DAO Weekly Meeting #16

March 17, 2022

00:00 Marketing Updates • 03:18 Biz Dev Updates • 06:15 Operations Updates • 08:24 Community Updates • 15:10 Bean Sprout • 19:30 Design Updates • 19:10 Community Updates • 21:51 Engineering Updates • 42:35 Layer 3 Bounties • 46:05 Copy Updates • 49:27 Analytics Updates • 54:55 Marketing & Partnerships • 1:01:30 Payroll Updates • 1:03:04 Backend Development • 1:04:54 Beanthoven

DAO Meeting


Notes and Updates


Marketing Update

  • Engaged with Jack Niewold on Twitter, he’s tweeting about Beans now (for free!)
  • The Twitter Bean army is working great as we try to engage with infuencers / people with large followings
  • Newsletter is coming soon, first issue is done
  • Bean podcast is out there
  • Serotonin discussed a marketing strategy with us, team will discuss and regroup
  • Luna PR contract is signed, snapshot passed. Aim to start Monday, 3/21
  • CRE8OR
    • They created ~10 pieces of content for us
    • We have them contracted for 1 more month per the original snapshot, but we hope to renew with them (snapshot for renewal will be put together)
    • We want to work with them to create materials on Beanstalk vs other Stables

Biz Dev Updates

  • Olympus
    • Spinning up gOHM:Bean pool
    • They want to add Bean to their Rari pool
  • Bankless
    • They will write about us in a top 10 stablecoin writeup
    • Exploring adding Bean to their treasury
  • Zerion Wallet
    • Adding one-click from Zerion Wallet to be able to interact with Beanstalk

Operations Updates

  • New snapshots to be voted on
  • Looking to hire someone to handle payroll as it becomes more complex
  • Putting together a more systematic process to do payroll
  • Looking to put together a better educational track for new users
  • Thinking about how to do health insurance for full time employees
  • Exploring with folks on improving overall org structure

Community Updates

  • Onboarding Events Lead and Social Media Lead
  • Always feel free to reach out with any feedback
  • BeanIntern could join as Metaverse lead
  • Talking to Serotonin to improve onboarding experience
  • Putting together a “State of Community” artifact
  • Quarterly Bean Stalkholders meeting “State of Bean” coming up

Bean Sprout Updates

  • BlackMamba pitched us on using Bean as a currency in a NFT marketplace they are trying to build that will undercut Opensea
    • We are talking to him to explore a P2P marketplace with Bean as currency
  • The Saloon
    • Aims to create an attractive and sustainable source of fixed yield that will compete with Anchor
    • This will create a 3rd way to bet on the success of Beanstalk outside of the Field and Silo
    • Aiming to create a UI that is more user friendly
  • Aphra — a small delay in the vault launch as they sort some stuff out

Design Updates

  • Focused on supporting marketing
  • Focusing on creating a solid UI/UX for website
    • Website is focus right now, take it slow and steady really try to make for a robust and quality launch versus optimizing for speed
    • So will take a few more weeks, gather community feedback, get more data
    • Always would love to chat with any eng talent who would want to help with website
    • We are working hard on wireframes
    • First day of spring is coming — there will be a Spring surprise on the website!
  • Creating intro video
  • Use #design-requests channel to submit design requests

Engineering Updates

  • A few new hires
  • Looking for more people to work on FrontEnd Repo stuff and Middleware SDK — let us know if you need anything, especially if they are Typescript engs looking to build on Ethereum
  • Two big projects:
    • WalletConnect integrating with our website
    • Working on a blog native to the website where we can transfer our content over from Medium and this will bolster our SEO efforts
      • Should be ready tomorrow
  • Macro point is to get eng teams more aligned and less scattered

Layer 3 Bounties

  • Finished a week ago
  • DAO needs to pick a winner for the “educational Beanstalk Quiz” that’s in the style of those Coinbase quizzes
  • A huge amount of content was created because of the Layer 3 Bounties
  • Close to 100 people substantively participated in the L3 Bounties (not just likes and retweets)

Content update

  • Blog will be launched, porting Medium content over
  • Coinmarketcap article is being worked on
  • Deck to present to institutional money managers is being worked on
  • Some more educational materials are being worked on

Analytics update

  • Silo APY calculator is in beta phase. Query is done but still deciding on how to visualize things. Should be done in the next week
  • Regression analysis is being worked on that will help price pods which will be helpful in partnership conversations
    • Waiting on more data points to make it more accurate
  • Having conversations with Playgraph regarding our subgraph development
  • New graphs being created:
    • Bean graph with new Curve pool metrics
    • Silo TVL

Backend Engineering / Publius update

  • Omniscia update is almost done
    • Only open question is if we should propose a BIP to address a small marginal issue that the audit identified, we probably will propose it soon

