DAO Weekly Meeting #14

March 3, 2022

00:00 Community Team Update • 02:45 Biz Dev Updates • 04:45 Conferences • 08:21 Design Update • 13:55 Dev Updates • 16:08 Operations • 19:10 Poker Tournament • 21:37 More Operations • 25:01 Bean Sprout Updates • 28:35 Marketing Updates • 33:28 March Madness Idea • 38:39 More Poker Tournament Discussion • 47:01 Open Floor

DAO Meeting



Community Team

  • Famer Dan and JWW are transitioning to the community team.
  • All openings have candidates.
  • Started talking to someone for a Social Media Lead position.
  • Getting ready to start recording podcasts.
  • ETH New York is coming up later in June, which might be something we want to look into. We were scrambling a bit for ETH Denver, so it might be a good idea to start thinking about it early.
  • Another conference in Paris in July.

Biz Dev

  • Partnerships with Harvest Finance and Bunker Finance in the pipeline.
  • We received an inbound integration request from a Founder who is working on an NFT sales plugin for Discord.
  • Work is close to finished on a wallet connector for Tally Wallet.
  • FiatDAO Twitter Space had solid turnout, and it seems like we might be able to get something going with them.


  • Excited to have Beanthoven and belabeantok to help out with the podcast and audio engineering in general with all the video content.
  • Hope to have some things to go along with the website when the rebrand comes at the end of March.
  • The style guide is pretty much done. It’s our first document on the new brand. Consider it a living document.


  • Launched the Uniswap module.
  • Will be making some changes to the Silo page over the next week or so. Reintroducing the APYs, showing the total amount of Beans that have been minted to the Silo over the last 30 days, and moving to a different page structure .
  • Adding a wallet adapter to the site, so that any wallet will be able to integrate with the site, not just Metamask.


  • Been onboarding a lot of new hires across various departments. Also had a couple interviews with people to join operations. Have follow up interviews next week.
  • Been reworking the Notion, simplifying the project cards and other changes to make it visually easier on the eyes. Nothing has disappeared or been removed, so reach out if you are having trouble finding anything.
  • Setting up weekly meetings to go through and organize timelines on projects and get a pulse on how things are going.
  • Q2 budget is in the works.
  • Working on something with Luna, waiting on a response back from them.
  • Have good process in place for payroll. Payments will be made on the first and 15th.

Poker Tournament

  • A lot of people collaborated across departments to create some quick last minute content on the poker tournament.
  • Still taking sign-ups. We have four full tables now. We can handle a couple dozen more.
  • Working on a partnership for the prize pool.
  • We have pods for the prize pool.
  • There will be a test tournament tonight for a 30 Bean buy-in, just top test out some bugs.

Bean Sprout

  • Been in discussion with somebody involving a tool to help people understand Beanstalk. Something for non-native crypto people to understand the protocol in just a few minutes without having to read the white paper.
  • Aphra vaults will be launching soon, so people can deposit Beans and LP to get rewards.
  • Spoke with Bunker Finance at ETH Denver. Hopefully will be able to use Beans as collateral soon.


  • Trying to help get Publius on as many speaking opportunities as possible, because it helps bring in new members.
  • Been helping with the poker tournament marketing.
  • Focused on integrating Twitter. It is our biggest source of traffic. We get a ton of people from Twitter. The second is SEO, so there are a lot of people searching for us as well.
  • Trying to take the load of managing the Beanstalk Farms Twitter account from Publius and integrate it into our communication strategy.
  • Working on a promotional calendar, to help us coordinate the promotion of different events in synchronicity with everyone else.
  • Partnership with Creator DAO to get content out. One of the tweets we made today with the new Curve pool graphic was actually put together by them.


I know that you're traveling. Mentioned that you might want to hop up first. Yeah, if that's all right, I will go quick and then I'll listen in as I continue to drive. So good things happening. Good. Good. Yeah, good things happening for the community team. Couple notable transitions that I am really excited about. Both farmer Dan and Gww are transitioning into community team and most of their responsibilities will be staying essentially as they are now.

But we're we're trying to make a lot of these pieces kind of fit together. I'm excited for the two of them. And then now I'll let all of all of my openings. I've got folks kind of that I'm looking at or talking to about all of them. So with Gww and Farmer Dan, I've got another individual that I'm talking to and I'm hoping to, in the pretty near future, have that trifecta set up to handle things like, you know, events merge and if TS, you know, all those pieces and how they fit together.

So working on that right now and also talking to a couple of folks about the two metaverse positions, one of which is being intern, he may be part of the equation all the later on. He's working out some other stuff with with job things. But have folks talking to that for both those those roles as well and just started talking to someone for a social media lead position.

So we've got kind of a smattering of folks on social media, obviously, but looking for a specific person that can can dedicate time and effort. And I think I may have found the one so getting close on a lot of that stuff and other than that, working on podcast stuff with our podcast group and getting ready to hopefully record the first hopefully couple episodes next Friday and working out other small projects, trying to get some, some more, some more details around certain events and giveaways.

