DAO Weekly Meeting #17

March 31, 2022
00:00 Biz Dev Updates • 01:35 Copy Updates • 04:30 Bean Sprout Updates • 06:14 Marketing Updates • 09:45 Engineering Updates • 15:33 Operations Updates • 23:22 Community Updates • 28:21 Design Updates • 36:29 Audio Team • 48:25 Open Floor
DAO Meeting


Notes and Updates


Biz Dev update (Max Sow)

  • Aave and compound are super selective about what assets they let in, still exploring with them
  • LUSD/BEAN pool — BIP should be up soon
  • TempleDAO reached out and are curious
  • 0xWinger will join part time in a research role, couple hours a week

Copy update (ereal)

  • CoinDesk reached out to Publius to post an article, this is super exciting. Article is ready to go and will be posted soon
  • Gitbook is going, should be ready for review by EOW
  • Omniscia
  • A few blog pieces are in the works
  • If you’re a writer and are interested in writing freelance pieces, we are willing to compensate the author if you end up publishing something about Beanstalk. Shoot ereal a DM

Beansprout Updates (mistermanifold)

  • Continuing to have conversations on fundraising and recruiting front
  • Seeking to hire more engineers — Smart contract Solidity devs

Marketing Updates (Mod323)

  • Welcome Cassie to the team! She will be helping with social media
  • Preparing for Omniscia update to come out
  • Serotonin is working on the marketing strategy
  • Posted in the #marketing channel to ask about what the next educational video after the “Intro to Beanstalk” should be
  • Partnerships:
    • Block0 — accelerator for crypto companies
    • Graph Day — they reached out to us, in early talks. Physical event for people building on the Graph
  • 2 videos out
  • twitter thread is out that summarizes an earlier thread from Publius

Engineering Updates (Silo Chad)

  • Had a conversation with Playground, a company that helps build subgraphs. Hopefully they can help us build the subgraph with ETH wallet
  • On frontend, figuring out issues with WalletConnect
    • Silo Chad fixed this in the middle of the meeting and sent out test links to people who wanted to test his solution
  • Omniscia gave us the final go ahead on all of the audit changes. Earlier today we deployed the new contracts and are putting the finishing touches on things before we commit to mainnet
    • all very minor changes
    • only real substantive change is that some formulas for deposits will be slightly different to be more flash loan resistant
  • Once we commit to mainnet, Omniscia can publish the final report
    • So we will get the report very soon
  • Once this is out we will propose the following BIPs:
    • Generalized Silo
    • Soil changes
    • Gauge proposal

Operations Updates (Dumpling)

  • Quarterly Stalkholder’s Meeting was a success, let Dumpling know if you have any suggestions for next time
  • There are some snapshots up that you can vote on
  • Department Heads should expect a reach out to set a meeting to discuss Notion Pain points and OKRs for Q2
  • A&T timing changes — maybe can move this to 8:30-9:30pm ET
    • Dumpling will drop a vote in the #banyard-chat for this
  • Idea: whenever a new contributor joins, we can do an evaluation/feedback session after the first 30 days
  • Will begin to hold weekly office hours — Thursdays before DAO meeting (7:30-8:30pm ET). Will be done in #barnyard
    • Would encourage other Dept heads to consider doing office hours too
  • In Q2, contributors will no longer be paid in pods given the low soil environment
    • We will work on a way to directly put paid pods into the silo

Community Updates (JWW)

  • Continuing to work with Serotonin on Discord strategy, Discord onboarding
  • Focusing on education — video series
  • Merch update — looking into building a web2 store for Bean merch
    • Also want to set it up so you can purchase with Beans itself
    • Also need to figure out how to deliver the goods without compromising anonymity
  • Planning the Q2 Poker tournament
  • Other community-based events, like Beanstalk Trivia or GuesstheBeans
  • Looking to do first Metaverse event — doing an AMA in a gather.town

Design Updates (deezbeanz)

  • Design office hours 7-8pm ET on Mondays
  • Product Design (jellybean)
    • Breaking out brand identity work as a separate workstream
    • Next Tuesday we will do a few user testing sessions to show some mid-fidelity designs and text information hierarchy and navigation for the redesigns that we did
    • Separate from that we will test the brand identity
    • Hiring a user researcher that will start next monday
    • Working with Serotonin on landing page and tracking metrics + success

Brand identity Updates (deezbeanz)

  • Working with Drew (see video for his portfolio) to explore brand identity work
  • Once we figure out brand identity we’ll plug it into different flows and test

Graphic Design Updates (guavanom)

  • Been talking to teebee about stretching design into marketing
  • You can go to #design-requests and follow the instructions to create a list of things guavanom should think about
  • Guavanom will reply in Notion / with a Figma file

