DAO Weekly Meeting #18

April 7, 2022

00:00 Bean Sprout Updates • 04:50 Copy Updates • 07:07 Design Updates • 15:14 Biz Dev Updates • 23:45 Community Updates • 35:46 Operations Updates • 49:24 Engineering Updates • 50:41 Marketing Updates • 1:02:36 Analytics Updates

DAO Meeting


Notes and Updates



then they should uh get to it I know we have manifolds on a timeline uh he can tell us why so he wanted to go up first I'm just going to drop the agenda here and so people can follow along if they want to um in the town hall chat oh but go ahead Miss manfeld cool uh can you guys hear me I'm sorry I'm at the car yeah we can be good be good okay okay well listen so on that tattoo thing um I mean novograts got a tattoo when like Luna was I mean invested at Luna like pennies and Luna hit a hunter and he got a tattoo on his shoulder so uh would be good to see you know be Community kind of uh participate in that outdo Nova grads anyways um yeah headed to go pitch beans right now so well only for a good cause um yeah so on the bean sprout front um we're talking to uh alchemics we're talking to uh to see that Al USD Bean pool um potentially with those guys uh we're talking to Temple to seed a frax uh pool potentially with those guys I mean interest is picking up for obvious reasons um which is kind of nice and I know Max will go into this more um but so those two things are things being sprouted it's considering funding and seeding uh TBD pending on proposals from each respective Community um talk to black mamba who's working on the uh nft Marketplace um some good things there he's just getting some items organized on his end um and we should have Clarity there soon on you know what a potential commitment uh for funding from being Sprout would look like there um apologies earlier this week I know that that legal funding for root was a bit rushed we were kind of on a timeline and wanted to get going uh so you know lesson learned on um you know getting a proposal out um publicly on the Discord before and uh so there can be some you know deeper level conversation um so thank you Publius for setting up a specific Channel well we'll kind of put uh bean sprout proposals up kind of publicly first before uh maybe a day before they go to Snapchat formally um just so we can have a healthy discussion around that um on Route uh good things there kind of thermalizing uh investor commitments we still have a little bit of room in the round so hopefully kind of on the hunt here for you know probably three or four million if we can get it um but you know getting the team together there getting legal organized um we've started kind of building and working on engineering specs and and how we want to think about um our smart contracts um so all good stuff there and then I guess the last thing is you know just talking uh with the BD team on strategy with uh convex um how we want to think about bribes I mean Capital efficiency there um and then you know upcoming for a pool uh which you know I think can be a big lever for us as well so I think those are the main updates um if anyone has any questions or comments feel free to shoot me a message uh thanks Mr manifold um totally agree with the uh it's just a learning process of getting a little bit of information out there for the dial so people can kind of know what's know what's coming up as far as a vote instead of just dropping it so um I think that's great um and yeah we'll we'll try to and I can however I can help you with that in the future um we'll we'll work on that but yeah keep the hard work up I have a question um that we're we're working on is this like supported by bean sprout or is it on uh by by being sprout yeah great question so formerly Saloon now we're calling it root um not formally uh like bean sprout you know we're kind of thinking about it uh and this is for not just root but for a handful of projects where we want to kind of be the push to help projects and entrepreneurs get off the ground so something like you know legal organization is something being Sprout certainly supports to the extent that the entrepreneur um you know has shown you know displayed organization has you know a team that they're building um and you know we have high conviction that they're going to build something that's going to add the value to Beanstalk um so that's kind of where the relationship will probably end and then the rest will will be you know other people's capital okay thank you and I'm very interested in seeing you know these things develop all the best okay great uh next uh eriel you want to go through copy updates yeah so um so a bunch of stuff going on um hopefully all of you saw that it's 14 and 15 were committed with super majority um not too long ago so along with um marketing and community of design we pushed out um all the the announcements on the blog and the social media posts along with with that um bip16 um has uh has received the majority of the vote it's racing towards uh super majority um at least that's what I'm telling myself so we're getting copy ready for that in addition to a broader marketing campaign um with the marketing team which could involve some some how-to guides and uh possibly a video um the idea being to explain to LUSD holders the benefits of the being LUSD pool um and why it's beneficial not only for the protocols but also for the holders themselves um so we're working on that stuff we've got the about page or a new about page for the website um which is sort of just an overview of what Beanstalk is um pretty close to being ready to push basically just cleaning up some final edits uh and then it'll be ready to go and we're working on the first video um uh or the script for the second video rather um that jman finished uh he finished the first draft in Del Techo and I are gonna review it so that we can get a final draft of that copy to community and marketing by the end of this week and then they'll work on turning it into a real video so that's what we have going on this week um let me know if anyone has any questions though foreign with some BD updates we also sorry Max go ahead you don't mind um these had these has to go so do you mind if he jumped and jumps in third yeah oh thanks thanks a lot uh Max um yeah hey everyone um he's here so we have a few uh big uh announcements but I guess um for the first one um so as you know we've been we've kind of took a pause on on the brand updates because we wanted to just really make sure before we do any big changes moving forward um after getting some user feedback and testing uh or sorry just just some feedback we wanted to kind of check all the research and all the things that we've done in January um and so we really need your help we created a survey with uh marketing and some people from Community um to essentially just see who our users are like who are user bases we just need more data and we want to kind of investigate a little bit further um see what type of Direction could be good for for the brand and again like just wanting to stress that Beanstalk Farms right we're we're government and funded by Beanstalk Dow and we want to make sure the Dom members are heard and so please if you um had a chance to to fill out the survey I'm going to drop the link in the town I'll chat right now and there's going to be a better um cleaned up URL thanks to Silo Chad in just a second but to start the survey just click on the link that I put in town I'll chat we'll also make a formal announcement uh later tonight um but essentially it's just this is really your chance to to give your input on on beanstalk's brand and where it's going to be heading um and also just it's going to give us some good ideas for uh data as far as what types of users are handling and and how we can