DAO Weekly Meeting #23

June 9, 2022

00:00 Intro/Agenda • 03:08 Community Updates • 05:17 Engineering Updates • 13:39 Open Floor

DAO Meeting




  • Audits
  • second version of the Pod Marketplace
  • getting subgraphs up and ready
  • preliminary work on the Beanstalk DEX, but this will be a large project


  • Q3 budget


  • Gitbook work
  • whitepaper updates
  • other blog posts


  • NFTs for the Barn Raise, poll was dropped in #general to vote on design direction
  • trying out this new DAO meeting time

Audit updates

  • mostly just answering questions from Halborn, nothing too substantive yet
  • Trail of Bits kicked off Monday

New pod marketplace

  • will not feature Unripe Beans at all
  • will include ability to create orders and listings with price functions (”I am willing to buy any Pod along this pricing curve” or, “here’s the pricing curve I want to sell my Pods at as they get closer to the front of the Pod Line”)

Additional features included in the audit that will be voted on by the DAO

  • Transferrable Silo deposits
  • Adding a multiplier to the Soil supply such that the Pod Line can decrease when there’s excess demand for Beans and Soil
  • There’s some friction in Converting Deposited LP to Deposited Beans due to impermanent loss, so the new Stalk will be the maximum BDV before the Convert


  • cleaning up the Beanstalk scheme and including everything we wish was there from the beginning, like Stalk/Seed/Root balances
  • adding users historical balances as time series to the subgraph

When will ToB audits end?

  • audit should end on June 27th, and 10 business days later they will publish the report
  • Replant timing depends on how much needs to be changed after this report is published

Will there be a notice period on when Beanstalk is Replanted?

  • there would be a vote when the audit is complete

What are Root balances?

  • Roots are an internal accounting variable that represents a user’s pro-rata share of Stalk

Will Fertilizer be tradeable?

  • yes, the new holder would receive the bean mints


All right, but we, we can start with maybe, uh, a brief update, um, uh, on what, what the Dow is, is up to. Uh, and then we can open it for questions or any further updates, uh, from your end. Uh, uh, Publius. I may not cover everything. So, you know, if I miss, if I miss anything, uh, uh, please look add to it. Uh, but, but briefly this is what the Dow up to right now.

Um, after the bar raise, uh, um, has started as is ongoing. So most of the team now is busy with the audits. Uh, and the idea is for us to finalize the audits, uh, in order to, uh, restart or resume, uh, be stuck as soon as possible. And in the meanwhile, other things that the team, uh, uh, is working on is, uh, the second version of the pod marketplace.

Uh, um, getting up with the sub graphs, uh, are up and ready. The ops team are working on, on the Q3 budget. Uh, so, you know, getting ready, getting a, feel a bit on, you know, what, what bean, so farms is gonna look like, uh, or how they gonna operate moving forward. Uh, we're updating the good book, uh, the white paper as well, uh, work working also on NFTs and then finally, a few blog posts, which are going to be a mixture of guides and some thought article.

Um, I might have missed a few things. Uh, maybe if you wanna, if you wanna add it, uh, do so, but otherwise more or less, this is what bean, so farms, uh, is currently, uh, working on.

Right. Did you wanna add anything? Uh Publius or for example, the, the bean so decks, is this something that we're currently working on or not yet? Well, so there's lots of different stuff going on. Uh, if I recall correctly, Beasley had been starting to do some preliminary work on the bean stock decks. Uh, although that's a project that's expected to take, uh, a not insignificant amount of time, meaning it won't be a, a.

Finished tomorrow, let's call it. Uh, but that that's also going on, uh, in general, you know, it's funny, these Dow meetings prior to the attack used to be an opportunity for everyone who was working on individual stuff to hop up here and kind of talk about what they were working on. Not sure exactly how we should continue to use this format.

At the moment, given the nature of things, but maybe if there's stuff that people do wanna hop up here and talk about, or that's on their mind, this, this is a good, uh, forum or opportunity to do. So I think we're all collectively trying to figure out how to best use these. These these different times now that, uh, things have changed a little bit substantively.