Audio Updates

  • Bellabeantok finished doing voiceover sample, his partner also did one so we have both male and female voices to choose from
  • Weeks of audio for podcasts releases are ready
  • We welcome contributors for the podcast, if you want to be on just reach out
  • Presented a longform audio logo


this um you know with avian compound they're super selective about what assets they let in and with Oiler we're sort of able to spin up our own environment similar to fuse pools but not exactly so exploring that I think it could be interesting for the LUSD beam pool the bip will hopefully go up in the next couple days to have that LP added to the silo so very excited about that Temple Dow actually reached out to us I don't know if anyone knows anyone at Temple Dow um feel free to chime in I don't know much about them but they're curious about Beanstalk they have a relationship with frax so we think that there could be an angle to you know seed a bean frax pool there and post a bip to see if we can add that to the silo so just sussing things out with them um and then yeah I just want to give a quick shout out to Xerox Winger he reached out to me and he's going to be doing a couple hours a week on just research and uh helping us out on the BD team so yeah excited to have him on well thanks Max um I know some people over at Temple I can uh fully help more with just like posting over there since I posted a bunch back in the early like ceremony days you know so um can't make too many introductions but I can uh I can reach out um so yeah cool um now next we'll go to e-real uh um so we've got a few do you guys hear me freaking area um cool so I've we've got a few updates some of these are going to be rehashed from the the quarterly meeting yesterday but the other day whenever that was um so we've got this coin working comparable um they reached out to privilege directly to uh post an article of ours on their website and then tweet about it um like I said yesterday they've got five million followers so they'll be posting a link specifically for our article and then hosting it on their website which is pretty awesome so we have the article basically ready to go um we're just working on some design for a banner and then they're verifying an official Beanstalk Farms account um for the site so once we have that all sorted we'll go ahead and submit the article to them and hopefully that'll get posted sometime in the next couple of weeks probably which is pretty exciting um we've also got the get book going quasimat is planning on having guides done um and ready for final review by the end of this week um we also have the omniscia announcement um I don't know if anyone if Publius or anyone on the engineering side has an update on whether that's officially been been uh been done and busted but once it is we'll have copy basically an article announcing that the report's been completed in a summary included on the high-level findings of the report um ready to go as soon as that's done uh and then last thing really is we've got a bunch of blog pieces kicking around um Jane that I know is working on one uh Dal Techo is working on another edition of the spilling the bean series um I'm taking around some ideas one of which might be sort of a formal version of the road to a billion beans based that I think NASDAQ um originally posted um a while ago um so maybe something along those lines uh and then so the last thing I got in just before I get off the stage um so I mentioned this the other day but if if you're a writer or you know any writers who were just interested in writing a freelance piece about being stuck specifically or about defy we will pay you if you're if you submit an article and we want to post on the blog like we will compensate the author so if that fits your description or the description of someone you know and that sounds cool shoot me a DM and we can work something out um that's all I got thanks cereal uh next up Mr manifold hey guys um so not too many new new updates from yesterday's meeting but uh you know continuing to have conversations uh on the fundraising and recruiting front um as far as the team goes we're just trying to round out um or our engineering uh side of things so to the extent uh that any of you guys know any uh smart contractors solidity dabs um that are like probably qualified for for what we're building um would love to be introduced and have a chat with them um that could be really helpful um if anyone has any leads there um probably looking for one or two more dabs um at this point um for us to kind of uh feel comfortable with our Squad moving forward um and then also just just continue to talk to funds so just spoke to another today had like four calls tomorrow so hopefully you know within a few weeks we have kind of our commitments uh all lined up and squared away and we can you know start start the next phase of the bill okay great yeah and anyone who um everyone was at the meeting yesterday pretty much so um feel free to you don't have to go into Super detail if you know if that's the case um yeah thanks Mr manifold I know we covered a lot of things pretty pretty uh deeply in the meeting yesterday um okay so for marketing TV is out uh but mod uh can you give some up I have some bullets that he wrote out I don't know if you're following along um in the uh the notion mod I'm happy to read uh the first bits and that he mentioned a few things that you could you could talk about Partnerships um block zero Creator down or do you want to give all the updates or should I I can I can read out some of them up to you I'm happy to um um to give the updates that's fine yeah so first of all we we're welcoming our newest uh member uh in the marketing department was Cassie uh she's looking after you know everything social media and also you know other promotions uh so whether it's under enter enter departmental or anything outside of it you know Cassie is the one uh or the person to go to after that uh what we're looking at uh is preparing for the omnisha uh uh you know the audit uh to come out uh we're talking with a podcast crypto 101 uh and then serotonin is a working continuing working on the marketing strategy this is something that you know we've been we've started on it for like two weeks uh now um we have a post that's on on the questions uh uh Channel basically asking what do you think or a few you know if you're someone