And really, other than that, just getting stuff kind of brushed up in the notion and polished and getting all that, the kind of paperwork and administrative side squared away. That's what I got. Okay, great. I appreciate it. That's some exciting stuff. Um, so, Max, do you want to hop up? And I'd like to go early in these things.

Yeah, I can jump in with both updates. So on the BD side, we have a few new partnerships that are in the pipeline. One is with Harvest Finance. We started a conversation with them today. They're kind of like a yield aggregator, and there might be a place for us to start to be involved with them. So Incubate has been taking the lead there, so thank you.

Think about it. He's had some exciting ideas for what we can do with them. The first call happened with them today and it seems pretty optimistic. The next thing is bunker finance. They're the ones who might allow for borrowing against silo deposits. So that first call was last week. And so we're now just sussing things out with them.

So that's moving forward. Another thing is we got a inbound integration request from a founder who's working on an NFT sales plugin for Discord. And the whole idea is that a seller would be able to set the, you know, sale like denominated sale price in been in exchange for a discount on the transaction price or the transaction cost.

So that's really exciting. They're going to integrate been give us some more utility. Another thing is Tally, which you know, the tally wall that we've been working on that for a while. Silo Chad has been working on the wallet connector for being and so that should be ready in the next week or so. And then from there, we can integrate tally.

One of the last things is Fiat Dao, and they're the ones who will allow for borrowing against pods. And I think many of you came to the Twitter space that we had with them this week because that had a solid turnout. We had like 30, 35 people there. So that was super cool. And I looped in their team with people.

Yes. And it seems like we might be able to get something going with them. So that's super cool. Yeah, that's basically all that I have.

Okay, great. Thanks, Max. Sorry to jump in. I had one more thing I'd forgotten about a minute ago. Yeah, sure. So, looking out at the calendar, so obviously a lot of folks, a lot of talk about and a lot of folks ended up going to Denver here a couple of weeks back. Now, looking at the calendar for Etherium events.

Should we be looking at this like New York is coming up later in June? I want to say I think it's the 24th to the 26. Would. Is that something that you think we should be or this group thinks we should be looking to have a presence at is? I mean, there are so many events on the calendar that, you know, I don't really know which ones to focus on or not to focus on.

So just wanted to get kind of get that out that community definitely. I feel like we were scrambling a little bit for Eve Denver and it'd be nice to have that. Also, I know that in July there's something in Paris. Um, yes, there is. Yeah. So if you want me to go to Paris, I would. I'm just saying, I think we'll send the men to Paris.

I mean, I think we should get we should get a presence to as many businesses as we can. I think that would be my I think on that note, Rex, that's awesome because like a lot of the stuff that happened on the eighth Ember side, there was a lot of I mean, if we want to go this route and this is kind of TB and what is thinking with marketing advertising, but there are definitely a lot of opportunities to promote randomly throughout.

I didn't see it in person, but on the virtual side, obviously Maxo can talk about the in-person side, but that's a great idea. I think just in general calendar of events for non being suck stuff. And the other thing to really think about there too is I'm really glad you bring it up because we tried to get permission to speak at East Denver, but I think it filled up a little quickly.

So one of the things to think about now is starting to even push that out. So this is yeah, that's it's a great idea to service that. And I think just the calendar of events like that that are kind of more crypto debates and focus, maybe having a conversation with marketing and stuff like that so we can kind of put this kind of broader calendar together.

Makes sense. Yeah, I think that's great. Yeah, I was thinking about New York specifically because because we've got some time, you know, it's it's yeah, I'm looking at the date as we, as we speak. It is June 24th of the 26th. So we can, we can put our heads together and see what we can do. I'm sure we've still got an opportunity to to plan a presence.

And yeah, when it comes to other events, I am I am certainly willing to talk about anything and I do like the idea of a calendar as well. So we can kind of pick and choose a little bit. That's a that's a great of additional jobs. Okay. That's a lot of good feedback. I will take some notes and kind of think about it and see if I can get more details on Eastern York and in and look at some of these other big, big events on their calendar to see if it might be worth us.

Because they're like, I mean, they've got everything from Paris to Berlin to Miami to Rio and, you know, I mean, they're there's there are a couple events a month, so we would want to be selective. But yeah, I will. I'll keep looking and thinking and reading and we'll see if we can get a calendar together. Oh, okay. Yeah, I think that's a great idea.

And the exact number we should be talking about it. Sure. And then crossing that with. Definitely wouldn't want to like step on TB serotonin, you know. Oh absolutely. Yeah. Across all of that together. I think that'd be great. Completely agreed.

All righty. So next these bands, do you want to give us a design department update? Oh, hello. All right. Yeah, we can hear you now. Okay. Yeah, so, like, so, um. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Everybody, I guess just. Yeah. Going off the energy of Rex and some of the other folks, we're really excited about the podcast. So kind of our dynamic duo being Telvin and Bella have been talked really have been kind of taking the leadership on, on the podcast and that's really why we want to hear them on these.

Well, actually, I guess being out of it even recommended Bella. They, they know each other and they've worked with each other a long time. And there's a lot of experience in podcasts and just their engineering in general. And so we're really excited to have them opening up about that and just trying to pump out more content for for Bienstock really.