Listen to Beanthoven’s song at the end! It’s amazing


um we'll start if it's okay with uh with TB and then we'll we'll go to maxo and then we'll continue so uh TV do you wanna uh give some uh marketing updates yeah can you hear me yes you can hear you well awesome sounds good um I mean generally exciting times um lots happening in the community today came out which was you know mod restarted them first and then I think at some point they asked um about new Founders they should get in touch with and then you know the community was obviously all over it and I think we caught their eye um and they and we are also in chat with them about getting published in the podcast and while we were waiting for the response you know this thread came out and it's just amazing the things that the community is really making happen and to that end I wanted to cover today like um I think what's what we see at least in the marketing team working right now is we are reaching out to folks uh important folks in the industry and then when the community engages them you know they kind of remember us um and then we start another conversation either from the marketing side or maybe a BD side and I feel like that's that's a good sort of way to operate in this uh in this way um so to that end you know if you if you if you see something or someone mentioned beadstock obviously always feel free to alert us alert the Twitter Army um and at the same time you know we'll we'll also let let you know when we see someone mentioned but this this whole system of just amplitude each other's voices and um noting to each other when can you hear me now yes much better okay yeah I can hear you now yeah so the system isn't working well and um yeah you know hope to continue to this okay well yeah we'll take it apart from that um you know we had the video come out yesterday um can you hear me we can hear you until you start to say something substantive and then like magic we lose you unfortunately yeah TB I I think if it's okay um yeah apart from that we had the video come out yesterday we have the podcast coming out soon which will help promote um we also have sorry dumpling I can Circle back later when I'm in a better place what it is is there you're on about a five second delay so if you just want to maybe type out a couple things in the barnyard chat um but it there's great energy uh definitely hear you I think this has been a terrific week um marketing wise so really appreciate it but uh I think it's just a little too painful for us with the back and forth and the delay sounds good um okay uh do we have uh Max so do you want to um give some uh his Dev updates yeah I can jump in so I'm sure as you guys know um we're spinning up a pool with Olympus there will be a bean Geon pool um so we've been in touch with it's been some of the early ohm guys um you know these guys who are from wag me labs and basically they're going to be seeding the geom side of the pool um so that is super exciting um and the other thing that they're going to do is they're going to add Bean as an asset type in their Rari fuse party pool which is pretty big um so two good things with om that are happening and then in the future what we'd really like to do is we'd like to convince them to seed an LUSD pool they still hold about five percent of the LUSD Supply and we really are trying to get an LUSD Bean pool created um so that's something that we're going to work on you know in the future with them um so yeah that's om uh very excited about that another thing that's happening is bankless Dao reached out to us they're looking at new Stables to add to their Treasury and so Jarvis the guy who ran the uh bankless Dao Publius AMA he's been super bullish on being and so um he he's helping us with this conversation to potentially get beans in the in the bankless style treasury um and then they're also going to include us in a write-up on top stable coins they're originally just going to do I think top 10 market cap stable coins but now they're expanding it to include Bean which is really cool um yeah those are two of the biggest updates another one that's cool is um syncubate shout out to syncubate he originated this partnership that we're going to do with xerion um where their wallet essentially and um they're now open to adding a feature to xerion where it's like a one-click interact with Beanstalk uh straight from the wallet so yeah those are a few of the the biggest things from the week okay yeah that'd be great so the the xerion um I know that I can zap her you can see beans if they're just if they're not deposited beans but um so what would all be what would all show up in the um in xerium yeah zerion on zirion as well as with zapper we're trying to work with zapper to get a more holistic view of like your Beanstalk assets because right now you can see the beans that live in your wallet but not you know the ones that you have in your site in The Silo um so yeah I mean that will be the goal for both zirion as well as zappers like you know an actual view of your assets awesome I think everyone's gonna feel um much richer when they can see that I basically I basically banned zapper uh personally until you know that look at that uh cool um so I'll go next uh with operations so we've been um having a lot of uh you know we've been working on the budget um which I think we should uh have something for people to see here uh pretty shortly and then um has been a lot of hiring both you know well mostly you know with uh within Beanstalk Farms all the different departments you've probably seen all the snapshots um so really excited about the people that we're bringing on board um there's also been a little bit of um internal hiring uh in operations so I have a few people um and we'll be submitting some snapshots uh soon so that's uh that's also pretty exciting um and then uh yeah just kind of continuing to uh you know do what we can to to kind of streamline processes um I think JW is going to be talking about um the payroll but we have been uh you know that's been as it grows it becomes a more complicated beast but we've been uh documenting how to do it and I think we'll be uh likely bringing someone else on to to help out with that process so that's pretty exciting um and a few other things I know there's been some people who have uh you know mentioned um that they you know they would really like to you know people who wanted to come on full-time uh but that Healthcare has been a has been an issue so there's been uh there's some uh services that that provide Health Care to Dallas now the trick is to figure out how to do it without you know doxing yourself and that sort of thing but it's something that I'm at least looking into um and you know I'll give updates as I get more information on that but it's something that would be amazing uh that if we could um you know if we could provide that I think everyone would be really excited about that but it's also a you know something we have to we have to figure out and then we have to figure out how that relates to um you know to the ultimate compensation of people so um there's definitely been a lot of interest uh in and people have several people have mentioned it to me uh so uh unsolicited so that's something that I'm kind of looking into and uh yeah that's that's about that's about it for my end um next um Rex do you want to uh chat about the community sure um before I go though uh did you see my message about opolis about yes perfect because yeah uh just doing some reading about them they may be a really good a really good option for some of those those benefit opportunities and I mean obviously understanding that yeah that question about about doxing oneself and level of comfort with that but um yeah one last thing I wanted to to mention yes um I'm having a few chats with um uh oh this sorry with some folks um about our um you know like overall corporate structure and uh and that sort of thing so you know I don't want also about the uh yeah about the um payroll the uh Healthcare thing I obviously don't want to over promise and under deliver but you know it's just I want to let you know that I do hear you guys and it's you know I'm we're going to see what we can you know see if there's if there are options and bring them to the Dallas you know as an option so understood all right um sounds good so um quite