handle uh potentially you know some things on the websites um it's pretty high level but uh we really would like it if you just took some time to to go through it and um to answer as honestly as possible because that's going to really help us um and I think it takes about maybe like five six minutes um again if you need to take longer on that uh that'd be great but yeah again um really just need as much consensus as possible on like the data further and we really want to iterate this this is a completely Anonymous uh survey all the data is completely honest we don't know um you know who's inputting the answers but uh you know we really encourage you to uh just take the time out to fill it out and we'll also just be sharing with the data right after we get all of it we're going to be running this survey until uh maybe Wednesday Wednesday morning because we also want to give a chance for the university class members to to take it but yeah the moment we find out all the data for this like we'll share it with the Dow we'll make sure that everyone can see uh what we found out and hopefully that can all give us a better idea of what direction to take so yeah again the the link is in the tunnel chat so uh please when you have some time to to go through that um other updates on design I mean really this was kind of a big thing we're also doing a website audit of the current website we've been getting some good feedback in design office hours um those are also going to be held every uh Monday um and I think there's also an event sent set up for it yeah at um should be 4 P.M uh Pacific and so if you just had any questions specific questions if you want to see any updates on design and where we're at with anything like come come to office hours we're thinking about different fun things that we could do there maybe we can have different uh leads from the design Department like either get presentations or whatever but yeah um come stop by say hello uh we're also expanding out the design Department quite quite a bit for for Q2 to just ramp up to make sure we're able to make content I know that we're gonna have some videos coming up as far as educational videos I also know that we've um getting some new folks for for product which is going to be really exciting because we're currently working on two different uh streams um One is updating the current website and making sure we're just getting small fixes and low hanging fruit there working with uh engineering inside the chat on that front but also making sure that we can be pushing whatever the new brand direction is going to be after you figure out the survey but yeah so I think um oh I'm sorry one and one last thing as far as from from audio um so far we've had one podcast uh update uh each week but we're gonna try to uh send out two episodes uh for the podcast and I'll actually have I've been to up and come up with if you get anything else for for audio but as far as design I mean that's all the major updates for this week so thank you fill out the survey all right great uh Bean Tobin are you near Mike maybe oh yeah great hey can you hear me now I can hear you okay yeah great so yeah yeah um I mean not too much to add to what he's just said but uh but yeah we we are gonna up the uh the output to two episodes per week so um I guess I think I've said this before but just to maybe reiterate um there's there's a lot of different topics that we're going to cover and and there's a lot of different reasons why different people within Beanstalk Farms might be great to to feature on the podcast to just come and talk you know um depending on your specific area of expertise so just kind of keep that in the back of your mind and um you might reach out to you and but don't wait for that you know if you feel like you've got something that would be nice to talk about is especially something that's you know of this moment specifically then um yeah please do reach out to us and and we'll we'll field all of that foreign oh my gosh I do think we should get bean in turn on on the list Beethoven um two other names one we've already talked about and we're kind of in talks with IPO and chill um and I need to just follow up on that and be like hey what do you want to do um the other uh individual that's reached out to me and I'm going to say now before you know we change topic and I forget again is tea bag so tbc's been doing all this incredible work in dune um and he reached out to me to say hey I'd love to get on the podcast and I said it absolutely sounds great so I'm relaying that to you in front of this group so that we can hold ourselves mutually accountable to get him get him into yeah absolutely that that would be that that'd be a perfect example um yeah so yeah yeah can't wait to get those but you know like like I said we we need some content so uh come on come on yeah hey I would even say again just taking up any more of this meeting because I know that you know everybody's got a lot of stuff going on um but once I would say that once um the Rebrand is done I think it'd be really neat to have a group from the design team come on and we'll just talk about like the process and you know like I think that would be a really neat time to sit down and you know glean information from there oh yeah one thing I'd add to that is uh Biz Dev if you have people who'd like to bring on and you know yes I think that could be a really useful tool especially does not have to be contained within Beanstalk Farms you know if especially if we feel like there's a good opportunity to to make a good connection um you know maybe get something reciprocal going then yeah absolutely connect us with whoever I've heard like about people talking about like Zeus from um from Olympus I love to you know have you know folks like that come on too I mean be fantastic so yeah all those ideas are good options and let's have them oh yeah that's great and I love that the ambitious nature of two episodes a week is that's awesome um okay uh Max don't want to keep you waiting uh maxo Biz death cool guys yeah we have some exciting updates um one of the first things is I'm sure you've all seen most of you have voted already but bip 16 to add Bean LUSD LP to The Silo um is like nine percent away from from hitting a super majority so if you haven't voted yet please you know just go check it out um you know I mentioned this before but you know there's going to be where there there probably already has been some outflow of LAUSD from the liquidy stability pool because the rewards in that pool uh halved on Tuesday and so with this LP being added to the silo white list um you know it'll basically be the highest yield available to LUSD holders and that's that's super exciting um so yeah we're basically just setting this plan for what pools we want to launch in the next month or so and then what pools we might want to you know uh post bips for to be added to the silo white list so first is LAUSD obviously the next one is Al USD Bean this is the alchemix stable around 250 million in market cap they're ready to seed um the other half of that pool so we we have them lined up uh the next one that's that's a priority is the four pool we want to be one of the first to just jump on the four pool launch we want to be one of the first pools launched with them so um that hopefully by the end of the month you know maybe in the next three weeks or so we'll be able to get a four pool live and then the next one is frox Bean we've been talking with temple Dao and they're open to seeding the Frack side so that's kind of for the next 30 days the goal is to get these four pools out and some of them added to the silo white list um another thing that I'm working on with Silo chat is gov.bean.money if you've ever been on the