Correct. Um, and also the other time is a different timing, uh, where we did, we did this one earlier, just, you know, to see, uh, those who are in different time zones, if, if this is a better time, uh, for them, but as you have correctly said, uh, the Dow meetings where, uh, for the, for the, our members to share, you know, what, what kind of work, uh, uh, they're working.

Um, which I just give a somebody of, but of course, uh, I see some of the team members here, if they wanna come up and, you know, uh, speak in depth of what they're, uh, they're working on, feel free to do so. Um, otherwise we can open it for questions. Yeah. Hey guys, if it's okay. I can talk through a couple things that we're looking at really quickly on the, uh, the community front and stuff like that.

Um, so one, uh, we did drop yesterday, uh, really quick on the NFT front. Uh, so just to zoom out, as pub mentioned for everyone in the audience, uh, going forward, we'll continue to have these geared a little bit more towards entirely towards like what we're actually tackling on the Dow, um, to just continue to give transparency to the community of, you know, what the different leads are, are going through, uh, across marketing community, um, um, BD, et.

Um, but on the community front itself, just to give a little update, we dropped the poll yesterday in terms of one of the two design routes that we're gonna go, uh, with the NFTs. So if you haven't popped into that poll, uh, feel, feel free to just get back into it. We're gonna keep it live for another 24 hours.

Um, as mentioned in that, in that message that went out, it's not gonna slow down any of the timelines. Um, a lot of excitement behind getting those NFTs in your wallet. Um, and so as soon as we, we get that design selected, we'll continue to push through the attribute creation, the collection creation, et cetera.

Um, and then just to. provide the level set expectations. Um, a lot of the engineering effort, uh, that's going in right now as, as everyone can expect and should expect is focused on getting, um, you know, the replant up and going. Um, so we'll continue to aim to get these NFTs to post, um, on pause slash replant, uh, not, not in advance of that.

Um, so that's a big piece on the community front. Uh, and then on top of that, Uh, we're continuing to build out a lot of the community management side. So we've got a pretty strong, um, team that's helping with a lot of translation in the Chinese team, um, and doing a little bit in terms of the, the Spanish team.

Um, but we'll continue to build those over time. And those are kind of like the, the key updates that we're doing on the community front. Uh, there also has been conversation about running another tournament sometime soon, uh, a little premature, but I will continue to give you guys, uh, an update as soon as we can get something.

Uh, to run pre like the previous poker tournament.

Thank you. Uh, JS. Okay. Publius I'm going to ask a few, uh, questions on, on, on, on the updates, uh, that we were talking about, and maybe you can briefly, you know, share, share some info on that when it comes to the audit, uh, uh, from the others. Are there any, any, any, any things to share, any findings that have happened there?

Uh, so.

So not sure if publi is at a mic and wants to come up, uh, and give any content on their, you know, regular interactions with the auditors as they've been the main primary point of content contact. Give them one sec.

Hey. Yeah. So just to quickly update on that, um, you know, some, some back and forth with how born, um, you know, they're slowly working their way through the contracts, you know, mostly just answering, you know, questions. They have, um, nothing too substantive that they've, you know, discovered so far. Uh, and you know, so that's all been going smoothly, you know, trail bits kicked off Monday.

They're now three days in, um, you know, have also just been kind of asking questions, working your way around the con. And, um, you know, uh, it seems like it's going well as well. And, you know, they're definitely doing a good job of being thorough and, you know, really trying to break this thing down, uh, which is really awesome to see.

And, you know, hopefully we get a good report delivered from both of them. So, you know, everything's going well and super excited about them. Great glad, glad to hear us a smooth, uh, audit. All right then with the, with the second version of the pod marketplace, um, is the only update going to be to account for, you know, on rip and rip beans and so off, or can we expect new features in, in the new pod marketplace?

The, the new pond marketplace will not feature unright beans at all. Uh, the like unright beans, you know, as of now, there's no plan to include them in the, the new pond marketplace. What I believe the new pond marketplace will include is the ability to create orders and listings along sort of price functions.

So instead of basically saying I'm willing to buy any pod at 100 million in line. Uh, you know, kind of four 60 cents, I can now say I'm willing to buy any pod along this pricing. Or if I list a plot, I can basically say here is kind of the price, the pricing function I want, as my plot gets closer to harvesting.