a few things on the list I'll try to run through them relatively quickly um so right now uh working on onboarding PF uh PF Drake in the events lead position in Cassie in the uh social media lead position um I want to take just a second to uh kind of run through I've gotten um gotten feedback from a handful of folks about uh some concerns regarding Cassie and um the wanted to give feedback to this group um about what my thinking was in bringing them into the team and uh frankly I'm excited I was looking for somebody that was high energy willing to learn this kind of embody a lot of those um characteristics that we're looking for inside of Beanstalk and understanding that she doesn't necessarily you know come from a strictly social media background but still has a lot of those characteristics we're looking for so all that being said um as they get into the swing of things and um and kind of get settled in first of all we've got a lot of a lot of discussions happening around how we want to manage those processes and a lot of feedback and what I'll do for this team as well is always give you an invitation to give me feedback if you've got questions concerns thoughts that come up never hesitate to reach out everybody's learning everybody's growing want to make sure that that invitation is open so all that being said working through uh some of that onboarding we've got a snapshot out for jdubs for his um movement from part from part time to full-time um which I'm really excited about um obviously he's been um doing all kinds of stuff with the organization for a while now and really like the idea of solidifying his position love pulling him into the community teams super excited about that I'm talking with being interned about potentially moving into the part-time metaverse role that I've got open a lot of you know being interned from uh you know from obviously from different meetings interactions within Discord and then uh then on Twitter as well big thinker big idea uh big idea being um so looking to take all that Creative Energy and funnel it towards the metaverse and working on partnering with operations and some some folks that the dumplings talking to to add structure around the the tornado that is being in turn um then really eventually ending up with a working team metaverse working team um talking with William from serotonin um about some some components of onboarding and bringing new members into the community and really looking to him as something of an advisor and then partnering him with J dubs to to Really build out this this new user um socialization experience so looking forward to that um working on a suggestion box uh for events and this idea came out of um there was some discussion a few weeks back about March Madness and should we do brackets and what are we going to do and the the conversation just it wasn't really um really too solidified and so I think there was some confusion about what the next steps were nothing happened because there was there was just kind of confusion about what we're supposed to do next and who was going to own it to work through that we're going to be putting together a suggestion box and putting it in Discord so like as these ideas come up there's a place to pick them and um so working on that is probably going to utilize a bot for that and should help with grasping those opportunities and like kind of getting our arms around them with a little bit more advanced uh notice and understanding so that's coming and then last thing I'm working on at dumbling's request basically uh what I what we're calling a state of the community basically just a few paragraphs about how I see the community's development up to this point and then what what I see in the future as opportunities uh risks things that we can focus on ways we can grow so lots of good stuff going on oh and thanks for mentioning that Rex yeah so um we're gonna do a quarterly stockholders meeting uh which I think is going to be kind of fun um do it have a big you know have each department um come up and talk about you know what their successes have been and what they're looking forward to in Q2 and kind of just do like a state of the bean so to speak um and then yeah so that would be a good opportunity with mostly an open format um that we can do uh Great Hall which we don't use very often uh and yeah I think that'll be good people can address you know uh different concerns and opportunities going into Q2 and uh so looking forward to doing that so we're going to be organizing that I'll pick a date for that quite soon we should have a date um over the weekend I'll you know we'll select the date uh okay so next on to uh bean sprout so uh Mr manifold I want to talk about bean sprout Saloon yeah totally um so I guess I guess the first thing I'll start with is uh Max and I have been in touch with this guy um his Discord handles a black mamba um he initially approached us about this Discord nft Marketplace he was building that would apparently like undercut Open Seas fees um and there'd just be a smooth smooth or like cheaper way to exchange nfts um and he kind of pitched us on being being an accepted form of payment which we thought was kind of cool but frankly didn't like excite me that much but like we're like yeah we'll take it um and he was looking for a grant from us um but we kind of started to think more with him and um tomorrow uh gonna have a call with him at 6 00 p.m ET um and the general idea is like what if we could create a peer-to-peer Marketplace um denominated in beans and whether that Marketplace runs on Discord or somewhere else um it could be interesting if we could start exchanging you know goods and services and beans um in a peer-to-peer fashion so you know just like a a high level idea but the reason why I'm bringing it up is if anyone is interested in being on the call or you know contributing to the idea or if that becomes like a spin-off project just just feel free to DM me um and we can get you involved um so that's that's the first thing um and then the second thing with which dumpling mentioned um that has been you know taking up most of my time um as of late is this project we are calling the saloon um the saloon has two primary objectives at the moment one is to um provide a sustainable and attractive fixed rate offering for depositors um that leverages Beanstalk um and potentially State collateral like anchor does um and the second objective is to create a third way to bet on the growth of Beanstalk aside from uh siloing and sewing uh in the field today um so that's you know a liquid token that somehow captures the growth of the protocol so you know right now talking to some really talented Engineers some really talented high level thinker years we're having calls we're working through different models and scenarios and ultimately like our first goal is to get to a model that we like that we feel is sustainable unlike anchor that can be competitive and out compete anchor um and and and Achieve those objectives that I kind of listed out so you know um and then you know if we can get to that point I think the thought would be to go out and and you know formalize a team and raise Capital so you know uh that's something that's interesting uh another key piece of it is to to create a UI that's you know maybe a little bit more retail friendly um and a little bit like simplified from what you know beanstalk's native Act is um you know if you go on to Anchor it's it's you know so easy a five-year-old could use it so you know something like that uh so yeah um to to like see things that we're working on um with Aphra um Andrew had a Blog on the Vault so they're kind of just going back um there's a little bit of a delay there um I don't think it's anything uh like terrible it's just gonna take some more time um and and yeah I think I think those are the major updates happy to you know answer any questions thoughts or ideas on this call or if you want to message me um but yeah I think that's that's pretty much it okay thanks Mr manifold any questions for him before we move on cool okay um Dee's do you want to uh chat about design hey yeah sure I can give some updates um yeah I mean lots of stuff going on marketing Community um we're just here uh supporting trying to make more content to give to marketing [Music] um podcast is is up and ready we're just waiting