who's new here right now who just joined uh being soccers and love meeting probably not but if you are or if you remember how was it like when you first came in uh ask what you know what would you think the next video for being so should be uh or what what what's the next one that you would like to see so now we have the introduction to be in stock so what is being stuck uh and after that you know what what are you interested in is it how to use Beanstalk or you know how does bean stock work what's big maintenance Etc if you can give us this feedback it would help us you know to plan uh to Planet uh you know play serotonin and also within within ourselves here foreign with Partnerships we're going to talk with we have two Partnerships that uh still early but things might work with them the first one is block zero block zero is an accelerator uh uh you know for for crypto companies they're pretty young uh we got to know them through Business Development uh it seems that they're interesting uh uh you know they have an angle that's a reach that we might not be having right now so we think it's interesting uh to work with them we had a call with them yesterday uh just like to you know dive into a bit of the details and we're waiting for the proposal from them uh in graph day we they reached out to us a subgraph uh we've been working with them so the analytics that we have is you know through them and they're having graph day uh we we might think that this could be interesting for us to be present there until very early we haven't agreed on anything uh but we've we've both shown interest uh in it so as as this develops we'll probably reach out to you because it might be or it will be a physical event so you know anyone who's around that area and wants to come and support will be welcome but still very early to to talk about it finally was created two videos out uh this week and we also have a Twitter thread that's summarizing an earlier podcast of Publius that's it for marketing thanks Bob Jada uh let's have a Chad um do you want to talk about engineering sure thanks Dublin um yeah not too too much to add on to yesterday's meeting um had a number of conversations with with design this week about the future of the the front end and the brand and how we want to approach that more of those coming soon um in terms of specific engineering things so we had a great conversation with a team from a company called playgrounds which helps build subgraphs um the sub graph is a pretty key piece of our infrastructure that's also rather hard to to build and so we are working with them to try to get to to basically have them come on and help us build the subgraph sub graph with eth wallet who's been leading that side so I'm super excited to kind of share with them where we're at and and go from there and then on the front end working with Publius right now to figure out some issues with the wallet connect stuff that we tried to roll out a week or so ago um and really hoping to have those fixed ASAP I'm working on it tonight and so expect to have wall connect doubt as soon as we as soon as we can thanks silent Chad uh next up Publius wants to talk about the audit a little bit Bliss can you hear us is that a yes do people hear us um okay so in short uh today omniscia gave us the final go-ahead on all of the audit changes uh earlier today we deployed the new contracts on robsten and are putting the finishing touches on uh on things before we posted I mean that which is very exciting and so this will be an ownership he makes in our opinion very minor changes to being stuck the only real substantive change is that the bdv valuation formulas for deposit slightly different they're more flash loan resistant which will be important as being stock continues to grow but otherwise uh pretty minimal across the board so that's pretty exciting and the long and the short of it is once we commit the changes to mainnet we will be able to supply Amnesia with a final uh commit hash at which point they will be able to publish the final report so uh assuming we are able to commit things uh tonight or tomorrow morning uh you know it should be hopefully you know pretty quick turn around there after they've promised us it's it's almost immediate but um you know we'll we'll leave it once we actually have the report basically so uh we've been working very hard to try to get that out ASAP uh because there are lots of things that are being held up by this report and so once the report goes live the intention is to almost immediately propose the Q2 budget for Beanstalk farms and then also almost immediately proposed the demand for soil changes um so that'll be back to back and then hopefully early next week assuming the audit report goes live sometime this week we intend to propose the gave proposal formally uh some losses of happening back to back to back um and the question was do we expect this to not drag into the weekend we we really hope not I can promise you that um but uh you know sometimes you know it's hard to explain why why things have taken so long here and this is we'd honestly like to know as well so uh we're trying our best to move product as much as humanly possible here okay great any questions for privileges mentioned they're going to be away from the the mic for the last half so if you have any questions be a good time okay if not I'll go on to operations updates I actually dumpling real quick um please maybe you said this and I missed it but would it maybe it'll help both marketing or something like that when we talk about the Amnesia audit but like is there a is that publicly it is like are we sharing that publicly where those uh tweaks are that they recommended I apologize if you mentioned that I missed it yeah that that should be in the report and it'll certainly be in the new white paper that whistle drop along with this um and it contains a chance so that'll all be very well documented [Music] we just haven't seen that or yet so it's hard just exactly what the report will contain we've we've asked nicely a lot to see it soon again okay great thank you okay um so next up uh operations I'll give a few updates so thanks to everyone who came out yesterday for the a quarterly stockholders meeting I think it was a big success I got a lot of messages the people uh really enjoyed it should be a recording of that up soon um so let me know you know what your thoughts were before