DAO Weekly Meeting #19

April 28, 2022
00:00 PSAs/HR/Operations • 06:21 Marketing Updates • 08:41 Copy Updates • 11:22 Community Updates • 13:53 Engineering Updates • 17:01 Biz Dev & Partnerships • 19:19 Multi-sig Discussion • 23:08 Bean Sprout Update • 24:51 Multi-sig Discussion Resumes • 32:31 BFPs • 39:22 NFTs • 41:47 Questions/Open Floor
DAO Meeting


Updates and Questions

DAO Updates


  • This is the first DAO meeting since the exploit
  • Watch out for scammers

Events coming up

  • Twitter space with @traderDefi at 9pm ET right after this meeting
  • Twitter space with Publius and Liquity at 12pm ET tomorrow, 4/29
  • Barn Raise Eve Happy Hour on 5/1 at 9pm ET
  • Discussion on Beanstalk’s Barn Raise with Idols and CRE8R DAO on 5/4 at 9pm ET
  • Confirming one more event with Asfi for 5/6

HR / Operations

  • Right before the exploit, we had hired a ton of new people
  • Most contributors were willing to keep going without pay once the exploit happened, so thank you to everyone
  • 26 folks total going on in their former capacity, and ~10 folks are with us in spirit but can’t contribute as much as pre-exploit
  • We had ~50 contributors before, so this is a great retention rate considering what happened and considering that no one is able to be paid right now
  • Mod323 is really stepping up


  • All marketing efforts are focused on the Barn Raise
  • Working on getting more high profile publications to publish more articles about us, like
  • Lot of events coming up, as listed above
  • Barn raise explainer video + “How to” video for how to use the Barn Raise interface will both be coming out


  • Focusing on creating written content that details the plan and path forward, as well as detailed snapshots
  • Some press releases should come out leading up to the Barn Raise
  • Once Barn Raise is done, Copy can go back to all the things they were working on pre-exploit


  • Lot of growth in Spanish and Chinese discord channels
    • Let us know if there are any language channels that we should focus on
  • Setting up live session for the barn raise
  • Working on a better discord member onboarding experience, focusing on more education
  • Please DM JWW if you have any community suggestions
  • Engineering
    • Front end team’s sole focus is the interface for the barn raise. Preliminary version is done today and is being tested
    • Back end is focusing on:
      • Barn Raise contract that will handle fund movement and bidding logic— almost complete
      • Migration: once the Barn raise is done, we will need to do migration work to move all the stuff from pre-exploit to the new Beanstalk contract once it restarts
      • Kicked off engagement with Halborn. They begin their audit May 9th

Biz Dev

  • Lot of conversations happening over the next week ahead of the Barn Raise, we will keep up the engagement
  • Thank you to everyone who has supported us through this tough time

Multisig details

  • Will be 9 total signers, with a majority of 5 needed to pass things (5 out of 9). This is pretty standard
  • Will include Beanstalk DAO contributors, DAO members, and external parties from the broader ETH community
  • Signers should be technical so they can look at code
  • Considering merits of doxxed vs undoxxed signers or some combination
    • Doxxing can provide trust, transparency and accountability
      • There are different levels of doxxing (e.g. IRL names, Discord names)
    • Undoxxing can protect multisig from social engineering attacks or things of that sort
    • We have seen other DAOs use both methods, please speak up if you have ideas / suggestions
  • Will implement consistent OpSec across all signers
  • Will set up participation guidelines for signers to ensure signers are active
  • We currently maintain a 4/7 multisig for Beanstalk Farms budgets (5 are DAO contributors, 2 are Publius). We will likely create 2 new multisigs moving forward:
    1. temporary one to custody Barn Raise funds and move them once Beanstalk is restarted
    2. The more permanent 5/9 to manage Beanstalk contract once Beanstak is restarted — backstop against BIPs fo the future

Capital update

  • A ton of capital conversations happening
  • Capital sources are actively trying to negotiate terms to buy some or all of the Barn Raise OTC, unclear if any of this will come to fruition

Bean Sprout Update

  • Lot of good conversations with capital, and there is a lot of excitement from investors to participate in the Barn Raise. We expect a big turnout
  • Root (fka Saloon) is chugging along and building, nothing is changing there, description of what Root is is below:
    • High level — we observed product market fit for Anchor/Terra, in large part due to high fixed yields, so we put our heads together on how Beanstalk can also offer a fixed yield product
    • Aims to create an attractive and sustainable source of fixed yield that will compete with Anchor — has potential to offer highest fixed yield in Defi. This will also make it easy to participate in Beanstalk without having to understand all the complexities of Stalk and Seeds and Sowing etc.
    • This will create a 3rd way to bet on the success of Beanstalk outside of the Field and Silo
    • We view the importance of stalk growing super quickly as Defi wakes up to the advantages of parking liquidity in the Silo.
    • Follow the Root twitter: https://twitter.com/root_fi


  • Special Barn Raise NFT Collection with a new style focused on rebirth
  • Still need to nail down logistics and distribution
  • A sneak peek will be given to those who attended this DAO meeting

Questions on recent BFPs and other proposals

  • BFP-68: The Path Forward Operating Budget ($300k)
    • Why not itemize the list of exactly how we will spend the $300k?
      • Kept it broad and posted the BFP fast so that Beanstalk can move quickly, would have taken times to exhaustively lay things out and some of these items would be dependent on negotiations

What assets will be used for the Barn Raise?


