DAO Weekly Meeting #12

February 17, 2022
00:00 Intro/Agenda • 01:23 Biz Dev Updates • 04:16 Branding Updates and Discussion • 1:26:30 Merch Updates • 1:28:07 Poker Tournament • 1:31:15 Video Curriculum • 1:34:16 Open Floor
DAO Meeting


Quick Summary

In the DAO meeting, we covered:


Notes and project updates

Max Sow — Biz Dev Updates

  1. at ETH Denver: there’s a happy hour tomorrow at 5:30pm, reach out! See #eth-denver channel
  2. Inverse Finance — they have a stablecoin called Dolla, we are thinking about a Bean:Dolla pool and allowing for the LP token to be deposited in Silo.
  3. TBTC — still getting them up to speed on Beanstalk and how it works
  4. starting a Diamond Foundation for other protocols that use Diamonds

deezbeanz — Branding revamp

  1. goal is to have a strong brand identity and have it reflect who we are and our values like: decentralization, growth, community, reliability.
  2. Beanstalk interior = harmonious combo of math & nature
  3. Look and feel → Refined, Charming, and Iconic
  4. Many attempts at a new logo [deez gives presentation on the new branding strategy]
  5. Future color palette

  • post presentation discussion
    1. similar colorway to this NFT project we could take some inspiration from: https://discord.com/channels/880413392916054098/911067859642376214/944051527226646568
    2. Lavender would be the 10%, only for special parts of the website (the website wouldn’t be majority lavender
    3. Snapshot will be up soon and will include a link to the deck—more voting on the creative direction/vibe change than a specific design or mockup for the website. There aren’t concrete mockups. If you want to bring up concerns/feedback, please do so!
    4. Going to wait to ship new designs/marketing collateral until we have the whole design implemented on the site

jakerb — new emails

  1. @bean.farm emails for those who will be reaching out to folks — reach out if you need one

FarmerDan — new shirts arrived

  1. send a DM if you want a shirt!

JWW — poker tournament

  1. buy in will be on bean.money site
  2. aiming for first week of March to launch

Checkout the Snapshot page to see how hiring is going!: https://snapshot.org/#/beanstalkfarms.eth


Max. So we'll start off here. I'm going to let Max just give you guys a little bit of an overview of the meeting. First, Max is going to give us some biz dev updates and I was going to bring these up. Who's going to talk about the brand and I think do a screen share and a little presentation for us, which will be exciting.

Then I have a few updates. Then I wanted Farmer Dan. Maybe he can do a screen share of a couple of the sweet shirts and a couple of exciting march pieces came in. So that's pretty sweet. We have a PR update with Jay WW and then also he'll give some poker tournament updates, which there's been a lot of progress on there.

Um, we'll be talking about the new email addresses. Jacob has been taking point on that and then of open floor discussions. I think there's a couple of other folks who I'm sure will want to chime in with some stuff. And then that's that's all I have on my list here. I was a little late distributing the schedule, so sorry about that.

I'll try to be quick around that for the next meeting. If you feel as if you guys you want to hop up in and talk about anything, there'll be a good amount of open time at the end. So without further ado, I'm going to pass it over to Max so he can give us some positive updates. Hey, guys.

Sorry to join a few minutes where I'm out of Denver right now, so I just stepped out.

It's a really cool event, and if you guys are here.

Say, what's up? Reach out to me. And for anyone who wants.

To come to the happy hour.

Tomorrow at 530, please do. It's a really fun rehearsal period for some drinks. Yeah. So quick updates. We are talking with inverse finance right now about something interesting. They have a stablecoin that's called dollar. And essentially what we're looking into is creating $1,000,000,000 pool, allowing the LPI to be deposited in the silo and then to take essentially that silo deposit and then use it as collateral to mentor dollar.

So this just lined up nicely for both of them because they're trying to mentor Dollar. We're trying to involve other tokens in the silo so that people so that's an incubate and we try some of something that's so in versus new exciting. We're still kind of hammering things out, trying to get a proposal over some soon committee fee.

We're still chatting with them. I actually just saw some of the founders out in Denver said hello to them. And yeah, I mean, we've been a little bit slow getting this material.

Over to them. There is still a little bit confused.

Through our conversations. So, so still getting them up to speed. Yeah, that's the bulk of what was new kind of this week. Another thing that I'm that I'm starting on is where we're essentially starting a diamond foundation for any other protocols that use diamonds. And so reaching out to some protocols and gauging their interest. But essentially, the goal is for us to be funding other protocols that use diamonds.

And just like I say as a group that know what we think.

Should be improved about it.

Yeah, that's the bulk of my update. Well, thanks, Max. And you have a great time at the Denver. And just mention again when that happy hour is. So it's 5:30 p.m. tomorrow. Do you want me to post on the discord or you want to leave that? I know you've posted in a couple of places, but you want me to you in the event.

Yeah, I'll repost the flier. It's 5:30 p.m. tomorrow. 3627 203. So I'll just repost that for everyone. Do you want me to post in the discord events? Because I can do that too. But is that too wide or is that okay?

Yeah. You go.

For it. I'll post it there. Cool. All right, cool. Next. DS, do you want to take us through? Take us through the new look of Bienstock.

Hey. Yeah, yeah. Sorry. One sec. Set up the screen. Share.

Okay. Awesome. Well, thanks, everyone. Yeah, we thought this would be a great idea, just considering it's going to be quite a big revamp. And so we want to make sure to be able to the Dow, we have a snapshot up because we want to make sure we have consensus on it as well. We've been working with the design department and also just try to get feedback from different contributors and it just really excited honestly to to share with everybody kind of the work that was accumulated till now.

So great. I mean, okay, is the screen show working? All right? And from the.

It's working for me and one other person confirmed that's working for them.


Yeah, looks good.

Rose. Awesome. Um, yeah. So yeah, first, first off, like, thank you so much to all the different people who's given feedback, whether it was a month ago or whether it was while we're doing the brand strategy sessions, if you participate in the workshops, if you help with the user interviews, all super helpful and this and kind of helped lead for that and yeah definitely feeling like a bigger collective and it's interesting and fun to do this with a doubt.

So that's some new ground. Yeah, we think something that might be good is to kind of walk through the design process because we know, you know, this is a people who we write papers who understand logic and it might be good to kind of share that. Some of the reasoning of where our designs are stemmed from. So just starting right into a brand identity, honestly, just a strong brand identity, we would categorize that for or as I would give this, there's two things we would sum it down and the first thing being saying that we would say call the exterior flex interior.

Really common thing you've probably heard in science or might say in nature form balls function. And then the second thing would be consistency really honestly, if you just have these two things, you have a really strong brand and whether it's good or not, I mean, I can't tell you on that. But as long as you have these two things that's at least strong.

And so we can't really control consistency until over time. So for the first one, we can definitely dove deeper into that. So how are we going to get to the exteriors? Obviously have to start with interior. We have to know who we are. We have to know the core of the brand. And that's really where a lot of the brand strategy stems from.

And we're going to just take stuff straight from the doc, particularly the brand personality section. So this is when, you know, when we did exercises and talking with people, talking with probably it's a lot of just trying to figure out, okay, what is the brand or the core values, you know, who are we as a person? I don't have everything written here, but just a few things as an example, you know, being stock decentralized, we're focusing on growth and the community and growth and, you know, growing yourself as well, gaining skills and learning, being focused on being reliable and stable.

Right. And of course, secure. So here are a few things that we think are very core and essential to be in stock and honestly, like is kind of I mean, of course, I did amazing with the protocol, but I think we sometimes can tend to overlook the farming metaphor is really good. It's very on brand for a protocol like this.

It just makes sense when we're trying to grow a community and the point of this for a community and so definitely want to double down on those efforts. And not only that, we want to make sure that we're trying to bring some other things from the core to the outside. And so as we're going through more of a process, trying to figure out a little bit more of like what really makes a beanstalk, you know, we're just, again, talking with people is listening to different members, seeing the things that matter the most right.