next quarter because we can we can make changes to the structure but um and maybe we can kind of jazz it up a little bit I thought it was fun it sort of felt like everyone was wearing their Sunday Best you know and uh I feel like we did a a nice presentation and and uh I just I like the feeling of the of the whole thing so um but certainly open to changing anything about it or the way that it uh it went off uh for the future so we got a lot of time to plan for the next one um there's some snapshots that are up live right now so you can go vote and there's plenty more uh to come up uh Bean interns is up um black mambas is up and shavon's is going to go up pretty soon so I've interviewed and I'm ready to hire um a couple of those are um they're about to be either about to go up or going up uh three uh um three PM's black mamba alloceros and shabam we're really excited I've been having meetings with them uh we're planning two me two operations meetings per week to really get kind of ramped up and uh and organized uh for April so they might just excited about that process for department heads you can expect shavon's going to be reaching out to you if you hasn't already um and scheduling about that and scheduling uh meetings for talking about notion pain points talking about um and then setting okrs for Q2 so um but we want this to be uh you know definitely like a process where we're you know working with you to to set the okay it's not like we're coming in and dropping dropping these you know random goals on you that are you know are not applicable so um anyway looking forward to those meetings next um there was some discussion of changing the timing of ant this was uh TB brought this up and he was saying that a lot of people are kind of coming to it about 45 minutes into it because the thinking my thinking was maybe people are getting off of work in Pacific Time quick enough so thinking about doing that a little bit later I wanted to open this up for quick discussion to see if you know it's 8 30 Eastern is is you know it's too late we've been going for 18 19 meetings at this point so um I just wanted to see if people would mind even just inching it forward to eight o'clock Eastern five o'clock Pacific um and if that would work obviously Lewis it's also important for for that to work for you obviously but uh I wanted to check on that um maybe a good way to approach it 'd be doing some sort of vote that I can drop in the barnyard chat um that'd probably be the best use of time unless people immediately are thinking ah that won't work for me maybe you could just I mean if that's the case I'll drop it in the barnyard I'll drop a vote in the barnyard chat to see Ben like where you can click the one icon if it's if you like want the current time and one icon if you wouldn't mind the time change um Lewis mentioned the budget bip's about to go live um the last thing I wanted to mention was I've been considering um when we hire someone to do a 30-day evaluation of how that contributor is doing both from you know that that I could do like a short you know short kind of check-in interview with the person and also the department head so I wanted to see if uh we'll have any thoughts uh department heads have any thoughts about that um process and it was support for that or resistance for that about the discussion item I can open up the floor for um Thunder broker here uh I think it's it's a good process I think it's a good system uh something that came out multiple times for me this past quarter was that the onboarding actually took like a very long time like several weeks so by the time the check-in came there hadn't really been any substantial amount of time um so it's just something to keep in mind I guess like when that 30 day window is should correspond to like the total amount of onboarding delay that there is are you saying there hadn't been a lot of time like after someone who's get was up to speed unlike the docs and everything or can you can you elaborate a little bit or do you mean from when the person was like sourced and found and then their snapshot was approved or um like you just allowed yeah we had all agreed like let's take this person on and then they were going to start working and then there had been some logistic problems with getting their snapshot up and setting up their pseudo-anonymous identity uh and I I don't know exactly what all was entailed but basically their start got delayed by two plus weeks um and then so by the time the 30-day window came around to like evaluate them they had basically only been around for at most two weeks and it just like it wasn't enough time to actually put down a proper evaluation yeah that makes sense but we should try to um that's kind of two problems right like we should be happier so the onboarding should also just be quicker I think totally hear you yeah um you have I will be bringing uh Jacoby to be helping me speed things up um as far as some of those processes are concerned uh but I mean I have to own some of that I'm sure that part of those delays were um anywhere on me and then like you said a little bit of it may have been them you know setting up their you know anything that's Anonymous and we should try to speed that up to like a weak maximum for sure yeah I'm not sure how things have changed since I started when I started it was basically just start doing code and we'll figure out the payment retroactively um which I understand maybe not everyone's as excited about that arrangement okay go ahead yeah I mean I think uh yeah starting it from like knowing from when time zero is to fund a Burger's Point makes a lot of sense but I do think like reevaluating um like a month after that more quote-unquote starts or that quote-unquote work starts uh moving really good because I think they're but we kind of did the snapshots like as a quarterly lump um in q1 and I think there was a lot of Hope and expectation that that would mean everyone was kind of always here and you know fulfilling the work but I think it might have been the case that sometimes we threw stuff out and people weren't able to show up or people showed up even more so I think that that touch base would be a really good way to to gauge like okay are they already over performing are they underperforming they on par rather than waiting you know three months to figure that out really that's kind of the idea um okay what we can uh we're