So I only have to create one listing and, you know, as more pods are harvested and my plot becomes more attractive. The price of it goes up as well. Um, as of now, that's the only kind of, uh, addition that we plan to add in the next pod marketplace, but would refer to, you know, be enjoyer or multi easy, uh, to speak on that a little bit more.

And neither of them seem to be here, but they're the ones kind of leading the charge. yeah, that, that that's a substantial, uh, update. Um, uh, I think, all right, I've also heard about the ability to transfer deposits. Is this something, uh, that will, will be there when, when we relaunch. Yeah. So there've been a couple of, uh, additional features that have been included in the audit that, uh, ultimately need to be voted on via a BIP prior to the restart to be included in bean stock.

Uh, and the concept is that transferable deposits it's one of those features. So, uh, Austin is working on writing stuff up as, as am I on a more formal. Like a, I guess, a BIP, uh, to detail the transferable deposits change as well as, uh, I believe it's two other minor changes that are, uh, minor, but significant improvements to the model.

One is adding a multiplier to the soil supply such that the pod line can decrease, uh, when there's excess demand for beans and soil. Uh, instead of saying the same length, this has been a much debated, uh, topic in the. And so this functionality was also included for audit. And then the third thing is the in convert.

Uh, this is something that's also been talked about extensively. There is some friction in the current model around converting deposited LP to deposited beans. In the case that there was a decrease in the bean denominated value of your deposits, because. Uh, in permanent loss in the pools and the concept would be to minimize any of that friction by making the, uh, new stock, uh, once you convert back to beans, uh, the maximum of the BDV before and after such that there's no.

There's no loss of stock due to I permanent loss, if that makes sense. So those would be the three changes. Transferable deposits is one of them. Great. Uh, and yes, that makes sense. These are things that we've been discussing, um, in the past few weeks. Um, but if anyone in the audience, uh, is unclear about any of them, please feel free to ask.

Will we only be able to transfer deposits that are in the silo or will we also be able to transfer? Um, I guess there is a pod marketplace as well, but can we, can we just like transfer our, our pods to another wallet? Um, like natively. So pod transferability has been live if I recall correctly since, uh, since launch, uh, and the concept is this, this functionality will now be extended to silo assets as well.

Okay. Uh, and when you say the pods, we could do that. Um, was it, was it there on the app or, you know, we could do it, I believe. So there was a, it it's just classic. The website might not have been the, the easiest to use, but there was a transfer tab in the field section if I recall correctly. All right. Okay.

Let's, let's talk a little bit about the subgraphs. Um, what are we doing there and what can we expect, uh, from them?

So a lo uh, a number of events are going to be changing in, be stock. Um, you know, we've kind of taken this opportunity to clean up, you know, the bean stock kind of schema and update it to be, you know, include everything that, you know, we kind of wish was there from the beginning. Um, some examples of this are, you know, stock seed, root balances.

You know, there was no events for these things before. And we were kind of trying to, you know, force people who want to create, create time series data on this to kind of completely back solve it, solve it from the deposit events themselves. Now we're just adding these, you know, uh, you receive stock, you receive seed events, which will make it a lot easier for things like the sub graph and do to index these kind of balances, you know, historically for users.

Uh, in addition to this, you know, we're kind of wrapping up the, the preexisting sub graph. You know, the first iteration of the sub graph was made kind of strictly with, you know, time series data on a kind of bean stock protocol level, uh, you know, perspective to where, you know, it was built to support like the total supply over time, the price over time, the bean deposits over time, et C.

Now we're really focusing on getting users account balances. Correct. And then eventually building that into time series data, which will allow the website to directly load from pulling, uh, you know, the deposits and plots from the sub graph, as opposed to having to go that on chain and hoping to speed up the load time of the website drastically with that.

Um, you know, think Kujo was here in the audience, you know, he's helping out with that and E wall. Um, so super excited for what's to come. Will we also be using it, uh, for the analytics. Are we gonna have an analytics, uh, page on our website or we we're gonna use doing for, for that? I think the plan is to still have an analytics page on the website, um, you know, sweet red beans, silo chat, cool beans in the front end team are kind of leading the charge there.