It's it's bienstock. It's it's on the blockchain based off of math and sound principles. And not only that, it combines it with this amazing metaphor of farming and growing this this magical beanstalk so we can really some that are we can really, I guess, boil down the interior of beanstalk to just be like this combination of math and nature kind of coming together.

So just keep this in the back of your mind as we go to the exterior or the look and feel. And again, this is stuff often the brand strategy, things that we've laid out and the personality. And really these are the three words that we're trying to keep as our pillars for everything, look and feel for being stock.

We want to be refined. It's charming. We're being farmers, we're digital bean farmers, and it's very iconic and all the different things that we're trying to do. And so if we try to apply these things and make them connect, it only makes sense as we're looking at the inside. We have this combination of math and nature kind of coming together, and it relates perfectly to the golden ratio.

And I'm sure everyone at our most people, if not everyone in here, has probably heard of the golden ratio, also known as the Fibonacci sequence. Pretty much just a pattern that you see naturally in nature happen all the time. It's very organic and we as humans were drawn to this ratio, this pattern, just because we see it all the time in nature.

And so it's familiar to us. It's comfortable to us, which gives it appeal. And some more examples of the nature. Because of that, designers utilize it all the time, and one way they do it is they break it down. So on the left it's just a rounded up version of the golden ratio. But they break that into what we call the 6030 ten rule and you might have heard this if you've done the interior design or how they apply it to colors, like 60% of it would be this green color, 30% would be the off color, 10% would be the accent, something like that.

But the great thing about design is really can apply these principles to pretty much anything. And if you kind of think about these words again, we're going applied straight to these pillar words to kind of strengthen the design process. And you can kind of think of this as being stock by paper. It's a really good thought exercise when you're you know, when you first read it, when you looked at it, all those things.

We definitely can say that the majority of the White Paper is definitely refined. It's very methodical, it's very systematic, it's meticulously designed. So it only makes sense to have that be the majority. The ratio. And then as far as the charm, at the end of the day, yes, we're for based off these solid math equations and but we're we're still been farmers, we farm beans, we go to the silo and all those things.

And so oh, sorry, it's got a pink. And lastly for the last 10%, we thought it would make sense to make this be the iconic element of bean stock. There's so many other protocols that are I mean, there's so many other defi protocols. There's other stablecoin protocols. But, you know, what are the things that make us very unique and different credit to some people that could be such a small minded thing, but that really means the world to us.

You know what? What are those quirks that make bean stock tick? And so that's that's really where we're trying to put these ratios in and how we're trying to approach the process. So okay, with that context in mind, dove into the logo type we we're looking through tons of different, I guess, type lounges, lots of different type cases trying to figure out, you know, what fits this.

And initially while we're looking at them in the beginning, you know, have that until we were until they started developing the logo a little bit more. But anyways, we felt like this one when we landed on it. It definitely had that feeling. And as we started to study a little bit more, as we started to learn more about it and learn more about the typology and how they handled design, it made a lot of sense from afar.

You know, it looks very refined. It looks like this. Every other sense of font that our X tech company uses. But when you zoom in a little bit closer, there's definitely some things that make this a lot more charming and a little bit fun and definitely make it feel a little bit more iconic and stuff that you might not even be able to tell in the first read.

But again, like said, it's that little 10%, for example, things like and I'm not going to go into too much detail unless some people ask questions. But for example, something that this typeface does really well and their design system is every vertical 90 degrees, there's no perfect 90 degrees vertical here. Everything is curved slightly. And like these are very deliberate choices that the designers are doing to give it a feeling.

That's the type of stuff that we want for Bienstock because it's very meticulous, it's very deliberate, and it serves a purpose and it's supposed to give you a feeling. Not only that, another thing that the designers did very well was mess with the heights. And so as you see here, like, it's just crazy. I mean, you see this uppercase B to this L in this case and like the shorter than those on the lower case and then all these different heights, the tiers especially weird like how they're handling that handles all very, very deliberate.

And again to give you that feeling. And so these are just a few examples of, I guess the the methods that this design system is utilizing. And we feel like it aligns really well with how meticulous the protocol is as well. And to try to reflect that and then go into the logo mark and I'm skipping over like so many of the days and weeks of work.

But yeah, this we can definitely start with some some failures here. So what we try to do was go blue sky so to as many different types of variations with no design constraints just just to see, you know, is there anything there that we're missing? You know, is there any stone unturned, that kind of a thing? And obviously when you do these kinds of short sprints, like, you just get trashed, like you see under the skin right now.

But they're very helpful because they kept pointing us towards a feeling and if you see on the very far left, this is just an initial sketch done a few weeks back, probably a month ago. And we're trying to figure out like we can shake this off because it felt like there was something here. We just didn't know how to apply it.

And that's kind of where you saw a lot of those early iterations from and sort of like, oh, maybe should we try to just, you know, vector as this little bit and make this other more illustrative because you know, that that's definitely a approach that could add some charm and appeal and be a little bit different. So we made this in the middle and then we asked the design team and got some feedback was like, Oh, it feels a little bit too cartoony.

Like, we're not sure if this is we're not sure if this is reflective of the design rules that we've set. And so we kind of just like, Oh yeah, that's true. I took it back to the workshop and this is where the golden ratio kind of stemmed from really like it is used a lot in design and I typically try to tend to stray away from just using design rules just for appeals sake, but this one definitely felt like it had meaning in it because again, we're trying to reflect what the stock is at a core level and what better way to show that visually than using this ratio.

And so again, skipping through like a lot of work, we kind of set up an assembly where like, okay, this feels like what our original sketch was trying to get at, but finally a lot more refined, using the principles, using the golden ratio to match or I guess align with the logo type. And so to dove into a little bit more of the construction using the the lowercase and from being stuck, we're trying to match even more so the style and really hone in on the design system making sure that everything follows and is in line and again, not arbitrary.

And so after understanding, you know, what our proportion is for the beam, just like how being is a like the goal of it is really to be the five permitted for everything. We want to apply that in our design system as well. Like we want to use the being as our like primitive design block essentially. And one way we're going to apply that is spacing and construction.

If you see here like everything or what we're going to try to do moving forward is like based things off of like the beam measurement as well, we can call it that. So for example, the being here on the left here is this one for reference, it will be like half of being away from the logo. That's kind of that's how we're going to do our local lock up and then everything from the logo.

So the clear space like that will all be based off the bin size to make sure everything's proportional and you know, just continually driving that design system. So for color, yeah, this has been really tough trying to nail something that works with what we want and complements it well. But I guess to go into a little bit of inspiration.

So again, going back to those pillar words, refined, charming and iconic, really trying to look for things like that. And this is initial this is from the creative direction pitch that we did to prove it. It's like a month ago, I would say, just to see if like this is a good track. And what we're trying to do is try to find like illustrators or any types of art that have those three elements in it.

And we landed on these two artists here, Chris and Saki and Miroslav Zizek, really wonderful illustrators. I mean, world famous for sure. And just looking at their work definitely has that sense of appeal that we wanted. Definitely charming, definitely different from your everyday illustration. But I think more so than anything, these styles feel refined and that's a big reason why we chose the word refined and not professional, because professional can kind of give a a weird, I don't know, like office connotation, but refined is more so something that's, you know, time tested.

It's again, it's there's a method behind it. There's reasoning and there's definitely like a design system that this artist is using and the illustrations with the shapes and how they're handling the angles, that kind of thing. So definitely drawn to this type of work. But as far as like the colors like this is great for sure, but we just needed something in real life to kind of ground us and make sure that we're pulling from nature to make sure that we're not going to crazy too far ahead of ourselves.

And so we started this a little bit more research and go back into that and we found out about this plant called the highest plant. Super interesting, did not know about it at all until this project really. But essentially what this game plan is, it's between this and another plant, but it's nicknamed like the Jack and the Beanstalk plant.

And we're like, oh, well, that's that's super cool. I mean, that's pretty much what we're making right now. And so as we looked at into a little bit more, it has like these really vibrant purple pods and it makes like these are really purple flowers and it's crazy, like, wow, I didn't even realize this type of being existed.

