Beanstalk University Class #56

December 20, 2022

0:00 Intro • 0:20 How is Beanstalk doing in the current market conditions? • 14:14 Could the DAO pass a BIP to divide the temperature by X amount? • 14:56 Discussion around Compost • 30:05 Is there any meaning around people taking a loss on Fert? • 33:39 Special surprise

Beanstalk University


Meeting Notes

How is Beanstalk doing in the current market conditions?

  • Beanstalk is currently at .96 cents and the Temperature is at 5000 percent and increasing. Due to the refinement in Soil issuance, there is not a significant risk to Beanstalk in terms of Pod issuance at a certain Temperature. The Dutch auction that Brean is working on, will be a considerable improvement.
  • Publius thinks the next significant improvement to the Field might be adding some sort of downward reflexivity. Publius adds that Beanstalk needs to attract lenders to return to Peg. Publius also thinks the Silo and the Field should optimize around the same things
  • Publius thinks it is pretty cool to see the first Chop. The option has always been there, and it is cool to see it at work. You would imagine that the Chop and secondary market be around the same haircut.

Could the DAO pass a BIP to divide the temperature by X amount?

  • The DAO can do whatever it wants, but it would be better to make an autonomous mechanism to run by itself and does not need manual intervention by the DAO

Discussion around Compost

  • This idea is around burning Pods for Stalk. Publius says that the Silo and the Field are separate, and in the Silo all Stalk has BDV. Publius doesn't think it makes sense to mix the Silo and the Field, they also do not know how this would affect Peg maintenance.
  • Compost would be a preferred debt, a Farmer could turn their Pods into Compost then the Compost goes to a separate line. The new line would share Bean mints with the current Pod line. There are a lot of open questions around this, including what would the conversion rate be between Pods and Compost. Publius think that there are too many open questions and there is no real benefit to Beanstalk.
  • Publius adds that there is a difference between people stuck in the Pod line and benefits to Beanstalk. This is the reason why Pods do not give you governance rights

Is there any meaning around people taking a loss on Fert on the secondary markets?

  • There was some confusion around this question and Mod323 will take another stab at it when they understand it better.


