DAO Weekly Meeting #13

February 24, 2022

00:00 Intro/Agenda • 02:00 Biz Dev Updates • 07:54 Ops Update • 15:49 Marketing Update • 23:22 Design Update • 31:04 Copy Update • 33:35 Analytics • 36:33 Roadmap • 47:13 Organization & Notion • 1:03:14 Open Floor

DAO Meeting


Notes and Updates


Biz Dev Update (Max Sow)

  • ETH Denver was great to meet IRL
    • Publius spoke to Tally Wallet
    • Also spoke to Saddle Finance
  • Had a conversation with SwapDAO, which could help us with borrowing against pods and silo deposits
  • LUSD integration (you can borrow LUSD against your ETH in one click and interact with field or silo in one click)
    • Thinking about rolling out a BEAN:LUSD pool that can be deposited into silo
    • This is attractive for LUSD because all of their capital is tied up in their stability pool where the yield is going to halve soon, so they are looking for more yield opportunities (e.g. our Silo)
      • If we can attract even 5-10% of their stability pool (pool is about $300mm), this would be huge
  • Still working through things with Rari
  • TBTC — we need a formal proposer over to them, Max Sow is working on this

Ops update (Dumpling)

  • We are trying to make the Notion more user friendly
    • E.g. Project card template can be less complex/demanding
  • Lot of snapshots are open
  • If you are a department head, talk to Dumpling so that he knows how ops can best help you
  • Beans of Poker Tournament
    • Tournament will be on March 5th, 5:30pm PT
    • Capped at 300 entrants, you should be able to buy in over the next 7 or so days
    • Buy in is 100 beans (can use Beans or ETH)
    • Seamless user flow: Will be able to buy-in on bean.money, register on PokerStars, getting some info on Google Forms, then ending up on the Discord
    • Working on bringing in a few other protocols to add in more rewards in addition to just pods

Marketing Update

  • Working with Luna PR and Serotonin (2 marketing agencies) and we are in the contract stage with both
    • Luna PR is a traditional PR agency and the contract would be about getting articles out, doing marketing campaigns, etc.
    • Serotonin is a full stack marketing team and we can give them a goal we want to hit (e.g. 10k users on Discord) and they can put together a plan and execute on it
    • We can expect content from both of them mid-to-late March
  • CreatorDAO partnership is rolling through
  • RefiDefi podcast with Publius coming out soon
  • MissionDefi podcast with Publius coming out soon
  • Analytics on the website are up
  • Coindesk gave us a quote for advertising. We are going to wait on this given Luna PR and Serotonin are coming in
  • In conversations with Messari
  • Helping produce marketing content for poker tournament
  • Marketing is still hiring!
  • Team is also focused on improving the notion

Branding and Design Update

  • Style Guide is being finished up (should be ready by Saturday)
    • Will be a living document
  • Want to do a full website overhaul by Q2
  • Looking to hire people who has great audio equipment to join the team to help with audio content production
    • Audio has been great for our conversion so far
  • Thinking about the right tone and type of music we want to create (Beenthoven already made 2 great songs and they are awesome!)

Copy Update

  • Doing final edits to the Curve Gauge proposal
  • Gitbook project is getting rolling, goal is to have super high quality documentation
  • Updating whitepaper to account for all the new things on the roadmap

Analytics Update

  • Updated data on Dune (has pod marketplace data). Working on surfacing more analytics for pod marketplace
  • Working on building a Silo APY calculator


  • 6 week roadmap doc is here: https://www.notion.so/beanstalkfarmsdao/Beanstalk-Six-Week-Roadmap-37d3367407c443dfbf3434fdbbab2dcd
  • Serves as a reference that we can refer to to see what projects we are pushing
  • Abstract: The DAO has expanded significantly this quarter — we’ve got many irons in the fire~ In an effort to stay aligned on key goals and ship quickly, this document outlines active initiatives and stakeholders contributing to Beanstalk’s core goals over the next six weeks. I also attempt to prioritize and (roughly) sequence/parallelize tasks where possible.
  • Top priorities over the next 2-3 weeks
    • Backend
      • Generalizing the Silo, allowing it to accept any arbitrary asset/token — BIP should come out in first or second week of March
      • Gauge proposal (allows for Convex awards)
      • Pod marketplace improvements
    • Frontend
      • Silo interface update (add better metrics and analytics to it)
      • Revamp website

Thoughts on Our Notion and Org Nimbleness

  • We need to make the Notion easier to use and less of a burden to update
  • Right now many Notion cards lay un-updated because it takes so much work to upload them because they have a lot of complexity and fields to fill in
  • We want to make documenting less of a burden. Let us not be a slave to the Notion
  • That being said, Documenting processes is very important
  • On projects, we should be more lean and move faster
  • How do we fit in with the literary Jack and the Beanstalk tradition?
    • We are the ones creating the Magic of the magic beans!
    • Maybe we should do something like Project Harp, magic gold coins, the golden goose, etc.
    • Jack and the Beanstalk has a great ending for Jack


Okay, guys. Well, I think we can probably get get started. So one thing that we're that we're doing is because there's so much that's been going on will be going over kind of a master list that it's our job to help prepare like all the project, like all of the high level projects that we're working on and we're kind of trying to prioritize them and make sure that one person has ownership of of them so that they can be really, you know, updating us on timelines.

And there's been some confusion, I think, where it's just been a lot of different people have been getting involved. But then it's just kind of no one person can be kind of like leading it and being held to account. So I think that that's one thing we're going to be trying to do here and we'll be sharing this document with everyone that we can go.

When Silo Chad is going through it, we'll we'll post it so that everyone can be looking at it at the same time. But if we I'd like to to hear just get started and a little more organized of a fashion. Just get to my notes here. Sorry.

So thanks for all coming at this kind of off time. We'll see how this how this works. You know, what our attendance looks like. And then if this is going to make sense to do on a on a once a month type of basis, it, you know, and also see if and if the attendance ends up being any different.

If it doesn't, we'll probably stick with the later the later time, because I think that tends to work for more people who are, you know, who can't always, you know, dove into these meetings in the middle of the day. So we'll see how that goes. Do we have I mean, so we'll start with Max. So you can give us some business updates.

Hey, guys. Yeah, happy to jump in. Can you hear me all right? Yep. Cool. So I. A similar update to last week. Last week was a little bit of a wash with its Denver, but it was very successful for meeting people earlier who we've been talking to online. We we had a first conversation with swapped out swap that was pretty interesting.

We actually met the founder at the Beanstalk happy hour. So shout out to being merchant for helping me plan that. So swapped out basically allows for borrowing against lefties and they said that they would also be able to support 1150 fives, which is what silo deposits will be classified as. So with swapped out, we might be able to borrow against our silo deposits.

So that's another thing that we're scoping. Similar to Fiat Dao, which is borrowing against pods, both of the groups right now are trying to figure out, you know, what that will look like. You know, borrowing against our deposits, borrowing against pods. It seems it seems pretty optimistic, but we're having the first call with them today. Let's see. Oh, USD Beazley has been working on the implementation for this.

Just as a reminder, where we're installing this integration, where essentially you can borrow LAUSD against your ETH in one click and then interact with the silo or the field instantaneously. And so that's pretty interesting. And then we're also now in conversations with Liquid here about a few other integrations. I've mentioned that before, but just as a recap, we're thinking about rolling out to be an LAUSD pool where the LPI can be deposited into the silo.

And that's really attractive for LAUSD because right now a lot of their capital, a lot of their LAUSD is tied up in their stability pool where the yield is going to half in about a month or a month and a half. And so they're now scrambling, looking for new yield opportunities. And we think the silo might be pretty attractive for them.