Is there a reason that voting stalk (as opposed to earning stalk) should not vest over time so that people have time to learn the protocol before they vote?

  • Stalk functions as both the voting and earning token, and it doesn’t make sense to decouple them and thus add complexity by creating separate vesting schedules. Don’t want to make the protocol any harder to understand

Would still want to consider everything as we build a long term robust governance system

  • Thought on governance — in CA voters can propose a ballot measure and need to get a certain amount of signatures before the measure can make the official ballot (so a 2 step process). Maybe we can emulate this in some way?
    • We are looking at some other DAOs that use this sort of model, definitely exploring this

Is the fundraiser/barnraiser method something we can use for other causes?

  • Idea — we could offer “Barn Raise as a service”

What do you think the right number is of BF contributors?

  • Don’t know the exact size, think from an engineering perspective we are in a good spot but may grow a little more


awesome well thanks everyone for coming uh we can go ahead and kick it off now um glad to have everybody here this is the first Dow meeting since we've announced uh the barn raise so excited to to dig into that and also dig into some of the other goings-on of uh of Beanstalk Farms so we'll kick it off with uh with dumpling to give a general update um and talk a little bit about the the status of contributors hey everyone uh yeah happy to be back in the normal swing of things here with the down meetings so I thought it'd be a good idea to have a quick update to let everyone know kind of poor thing stood from a kind of an HR perspective um so you know we had the quarterly stockholders meeting where we um you know we kind of gave a bit of a plan you know moving forward we were really you know had brought on a lot of people and we had had some talks about you know how maybe we were getting a little bit you know a little bit too big too quick and uh you know if anything this has been an opportunity for us to really reflect on you know what what core level of Staff you know we really need fortunately we've had a ton of people um almost every contributor has you know reached out to us and basically said that they're in this Granite for the Long Haul they're you know um here and and willing to to work with us and you know not not demanding you know any kind of immediate payment or anything and then you know that we're going to try to work this out and uh and that they're willing to you know to work on being stock and being stock Farms um you know for basically as long as needed so that was really amazing and that was part of what allowed us to continue be frank so that you know thank thank you to everyone who's here uh you know who who kind of joined that all hands on deck um rally and cry and I was just really amazing so um you know as of now we have um about 26 folks who are really you know really you know going you know eye on the prize and still kind of going uh in their sort of former capacity and then there's another 10 folks or so who are still on board and kind of with us you know with us in spirit but maybe not can't can't quite work in the same capacity but uh you know are still with us and are with us when we you know when we kind of restart so that that's about where we are we were previously pushing about 50 so that's kind of no we're I'd say we're down to about half is is kind of where where we are so I know they've been some questions about that I just kind of wanted to answer that um there has been a little bit you know I I've been um transitioning you've probably noticed a little bit more towards the community end of things both because that's been a pretty high demand um position and then that's been really key to to this whole thing and also because um Rex has been on kind of an extended um leave of absence and was already feeling a little bit stretched then um as it was so he'll probably be rejoining in the community but I think I'll probably be um you know heading up the community but mostly just because I'm I'm more present at this point so so there's that um I've also had the addition of Publius 4443 which has been really great um who has been you know kind of filling in that Gap and um you know helping out uh you know kind of in the in the operation side of things but also just um been a little bit more um you know present and uh was always working in the background but has been stepping up a little bit um and yeah so there's been the other departments are all pretty much led by the same same folks um the exception of mod has stepped up really to the head of marketing and we really um he's really been shining in the last couple of weeks so that's really been been pretty amazing um thing on my list to talk about is there's been some discussion items that we've wanted we've sort of put off until this meeting so we're gonna be going through some different some different items I'll briefly read them off here and then we're going to get to them after each department head kind of gives their updates so there's quite a bit and we do have a hard stop at the hour so um you know just wanted to let you guys know that uh so we'll be going over uh what our our plans are for the multi-sig um some of that still has to be finalized but we will be talking about that in this meeting um and then we'll be going over the the various uh bfps that have been have been submitted uh I just wanted to call out right now for you know to really keep your eye out for for scammers and scans the scams because you know I think you all got that that DM and you know we had a lot of people join the Discord and that was really you know kind of crazy we do anticipate that you know with with a successful Barn raised there's going to probably be that's just going to be the beginning so keep your eye out don't click any links that are you know uh you know that are dm'd to you maybe consider turning off your DMs to anyone but friends and just be very Vigilant and help us help you by reporting those in the report scams section on the on the Discord um and then I just want to talk about some events that are coming up um we have five events coming up that um and a couple more that we're going to be planning there's basically an event every day so you really want to watch the events tab on the Discord um but right after this we have defy Trader at 9 00 PM Eastern then tomorrow uh we have liquidy so I believe that's uh 12 Eastern uh tomorrow so 9 A.M Pacific uh and then we have uh it's gonna be really fun we're doing a happy hour uh Sunday and I'm calling it like on the construction site of where the barn raising is gonna happen because I really like to to LARP uh and then we have a Twitter spaces with idols on May 4th and then we're just confirming one with osfi on May 6th so those are what we have so far there's going to be probably one on Saturday as well and we're just really pushing the you know events uh you know as