And you can definitely understand like why maybe back in the day they could get this mixed up for like some magic beanstalk because they're also known to grow tall and pretty fast, but anyways. Yeah, so that's big inspiration from from that as well. We wanted to start to apply this to our design system and especially the logo. So here you can kind of see the way around the variations in the proportions.

We obviously not perfect. But again, just like the 90 degree angles, you know, nothing is going to be perfect then we like that. It's the quirks as far as the ratios go. But yeah, so we felt like this is a good way to show cape and stock we're established. You know, we have this, this green type, it's black, it's neutral.

But then there's also, you know, that that that last 10%, that iconic element having this purple being something that we thought about a lot and went back and forth on, because previously we had The Green Bean, which everyone kind of associated with the green bean. And if we make this a green bean, it'd be even more of a green.

And we're just trying to figure out, okay, how can we make this, you know, being agnostic like something that's decentralized, something that relates a little bit more to crypto, looking at other protocols like Circle or Nem, even like Ethereum's website, definitely seeing some of these relations. But at the same time, something that's different and unique to us, the goal is to, you know, just like the Coca-Cola red have it like the bean stock, purple or lavender, whatever you like to call it.

But yeah, so as far as colors will have a slightly more fleshed out color palette. But wanted to first make sure to get this through and see if this is something that we're liking. And then for type, because we have a good understanding of, you know, what our logo is, the shapes of it, the feeling and the theme.

We can definitely apply this, you know, again, same thing into the topography. And again, that's kind of that's what's going to add more consistency to the brand. So obviously that's the name of the first type or the logo face type, I guess. And this is made by a foundry. And it was really interesting when we're looking into this a little bit more, not just from the design system, but like the purpose of it, you know, why did they even design this?

What was what was the initial use for this? And they wanted people to use this for things like a laundromat or a nail salon, things that people knew exactly what it was and just needed to get there, things that are easily this interval. And so we're like, Oh, Mat yeah, that's even more perfect for being stuck. It definitely makes sense.

And even though people might not understand being stuck, we want them to know what being stuck is. We want them to easily recognize us. And but because, you know, obviously it's not the best font for body copy or potentially even like UI elements, we needed another typeface to parallel with it. And so we looked at some other things from the same type company.

And another cool thing about it is they really focus on trying to take, I guess like conventional typefaces. So like an aerials or, or Helvetica like things that just a regular tech company would use and, you know, put an edge on to it per a slight kind of element to it. And we really like that because again, that aligned with our design process.

And so we ran to this place called regular. And then again these this isn't like anything to be claimed is done for these mock ups like these possibilities. These are just examples to kind of show like you how they play together and what it could potentially look like. So on the left, you know, you see like what our current state is and on the right, how we could upgrade that a little bit more.

Like if make it feel much more refined, but of course legible and clear and adding a little bit of that kind of element for the illustrations. Something with good taste really. And really when we were looking through the types like our number one design constraint honestly was just clarity because one thing that we learned from the strategy sessions was just, yeah, like it's already hard enough to understand the protocol.

So we want to make sure that everything is 100% clear, which is another driving factor for a lot of these design decisions. Really, again, things like not final, final at all, these things will probably change as we revamp the user experience to match the UI and vice versa. But just to kind of give you an idea of how can these work together?

How can these potential palettes work together? How can be an icon fit in with everything more just yeah, like samples for what we can do with it. But yeah, really. So that's kind of the vision is you see on the left is kind of the current style as far as what Bienstock is doing for the illustrations and for the right is really where we want to get to.

Obviously we were want what you know, all this chaos and things like that here on the website, just talking about the style like we really believe that the metaphors are really important. They align well with the brand and the illustrations. They just need to be double down. Like if we're gonna do illustrations, we're going to do the best type of illustrations because we have the best protocol really.

All right. Thank you.

Okay. Thanks, Dave. So that was really great and exciting to see all that stuff. I wonder we do have other things to get to in the meeting, but I definitely I think this is a great opportunity to get some people's takes. But I also feel like some of these things you need to look at a few times and let it kind of sit with you and see how it feels before you.

Like, you know, you instantly might have a reaction of one way, but you know, like it's I think it's important to see it a few times. So is there a way that would we maybe make that deck? Would you feel comfortable making that deck public or would you maybe just a couple of the logos, could be dropped somewhere.

Some people could kind of take a look and we could discuss it more in depth. Maybe we could set aside some time next meeting or how would you want to do that?

Yeah, no, that's a great question. So yeah, we wanted to I know like with marketing the wrapping up, I think we had like three different external vendors that were assigned to work with, I think TV can confirm on that, but that's kind of why we wanted to make sure to just get these core fundamental, you know, brand committed is done so that we could get that to marketing.

But there will be like at least a first good version of, of a style guide and that that's really what was going to be for like the Dow and for firms, for external vendors if people want this switch that for sure. But yeah, I'm not sure I, I am a little bit hesitant to for anyone who isn't here to take some things out of context because a lot of things wouldn't make sense unless you heard what I just said.

But yeah.

Yeah, I hear you. I hear you. Maybe, I think. But this is a very important thing. And I think that are we planning like what are our next steps for this? I feel like at some point, oh yeah, we should have kind of like open this up for discussion. I'm just wondering when the most efficient time for that would be for sure.

I totally thought that was going to be today, but my bed did not realize the the scheduling.

No, I think we should I think we should make I think what we what we should do is just not is kind of abbreviate the rest of the meeting so that we have another ten, 15 minutes here. Let's take 15 minutes now so we can talk about it then. Let's just take 10 minutes at the end of the meeting to kind of give quick updates on everything else.

But I think this is an important thing to take time on. Yeah, sure. Yeah. I think we should open the floor for people to to give their initial thoughts on it.

Yeah. So I mean, I think it's awesome like the thought that went into everything, you know, kind of similar to how the protocol has just been with all like the terms that are used in like even the name Publius and all these things. It's just like in reference to something else and the meaning behind it and just like the, the amount of in depth that you went into with like just the font and everything like that.

It was really, really cool to see. I think it all looks really awesome to and you know, I like looking at it first I was like, Oh, purple. I don't know if that really matches, but then just thinking about it like a wider like crypto like web three, like that side of things, I think it fits in really well.

Yeah, I agree with that feedback. I mean that typography is fantastic. I like that is that's so good. And I love the logo too. I'm still getting my hands around the lavender, but I guess my question is this could you I mean, you see, you showed it in a couple like you showed the the color palette in some some practical usages.

What I'm thinking about are are other other uses of, you know, the logo system. You know, I'm trying to think broadly about, you know, everything from, say, design an app, design right on out to, you know, polos and coffee mugs. Would you be willing to maybe work up a couple other examples of how that how this system could be applied, you know, and maybe some physical context to just give us a little bit of a view of that as well?

I think that'd be really good.

Yeah. So that's a great question. Again, this is this is kind of like a pitch deck really for the Dow. And the goal is it or the goal for it was to get overall consensus. So that way we can really go in to the nitty gritty and start to get a few of those that are assets. And I will say, though, if we can like I'm trying to minimize throwing thrown away work just because I know that now we're moving pretty fast.

But yeah, like if we need a little bit more context definitely makes sense. But it would be nice to like if there's something in design where we say, you know, if, if like the logo and logo type and the colors that they don't hold by themselves and like there needs to be context around them, then that's kind of a we need to rework some things.

Yeah, that's, that's fair. I'm just thinking about, you know, this, the, the logo and the, the wording, you know, including typeface and all the different applications that hopefully this will get. And, you know, the the idea that goes through my mind is that, you know, anything that is going to go out into the public from from a a, you know, more than a just a logo, but like a design system, a branding system would have might have so many different applications.

I just, you know, I guess to your point, really, these, you know, if you get the consensus, which, you know, I'm 100% behind, I'm really excited. Maybe that's what I want to say is I'm really excited to see your thoughts on taking this system you're developing and applying it to a handful of different applications beyond what you've already shown us, which is which is great so far.

Yeah, no, absolutely. Thanks for that. And totally want to preface like not trying to get myself out of work, but oh.