And so if we can even attract five or 10% of the LAUSD that's in the stability pool, that would be tremendous for us. I think there's something like 300 million in that pool, so that's really exciting. Those are the biggest updates on the things that I'm most excited about. We took a call with the tally tally team. We also met with Denver.

They invited us on. They invited Pugliese on to talk in front of their like 400 attendees. So that was really cool, I think. You bet. And I spoke in front of the Seattle finance team, which was only about 20 attendees. Yeah, that's that's the bulk of the updates. Everything else is kind of in a similar position as it was last week.

Still trying to figure out things with Rory. Betsy, we're still getting this proposal over to them to get an answer. Yeah, that's those are the most pertinent updates, snacks. And we'll focus. Yeah, yeah. I can just hop in there. What are the biggest blockers for you on on this? I think it would be awesome to drive towards even just like one one of those partners kind of converting in some sense.

So how can we help? Like can we help with VR at this rate that you're describing? Yeah. I mean, so one of the ones that's close, that's just been like something that I've logged on so it falls on me is team UTC. We had a call with them, they were interested but we wanted to get a formal proposal over to them and there was like one part of that proposal that I basically logged on.

But aside from that it's like sort of to the auto, their teams are still trying to understand how to use, you know, essentially stock in pods as collateral. So it's not so much blocked, but it rather it's complicated to figure them out, I would say. Got it. Is there a way we can I don't know what kinds of questions they're asking and transpacific to each different partner, but I'm wondering if we can almost open these questions up to the campaign.

So problems in some way, doesn't it? For example, a ton of people around the discord that just hop in and think through these things and answer questions. Maybe we can kind of crowdsource the responses in some way. Something I can do is I in the in this meeting agenda included our RBD notes from yesterday. That's where I'm kind of reciting this from.

Maybe what I can do is I can do like, you know, another I can just send a message to like Beanstalk Forums General and just say like, here's where each of these things stand and here's where we could use help on each of them. Because in the case of like inverse, it's like if somebody is already in the inverse community, we would love to have, you know, include them in the conversation, you know, because they know being they know inverse.

Maybe they can smooth that conversation over. So why don't I do that? I can just say where each project is at in there where we could use a have. Does that make sense if that's what you were suggesting? Yeah, I think that sounds good. And you know, if there's specific things that we need to have written or like collateral that you want to send to these partners, that could be something we we, we standardize in some way or just, like, grow into a dock so we can run these things.

Yeah. Yep. We're also still trying to figure out our process for BD, which is like in the case of inverse finance, we now have a really compelling proposal for them. You know, they want to make a bunch more of their stablecoin we propose we spin up a pool with them that LP can go into the silo and that's our deposit can be used to make more of their stablecoin you know, that's like obviously attractive to them, but it doesn't do us much good if we haven't talked to them yet.

You know, so it's sort of this order of operations that we're still trying to figure out. And I think what it will look like is, you know, us chatting with them more, just making it conversational and then spending time on a proposal instead of wasting time on a proposal before actually, you know, engaging them all makes sense. Thank you.

Yep. Okay. Thanks, Max.

So, yeah, the main thing that's going to be on my end on the operations end of things is going to be kind of talking through our like our project management and in particular the use of use of the notion. And I think that the high level of that is that we want to try to make the notion like a little bit more user friendly and approachable for people to use, but in sort of a sort of a lightweight way.

I think that in the feedback that we've been getting from the department heads is kind of like when you start a project, particularly like the default project card is like a lot of of stuff that, you know, that may or not, may or may not apply to your project. And a bunch of like one thing that came out was there was different like a lot of different ways to tag an individual project.

And a lot of them were being left blank and were just being. So I've been going through that with several Jacob and Gww to try to come up with a, you know, just a better system that I think is going to be a lot more less demanding from the, you know, from from the user side of things and making sure that each input is valuable and useful so that it's not overwhelming when you're, you know, when you're getting something set up.

So anyway, there's going to be a lot of updates with that. But I think we're finally getting to a place where it's like we've had enough feedback that I think we can get it to a more approachable thing. So thanks for your patience, but I think we can really get that get that moving. Then we brought on a lot of people in this last week.

I'm sure that you guys have seen the snapshots. There's plenty of active ones from Cool Being Who's our chat is bringing in on the front end to help them out which is really great mod who's helping out in in marketing and is going to be handling a lot of these a lot of these partnerships with the creator DAO the engagement with with Luna and potentially with serotonin.

So that's great. T Beck Who's doing data and metrics, who we're really excited to have, I don't think we have to back up so we don't have to be here right now. That's okay. Sweet red beans, who is, of course, well known, who has helped these a lot but is now coming on in a formal capacity. So that's really exciting.

Another person in the design department, Katara, who seems like a really great UX designer and really is going to help out in that regard. And then Bean Tobin, who we all know and love from the songs he's been singing, but also the voiceover work coming up with Oh no, I'll let you speak to that when he comes up.

But I think that there's a lot of exciting stuff that he can bring to the table, too. So that's been you know, it's been busy bringing people on. But at the same time, I know that we still need need more people. So I'm going to be having weekly meetings with the department heads and I'm trying to trying to knock them out for Friday.

So if I haven't reached out to you yet, I think I've reached out to quite a few of you scheduling times, but I think that's going to be a really good time for you to let me know how operations can help you both in terms of hiring, in terms of project management and just in terms of kind of helping you in any way for projects that are being blocked.

And also as a little bit of accountability to say, you know, hey, this is you know, this has been on the project board for a while. Is this moving forward? What's the timeline? You know, I'm going to try to just kind of be a bit of a sounding board, but also, you know, kind of a accountability partner for different, you know, different projects and sticking to timelines and that sort of thing.

So you can expect that. But, you know, it's a it's a moving process. And we're going to see how that works. But I'd like to at least have instead of having kind of pretty often but not scheduled check ups, I want to have, you know, a regular cadence or a meeting up every week. So so expect me to reach out on that.

But that's about that's about what I have. Will, a little bit later in the meeting, we'll get to the silo, Chad's roadmap that has all the you know, the important projects. And we'll discuss that. But real quick, we will if we have to. We have Mr. Moatshe now we don't shoot. Okay. If he hops on later. I have I have sent him a DM but I just wanted to bring him up to talk about mods a little bit.

But in the meantime, let's get to Gww and we can talk about the poker tournament a little bit. I think we're about ready to accept lions. I mean, it's getting close. Yeah. Yeah. So many thanks so, Chad, for kind of rushing the work over the weekend. So just to give everyone a really quick overview. So the tournament itself will be run on the fifth.

We'll begin looking at it's going be at 5:30 p.m. Pacific and then 830 Eastern. We're going to cap at about 300 entrance this first time just because we don't want it to get a little too out of control as we try to run the tournament. We've tried to set up the user flow pretty seamlessly from the buy in on being that money through the registration on PokerStars I'm getting some information on Google forms and then inevitably ending up in the discord we are working on the allocation right now for the total payout in pods, but we're trying to bring in a handful of other protocols with being in turns help we've got rain chat right

now which might get anywhere from like seems like 2 to 4 maybe 2 to 5 other protocols involved which would be great and we've run one test tournament so far. We will likely be doing one more test tournament just to make sure that we have the right cadence for how things work in terms of the blinds and stuff like that.

But overall, we think it's going to be a great chance for us to, you know, promote, promote being and, you know, have kind of a use case for it. But then also just spread the word we are working on just are working on some of the marketing and promote content with TV and mod. We've got like a banner live and a video that we're nearly finalized that we can use for content to push out.