Uh, but you know, I think the plan is to still have a full analytics page and, you know, with the sub graph, the focus will mainly be on, you know, supporting the UI to optimize around loading the website first. And then secondly, analytics, just time series analytics are a little bit more complicated to compute from the sub graph side.

You know, the, the thought is let's get the basics, right. And then start to build into more complex time series data. But the existing sub graph with all the data points we've already had and always had kind of on the chart section of the website will always be there or available on the sub graph. Okay.

Thank you for, for clarifying that. Um, we have a few questions, uh, maybe I can start with, with Harry's question, which is ha have trail of bits provided guidance on when will the audit be complete?

Well, the latest guidance we have from them is that the scheduled audit ends on June 27th and then it's 10 business days from then until we should have the final report for them. So there is likely, you know, some communication in those 10 days where you. The real question will ultimately come down to how much needs to get changed.

And so if it's minor changes, it's likely that around that 10 day period, that's where we get to the early July, uh, potential launch. But if there are problems that could then. Push things back a little bit. So the timeline from trail of bits is June 27th is when the audit should be complete. And then there's like a 10 day period where they'll be producing content and information for everyone, uh, in the form of a report.

And beyond that, uh, you know, unclear on the, the day to day. How all of that will go down. Understood. But tentatively speaking, we're talking about, um, June 27, uh, and then 10 days from there until we get the final report, uh, a question from Gil foil asking, is there going to be a notice period, uh, on when we're gonna replant orose there would have to be a vote from the Dow to, to replant bean stock.

So whenever the audit is complete and everything is done, there would have to be a vote. All right. No, one's gonna just be able to turn it back on. Yeah. Um, Sy you bet is asking a question. I'm not sure if I understood that maybe publish, you mentioned root balance somewhere, and he's asking what is root balance.

So be stock uses a style, an accounting system, very similar to an interest bearing token for the silo and the way these kind of accounting system works. Is there's two tokens. There's the underlying token and the shares token with the idea being that every time you interact with, you know, this, this type of token, you either increment or decrement, your balance of shares, you receive shares in exchange for underlying.

And the idea being that on a total systematic level, we can increment the underlying token balance without changing the share's balance. And the thought is you can redeem the shares for your pro rat portion of the underlying balance. And this is what allows us to kind of increment people's balances over time without forcing the user to, you know, update their balances themselves.

So the silo uses a system similar to this where. Roots are an internal accounting variable, which represent their kind of shares, the fixed amount of the overall kind of pool that is owned. And that pool is the stock pool. So we have this full pool of stock and each user has a roots balance that represents their pro route of share of stock.

So when we meant new beans, we create farmable stock and we're able to add stock to the pool. Which essentially while the, the user's roots are kept fixed, which essentially means they've gained stock because now each route they own is entitled to a larger number of stock as the total amount of stock is increased.

Well, the roots of state constant and being stock basic looks at the Delta every time you update your silo of, you know, kind of what is the amount of stock you should have based on your roots versus, you know, minus how much stock did you have last time you updated your. To determine how many farmable beans and fireable stock you've earned.

So it's just an internal accounting variable, which is the, you know, pretty much on a pro rat portion is exact same as your stock cuz your stock balance uses roots to calculate the number of farmable Bess you have.

Thank you Publius and think of, if that wasn't clear, you can follow up with, with a question. Um, Excel asked, uh, what's our PR strategy, uh, if you know, any of the media, uh, or publications that covered, uh, the exploit, uh, if they're looking at the barn raise, uh, and the answer is yes. Uh, we, we, we continuously and constantly reach out to them.

So we did that, uh, before the barn raise started when the barn raise, uh, uh, started and as is going, and we will continue to do that. When, when in stock, uh, uh, relaunches coin desk, uh, picked up a story and they covered it. Uh, and, and, and the idea, uh, or the plan for us or the strategy for us is to, you know, continue, uh, um, updating, uh, the media, let's say throughout the barn raise, uh, itself, and then as, as bin, so launches as well, uh, Breen or brands asking, you know, explain it to me like on five farmer talk, divided by farmer root equal, total stock divided by total root.

