DAO Weekly Meeting #2

DAO Weekly Meeting #2

December 9, 2021


DAO Meeting

Weekly DAO Meeting Notes 12/09/2021

Lots of DAO growth in the last week and lots of proposals!

Dumpling: several conversations every day with new folks that want to get involved!

  • Job board on Notion coming up. You'll be able to look at specific tasks that the DAO needs done that people will get paid for (stuff we don't necessarily have to issue a BDP for). And an org chart so you know who to reach out to different projects. Help wanted with this documentation on Notion!

Publius: quality people are itching to contribute. If you want access to the Notion to contribute to and have access to, just ask (won't give everyone an account by default since it costs money, but if there's anything you want to contribute we will absolutely add you). Just tag Dumpling in Discord.

  • proposal for BeanFT project looks like it's going to pass

JWW + wherehaveyoubean: spec'ing out what timeline looks like for subsequent rounds of the NFTs. Genesis NFTs won't get diluted. Still very much a work in progress, working through some of the mechanics of preserving the value of existing NFTs, contract and dev updates, etc. Floor of existing NFTs has been increasing!

  • trying to make it fun and drive value to BeanFTs and make them more desirable. And bring more people into the ecosystem!
  • going to be giving weekly updates in the beanft channels over the next 8-10 weeks!
  • Publius: the only proposals that have ever failed were BeanFT proposals because people really care! Super exciting to see this come together

Integration pipeline update from George: working on backend infra for business development setup. A few buckets for planned partnerships: investment DAOs, ETH DeFi, L2s, etc. Setting up a CRM so that everyone can see who we are talking to and not, where progress is, etc in order to increase transparency.

  • Creating sets of scripts (sales collateral) that the community can use when reaching out to teams at protocols
    • de facto templates to send over twitter DMs, reply on twitter, etc
  • looking for people to help out with the partnerships like MrManifold — please reach out if interested!
  • Working on a marketing proposals
  • Working on a grants program to fund smaller initiatives via a single pre-approved budget

Publius: currently a dozen or so people working on the DAO on a daily basis. Hopefully in Q1 that more than doubles. Proposing Q1 budget soon. Interested in suggestions from the community

  • doesn't make sense long term to have Snapshots proposals for allocating 1000 beans.
  • just proposed BIP 7, we think it'll help stability significantly on both sides of the bed
  • working on BEAN/3 CRV pool
    • gets you exposure to USDC/USDT/BEAN/DAI without interacting directly
  • probably allocate funds for gauge in the BEAN/3 CRV pool
  • probably will allocate funds for signaling on the subgraph
  • with the soil changes from BIP 6, Beanstalk is going to deleverage more effectively and stabilize. Between that and Curve should facilitate more integration conversations.
  • once stalk, seed, and siloed beans are all liquid are where the fun integrations start. Getting those yield-generating assets into other protocols is very attractive. Inclined to work with projects that are more open-source like Curve that we can just do ourselves. But it just depends on the project.
    • developing factory contracts for other protocols to use in tandem with implementing liquid seed and stalk

Farmer Joe (also goes by Liam): working on the Gitbook to be a source of truth for info about the protocol.

FarmerDan: been pod-pilled since the end of September :). Comes from a sales background and just looking to help out in any way.

Jmanforce: working on content to help newcomers understand the protocol better.

ipoandchill: will be picking up social media activity. If you see content you want to retweet, etc, please reach out. Winner of the twitter bean lottery is over, the winner was sent a sown plot.

Publius: on the audit front, paying Trail of Bits in the next couple days. They are the most in-demand audit firm so we wouldn't expect to have anything from them for a couple months. With Omniscia, the fundraiser is still open since the peg has been below 1. Even just 40k more in USDC, we could make the first payment and get the audit started.

  • BIP 7 will help this out to some extent. Hopefully in the next 2 weeks it gets funded and the audit can start.
  • Lots of internal DAO work to be done to manage ops, deal flow, etc. It will take time. December is infrastructure month on the farm.

George: something I've seen get traction are the concept of subDAOs

  • one for partnerships, one for marketing, one for operations, etc. Then it's easier to think about who the subDAO needs and what they should be working on
  • reach out if you want to help work on this organizational challenge!

Dumpling: would be great to have talk to some folks who have scaled DAOs like ours before to get some advice — we have folks in mind to talk to but if you know others let the team know. How can we scale so that you don't have to ask for permission to contribute!

George: subDAO channels are helpful, and having read-only permissions for all and only the subDAO members have write access is one method.

0xaustin: visibility and discoverability is super important, for example once we have a lightweight CRM some folks will be able to see that get super excited about specific tasks/partnerships to take on

Publius: Olympus has a separate discord for the core team. Maybe that's a possibility.

< lots of conversation around internal comms >

  • special roles for the most active members?
  • separate Discord? Slack?
  • certain channels are read-only?
  • tag @shepherds role for answering questions about the protocol in Discord?
  • important to have a lot of transparent information about what is happening in the DAO at this stage
  • important to have clarity around who to put in touch with from the Beanstalk team regarding intros to other projects (Answer: Publius at this point)

If you're reading this: vote on the most recent set of Snapshots!