So as far as audio, hopefully they'll also be able to just help us with all the different video content that we're going to be making as rebranding, as updating the website. The hope is will have some things that go along with it when we drop, I guess, end of end of March. So all these things just kind of radio on and again that together the style guide for the new brand so it's it's pretty much done really excited about that the only things missing is just a few of the high level statements but I think we're adding that out with with copy tomorrow and going to be I can upload it to the notion right

now in the of I'm not sure where the best place to be or I can just put the pdf doc in the binary chart right now. But yeah, it's really, really excited about it because it's kind of like our first doc on brand for for for being something brand and so really it should be a living doc similar to similar to the White Paper where this is kind of like the place if we're doing any visual updates, anything, this is where we put all this stuff into it.

And so, and hopefully that the goal is to transition the stock onto the website somewhere where we have like an about for a branding section. So we have so that's really exciting. And then as far as the website itself and the redesign for that, jelly was not here right now. We're excited for them there. They got them full time now to just put in their two weeks.

Maybe I shouldn't say this the hold down. Maybe I should let them, but they actually just put in their two weeks today and the current job and so they have a transitional time to be in stock and yeah, we're just going to push really hard all of all of March to get our new website up and running. But as far as major updates, yeah, those are probably the main things.

Craig Right now, I'm just dropping that down here in the notes and if you want to yeah, if you want to post the style guide, I'm sure we'd all love to see it. Maybe a PDF you mentioned there's a couple of changes to make to it, but the link to the notion where it where it's housed or a pdf would be cool.

Yeah. Where is the best place I could do it right now? Maybe barnyard chat. I'm okay. Let's see. We have a quasi matt. He mentioned that this might be kind of a bad time for him, but he's going to try to. Oh, yeah, I'm, I'm, I'm going to read some of his updates that he posted in here. But I told him, you know, this is kind of a good time for sort of a quorum of us.

We've tried other times before. It hasn't been great. So he's going to try to change his obligations so that he can come to these meetings. He's the leader of the coffee department that maybe will explore trying to change the time by 15 minutes or, you know, half an hour or something to see if we can accommodate him because he's it'd be great to have him.

So I'll send out some sort of survey or something for a time if he can't change the time. But I mean, I don't know a more efficient way than going through everyone one by one. So I'll try to figure that out as far as timing. But he has number one main push right now is get book documentation. Yeah.

Okay. Number two, working on internal processes to make it easy for other departments to request copy. I've been in touch with them a little bit about this, so we're working on that. And number three, establishing a cadence for articles about issues and IT ideas that we write about topics that appeal to crypto Twitter more broadly, but also introduce them to in.

So yeah, he'll try to make it to the next one, but we'll, we'll see what we can do about scheduling to get him. All right. So on the next I'll do I might have actually a sidebar, Chad, you want to do a development like dev updates? Yeah, for sure. So this past week in particular, we did things we launched the Uniswap module off of Tina, who's a community member, which is going to be awesome, also reduced the website load time by a second and we've got a plan for reducing this further that we'll be working on over the next three or four days, looking forward over the next week or so.

So as we speak, implementing some changes to the silo page reintroduce the API was showing like a total amount of being submitted to the silo over the last 30 days. We'll also be moving to a slightly different page structure that shows the different silos as and instead of tabs in the as they're shown now. So hopefully this user interface would be clearer and will also line up better with what the design team is working on over the next week.

We're also going to an actual wallet adapter for the site. So what this basically means is any wallet will be able to integrate with the site. So not just metamask from this tally, this will connect rainbow things. So expect that I'm hoping by next week. So stay tuned and then yeah, I think that's those are the big things right now.

Some other things to shout out I don't think tier as Jack and Austin have been working on YouTube channel. So that is upcoming and I believe today all those have been edited and rolled out and properly annotated. So just like sort of sounding the alarm to go to go share those and I guess from marketing as well to kind of like come up with a plan for how we can go roll those out.

But yeah, they're super excited to have the great job. So given that if you, if you see that as I've got, I'll also happy to answer any questions. People have questions. Great. No, I don't think some people might have questions and feel free to ask them. If you do so on the operations side, we've had a lot of we have a lot of new hires.

We've been onboarding a lot of people from the various departments. I've also had a couple of interviews with people to come on board and operations, which have been kind of exciting. So I have follow up interviews next week with them. We've checking real quick. We also did we've been we were working on the notion. So Jaker has really been taking a leading role in reworking the notion.

I think you may have noticed that the project cards have have gotten greatly simplified and there's been quite a few other changes as far as the organization of the notion to kind of make it visually a little more easier on the eyes. You know, when you go to it, things are tucked away into documentation a little bit more.

If you have any trouble finding anything, nothing has really disappeared or been removed, so just let me know. We're working on getting all the departments filling out their OKRs and their descriptions, their departments. We're setting up weekly meetings. So I have meetings with a lot of you tomorrow and just to kind of go through and organize timelines on projects and get sort of a pulse on how things are going in the department and what your needs are.

So that's been the big focus in the last the last week. It's also been something that, you know, I'm going to sort of make a note of. And I think in the next month we should have a bigger discussion about, which is we want to structure, you know, from a organizational perspective, how we want to structure being stock farms.