curve governance Forum um you know it's the place where people post proposals we're basically going to have the same thing for for Beanstalk where um you know my thought here is after other protocols see the LUSD Bean pool be added to the silo they're also going to want to get in on the generalized Silo and so they'll be able to post their proposals there um so that's kind of the the one of the main use cases for it but on top of that a lot of the discussion around bips you know bsps bfps a lot of that conversation will be migrated from Discord where it lives now over to this forum um we just think that it's a better way to kind of track everything because you know discussions happen now and it kind of gets uh lost in the in the you know multitude of Discord channels so um gov.bean.money I'm working on that with Silo chat and I think it's just going to help us organize a lot of governance related things so so another item here is reverse protocol I don't know if anyone saw this I'll post the link I know that uh sync posted this elsewhere but uh reverse protocol they just posted a proposal to buy 100K in beam 3 curve so they can deposit it into the silo which is super cool so more and more protocols more and more Dows are starting to take notice to Beanstalk they're starting to realize you know the benefits of The Silo um so that's just super exciting and I think that the LUSD Bean pool is just going to like turn this into overdrive I think everyone's going to want to get them in The Silo and then being profit you asked if we reached out to them we actually didn't reach out to them at least I didn't reach out to them I don't think anyone else on the BD team did but it just sounds like this was kind of organic that they found Beanstalk so that's that's super cool so yeah very very exciting we didn't even need to convince them um yeah two other things urine reached out to us another cool organic conversation that came about um we're trying to figure out you know if there's if there's some way that we can leverage urine um and then we're also talking with tokomok we just had the first conversation with them last week and I'm still trying to wrap my head around to come back so if anybody thinks that they have a really strong understanding of it please feel free to reach out because I'd love to pick your brain on it um there's still a lot for me to learn there so yeah that's those are all the pools that we're working on govd up being Dot money um Dows are adding beans to theirs to their treasuries and then urine and tokomak damn that's awesome Max can I ask you a question about the yearn stuff please um what what what what are they thinking like to create like a vault or something like that that compounds like being back into like being three cover like what was there like are they have they got an idea or they just kind of scoping it out or yeah the first call was kind of just like informational it was like getting to know each other I was educating them on Beanstalk um so they reached out because they I think took note to be in stock elsewhere and we we met some threshold for them but I still had to you know do some education with them so there's no there's no like salt solidified ideas yet so that's why I'm still that's why I'd love to talk with someone who's like a Tokamak like Savage it's like I just have a ton to learn to see you know how we might best use them I'm asking about yearn I'm sorry I apologize you're an I meant yeah sorry yeah yeah no I I mentioned the Caesar the other day to to reach out to someone from yearn and because I was thinking about yeah like just like a vault that would just compound the bean deposits back into ben3 curve and um in yeah so I don't know if Caesar reached out to their monado that's really cool but yeah it's great to see that yeah totally yeah well that's all that I have let me know if you have any other questions guys or message me all right cool thanks Max I I just imagine them buying 100K and then a month later being like whoa look how much we made look how awesome this is yeah time to stockpile more yeah what should we do that's awesome which Dow was it again that you mentioned that's buying 100K worth of paints it's reverse uh protocol oh how big are they do we know about them I have no idea sync do you know anything about them honestly this is my first time hearing about them real talk yeah oh well we can we'll keep our eye on it we can get in touch with them but that's yeah that's awesome so uh very exciting okay the road is going solid the vote um if you read their vote proposal they're very specific about the fact that they're taking a long-term stake in The Silo and uh I think that's just great to see that so many other communities already on board with it I think it ends in a few more days but so far it looks good um in the in the town hall chat sure I will buy now yeah so the the one thing I'll leave off with is check out with 16 um and then being profit you asked about if we have any connections with the four pool um manifold is in touch with Sam from frax um and so hopefully down the line when the pool is live they'll be able to seed uh the other half of it all right um next up Rex really yes sir all right all kinds of good stuff going on um I'm also going to I'll go through my stuff and then I'll let JW's pick up with his stuff too just because I know that there's a lot of stuff that he's working on that I am only aware of let's say eat a lot more continually aware so um being counter challenge went out today so if you're uh if you follow farmer Dan on Twitter you can hop over to his account and you can put your guests in um good to get start to get these things rolling we've been you know we've had a handful of folks that have come on over the last let's say a few weeks uh Pediatrics is a really good example this is kind of his first his first win um and more to come from there so it was good to good to get good good to get that rolling um next we got the domain bean.fi and I just want to mention that I that all I know is that we got it because I was involved in the bid process I'm sure that you know the folks in the engineering side are going to do great things with it I'm really excited to have that domain now I think that'll be a really really neat way to kind of secure that space on the interwebs um let's see oh yeah big thing tomorrow snapshot voting process discussion tomorrow in town in the town hall 4 P.M Eastern Time so this kind of goes to I guess it was a few weeks back you know there was this discussion about um Quorum and approval and you know how he handles snapshots and um this is something that I have I'm going to say quite a bit of experience with in the past um you know helping to like navigate some of these questions so I volunteered to put together some notes um I've refined those a couple times had a few different discussions and I'm ready to kind of bring this out into a public forum and take some comment um I'm feeling pretty good about what is there thus far but I'm sure that there'll be a lot of discussion tomorrow that'll help to refine this even more hopefully we can come up with something that everybody's pretty happy with in terms of making sure that we can a get things get things passed in a responsible way but be not hamstring yourself you know when when things are kind of you know kind of obvious that need to be need to be approved you know not have procedure get in the way of you know having good things get taken care of so should be a good discussion tomorrow um jdubs and I are becoming fluent in a couple new platforms one of which is type form I'm particularly excited about type form uh specifically because it is a really good platform to start gathering information from people on so it's