on waiting to get that onto Apple podcasts so we can launch with with that setup um website that's kind of the the biggest focus of design right now uh is to just make sure that we have a solid ux a solid UI ready um oh sorry I just dropped something um yeah and then we also have a beanstalk kind of like a promo intro video separate from the explainer video something that we can throw onto it um socials and uh literally introducing Beanstalk and just what it is to get get people excited you know jazz hands video kind of a type of a deal um and that should be out coming soon end of the month um and we just put up like a design request channel in uh design department and so for anything that we need um just go go to the channel and and fill out uh what you would like for graphic design we we've gotten a ton in past two days and so that'd be good to kind of streamline that process and make it a little bit easier for uh uh guav who's leading up our graphic design things like that so um but yeah uh really exciting just just grinding so I mean if you have any questions uh please DMS are always open I love the design requests Channel I think that's a really good idea so let us know how that works and we can maybe replicate that for other departments and uh just let us maybe uh next week let us know you know how that's how that's been going and you can give us an update on that that's really great um do we have silent Silo chat yeah can you hear me okay yes awesome thanks uh so a lot going on for sure across the engineering department particularly on front end um first I'm hiring so uh cool Bean will be joining us full time starting at the end of the month so super excited to have them start in a more uh full capacity we've also spun up another engineer beanie Hut Juniors who's doing a lot of great work uh across both of our front end sites the the main side and then also the app so really excited to kind of have the ball moving with both of them um still looking to bring on one or two two more people to work sort of across uh the front end repos that we have currently as well as on some of the middleware SDK type stuff so if you encounter any typescript Engineers who are interested in building on ethereum please let me know in terms of uh some concrete stuff that we've been working on this week so uh two big sort of code projects one is working on getting wallet connect set up on the main site this has proven to be a pretty uh big task so I've been doing a lot of cleanup and re-architecting work to make this happen and hoping to have that done ASAP I'm a way over deadline on that one but uh you should expect to have something shipped there in the next couple days and then in terms of other stuff so we're working right now to make a Blog on the bean.money website so this will basically be we'll sort of Port over our existing medium content to this new blog and then use that as the main place where we push being stock related content the idea here is that we want to build SEO around the Beanstalk domain we found after some investigation into the site analytics that a lot of our traffic is coming organically through Google and so we're going to try to double down on this especially since we have such good content all over the place so that project has been moving forward super well I just want to shout out everybody who's been involved there helping get you know the engineering done and coordinate across marketing and copy it's really been a a great project in terms of like how well we've coordinated um and how fast we've moved so just wanted to shout everybody out there we're expecting to have all of that done by tomorrow kind of putting the final pieces in place tonight moving the content over from medium and then launching that so expect to see that in the next day or so um and yeah I think those are the sort of the concrete things happy to answer any questions about those as well um at a at a more macro level I think the thing that's on my mind um is basically just how can we get to a point where all of the engineering teams are are really moving in um in alignment and sort of at the same Pace I think we've uh we've kind of spread out across teams over the last the last few months and and projects are kind of in at different you know at different places in in the life cycle some things are you know like the subgraph for example is a little bit behind what the protocol uh might be and so just trying to think about how we can best line all of those things up over the next month or two to answer your question Dr beans um if you can still still hear me hopefully uh we are not using Wordpress we're using netlify CMS um which just basically renders to markdown but happy to answer any other specifics about the CMS as well that's cool oh good and uh so this is I guess for Silo Chad and these beans um how are we looking as far as like an end of the quarter um the beginning of Q2 launch for for the new website is that do you think that's on track do you think it's realistic or is that should that be pushed back where are we at yeah I know for sure um so we had a pretty big meeting with the the product team or uh ux UI um beginning of this week and um looking like after some feedback uh we want to take a couple extra weeks because we want to actually get community feedback like leave some time for that uh leave some time for for some user research feedback as well iterate on that and then um launch it because originally I think the plan was to kind of uh cut Corners right and um if we're going to send out an MVP then we just do something uh with like a less iteration process and less feedback but it seems like the product team is pretty pretty pumped to to do this right and um if that was okay with that yeah we could push that back a couple weeks that'd be great sure so we're thinking like a couple weeks so um would that be like kind of like April 15th or what are we yeah I mean it's also I mean beside which I can speak to this too depending on how much um help we will be able to get for for front end um but we'll we'll be pushing things we'll be pushing a mid Fidelity pass of the entire website experience um next Wednesday and then from there it's just refinement iterations uh research so um but probably like yeah middle of April somewhere on there that's kind of what we're shooting for and uh silent chat does that sound doable in your end I'm hoping so um frankly a lot of it comes down to the specifics of the wireframes so I think I'm starting to get a better sense for what's going to be included but that that's what I would like to Target um I'll have to give you an update on that in like a week or so once we have some some more of them back okay so we can put in for the next uh next meeting to maybe to have a you know a launch date that we think we can get to um but yeah I I don't think we want to I mean I'm also happy to open it up and let other people chime in I don't think we want to but you know we've waited long enough we've we've put enough into this that we should really you know make it a good experience right from the right from the get-go is my is my feeling but um and if it takes an extra couple of weeks to do that I think that's reasonable um I'd be you know happy to get a couple of other thoughts on that but um I agree with that dumpling you know we're getting to the point where a lot of eyes are on the project you know obviously we saw it today that there are a lot of eyes on the project now and that's just gonna grow and uh at this point it's getting to the it's getting to the point where it's worth it to take our time and make sure the launches are solid and and that you know we don't have anybody who don't have anybody on Twitter saying hey you know B stock launched their new ux UI and I couldn't use it like that's just not something at this point that's worth it to to slow the pace of play down a little bit to make sure we nail it yeah no thanks for that uh Rex and it's also just give give some uh reassurance like we're definitely not uh slowing down in any means as far as you know how how much we're trying to grind like the original deadline was also like already kind of a tall order of trying to finish this all up in I think it was like a month or a month and a half um but yeah like we we definitely are still kind of put up the metal and that Circle but yeah