No, no, no, not at all. Understood.

Yeah. And to that point, actually, before I even forget, unfortunately, guava was not able to make it here just because of work obligations. But he has played a major part in designing this style guide. He was someone that we were able to help contract out. So but I just need to do that. Shout out to the Dao. Yeah, these are great questions.

For these beings.

This is a thank you. Wait to hear me. Okay.

Async. How you doing?

Hey, what's up, man? So, yeah, great presentation. I just. Coincidentally, I just thought this discussion was so the timing couldn't be better. I don't know. Maybe the stars aligned. There's a NFT project I follow called Bato Project and it's an NFT artist that comes up with art every week and then the token holders vote on which are it goes to auction on Superrare.

And you can see I shared in the barnyard chat a few hours ago they posted the artwork that's going to go on to Superrare for auction, I believe, tomorrow. And just this whole green purple lavender discussion in reference to Bienstock it's color palette. It just it just reminded me exactly what you're talking about. So I think it would be great to incorporate some some other colors.

So good thinking. Just wanted to give that acknowledgment. Thank you. That's beautiful. The first thing I thought just really quick, guys, is if you look at my CFP, like the purple and the green, I was like, oh, it's like it's like like coincidence. The dumpling color, the magic. Yeah. And you know what's interesting too is like photo, like the holders of that token.

So because the way it works is like the art is an auction and.

Then most of.

The like 85% of the proceeds after Superrare takes their cut, it goes to burning the bottle token. So what's interesting is they're actually getting real time metrics or analytics as far as like what colors tend to appeal most to NFT buyers. And so you can see like, you know that like light happy this color of this work this week is we'll see what it gets in terms of the auction.

I'll be curious. But yeah, I think that kind of friendly kind of appeal would definitely maybe entice more people to kind of give buying status. Maybe a closer look.

Guys like it. I got to say, I took a peek at it earlier with you. In looking at it now, it even looks better than when it did the first time. So again, congrats on everything. And I mentioned this before, but I did. I did. I guess when I call my mom test and it said just the icon just a little bit to my so my mom because it seems like we're starting to bring them into the fold dumplin wink wink and asked what it was straight away being.

There's no idea about buying stock sent to a few others. Same thing being being. So I think the fact that you can recognize it and at the same time it's approachable, like yeah, everything about it had to be in itself. So far. It's just, just fire. It looks great.

Yeah. I love I love the lavender color. I think bring.

That into the mix is like it feels really bold to me, but also like iconic.

Like, like you guys were going for.

I guess the one question that I'm thinking about that's sort of an open question is how you're thinking about an allocation of colors on the new version of the website. Look like a majority. Lavender feels a lot and maybe I'm just like, not being sort of imaginative, imaginative enough in my mind, but sort of how are you thinking about that?

These yeah, I know. That's that's definitely a great question and understandable because there's not much clarity in this deck. But so this is definitely a reserved contrast pop color. So again, going back to the ratios, if we're talking about it with like the 60, 30, ten, this would be the 10%. We would reserve this for like very special things.

We'd want this to again yet be iconic, be that that slight variation that people that make people go like, oh, what's that heavy uses of white? I think just embracing white space, right? Letting illustrations and letting the type, the work being clear like these are kind of my I would or I'll say like gut feelings just because again, these are the primitive blocks and we'd have to go in with the lead and the UX as we're applying these primitives and these principles into UI.

But yeah, for me that's probably my gut feeling.

I love that.

That's exactly where in my mind when I do something, I keep seeing what I'm looking at. This is like vines crawling over the black letters and sort of like growing up. I could totally see, like, if there was a little bit of green in there, just maybe as like the 30, I don't know. But it just I could see if you like, green and purple are also kind of complementary.

So I don't know. I see that. But also just I'm imagining an animation where, you know, where vines are growing from the from the letter so I don't know you it's in that I don't know if I might just be alone here and I'm not dudes. So also I defer to you and I think that the more I look at it, you showed it to me earlier, the more I see the purple, the more I like it.

So this was my first thought. Thoughts?

You know, absolutely, absolutely valid opinion. And like, those are the things that we can deftly experiment with, right. That's that's gonna be the fun part of moving forward is you know, how can we take these blocks and really push them? How can you, like, bend the rules now? Any suggestions from the without any fun ideas like send them over.

We want to hear all of them ideas.

First of all, thank you for for the work you and the design team. Big fan of the purple. I think it's bold and bold as or my thinking is what we want to be a big fan of the of the new logo and the colored.

Yeah. And even just from like a branding standpoint, like when I saw the new logo, it's like immediately thought like it looks more professional almost, you know, when you're thinking about different design things and like, um, like one of the things that came to my mind with the logo is like quarters zips, you know, I think that would look like really clean.

It's like on there. I just like different things like that. I think it would look really good from a merch standpoint to.

Yeah, no, I'm really excited to implement some merch.

One question I have for people and this is not I don't mean to keep pushing my green thing, but like I feel like growth farming green seedlings, there's so much green that we had. I feel like losing everything of green like I would just be a little bit afraid to have like a purple, white and black website with B in stock and to have nothing to lose a lot of the farming and the growth like is that, I don't know.

But that's the first. That's the only thing I'd have. Like just because it's been farming growth in seeds sprout pod, like there's so much green that comes to mind. I just wonder if we're going to lose some of that like I don't like. Yeah.

And actually I think Amanda is there a little dumpling or easy start to go through secondary colors? Have you guys gotten that far yet or is it just been on the primary with the purple?

Oh, we have a lot of palettes. We this is this has been a hot topic for a minute. But yeah, we're so as far as the website goes, embracing white, great. Embracing black, create the purple. Like I said, it's going to be limited. But the colors that would be the most like the 60% colors, it would be the greens and the like.

These green blues that you see in this illustration right here, or even like these green yellows potentially. And then the 30% that we're imagining that to be like this, almost like light, yellow, green, something that works very nicely. And also it helps the purple with pop. So we're definitely not getting rid of the green. And again, that's just the problem with this with this pitch tech.

You know, we didn't throw in the palette because we didn't want to clutter the brains too much, throwing a lot of design at once. But yeah, definitely want to clear that up.

I feel like it decided on its own though. I think that the Beanstalk, I like the look of it. Um, with the, with, I like to look at the being like the purple. I like the font. I think that it passes the stand on its own test for me. Um, I just wouldn't want to lose the farming feel of, you know, largely just to make sense of the like the protocol, the large.

This is TV. First of all these I mean that it takes so much to build a brand from the ground up. And I mean, your team has done that, so congratulations. I think it looks amazing. Um, yeah. All good things to say. I think the logo then when you sent it on the channel for me, I was like, whoa, that's that's a big change.

But when you put it in context, I think it's making a lot more sense to me, this image on the right. I mean, if that's the color palette, you know, around that, I'd be super excited to see what the final product of the website looks like with all the elements mixed in. And that is going to be amazing.

So yeah, congratulations. I done.

Thanks TV. I'm super excited to see it as well. Do you know any really good illustrators? Is this going to be quite a task more?

Yeah, we're sure.

Well, yeah, I didn't. Oh.

Oh, no, I was just going to go. Go ahead. I have something to say. This. Go ahead.

Yeah. So my DMS are open if any one has questions we really kind of just skimmed over the surface of something like the methodology and that kind of stuff. And so if you really want to have a fun little design discussion, just hit me up and we'll chat. It's always fun. First off.

So do we want to set like a public comment period of like a couple of days and then we can get moving on that? I mean, I think this seems like it has pretty solid support days with this core group, but maybe we could set some sort of comment period and then we could we have another meeting where we just are like, I don't know, I would like to get I think we all I mean, is of the essence here.

So how what's our next steps moving forward?

Yes. Next steps is snapshot up. I mean, tonight, if we can. I think that that was the plan just because we knew that it was going to be such a big change and want to just make sure that we had our approval. So we were going to, I think, just put a simple snapshot up of.