I think he is explaining it like number five, hers just giving the formula. Yeah. Okay. Sync. Yeah. Sync was just also commenting on that answer.

Okay. We can, we can also have anyone up, uh, on the stage, if you wanna have, you know, a data conversation or ask, ask your question, uh, directly.

Otherwise feel free to drop them in the town hall chap.

Ha Brian is asking. What, what are your guys? Favorite foods? All weed beans. Come on. Yeah, I was, I was gonna say fried chicken, but you know, with a side of beans, we go to Chipotle and get a burrito with no, no shell, just beans. that's the way to go.

Go for it. Asks, um, well, the fertilizer NFT is be tradeable. Uh, then the new address for the receive bean,

I will let you answer that, uh, publish. So in theory, they will be, uh, but they, there won't be a secondary market for them that easily supports it. But if you transfer them, for example, that that would be accounted for by the system. So, yeah, uh, to echo pub's point, you know, kind of when you transfer the NFT, it will automatically acclaim all claimable.

Fertilized beans associated with that. And I guess it's something the NFT it's 1155 with that 1155 that if not yet been claimed and also just want to note that there, you know, you, people can already go on open sea and, you know, put in orders offers for the fertilizer. Like it's already tradeable, it can already be bought.

Uh, and you know, through the contract, it implements the 1155 standard. There's already a transfer function in there. All of this should already exist. So all of this should be possible. And you know, when you receive. The token is when it starts accounting, the beams for you. So if you were to send the fertilizer to someone else you would have, you know, you would obviously get all the fertilized beans that have already been fertilized and that wallet would get all unfertilized beans, which would eventually be fertilized going forward.

But just to clarify on that, Publius though, that will just be to your point, that will just be for the 1155, the seven 20 ones, which will actually have like the, the NF, the bean NFT design that we're talking about. Those will be entirely. Correct. They won't have the 1155 attached to them, correct? Yes.

Right. Just making sure.

All right. We are at the bottom of the, of the chat.

Let's given two more minutes. Once again, if you have any questions, drop it to the town hall chat, or, you know, feel free to raise your hand and we'll bring you up in stage.

How's the white paper update going? Publish. Is it, is it taking a lot of brain power or no? It's uh, the short answer is. Now that the code was submitted to a trail of Biton is totally finalized as of June 6th on Monday. Uh, we can officially start documenting it cuz otherwise it was still changing. And it's too hard to try to write about a changing target or moving target.

So the concept is in fact, this morning, uh, we sat down and went through the list of everything that needs to change in the white paper. And the hope is now to kind of. Turn more attention to that. So it's worth noting that there was like a significantly improved version of the white paper already being worked on prior to the attack.

Uh, sort of like a 2.0 white paper. So the hope is to turn the, these changes and, uh, and reflect them in the newer version, such that there's a 2.0 white paper, uh, ready for publishing prior to restart.

See a few folks typing.

GWW is asking if you guys are liking this timing, uh, or this time, uh, for the down meeting. So if you do just, you know, give it a thumbs up or the thumbs down, if you prefer the other, the other timing. Gilford asks any interest from press on our super successful race. So far, there, there are interests and, and we have had, you know, like the block, they covered us before starting coin desk.

Once again, they covered us before starting, I think some, some of the media, they will be waiting, you know, for like bigger news or they'll be waiting to take their time as well on, or they choose when, when, when to cover the story itself. Um, so from our end, we are maintaining the relationship. We, you know, we keep them update.

Uh, and, uh, and hopefully, you know, we'll see, we'll see when that there is interest, uh, for the coverage.

Alex asks, uh, are, are we worried about the proposed bill in Congress and the stablecoin piece? The stablecoin must maintain a 100% reserve. Yeah. The only comment is that bean stock is designed to be totally resistant to regulations. So therefore, if we were worried, that would mean there's, there's a problem with bean stock, but we're not worried.

So. Yeah. And, and my understanding as well, uh, I understand it's, it's a draft and it's not final, but, but from my understanding is that there will be for you to be able to call something a certain name. It has to be, you know, filled with the reserve, but there is no nothing about, you know, that no one can do anything outside of that or that you can't have something that is not, uh, uh, that doesn't have reserves.