much as possible up to and through the the barn raiser um so yeah that was kind of doubles as my um you know broad update and then I'll also uh I think all next we're going to pass it to to mod for marketing updates we'll go through the rest of the department heads and then I'll probably let Silo Chad take us through those discussion items that we mentioned uh earlier thank you dumpling um I'm gonna give give the updates uh briefly and then you know helping to make more time for questions so if if anyone is interested in any of these things you know we can answer them then um the focus of the marketing department again is solely on the boundaries so you know everything that we're thinking about that you know we're delivering or working on is towards uh the success of the boundaries and then after that we can you know get back into like resuming or restarting the the protocol so when it comes from media um starting off with media which is like you know journalism newsletters Etc uh we had a recent Wall Street Journal article that came out and we're trying to mimic you know uh ones like them again I'm hoping to get a few of them uh in the next few days with appearances with having one every day as you know dumpling uh just said Business Development basically has been used for outreach so you know the liquidy one that we're getting tomorrow was uh through Business Development then otherwise uh the boundaries so right now we're having you know uh the video explainer to come out we'll also be having a video of the user interface on how to use it and um lastly we're also working on the nfts yeah otherwise you know we can ask questions under we'll pass one awesome thank you Martin yeah we can Circle back with with questions about those at the end but for now um do we have manifold uh here right now manifold if you're around come up on on stage I'm not sure I see him cool we'll move on uh for now to to D's see these are you in the audience all right we'll go with Ariel Ariel you want to give an update on the copy side hey guys yeah uh first of all I just want to say it's it's awesome to see all the new pfps in the down meeting uh that that we never had before so so just acknowledging all the all the new people who join the community um since the exploit happened and and and all the support that uh beanstalk's gotten from the community um especially in Discord and and Twitter and and in other places so so thanks everyone for coming out and thanks to everyone for supporting the protocol um as we we work super hard to get up and running um from the copy side specifically um over the past two weeks really we've been focusing on is creating written content um whether it be scripts press releases um the path forward article in FAQ that hopefully a lot of you have read um written content that uh details the plan and all the snapshots that uh that have gone up uh that that give Beanstalk and Beanstalk Farms sort of like a clear uh outline for what each step of the process is how money will be allocated how the the barn raise will work and all that stuff um so we're sort of in in just uh focus and output mode getting all the materials out so that everyone who uh is participating or thinking about participating in the barn race has um the materials and uh and the the written the written stuff that they need to understand what it is they're looking at how to use um the app itself and and how to think about um participating uh but other than that once we once we sort of get past this period uh assuming the barn raise is successful which we all of course hope it is um then we'll get back into some more regular content on the blog and hopefully put out some some nice analytical pieces and maybe some some interview pieces with members of the community and the core contributing team but for now you'll just see more snapshots coming out a couple interesting press releases hopefully in the very near future so just stay tuned for that yeah we we like before the exploit had a series of things you know for copy to work on uh you know generalized uh convert uh generalized minting all of all of these things all of this content you know was we're hoping to come out so as soon as we're done with the boundaries and we'll come back you know to resuming uh the protocol there is so much you know work to catch up on great thanks Ariel um could we bring up jww to talk a bit about community foreign oh man yeah I couldn't speak that was a first um yeah okay uh yeah so Community stuff so there's um I mean first of all I think a lot of people have seen some shifts that have happened to the Discord itself um so we just to give a little bit of clarity behind that once uh once that's what happened we really wanted to make sure that we were kind of able to focus on um the really important things to get Beanstalk back up and running in preparation for um the barn race and so there were some things that were shifted around you know we'll be moving those back um over time in the near future um so you guys don't don't worry like for example the beanana food channel is still there um and we'll be putting it back live and stuff like that um but overall what we've been doing on the community side like we've actually seen quite a bit of growth um on the um non-english speaking side of the Discord so there's been a lot of emphasis on um on on the Chinese side and on some Spanish side so we've added a bunch of other languages there um if for any any reason we're missing a language that anyone in this community thinks it's very important for Beanstalk because we're growing definitely let us know um and then dumpling made the point earlier we have a ton of events going on we have a lot more coming up next week um and we're going to have on top of that some things that are happening um kind of to roll out the barn raise um next Monday kind of like a live session is what we're planning for as we go live with it um and then um yeah there's just a handful of things that we're doing we're working on some education pieces again into e-real's Point um you know we'll be bringing more um for accessibility of information especially for newcomers you know that's always something that we need to be working on at Beanstalk um we'll be we're working on that now obviously we had to go through a bit of a pause just as we kind of Corral things in preparation for the barn race but to everyone's point you know and this is something we you know stress uh throughout the community you know if you continue to educate others and share the protocol with others if you ever have any questions um outside of like normal class or outside of normal discussion never hesitate to throw it in the general or send me a DM or send any of us VM um you know we want to continue to get as much information everyone as possible particularly when it comes to the barn raise so that everyone understands what's happening in in the process so that's kind of the quick skinny on the Omni Community side great thank you so much jdubs uh I can speak to the engineering front on both the