So I think from a procedural perspective, I believe Austin is recording this. And so maybe the thing to do is to link the video of the recording in the snapshots of the people who missed this. Can take a look when they cast their vote.

It seems like a good idea. So we want to go immediately to snapshot. You were saying tonight this.

Probably just because I know it takes like a week. And so during that time, yeah, comments and all that stuff would be great.

You guys think we can, like, have like a draft or an early mockup of on the website would look like before we take a snapshot just to make sure that, you know, we're going to be able to use these colors and make something that we like.

Or I would just see the problem. The problem with that is like to actually go forward with all these changes is an immense undertaking. And so, I mean, jeez, maybe you could comment about how much more sample material you want to produce. But in my opinion, this is like enough reference that either say like we like the direction or not generally.

And then, you know, this is where at some point we do run into in the down context, too many cooks in the kitchen. And I think Jesus done a great job of presenting to everyone, like here is the strategy. And now we either either all collectively need to say, you know, these you're leaving in the right direction. And on the design front, we're going to go with your suggestions or not.

But I don't know how much I don't know how substantive it would be to vote on any particular sample. It's more like, you know, this is a major vibe change across the board. And I think that's more the the thing to vote on as opposed to, you know, does this version of the website look good because there's a lot more markup that needs to happen, as these were saying, to actually do that.

That's just my image.

That's actually that's almost kind of what my question is. And you can probably give us the really good context. So if it's a snapshot, what what could you help us understand what exactly the content of the snapshot is like? What are we actually voting on? You know, like how to help us just understand that how precise is the snapshot going to be?

Maybe that's the question.

That's a that's a great question. I was going to work with tumbling and improve. Yes. And really anyone else for that because never written this type of snapshot before everything started. But I'm assuming it'd probably be, you know, are we just like the things I mentioned just earlier? Are we okay with the general creative direction for this? Like, are we okay with the primitives again?

Like we're trying to focus on the principles, the design principles here because it's really up to the like the different teams like the team to apply it in a way that works right. Like we just need to make sure that the principles that we vote on are solid, right? We just need to make sure that this creative direction is something that we want.

And if it's like generally like if you're I would I would probably say this like if you're generally like, oh, yeah, like, you know, if you like the logo, if you like the color is more or less if you like the type more or less then like that's really all that you're really voting on because again, like when we're making those assets, we it's up to it's up to those whoever is designing those to make it work.

So I guess this actually, I think brings up a bigger dowel question as well. I mean, like I know we passed bips as the Dow and we're doing the funding through BPAs and stuff like that. They're snapshots. But I guess when we're making larger strategic choices with department heads and stuff like that, at what point does it like I'm not be trying to sound contrarian and or like prevent the community from talking, but I'm not sure what the necessity of like a snapshot is for like is the idea then going forward when we make larger strategic decisions like department wide that we're going to be making snapshots that go forward.

I mean, from my perspective and you know, jeez, you can feel free to chime in here as well, but this isn't necessarily the standard for every big decision, but this is so essential, right? It's not an on chain blip, but it is something that we want to sample. At least take a straw poll in the form of a snapshot that people are either for or against or ambivalent.

Right. So I think this is a good practice and it's not necessarily something that needs to be explicitly defined. But for big decisions like this, it makes a lot of sense.

I really like having a third option as ambivalent, to be honest. I think that's a good move because then I think if we get no if we get 10%.

Voters not voting, you know.

No, no, I kind of like that as a I mean, I'm I'm interested in discussing the option of having three votes because I think if we have a lot like if we have 70% strongly in favor, 20% ambivalent and 10% against, then actually that kind of gives a better take, doesn't it? Yeah. We can also be ambivalent and, you know, 25% on either side of the of the tail.

And that seems like we probably don't want to move forward.

Yeah. And and I think it also that the notes are suppose the question of like what or it could be the case that, you know, maybe it's 80% ambivalent in the sense that people don't really care and just want, you know, guys to be able to run the risk to run with this direction. I think this is actually like a broader governance DOL governance question.

So like, because if one would we obviously this is a test to see if we want to do something in the future like this or the snapshot and should we want, you know, we might want to talk about not now, but like what kind of criteria would we want to put in place? So we need to put a snapshot out for something like this in the future.

I guess that's where I'm thinking from like a governance perspective.

Yeah, that's a higher level question, but probably not not one we have an answer for immediately. And with most of the stuff, you know, the goal is to just move in the right direction and establish good processes. So it is probably a good idea to use this as an opportunity to come up with some sort of process we want to adopt as being stock forms to kind of when what is the appropriate time to check in on specific things with the Dow as a whole?

You know, and this is clearly one of them, but it's unclear what what the other ones might be.

So I've gotten a couple DMS for, you know, that we're in support of a comment period. I don't know if that's, you know, I don't want to slow things down. In some ways the snapshot is a is a way of commenting. I don't the only advantage of a common period, I guess, is that I don't know. It's not you know, I also don't want obviously it'd be we really would like this to, you know, to pass because we want to be able to deliver these things to the different agencies we're working with and that sort of thing.

So I was just wanted to mention that because I guess it might be that some people don't feel if they if they are a little bit against it, they probably might not feel as comfortable.

Over common windows. Additionally, open, right. Or, you know, it's open. So if you have issues, you've got to raise them. You can have issues and not raise them or not vote. So the beauty is there is now an open everyone can comment in the discourse. They can comment now, they can comment later on or they can vote. So I think from what you're saying is it's quite well addressed.

Right. People that are don't want to comment. They can just vote with their staff. People that want to comment and have a discussion. They can start that discussion now. And I would just I think Jesus and and Jesus done such an amazing, amazing job. But one thing that Jesus made clear throughout this is this is still a pitch and a draft.

And it is very much open for commentary. And so this is we're not saying, okay, this is everything is finalized, but this is more, in my opinion, a straw poll more than anything else. So the snapshot is a straw poll of do we like this or not like this? You know, there's nothing to actually vote on it. It's not like a bit where there's there's substance that on chain, there's going to be a chance.

This is just are we heading in the right direction as a group or not? That's my.

Opinion. Oh, well, I think that makes sense. So in the meantime, you know, there speak up now or you can, you know, DM these directly if you want you can chime up in the discord and then you can also vote no if you don't like it. So I think that's probably we don't you know, we do want to have assets we can deliver it to to Creator, to Luna, to, you know, all these.

But we're working with and we want to rebrand as soon as we can if we're going to do this. So I think there is a sense of urgency here a little bit. I think we probably will move forward with the snapshot vote tonight, but we're certainly in the meantime, we're open to, you know, hearing everyone's voice. Another good class decision.

I was just going to say, there's going to be, you know, you'll never replace everyone with the design decision. So I think that, you know, we probably if we can get, you know, 75% of people to say this is a big improvement, then I think that that's what. So go ahead to. I'm not I was just saying you know and this is something these we can you know talk offline about as well is if we'd like our new media initiatives to reflect this change.

You know, all these people are going to see the new logo and the new branding, but they might come on the website and see something completely different because the website is going to catch up, you know, in a little bit. So that's just something we should discuss kind of offline of of how we want to address that. Because for a while people are going to people might see two different logos, branding, that kind of thing.

Yeah, I don't know. Maybe that is a good thing to talk about right now with the Dow. But my hot take on that is I definitely don't want two brands floating around. So unless we have like a major, like we change the website with the new brand, we probably can't really use it in marketing, to be honest. But I don't know, that's that's my take.

What is the topic?

Yep. Agreed.

So this is this goes for voting on a good space. How long do you think until we have like something ready for. Then we take it to marketing or like share it with others.

And again, that's something that, you know, that's a very loaded question because we're dealing with you actually by front end engineer is like we were probably imagining if we're if this gets voted and we're good with the direction, then we could start working with you. Okay. Next week as well as you know, as a style guide to the dataset.

Go. And then from then I would assume at least I don't know like six weeks for us to start to see any type of progress as far as getting things that way. But that's just again estimates we'd have to talk to talk with the teams.

But I think that's the goal is to rebrand within Q1.