And then we'll continue to add to that list as it progresses. But overall, it's been really good kind of cross-departmental collaboration so far to get to where we are, which has been fantastic. We'll also be doing, as we mentioned in the last call, we're aiming to do some cameos where we'll have potentially professional poker, state poker players give kind of live readings and stuff to encourage other protocols to join and stuff like that.

So we're trying to to get that stuff out as well. But really the big thing was to get the flow from the website through the sign up to be kind of seamless. So again, many thanks this election for helping get that done over the weekend. Yeah, I think we should be ideally up in line with it pretty soon, hopefully within 24 hours and we'll keep you guys posted.

Right, and help so people will be able to buy in for the next probably ten days or so. Yeah, the idea would be keep the bay open. My preference actually really close it at least 24 hours in advance. So probably on the fourth wall because the tournaments would be in a week. So not necessarily ten full days, Archer, but closer about seven just because I want to make sure that we won.

If we start to hit close to 300, we're going to have to cut off the registration. So that's one part. But then to we just want to make sure that we can get everyone in and have everyone signed up and everything working out properly, given this is the first time that we're doing it. So again, we'll run one more test tournament to just make sure we iron out the kinks.

But yeah, I would say it'll be like for about a week, something. Okay, well, good. Looks like we're going to hit that date. So that's. That's good. Very exciting. Okay. And TBB do you want to give us a marketing update? Sure. Really quick. All right, really quick. What is maybe I missed this. What's the buy in again for the for the poker tournament, it's going to be 100 beans kind of things and there is a way to buy in.

Tyler, Chad came up with the way to under the hood. You can use it or you can use beans and it does it does a swap. Awesome. Because you'll see it you'll see it soon. It's pretty pretty attractive by interface. It's nice to sweet awesome. Yeah. I mean there's tons, tons of updates but I'll sort of just go Rapid Fire but just know that all this stuff has been worked on a lot by database mod and lot of other folks in the community as well.

So I'm just going to brush through what we're doing on the marketing side, really exciting. We're working with Luna and Serotonin, so we're in the contract stage and that's to very reputable agencies. They're going to help us out with marketing many different aspects of marketing, including, you know, content, product marketing, getting media out, getting conversions up on our website.

So a ton of stuff. And I will hold calls to sort of breathe relevant people on how these, how we work together with both these agencies and what our plan is. The created out partnership that's rolling through content suggestions are starting to come up. So I think the first piece of infographic came up today. It's not ready for production yet.

It's in feedback stage, so that's created now. We also have a podcast that probably recorded Refi Defi coming out today, so we'll be pushing that through on our social channels. It should be released shortly actually. And Police is also recording a podcast called Mission Defi in about 45 minutes, I believe. We also have analytics set up on the website.

We're getting tons of great insights. What I want to do is actually hold a session for all the relevant folks in the Dow who who's equal, in whose interest it is to kind of learn what people are doing on our site, where we're getting our traffic from, what the quality of that traffic is, and how to increase those efforts.

There's a ton of stuff happening on the partnership side as well. We got a quote yesterday from Coindesk on the advertising side. And well, I mean, that's that's something we're going to wait on and we're going to talk more about it in the marketing meeting because we're also getting Luna and so to hone in on. So we're not quite sure if we're going to go ahead with that proposal yet.

We're in conversation with Massari and you know, me and Maxo as well as mine. So the three of us, I have been in conversation with them. It's an ongoing funnel. They've asked us to kind of contact them next month and we'll see. We'll see how that goes. Modern property missing, a couple of things. Do you want to add in anything that I'm missing?

We have a few more partnership. They sent us some quotes, but nothing yet to share with the community. I guess we're still in talks. And as I said, well, we might wait and see what the agencies give us some feedback as well, and then we'll come back and share it with the community. Okay, sounds good. Lastly, we're helping with the poker tournament happening, produce the marketing material, the videos.

It's really been a lot of great teamwork and it's been a lot of fun, you know, from like beat them in recording a song in a mod designer producing the collateral, us producing the video. So it's really been a fun project and we, we hope that that would bring us a lot of good people. Lastly, I'd say we're hiring, we're still short about four people in our team and we're in talks with a couple of people.

But yeah, that's one of our priorities, one of our weak points right now. It's something that we haven't really worked on too much is the notion. And so I'm going to be focusing my next day or two in getting that up and running. But any questions, comments are welcome. Yeah, one question on my end. Could you explain the difference between Luna and serotonin?

Yeah, absolutely. What we would. Yeah, for sure. Luna to me at least the way we're going to focus them on different things. So Luna is a traditional PR agency, which means a contract with them is about getting out three articles a month, getting a couple of marketing campaigns, going and doing some guerilla marketing on Twitter and Reddit. Whereas serotonin is a full stack marketing team almost.

So they're going to ask us what our goals are. We're going to give them a path saying we want to hit 10,000 discord users that say by April or May, and they're going to work on a comprehensive marketing plan, which includes a lot of different marketing verticals, including, let's say, content and product and SEO. So the advantage of serotonin is that we don't have to then build a marketing team from the ground up and they're going to do a lot of that stuff for us.

So for us, although one thing that is kind of overlapping between them is the media efforts, but we do want to hone in to help us with media some places because they have gotten, let's say, someone like Ampleforth into a bank less on the bank less podcast. So it feels like Luna will be a lot more traditional, you know, getting our three standard articles out.

Whereas, whereas we'll keep serotonin for very premium outlets, there is likely to be a little bit of overlap, but we will resolve that on a case by case basis. So that two sort of different marketing plays in a way. Cool. And when do you expect that they will basically start shipping content? Like when will we start seeing Luna push pieces around?

I think mid to late March is when you should see both of those role. But this is yeah, that's that's at least my estimate at the moment. They're both in contract stage. We're hoping to sign the contract, pass the snapshots, hopefully in the next week or so, make the payments because there's going to be a couple of weeks of research and analysis and understanding and goal setting and all that good stuff before before things start coming up.

Awesome. Thanks so much. Yeah, absolutely.

Any other questions for TV?

Okay. Next would be debates. Oh, go ahead. Sorry. Look all good. Oh, that was your TV. Okay, these. Do you have any design updates for us? Yeah. Know this? So, yeah, super excited about all the other departments and kind of things coming together. And also we're excited for the snapshots and the different proposals that we have going on.

I know last week we we did the pitch for kind of the new creative direction, quite different but really excited that the the Dow is excited to kind of move forward with it. But we'll see in a few days if it finishes and gets approved. But as far as like some deadlines. So Quinn and I, we've been working pretty hard with the style guide for just like the just the foundational pieces.

You can see more of that in the snapshot, but that's going to include a lot of the things that we talked about in the pitch last week, and it'll be more of like a formal document. And that document is really so that anyone making content, anyone making anything visually related to the stock farms and so that they could just take it and be able to make some piece of content on brand.

That's kind of the goal of that. And so that and we're aiming to finish that by the Saturday. So we'll be able to pop out that document and get the feedback, make sure making sure everything is good to go. And then it's also a living document. We're going to be adding to it like can applying different things such as what's going to be the UX UI version, applying this style going, what's going to be the audio version of the plan, the style guide, etc., etc..

So I'm really excited for that first dog to come out. We had some pretty big meetings yesterday as far as the website overall and we had the front engineering team and with the UX UI team made some pretty big goals, but we think we can hit it. We're going to try to do a full website overhaul just like a strong MVP version before Key too.

So by the end of Q1, which it should be in about a month, five weeks ish, we're going to try to finish that and have that ready for Q2 and then other other than the website and then just kind of the brand overall, we just have other things kind of cooking. We are going to hire hopefully being Telvin and another one of his for us for to kind of head out our audio sub department.

