to you know make the the repo public where we've been building out the replant um so you know sometime maybe next week we you know plan to make that available for you know everyone to kind of view and read and you know really excited to you know get the code in the eyes of you know all you Farmers because uh you know we've done a lot of work and you know super super excited for uh you know this these new Beanstalk contracts to go live um the final piece of this whole thing is the replant itself uh which consists of you know a number of kind of migration scripts and you know initialization scripts and just come one time contract calls um which you know is kind of unfortunately quite complicated um so we're still on our end tying up the loose ends on that front uh you know have a lot of testing to do in terms of you know iteratively running the replant still finalizing the final components of it uh you know but with every with every day we inch closer and closer to the end goal um so kind of our attention is on wrapping up that the changes in you know according to the trailer bits on it and then you know wrapping up the the replant so you know super excited for uh for everything to come and uh you know appreciate all you guys patience and you know it's it's about getting this protocol back on in the most secure fashion as possible not the most fast possible way and you know we've already waited a long time and you know it's it's it's easy to want to turn this thing right back on but uh you know let's make sure we close out this these last few bits the right way uh and that's that's it for me thank you Publius uh for that um maybe just to to add on on the audit front because I know people want a lot of clarity here on timing and stuff like that I see Austin even making fun of 10 business days in the chat so uh today we tried to push trail of bits during our weekly meeting with them for a lot of clarity on when we can expect uh like everything to be final from trail of bits is that so they clarified two separate things one is that the report that they sent to us yesterday with all of the changes that is effectively the final report so now they as a company of 10 business days or two weeks from today uh to get the uh the the final report ready for publishing to the public meaning that we've told them the report has to be made ready for the public and that report will be published at that point hopefully uh now separately when we send them the changes they we've already paid for Beanstalk Farms has already paid for I guess I should say uh has paid for up to three engineering days of change reviews so once we send them the changes they are going to try to book the engineers that have been working on Beanstalk to review the changes as soon as possible and we basically told them well that will be the only hold up at that point in time and so time is of the essence and they indicated to us that they will try to book that as soon as humanly possible so it'll be up to we we may need three business days of audits when when they're able to schedule it whether that's next week or the week after is unclear how many days it will take them to and they said they'll they'll basically published a fixed report that is an addendum to the final report which is that will be the the final conclusion of the current agreement with trail of debts so the audit report the final audit report should go live two weeks from today assuming they send it to us for publishing when they say they will uh we don't have the exact date for when they will be auditing the change requests God willing it is in the next couple of uh days after we send it to them and as Publius was saying we intend to send then the changes uh early next week and from there halborn will uh you know halborn is is auditing their changes uh I think sooner than that so that's all of the information that we know in terms of timing at this point in time in terms of when will be the exact date that the replant bit can be proposed unclear but that is you know that's the entirety of information that we have and we appreciate that there's been some chatter in the community that there hasn't been enough transparency about timelines and stuff like that I think to a large extent that's just because we're also largely in the dark about exact time and don't want to over promise anything so this is this is the entirety of the situation uh as we understand it and hopefully this clarifies things to some extent and I think you kind of alluded to this uh Publius with the addendum comment that you made but Pizza Man asked what if there's a second set of changes necessary is there a cut off for calling it quote unquote good enough you can address that well that's that is kind of the ultimate question uh frankly the changes you know and this is more quoting the Auditors today in their eyes all of the changes except for potentially one should be very quick for them to review and so it's unlikely that that there has to be this iterative process but if it's necessary it's hard to imagine it not being worth it to go through that that extra iteration to make sure that there's no issue so that's where we're at uh feeling quite enthused uh for everyone to see the report and to just you know have the as Publix would say have the code back out there in public which is what this is all about so we're we're uh we're just as eager as all of you are uh and and and uh you know we'll we'll keep you guys in the loop if there's any additional information but as of now that's that's where we're at okay and then um and and then Pizza men continued a little bit more about an audit question um by asking have the Auditors come back with some of the recommended changes um have there been any conflicts between the two Auditors so far we know of so approval is feel free to hop in and comment as well uh wouldn't say that there's been conflict uh you know there's certainly been some overlap that's Publius was saying but notably there have also been certain issues of relative severity that have not been caught by both of them meaning they've been caught by one or caught by the other and I think that this is uh a very important point that can't be understated that these audits are not perfect and that the assumption that everything is going to get caught by a single audit or even by two audits or buy five audits is probably misguided and the reality is that at the end of the day the only real way to feel secure is to have a high amount of value in in a protocol that's out there for a long period of time and is clearly uh there by through time there have been lots of attacks attempted so it's this is a Lindy effect uh type of situation and uh you know as much as we're thrilled that Beanstalk is being audited by world-class Auditors you know Pizza Man your question about well how much is enough it's like yeah at some point it is enough because there's there's potentially always issues and you're never really going to get the security that you need so everyone needs to collectively use judgment as to what's a reasonable amount of caution to proceed with based on changes and this also applies to changing Beanstalk going forward right and what dips and how quickly to implement bips going forward so if it's like well you know you can wait for audits to make every change but they may not even find the issues well you know at some point there's a cost to waiting so this has been a very a very interesting and educational process for us certainly