DAO Weekly Meeting #22

May 27, 2022

ā€¢ 00:00 Intro/Happy Hour Announcement ā€¢ 01:23 NFT Updates ā€¢ 03:31 Updates From Mod ā€¢ 05:47 Open Floor

DAO Meeting




  • Passed yesterday.
  • Conversation was really healthy. Great to see.
  • Barn Raise will start in 10 days.

Happy Hour

  • June 5th
  • Music from Beanthoven, comedy from ipoandchill, trivia from Dumpling.

NFT Update

  • Working on concept art.
  • A couple ways to account for rarity.
    • If you hold previous NFTs.
    • How early you invest.
    • Possibly class attendance.
  • Up to 10k, for people investing 1k USDC or more.


  • Ramping up efforts leading up to the Barn Raise.
  • Had a blog post, working on others.
  • Will be 2 more podcast episodes.
  • There will be a press release.


in the bfp 72 thread it was fantastic to see the amount of conversation and you know Benji uh you did a great job there and I'm gonna see you as well um jumping in mod and just really many thanks to everyone for kind of keeping the conversation healthy and you know forward-looking and it was probably one of the more encouraging things that we've seen in the past couple weeks uh just to see the amount of excitement you know and everyone wanting the best for Beanstalk in one place so we're going to just continue to go down that path there's nothing really new on that front um and then in terms of uh upcoming events that we're going to have going on so uh dumplings got something in the works that may be an in real life event we'll keep you posted as that comes up um but just in general um you guys can continue to see uh the classes and other future down meetings uh potential spaces Etc in the events so there's no new update there um but we will be having uh Happy Hours similar to the ones that have happened previously on June 5th um so we'll be adding that to the calendar um shortly if you guys haven't been to those in the past if anyone hasn't been to those in the past they're actually pretty fun good you know we all love being Tillman's music you'll love that because he does it live with Bella Bean talk um IPO and chill jumps in and does some comedy and dumping does some trivia so it's a good lighthearted way to kind of close out the week in preparation for the barn raids so definitely come to that if you can we'll send details in a bit and then just a really quick update on the on the nft front uh so this is a this is the subsection of the entire VIP that has been well and see it's not nearly as relevant as the bulk of bfp 72 but just a very quick update for everyone so we started working on some concept art for that we're working through very initial iterations of it and we'll keep you guys updated leaks from the design side as those progress the next several weeks we'll actually be focusing um on that and then tightening up like how the total collection looks um as of now it looks like we're going to have a couple of ways to account for Rarity uh those who will yet to be finalized but for example which are similar to previous collections or the winter collection if you were previously in a team holder it will help increase priority uh movies for example an increasing the amount of how early you invest in the barn raise good increase Rarity and then Bond you're actually working on a pretty cool part where we might incorporate uh class in a learning section where if you take a certain class uh we'll we might be a website come for that in terms of interesting reward as well so we'll be sharing some details about that and we'll share a blog post as a whole as we get closer to um you know releasing that portion of the barn post boundaries um that outlines all those details but as mentioned in the bfp itself so we'll be doing 10 000 um and it's the first 10 000 that come in with above a thousand usdc or more to the barnaries we'll get an nft um there will only be up to 10k of them uh and then the last thing on that front is as of now we are planning to distribute those uh actually after the unfollowers um in order to prepare everything on the from an engineering perspective uh to use subgraph and to get everything displayed as it did for example in the winter collection I it does take a good amount of engineering um and in all honesty what's quite I think we're all would agree to this the most important part and use the engineering time right now is making sure that the front end itself is set up uh smoothly along with the uh celebrity contracts and stuff like that so as of now the plan would be to release those um probably the week after on pause the early early July thank you jww and if anyone had questions or wanted to ask more about uh what what Jed UPS uh just said please you know feel free to ask in there as I said I'm gonna make or we're gonna have uh this one short so I'm just gonna go through uh you know um most of the updates or the updates that are worthy sharing and then you know we'll open the room uh for any questions um so in general bfp 72 has passed just yesterday uh thank you everyone you know for the great discussion and and and and the ideas that you that you brought in this bfp and and the previous ones uh were based on inputs from the community so uh again thank you continue to do so you know and this is what builds up uh uh uh in stock and as well you know the thinking uh that comes across it so 10 days left till the boundaries uh from an engineering perspective and we're talking about uh front-end and back-end both of them uh uh are being you know are working towards that the idea is there's going to be one unified interface where basically you're going to be able to participate in the boundaries and then you know that will continue to be able uh accessible post uh as uh being soccer resumes uh and during the binders as well you'll also be able to you know check your balances uh uh or or most of of the bin stock that you already know um that however will will have more of a refreshed look let's say and you know as as engineering has something to show it will it will be available for for you guys to see uh with that goes along marketing efforts are ramping up towards that uh so we had a blog post that was out we're working on other ones uh uh as well uh there will be uh two more episodes uh or uh for the bean pod or the podcast uh and then we'll have a press release that's going out as well for the uh for the boundaries as well uh the nft a bit I think Joe dabs covered that but if you if you want if you have more uh have questions or want more details about that uh go ahead with it uh otherwise I think motor does everything else has been discussed or you know these uh these are the uh the main updates in general uh so we'll leave we'll leave the room here or we'll open it enough for questions if anyone has any but it looked like uh things hello chat has his head up um but I I think either that I I invited him but of course you can come up if you want to add something Chad hey guys yeah I just thought I'd hop up real quick uh mod covered pretty much all the important engineering related things so thanks to that mod but yeah I had to answer any questions if folks have them so just tag me in in chat and uh I can do that but really excited to show off what front end has been working on and um and yeah just tracking towards uh June 6th on our end and this can also be an open discussion agenda it doesn't have to be about the boundary is this is a down meeting so you know ask ask any questions uh about the dialogue generator uh the inside farms in specific and you can also ask anything about being stuck in general we may not have a lot of the answers but you know all questions are welcome yeah and then just to Echo that to anyone who is newer uh you know about a month ago until about a month ago we were running these every week on Thursdays where it was a chance for uh Beanstalk farms and uh sometimes being proud to get up and just share with anyone in the Dow um yeah we're as with all the different departments um just to provide more transparency so everyone has been talking um but from another point we don't mean to focus on that today okay as promised this was short we're gonna leave it for like two more minutes in case anyone has has any questions um so let's let's wait up and again all all sorts of questions are welcome whether you know it's just about any kind of process any departmental question um questions about the boundaries itself you know um I see a question about the 20 still committed so no updates on that on that on that case uh as as the latest uh that was uh given by Publius there have there are no updates uh further from that uh and also a lot no no updates on on Capital pulling out let's say so as is uh water you bumped Austin's question and I think we'll we'll leave that question to Publius is here to answer it uh so we probably won't be able to answer that today uh we'll take it to University for class I'll also take this opportunity if anyone wants to contribute to being stuck at any capacity I know sir how can you you've posted something on the general and that was great anyone else as well please you know Reach Out reach out to the team reach out to anyone from the inside farms and we'll direct you you know uh to the right person uh to talk to if you have any ideas again anything of that Source please you know or approaches okay so I have to say this this was short um questions are welcome you know past uh uh this call as well or you know at the next code uh so uh come across if you have them otherwise enjoy your weekend and you know see you soon and once again 10 days till the boundaries thank you everyone