like a you can use it for surveys or quizzes or anything where you would have someone enter information it's been something that I've been trying to kind of get my arms around since taking on the community role like how do we how do we get suggestions for new events how do we do community surveys in a way that's effective you know this this platform of type form is is a really good way to do that so getting getting really familiar with that and then glean is the other one which is um essentially uh a software platform where things like um it's almost kind of hard to explain essentially where you can build programs around uh user activity so I'm sure the JW's will talk a little bit more about this but like we were talking with William today about an ambassador program for being where you know you've got a certain set of tasks that someone does and the end of those tasks that you know they they finish and you know maybe they get some kind of reward like an nft or something like that lean is is the platform on which that process can take place and so it's going to be a really useful way for us to help um users navigate certain processes so that's that's really exciting um PF Drake's holding a meeting here over the next few days I don't think it's on the schedule quite yet but holding meeting with marketing Community we've we've got a list of potential events that we could be involved in the Beanstalk could be involved in some capacity either from like a marketing standpoint of like sponsorship or you know some type of like high-level Outreach component or from a community side things like happy hours and get-togethers and speaking engagements so we're we've got that list forming PF is gonna is gonna lead that meeting with community and marketing we're going to kind of break down that list see what things we want to dedicate time and resources to and how we want to approach you know whatever whatever that list of events is that we want to engage in um and last but certainly not least we got Bean intern who is Now official um he's so part-time you know he's spent part time with Biz Dev and then part-time with Community uh doing metaverse stuff so we're really excited about that and looking forward to uh looking forward to the OCTA mob get together here early next week and I appreciate the hook up there and uh yeah excited about what's to come okay jdebs yeah I think so Rex I think you've tackled quite a bit I'll be really quick so on the Discord front which uh which is a big piece on the community side so we uh we broke 3000 today which is awesome uh but to Mod's point we still have 27 000 to go uh so a bit of an uphill there but we're on the way which is great uh we'll be working about working through the onboarding flow for new users um when they get in so that we give them a little bit more education uh into Rex's point will be tying in type form so there's a little bit of a quiz that we're trying to pair with this so that users kind of tackle some baseline questions um that we think that they're getting one before they get into Discord they've have good understanding of the education themselves working on some role changes um adding in the bi-weekly being for updates working through some bot changes with thunder breaker and some of the thinking around um uh adding in another bot that that Chad had mentioned uh that spells out the wallets a little bit more working with quasimat on that for the copy uh we did add the first International uh like the first non-english channel uh to the Discord where I've seen on how that goes so far and if it's the right direction and if we can kind of maintain and control the narrative the same way that we have in the general channel for newcomers um so it's more of a an experiment for us but as a result actually we did get someone who I had a chat with yesterday who's going to work on uh translating the coin market cap article into Chinese which is pretty cool so I'll start to service that with you guys when we get there um and then as Rex said looking through kind of the potential way of like an ambassador program without it being too silly but we've we're still going to finesse those details um and then also we're going to be adding in kind of not kind of but the events in general that that people can think of attending um regardless of if they're going to send on behalf of Beanstalk Farms or not um just so that everyone knows on an ongoing basis about events that are kind of eth or um crypto or D5 focused uh in terms of education so we're working on videos two and videos three which build off of the current video that everyone sees on the landing page right now um video two is going to focus more on Beanstalk itself understanding the mechanics of it and then video three will focus more on actually engaging with the protocol so working with copy on those now and next up we'll be chatting with design to push those through and expanding the education beyond that and partnering with serotonin um they're putting a lot of effort towards content in general so just so everyone knows we're going to have a big push towards educational content coming all throughout Q2 which is pretty exciting um in a bunch of different ways in terms of events uh we've gotten gotten quite a few requests in terms of an upcoming poker tournament um I'm not going to commit to anything right now but we are planning to do one again soon and then to Rex's Point some other kind of uh Community bonding events like trivia et cetera so we'll keep keep you guys posted as that stuff comes along and then lastly just directs his last point is we are doing the first kind of metaverse AMA next week which actually won't be in our Discord it'll be held in octumob's Octo cave which is on gather town which is a lot of jargon in short you can just find the link in the events uh for next week and you can pop in probably 10 minutes earlier set up your avatar and then just join but excited because it'll be Publius and and we'll have Rex up there we're actually going to mod up there as well but I'm hoping for a pretty big turnout so if you guys can all show up for that that'd be great and then there's another conversation we have in the works uh if Publius and uh with us people will share updates with that as we have more concrete details yes and thank you jdubs obviously this is why I give JW's on set of time because he's got a bunch of things he's working on I will reiterate one point that he made uh things like the ambassador program we are hyper focused on avoiding being silly and um you know I know that there's a place and a time for stuff like that but Vassar program is going to be a really good example we're going to be very careful about the incentives that we offer and um you know how we package that and what we have expectations around you really want to preserve the Integrity of what mean Stock's trying to do and we realize that you know those are those are some of the interfaces where some of that can be lost so hyper focused on that just in case anybody had a concern in the back of their mind a Rex or jdubs could you guys tell us a little more about the ambassadors um program that sounds really cool yeah so it'll it'll kind of be like a like in a web 2 phase it's kind of more like a an affiliate program if already everyone's heard of that like that's the way that that we were talking to serotonin about but it's kind of like if you you know you check off this list of like three to six things that show your engagement with the protocol like retweet tweet about it you know talk on this many channels Etc um you know we will we're trying to do some form of positive reinforcement that's not really like token based to Rex's Point um dumpling so we're still figuring out exactly what