I'm really excited for that because we don't have anybody who specializes in audio, who has equipment and kind of that full summer production setup in their their home for us to run our podcasts and support all of the video creation that we have, the any voiceovers, all that stuff, really excited for them to come in and also just kind of bleed out the audio brand branding direction.

But yeah, I mean, other than that, I mean everything is just kind of chugging along or grinding. We have a vision for how many like audio, different types of projects and things. Will you know, we'll be aiming to to produce maybe like in Q2 or have we thought about it'd be great to have a lot of this stuff to be able to do and to be able to do in-house.

But I'm just curious if you've, you know, once we have to audio people, like what can we, you know, as far as like deliverables, what we can expect. I think that audio has been really important for our conversion. So I think it's a it's a great opportunity. But I think what you probably have, you know, have some idea of of what we're exactly trying to accomplish, like in Q2 with two audio people.

Yeah, absolutely. I mean, honestly, if we could have more, that'd be great. But just because they're pretty skilled and most of the or I mean, between between the two of them, I'm pretty sure that we can get anything that we need as far as audio support. So for example, like podcasts, making sure that for all the like we're going to be pumping out tons of videos as far as like educational content.

They're going to be probably busy handling all that recording and voiceovers, all those things for that. I feel like Q2 is going to be where because Q1 we focus a lot on rebranding, overhauling the experience, it is going to be a lot of pumping out tons of new content, making sure we have good educational content and all that stuff.

And if we can start to move away from kind of the blogs and all these posts and start to take those things in and make it more accessible, I'm pretty sure that there's going to be more than enough work for them. Sure. Yeah, I think I think so. And in what price? How do we. I know that in the snapshot for Ben Tobin, the music like where do we want to prioritize the music?

I feel like it's actually been a really good thing as far as like engagement and excitement and I think it's really do you have an idea and maybe maybe being told could speak to this too but like a where you want to put that in the priority of things I'm no for sure. That's definitely a good point. We talked a lot to the first we're going to figure out again by applying with our rebrand what what's the right tone and type of music that we want to be creating out of being stuck.

And so that's going to be another big project starting between next month and then I'm assuming just flowing into Q2. But the fact that we have artists working at Bienstock is going to be great. But yeah, I, I would say the state will keep you up to date on that. I suppose it's also, you know, I know that you've made the to being told when you made two songs and and a half right now I don't know if you could if there are 20 songs in you four.

You know, I think that it has to be as a creative process, too, but I think they're pretty amazing. Definitely. I think there's a lot we can do with them and it really sets us apart. I think. I think it's kind of it's impressive and cool. So anyway, just I'm very supportive of it, but I'll let that process play out.

Yeah, totally. And you know, just, just say really quickly, like I have a lot of fun with it. And for, for me currently I'm treating it as a little bit of a, of an overflow project. So, you know, if there's not something that's immediately right in front of me, then, then, yeah, that's something that I can definitely spend time on.

And very soon we'll get some, some more songs and then, you know, figuring out how to apply that and the best way to, to utilize that, you know, beyond just closing out some meetings with a hoot and a holler is, is going to be interesting as well. Okay. Well, thanks. Thanks. Do things Beethoven. I'm just saying if we have anyone who do we have from copy department.

I was just seeing if we had quasi matt real t j man. Could you just give us a little bit of an update on copy department of what you're working on or you know, what the, what some of the projects are that I'm sure Publius can also speak to this we can also bring quasi matt up next week since I know he's just I mean we just submitted his snapshot and he's going to be leading that department, but I just thought that might be a might be interesting.

But also, I don't I don't know if you're in a place where you can you can speak. James, I don't mean to. You guys hear me? Yeah. Yeah. So the copy department has a couple things going on. One is we're doing final edits to the curve gauge proposal which we intend to submit informally to the relevant communities for convex staked out and beyond that were once once the proposals dropped, then we'll kind of make it formally entry in a couple days thereafter.

Are other projects that the copy department is working on are the Get book. That project has been restarted. It's going to be a major project, so it's not going to be published anytime soon. But high quality documentation remains a foremost, foremost priority. And now that quality matters leading up the department, you know, we're going to try to get that ball rolling again and then the other major update is the white paper.

You know, the white papers a little bit behind right now. It hasn't been updated to reflect at 12 yet, which is just a function of the fact that we're making like a larger overhaul to the White Paper to try to just update it, to be ready for all of the upcoming events reflected in the road map. And so it's a little bit more of a holistic process than any of the previous edits have been, and therefore it's taking a little bit of time.

But, you know, those are kind of the high level things the copy department is working on at the moment. Okay, great. Thanks for that. Québec, I wanted to I know you've been working on analytics and doing stuff within the engineering department. Wanted to see if you had anything you wanted to share. I know I forgot to mention your last time for free for now.

Yeah. So I wanted to also introduce T Beck. I think that everyone everyone knows his name and his and his PHP, so I just like to introduce you and see if you had anything to add. Yeah, well, thanks. So let me just think where to start here. So right now, I recently got the a more recent version of the Do Not Do It.

I'm sorry, the bienstock protocol smart contract decoded on dune. So now it includes data up to bip 11 not bit 12 because hopefully it's pushing code way too fast for me to keep up. So I'll have to resubmitted at some point, but now there's a pod marketplace data and a few other bips worth of data there, so that's good.

Currently working on some analytics related to the pod marketplace and surfacing insights on Dune there. Another thing that was mentioned to me in a meeting recently as something I might consider prioritizing is like a silo API calculator. So I think that just be good. This is a good time to mention that because I want to get connected with the right people to understand the existing work going on, maybe what timelines we have predicted for delivery on an MVP for that, and whether or not I should prioritize that moving forward, because right now I'm doing a lot of like general data infrastructure for the dashboard and just kind of some edits and fixes here and there.

But I have a lot of tasks outline. I think one thing I need to do a better job is kind of like prioritizing them. So I have something I refer to as the roadmap and it has a lot of ideas, but I think I need to more clearly, conceptually define what is a priority versus what is not. So there's still some work to do there and open to suggestions on like what the highest interest like analytics we want to service the community are so that I can prioritize those, right?

I think that might be a really good lead into heading the Florida silo. Chad, who has been, you know, maybe by looking at what the outstanding projects are. And I know he has a really good because of his position and he has a really good view of kind of a high level view of things and what maybe recentering ourselves and real prioritizing ourselves.

So I just wanted to give him the floor for a bit to walk through his document and silo. I don't know if you want to share that so that everyone can can sort of go through it with you or or what your plan was. But I'm going to hand the floor to you. Yeah, for sure. Appreciate it. Downplaying.

Let me reshare this link again for everybody real fast. I'll put it in the partnership. So the goal of what we've got going here is basically to just really quickly write down all of the projects that we're working on across Beanstalk forums, try to explain it in a sentence or two and then put some things to owners and timelines.

I think it's really helpful to to drive towards some sense of ownership and dependencies because I know, like we're kind of at this stage now where we want to, we've got a lot of people involved. We want things to be moving quickly. But also just like with all of the dependencies, we need to stay aligned. So that was the goal here.

I've tried to exhaustively list everything that I know is going on in front of you, so thanks for all the information you provided on this front, but I'm sure I've missed a bunch of stuff. So if you like, please feel free to edit this. Doc I think the way I see this right now is just as a reference for us for the next six weeks or so.

What what we'll be pushing then we can we can look at using this as some sort of template, perhaps for future meetings or even that's something that we maintain throughout a quarter so that we're all aligned around, you know, what are the biggest and most important projects that we're pushing. So again, please feel free to jump in, tweak anything.