So that's something I'm having I'm going to have discussions with probably it's about but so we'll probably have a have some more chats about that as we approach Q2. Also going to have be talking about budgeting and the Q2 budget too. That's that's in the works. Also as we come in to come into March, as we get towards the end of March, we should have a, you know, some documents on that and some discussion.

So then we also have some things that, you know, are technically events that I've been working on. So we'll soon file in, in Rex's, in Rex's lap. But in working on, as you guys know, the poker tournaments on Saturday, probably can pass this to Jay WW has been taking a leading role with that and I think he could you could talk about that and then there's a couple other things that Gww you want to talk about, including Luna serotonin and so I'll, I'll pass it to you for you can do some updates.

Yeah, some of that some of that some of that's true. But also in terms of the poker tournament, yes, we've made some really good progress and getting what I think is kind of quick last minute content out. So many thanks to Mod and the copyright team. And for this and frankly, everyone who's kind of had their eyes on something, I think you took a peek it's up to you and send some feedback and e-mail as well.

Again, just kind of an awesome cross-departmental effort and it's just been great to see everyone be as fast as they have to respond and make it kind of as strong as possible from like a, from a content and from a visual perspective to in order to promote it. So to date, we are still looking for signups. We've got I think four tables now full and we can do several frankly a couple dozen more.

So if you guys haven't signed up, be sure to do it yourselves and or promote it. We have again for material. If you guys are looking for anything as you're promoting it, we've got a video that to be put together using music from being Thauvin, which is awesome. Some of you guys have seen it, but we're also working on partnership and the prize pool right now, so I'm dumping it myself.

I had a conversation with Ingram today. They're going to be bringing over an NFT, if not more, but it sounds like just one that will be given away. And there's going to be a kind of a staggered prize pool throughout the tournament. And prize pools are already locked in terms of the pods. So many thanks to Mr. Manifold and everyone else who kind of helped us get that plot purchased for the prize pool.

Just again, just a really great project. I think probably one of the most exciting ones to be on at the Dow so far for me, because it's just been so across department all and we're going to be running a test tournament tonight, 430 being Bayern if you guys want to play, we're going to start that at 730. Just show me a draft of this, which is going to be a way for us to test out some of the bugs.

But in order to keep it competitive, we'll put a little bit of a little bit of being on the table. Yeah. So then after that we'll, we'll regroup. I think we've got a lot of learnings from this, which is going to be great going forward from like an events perspective and a lot of things that we can think about that will be great to better plan and better design, but in general, just good things overall.

So many thanks again to everyone that's been involved. I'll quickly turn on the lunar part of it. So we're we're actually having conversations in the marketing team about how to how to proceed with Ludo. Just so you guys know, we made some revisions to the ACA, to the service agreement that they sent to us. They wanted like an address.

We had them cut that out. They had like an engagement period. We're having them augment that. So where we are right now is getting the next response from them. And once we get that responsible, well, you know, we'll move forward with with a snapshot and stuff as needed. But we're going to regroup internally on the marketing and then talk tomorrow during the marketing.

Think in the morning about updates on that and then we'll give a broader update. Two other quick things. So three things don't want to chat about notion, but then in terms of payroll, you know, we're pretty much there with a great process for things to come in. So we're getting the payment done in the first and the 15th.

So things that everyone, as you've been patient getting, you know, as we've been getting an up to date, it's a little bit more cumbersome than we thought it would be given the pod versus being allocation. But that should be I think that's pretty smooth sailing now and then in smaller pieces. We are working on this new update that again was kind of a really great cross-departmental piece that kind of stemmed off from the initial like zero two Beanstalk thinking.

That turned into much more of a Welcome to Beanstalk video. So just to give an update on that, we have the audio which has been cleaned and there's been some background music to it which has been great from being Tony added it. Copyright many thanks to Publius and Cosima for their work on that and these were jumping in throughout the whole thing.

Give me your thoughts as well. I mean, again, just really great to see where we are with that is waiting for being funded to bring in the last version of the content these I don't know if you've heard from been just in the past 24 hours, but the last I heard from him is that he's trying to finish that up in the next couple of days.

But once we get that, you know, done, ideally we kind of have what appears to be, I think, a pretty good whiteboard video that we can start to circulate and decide what we want to do with. So that's I think that's largely it. And like I said, I'll leave the serotonin update to TV. That video, from what I've seen, is great and I really like the music, but I think it's going to be really pretty snappy.

Do we have plans for it? Like what? What we might end up using it for? Yes. Well, initially it was just the idea of like a frankly kind of community led content, I think. But then you know, as it was finessed, if I'm being honest, I think the final script and that it was that was kind of polished like it's you know, if it's if it the design in the in the audio you know look strong enough.

I think the copy is very strong. So it could it could potentially rest on the on the landing page on the site. I think it'll you know, we can, you know, leave that up to I mean, it's not going to have the the update is obviously part of the style guide that you just share with us. But I do think it's fairly on brand with where the protocol is right now.