that means you know we've had this long-running conversation about um ways to advance your role in the Discord as well that might be in my mind I was actually thinking that's kind of more so what it is and then also uh Rex has had this other idea of giving recognition to users in the community in a different format so what the positive reinforcement mechanism is is still to be to determine but it's really like a way for us to show like a user who's helping to you know bring education to the community and the Beanstalk Community to people outside of the community what can we do to to reward them as a result is kind of the the overall objective of it yeah the only other thing I would add was we'll go well went through my mind we were talking earlier was it's almost like a layer 3 program on steroids okay cool I'm excited to see what develops there because I think that they already have a lot of people who are inclined in that way you know yeah so yeah I think there are I think there are a lot of folks that'll be like oh this is no problem I've been doing this you know once every two weeks for the last three months anyways so you know we'll just make it official awesome um I asked one question any other questions for a community Department alrighty um I'll go next so vibrations uh the budget was approved so that's pretty exciting that's going to mean lots of snapshots are going out so keep an eye out on those um we'll be I'm really trying to get more you know more people to vote on those and more exposure and call outs for those so uh we will be uh should be plenty of those to go out um just did uh my first office hours which was kind of fun uh I would encourage um you know department heads or um really you know maybe just kind of anyone to to do them it ended up being you know only probably 15 or 25 maybe uh operations based but it was just really fun and it was a lot of community members who came by and something did um some of it that I think was a really good idea that um I'll just give a couple of other updates and then um I'll uh I'll expand on that because I'd like to bring Dr beans up uh to chat a bit on it so hold your breath on that for a second um I'll get through the rest of my list here quickly uh this week I had a few Department level meetings um with uh Biz Dev and with marketing and next week I'll be doing um doing it with uh community and and copy so I'm just kind of going through the Departments we're going to be setting okrs with all the Departments and just really figuring out what we can do uh to support them uh and those have been really helpful and I think that uh so just kind of you know wait for your meeting if it hasn't happened yet but I think it's um it's really exciting to just get more um more support you know where it's needed there um one thing that did come up in those meetings was ocean the notion calendar is being really difficult um and people you know access to the calendars you know the way the different calendars link up and just in general so what we're going to try to do on kind of a trial basis is to run them through uh G Suite so use Google Calendars that are embedded within notion we think we can do it so um let's uh I'll chat with you next week and hopefully we have we've had some success there so we're gonna try that on kind of a trial basis um I we've heard quite a bit of support from a lot of people that they think that that would be be a better way to manage our calendars so we're going to go ahead and try to do that um well yeah without much further Ado I was gonna bring up Dr beans something that he discussed in our office hours was this idea of of doing like a stable coin forum and I've been stuck being a part of it uh and we thought it could bring a lot of eyes on Beanstalk and could be kind of a because stable coins are very of the moment right now um we could talk about a lot of things in that forum and I just thought maybe he could introduce the idea here um since he also came to the meeting so Dr beans are you near me hey everyone how's it going yeah a bit more broadly so I work with create Adele um and so we're sort of something that we have kind of been working on and chatting with um you know some of the point people that we talk with from Ben's talk about is but initially was this idea of a like a comparison table and then about a comparison table between being uh and UST um and then we kind of as we like explored that idea like we were talking about doing a like a panel discussion based on this kind of comparison table and then we kind of realized that that approach probably isn't going to be as good as just a like more a general panel on stable coins or algorithmic stable coins I think so like the people that kind of we we think should be on the panel would be uh dokwon or someone from uh Tara uh Publius uh Sam from frax um you know potentially you know potentially some other players in the in the stable coin space someone from maker or um someone you know you know in any kind of like founder or or representative of like a you know a serious player in the in the stable coin space um and so I guess yeah the idea yeah the idea is that if anyone you know um has cut like contacts or um you know suggestions about you know how we should run it um like what the format which should be where it should be hosted Etc um you know how we would you know do the build up to it Etc to you know like to get the most leverage out of it as possible um yeah just hit me up um yeah yeah thanks for thanks for that and we'll uh figure out a way that we can connect you maybe um be you and mod can connect or um to take take this idea further and brainstorm a little bit offline but I think that um yeah it could probably be pulled off relatively quickly and I think it could could be a big success so yeah I think yeah I think like we were just chatting in the in the in the in the last like uh in office hours um and I guess it's like yeah like in terms of timing and stuff like that like you know like the old saying strike while the iron's hot and you know like there's discussions going on with you know like has been mentioned here today like there's fracks and you know there's also a chat going on between some guys from the you know from the terror side um and there's so like over the next like few days and weeks like this while all of this stuff is like is is happening and stable coins that you know super in the public Arena at the moment like um it's like a really good time to kind of bring something together so yeah if everyone's kind of um just keeping it in mind and um you know yeah maybe we should take a few minutes and open this up and and we could hear what people's thoughts are on it before you know before we did Forge ahead um you're particularly interested in yeah maybe Jada mod um uh TB so I will say we actually um in terms of the I think it's a great idea entirely to have more conversation around it I will say we we've started kind of a very nascent phase uh actually when uh Manny reached out and had some kind of thoughts uh on Beanstalk that were uh not entirely favorable um you know I kind of saw it as an opportunity for us to actually try to bridge the gap and as a result we're trying to have more of like an academically inclined conversation with him um we're actually going to have us week as we made the connection and so the idea is actually to have Austria moderate um and then have this kind of conversation between uh police and Manny I alluded to it before I'm just not trying to put the cart before the horse but really the goal of that is kind of like it seems like again maybe a precursor to what you're what you're talking about Dr beans where we could have like a larger moderation happen and with that one we're going to run