front and then back end and also happy to answer any questions once we get to the the Q a section um so starting with front end uh after uh the announcement of the barn raise front the front end teams sole Focus has been on building out the front-end interface for the for the barn raise and we have a preliminary version of this done as of today and are rolling it out to to test Nets so Beanstalk Farms will begin testing that and make sure it also with some of the broader Beanstalk Community just to play around with it but we've moved pretty quickly on that wanted to give a shout out also to the to the rest of the front end team and and to red beans and jelly bean who've done a really great job of making some awesome uh interfaces here so I think uh we're pretty excited on our end and excited to show up with the rest of the community on the the back end side a couple key things going on right now first so uh the barn raise contract that will handle a movement of funds and all the different bidding related logic has been completed um or is in its its final stages of deployment and has been tested a couple times um from different angles so we've deployed that on the test net and we'll be doing front-end tests with it we're also submitting it for internal review with our Engineers as well as having folks like Nick Mudge take a look at it before deploying to mainnet um so we'll keep you posted on that front uh on the migration side so we're gearing up to do uh once the barn raise is done and and a snapshot is voted on and when to restart Beanstalk we'll need to do some migration work to reboot things um we're working on basically pre-pre-preparing um all of the not pre-repairing just preparing all of the necessary code and migration scripts to make that happen and so right now we have three separate efforts going on on the back end team to basically recalculate all of the balances of farmers pre-exploit and cross validate them so we can ensure that we have the exact right right numbers and that they've been uh you know calculated using different data sets so that's moving forward and we hope to have that ready by the end of the week um in addition we've been working on migration code to for example handle some of the events that happened right after the exploit like uh resetting withdrawals and deposits and things in preparation for for the relaunch and so all of that's moving forward smoothly the the last bit to note is that we've kicked off the engagement with halborn um the back end team and some others had a call with them um this past week and uh really excited about getting to work with them we've got some things to deliver for them over the next week or so they begin their audit I believe it's May 9th but I'll double check that date um and yeah expecting to to really hit the ground running with them um and we'll be sort of continually implementing the feedback that they've provided they provide as they do the audit so unlike with um with omnisha we won't have to wait until the very end of the of the audit process to start making changes we can Implement them earlier so um with that uh sync uh I see you're in the audience would you like to would you like to come up and um and say anything about what's going on on the Partnerships and Biz Dev front hey yeah do you guys hear me yeah hey okay great I'll make it quick um just want to thank you Silo Chad for spearheading a lot of this and everybody else um yeah um kind of just follow up on what mods hit um we're gonna have a lot of um conversations over the next week uh with various uh external stakeholders um so I just want to extend my gratitude and obviously on behalf of everybody that's a core contributor and everybody in the community to those that have made the time already such as Mark Jeffrey uh Brad nickel from the mission D5 podcast they've been very um gracious and kind uh to you know feature and speak with Publius um we're gonna have uh tonight I believe there's a Twitter spaces tonight with D5 Trader tomorrow liquidy protocol 12 p.m Eastern uh next week the idols nft team um and obviously ahead of the barn raise the uh we'll be doing some stuff internally with the community as well so I just want to encourage everybody to spread the word about that um and you know look forward to everybody's participation and you know just want to state that you know from setbacks like this you kind of realize the projects in D5 that really do take the we're all going to make it kind of Mantra seriously and um believe that and so I just wanna you know to those that are um you know members of other communities um you know just want to extend your uh our appreciation for the support that you've given and obviously to the projects that have also supported uh being sat farms uh through this uh unfortunate situation but we're gonna hopefully try to come back from that so um other than that um just um you know keep up the engagement and um if you guys have any questions just reach out to us in the Discord and we're happy to help thanks awesome thanks so much sync um great well with that I think that's all of the the sort of core Department side um stuff to discuss for for now we can move into some discussion items um the first of which is the the multi-sig so I'm happy to kick off this conversation and then this would probably be a good time uh for us also just to have some some people come up on stage and ask questions or drop questions in the chat um so dumpling if you could field questions in the chat for me that'd be great but I'll go ahead and talk for just a minute sort of about where the that that side of things is at um so obviously the multi-sig and multi-sig infrastructure is going to be very important for for Beanstalk moving forward and so we've spent a lot of time over the last couple of weeks figuring out uh exactly what that's going to look like and and for what it's worth it's this is still uh something that's evolving and that will continue to learn um and develop over the next couple of days we've studied protocols across the defy ecosystem um Olympus balancer compound Sushi Swap all sorts of similar protocols that also use multi-cigs in various pieces of their infrastructure to sort of inform how how Beanstalk will do things um I can speak a little bit to how things will be structured for now um just yeah and again to emphasize we'll we'll be tweaking this throughout the weekend and can do another call later this weekend to go into that um so it's looking like multi-cigs will be five out of nine um it's a pretty standard number for for signers it'll be a mixture of Beanstalk Farms contributors community members and likely external stakeholders from the broader ethereum Community to make sure that we have a distribution of different stakeholders and people who have a vested interest in being stuck we also expect for a number of the uh signers to be technical um such that you know if we are pushing things like like VIPs that we can have somebody look at the code outside of Simply you know Auditors or our own team and