gonna always come back to this and uh when we get through everything everyone else but I just wanted to mention it um okay and that's that's it uh next up will be uh Community updates and uh Rex is traveling so JW's um uh you'll be you'll be given those uh so um in terms of Discord and Discord changes Discord onboarding so we're continuing to work with serotonin um using their insights and working on a few tweaks that we're going to be making to Discord structure and roles um similar to what was mentioned yesterday um expect to start seeing those rolled out next week particularly focusing on like what the onboarding for new Discord numbers means to make sure that we make it a seamless process and they get as much education as possible um the other big piece that we're starting to roll out is kind of an educational material expansion so this is kind of it's going to be a pretty big cross-departmental piece uh that focuses on to start with the video series um some more educational videos similar to what modern brought up um so that'll tie in copy Yale tie-in marketing we'll work with serotonin a little bit on that we're having initial conversations around what those videos will look like um and then a broader conversation with all the teams so we'll put in just a couple of those together we put a project plan together and listing that on notion in terms of emerge update so former Dan is working into looking at potentially expanding into like a web 2 store for being merch um we're still just kind of kicking around a couple of ideas there but we definitely want to make it accessible but at the same time we're looking for ways that we can potentially have the purchases be done with Bean the two hiccups that we have there should be great to hear anyone's thoughts and or perspective on this is one we want to set it up so we can do a purchase with Bean itself I myself can think of a couple of payment providers that are working with crypto but I'm not sure what it means to actually get them to accept a new coin and then the other thing is anyway to potentially get product to people in in Anonymous fashion I think that's something farmer Dan mentioned was a little difficult as people don't want to be giving their addresses and stuff like that and so frankly getting through those two things both the payment of being and getting an anonymous person something in real life or if anyone has thoughts would be great um from an advanced perspective Peter Drake and I are discussing the next uh potential poker tournament that we're going to have we'll definitely be having one in Q2 again and we'll keep everyone a prize as we get that going we're also discussing other community-based events um the idea of the community-based events is really to get people you know us to continue to enjoy Angela's company outside of you know working on Beanstalk 24 7 similar to the poker tournament so one idea that we are starting to work on now is a beanstalk trivia and we'll be given some ideas uh what that'll look like in the near term as well we're also starting another guess the beans pretty soon that that dumpling had kicked off in queue I think you did that in Q4 the first time dumpling but we'll be doing another one of those we'll give some updates and then lastly we're looking at doing one of our first meta events actually so we might be hosting the we'll be hosting an AMA um in octumob's uh meta gather town uh we'll be sharing some details with the community in The Newsroom about that but we're planning to do that in April mid-april from a team member's perspective as something mentioned being an intern snapshots live he's going to be helping us build out the The Meta side the meditating side of Beanstalk um and then as I did mentioned uh Cassie shifts has shifted over to help with marketing because social media is just seems to be much more aligned with marketing than it does on the community side and uh lastly is the podcast update uh which I can actually leave to a design to give an update on that thanks jdubs um guess the beans excited for a new guess the beans and that that is really exciting to do uh AMA in the metaverse so the cool stuff I forgot to mention one thing um be doing weekly office hours for operations which is um I set up for just kind of convenient for me will be um Thursdays before the meeting basically um so starting at I'm in eastern to eight Eastern uh on Thursdays and I'll be doing those in Barnyard and it'd be pretty cool as long you know I don't want to totally overburden other department heads but I think one hour a week would be pretty cool uh for other folks to do as well so that'd be great if it could be in the calendar something to consider I don't think you don't have to do it right away but it could be nice just for people um you know members of the Dow anyone just to come and ask questions I think it could be a kind of a nice way to um bring things up for people so anyway there's that idea uh okay next uh these uh for design hey yeah uh thanks Tom um yeah so I guess just for some general updates um we're gonna start holding just designed office hours really excited about this uh from seven to eight pm Eastern we'll start we'll start with that and if we need more go from there but from seven to eight pm Eastern on Mondays for and to come and see you know what design is working on and just ask questions this will all be down in the barnyard um as far as brand updates are things with product or anything like that I think it might be a really good time for us to hold some separate time to just answer questions you know um really excited about that and then just going on to product design I'm going to bring up jelly to give some updates on that yeah thank you um hi everyone I'm Jelly I'm the product design lead and I just have a few updates around uh the the website Rebrand um as many of you know we've been kind of sprinting towards um uh launching a you know a brand new website by the end of this month um but uh as a result of the meeting yesterday and and some discussions this week we decided to break out the brand identity work um as a separate work stream from the the the redesign of the usability and ux um to continue pushing product and usability updates uh while we continue to also refine the brand uh brand identity um also starting next Tuesday uh we'll have um two uh we'll start on a few user testing sessions so next Tuesday we will