through Twitter spaces so it's probably not going to be nearly as as formal as what you're talking about but I think in general having more of an academically inclined conversation with people that are in the space um is definitely something that we should do and so the idea is like we The Hope actually was that we would turn this into more of a series as well just depending how the first one went but rather than just keeping it a series you could Branch it out to have all the people in on at the same time um but yeah this idea of kind of having stable like stable conversations or stabilizing conversations yeah totally to 100 yeah 100 yeah so yeah I think I can give the without somebody maybe uh Dr beans that'd be great go ahead bud yeah so so the the panel idea is something that we've been thinking about for some time and initially we're thinking that it could be it would be like constructive and objective uh to like explain you know where where where does Beanstalk stand out right what are the differences about it so we have right now in algorithmic uh stable coins if you call them uh so uh you have uh like U.S data and tracks for example they can expand to meet you know any any Supply so they they have they have that ability they solve it this is what all of us you know console board do where we can meet any Supply but there are differences then when it comes to Collateral and and other things so we wanted to highlight this thing and then the the panel developed into becoming and especially with the Ford pool as well talks into why don't we talk all about the future of of algorithmic civil coins on how we're all together you know uh tackling something and we're becoming this part of you know the new the new D5 thing and and what Dr beans is asking here because now we want to get you know get all of the uh quality people let's say or debaters and he was asking if anyone has any connection or knows anyone then to reach out to us so we can we can get this panel uh uh up there and happening better as a panel or like as a series like it just I'm just trying to think of like uh we haven't really gotten into that level yet because we didn't approach the people yet of course if we're able to do something different it can happen if we get like really important things that only want to be there for an hour then it's gonna be like you know a Twitter space maybe or something like that so kind of premature yet because you know we only came up to this uh let's say strategy because we've been thinking about a different strategy for for like a week before that and then we refined it a little bit now but we still don't have like names or you know the big the big ones that we would like I think it's still pretty much sure to talk about it but maybe what why Dr beans mentioned the theaters is asking if anyone has any connection then you know reach out to us foreign just for my preference and maybe think you might know this too but is there like a stable con anywhere like does that exist is it like a stable coin convention or anything no as far as I know everybody's at each other's throats trying to kill each other um the stable coin Market is I don't know it's very adversarial so that's the one thing I would keep in mind well so the good news is I shared a quote from the Bitcoin um Miami Conference Kevin O'Leary stated today explicitly that he sees stablecoin as the you know the the pillar within within crypto which everybody should essentially Focus their attention on that it is the most promising asset class outside of Bitcoin um in terms of future growth potential uh so that's really cool that you see that um so it seems to me like big personalities and names in the space are trying to maybe Bridge The Divide between different uh staplecoin implementations one thing I would caution is just be mindful of the um you know the the atmosphere uh with the you know um with the four pool you know Tara and maker Dao their communities have been kind of bumping heads for a while to his credit Sam um know in some of his recent tweets has been very open about the fact that he's willing to collaborate with anybody even die if they're interested in pairing up with the four pool so somebody like Sam you know seems like to be he seems to be more of a you know engaging personality when it comes to collaboration um at the same time I also understand where Tara is coming from with their you know issues with maker down because maker dials considering themselves like the end-all solution to everything related to stablecoin so just be mindful of that I would say um and then when it comes to alchemics USD I actually saw Gabriel from Creator doll he had a nice podcast about a month or so ago with uh the founder of occupants um so potentially that might be uh you know if since we're already pushing with this alusd Bean pool you know maybe we can get him and Publius on a you know on a you know half hour hour conversation on their philosophies with respect to stable coins just some ideas you can also maybe invite people onto our podcast um like Scoopy onto our podcast to then and Publius right and then maybe that relationship can then build and then we could have a bigger Forum I think that would be a great starting point to be honest with you guys I don't know what you guys think but we're already pushing the pool they're already going to seed it on their side um from what I understand at least on a preliminary basis so that might be a great place to start but I'll defer to mod and um jdubs on what they think I I supported this I think I think especially with the podcast happening why not we can even approach them and tell them you know come come and talk to our community for example uh no no Hardman and and having something with this I support anything that opens up a discussion a debate you know irrespective if we like take it a positive or negative as long as it's objective foreign agree this is fantastic cool so it's not something we take forward for discussion well yeah thanks Dr beans for bringing it up and I guess my point is that little office hours you know a little silly operations office hours could have uh you know brought this up and it could be a great end up being a really great thing for us so I appreciate that Dr beans you're showing up and having that idea and uh sharing it now so cool um I was going to read some engineering updates from Silo Chad um who is busy right now oh tea Beck great we got you uh afterwards we'll have you talk analytics um the meeting notes afterwards so for some reason I looked at the events earlier to see the meeting so that's on me um yeah no worries um okay so hiring another uh part-time front-end engineer starting next week several more conversations in the pipeline uh beanie hat Jr has set up the gov.bean.money which will be used for Silo whitelist proposals uh and hopefully for um a lot of other um discussion too down the line um cool beans working on uh some styling cleanup across website components and in progress of adding pocket Network as a decentralized RPC it fixes bips on bean.money and sub grounds team beginning on subgraph for work led by Publius and eth wallet so um there you go silent Chad went up to his name um it let's uh or next I have um EB and then I'll bring up tbeck a TV for marketing yeah awesome um can you hear me oh yeah I can hear you can you hear me uh okay sounds good sometimes there's a delay sorry I mean the LA the last the last three to four weeks have really been a master class in how to be in different meetings and how to execute different projects all at once uh in a single day uh it's been pretty crazy but I I do want to shout out like all the folks marketing has worked with you know from Community to design to operations um to to