So it could rest on the landing page. It can be something that we all socialize via Twitter. I think it'll kind of depend on what this final output looks like. Dumplin And then from there, we can figure out how to disseminate all Yeah, well, let's see what it looks like and we can decide what to use it with.

But it is quite impressive. I thought once, once Beethoven had had read it and the music was added. I think it's quite impressive. So thanks for that. Okay. Mr. Manifold, do you want to give an update? It? Sure. Hey, guys. So I'll start with with Jim. Hopefully some of you guys saw this message in the general chat, just kind of been in discussions with him for the past few weeks.

He's working on building something pretty neat. It's effectively like a tool or a site to help, you know, normies and just like really anyone like, you know, understand certain crypto protocols, a tokenomics and like a really easy, quick fashion. And so kind of, you know, introduced him to be in stock. He really, really is a fan of the protocol.

And we think it's a perfect candidate to kind of, you know, for him to kind of start his site with and, you know, the goal here is going to be, you know, kind of create this like really interactive diagram flowchart that visually describes how being stock and these talks tokenomics work and you know, the goal being, you know, someone can understand even a non-crypto native person to understand the protocol in just a few minutes or less.

And they don't have to really go read the white paper and get all confused. So kind of excited about that. But you know, he wants to gather community feedback. So if that's something you're interested in doing, just go ahead and like like his post and he's going to just start having calls with people to kind of get a better picture.

So that's cool. Regarding Afro, we've expedited the vaults vaults. So any day now expecting Andrew and team to launch the bean vaults so you'll be able to deposit being single side being eith LP or being three curved LP into the vault and start farming for Africa emissions. You know, admittedly we are moving pretty quick here, so I haven't clearly put out yet what exact strategies are for plants to run with the vaults.

But you have a have a series of calls next week to hopefully gain clarity on those things and how the vault and the redemptions will work. And so we'll look to put out a bigger memo there that's clear for for the community effectively on like after V1. And then from there we'll move to the D3 pool, which I think most people are excited about.

Something that Max didn't mention, but I think is also really exciting is we spoke with bunker finance. We kind of met them at the foundry, gosh, in Denver. But, you know, hopefully in like a month, month and a half will be able to support beam deposits as collateral types. So, you know, be able to borrow beans against your LP, which I think is really cool.

So I think those are the three main updates for me today. Yeah, I just got because jumping is having some issue. Can you hear me? Yeah. We're going to go get ready for awesome. Sounds good. Well, obviously a lot happening within the community in terms of events, right. So we've had a couple of different podcasts come out in the last seven days or so.

We've had three Twitter spaces, shout out to publishers for, you know, being absolute champs in terms of giving their time and dedication to to all of this. And we're just trying to help get publishers on as many speaking opportunities as possible because, you know, it does help new members coming in and and maybe it even has in the last in the last week or so.

So that's that's been nice. Well, we're obviously helping with the poker tournament marketing. That's it's really a fun project where, you know, everybody's contributing in different ways so and shout out to mod for really leading the marketing on the poker front and obviously jobs and Dumpling and the operations team for putting it together. One thing we've been focused on is is really integrating Twitter installed analytics on the site.

You know, Twitter is simply our biggest source of traffic. It's where we get a ton of people from by far the second. The second is SEO, by the way. So lots of people are searching for us as well. But in any case, so what we've been doing is is really trying to take the load off managing the Bienstock Farms Twitter account from Publius to the yeah.

Yeah. So just trying to take that load off of Publius and really integrate Twitter into our communication strategy. They're not very strong yet as at, you know, really coordinating different events that are happening and promoting them, you know, in instant volatility with everybody else. So what we're trying to do is just have and this is something we're still building, but we hope to in the next week or two release, kind of like a version of a promotional calendar where, you know, folks, let's say if we have a update that has been made to the website, you know, it goes into a queue of things that will be promoted.

And that way, you know, everybody can just go and talk about one thing at one moment. And I think that'll help just get bigger and bigger sort of eyes on on Twitter anyway. Don't want ramble too much but we also have created a partnership which has been kicked off. So shout out to mod for really working with them to to get a lot of different content out of one of the tweets we made today with with the new curve pull graphic, it was actually put together by creator down the Twitter space that happened today.

It was also tweeted out. So shout out to mod for for obviously like doing just a great job there on that part. Jacobs has already talked about Luna, but I'll talk about Ponant a little bit. We've signed the contract, we've had a kickoff with them with Pugliese and Mod and Jacobs, and we have our actual kickoff tomorrow. We have a team of three people from their side at this moment that's going to start off and really the next week to two weeks is really going to be a lot of strict like strategy setting, goal setting.

And we want to be going to really sort of fix that and have a clear idea of what our goals are, where we're going before we actually start to approach a different media. So anyway, that's, you know, and Jacobs just shy of the Jacobs for kicking it, you know, getting us a couple of PR agencies that work really hard for getting us these partnerships.

So yeah, that's an ad that was probably a ton. I probably went on for too long, but please let me know if there's any questions and we have a marketing meeting tomorrow. So if anybody is more interested in sort of talking about in detail what these things are happy, happy to have you. Great. Can you guys hear me now?