start to show some mid Fidelity designs and and tests specifically content and information hierarchy and navigation of the redesigns that we did um and then separate from that we will also test the brand identity um and then probably the week after once we have more High Fidelity designs and and we can apply The Branding to a user flow um also we're hiring a dedicated user researcher um who we're really excited about and she will start next Monday and um also we have been working with serotonin on the website landing page and the content um and also thinking about tracking metrics and and measuring success how do we know that uh you know we're doing the right things when it comes to branding and designs and how can we measure that so uh so that's been great and I will pass it back to these to talk more about their brand identity work foreign thanks so much uh really for the updates um as far as the brand identity so we want to what we're thinking about doing is um well we at least need we haven't had a chance to iterate on the illustrations and we're really fortunate so um person I know very closely uh um I don't think they mind being Doc's name is gerardell uh and I can just share my screen here all right cool so yeah uh just talk with we're in the talks with Drew right now and um on his website these are some of the past works that he he's been um based on he's I worked at Pixar he was a franchise art director at Netflix and um just like look through his website and look through some of his illustration work gonna consult with him and see what the best types of styles that we can go as far as um while we work for Beanstalk and also even get some illustration assets so I'm really excited about this and want to do this ASAP so that we can figure out the brand identity for for Beanstalk um second [Music] um yeah and so once we once we start plugging like some of the illustrations and the styles for the new website after we figure out the user testing in the ux we want to also plug it into the website in one of the flows and see if that's something that we could uh like and we want to definitely get some final sign off from the Dow and uh and before I get to go we'll start to build out that website and to ship it um yeah and and for some other updates for for graphic design I want to bring up guava real quick and um you can give us some updates on that yeah awesome yeah yeah thanks Dee's um hi everyone um I'm gavinam you guys can call me go out for short um the most recent uh graphic design League uh lead right now and um so recently I've talked to TB about uh stretching design uh into marketing and working together and coming up with a better streamline to create some design work for marketing and this also can outstretch to other departments um where in Beanstalk you guys can scroll down to design requests if you guys go into design requests as other departments you guys can follow the instructions over there and uh come up with uh you know a list of um of things you want me to kind of um to to think about as I'm creating these these graphics for whatever whatever you guys need uh yeah just put all the requests there that you guys need I'll I'll put them in notion um and I'll always uh link a figma file as well as a notion and sometimes I might even put the figma file in the notion and you guys can watch me work you guys can um come into my figma file you guys can point out if there's anything that's like unreadable if there's any like spelling mistakes that you know um that you guys want to update you know uh and everything like that so um please don't be shy you know you guys can always DM me you guys can always Post in in graphic design um about some some concerns or if there's any like updates that you guys uh want me to to use like for copy or for like General graphics and everything and um yeah I'll be constantly updating uh design requests and graphic design I'll always uh ping you guys and if there's um there's any details that I can't um really answer then of course ping DS as I am working part-time for now um I'm possibly looking to go full time later on um but uh yeah so far um this is the the process that we think that is working right now and I'm having actually a good time with this uh process of Discord to notion and a notion to Discord and using figma for graphics and if there's of course anything other like specific of course I will be able to like draw things in illustrator Photoshop whatever needs to be and I will toss it back to these hey thanks so much Bubba yeah I'm really excited about that I think it's going pretty well as well um and then I guess lastly from from design just uh with with the audio team uh Bella been talked about to just invite you up and kind of uh wrap it up for the design updates yeah great thanks Deez um so we do have we we've we have a a kind of a big step that we've completed that we we want to share with everybody maybe before we do that just to get it out of the way um you can talk do you maybe want to give a quick update about the the voiceover work and the um the state of the podcast yeah sure um can you all hear me okay yeah yeah cool yeah so I was able to do uh that that intro video of voice over this week um so I have an option there it's it's up in the in the notion um and my partner also did one so we have a male voice and a female voice which is cool um she's super happy to help out so if we need more I'm sure she's happy to do that um so we have those two those are done um and then as far as the podcast goes um we are chugging along we have uh that's the episode uh two is out this week we have episode three scheduled for next Tuesday um and then I have uh four five six and seven basically done as well so they're gonna come out every week so we have weeks ahead of podcast releases which is awesome um and we also did the recording for um eight episode eight through it might be nine ten eleven maybe so we have a ton of audio there for the podcast which is awesome um yeah yeah and just to just to uh put this in everybody's mind we we are going to be itching out to some of you um to hopefully to have you on as as guests on the podcast if that's something that you're interested in um you know depending it really depends on the the topic that we're covering we have some ideas on on how to move forward on that but um but yeah we definitely want more people from from the farm up there and um and