Definitely. How does that align with or TB? How does that align with the other conversations that you guys are having? Does it is six weeks too long? And the reason I ask that.

Is that.

If if it's misaligned anyway, if that six week time period is longer than you would want, then maybe it makes more sense to move forward in the short term with the existing branding, you know, with those with those relationships for building, with the understanding that there will be a change but not rushing this process because even if you rush it, it's still going to be six weeks, you know?

Do you hear what I'm hear what I'm saying? I do what we would like in talking to creator like yesterday or the day before they were saying, so should we, you know, what assets should we use and should we wait for a redesign, wait for a new logo? But if it's just sure, we could give them the logo, but it's the website.

If it's not incorporated, we don't want like these were saying we don't want two different logos at the same time. So I think we it is a it is a discussion, you know, when when is that switch going to happen? And if it's six weeks, we probably should be progressing everything with our current current assets or current logo or current design.

Yeah. That's what that's as I'm hearing the conversation. That's kind of what I'm hearing too in that. And really that gives that gives a chance to get all the pieces caught up. And so when, when the change does happen, it's go live everything. And you can preface the other relationships by saying, hey, you know what, we want to we want to keep moving forward.

We're going to use the current system for now. Just know that in eight weeks or whatever that time period ends up being when everybody can get on the same page, you know, we're going to make the big switch all at once and all fronts will go through that. So it'd be nice if we could hit you to as opposed to, you know, six from now would, would put us into Q two.

It'd be nice to hit like end of March or even sooner. Is, is there any, is six weeks just kind of off top your mind? Is could that be expedited, do you think.

Just to jump in on the front end side here? So I spoke a bit with some of the the rest of the design team of these you and I haven't had a chance to circle up on this quite yet, but I think in terms of triaging this, so there's definitely a lot of UI UX work that needs to get done and sort of incorporating this style into the site.

And then also designing a lot of components. My thought is that if we can focus on some of the the more structural stuff, like nailing down the full color palette, all of the different cards and other major elements, we can have some of the front end team, just patchwork, some of the existing you know, inputs and other things together and kind of do this in parallel so we can get some something ship that matches the brand by end of Q1 and then maybe spend the first few weeks of Q2 cleaning some stuff up, upgrading components and that sort of thing.

So happy to chat more offline about that as well.

So what's going through my mind is if there's nothing broken, you know, I think everybody I think we're all kind of on the same page that like the current system isn't necessarily what is kind of pushing this idea of of expediting is trying to align with some of the external relations for building. But if nothing is if nothing is broken, it may make more sense to take some time, keep the current system in place for just a little while longer, get everybody aligned, everything from UI, UX right on through, establish that day, make it clear to internal groups, external groups, etc. and you know, take a little bit of time to make sure that we're

doing it right. And so we're not not regretting expediting later on.

I don't again.

I agree with Rex. I think we will continue. I mean, take your time with the design. We continue with the current design that we have. And then when that's ready, we take it as an opportunity and, you know, make a big thing out of the new the new branding. But maybe not international.

I tend to agree. I'm curious for equivalencies from this.

I mean, I'm very in favor of like us trying to get our shit together as a organization and aimed towards a target date. But that's just so not the way things have been done thus far. Like things ship when they're ready. And so if everyone is kind of on board to pick a date, a couple weeks out and work towards that, we're totally game.

But, you know, that would just be a change. I mean, maybe it's a good change to make, but it would require a buy in from everybody. We just don't want to rush beads.

Yeah, that's that's that's my thought too. I don't want to rush the process.

And then say.

You know, we we rushed this this that represents the protocol. I guess my thinking is I totally agree with that. I think we shouldn't rush. I'm wondering when we should ramp up. Our ad spends like our like our, you know, promotional spending. And if we'll get more bang for our buck once this is out and I'm balancing that versus, you know, our need to grow and just kind of wondering how those two things fit in.

Like, should we should we spend now if we spend a big portion of, you know, it seems like we'll get more bang for our buck once we have this beautiful website new logo. Like, everything's really nice and clean and so I'm just wondering, wondering about that if we should reconsider.

So this is kind of the problem. It's like at some point then we're just standing still, right? So we can wait. But then if everything's waiting for everything else, then nothing's happening. Which is why today every the model has just been when things are ready, we push them.

We'll think about it this way. How many like other great brands have gone through multiple iterations? You know, think about like the iterations that Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook have gone through from their earliest states to where they are now. I mean, there's there's always been multiple iterations and those brands have become.


And it's been okay, you know. So yeah, I guess my point of view is it's, all right, if we go through iterations and if, you know, if we say let's let's take our time, make sure that we don't.

We just change the what if we change the logo on the website and started marketing sooner rather than later using the new design. And we can have these kind of take the lead in making sure all the marketing is aligned with the new brand. And then in the meantime we can work towards updating the website and all the other content by a certain date, but that way we can kind of get the best of both worlds.

Just jumping in here.

That's actually I was literally just about to say that. So I think that would be great. Like if you just.

If we the snapshots kind.

Of focus just like, look, this is the logo.

And then, you know, things can kind of get tweaked later. But you know, if we start using the current Bienstock logo.

In the marketing, then it just gets out there further.

And if we already have the.

Logo, that'd be good to just change it right away.

And I think I think in terms of like the outreach in from like PR and like the marketing agencies and stuff like that, I don't foresee being like a ton of paid media to start to be honest. I'm going to try to give me a lot of more earned media and organic media where we wouldn't be using like as much graphic design, maybe kind of limited the logo and to the, to, to the icon itself.

It's going to probably be a lot more written content, I would think, out of the gate. So it's not going to be like we're going to further entrench the existing brand. I don't think too much in the near term, especially with the agencies that we been working with. So it might actually give plenty of time for kind of this conversion to happen.

Also not to take anything away from the design, but the protocols are still the same protocol. So I don't think we're going to lose value starting work from now on. I expect us to still grow with the current design and then capitalize on taking opportunity on the new branding when it's ready.

Baby, how do you feel as far as, you know, continuing with, you know, with Creator, with Luna? I mean, I'm, I'm they're convincing me.

Yeah. I mean, I'm I think one of two ways have been suggested. Right.

So once what probably a said.

You know, change the logo change the biggest thing that you can because it's done let's.

Say it is done in three days or whatever it's done. You change that. You, you know, you ship that and we get the ball rolling. The second option is D says, I'm not comfortable with that. I need time and I need to build this out. You know, give me six weeks or eight weeks until we do a full launch and we shift the website and everything in one go.

And until then, you know, we push on on marketing and, you know, J. Dubs pointed out, it's not like we're producing a ton of videos, our visual material. It's going to be a lot of it's going to be podcast is going to be audio. So, you know, either way, I think we're going to be fine. But we should push on marketing the thing I don't want to do is delay any A marketing initiatives, you know, because that's probably a certain understanding, right?

And then one team's waiting for the other. So either way, you know, it's it's marketing gets going. But I would I would ask these days, how do you feel about changing just the logo for now and just going on marketing, are you comfortable with that or would you prefer to just build this out before we ship it?

I mean, I really don't want to be the cog or the clog in the wheel. I don't want to be the but yeah, it's kind of like, you know, where we feel comfortable releasing just the field and not the silo, you know, like the logo. It's definitely a preventative, it's definitely strong. But, you know, if we're going to keep hacking things together, doing it like that, I mean, I feel like that's just kind of duct taping the brand and making us start from square one, potentially even hurting it.

That's my heartache. And I feel like we should just take the time that we can keep going with marketing. Just like everybody said, we could just use the current brand right now. So it going back to like.


Principles in the presentation, a strong brand of consistency, right? Like I don't want to I don't want to ruin what we've already duct taped in the past three weeks to make this and hustle for this, just to mix it with what we're doing right now. So yeah, that's kind of what I'm thinking.

All right. That sounds pretty. Yeah. Is everyone game with that we just moved but it and these do you want to put a date on it like progress has.

No yeah for sure but again like it's not just my call. We'd have to talk with you. Like, we'd have to talk with front end.


It's like it's quite a big initiative, right, to revamp the entire website. And so.