Let me know if I've mischaracterized something that you're working on or if I didn't include it entirely. A lot of this we've already talked about today, so I don't know that I need to specifically run down each item. But yeah, I think in general this kind of encapsulates a lot of what the Dow has been up to. What do you think is what do you think is best here?

Should we go down some of these items given that you think we should service? Well, I think that a good thing that came up in our conversations in the last and last week is just kind of a, you know, this idea of of priorities and what is, you know, what is highest priority and also how quickly things we feel like things need to ship.

And I guess just that as we get, you know, when there's if someone's working on three projects or if the whole day was only working on three projects, it's pretty easy. Okay, this one's the most important. And this but once we have, you know, 30 or 40, just, you know, probably ten of those really, really need to happen and need to happen within the next by the end of the quarter and need to happen within the next, you know, two or three weeks and how can we just utilize the resources of the Dow, pull people, other people, and get some more manpower and just spotlight those you know, those projects and those initiatives that we

really need done. I guess that would be my my thing. And so I just kind of try to come up with as a group and bold those things that we really, really, really need to get done. I guess that would be maybe the a useful use of this time would be we would be, you know, calling out some different projects like that.

But I'm not I'm not exactly sure, but that's what I think is helpful by having one document like this, it's a little bit less overwhelming to look at than 100 cards, you know, looking at something like 30 or 40 items, I guess since I'd be interested to hear you, you know, kind of tell us what what you think deserves the most focus and the absolute top prioritization, you know, for next, I guess maybe the next like 2 to 3 weeks.

Yeah, for sure. I'd be happy to dove into that. So I, I think that's sort of starting point to work from here is what's going on, on the back end side of things. So what, what progress is pushing sort of on the contract side from from the silo generalization and all those things and then trying to figure out what resources we need to pull in to get those updates deployed to the front end.

That obviously involves a ton of both engineering. And then also we've got to work the design team to build some components. We've got to prepare ourselves on the marketing front for all the stuff that's going to go along with that. So I've tried to outline the core goals here, so probably feel free to cut me off as well if I, if I, if I get any of this wrong.

But in terms of the next six weeks, the main focus are the three things here at the top. So pushing the bits remaining for the silo generalization. So this will allow us to have generalized convert minting and the generalized being from so, so wrapped assets on the form. And if I understand correctly, the goal is to push that as a bit sometime in the first week or two weeks of March.

And so we need to line up, you know, upgrades to the front end, for example, to be able to deposit generalized assets with that. So the design team and I have ironed out some some deadlines on that front to be able to get there. Typically, if you want to jump in now. Okay. All right. This new model. No, no worries.

Yeah. Okay. Then we go back. And so I've got the convex rewards, which I know is dependent on this gate proposal. If I if I understand. Right. So it sounds like that you do out in the next couple of weeks and then be enjoy and Multisig is a new hire are working on improvements to the pot market which is kind of in its own silo to some extent.

So that's kind of the core things in the back end. On the front end, it's worth a shot at the design. A really great job of of flexing to kind of flexing what they're working on to kind of help us push stuff on the front end faster. I think that we're we're trying to set up a good feedback loop of, you know, getting components in front of me and the rest of the engineering team as quickly as we can.

So we can we can kind of get stuff, parallelize things here to some extent, because I think in general, we want to be pushing as quickly as possible, but shipping updates to the front end. So in the design and front end section, I've outlined a couple of those, a couple of those key projects, but just to split them back here real quick.

So on front and side, we've got the silo interface update which is basically taking the basically updating the current silo in the existing web app. So no major style changes. We still have the background sidebar and all the things we're used to, but just thinking about how can we add some sense of, you know, like a return value with an API, a summary of balances or other metrics like this.

So that's going to be going out hopefully by the end 2020. My target at the latest is next Wednesday, but we're getting wireframes locked in today with the team. I've also got a number of other like and tasks around this that I'm happy to dig into with. But the basic goal is getting us to a point where towards the end of March we can ship a full website overhaul with with the new design if if we can get that done in time and, and ideally get to a point of open sourcing by then I think at that particular priority is going to get back to ship some of these new features with the silo generalization

and stuff like that. But that's my, that's my goal here. So that's what I see is kind of like the core things that were that we're shipping. I think we've got a ton of really interesting stuff going on surrounding that with like the poker tournament and, and similar things, but really building out a tight feedback loop between, between front end and design.

This is my goal right now. Okay. Yeah, thanks for that. And I think that, you know, in reviewing this, there's something nice about about this this document. And I think that I'm not sure what our what our plan for it should be or if this is the sort of thing we want to, you know, review in detail once a month that maybe the first you know, the first meeting of the month or something like that.

Do you have a plan for I guess, what was your vision in coming up with this document? What need is it filling and how should we approach this kind of like should we have these kind of six week sprints or one one month sprints that we try to accomplish everything on here or that we try to give me your vision for this and how this could fit into into project management, for sure.

Yeah, I'm open to, you know, different lengths of sprint time. I think we've thought about the the Dow in terms of of quarters. What I'm really trying to drive to here is specific dates where things are going to happen or weeks where things are going to so that we stack rank and parallel stuff. So this is particularly important to Apple, this interaction between design and engineering, which we've been talking about.

But, you know, having components designed so that I can feed them to the front end team and but like, you know, requirements fit and vice versa. So I think the way to use this document be take a look at the whole thing. If I've missed your project, please, and then let's just try to come up with some dates that we can track towards and and to some extent hold ourselves accountable to those dates.

I think it'd be great to review this quickly before the down meeting as sort of okay. A foundation for what we're supposed to be getting done. If we need to tweak stuff or move stuff around, those sorts of things happen. But just in general, having a timeline would be it would be great. So I think as looking at this, looking through this whole chat, I may be really good to just marry this with the existing project list that we have, but then just add deliverable dates to the project with itself.

And that way we can kind of keep ourselves accountable. That way we can go through. And I think the issue right now on the project list itself, the master project list is the priority ranking is kind of deemed by department, which obviously has to count. But like if we look kind of been stuck farm slash means for out wide.

I'm going through that project list and then reprioritizing kind of the high priority based on the the beanstalk farms entirely and then adding basically in a column that accounts for deliverable dates. It kind of does fulfill a handful of the things that you're talking about. So for example, it includes CrossFit cross-departmental projects and stuff like that, but it might be a way just this list is awesome, but even as I'm kind of comparing this to what exists in the notion, some of these things are kind of spelled out and it's just kind of this master project list as well.

And so maybe if there's a way to just marry with that deliverable date, it might be a way for us to kind of, from a premium perspective, keep things organized. Yeah, we can discuss, I think, the motivation of putting this in a separate, you know, one single place source of truth that we can quickly tweak. I don't want to I think figuring out that project flow sort of being described earlier is something that we really need to nail down.

I don't think we want to be bogged down with lots of the need to throw out lots of notion cards, for example, to keep this stuff on track. So part of the motivation on my end as well was just to make yeah, make this more transparent and fast to interact with. Yeah, I would just second that and say that that's the benefit of having someone managing the notion and I think dumping.

Can you comment on whether Jacob is coming in to help on that front so that you know, the ideas the teams can use the resources of Beanstalk forums to make sure that everything is organized through the notion, but they'll need to spend time individually, necessarily. Well, yeah, that's the that's the been one conversation that we've had in the last few days is like, how can we make it like this?

Like so Chad just described a perfectly is like how can we make it more lightweight and and quicker to keep everyone updated and but not to have I think that because because it was you know few was was coming from a larger organization that there might have been you know when he designed our notion I think it had too much you know, too many layers of organization and too many you know, it it just it is an awful lot.