talking and um so yeah just if if you have if you I'd say that if you have anything that you think that you would be particularly well suited to talk about or or you know you have an idea of something that you think would would make really good content for the podcast just feel free to reach out to us and and we'll we'll get you on the docket um great so moving on uh in talk do you maybe want to post that uh that link in the Barnyard chat yeah so I can share uh with much better audio Fidelity here via sound move uh audio movers listen to so here's the link I just put it in the barnyard chat it's like a URL based streaming um so if you just you don't need to create a profile or anything like that yeah right there yep and then we can listen with a much better audio quality here yeah so while we wait for people to do that I'll just kind of set this up so so basically we've been doing um over the past several weeks or more than that now um we've been creating basically the audio brand of Beanstalk and that's a process that we're kind of reaching the the end of right now um so what we wanted to show you today is um we we produced basically a long form audio logo something that's that's maybe a little bit more grandiose than um and something that we would use in just like for the logo animation for instance but um but it kind of encompasses all of the different elements that we identified that that make up what Beanstalk sounds like and what and what that what the audio side of beanstalk's brand actually is um so yeah if we're all we're all there I guess we can go ahead and and share this cool yeah so I'll play um I just so how yeah it's just it's streaming live from my Daw here um so I'll play the this is the full audio logo that we have and it's and we can break up the different components and use you know the separate sounds in different contexts but I'll just play the full thing all the way through um so here we go oh so um yeah there are a few different things that I just wanted to point out about that really quickly and I don't want to take up too much time here um because this is something that you could kind of take forever on but I'm just going to go ahead and share my screen here um anybody who wants to can kind of follow along so we put together just just kind of a a living document I'm talking about this uh the the audio branding work that we've been doing um and it breaks down all the different components to that audio logo so it explains why we made the choices that we did um the the word being is actually embedded in there in terms of the notes that we used um which is which is what's going on here um any any Melody that we used at all we we uh we made with a variation on on these notes here um there's lots of different Bean related elements that we were trying to to kind of impart and Infuse into this audio logo so uh elements of the idea of returning to Peg which we did a few different ways um the elements of of the golden ratio which has come up in a lot of branding discussions before we did that with uh with binaural panning uh so so a lot of the sounds that you're hearing are actually if you're listening with headphones they're actually swirling around your head and kind of kind of spiraling inwards um in in kind of a golden ratio sort of way and then one thing that we really wanted to do is is lean into this idea of math meets nature which is something that that Beanstalk is has been kind of espousing as part of the brand for a very long time now and um one of the main reasons ways that we went about doing that is is leaning into this really Electro acoustic element so that's the idea of of combining elements of real world acoustic instruments with with elements of you know electronic processing and electronically generated instruments um so I'm going to go ahead and post a link to this it's a living document and we're we're working on a more visually palatable version right now but um but this this will this will give you all the information that you need to know to kind of understand all the component parts of it we talked about uh you know more in depth what what exactly does being stock sound like hopefully the reasons that we give are fairly self-evident this makes breaks down all the different component parts of the of the the audio logo and as beantalk said we're going to be using this for a variety of of applications so you know the first most obvious one is is just the logo animation when when that's finally finished the little the little logo that that bean comes out of the um that the logo comes out of um we also we've we have applications for the podcast of course um we're working on finishing up the the application for the explainer videos um any any sort of branded content videos that Beanstalk produces ideally we'd like to to do all of that audio in-house just to to really make sure that it's on brand and and high quality and then yeah metaverse is something that we're very much excited about applying all of this to which um you know we'll see at what point we get to that stage where that makes sense but um but yeah if you go to this you'll be able to listen to all of these all of these you know component parts if you want you can kind of break it down you can listen to these Melodies um yeah and yeah we're really excited to be where we are and we're glad to have come up with what we did so I'm just going to go ahead and post this in the barnyard year yeah let me know if if the uh I need to you know send permissions for the audio because I think I shared it with Bean Tobin I'm not I'm not sure how Google Docs uh Google you know works I might have to share it with let me make it public right but so just let me know if it's not working and I'll work on the back end of that that's super exciting thanks for sharing guys um is there a short version like that will be I think you I mean yeah well so so um what what you've just heard is it's it's the long form version um so you know obviously for for something like a short little tag at the end of the video something like that's not going to make sense um so what we've done is that that point in the logo where we actually spell out the word Beam with with notes um actually you could probably you can probably hear this foreign there that's the little uh that's the little bean tag and so that's that's kind of the short version of the logo that we can use in just a pretty much an