Yeah, absolutely.

I would this season I can circle up tonight or tomorrow and talk through this a little bit more in-depth, try to figure out what the resourcing will look like over the next month and try to get the day to everybody. I, I would love to do this as fast as possible so we can get things like get the new brand released end to end, even if that means doing a bit of of duct taping the cart components and like trying to fit them into the design guide while we update them.

So we'll discuss that and get back to everybody with a date.

But I think that sounds good. It's very exciting. So we'll get that. We'll get the vote up. But it sounds like since things will be on pause a little bit, it's the the urgency of this, you know, went from one week to six weeks. I think that we're likely not going to you know, the vote isn't as you know, the timing isn't quite as critical as it is.

I guess I thought it was if we were going to kind of swap everything out very quickly. So so yeah, feel free to, you know, to send in, you know, any, any comments, ideas you have or to, you know, chat about it. We'll get it up for a vote. And, and yeah, I guess sorry. We've been going for a long time, guys, but this has been very so I think it's, it's good that we spent the time to talk about this.

Yeah. So and just before you wrapped up so it's or is, is the idea to we are going to curb that the design entirely now until all of its ready to ship. I mean I think I'm a little lost and I feel like we kind of went from both sides in the conversation just now.

Yeah, I think that's the decision is we're going to wait. We're going to keep everything under wraps until we have the entire until we have the entire and the entire website basically redesigned and everything. Right. Because we don't we don't think it would be an iterative improvement to swap the logo. It would it would be like I guess the idea would be like kind of like mixing two different things that don't really jibe with each other.

And so from a design perspective, it sounds like we want to we want to hold off on making those changes until we have everything.

That we do. April, April 4th, April 1st, April Fool's Day.

Yeah, well, that would be that. Isn't that sort of key to we should do it for April 1st.

Or the spring. So spring equinox. Spring Solstice Spring Equinox, March 20th.

20th I guess to just to gww this point, if he's saying like, are we sure it wouldn't be like swapping out the logo maybe in like two or weeks or something if we had time to do it thoughtfully and not just, you know, with duct tape, would that be an iterative improvement over the current design or not? Like just to consider that once more, these directed towards you.

I mean, I'm sorry.

That would mean that the longer will have an upside. I mean, over longer people have to associate the new logo. The the less of a shock it might be when all of a sudden everything's and if the logo was continuity to the new website as opposed to like new logo new design, new typeface and like am I even on the same website, you know?

So, okay.

Maybe I wasn't clear through the presentation. That's kind of my fault. I, I don't blame the Dow, right? We read by papers. Dealing with the branding is not a logo. Branding is not a color palette. It's the entire experience of what being stock is like. I'm not trying to be overly dramatic. I'm really just trying to say how it is.

Branding goes way farther than just changing a logo on the website and saying, Hey, look, bienstock. It's different when the when the experience of the website, it's the same when all our content that we haven't even made is mixed. Like, in my opinion, that actually hurts both brands. Like we need to be very conscious of how we're doing this and I'm not again, I'm not trying to get out of work this past three weeks.

Just to get to this point has been a sprint. And for us to revamp the website and the entire experience of it and what we're trying to do and like two or three weeks is like, I don't know, a tripling, quadrupling. What we just did in the past three weeks. I mean, if we want to do that and tactics and stuff, then we can go for it.

But I just want to kind of be clear and make sure that everyone kind of understands, like what into this.

I mean, I do this, I'm looking at the website now, so I'm imagining if we just swapped out our current being logo just with that being logo and I don't think it would look that good. Don't think it'd be that big of an improvement. Like I think that we probably look better doing it all at once. So, you know, I maybe it could be an intermediate thing where the logo and the fonts are swapped out or something like that.

But I think probably I'm inclined to listen to you and to just wait. I think that probably does make more sense. Looking at the website, trying to visualize what you would even do, I don't really understand how you would iterate to improve this. It seems only website whole new. Everything, whole new logo, whole new brand. Seems to make sense to me and sorry to reopen a can of worms when we kind of you know, we're making a decision so I'm since it's getting a little late let me just I feel like we could just do a quick, quick recap of the other things that are that are going on and then and then call it

a day here. I'm just pulling out my notes here. Okay. I'm not sure who should talk about all the I guess. GWW Do you want to talk just very briefly about where we are with, with Luna.

I mean then we can traditional way so Luna and we actually had a really good call. We had a serotonin call which was a couple of days ago, got the proposal from them that we can talk about, but that Luna was the other agency we've been talking to for a while. They came back to us with a revised scope.

I think we're looking pretty good that we're going to put it out there for the snapshot for everyone to take a peek at. But the idea is kind of that Luna would be working more on the PR side, focusing more on getting us into publications and then potentially helping us with items themselves and then working on like speaking engagements.

And then Sarah Tony would focus more on content, like the content side, which TV can chat about. It's not very common to have two agencies run in tandem, but I think that we can get it to work with them. So we're waiting to hear back from serotonin. And then after that we're going to reach back out to Luna and then hopefully get going with them as soon as possible.

Ideally, like this started with them is, is no more than like two weeks once we get everything finalized. So we're really hoping for kind of early to mid-March at the latest to get going with them.

In order to get going with them quickly, do we have to pay them and get like get a snapshot out?

And it's like so the snapshot we'd have to get out hopefully in the next couple of days, probably two or three days. But we have to finalize with them the payment to the spa seeds and or pods. And so we're I reach out to them, I'll be contacting them in 24 to 48 hours, depending on, again, this response that we get from serotonin.

And then I would say it's probably 2 to 3 days after that, we can kind of finalize the answer from them, which hopefully is like early to mid next week. Then we put the snapshot up which is probably like another week out. So maybe by mid maybe around like the probably that like the 28th that we're able to finalize that and get payment over them and then ideally start with them maybe the week after I think that's probably ambitious if not the the seventh or the 14th that we could ideally get them going.

But they know that urgency and make it make it pretty clear every time we talk with them so well then given the fact that they we it was something they added to the contract, I think we can push them to start, you know, kind of ASAP. So hopefully by the 14th of the latest.

Okay, great. Jacob, do you want to talk real quick on the emails that you've set up for people I know, Jay, WWE, you were involved in that too a little bit, but I'll let Jacob speak to it. Yeah, happy to dumpling. So for anyone that doesn't know.

We've set up.


Email account.

It's been that form and many.

Of you who have consumer or customer facing roles already have access to those, if you would like one, and.

They haven't.

You one, please just reach out their DMS.

I think really anyone can have access to them that wants them.

Although it does cost us a.

Little bit of money.

So just having.

One to have one may not be the best.

Solution here, but the goal is to.

Give one to those that might be reaching out to people, whether it be.

Different deals.

To work with or just have a little.

Bit more of an official way.

To reach out than we have in the past.

So feel free to DM me if you have any questions or thoughts.

Or what one yourself. Okay. Awesome. Yeah. Thanks for taking ownership on that one. That was really great. Okay. We have a farmer. Did you want to give a quick shout out on on the merch that came in.

Yeah, for sure. So yeah. Got the mugs and the shirts and this week both look really great. I'm actually wearing one of the shirts right now. Super comfy. I'm pretty true to size too, which is nice. Yeah. I mean, if you take a look in the merch channel, that stuff is over there. You know, some of this merchant might be limited edition now, you know, moving into the future, which is kind of cool because we made about like 52 mugs, 50 of the hats.

And what I like about the shirts too, is they're basically just based off the genesis. And if this, you know, shout out to the Indians for that like that was all his design there, you know, just kind of push those forward. But yeah, so we got, you know, keep a look out on Twitter to do like giveaways and stuff, just getting some more exposure and following through that, which has been pretty cool.

But yeah, all that stuff's in. It's probably to start shipping out like next week.

So if people want a mug or something, can they reach out to you or how does that work?

Yeah, yeah, exactly. Yeah. I think the premise for all this stuff was pretty just, you know, we want to get it pushed out there. So, you know, like how cool would it be one day you're just walking to get a coffee and you see somebody wearing a bienstock hat or the all my homie so shirt, you know. So yeah, basically just send me a DM and then we'll go from there to I'll be able to send it out to you.

