DAO Weekly Meeting  #1

DAO Weekly Meeting #1

December 2, 2021


DAO Meeting

Weekly DAO Meeting Notes - 12/02/2021

From Publius

  • in general, Publius is trying to do less leading in the DAO meetings
  • that said, things they are thinking about
    • Q1 budget. Current proposal process is a bit tedious, don't want to burden stalk holders with voting on many proposals for allocating 1000s of beans. Thinking about ways to have approval of different Q1 projects be more seamless but still decentralized.
    • Wants an aggressive budget for Q1 so that everyone who wants to get involved and contribute to Beanstalk can do so
    • Integrations: Curve integration would be great (BEAN/3 CRV pool) — if anyone has connections with the Curve team that would be helpful (specific technical help that the Beanstalk Farms team needs)

Q: What is the distinction between Beanstalk Farms, Beanstalk, etc?

A: Beanstalk Farms is the development DAO, Beanstalk is the protocol, stalk owners make up the Beanstalk DAO, and Beanstalk DAO funds Beanstalk Farms.

Dumpling: We have 34 people at the DAO meeting! Anyone who has ideas about want they want to work on, please reach out.

  • working on a job board for Beanstalk
  • also a Gitbook—more information and documentation for people coming to Beanstalk (help wanted)

Publius: Need people at all levels: smart contracts, front end dev, operations work etc.

  • George and Dumpling are getting involved in more substantive ways, Dumpling on the operations side and George on the partnerships/integrations front
  • We have 34 people in this call, the 1st DAO meeting was just Dumpling/Bean Merchant/Publius (lol)

Dumpling (help wanted):

  • Handling layer3 bounties for design work, blogging about Beanstalk, etc
  • Organizing community events
    • Bean merch, if you have been to community calls and want an item, drop a note in #bean-merch
    • DAO meetings at a barn in Cryptovoxels? Fun ideas like this welcome
  • Setup onboarding flow for new community members (Notion)

ipoandchill (if you want to work on any of these things/post content, reach out):

  • More content on the Instagram and TikTok coming soon
  • perhaps we should consolidate on using the $BEAN tag on Twitter?
  • idea: brand guide for new folks onboarding to the DAO
  • see #bean-follow-bean channel — has been great for spreading tweets about bean

JWW (reach out if you want to work on/have ideas for BeaNFTs!)

  • proposal coming for 2nd collection of BeaNFTs
  • JWW and wherehaveyoubean both had separate BMPs that did not pass
  • NFTs are a good way to have a visual representation of Beanstalk
  • goal is before close of Q4 this year
  • floor price for BeanFT genesis has been increasing!

Dumpling (again, reach out to help with any of these):

  • Likely will have subcommittee meetings for different projects for more focused discussions
  • Calendar of events in the DAO
  • verification on Discord to mitigate future spammers

Other ideas:

  • AMAs are currently once a month, with class every Tuesday
  • Other folks can take notes at class and start to aggregate a curriculum (I can start this! -Austin)
  • Maybe have class twice a week and/or have Beanstalk 101/202/etc with rewards for passing, like roles in Discord or NFTs
    • Dumpling: people are doing a great job answering questions in Discord—if people didn't answer questions in Olympus, I would have left


  • BIP in the next week or two: slowly decrease withdrawal time from the silo to less than 24 seasons
  • supports reasons to use bean elsewhere rather than having them parked in the silo
  • would increase use of bean across DeFi