Yeah. Okay. Thank you. Sorry about that. Well, thanks for the update. TB And thanks for just jumping. Jumping right in there. I wanted to bring up do we have we have Canadian Bennett here. Yeah. Canadian can name Bennett. You know Mike can you come up for a sec and I know that you had a a march madness in 5 minutes away from Mike.

Oh, yes. Okay. Well, there's been a few I've gotten to independently now. I've gotten from a few different people. It's March Madness idea probably because you know, the poker tournament, but I'm doing some sort of bracket, so I just want to throw that out there, see if anyone was was interested in that. I know that we have some sports fans and yes, if that was, you know, how that might be structured, I just thought we could brainstorm for a minute or two about that.

If there's interest, 100 million pods picking up a lot of pods. There's a lot of cards. We're going to clear the debt out of March Madness bracket. I mean, it could probably be done pretty easily as far as like, you know, of course, I'm not the one who's going to have to do it. So, Chad, do you think that could be, you know, where you you'd make a little module and you could type in the different you know, who you think's going to win here, here, here, here.

Does that seem pretty feasible or is that difficult? Oh, I have to marinate. I think we would do it in a way that emulates the PokerStars thing, right. Where you just register like your ESPN username for a buyout or something like that. Yeah. I mean, we've there are some pretty good infrastructure that that site which has already put in place that maybe we could just potentially adapt without having too much work.

I mean the Google form itself I think works pretty well and also working things out and I mentioned this in the discussions have been awesome, awesome, awesome. And thank you so much for pushing as much as you can to get the a ton of the stuff done with the poker tournament. Sorry. Back to back to basketball. Yeah, for sure.

He deserves a big shout out there, really living up to your name so much at the poker tournament. Appreciate it, guys. Yeah. On the bracket. I can I can take a look. I'm guessing as we start to get some more attention. And then also, do you know, potentially a bigger prize pool for these types of things? It will want to build a little bit more sophisticated front than the like Google form for a variety of reasons.

We can talk more about this offline, but I'm down to check on that. What's the time when new brackets usually get submitted? I don't know the date this year. I'll let someone else speak to that. I'm checking the date now. Okay. Yeah. I mean, on my end down to have a discussion against March Madness starts on March 30th.

So ten days.

Cool. Well, my specialty is building under pressure, so we'll see how this I mean, I know you will be definitely you can make it more sophisticated. So but I between like the buy in through right now through the actual money and then the Google form, if you like, and just a hacky kind of job hopefully wouldn't be too much work because as Google forms, I mean they're just so easily easy to work with and we could probably set it up so that you can just enter your bracket inputs again, if you're okay with that, I think hopefully have a process in place that you could just enter your brackets that way through a couple of

Google forms and might be able to follow the same kind of flow that we have. Like maybe there's a separate discord or a new thread for it on our discord, etc.. Yeah, let's discuss the specifics. The one question I throw out for for people who have tested out the poker flow. What did you think? Like it it makes sense to the page.

Makes it to the form makes sense. Like, how's the reception there? I don't know how many of us have tried it yet. So I will say that my mom did it and she was successful and I was all set up and I said, Hey, tell me how it is. Tell me how it goes, let me know if there's any problems.

I sent her the little thing that we made that, you know, had the steps in the graphic form and and that, yeah, it was good. So she did it for me. I hope she knows I'm playing that now. Every time I push her to the site, I'm singularly thinking about, you know what? Dumplings. Mom, understand this. The answer is no, I don't push it.

So glad it works. You think she's going to understand the new silo page? Definitely. Definitely. And wonderful. All right, then I guess it'll be ready to be pushed enough. Hey, guys, I'm near Mike now. I just wanted to say, like, I don't. I just came up with this idea about the March Madness today thinking we could do something similar to the poker tournament.

I believe just one correction to Mr. Manifold. I believe the brackets come out on the 13th. I think games don't start till the 16th. So I think you have like three days there to build a bracket pay up. I don't have an amazing. Yeah, that's good. Well, so quick quick shout out. We're we're up to 29 registrations on the tournament and I think that will be I think we'll certainly be north of 50.

But I want to get to ten tables. That's my goal. So just throwing it out there, ten tables, we're doing our best. It's probably worth digging into a little bit more so that the tournaments on Saturday. Right. So what should we be doing over the next quarter? What do you guys need from from the community? And I think the big thing so, it's just tough because I think we've kind of I'm hoping that most people have kind of promoted via their Twitter.

And so I think just I think promotion is the best way we're doing it. So we're trying to within our own, you know, within those thin down members are sort of each of our members are being strong members that are able to kind of voice it and push it through their Twitter. That's really helpful. You know, that's one channel.

We've obviously pushed it in our discord. And I think we can put in one or two more comments in the general chat. Then outside of discord itself on Twitter, we're working on a different partnership with income, which is thanks to the Indian term for connecting those dots. But they're going to be doing something where they're going to promote it on their side.

And then again, we created was great because they created some infographics for us, but at the end of the day, we still need kind of a bigger microphone. I don't I don't know if it's merits the last minute medium article. I don't know if I'm being honest. I don't want to dilute the brand or something like that or anything.