Silo chat you know the front-end team probably has just the kind of uh the kind of projects we're executing right now they come on very quickly you know bits the gone are the days when bips would pass in seven days uh like now they're passing in like a day so we were not actually prepared for the announcement today uh well enough so we had to kind of scramble um but that that was kind of you know what we were executing today we're also helping uh design put out the survey um really looking towards building a very solid calendar of oncoming events so we can have a better promotional strategy around them um and so that's kind of our next month or so focus is to have uh just be more strategic uh in the way we are organized in terms of marketing pushes apart from that the serotonin partnership is is going pretty well they are developing uh a really in-depth uh content strategy for us in terms of the future of the website what that would look like not the app itself but what the website would look like um what all the learning content would look like and they're working with Community they're coming they're working with design um and we have a meeting with Publius and front end tomorrow to to kind of make you know our website more than just the landing page um and give give new folks the opportunity to learn more about being stuck without even coming into the discard um and and just kind of make it more expensive um they're also working on getting a PR release out we just got initial copy today uh which will go to Uriel for for edits um there also got us an op-ed um which is basically going to be written by Publius but I mean written by writers Perhaps Perhaps by phobias um I believe that's a coin desk op-ed uh that's coming around the 17th of this month um and then we have Luna PR which is working on a PR release as well uh around paint stock um so at this point both agencies are kind of like up and running and they're executing and they're helping um a ton making progress on things that you know we haven't really made too much progress before um a ton so that's that's been working out great um I would like to iterate you know the survey that's being put out um we've worked so hard like design has worked so hard on it with you know these and jelly beans and to me it's a very important survey because it asks a question of the community as to who we are because we've come so far from the time the first hundred beans were minted like and I feel like it's it's an opportunity for us to kind of speak to what the future of the Beanstalk brand is so I just encourage everybody to to fill up that survey um we have put our blood and sweat into making it uh directional to where we want to go so and we know like being down members all of y'all will want to have that say so you know this is the survey is a way for us to speak um to the dial as to what we want with the future of the Beanstalk brand so please do fill it um and now there is also Partnerships update but I will let Marge speak to those um and and yeah that's it thank you TV um a few updates from my side so the first one we have craft day is by the graph uh it's gonna happen in June in San Francisco it's going to be four days uh the first day is going to be like a speaking event and Then followed by three days of a hackathon where they build um Webster apps um so we we confirmed our participation there so we're gonna we're gonna be there we're gonna have a booth and also sponsor uh uh uh some of the hackathon or the hackathons and and the the idea would be is that we will be telling them um you know build any app that on top of being stuck or build any app that uses beans and unlike the top three when when a price or something like that uh I would like to thank beans proud this they helped us with the sponsorship so they covered uh the sponsorship costs uh we're in talks now with HR or maybe even Community if they can also help uh with some of these costs uh we expect or they expect that they're going to be 500 Developers for three days so we think it's you know it's a great opportunity you know for being so to do some hiring uh whether it's developers or maybe maybe elsewhere but I think you know if we if we're the need for the developers and it's a good it's a good time for us to you know have someone there present and try to recruit uh uh some of them we also have a 20 minutes speaking uh slot there so also another opportunity you know if we want to you know um High uh higher then we can mention or like you know tailor it to become something as such that's our objective or just for it for us to Market like being stuck in general pretty excited about it just because I think you know if we get a few brains uh to build something on top of Beanstalk we can we can like have you know great ideas that we we didn't think of or we it might it might be the place for us to hire this next key hire you know that might might help us or or go there um just confirmed so still you know a bit early to go to plan all of these things but I expect you know other other departments to come to come with us and then we can start planning how are we going to you know to tackle and tackle and take these things um um following that coins either it's a YouTube channel uh we we just confirmed with them that we want them to make a video about Beanstalk uh uh unfortunately that might go out also in June so it might take some time at trying to have them uh get it out earlier uh and the reason we're doing this is that we want to start having a different kind of content on YouTube uh most of our content right now if you go in there it's a bit of like you know influencers or or people are into divide telling telling the user how to use Beanstalk but we don't have enough content explaining what Beanstalk is you know for someone who just wants to have another General understanding um so I think I think that that would be good one with approaching other similar channels as well to have that kind of content but you know this is the first one that we've confirmed um lastly we had a calculator guy he just you know did another video about us and he's gonna do another AMA so that I would like to you know uh thank them for their efforts uh and you know encourage them as well to continue doing uh things like that so I'm going to have a snapshot to reward them up as well uh soon um 101 uh atmosphere aware of it or not it's like a new uh site or that Source video go in there you do like a quiz and then when you win you get like a bad a badge which is like like an nft so it's not open c um we we just had like the first we're gonna have the first course uh on it copy is taking like a final look at it but it's already live uh and then the idea is that you know we'll have this this thing out there which is like you know a bean stock introduction and those who pass the quiz they get like you know a Discord role uh or that so we'll see how that plays out and you know if we get good traction then we can continue building more more educational content on that platform uh Luna shared with us you know the podcasts and and and influencers and you know people that we can reach out to um I'm still reviewing the podcast list but it seems they have some interesting uh wants to go there uh so we gotta tackle it just maybe to give you a little bit of a brief as well about Luna Luna we repurposed the strategy behind them so you know at the beginning they were going to look at multiple things and we refocused them to only be you know PR so get us on like you know media and and and and PR in general uh that's that's how we're going to be using them so I'm reviewing uh the list of podcasts we've filtered you know some of them uh and then we'll go back to them and tell them that these are the ones