I really appreciate uh if we could have a little bit more patience uh another big factor going to that decision um for this week was just yeah Beanstalk seems to be performing really well as everyone knows and so while it's performing well it's yeah definitely make sure the designs are right and the experiences just get from the Rebrand launch so before we move on I just wanted to yeah um open it up for a few more people to to comment um just because we have a lot of people here and yeah go ahead yeah I mean I would actually I would Echo um what you both what dumpling and Rex said as well I mean since it's kind of at the left stretch it makes sense you know to get it as close as possible um I think what would be awesome though these is like if you can give like uh I know we do these weekly updates um but I think a lot of us are kind of like in a black box of like what's going on so even if you can just give a little more granularity of like where that process is uh that would be super helpful um but the other thing I think is silo chat it's something like you've got kind of a obviously you've got a ton on your plate is there anything that we could do on on your side to kind of help loosen that up I know you're looking for front end devs and stuff like that but is there any way that um something could shift around or bring in kind of last minute Talent or something like that for on your side to help kind of with the process yeah great question I mean always down to chat with any any talented Engineers that you know so please send them all my way regardless and I'll take that call um I think right now candidly the the thing I'm having or having to learn as we move forward is how correctly to triage all the different stuff that's coming across you know the front-end engineering team's desk uh and that's been uh a learning experience for me I guess in terms of what you could do there specifically is um I think we've seen seen this work really well on the on more recently on the uh the bean.money blog project but just helping scope things down keeping things quick in terms of iteration cycles and being over Community communicative about things is really all I need to uh to kind of move things forward so please keep just like dming me with problems or as stuff comes up I'll do my best to triage all of those and yeah if you know anybody let me know but um yeah I think outside of that the best thing is just getting to wireframes as quickly as we can on the design side and I know that they're working hard to get that done and maybe like uh obviously you don't don't need like uh layers upon layers of stuff but these but just knowing that you guys are kind of crunching through a lot of the execution on the design and then silos crunching through a lot of execution on the engineering would it be easier if there was somebody that just had like even a couple of hours that kind of help um back to the dots between the two or is it just a good flow of conversation between the two of you uh between design and engineering oh no yeah like I mean talking uh like red beans and jelly have pretty open communication Silo chat and um like we're doing weekly reviews and things like that so um I think I think it should be okay I'm a little bit hesitant to get um uh oh sorry yeah I'm a little bit hesitant to get people kind of uh buddied up and um slowing that down to just add another layer another person to go through so yeah I Deco that I'm like anti-pm at this stage uh and like Pro just like Fast communication foreign I know that sometimes we can move kind of fast on these items I just wanted this is an important one so I wanted to make sure we got everyone's uh input my only comment um as with regards to try to perfect something before the South um I would I would always prefer speed over you know trying to get something you know that pleases everyone um so as as long as it's doing we're supposed to do I say you know launched with it and then we can we can improve over trying to perfect uh things so maybe you know that's not shy of you know of having things that are not perfect but having things out and out in public as soon as possible yeah we we would Echo that sentiment that ultimately there's a real balance between Perfection and pushing product and even in the case of Beanstalk right like things were not perfect there have been bits that have improved things and the website and the user experience will be much easier to change than the protocol itself and so ultimately recognize that we want to get it right and when we when we launch the new website in the new brand and experience of it it needs to be cohesive but also I think we we don't want to keep pushing it back too far so uh the goal would probably be to get a some sort of Target launch date that circled on the calendar that all departments can work towards uh in our opinion and then uh you know beyond that just we're happy to help you know get everything over the Finish Line to whatever date you know is selected and recognize that's not going to be tomorrow but you know hopefully sometime in the middle of April that can happen and from a practical perspective thinking about the like testing it and getting the community's input maybe we should have like a you know development Branch that's live that people can test the new user experience and give feedback and say what feels weird and doesn't so the sooner we can get something even if it's not on the main beam.money website the sooner we can get something up that people can start to work with the better yeah to speak to that a little bit my plan is to triage this in stages so once we have uh sort of the the overall structure of the site down which I think is is basically basically done and then some of the initial flows for example with the silo uh we'll go ahead and just get started on that and I think you can expect to have a Dev Branch to the community probably like you know several weeks ahead of when we might actually launch the entire experience um if we can close that Gap and make it more like a week and launch things sooner we'll certainly do that but um yeah I certainly expect to have something that everybody can play with on uh on Main net soon the last thing I mention on this is that the first day of spring is uh Sunday March 20th so I wonder about the winter theme and if if we should have a you know a temporary just a quick take the snow keep wondering there will be there will be a spring surprise oh okay all right all right just wanted to you know all right yeah go ahead go ahead oh yeah for sure for the user research like yeah we're planning to do that like very soon like the feedback from the community um we're really trying to have that good for um like end of next week so if there was like a circle today for that I would say like somewhere around there end of next week um so hopefully like that's when we can yeah it start to kind of get into it um by then like the the full basic experience should be done um and maybe I wonder on TB I don't know if you're um you know if you can still speak but maybe maybe mod could speak to this um or jww but the timeline as far as like the promotions that were like the um the agencies we're working with are there any like big you know ad buys or anything that are you know that we should be aware of as far as timing that that factors into this nothing nothing uh concrete yet and I know is um even once we do uh these people won't be like come next week uh it it will it will take some time as well so I don't see us like this is not like stopping NFL efforts and once we have something uh like you know that we think is like big enough we'll definitely um share it beforehand awesome and then just a bill on that but there is also like in the pipeline dumpling the the plan for when that happens that will there will be an announcement there will pair some content about like the Rebrand and stuff like that um but to to Mod's Point like even should we even do any paid media for this that would happen pretty instantaneously and that as of now is not uh approach that we're using like on the and and the marketing stuff I don't know in terms of like marketing outrage paid media is not something that we're looking at yet okay um all right well uh if that's it on this I think I'll uh close discussion and move on so the um I skipped something earlier