But I think just however else we will continue to promote in TV, I don't know if you know any other thoughts off the top of your head, but, you know, we can share with our community. And then I think a bunch of us are popping into other discord, like I know complaints jumped in and I think each had a tally.

And I was trying with think about some other areas that we can jump in, but it's kind of like we're trying to just get more word of mouth out there any way that we can, including my friends and family. I think with the friends and family, it's probably the most one of the most value added pieces because we can hear from them the difficulties of going through the full process, especially if they're not on board, that there's a lot of learnings.

But if you want to kind of climb that hill, they definitely, you know, popping in a discord that you're part of sharing. Again, maybe just not outside of Twitter, but people that, you know, that are in the space TV. I don't know if there's anything else that you think that we can continue to do, push a more modern.

We have a poker booth post scheduled on Twitter. So that's that's going out one oh is isn't so much was that through being spread out you mean South Farms? Bienstock Farms.

Sorry I was having to use that. I'm sorry. Go for it. You know, just just as long as. Because I know we've been trying to be pretty particular about this, just making sure that we're done. No needed as a sprout initiative, even if it's going out from being stock farms. Yes, we will. Just trying to be trying to stay as clean as possible and just, you know, be very plain about it.

Yeah. I mean, to to get the tournament promoted, I feel like, you know, one thing we should do is sign up ourselves. Obviously, that's not the purpose. But the other thing we can do is we have a video with Phil Hellmuth, who's a very popular poker legend in some ways. So if you know any poker friends or people who are interested in poker, send them that video because they definitely know who that is.

And yeah, we've been posting a different discord's posted on Reddit as well. But yeah, so I think it's more of a ground, it's more of a guerilla marketing like, you know, ground up effort to get more people to sign up friends and family. But yeah, and I think that actually I completely forgot on that front. So yeah, there's the cameo piece, which was awesome that farmer Dan turned and we'll drop that in the just in the barnyard chat.

So that's something else you guys can share. You can. We've just got a ton of copies, so a ton of content that you guys can share. Maybe we can just dump all of that in the barnyard chat so you guys can pick and choose as you want to share what you want to share. And then also with James being, he's kind of been going through a list of potential Twitter of Twitter followers.

So we chatted with HIV Positive Matt kind of put together like a loose couple of comments so we can share to random people on Twitter. Again, just kind of shooting them, DMS being like, Hey, if you want to join and you can get like a couple of followers, we'll pay for your buy in. Not trying to sound chilly, just trying to use it as a way to educate about bienstock and at the same time getting them getting them involved with the community.

So that's another route that we're working on. And then in the discord itself, Canadian and James have been trying to moderate as well to encourage things. So for what it's worth, I mean, there are a bunch of fronts that we're trying to work this on. So Chad and yeah, so we'll jump. I think we can drop all of that content in here to help you guys as you're starting to disseminate something I just did is I just renamed, I guess, the beans temporarily at someone's suggestion to beans on the table so that we can put some things in that channel for.

And I think we can repurpose that for now. That's in the town square section with the dice. I think we can repurpose that for now to bring to the table and then I can I can always switch it back or Rex, I'll leave that to your discretion. I know this is early to look into now, but from from our current signups, do we have an indicator or indication on how many people are unfamiliar with or you know, everyone who signed up is actually from already, you know, a member of I think James being or a Canadian might be best positioned at Kenny or James.

I know you started working through the list of sign ups to figure out what protocol they're from. I'm not sure if were able to dig into that yet. On the discord, are you seeing any insights? We can't hear you yet, James. Been I see you unmute yourself. If James is having some issues just on the discord front, I've noticed we majority is just beanstalk.

There's one harvest finance, I believe. But other than that, it's all being stuck. That's that's helpful. Thanks. And and I will be honest as well. Like I said, this is because we are rushing to push this last minute. I think there's a ton of stuff we could have done structurally to help I mean, to help promote it better.

So again, learning, but we'll kind of do a postmortem for sure of this, too, to make sure that we're taking these learnings and applying them forward, especially we're going to work on this March Madness piece. Agreed. I think we take this. We always take everything as a learning opportunity. We see what we did right and we continue with it.

And you know what? We didn't we improve it for the next four, the next time. The one thing I'd say is I think this will still be one of the biggest poker tournament like defi poker tournaments of the ones that I was inspired by. Like I talked to the people, you know, in Olympus and stuff. They were all quite small and usually just for fun, no money involved.

So this is pretty ambitious that we you know, I'm so far there's things I'm happy with. I think that the one thing that maybe was a little bit shortsighted was not including just like a cash prize at the end advertising that at the top because a lot of people from outside are going to know what pods are and might just write that off.

So I think that was probably like I think doing a combination pods, you know, we'll do the postmortem, but let's keep pushing it. I think we can get I still think we can get a lot. And I think a lot of people might be waiting until the last minute to to register. So I don't mean to take this whole meeting into turn into the poker meeting.

So sorry about that. With that said, we'll move up to it. We'll move on. And now we're into just kind of open floor. So we have a little bit of time left and these I want to be sure to save time. Is there a way I know that Beethoven and you, he's not here. But maybe he was trying to cook up a way to play a song.