I think a lot of people have expressed that where there's a lot to fill out, a lot of a lot of checklists, a lot of, you know, a lot of inputting someone from each department and this and and, you know, it just became a little bit overwhelming. So people would I think what was tending to happen people can correct me if I'm wrong was a project would get started, a notion card would get made, everything wouldn't get filled out and then it wouldn't be updated.

So there were tons of them stacking up in, in the, you know, in the sort of getting ready to launch phase. And then as those projects were getting done, people were excited. They're working they're they're working within discord, within DMS. They're not really, you know, they weren't keeping it all updated. But a lot of those things and I feel like you you explain this very well, so I, I might let you explain this, but like in when stuff is getting done and it can be a thing can be done in like 5 minutes, each of those steps then shouldn't be updated necessarily on, you know, on the notion, but it should be updated maybe once

a week as far as like a status update, like do you have a vision for how often things should be updated? And because it it seems like right now it's just not getting done. I don't know. This is a it's a tough conversation to have, you know, in a big in a big meeting like this. But I think we need to come up with the exact standards of of documentation, really, of documentation in the notion what's required, like what's required.

If there was a meeting on this, there should be a link to the meeting notes. You know, if if the date gets changed, the date should be changed in the motion. But otherwise we should let projects happen and we should be kind of more dynamic and lightweight as opposed to having to record every little thing, because ultimately people aren't going to do that.

I think it's kind of the result that I was getting from several different, different chats. We just want to lower the threshold or like that. The feedback that we're getting is that it was sort of intimidating to load something in the notion and that it's, you know, sort of like doubly ironic. I don't want to cut you off, but but I think that's exactly the problem that needs to be fixed, like if the notion is easy to use and it's not intimidating to upload things, then it's going to be used more and it's going to help like it's going to help projects more, in my opinion.

And so that might just be a problem with like how our design the workflows and how if everyone kind of understands the workflows, I think I don't think people who are using the notion understand like the different workflows or how it's set up, which is why it it can feel very intimidating. So it might just be really up to other like department heads to get the teams on border.

I don't know. But that's just kind of my take. This is kind of where we came up with this idea of the weekly meetings with with department heads with me. And then or we could just have like a combined board with each is just simple just you can make them as complex as you want. But in general, you start a new project, you know, it's a you're going to make a, you know, make an intro video.

Okay, great to make a card for that little tiny card within that within the board. And you say, here's who's on it, here's, here's when we're shooting to to meet them are shooting to to get that accomplished by and then as that project progresses, we move the card and then it's just there's just less to it as when you do a project and a sub project and that card has an owner, but then it also has, you know, all these people involved with it.

People are getting tons of notifications on notion and it's almost like I just think that that's where there's a certain point where it becomes like more of a burden to document it than it is to use it. And I think we're over that. We're over that threshold. We need to dial it back, but then we need to make people like make people use it but make it easier for people to use it.

I That's just really what it comes down to. Yeah. If I could jump in here real fast. First of all, we just quickly just really packed so much. But aside from that, I think the better comment I'd have you that in general is the value of all of these systems or product management things is just like getting shit done and getting shit done fast.

And I think it's sort of taking a note out of the learnings from from Startup World. I think we want to index more on fast communication in public channels or otherwise. And just like having lots of small, fast conversations to get things done over trying to to offload that to this notion system that we build, which I think the ultimate goal and theoretical value of that is that anybody can step into DAO at any time and just like get the master download of what's going on so are like correctly categorized in their right places.

But the reality is that that's just like a mess to keep, keep track of and to standardize. And so in an effort to keep everything moving quickly, like I'd rather you just like, just call me on discord over like make me update a card, for example, and I can give you the default download. And obviously over time we want to transition more of our operations to these like standardized formats.

So I think what was going for and why it worked for, for, for climate, etc. But for right now we just got to really move quickly. I'm open to hearing other opinions though. And so yeah, anybody feels. Please feel free to chime in here. Yeah, I mean, well, one, I, I need to be owning up a lot more to this entire conversation because constructing this notion in a seamless way and it's something that's definitely been a priority, is on my to do list and it's a priority.

And so one, I do feel quite a bit of onus actually on this entire conversation. But on that note, actually Silo tried to what you were just saying, like from like a project perspective, you know, I can just say anecdotally that the few that I'm trying to push out and get done, I it feels more like it once it's clear like who the project owner is, especially for these kind of cross-departmental pieces as we're doing them.

It just needs to be more accountable as well. And obviously we need to tie all that back to the notion. But to your point, like sometimes it ends up just being faster to be churning stuff out. It's almost like we need a PM wrapper around all of this stuff, you know, like maybe it's the case that somebody running the project doesn't always jump back into tie back into the notion.

But if that's the case, then we should be going to PM on that project to make sure that they can wrap it up and put it back on the notion that way. I mean, I think it seems like it's like it's a way to allow the projects slash teams to be running as fast as they can while at the same time kind of keeping that organization in place.

Yeah, I guess my hot take right now is like, I don't give a shit, it's an ocean. And and so I would almost leave it up to the teams to some extent themselves. Like if that actually makes you move faster, let's do it. But, but yeah, I think at this stage we should just be like communicating together more and other.

Otherwise, just like keeping things lightweight. Yeah. I mean, the gritty side of me completely agrees because it's just like it's just considerably, considerably faster. But then I also from like an operational organizational side and from like a yeah, from a from an organizational side, I can completely understand. I mean, these, for example, like has done a great job with the design side.

So I think it's abundantly clear like how the, the organization can work. But you know, I even just ran into an instance recently where like it was, it was too organized and it prevented the project in some ways. And so, like, I think we do just have to find a nice marriage between the two. I agree. We need to be pushing product.

I think it's just it seems like I think what might be a solution dumpling is having, like I said, like maybe like a PM wrapper around the projects where it should be the case that, you know, if it's like a multi-day thing at minimum and team members or maybe it's a week plus thing and then we need to have some kind of documentation around it in the project lead running, it is too involved with the execution of it.

Then maybe we have, you know, one of the PMS wrapping around the project to make sure that it's tracked on the notion itself. Yeah, quick question. So you see the department heads taking the role of PM there or do we have people who are more like a dedicated PM capacity who might be cross team and be allotted to particular projects and be consistently coordinating with department heads and those involved in the projects just to ensure that documentation is in place as we move forward on efforts is I, I hear both sides of this.

It's kind of a spectrum of tradeoffs between development velocity and the cost of not having things documented. Well, when you get to some point in the future and you're like, we moved really fast, but now we're trying to onboard new things. So there's this large kind of knowledge barrier that people have to get up to speed with by traversing discord as opposed to traversing notion, which assuming we can get it to a point where it's lightweight and well organized, I think that'll be a big value add.

If we do sacrifice some short term development velocity in time. A quick there and just say that. Yeah I think that is exactly I think you put it very well there that it's it's a balance and I think there's some things that are working really well in right now and we should build on those as opposed to just, you know, feeling like we're a slave to the system that we've built.

Like let's make it work for us. And I feel like right now, in some cases we're working for it. So I think that like processes being documented like might be kind of a pain. But yeah, if someone's fired or someone, you know, leaves the project for whatever reason, then we need to know how certain things are done. Right now we have a couple of good examples of documented processes, but I think that's something that we should.

It's a cost as far as time, but it's worth doing, I think as far as login credentials, as far as having one, you know, one place so you don't have to sift all the snapshots, like to have all the proposals up, meeting notes. There are certain things that are working naturally and are working pretty well, but then I think it's mostly that project, the project end of things that isn't working really well.