Etc just to have more eyes on anything that goes out we're currently considering the merits of of doxxed versus undocked signers and and perhaps whether to put the line somewhere in between for right now so cognizant that the the multi-sig is uh is an important point of trust for the for the community um and there's a lot of trade-offs to to make there um I'm actually I'm gonna pause real fast and get back into this Publius just messaged me um did you guys want to give an update uh I know you've got to jump here in a second yeah so just wanted to give a quick update to the Dow on Capital uh there's a ton of conversations and discussions happening uh with potentially interest in people trying to negotiate a deal you know with the Dow OTC effectively to try to um take all or some of the Barn raised and structure it as a private sale instead uh it's unclear it's unclear how whether or not that any of that will come to fruition at the moment but you know as given that the barn raised the scheduled for Monday wanted to give a substantive update that there's you know there's a lot of discussion happening and if there is anything to present to the Dow you know we'll present it as soon as it's available and otherwise you know you know we'll continue to have discussions uh and try to try to see if there is anything to present to the doubt but the concept is at the moment there's a lot of different chatter happening and you know it's uh it's probably I mean we'll see what happens basically but just wanted to give a substantive update that you know lots of lots of discussion happening and hopefully you know we'll see what happens basically but there's a lot of interest here great thanks Publius um I also see we've got manifold uh on stage manifold would you like to give a quick update on the bean sprout front uh sure so you know basically just been focused on the same things publish has been focused on so a lot of good conversations with Capital um crypto Capital traffic Capital everything in between um so you know there's a lot of um excitement I would say or you know just in in an enthusiasm to to try to figure out a way to participate in this race in some fashion um and so you know just trying to to make it work um and and you know propose you know get to get to a point where we can propose you know some some uh optimal outcomes possibly for the Dow um if we get to that point um and if not you know we think there's gonna be uh a big big turnout during the barn raise um if there is like you know no private deal to propose um if that makes sense um root is chugging along um we're building um so you know nothing's changed there um and and yeah I think those are my updates awesome thanks manifold um Publius anything else you'd like to add before before you gotta hop uh just that you know this is as busy as we get and we're sorry we're not able to hang out for the whole call no worries you will be you'll be dearly missed yeah we'll believe you Chad all right talk soon guys awesome um okay to uh get back to the multi-sig side of things so what we were talking about is the um the merits of having folks on the multi-cig B doxed versus undocked or or some combination of that so just to reiterate we we're on the Beanstalk Farm side really cognizant that the multi-sig is a very important point of trust with the community um and there's a lot of uh trade-offs to be made here notably you know uh doxing the list of members of the multi-cig provides transparency and accountability across the board but uh staying undocked or at least partially undocked protects the multi-sig from social engineering attacks or wrench attacks or things of that nature um we've seen other multi-sig operations use both methods and so are working right now to figure out exactly how we'd like to structure that and so you know that's a conversation we'd like to open up to to the community so whether now or you know in chat please speak up if you have opinions or ideas on that front um we can handle this uh real quick so Chad is just yeah good keep discussion too I know I've seen some other questions in the town hall chat we'll try to ask those at the end uh we still have a decent amount of time here so let's uh keep the discussion now to multi-sig for the next couple of questions if that works yep sounds good um and I'll wrap it up just real fast a couple of other things that I think are important on this front so um we'll be working to implement consistent opsec across all signers so I think that covers a lot of our you know the potential social engineering attacks um and what we'll set up some participation guidelines such that you know if if there's a signer on the multi-sick that's not participating consistently they'll be removed and replaced with someone who's active in terms of where multi-cigs will get used so we currently maintain one which is the Beanstalk Farms budget multi-sig uh which is a four out of seven five are being stock Farms contributors and two are Publius um moving forward we will likely have two additional multi-cigs one will be for custodying of the barn raise funds um and that will be a temporary one to basically Shuffle things um around until we we restart being stuck and the second will be the multi-sig that manages the Beanstalk contract um which would be the backstop for push um bips and other updates in the future uh and yeah I mean I'll pause there let's move to some some questions on this front I'll take a look at uh dumpling I don't know if you see any in town hall I could I could I can call them out um so from Bean money we have uh why would we docs the multi-cigs it's not like there won't be a record of who they are if anything nefarious happened but guess what now mean money could we clarify are you saying we could dox them to each other but not docs them uh to the public and bean money I'll wait for your response so to speak to the the motivation for doxing the question is whether we release the names of people who are on the multi-sig uh to the community and some other projects do this as a as a vote of confidence saying you know hey the list is here these are the people who vote um you know if they if they were to steal your stuff like you know who they are um there's obvious like you know pros and cons to that as I mentioned earlier yes it is the case that you know somebody would know who they are um I think it's more of like a a question of dissemination to the community on that front okay I think that answers it cool dumpling uh any more questions in the chat uh well from E uh why are we doxing people but I think that yeah it's pretty self-explanatory but okay um okay I'm also happy you know if someone wants to raise their hand they could come up too but um yeah we do have other questions here I think here we go ahead I think dumpling I think the question is so the the maybe there's like a misunderstanding so when we say doxing we mean releasing whether or not it's someone's IRL name or their pseudonym like releasing the name that they go by Within Beanstalk to the community so