in community uh Canadian Bennett and farmer Dan wanted to talk about some layer three bounties and I guess uh well I'll let you take it from there I think there's something to choose yeah so um the layer three bounties finished up uh over the weekend or a couple days ago and um farmer Dan and I um spent some time trying to pick the winners and uh for two of the contests it's the winners are picked by the Dow so um if I can start the one Bounty that um the Dow needs to pick the winner for is make a quiz about Beanstalk that's similar to like the coinbase uh learn quizzes I guess so I can drop um there's that we basically uh limited our uh picked the top three um there's a bunch that just were like not correct and bad so I'll uh here's a link there's the uh three uh quizzes and then there's a straw poll at the end if you want to just select which one you thought was the best uh closing for this one will close in about 24 hours uh Canadian I wonder I mean a little bit of it is semantics but I wonder if we should also maybe do a snapshot for this since you know this is uh there's some overlap here between you know down members and obviously Beanstalk Farm Beanstalk farms uh members but I wonder if we should you know to get a little more exposure or maybe we could just post it in an announcements uh on the Discord Publius just to get some a little more exposure so it's not just you know the 30 of us but everyone yeah I mean I'd be open to any of those ideas sorry I'm not sure if I I understood um what's What's Happening Here is this like some form of a quiz that we're doing uh like um on people can you take me over it again I'm not sure I I understood this yeah so at this point it's more so just for fun you know like some of these bounties were just to create content or like you know spread the word and stuff this was more just like an idea one or more so just voting on you know like like the best version of what we were trying to create you know there's no like indication that we're going to be using this exactly it was more so just um like collecting um or like you know like more big different Beanstalk content really okay um uh some of our community members be Merchant and Maxwell they recommended 101 which we reached out to and we got access uh to them I haven't yet checked out the platform uh and I'm not sure that this could be something that can help but you know I'm gonna send it to you and see if this you know is similar to what you're trying to do and maybe maybe maybe you can use it yeah yeah and maybe it's something that we add into there or something like that for sure okay oh yeah of course oh go ahead go ahead farmer then um yeah I guess just my opinion um you know it would be awesome we could put it somewhere in the Discord um for people to vote on you know I don't know if you know we really want to make it as big as an announcement we can but you know typically on the snapshots I see you know probably like four five six votes for most things so I think this chord might be a little bit better there yeah definitely the other thing is because of our optimistic approval you know a lot of people aren't voting because it's like things you know tend to tend to pass unless there's a quorum and the negative so it probably isn't appropriate for snapshot I just kind of I think I think the best middle ground is probably Discord um I'll find a place to post it and uh we'll try to get as many votes on this as we can oh yeah and then the other one was um a little merch contest that we put on too so um we actually got a ton of submissions for these layer 3 bounties I don't know if it's just because our community is growing or layer three also did an update on their website and stuff um but for example I mean we got like almost 40 different memes submitted probably 20 different merch items and also like a handful of videos too people posted on YouTube there was a couple in there was like three in different languages and then like a few in English as well so like tons of like really good quality stuff that we got that you know was even a growth from the last round that we did um but let's see here so same thing if you go over to the merch Channel I'm going to drop it in there actually so basically we narrowed it down to four from each category the two categories being apparel and accessories um and we're basically picking the top two from each category do it in slideshow mode if you're if you want to take a look at it but basically we're planning on keeping this open for like 24 hours I think to get some votes in if that sounds reasonable yeah that sounds good if you had to give a number of total engagement that we total submissions and engagement that we got from from layer three what would you what would you say it's a great question um I would say probably close to a hundred I would say that's that's probably right um trying to get back to the website right now give me one sec yeah I would also say about 100 seems about right and these are for like they create like something where they had to take a significant step like creating a meme or creating a piece of merch or something like that like not just like liking and retweeting something right yeah that's correct yes the last round had a lot of those like likes and retweet ones and we had probably like for those who get several hundred or how do those work yeah yeah we got at least 200 for the retweet and then there was like the put Bean money like the two emojis in your handle and that one got like another 200 as well but I mean it's been pretty great like you said um somebody actually came to our community from layer three before and same thing with Cassie too I we had this community meeting last week for the first time and I recognized the name from like one of the winners from the submissions so I thought that was pretty cool too yeah there's been a few people now who reached out to me and said that they really came from the layer 3 so that's that's pretty cool but thanks guys I think you did a great job with that yeah to discuss you know how we want to do that you know if we want to keep doing that on an ongoing basis or what the plan is yeah and I know Rex has some really good ideas too um but yeah if you have a sec definitely go ahead and check out the um that slideshow that I just dropped in there like I said it's best to view it in like the actual slideshow form but some of those accessories are pretty cool somebody made a pair of Beanstalk shoes actually that's pretty sweet all right well cool guys yeah everyone make sure you have to go there and vote and we'll do some sort of announcement to try to get more people more ads there um so next we'll get to um copy so I think uh quasimat and e-real can give us some updates on oh yeah quasimat uh couldn't make it so e-real is going to give updates hey yeah so we we actually have a lot going on especially with the blog launching um I think the first official um certain uh new piece that's gonna go up on it will be uh first edition of Del Taco's um series of community um interviews uh which are great um the first one is is featuring uh a guest who's here um maybe I'll just I'll I'll mums the word on on who is just to leave a bit of surprise for the rest of you um so I'll go up when the blog Launches on Friday we have a bunch of other content essentially we're merging the medium with the blog um and then sort of discarding the medium so FIP announcements announcements on layer three bounties all that stuff is gonna be on the blog now we'll also have some some Community contributions um so like if I write a piece um and a lot I think uh [Music] Marketplace Behavior then then that'll go on the blog all that stuff will go on the blog so that'll be great um we're also working on I think uh um Boston and I might work on adapting his awesome piece from earlier this week um for a coin market cap article that uh they asked us if we wanted to to post so we'll hopefully get that going and maybe um have them posted sometime next week um the last thing that I touch on is uh IPO and chill and I are working on a deck um that will start to use for some conversations with uh more institutional money managers um just a sort of a more formal uh outlining of what the uh what the protocol is what it does what the investment opportunity is um to VCS um and some crypto hedge funds just so