Okay. All right. Great.

All right. Gww, you want to talk.

A little bit about the poker tournament?

Yeah, absolutely. There's a lot on that front, so I'll try to keep it tight. But high level, just so the community knows, they're going to be hosting a tournament where you can buy in via bid money. We're going to be running it on PokerStars and we're working on the onboarding process now of having users join PokerStars going to be not money submitting to the buy in and then getting access to the discord in terms of timeline.

Right now we're aiming for the first week of March to launch. That will be on the fifth. We will be updating that in the invite in in the Dow, we are working on a handful of things in terms of marketing promotion that that one of the cool things that Dumplin brought up and it's pushed a lot of is something called Cameo or we're trying to get people do voice over like basically read scripts and stuff like that that are professional poker players to talk about the tournament itself.

Actually, there's a ton of stuff in TV. I can leave a lot of it to you if you want to talk about it. But we won't be running ads for it, but we will be livestreaming through twitch. IPO is already kind of signed up on it and trying to get it co-hosted currently right now and we're working on the tournament details in terms of what the with the bands will look like with or sorry with with the rounds will look like what the chip allocation will look like, what the payouts will look like.

There's a bunch of stuff on that front that we're working thought through. And then lastly of the outreach, which being in turn has been helping us tackle kind of reaching out a couple of the protocols to bring them in. And there's yeah. So we're just kind of waiting for updates from him on that. A lot of, a lot of moving parts to it and huge shout out to kind of everyone who's been involved.

I mean, jumping, you've obviously been crucial. I think this is all your your baby to start with and to to be intimate and to put progress into everyone that's been, you know, chatting with us and working on this stuff on down Canadian Bennett helping to set up everything within the discord. I mean, I would say it's been a very big, broad team effort, so thanks to everyone that's been helping.

And yeah, we'll have news for the for the team more so in the coming days. It's just a lot of stuff that we're running through with it.

Oh, and last mention for that, we're thinking about doing or I think we're planning on doing it. If we can if we can pull it off, we're working out the the wallet and the buy ins. You know, how that whole process is going to work. And so we're going to do a test run. And if anyone's interested in playing, what are we decided at 50 bucks.

Yeah, we're going to run 50.

Yeah. So $50 buy in. I think we're going to limit it to 18 people and just like a test run poker tournament and we're shooting for this Saturday or Sunday, but it's a little bit TBD depending on how much progress we can make on that that front tomorrow. So we will just maybe if you're interested, just DM me if you want to play the sort of the trial poker tournament and just let me know and we'll get you all set up and it should be fun and no, I'm going to win.

So. All right, next, the video. Video, I guess we can you can you can talk about that.

And so then we've got this the video curriculum that we've been talking about first of was a curriculum and now it's kind of focused on just being kind of a quick onboarding video. So we're finalizing the script for the video right now. VOICEOVER We've gotten an audio test file from from BitTorrent, which is awesome, and we've gotten a, an illustration demo of them being funny, which is great too.

Once we get the kind of finalized language for that, we'll be able to push those things out pretty quickly and we're still thinking about how we can allocate the video. Obviously, it won't be like revised to be branded per what we just saw. It is, but it'll be on brand. But we're we're kind of out right now and we'll just share the video with that with the with the Dallas and as we have it ready to take a bigger.

Wait that's about what I have one other mention that just because he's here and he's so great, I want to mention that that Rex will be submitting a we submitting a snapshot for Rex to be community manager. So I'm really excited. We've had several chats with with me, him and Publius and we're just, just thrilled to have to have him in that role.

And I know I said I'm announcing next week, but I think that just even with your input today, I just think that you've been really, really great. So I'm really excited to put that up for a vote with the community and to have someone who can can spend a lot more time in the discord, spend a lot more time, you know, obviously he has a great presence on Twitter already and really good vision for how to get really big appreciation for this community and their good vision for how grow it and bring it into the future.

So, Rex, maybe you want to just say hello real quick and you can have a a longer segment maybe next week, but I just wanted you to say hello door. No, this is I can't tell you how excited I am to be part of the community in general and then taking on this role. I mean, it's it was, you know, a role that I looked at and thought about for a while.

And just to kind of have a come together like this can be more excited, really, really excited to get in and get working. And yeah, just, just provide some, some good feedback and keep working on growing our community. So definitely, definitely pumped to be part of the process. I just wanted to introduce you so that people could put a voice behind the name when they see the snapshot going out.

But yeah, just for reference, you know, I reached out to Rex because I just I was thinking you'd be the best man for the job if he was willing. And I'm so thrilled that he is so thank you. I appreciate it. Okay. So real quick, just in case, I'm sure I forgot, there's other things, other pieces of business to discuss.

I'm opening the floor up. But also just keep in mind, you know, we've been going for a while, so I don't want to drive people too crazy.

I think we've just been hoping to close this out with a song on a, you know, on these calls, not to put you on the spot this, but going forward, it'd be great, you know. And honestly, before the work, we're all just bumping your songs constantly.

But I promise, I promise to get the the better versions to you any day now.

Yeah, I've got, I've got no.

New ones but you know I can, I can.

Either cos.

Oh yeah absolutely.

Or you know so feel free to leave at your leisure. Nothing before I, before we do.

Before we do I need to mention one more thing. That sweet, sweet red beans. We'll be submitting a snapshot for you. I know that you've been helping a lot behind the scenes, but I wanted to mention, you know, if you want to say hello. Yeah, I know that you've been a lot of the magic behind the scenes working with these and so I just thought maybe you could say hello and.

Hey, can you.

Can you hear me okay? We can hear you now.

Okay. Okay. Sorry about that. Yeah, I Have been helping these just kind of with definitely, you know, I don't want to take credit for anything he's done. I would say most of what you see in today's is from him. But have been helping on the other side and and planning to kind of help out in a more I guess in a in a more formal fashion now.

So yeah definitely great to meet you guys are usually and pretty quiet in these meetings but yeah feel free to do me if you have questions about UX and and product stuff. Thanks dumpling.

Okay. Well, great.

I'm looking for the new prices on the website on that love that, you know, Sweet Bread did a great job for the silo, tried to make that happen. Very valuable addition to the well I guess you've been working the whole time, but it'll be great to have a snapshot and get you officially on the Beanstalk Forms team.

Yeah, I think that's just great. Thanks for the red beans. I appreciate all that you've done and look forward to all that you're going to continue to do. Bean Tobin I think we can take a song.

Okay, okay, let's, let's.

Let's get one. We all know here you can sing quietly to yourselves if you like. There's a few filled with beans.

I can see it in my dreams.

You got your best. Believe that I.

Got mine.

Land the birds watch.

Them grow.


Can reap what you.

Sow Won't be long.


You know until harvest.

Time Honest work Honest pay.

Will be laughing One.

Fine day There'll be no need to pray for rainfall There's a moon up in the sky We will get.

There by and by.

As we.

Climb up so high. One and oh Lord, as we climb up so high one and oh, will.

Bellowing right now you can't see but I'm going, oh, I mean, we can go for another hour and a half now and. Energize. That's big being energy right there.

Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Wow, what a group. We love you all. Come to our meeting on Thursday evening, like, just awesome.

I can just.

Imagine Publius listening to that 24 seven while they work nonstop on the protocol.

It's totally accurate.

Okay, well, guys, thanks so much for coming. These thank you again for no putting your heart on the table. You know, like that must be hard to put something you put so much work into for just the quick scrutiny of like 25, 27 people. So I really appreciate that. I think no, I think everybody and everyone seems to like it.

So I think let's get the snapshot up, let's get this out. But also, you know, I think that that was I appreciate you holding firm and saying you need time to turn this, you know, this cocoon into a butterfly or whatever. But I think that that's awesome. So I appreciate you all coming. And for this long meeting Beethoven amazing song and let's play some poker this weekend and and keep building.

Thanks for coming, everyone. Thanks, everybody. Thank you so much. Thank you.