releasing the roster on the multi-sig like not not forcing everyone on the multi-sig to go under their IRL name to the Beanstalk Community is that correct silojad Justin yeah to be clear I mean there's a variation of this as well where you you do go all the way to you know asking people to use their their real names um I think it's pretty it's more common to see something in the middle um but the quote the primary question is is the list of five shown at all and so like to give an example um it's my understanding that Olympus Dow does not uh they announce that there's you know five people on the multi-sick but they don't say who they are um you can kind of deduce that one of them is Zeus or something like that but the others are unknown so um yeah there's examples on both sides a quick clarifying questions I think that you made you said five do you mean nine in the case of Olympus it's five um for us yeah it's five total uh for us we would have a five out of nine so five signatures would be required for any transaction to be posted understood okay we have a hand awesome Black Knight welcome Black Knight yeah just a quick question and I and I just discussed about the docs docsing people for the multi-sig but how do we know if there's no level of not doxing we don't need to dox people but uh how do we know that there's not uh someone with multiple wallets that are on the multi-sig yeah I mean that's a good question um so in the case that we had like you know nine people darks or something like that uh we could have them sign a message using their individual wallets and post on Twitter or something like that there's some there's some roundabout ways to do this um but yeah I totally understand that that's a that's something we should look into okay thank you awesome um I guess just to wrap up also happy to answer any other questions so please raise your hand if you'd like to to discuss this um so we are working to finalize this plan over the next 24 to 48 hours and we'll likely propose a snapshot I think the Target right now is Saturday morning uh so keep your eyes peeled for that um this is relevant to the barn raise because the barn raise will custody funds while we are you know the barn race is happening and then while we're making the transition so um yeah we will we will be using a multi-sig for that if the Dow votes on it so um keep your eyes peeled we'll keep you posted and have more details soon foreign I think the next topic we can move to um is the bfps so dumpling did you um did you want to kick this section off uh sure so we had the first bfp which was the barn raise which passed uh with a enormous uh you know amount of it that goes 58 million 60 million stocks something like that um that was great to see um and not you know this can be a section where we answer questions about any of these bfps um so you know happy to take questions uh there and then uh the next one was um what to do with the uh the three hundred thousand dollars that we have the fifty thousand dollars we have remaining from the omnisha retainer uh and then after paying uh halborn and then the 250 000 that was uh sent back to us from Ukraine which is pretty awesome I have to say uh so that was expected and and pretty great there was some talk in general which is one of the reasons that kind of prompted this coming up as a as a discussion item uh about how how much Authority being stock Farm should have to use that at its discretion um I know that there were some people um that were you know feeling like it was a little bit too generic we just posted a couple of different of different uh bullet items and maybe they wanted a little bit more um Clarity on how those funds were going to be used um and I think there were some people who even wanted to you know disseminate those funds you know Pro rata uh which you know again if if that's how people you know vote and want to do it that's you know that could be an option but we just wanted to open this up to um you know to questions about that but in general our approach is to pay for the most critical um services that you absolutely need so you know we're talking about our bean.farm emails we're talking about the internal tooling that we use um we're talking about updates to you know any kind of sub graph updates or any kind of like smart contract updates that we need to use that can be kind of expensive um and just having the money so that we don't have to do a snapshot and wait 24 hours before we you know need to spend it on something kind of critical um so you know that could be a quick you know paying a contractor that could be you know so that's that's how we how we put it um that money doesn't go a terribly long way so we have not restarted just to give you a little bit of background everyone a little bit background we haven't restarted like payroll for contributors um we haven't uh you know we're not just hitting the restart button on the budget and I think some people read it that way so yeah I kind of wanted you know to throw that out it's just a you know a little bit of background and B um we're happy to answer questions on it so uh maybe we can answer uh those and then the last one was um the one the Creator Dow one which there's been some uh you know a lot of that one went out maybe a little bit earlier than it should have and so we pulled that one down uh and we're happy to answer questions on that one as well um but uh yeah so there was just a lot of chatter in the general and we wanted to kind of open this up for for questions on those I'll head over to town hall chat now yeah keeping an eye eye on it but I haven't seen any um bfp related questions feel free to raise your hand and come up on stage if you have any questions here while we're waiting for that um I can answer one quick one about the uh tokens used to Bid And so so um on the stable front we're uh we don't have anything locked in yet but we're expecting to support usdc at a minimum and potentially others so uh if you want to use a stable that's the way to go we also will add support to swap from eth into whatever token we're using at the time of of the barn raise so that's in develop and development now and will be done by the end of the day so if you have eth you're good to go hey uh okay let's see we got here okay so Sophocles uh is saying some people were asking if the 300K would be a little more itemized for dumpling um and yeah I totally hear hear that Silo Chad do we have enough you know a way that we could we could do that without you know without slowing us down maybe or um or you know if it is a bigger expenditure could we do a new snapshot and wait 24 hours can you talk us through the pros and cons of that yeah it's a great question so please so um a couple of thoughts there the the reasoning for issuing this snapshot sooner rather than later um without having like a you know a full itemized list of exactly how we'll spend it is just to allow Beanstalk Farms to move really quickly on things um in the snapshot we outlined a couple of the key areas in which we would spend