everyone's aware um within those conversations there won't be any special terms or anything like that and we're really just talking to institutional um asset managers about what the protocol is and why it's an attractive place to put put their Capital um so we're going to be working on that there's not a superset deadline on when that's going to be done but that's just sort of simmering on the background other things that are going on we are revamping the about section of the website so it's a bit more user friendly and less technical um and then we have some educational materials some more video scripts that are that are being worked on I know j-man is taking the lead on that stuff I think he's shooting to have um a first draft or two out this weekend and then quasimat is is leading the charge on the get book which are going to be huge just for providing educational materials on new members of the community that's clearly one of the most requested piece of pieces of copy that we've gotten within the Discord so it'll be great to have that um up and running soon enough great thanks Gabriel um yeah great updates there um I'm gonna move right along uh to uh TBC for Analytics [Music] hey what's up everyone uh so yeah this last week I've been working on um kind of two things in parallel one of them being The Silo apy calculator um which I'd say it's kind of in a beta phase right now um the query is done and it takes user input and I'm still deciding on kind of how to visualize things and what information to surface to the user and also kind of the layout of the dashboard but I would imagine that that's going to be completed within the the next week um and I'll be sharing that around probably before I start advertising it a lot so if anyone is interested in using kind of the beta version of it feel free to reach out I'll probably post about it pretty soon um in addition to that I've been working on a regression analysis to come up with a model for pricing pods on the Pod Marketplace and this is going to be really useful as we look to make a like draft proposal to Fiat Dao um for using pods as collateral in their protocol um so both of those things are pretty well developed I'd say for the aggression and that regression analysis I have a a good basis down I'm just um since volume has been increasing so quickly within the past few days slash couple of weeks um I'm kind of just waiting until we get more data points to rerun it again because the more data points the the more accurate it is but it's looking good so far so making good progress in both of those areas and in addition to that I also set up a conversation this last week with a team called playgrounds um they're kind of a collective building decentralized data infrastructure tools um mostly on the graph Network um and we're kind of in conversations with them on two fronts right now like one we're trying to decide if their framework for developing on the graph protocol which is kind of what we use as the basis of our decentralized data infrastructure um we're trying to decide if we want to use their framework and also we are considering hiring them so adding capacity to our subgraph development team um to kind of push that work item along as it's we don't have a lot of developers in that area right now so that's something we really need so um based on a conversation we had with it recently we're kind of talking internally about um how we want to interact with this team moving forward but we could potentially be getting some help in the the sub graph area which would be would be great but yeah those are kind of things I've been working on and a progress update on them thanks tback sometimes tits me like oh sorry go ahead excuse me in addition of what uh Chicago said about fixing on upgrading some graphs uh I walking alone for the moment on so graph subject I'm about to finalize the Bing graph for the next weeks with new curve pull metrics such as liquidity value volume on price price over time and after that I will fix some problem on the pin stock it's a graph like the the White Zombie tricks we also want to add sailor field Market on the user pods work over time we would also like to get a silo tvl on API data points for each season is way as well as the deposited on withdraw on curvepool that's all it's a it's a little update about subgraph gotcha yeah thanks for that okay yeah thanks thank you Paula I was just going to say that it's just sometimes it just hits me that we have like 27 like awesome awesome rock stars here you know in the same room it's just it's really cool um so like that from geek wallet like that's amazing and thanks for your hard work and just everyone so um I think I'll give the floor to Publius for a second or two and then we'll uh and we've all been patiently waiting for uh Beethoven and Bella Bean talk so um privilege do you have anything you want to share um sorry because I I think the day like I'm sorry I think I missed the first bit of it but did you guys get an update from marketing ready uh you know we might want a more fleshed out version we had TB but his connection was kind of spotty so maybe yeah why don't you give us a marketing update that'd be great okay sure thing I I can cover uh just quickly I guess if unless you know everyone already got to know what TV said but I'm happy just to give an overview on what's happening there then I can update uh Partnerships and what's happening with uh was created uh yeah I think you're usually pretty quick so yeah do everything yeah all right I see I see TB already mentioned some of the initiatives that are happening so we have the blog yeah what's the content that was coming out in there one just another thing to add in there is the newsletter uh uh so we had the first issue done a look at it uh today I posted that uh so the rest of the team can check it out and if we're happy with it then hopefully we can have a first issue uh which covers the first half of the month so you know from March 1st to 15th and then we expect it to be you know a bi-week and use a newsletter so every every every two weeks uh just just like the last Edition I think that copy didn't mention um um the bean pod I believe you guys already heard the first episode so you know that's the podcast uh that's out there um serotonin um we had a call with them today where they updated or the uh gave us a strategy uh or their strategy basically on you know how do you want to go forward or what do you want to approach with marketing um the team didn't get a chance to regroup after the school so we're gonna discuss it tomorrow and and they're probably having a better update to you uh on it but you know seroton has already shared with us what they think are the next steps uh forward or what are the things that they think you know will want to do and tackle on our first uh Luna uh jww we already signed the contract and I expect I'm not sure when exactly that would be with the cost but I believe pretty soon count the second LG WWE can you can you can say which what do we expect them um not to start yep yeah for sure so Luna is all signed away uh snapshot passed and everything uh and Rex um stepped up to sign things again Rex for that uh we're confirming the wallet with them right now um they're definitely jumping at the bit to get going the aim is to start with them uh next Monday uh we'll I'll hear from them there Friday morning so just in a couple of hours and they wake up um and I'll send an update uh to the team but ideally we're we're starting with them as early as next week Monday uh then before Partnerships with creative um so briefly to give you an update on what they did in March we had we had with them around 10 10 different uh you know the content uh created between articles Twitter threads YouTube videos uh uh and and Twitter spaces um what I found interesting uh was to see the impact of the content as time progresses um so you know which kind of makes sense you don't expect you know or at the beginning you expect to get you know the peak of it right away but in this case uh I I I like I saw that you know second week was when we started to get you know the value of it um like some some of the videos and specific this user video that we created and picked up was just organically by someone else a much bigger YouTube channel uh but you know they they saw that video and then they