Was that. Yeah. Yeah, he sent me one. I could just drop it in partner chat and somebody wanted to play it or. But yeah, I don't know how to play audio over discord, but maybe you can just drop it in there and that can be at the end. We could just maybe wait until the end and you can drop it.

And that could be our sign off. For sure. For sure, yeah, he said. He told me very specifically he didn't want to skimp on his bar duties, so he sent me a file so I'll drop it in the chat later. But yeah, we're so open floor for a few minutes. Well, we got to have a few minutes of previous updates and then we can all listen to being Tobin's new song.

Yeah, I have a question. You know, we discussed this before, but I'm not sure what the answer was when we have a snapshot agreed towards something and then that thing got canceled. Do we have to get another snapshot, you know, to say that we're going to cancel this or that's not not necessary? Can you give me a can you give me a description?

So if it's yeah, let's say, for example, you know, that we, we have a budget to to spend, you know, we want to spend money, for example, to be on a podcast and then that thing and it gets approved and then that engagement gets canceled and we're not going to proceed with that anymore. Then do we need to raise another snapshot and say that cancel that or you know, that's not.

Yeah. So the money has been has been allocated to that course, to that to that thing. But it doesn't mean that we have to spend it towards that. But if we're going to spend it towards another thing that has to be approved. So let's say that there's if, for example, there was 500,000 in the budget and you were allocating 10,000 towards that towards the podcast, it if we spent the 490,000 and we were down to our last 10,000, I think that last 10,000 would technically still be earmarked for that podcast, but we don't have to spend it to the podcast.

We just have to then do a snapshot allocating that money which has been earmarked towards this towards the new thing and the back of the budget. Yeah. And it goes back to the budget automatically. It's not like we have to raise another central saying that we're going to cancel that for it to go back to the budget. I don't think so and I'll let people speak to that.

But I don't I don't think so. That seems overly cumbersome to have to do a cancel snapshot when we decide to not use the money that is allocated towards them. I agree. I don't see a value for it for is anyone speaking? No. This is open time. So if you have anything you want to say, oh, but if not, I think I'll pass the floor to Publius for a couple of minutes and then we can wrap up meeting for myself.

Jeremiah, can you want to give any updates? So the most substantive update is that there was recently a draft for 13 to make slight changes to the weather changes was was dropped in in the discord we we've been mean there's been a pretty healthy discourse around it thus far. And I think we're inclined to propose it formally in the next day or so.

There is an open question on the been three curve gauge proposal, which will hope to draft an answer for shortly. Ask you about the status of the audits and ask if we need to wait to apply for the gauge until once the audits are released. That's a little tricky because as we spoke about in the Tuesday class, there's a little bit of hiccups with our mission, getting them to kind of move quickly.

And so, you know, having an open discussion internally about the best way to respond to that. And then otherwise, we're really just focused on development of the next couple bips, which we expect to be generalized minting and generalized convert in a bit and then the generalized being form in a bit, which is pretty cool. And then at some point generalizing the silo as well to accept yield bearing assets like convex being three curves.

So those are the next couple technical upgrades we're working on and that extends across the back end team, which is starting to grow pretty healthily. And then the other the other thing we would highlight is that documentation is becoming more and more of a focus of ours. So to date the white paper has really been the only source of live documentation and that's the white paper also hasn't been updated just yet.

Reflective 12 just a function of how busy we are and the fact that making the silo changes is kind of the first step in larger changes to the White Paper. And so we're taking a little bit of a step back to make a couple of changes that will encompass a couple of different bits all in one, which was something we had previously asked the community for some input on, and that was how they guided us, as opposed to spending extra marginal time to make sure that there was a white paper for every trip in a timely fashion.

So while we may release like a 1.8.0, just the covers Big 12, we're right in that part of the White Paper as part of a larger update. And then Leo, FIB and Quasi Matt and ourselves have started to work on the guidebook, which to date has been a little bit on the backburner just because of a shortage of resources.

But as the poppy department has grown, it's been a project that now we can revisit. So that's what's kind of the high level updates on our end. But there's lots of good stuff happening and obviously being maintaining its peg even with all this volatility is very exciting. So excited for all of the recent appearances we've been invited to and been making and podcast.

We've been reporting and hoping that that leads to the continued growth of the community and the expansion of even structural wider audience. But what I mean, if anything, our only complaint is that there's not enough time in the day. So very exciting stuff going on and just lots of work to be done. Okay, so sorry I just hopped on and off.

It's stupid issue here. So does that wrap up the meeting then? Was anyone else was anything else to to shout? Very good. Okay, so we'll also I would just want to shout out that didn't being didn't we just didn't beinstock just turned 5000 it just snapped up read. And I think Rex was saying maybe we should do something to celebrate every every 5000 or you know, you can come up with something seasonality but 10,000 should be a big one.

We should have a big party time to. Oh, yeah, it's a good sign. Thanks, everyone. And if you want to play the poker tournament, we're going to do that in an hour. So just reach out to the gww and you can get all set up. I'll be playing so thank guys. I've got something for you. We're coming for you.