But as, as pub said, anyways, being stock is designed, you know, not, not to worry about, uh, what happens outside of it.

So I, I see, think incubate making a comment about dis distinguishing being as a credit based stable coin and how that fits into the taxonomy of, uh, stable coins. It, you know, the, the latest version of the white paper that was also gonna reference Tara and FRAs. Started to, to contain the notion of endogenous and exogenous collateral, and just saw yesterday, those terms floating around Twitter for the first time.

So I think that there's definitely something to be said for, uh, the language on classification of stable points. And that's one of the things we've been spending. I'd say the most brain power on to date working on the white paper is trying to figure out what is the current state of stable coins and how to accurately represent them, which is not so easy to do.

Alex followed up, uh, with earlier question, um, and is like, you know, resistant to regulation because you know, it's censorship resistant or it is because, um, you know, legally cleared. Um, I think, I think the answer to that is in general regulation is something that's developing in the world of crypto. Um, so it is because cen censorship resistant by design.

It has to be the former there's no such thing as legally cleared. That's bullshit. So it's, , it doesn't exist in today's world. So the system is either written to censorship or not. Be stock is designed to be resistant to censor. It's worth noting that with the current governance structure, it's not as censorship resistant as the original be stock.

So, uh, the hope is to, to turn more focus towards the governance mechanism going forward. But nonetheless, uh, bean stock is designed to be permissionless and censorship resistant from, from, from first principles. Yeah. And I guess the, the censorship resistant bit is, is the decentralization, uh, point of it.

So, you know, bean, so does not have a point of, uh, you know, a centralized point or, or a point of failure, uh, as publi, uh, just, uh, said that, you know, the new governance structure makes it less decentralized than what it was earlier, but what makes Beanstock censorship resistant is just because it's decentralized.

Excel asks, uh, does the front end or where, where the site is hosted, have any impact? Could that be stopped? Well, in theory. And in fact, this is one of the reasons why having an open source front end is incredibly important and, uh, is one of the things we've been pushing for from bean stock farms for a very long time.

So, uh, the hope would be to have an open source front end, such that anyone could, uh, host a front end or, uh, run, run the front end locally and interact with being stuck. Uh, Through through the UI without needing to have anything on essentially hosted servers. So we've also been trying to look into decentralized servers like Aash and other, uh, other providers, uh, as well as potentially hosting this, the website on our weaves, such that there's no risk to censorship of the front end, but that's definitely, that's definitely the, the direction to add here.

Alex, um, follows up and says that censorship resistant, uh, might be, you know, resistant, but, but illegal if, if there is a low against it or put anything, uh, on it like that, uh, there, there is, uh, I guess, true to that, Alex, but this, this applies to any, anything, anything in general? That can be, you know, there can be laws, uh, uh, or regulation, uh, put to it.

And, and the same as, you know, not only on everything in crypto and maybe even outside of, outside of crypto as well. Uh, so there is a point, but that point is applicable on, on everything else. And as of today, anyways, there is no, there is no, you know, clear regulation.

Leo asks, um, there was a six months roadmap a while ago. Is there going to be an updated one? Uh, there certainly should be, uh, think that the next month or so will continue to be everyone working hard to get bean stock successfully, uh, replanted, but shortly thereafter, the thought would be to, to try to put out some.

Some, some sort of forward looking roadmap, uh, in terms of timing, uh, maybe it would be like a one year roadmap. So we're, we're already less than two months away from that. So I think that might be a, a, a realistic timeline for the next roadmap, short term. It's a very clear what's happening, or at least it should be as far.

There's nothing that that's happening that hasn't been discussed, you know?

Alex fo, uh, follows up with another question again. And, and the answer Alex is yes, it's, it's, it's decentralized or C resistant by design. So once again, it doesn't matter what happens outside of it. It, what matters is what, what can stop bin sock itself from operating. And, and the answer is, you know, Ethereum, Ethereum, uh, or the Ethereum network going down, but as long as the live being stuck as alive

and correct me, if I'm going Publius. You're you're very much correct.

See one more person typing. So you wait for that question.