created the video of Their Own uh and right now for the first time if you just like you know go to YouTube search Beanstalk you know you actually show up you'll have to like type crypto or anything uh uh uh in that so pretty very happy with with the content that's happening and uh with there we still have created uh with us for one more month uh from the earliest National that we had so we have them contracted till the end of April uh I had a call earlier with them uh to give them an indication uh but we will probably uh uh going to recommend the community that we uh renew with them till the end of skill too uh uh and what I will do now is you know Define it into a snapshot share to the community tell them what are the things that we're moving forward with it and then we take it and there um you know uh if you want to continue working with them but our recommendation will be is that we continue uh we continue pushing out content with them uh what are we working on with the next is is we're having a plan on on start uh uh starting to basically bring out what what what where those things stand versus other other stable coins and what makes us you know what makes us different or what sets us apart um where we are we're right now planning on you know bringing in like a panel a group of people that we think you know the like they're influential or the you know they have influence uh so bringing them all together have them all you know ask all of these questions will be even great if we got them on like you know even live on like Twitter space or something or something like that and then these people will eventually go and write content uh uh with with the hope that this content will later be used you know to create partnership uh Partnerships opportunities and now we can move to Partnerships with Partnerships uh today I think was the first day that we actually saw we saw you know something come out the ship's effort so uh Jack from crypto pragmatist we've been we've been trying to reach out to him for some time uh and then you know um he eventually just came out of nowhere and decided uh uh to to write about us or a bit about us we didn't have to pay for any of that even though uh when we reach out first we we were offering that you know we can cover the cost of like research but he that he went and he did a gentleman research and it was a good uh good content but was out there this again was also picked up by someone else you know you had you had Twitter accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers that interacted with this they already treated about it uh and and someone who had a question about it previously reply to him so you know all of this content is engaging is you know is great I'm going to continue continue uh hammering with it and try to you know bring in hopefully a bigger and bigger names or get you know attention uh um with it that's it for myself cool thanks Bob uh I just dropped that tweet in case anyone missed it I it'd be hard to have missed that today but in case you missed it I dropped it in the barnyard chat um very very impressive uh to get get featured there um so we got great work to all involved um just a couple updates um from jww uh and then we will uh about uh payroll a couple things and then we'll get to um the the big the finale foreign yeah so real quick um everyone in here you know with with regards to payroll thank you for your patience as dumpling said it's um we're working through because it's pretty complex between uh a lot of different Dynamics so we're working to keep that flow tightened up um and you know continue to keep um everything flowing out on time in terms of paychecks um and uh in General trying to wrap that into kind of a broader onboarding process as something for like new members to the Dow um is that something that surfaced for sure and dumplings started to piece together a process for that um and then another part in terms of kind of the onboarding side is is with new users into the community itself um particularly with Rex like on the community Department um with an emphasis on the video curriculum and the education is definitely something that we're going to be at the Forefront over the next couple of weeks to really make sure that we're getting as much digestible content in front of new customer and in front of new users really trying to cut down the you know rather than weeks and out months of understanding Beanstalk uh you know ideally aim for hours um and the video curriculum is zero to bean stock is definitely the way that we're aiming to do it which will be handling it with quite a bit of urgency so uh that's it on that side and we'll just keep it short and sweet okay perfect um so yeah are you guys are you guys ready eventually um the the only things to to mention on the back end development side is the Amnesia audit is almost done thank goodness um we had a call today with the Auditors to clarify one last open question we had and are making final changes on our end uh to the code uh once we submit to them the commit hash uh it should be less than a week until that public report is ready uh the only open question we really have on our end at this point is whether we should owner bip the contract uh or whether we should propose a dip given that all of the updates are pretty non-substantive uh there's one slight vulnerability they highlight in the bdv function but we think it's not really substantive and given like once the code is laid out in theory if you could take slight advantage of Beanstalk at the margin our expectation is that the changes are probably going to receive a high amount of support from the Dow especially given the popularity of recent dips so it's like if from the time we disclose by proposing the PIP punching what the issue is and it's truly marginal uh until it's permitted on chain if it's a day or two you know that's probably acceptable and we're inclined then not to use owner privileges so uh that's where we're at that's going to be a week or less away hopefully from when we're ready to propose that bip uh and uh there'll be some minor changes to the white paper associated with but uh that's really where our head is at over the next couple days okay great uh well we're running a little bit long so I would love to get you guys up on stage here uh Beethoven Halloween talk hey how's it going hey can you guys hear us all right okay you're a little bit like maybe you're like feel like 60 of full volume something like that okay yeah let me turn up my uh yeah so we're we're experimenting with the new room setup you you might you might be able to tell that both of our voices are coming out of fellow Bean talks uh profile this is some this this is the opposite of like technology magic this is analog IRL magic I'll just turn up the mics a little bit I just don't want the clip too much someday we can figure out a way to do some live concerts with higher Fidelity that might be a fun project yeah yeah giving giving this some thought certainly as we as we work on this um but yeah we wanted to just uh you know put something a little together to to thank you all for being here on this lovely St Patrick's Day so um so yeah we we hope we hope you enjoy it okay yeah [Music] foreign [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] of all the beans that arrived soon I saw them in a fertile field and all the stark my seeds have grown has led me to a good build and prices rise and beans will mint and beans will burn as prices fall so filled to me [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] together and then then yeah a little little Take On The Parting Glass which you know that's kind of that's the classic hey you guys have to record that and add it to the SoundCloud okay it's absolutely hey uh where can I find the SoundCloud link I was looking for it the other day I couldn't find it okay so we should probably just uh I mean we can try to find it here but we we should just post it on to General um some stuff needs to get uploaded to it um and then yeah as soon as it's in a good space which should be very very soon we'll we'll make a we'll make a big fuss out of it so everybody knows oh I I hope you guys do I I sort of threw that SoundCloud up it's it's not very good but you know at least it at least it lit a fire so good night and then being V to you all right yeah thanks guys