And so I think that my vote on that would probably be to before we're before we're that big probably to to have the the department heads, you know, do a do a weekly sync up and then update all of their projects that they're that they're taking ownership of and any some department heads that are taking ownership of projects, you know, they could also do that.

But I think that having separate a separate layer of PMS might just be too much organization, too quick right now. But, you know, I'm open to to other ideas, but I just think that it's yeah, I mean, I do want to I think that I think, oh, I agree that having an extra layer of PMS is probably like overkill at that point.

And the people running point on projects should be kind of like taking that responsibility. And I guess it'll be kind of team specific as to how like project processes and workflows are organized and documented. But yeah, it makes sense to have the person in charge of the project doing that rather than some dedicated person who crosses teams. And that's their only function.

Yeah. And it makes sense. And actually dumping like the so I had the first kind of session with the department heads and where you're probably about a week ahead of me right now to be honest, because the next thing was to talk with them about their individual pages on the notion and tie out the projects themselves. And so like where I was thinking to actually organically go is exactly what you're saying right now.

So I think it makes a lot of sense. Maybe we do just want to think about it when it comes to like broader cross-departmental things that happen. How we can kind of I mean, unless we just take the like on the offsite where we're just saying, okay, if it's across department to project, given the fact that these weekly meetings are happening or or we're talking directly with the department heads, then we just figure out kind of still, at the end of the day, who's the owner of quote unquote, the entirety of it.

That's still the only thing I think would be important to include. Yeah, I think it would just be whatever is whoever has a clear leadership role, you know, if it's if it's silo chad who needs some stuff from design but it's it's his project then just kind of makes sense or if it's, you know, I'm just trying to typically when you think about a project, there would be one person who would be the key person and then there'd be one person who is in a different department but is still useful.

You know, they're looping in marketing, but marketing, they just all they have to do is send a DM to TB or, you know, to hop into the marketing channel. You know, I don't think that I think adding a new person and we've tried this and I just don't think it works so well because we it, it adds their schedule into the mix.

It adds, you know, things could you could ask them a question and then maybe they take an hour to get back to you. And that's just an hour that we just lost. You know, any time there's more people involved that have to be, I think that it just time is lost and things happen slower and it just kind of the the machine gets slowed down, you know.

And I think we want it to be as lean as possible. And I think that this is just this document. That's how it should put together. And these conversations was just kind of a wake up call for me where it's Yeah, yeah, we need to move faster and we need to, we need to document stuff, but we need to move faster.

Just kind of a call for a little bit of urgency. I think that's good. Yeah. To kind of put a bow on all of this and then move to a couple other questions. I think like what I'd love to see is as if you're working on a project like try to put put it to a date, like put a date on it and, and yeah, let's use discord as much as you can to stay in touch.

And I keep people updated and then also ask questions. I'm hoping that these these like bizarre crimes channels kind of become a way for us to kind of, you know, keep things moving really quickly. And then, yeah, dumpling, we can talk a little bit more about like tactically where I should go from here, but I'd love to actually move the last few minutes of this towards, towards blockers.

So I've got all this stuff written down here with, you know, a starter understanding of what each project does and the dates. Let's open the floor. What's, what's blocking your project? Ready to jump in? And if you're stuck on something, how can we get your project moving?

I cannot. I wouldn't say it's necessarily blocker, just something I need to do to get progress moving forward. So I've collected a lot of ideas for the dashboard, but I kind of want to reorient the existing project for it to get it to kind of like MVP, state MVP, meaning it just it has it's very polished, it's very consistent.

It communicates things clearly to people and it has pretty much everything we want it to have. Obviously, there will be future ongoing improvements, but I kind of want to get it to a point where we can start to promote it further, because I think that we'll just pay a lot of dividends and getting people interested and educated about the protocol.

So I just want to call out that I'm in the near future. I'm actually going to be out of town this weekend. So I kind of frontloaded my work this week, but this upcoming week I want to schedule a meeting with just a variety of people after I kind of like organize and collect my thoughts to like get feedback on the dashboard, go over kind of like all the outstanding ideas and things we've identified as potential workstreams and like prioritize them and kind of wrap that up as the criteria for an MVP.

And then once I do that, I can kind of outline a timeline and get pushing toward like a specific date for release, write my calendars open to have that call. But if anybody else to, to doing that doing that call here earlier middle of next is when I'm envisioning that happening so I'll reach out to the relevant people.

Just wanted to call it awesome. Anyone else feel free to jump in on stuff that's blocking you. I might also and this might make it easier question to answer who's feeling like really stretched thin, you know, just from a from a project perspective, people would like feels like they could accomplish a lot more. I mean, so John, Jonathan think the perfect example but you know, we need to place a priority list on who we really need to bring on board for the top priority stuff.

And so let me know. And you know, we can try to try to fill those positions and maybe we haven't even posted a position and yet you're feeling really stretched. So let me know. Yeah, this isn't I guess this not not necessarily. This is a blocker I think dumpling it's just I think accessibility to team especially across different mentally something to think about because as trying to work on stuff I think that's clear like the the people on it with them being Zach farms and maybe it's a case of beans for a bean sprout as well but those that are like really accessible and and on versus those that are off and I notice from

beans again to like a calendar set up for the out of urgency that we need to add. But I think getting a better feel for maybe those that are part time and what their availability is, I guess getting across the beans that farms might be helpful. I'm just trying to say that because again, I think that the few projects that that I've been working on, like it's very clear, like when the team members are there, we're able to get stuff done.

But the few that are not and I'm still not exactly sure that are and if more part time when, when they're available makes it a little bit more difficult. And so I think maybe again, I know we need a kind of a bean stocked farm wide calendar, but that might be really helpful because it when it comes to a blocker on our side, like I think we can get running and you know, like I know when you're, you're an example inside which hasn't been on TV and stuff like that.

Like if I need a, if there's something I'm trying to do, I can just literally should admin discord almost 24 seven we start work and do something but on the part time side, sometimes you run into hiccups that can that can slow things down a little bit. Yeah, I think two things on that. One, if we have and we're working on this days, I think hopefully even today we can get out.

Org chart shows who's part time and who's not. But if if an attachment to that could be what people's schedules good times are, that would be really handy. I think if we had just one list and it said, Oh, this person is available from then to then, typically, you know that they're or even just like what bad times are, some people are like, Oh, I just, you know, Fridays from noon on, I'm no good, but otherwise I'm available.

Like, that'd be good to know because. Yeah. So I think maybe we can put together some sort of document like that that could be helpful and definitely an org chart because I think people are just wondering like who's really, you know, besides this person who's in that department or you know, like even I feel that way. And if I'm feeling that way, then I'm sure everyone else is.

So I think that's important. We'll publish that for sure.

Awesome. Thanks for that. Who else wants to top up and get unblocked? Okay, great. Well, thanks for letting me take the floor for a bit. Dumpling. Always open to feedback on this on all of these things, so please feel free to contain me. But yeah, just in general, very excited to keep things moving forward. I'll probably be spending even more time around the beanstalk forms, channels and invoice and bringing people in the public channels.

So hoping that that will be I sort of get the ball moving on a lot of these things but yeah excited to move forward and thank you all. And actually real quick on that to say before before that, I think one thing that we should also just add to this, frankly, to keep things upbeat is to like the opposite of the unblock.

I mean, for example, the projects that I've been working on, it's been amazing how accessible everyone has been. So I think it's I think we just want to make sure that point in time towards like the, you know, the positive reinforcement side of like, you know, across member until stuff. Obviously we don't need to have like a big kumbaya session, but I think it would be really good just for for morale to continue to have the opposite of like it's awesome.