that we want to get got on Creator uh we have we have a Twitter but I'm reviewing now and I'll be coming out soon uh and then we had you know all of this panel discussion that the Dr beans uh uh uh briefed us uh here about the newsletter uh uh we had the newsletter the second issue came out you know I'm very happy but we have you know we have a newsletter that's up and running now uh The Next Step was to have some somewhere for us to start collecting emails that also went live today so now we're able to start collecting you know emails and build and build the user base uh uh the step after that would be is to improve the content in the newsletter so now we're just waiting to grow some some base and then from there you know see how we can start making better use of the newsletter maybe changes content redesign it do all the all those sort of sorts of things that's what I said great great thanks bud um tons of exciting stuff there um lastly I know we're going a little bit long uh but a study uh um yeah one last thing that I forgot about uh two opportunities with bankless uh one of them is with bankless Africa they're doing like a stable coin uh research and you know at the beginning they were gonna focus on the top ten uh stable coins and then you know they came to us we had a previous relationship with them I don't know if you guys remember Chad as we we did an AMA uh there uh so they're the ones who wrote in this proposal and they want to include include being of course we're going to be paying for it uh uh but that's that's like you know one one of the opportunities uh that are there the second one is also from Bank list but a different backlist the first one was bankless Africa uh and and we have an opportunity to to be in New York um I think in two months as well uh where they're gonna get like 100 top you know names in in traditional Finance in a way to introduce them to um um to like you know defy and and then you know we can be you know the people who like talk about like stable coins for example I'm not so sure if this is like you know the best thing for us um I'm also not like first of all I don't know if who are this one 100 people or who they really are and then you know if they're really going to first of all get into D5 and if they get into D5 then will they even consider us so I'm not sure if this is the right a target audience but you know I'm I'm kind in the middle on it and what I've decided to do is I'm going to um go to them and tell them that we'll go ahead with the bank is Africa uh uh proposal uh but then we'll ask you know they're asking for 20 thousand so I'm gonna cut them to half if they go for it we do it otherwise I'm Gonna Cancel it like we're gonna you know Miss on it just because I don't think it's worth you know that that much of an investment in it this is this is my last update those hundred people uh the cost to get in front of them uh is twenty thousand yes so it will be like a sponsorship um you know there will be other people other than us uh it's gonna be two days you know we got like half an hour for uh to speak to speak for two days and there'll be other like speakers interesting uh great thanks mod um all right last up uh we got the TPAC Analytics hey what's up okay so um stuff I've been working on this week um after working on the kind of uh pod pricing model that eventually we're going to present via Dao for the previous couple weeks I kind of turned my focus back to the Dune dashboard because it's been a while there's been some new developments um and there are just a few things that I thought would be nice to add or update so for adding we obviously added the kind of algo stable comparison section um and also added a new liquidity section to the dashboard that's still kind of a work in progress there's um still more work to be done on Computing the USD value of liquidity across both of the the curve pools but I know how to do it and it's it'll it'll get done pretty soon but it's looking a lot better now um and also doing a lot of kind of refactoring and kind of optimizing for both performance and ease of development moving forward on the back end um so that's been helpful immediately and also be helping helpful moving forward um so for the rest of this week I'm going to probably like continue working on that but I guess some of the stuff that I have in the the pipeline um one I'm gonna be looking to probably hire someone new for the analytics team kind of in a a one-man Army over here and it's uh there's definitely so many things that we need to work on so it'd be really great to get a new team member um I realized that I wrote up a job proposal in Google Docs but um I didn't actually post it to the job board so I'm going to get that done as soon as possible because um curious as to why like not that many people did reached that was a a pretty good reason for it um but some other things I'm going to be working out I want to update the notion with kind of dashboard progress and remaining to Do's um just been doing a lot of stuff and it's really been hard to keep the notion in sync with all of the developments going on there um I want to work on Advertising The Silo apy calculator so TB actually approached me with the idea of writing like a blog post kind of explaining the methodology how to use it and I think that's going to be a great idea for like publicizing it a little bit um and also there's still a few little like Kinks that need to be ironed out with it but it's definitely ready for for people to be using too um anything else oh yeah and I'd say like I'm putting probably the the Pod Marketplace modeling on hold until either late next week or the following week um I think I have a good model uh the thing is we really want to come up with kind of a clean and compact formula um that's pretty like understandable and not just like uh the output of a model that we can use to price pod and we eventually make a proposal to Fiat Dao so um I'm going to have to run kind of like some experiments to figure out how to do that um but the model is looking good it's just we want it to be in a nice like easy to understand format before presenting it so that'll hopefully be moving forward um within the month and I think that's it for me okay awesome questions for tea bag and uh probably I see you happen to be near Mike I think you said that you wouldn't be but just just in case you wanted to the last word um all right well we're a little over the hour so I won't keep you guys uh too much longer unless there is uh you know something burning on someone's mind uh I'm playing bit 16 if you guys haven't voted for it please vote for it almost has super majority so just want to throw that out there yeah I think oh I'm looking I'm looking at all you there's someone here who hasn't voted Let's uh yeah that'd be great if we could uh yeah we could get a couple more votes there um voted that's gonna be exciting I hope that goes through tonight hey guys well thanks for a great meeting and uh yeah we'll talk oh the last thing I wanted to mention is because it's before jww the octomob thing that's before the university class right uh no actually that was in place of it uh dumpling so that was gonna happen it's next week kind of because remember how we used to do yeah yeah so it'll be next Tuesday oh cool yeah exactly 5 30 uh Pacific well okay all right so good good we're gonna we'll just make sure everyone knows that but yeah let's all it's really fun it's really easy to get set up you can kind of pick your you know your your hair and your the color of your shirt and that sort of thing and it's really easy uh Jinx took me through it and it's gonna be really fun so let's all make sure that we uh attend there so okay cool everyone last night thanks everyone