All right. So in the event that all fertilizer that is purchase is repayed, but not all outstanding fertilizer. Does beans stock switch back to a 50 50 payout model. And what happens if a marginal additional fertilizer is purchased? Will it ate back and forth between one third and you know, 50 50? Exactly.

That's exactly correct.

And that's why you'd expect the fertilizer to continue to sell out. Cause if there's no fertilizer receiving mince, then it's, uh, basically an instantaneous 20% came.

Excited has has an interesting, uh, rumor that will we'll leave it to you guys to read it.

Okay. We're at the bottom of the chat. Um, and let's see a few, few folks typing.

Yeah, Austin. That's an interesting, uh, comment from Austin, uh, which, which goes back again to, to the decentralization aspect of it, um, would bin, so want to consider what, what assets does a white list would, would you want a whitelist? Um, you know, Centralized, I guess, uh, um, assets or assets that are, you know, could, could be censored.

It's definitely not. Right. And in fact, that's one of the reasons to have a three curve pool, as opposed to a U S D C pool or a U S D T pool. It's because of that increased level of censorship resistance through the three curve layer. Now it's not to say that. U S D C or U S D T couldn't uh, blacklist.

Three, the three pools such that three curve is, is dead. Uh, but the risk of that happening seems to be much less likely than the risk of, uh, the bean stock contract getting blacklisted, for example. So it's all relative. Uh, but the concept is in general, the down, making sure that the composition of assets in the, in the Dow are, uh, decentralized censorship resistant, uh, Uh, you know, I don't know the best way to describe it, but good assets, assets that the Dow is comfortable, uh, holding exposure to, to some extent or using, uh, to derive the value of beans from in a large extent, these are very important questions.

If wat asks, you know, a friend of his would love to have a bean visa card. Can we imagine one day and, and maybe not an actual visa card, but just like a card that can be used, you know, to buy things, using beans, uh, in, in, in real life. God willing. I mean, if that's not the case, then this probably isn't going very far.

So at some point, the hope is for that to certainly be the case and in the not too distant future, I think there was like a UST a way to spend UST on a, on a card or something. I don't know, but I assume it's possible. Yeah. Um, Tara had had that, which was Chi and, and from my understanding they used K RT, uh, in Korea.

And then you could use it, you know, um, in your day to day. And, and there are many other, uh, startups or, or, or dos, let's say that are working on, on, on, you know, cards, uh, that basically can use crypto. Uh, block five has something similar. If I'm not mistaken that's on Bitcoin or, or, or something of, of that sort.

Maybe I'm mistaken, maybe just rewards, but you don't actually use Bitcoin. Uh, but, but, you know, we've seen, um, Bitcoin being used as well and in many, you know, um, with vendors in real life as well. So one day that, that, that is a possibility, or hopefully you, that will happen.

Mano is asking why is the barn race pumping during the dove code

animal spirits, I guess.

Almost at like nine mil crazy. Yeah. Solon is asking is the VC money in, um, I don't have that answer. I'm understanding that previous will not be commenting on, you know, um, On money or funding. Uh, the understanding is that the, the VC money, they will be deploying it, you know, as they, as they please, some of it may have already been deployed.

Uh, maybe all of it is, or, you know, is still going on or being deployed throughout the boundaries, but they, they will do it, uh, at the pace that they, you know, prefer.

And think of it has a, an interesting theory on why is it pumping today?

Okay. I think, um, we, we, we are at the end of it here. We might give it two more minutes. If someone wants to add in, you know, any last questions.

GWS asking how was, uh, graph day? It, it was, it was, it was a great, uh, I, I was there, uh, in person. So that was, that was a great experience. Um, unfortunately it wasn't recorded, uh, cause uh, it was, it was for the, for the hackers. Uh, it wasn't on the, on the main stage, uh, event. Um, But otherwise went quite well.

And it was, it was, it was a great experience.

Okay. I think, I think this is the end of it. Uh, probably as you have anything to close with. No just, uh, it's exciting to have, uh, something running back on main net again this week and looking forward to, uh, getting this bad boy replanted. Agreed. Thank you everyone for joining. I'll see you guys, uh, in next class.