endless variety of use cases oh thanks thanks guys I really appreciate that um is there anything else uh from from design No it should be everything thanks so much all right great if TBC we're missing epic okay so we know analytics update for now um Rex the land Rex welcome I'll show you in here able to speak but uh all right well that uh yeah I'm literally getting down to another plane as we speak I apologize I'm just listening in oh thanks for it's really coming okay guys well that's about it for what's on the schedule I don't think I missed anything if I did anyone free to chime in kind of jostled around the order a little bit so I think we're in pretty good shape is there any um Shin discussion items on anyone's mind that they wanted to we do have 10 minutes I think also it's it's possible Beethoven whenever he's around I always like to Corner him into singing a song uh but uh I can sing a song or two awesome so I'll kind of open the floor for um for anyone to time in with anything else if they want oh oh yeah I have something I guess um sort of for the the um so basically you know like as as you all are working on different you know uh design things or or components of being stuck I mean if you know feel free to reach out to me um or Beethoven for just that little like minus school you know like I have some audio in this thing but I need it to be cleaned up or whatever right all those all those little tasks that might come about through the other departments um definitely feel for free to reach out okay yes absolutely yeah foreign oh the one other thing I should mention is um the I think everyone's pretty aware of this but moving forward in Q2 there was a lot of discussion and the decision was made this is uh going to be in the budget bip but not to pay contributors with pods anymore to pay strictly with beans so there's a lot of kind of documentation of this decision there was a there was a memo that was uh put in the governance Channel but the idea being that it's such a soil scarce environment it's not it wasn't viewed as the fairest uh to the community that we were sort of taking on unnecessary extra debt uh you know lengthening the Pod line and paying our contributors and pods so I just wanted to mention that you know moving forward in uh Q2 it'll be payments will be made uh quickly in beans but a lot of people will be uh putting them in The Silo and uh eventually we're going to try to come up with no promises but we're going to try to come up with a way to put them directly into the silo for you um if you wish so um that'll be a little bit of an engineering engineering problem but uh hopefully we can figure that out and um if you have any questions about this you can you can DM me also um as far as snapshots we'll be issuing you know a lot of snapshots here in the next um little bit the snapshots passed then paid at the next fmx payroll date so if it's the first or the 15th if you submitted a snapshot today and it was approved on on April 6th then the first payday would be April 15th and you'd be paid interactively for whenever your start date was so I just wanted to mention that um if there's any questions about that too you can always um DM me or you can DM jww works on payroll with me so I just wanted to mention that dumpling before we jump to uh to a song Here could I jump in with one more engineering thing absolutely awesome okay so I believe while we were on this call I've fixed the issue with the wall connection um so what I would love is for those of you who are up to test I will drop a test link to the uh to the Beanstalk site in the barnyard chat just pull it up and connect your wallet as you would to the normal site uh do this with with caution it is a Dev site but it should be identical to what you would see on the normal site what I would love to see is just like does everything kind of match up some people previously were having plots that weren't showing up I believe we've we've fixed this now so I will drop the link uh and yeah just take a look and let me know if uh if your plots are gone foreign foreign yeah no need to uh to hold up hold up the song here but uh if you have a chance to check that'd be super helpful and feel free to just uh ping me in Barnyard if they're not showing up correctly uh and quickly with regards to the timing of the ant just did a quick little stupid little poll where you click the bunny or click the fox depending on what the time is uh that you prefer so if you don't mind doing that too too uh as Bean Tobin gets his uh instruments ready [Music] okay okay well so I think I think we can all agree it's been a a pretty good week out on the farm had a lot of uh a lot of good things coming so I thought I'd but I'd play this little guy come on you being believers [Music] cause there's a seed in the ground and a stalk and the seed and a plot and the stock and the pods for the beans and good things are coming our way and it won't be a long time [Music] cause there's weather on the way for the seeds in the field and soil in the ground with a mighty bind yield of the seed in the crowd of the stock and Seed in the pot and stalking them good things are coming our way and it won't be a long time [Music] line up if you want it [Music] come down [Laughter] cause there's a lot on the line in the lines all the parts of the season going by in the blink of an eye and the weather's on the way but the seeds in the field and the soil on the ground yield and Seed in the ground and stop and see how to stop the clouds good things are coming our way will be a long time good things are coming away a long time [Music] that was amazing thank you beautiful goddamn talented group here okay my my only request would be to to re-record some of those and put those up on the SoundCloud huh yeah I know I know wait what like I said we've come to the end of a long long hard Road and so uh so yeah that that's that's looking more and more possible every day what's that did you just play that live oh yeah yeah with nothing any little webcam Mike doing doing hard work is an awesome Fiddler as well and so so there's definitely room for for him on board I love it yeah so good things are coming I mean hell good things are here right that's awesome man super sick all right well guys thanks so much for for coming I know it's been a lot of meetings this week uh but uh good stuff right so um that's it that's it on my end is it coming everyone