this money um and all of them are focused on getting Beanstalk back online um and when it comes to things like contributors I think we've we've noted this in chat and elsewhere but the focus is on you know if we're going to spend money on people it's going to be people that are like net new coming in to support Beanstalk Farms with something like a Security review or or those sort of key things um I think that you know we could go line some of those uh budget items up but it's you know it would take some time for us to exhaustively lay them out and some of those things for example come down to negotiations so like for example you know if we're working with a a security partner like immuneify or something like that well kind of discuss with them what bounties we might want to put up and things of that nature so it's helpful just to have all of that ready to go rather than needing to wait once uh hit that that position that said I think to expand on the itemization so one thing that we're working on now and release separately in the coming days is a a more detailed rundown of what the the Beanstalk Farms burn rate is right now so going to those things like you know what are we spending on tools for example uh we do have a number of tools that the Dow uses to to operate we can share more about what the costs are for those but in the scope of the 250k they're they're negligible or at least like reasonably small okay um we do we had a question about the um nfts and we also have DS who just hopped who's in the audience and we we could bring up is a just a quick aside um these do you want to come up for a second and uh chat about the nfts hey yeah uh camera right oh awesome yeah um so cool thing about the barn raises we also wanted to do a special uh Barn raise nft collection with it um we've been working on it we're scheduled to try to finish up all the different attributes we're looking at a new style for the the bean FTS it's kind of symbolize I guess you know reconstruction rebirth and to make them a little bit more fun um we aren't completely we haven't nailed down all the logistics quite yet as far as how the distribution will go in the model but um we're as soon as we find that out we wanted to to update the dial on that as well so um but yeah so my mom's going to be figuring out what the best way to distribute them is going to be whether we want to do with the biddings or whether we want to do it with the auctions but or sorry um with the selling we are just really excited about it and hopefully um they'll help the binaries so thanks Deuce um yeah the new ones are really really sweet uh I think you guys are really gonna like them they're um I think these classic D's underselling uh so yeah just uh look out for him uh we'll probably do you think we can leak something uh maybe tomorrow what do you think I was thinking maybe to those who showed up today they can see something welcome to the Dell meeting yeah maybe the one of the arms yeah you do it you do these okay yeah people have waited long enough so pretty cool cool nice um okay well we'll get back we'll look for that in the town hall chat but we'll get back to um the discussion questions more serious stuff not that bfts aren't serious um farmer Dan please leak need to see show me okay so we had some other questions up here um Sala Chad do you want to keep it to the BF I guess we'll let's let's let's talk we have a lot of other questions let's talk in general um okay from uh the gilfoyle is there a reason that voting stock as opposed to earning stock should not vest over time so that people have time to learn the protocol at before they vote sorry I gotta reread that is there a reason that voting stock as opposed to earning stock should not vest over time so the people have time to learn the protocol before they vote yeah it's a good question and you know Publius if you're in the audience and are able to hop up and and speak to that that'd be that'd be great from my perspective so I mean all stock plays both of those roles right in that it um it allows you to earn more beans and then also is a governance related uh not token really but but um metric and so it doesn't really make sense to to decouple those and and also I think that the logistics of stock get additionally complicated if we add some sort of separate vesting schedule or like you know you can't use them for governance for a while it just makes the protocol harder to understand and frankly the Simplicity of Beanstalk is one of the things that's uh lots of people find attractive about it at least in terms of the the um you know the fact that there's only one token for example in being token so um yeah I don't know people is if you want to speak any more to that but yeah uh you know great thoughts Chad um you know it's very early to say anything at the stage in terms of what the future of decentralized governance will look like from Beanstalk um you know one of key to all warning and your warnings and advice and you know really dig into what builds a you know long-term resilient governance structure in a decentralized fashion and you know would love to consider everything you know from just you know having stock evidence to something similar to what optimism optimism is doing where they're doing like you know uh you know a non-fudgetable governance token as well um you know there's really a lot of fun stuff to explore but you know it's a little too early to say anything okay just checking for any questions that we missed got a hand Jesus typing oh Jesus typing okay hold on for one weight anticipation Brad got a hand Helen Ellen hey I had this thought on governance where like States like California have this thing where voters can uh propose about measure and then it has to get a certain amount of signatures before it can go on the the ballot to get voted on so it's like a two-step process instead of what we had before which is like just directly uh to pose something and then it gets committed so it's just I just had that thought just wanted to share it yeah that's a great Point um we're looking at some other Downs that use this model as well you've probably seen some around the defy ecosystem but Olympus is another great example uh of having like multi-stage governance where there's a discussion on a forum somewhere and there's you know standard templates or processes to follow to to move things from a discussion on the Forum to a snapshot to you know to a multi-sig vote and so we're working on ironing out that Pipeline and kind of setting up where we think the the boundary should be but there's a lot to study there but but yes I do think we will we will head to a world where there's some more structured discussion around governance um so far we've been very Discord heavy but it's likely we will upgrade that cool thanks for the question all right guys more questions it's not every day you get Chad on stage you gotta hit me with the questions while I'm here also got mod me the dubs uh who else isn't the D is in the audience can hop up I mean I'm gonna answer one