uh we we hope to especially as this winds down uh communicate even more of that process to the community and what our learning process has been and how how it it might or should affect being stuck uh going forward because yeah there's there's no right answer when it comes to security and on the one hand we certainly don't want uh to end up in the same place that we're we were in on April 17th where the whole protocol is entirely uh but at the same time you know you you gotta you gotta be able to move fast particularly when crypto is a space that is changing so quickly and uh what for as a great example what assets beans are white uh you know or whitelisted for deposit and Silo that process should probably be more flexible and and changeable on a quick basis than changes to the protocol you know minting schedule for example so there's lots of different levels to governance and as we move back to on-chain governance uh which is one of the first things to work on after replant these are these are things we're very excited to continue to discuss with the community about great thank you um actually so we'll in just a second we'll start to uh pull in some other pull up Mountain we'll do more of a class just Scooby then asks continuing on the audit front uh Publius is there a plan for ongoing audits once we're up and running uh we'll be employing another firm to conduct an audit uh later this year so how born uh has already offered some sort of deal for continuous audits uh which seems very attractive given that they already know the code base uh we will I think once being stuck is replanted and Beanstalk Farms has a budget that would be the appropriate time to sort of revisit that and ensure that that agreement is in place uh just because Beanstalk Farms doesn't really have any money for that at the moment perhaps there's a little bit left but for a continuous retainer Pizza Farms will certainly need explicit funding for that um now the hope would be to have bits on how the Beanstalk has a relationship with them uh to continue to audit being stuck now uh as Mr manifold was saying their lead time is already like at least a quarter to away so and they won't even book anything until you have the cash to pay them so you know it's a we're a little ways away from being able to book another trail of bits audit I think uh or at least I would think unless uh you know unless there was an individual participant or something that wanted to to seed it otherwise it doesn't seem very reasonable at the at the Dow level to do that right now versus doing something more of a retainer with halborn so hard to know about one particular audit before the end of the year as opposed to just using halborn for a continuous audit uh there's no right answers here as we were saying before so are are frankly very interested in what the community thinks should happen uh think it makes sense to do uh like there's been a lot of chatter about like an immunified Bounty or maybe a code Arena Bounty all of those things are make a lot of sense and we would be highly in favor of them and the the you know another question is around uh what you know like whether to bring in more full-time security people I think it would be great to do that uh in theory but it's very hard to find them and so if there are those types of people you know to some extent they may have to self-select and find being stuck and decide they want to help Beanstalk that's supposed to uh us finding them uh you know and us being the Beanstalk Collective but kind of a catch-22 there so if people know great security people uh that might love Beanstalk that would be fabulous um now be the reality is there's not that many of them so it's hard to find and uh a lot of them are you know either white hats working at audit firms or black hats doing you know attacking Beanstalk so it's tough to it's It's just tough to find the right person for the right price at this point in time uh in our experience but we're certainly looking for them uh certainly looking for him great yeah so that's definitely uh hopefully that addresses your question then as well Nas track but it's so to publish this point you know definitely a call to the to the community in general so should you find anyone that you think could be a parent definitely Point them in our direction should we not be hearing anything and you know have them join us in general or send DMS to us that'll be great um police all you've got to hear you up here really quickly as well uh more importage asked with regards to making buying pods Equitable and reducing the Monopoly that robots have on on buying pods uh is there any work being done or planned to mitigate the monopolizing of robots buying excessive pods or soil uh not at the moment uh this has been a topic that's been discussed a decent amount in the past and From beanstalk's perspective all Beanstalk really cares about is that the pot the soil is sewn not so much that you know that there's like a the the the efficiency of the market as defined by Beanstalk is that the soil is sown not that you know the distribution of the pods is the most Equitable there's an argument to be made that a bidding system or something like that which has been discussed would be an improvement where people could bid uh one season in advance and then that would reduce the amount of PODS and therefore the interest of being stock that's paying that is interesting uh but to answer you explicitly it's not currently being worked on everyone is pretty heads down on the replant and uh even after replant that probably won't be one of the top priorities that's like uh uh you know that's a balance of whistles type of thing uh whereas getting back to on-chain governance and defining the various different governance processes around white listing assets and bips and pauses and the Oracle those are going to be the most important things upon replant but in general I think the community has raised this multiple times and uh it's it's not unreasonable to add some sort of bidding layer to things for one season in advance as it's been discussed but just not not the focus as far as I'm aware at the moment great um good so we're pretty much going to wrap up the Dow portion of it uh as I mentioned that the kickoff we'll we'll jump into kind of what would be an ad hoc version of Beanstalk University but just wanted to give everyone that high level update uh one question that James asked James didn't override it or didn't miss it but in terms of new hires or turnover uh in general I think you can all tell the the community uh We've we've kind of Consolidated that's for sure over the past couple of months um and you know as we bring on new hires and what this new process looks like uh that Austin alluded to earlier we'll be sharing that in the near term but it'll be pretty transparent as we start to bring on new team members but that being said uh I think this meeting really illustrates you know there's there's a core group of people that have definitely been pushing along uh really hard heads down quite a bit for for you know since the 17th so um it's been great to see the progress be done uh we'll continue to give you guys the updates so if there are some other questions about about the Dow feel free to drop them but with that being said we're going to do a hard migration over to uh Beanstalk University and mod do you want to just kind of kick it off and run run for the next 20 minutes and maybe longer probably this last time let's let's do it