For example that mod you were willing to have a call with me until two in the morning. You know something that yeah, I think that there's been a ton of really exciting stuff happening in the last two weeks and I know that I probably said that every two weeks since I started it, but really it seems like just a ton of really cool stuff and like particularly Rex I you're on my list still to bring up here so sorry I meant to meant to get to that before passing the floor.

I wonder if you could speak a little bit to the metaverse stuff that and your department in general. I know you haven't had that long to get settled just yet, but do you have a sector yet to talk about the metaverse stuff? Because that looks so cool. Yeah, absolutely. So I guess quickly to just run through department stuff and then I'll I'll close in the metaverse.

So first of all, I think I'll say one more time will be shameless self-promotion. My, my approval, my, oh, my snapshot is still up. So if anybody is still on the edge to go vote on snapshots, they can feel free to go about on mine as long as you vote yes. Obviously the stuff we've got going on around community so first of all of all is just getting some basic squared away around stuff like bill pay, putting feelers out for team openings.

I've got lead on someone to possibly take on the events role, so I'm pretty excited about that. That will continue to develop the yeah. Work out some details of recurring events. So taking handfuls of small things off of dumplings, plate the guest the beans and then a couple of other things that we're going to be doing for the community.

I'm just putting together some, some details for that. And Farmer Dan and I are actually going to be talking later on today about using a about how we're going to handle things like Beanstalk swag as giveaways are part of giveaways. And then on the other side, using the Layer three bounty platform for some of those some of those events to help us manage information flow.

So it should be some good stuff coming from there. And then to kind of roll back around to the metaverse stuff, I had a really couple of really good emails back and forth with a with it, really with a few people. So we had some folks from inside the community that have been talking about metaverse stuff and you know, really on their own.

And our goal is to take a lot of those ideas that. Our folks like Liam and being in turn have been kind of kicking around on their own and start to see what we can do to to turn those into reality. And had a really, really positive couple of emails back and forth with a a cartographer, a mapmaker.

And she's actually she gives a quote for starting to put together a map of what we think our our Merredin metaverse could look like. And so basically what shall we doing is she going to be taking some some geography that she has on file and anonymizing it, you know, pulling out any any recognizable information? And then kind of giving that to us as a first pass and we'll be able to give her feedback about things you want added or moved around or changed and will end up with is a really, you know, really nice starting point for our approach to the metaverse and then, you know, taking of the ideas that have been developed within

the community and starting to lay those pieces, be it at university or the marketplace or different parts of the, you know, the the being experience and laying them on to that map to to start to build that metaverse out. And the last thing will say about metaverse is this is very new for me. I didn't have any metaverse experience before hand.

So we're still looking for folks to take on responsibility. So we've got a full time and a part time slot open in our metaverse group. So if anybody out here is either interested or B knows somebody that has some skill sets around around working in metaverse to metaverse development, I'd love to talk with them to see what they might think and if we could possibly make some kind of more formalized connection.

Great. Thanks, Rex. Yeah. Seeing that stuff and like the layout for the potential better being, like where you know, where the barnyard is and where the, you know, the different areas and just looked so, so exciting. Yeah. We were, we were chatting like, oh man, we have to have like it would just really tie it all together. It just really, really, really exciting to look at.

So, so cool. That's really great. I'm really excited for you to be. I think you're the perfect person to lead the community department, so really excited for that. Could be great to be here. So guys, I guess you know we've been going a while. I appreciate your patience. And also for the for the odd time, I think to be honest, I don't see too many unique names here.

Well, maybe just move back. We can keep the discussion open. But unless this happens to be a better time for you all, we'll probably move back to the other time. But I do appreciate being able to take the time, a different time today to to have the meeting. Yeah, that's that's all I have. I'd, you know, I can open the floor really quickly in case anyone has any thing else they'd like to say.

But I also want to be respectful of people's time. And I know we're already at an hour 15, so I'll open up for any that anything, you know, kind of critical or any last thoughts. But we probably don't want to take much more than about 5 minutes, so I'm gonna throw one more thought. And it's not necessarily associated directly with community, but it's been something I've been thinking about since the last I think it was the last meeting when we had these present on all the work that he's been doing.

And again, huge. Thank you. I mean, obviously a massive undertaking. The the piece that I've been trying to put together in my mind, I think it drops something in the and maybe in the general chat and discord is like, how do we fit these these kind of these two narratives together? So on one side, we've got, you know, very much like the far playful narrative.

And then I know seeing this like more refined, you know, almost literal or a Jack and the Beanstalk narrative. And we've got these, these two things that are kind of moving around. And as I was thinking about it over the last two days, you know, really what goes through my mind and, you know, maybe everybody else thought about this and I'm just late to the party or maybe it helps make some connection.

But like I think about those two narratives, they really do fit together. If you think about like the Jack and the Beanstalk universe, you know, they're so, you know, every movie, every book implies a universe around it. And so the story, Jack Beanstalk is, you know, Jack trades a cow for some magic bean. And what goes through my mind is like those beans had to come from somewhere.

And in that broader universe, that means that there are people that grow or create those magic beans. And when I when I take that idea of like, that is what we do, we are creating those things where we're making that magic, it not only does it make the narratives tie together, but it fits well with this. Like what idea of what we are trying to do here in the defi space.

You know, we're providing something that is completely unique, something new and something that is, you know, not to use the term loosely, but is magical in its own way. And really, when you start to put those things together, it's really, really energizing. For me. You know, just I say that to to help spread some of that energy around of this group.

Okay, Rex, you're not late to the party. You are the party. That's awesome. I love that. I love that idea that, you know, because in stock farms, creating magic creating magic, magic beans. That's and that's been that way. I don't think anybody said like, you know, we've got so I've been involved in the protocol since late October, early November.

So I'm going to you know, I've been involved in that for a while. We're going to have folks who will come in now and very recently and moving forward in those narratives going to be there. And, you know, we can still tie those together like we don't have to have at some point, you know, somebody be like, well, you know, this used to be this fun like farming theme thing and now it's all serious.

It doesn't have to be that way. We can take those narratives and put them together in a really seamless way and and use them as momentum as we go forward. So it's just really exciting. You know, on that same theme, I had this idea and I was kind of saving it in reserve for some clever time. I could use it, but I'll, you know, I should share it.

I was thinking that, you know, in reading the Jack and the Beanstalk story over again, because someone brought up to me, they said, Oh, Jack and the Beanstalk. Yeah, that didn't end up to offer. Jack did it, but it was fine because he, you know, he gets everything and he drops the giant. Giant dies, he chops down the beanstalk and, you know, he gets.

So I was thinking if we had something down the line that we wanted to call, like, Project Harp or like, you know, like, just like there's, there's the magic harp. There's the there's the bag of gold coins and there's the golden goose, right? So at some point, like, we can have different initiatives, something like that. Anyway, I just the fact that something like that could be kind of it could be a kind of a fun naming convention that maybe we could use if we have something that we need to have a clever name for.

But I agree. But it is usually you have these these sort of stories and usually there is something kind of sinister, bad or there's, you know, with with, you know, Jack and the Beanstalk, there really isn't. You know, he he ends up kind of getting this stuff that was originally like stolen from his family or something like that.

Anyway. All right, we're into Beanstalk territory. I'll let it go. I think we've used our 5 minutes, Rex. I think that's a that's a great way to end the meeting. I really appreciate your your insight and your kind of your spirit, so thanks. Yeah, no problem. All right. Well, thanks for a good meeting, guys. So that went a little bit long.

I appreciate you coming to the different, different time. And next meeting will be normal time, 830 Eastern on Thursday. And with that, I'll I'll let you hop. Thanks, everybody. Thank you, sir.