from um from town hall chat is the uh Barn raiser method something you can use for other causes uh great idea North I have we haven't really thought through how the model might be applied in other ways but um definitely a really interesting question so let's keep that in the back pocket what is the right number of Beanstalk Farms contributors um that's a that's a great question um you know I'm not I don't know if I'm the best person to speak to this but I suppose my opinion here would be that you know in the the first quarter of this year the the goal was to help Beanstalk uh you know keep up with the the growth it was seeing and um obviously a lot of that growth came over the the last you know couple of weeks to to a month or so but I do think it's important for being a stock Farms to be uh you know as decentralized as we want Beanstalk as a whole to be and often that means you know a number of distributed contributors so I don't know exactly what the the size is I actually think from a from an engineering perspective or in a uh personally I think we're in a pretty good spot right now and may grow a little bit to add some additional eyeballs on on things like solidity code but um but yeah I think we're we're in a pretty good spot I I could share some thoughts there too I mean I think that it is uh notice that they're you know as we've trimmed down there has been a little more strain some people wearing a little you know there was definite um you know I think that if we were going at this pace consistently you'd be risking burnout from some people um I'm looking at one of them and and his initials are SC you know I think that the extra adrenaline of this whole thing has has really you know a lot of people have really pulled through and really been Champs but I do think that we could so it's it's easy to say that you know you want to be lean and mean but you also want you know it it is also tough to work in a more you know decentralized thing where there aren't you know there's not a central you know leadership top-down sort of CEO type role right so I think that it is um it's kind of requiring more of people to sort of self-manage and that can be you know I think it can it can ultimately mean a little bit less output per person uh but it can be there's a lot of really good benefits to it too there's a lot of sort of itself you know the kind of kind of a little bit more checks and balances among the different uh groups sort of working and you know kind of in pods you could say uh pun intended but um that's been really you know a we were having some Growing Pains as we you know approached this and you know part of that was um you know just just basically how you know how to how to structure this I mean we have the Departments but uh there was you know we were working through you know kind of a a team of you know PMs and whether or not that was sort of too rigid or you know there was a lot of kind of internal discussions over this so what's the you know the right amount I think it depends on what type of output that you're looking to you know to achieve and what in what amount of time we were growing very quickly but you know the protocol was also growing very quickly so we were trying to keep up with a lot of you know increasingly growing fast demands so um this has been a great you know period of reflection and and trimming down to just the core of what we need to achieve this this Barn raiser but at the end of it I think we will be seeing some growth probably with the idea of hiring and bringing people on a little bit slower with a little bit more making sure people are the right fit and a little bit less of oh great you work you want to work at Beanstalk Farms let's find you a place you know with more of a you know sifting through a bunch of different people to find the right person and having a little bit more of a cautious approach towards you know towards hiring um I think that that's where I'm you know that's that's where I would lean in all of this but you know it also you know I think it's really going to come down to the different department heads finding who they really want advocating for that person convincing the other department heads and then going through more of a formal hiring process it's kind of where I hope to see it go but you know this is all um a little bit out in the future and I hope to have a lot of governance chats too where you know we have sort of similar to what we were doing right before the exploit where we were having these you know at least an hour a week governance chats with the community to make sure that you know everything we were doing was you know there was a lot of feedback from the community from the Dao um and to make sure that we weren't just making these you know these unilateral decisions so um that's all that's all I have to say on that I'll just say dumpling I don't know where you came up with this SC thing I'm amped up so we're moving forward baby we're moving forward um okay sounded like an energy drink that's right that's right all right what do we got yeah small break for everyone after the barn raids Maybe maybe 12 hours off is that what Chad can get a long sleep um can we talk about root Finance um soon very soon we'll have something out about truth Finance but as as manifold said you know it's going on those Finance is going on and would have something to announce about it pretty soon Dr beans brings up uh Barn raids as a service best raising model yet that's a pretty pretty cool idea um yeah sort of like you know Olympus bonds as a service but uh Barn raises service kind of a cool idea awesome do they get bean Tobin songs that's the question great question we hope to have one Beethoven's son coming out today and you know maybe another one as well tomorrow definitely another one tomorrow um get up it's the hottest one yet um guys we have now uh maybe we take one more question or but the um if I Trader space has just started so I think we're gonna could someone drop a link for that yeah sounds good man thank you um I'll answer one last question here from from Mew Mew about the barn Mary's contract um so the barn raise contract is uh custom code but despite what it might seem uh given how much is going on around the barn raise it's actually a very very simple contract and so we'll share the code with that publicly before um before it's launched but um it's it's I mean basically all it's doing is recording a bid and um and moving funds to the multi-cigs so very simple avoids a lot of the complexity that we um you know we saw with um with governance and things like that all right well everyone uh hope to see you in this in the spaces and there'll be time for questions there that you guys can ask any other questions from Publius um yeah thanks guys and uh come on Sunday if we got a little happy hour uh that's gonna be pretty fun we're gonna have some Beethoven songs I think we're gonna have a small Beethoven concert so yeah head over there and uh have a couple Brews before we start this Barn raise on Monday thanks everyone