hello everyone and thank you for joining us today let's give it a few minutes before we start this class and um towards the end of this class we have been talking who will spend some time and maybe you know do some live performance okay how are you Publius I'm not sure if you're talking about you're muted doing well Matt how are you I'm going right here okay um told audience Feel Free at any point to drop your questions on Town Hall chat or um raise your hand and you can join us on stage and ask ask directly probably maybe I can start this class by talking a little bit about you know the maybe the current the current market and how the protocol or Beanstalk is behaving um in it um and I will mimic a lot of maybe the protocol's behavior to let's say earlier on this year maybe you know towards maybe actually a year from then so like the December all the way up to to April or just just before the exploit um so being right now is at 96 or 97 cents let's say and the temperature is around 5000 it's increasing on the margin does it really matter what the temperature is I mean to an extent but does it matter if it's like five thousand ten thousand you know twenty thousand um given that or as long as you know the amount of soil that is issued is controlled uh at the end of the day whatever the temp the temperature is there is only a limited amount of soil that ends up being sold and then you know uh uh the the protocol isn't really like just like selling uh uh soil or issuing soil at a very high interest rate does that make sense and um maybe we saw that like if you if you look uh historically into the into the Pod graph and how it increases and you and we'll see that after the the bip that that had a cap on the amount of uh soil issued uh let's say or you know stop the amount of issue soil that used to be issued unnecessarily you will find that bean stock you know doesn't doesn't really take a lot of debt even when the temperature is high or considerably higher than what it used to be before wow first off there's I'm sure a class that people can find in the early days of class where we speculated that Beanstalk probably couldn't handle something like a 3 000 weather if I recall correctly so you know what what do we know uh Beanstalk has had a five six I think even seven thousand percent weather uh in its past and to your point mod due to the refinement in the soil issuance it doesn't seem like there is a a significant risk to being stuck in terms of pod issuance at a given temperature but I think that there's certainly some there's there is some theoretical limit at which the the temperature is too high and the cost for Beanstalk to attract lenders is too high whether that's ten thousand twenty thousand hundred thousand who knows uh but separately the sunrise improvement with the Dutch auction that Breen has been working on uh which is currently under audit uh should also be another probably order of magnitude Improvement in the soil issuance mechanism uh in this case when the price is above Peg uh but in particular when Beanstalk is recovering from high temperatures it probably will at the margin make a make a difference now there's an argument to be made that uh and we would probably support this argument that the story excuse me the temperature should be downward reflexive meaning even if it's slow to move upward like in these cases that we're experiencing right now where there's a a slow bleed if you will being stuck isn't in a rush to raise the temperature to attract lenders in particular because it may not be there may be no lenders at any price right now and therefore it's not being Stock's best interest to have the temperature increase to Infinity quickly but once Beanstalk repegs there is an argument to be made that the temperature should decrease much faster than it increases and in particular the potential for the temperature to decrease faster than it increases also probably improves the incentive structure around lending to Beanstalk efficiently because not only will you be further back in line the temperature may go down very quickly after people start to lend to be in stock then the price is above a dollar or whatever it's pegged to and therefore it probably makes the the incentives around inefficient soil Market even stronger so that's maybe the next efficiency uh to be made in the field where the soil is downward reflexive in some capacity uh but if it to go back to your original question mod it's unclear what those circumstances would actually be uh although they certainly exist in theory and and in practice uh but maybe the the more interesting or not more interesting but another interesting lens with which to think about what's going on here is that beans have effectively depegged uh where the price is at 96 cents and change but it doesn't seem like uh at least in the uh immediate future that there's a a run on the bank happening now to some extent there's an argument that a lot of the capital uh there's an argument to be made that a lot of the capital is locked up and therefore there's a limit to the the potential for a run on the bank which is true uh but nonetheless the the bigger point stands that the general incentive structures implemented by Beanstalk do tend to be counter-reflexive and that's generally encouraging that uh even though you probably do expect more downside reflexivity in general uh when when you have d-pegs it's it's certainly nice to see d-pegs where there's sort of a slow steady uh burn I think burn is a a good word uh in this case where the Delta B is growing slowly and the temperature is rising which is what you originally were asking about and so there is some I mean can this go on for years probably not can this go on for months probably and therefore uh there is time to implement uh the downward reflexivity in the soil so that even if it gets up to some crazy amount uh it is probably possible to get it quickly back down in some autonomous fashion and in general as the as the system goes through more Cycles we're going to continue to collectively get a lot of data points for where are the rough spots in the peg maintenance model and at the moment feel like the temperature rising to a very high amount on the one hand it makes sense economically and it's not reasonable to expect that the only uh demand for beans will come from repegging from The Silo in fact it's probably unreasonable to think that uh it is necessary for being stuck to attract lenders but there's there's a question as to how much how how much should be in stock be willing to pay in the field uh in order to repag and maybe even if the even if the temperature is there's some maximum temperature maybe there's not that temperature isn't available for all of the soil so if the Delta b gets down to you know negative uh X and the temperature is why instead of getting the full temperature so y plus 1 times x for whatever the soil is to fully repeg there could be some temperature over which the the excuse me there could be some curve over which the temperature is discounted and sort of like an an order book of temperature that being stuck could implements so uh there's some Maximum increase in the pod rate as a function of repegging that Beanstalk could enforce or something like that I mean there's a million there's literally infinite ways to do it so well we should all give it some more thought as to what the most refined uh way to do this and then obviously there's a macro level question as to how to integrate this with The Silo and the The Stockade system and what Beanstalk is ultimately going to optimize around which is uh currently just the values of price and debt level uh but or excuse me price and pod rate but over time it may make sense to have the system optimized around uh magnitude from Peg magnitude deviation of the Padre from some sort of optimal uh and then magnitude can be defined as uh like the the magnitude and value the time the amount of time uh there's a lot of different ways to to quantify deviations from Peg and ultimately the field and the silo and all of their autonomous adjustments really should be integrated to some extent around the same goals even from an economics perspective they're designed totally independently which probably does make the most sense to a large extent uh the the the things that they are optimizing for definitely should be aligned foreign I think you can to an extent say that just given that the the field soil issuance is completely dependent or or not completely dependent highly dependent on a lot of um conditions given on what is you know the price of deals is it above Peg below Peg and so on uh Publius you may you mentioned a few things um like the the liquidity or the price of being is there is no run let's say on on on Beanstalk and that maybe because most a lot of the liquidity let's say is locked but even in the secondary you don't really see a lot of Android you know being being sold there isn't that an indication that you know it's not just because the liquidity is locked foreign Market at all so we'll take your word for it uh did see that that we had our first uh chop uh really two chops uh that you'd assume they're related so first chop uh which is pretty exciting right uh in general it's probably not reasonable to expect that nobody chops uh from here back to a zero percent chop rate and therefore particularly given the nature of the chop where the sooner you chop the more that the people that hold out get rewarded uh it is pretty cool to see the first stop uh so yeah uh yeah and that's by Design yeah exactly exactly the the option was was there and it was it was accounted and designed for it yeah so no no real thoughts uh on the I mean I just haven't been following too much on the unripe side but at least from from our perspective the the The Chopping is really a fascinating thing because you'd expect the chop Market to be in some sort of equilibrium with the secondary right why would you chop when you could sell on the secondary market for hire uh but I mean to your point maybe there's no liquidity on the secondary market and maybe this is now a new phase in the the Beanstalk bear Market if you will where people are people are chopping instead of selling on the secondary Market because it's sort of dried up but I mean with the top rate at 995 or whatever it is you I mean what are what do you know what unripe assets are going for could it really be half a cent no no no there is definitely like even the asks but right now you can see the recent post first of all there aren't a lot of Android on the market and then the recent most recent post I think the the Saturday asked for like 12 percent which is like relatively High uh since the protocol re launched even asking for 15 percent so not a lot of sellers at least you know from from what I'm what I'm observing okay Publius I wanted to go to another comment uh where we said you know if the field keeps increasing the temperature you know how long can it do that for months or four years um do you think it's appropriate for the Dow to just you know pass a bit and say let's divide the temperature by 10 or just let's change the temperature at any arbitrary point well the Dow can do whatever it wants but ultimately much better to design an autonomous mechanism for the system to run by itself without needing manual intervention by the Dow okay all right um we have a few questions in the tunnel chat maybe we can go through them Bacchus is linking to a post in the ideas Forum that's a little compost and I believe it's written by Sync um mind I I think this uh the the discussion there is something that we addressed maybe in previous classes but we can go over it quickly or back as maybe it's changed and you can also share with us as latest form so the idea here is you know burning pods for stock uh problems the I think what sync is proposing in it is that there is some you know a different kind of stock like a preferred stock I'm not sure how different that stock would be from uh from the normal stock and then you know pod holders could burn it for stock so in general feel like very clearly Simplicity is better and one of the simple design principles of the silo well first off of Beanstalk is The Silo and the field really are distinct and except for the idea where you can trade deposits for pods there really is a separation in their function within the system and it is important that there's there is a from a theoretical perspective it's important to understand that it maybe maybe the better sense it's important to understand that from a theoretical perspective The Silo and field are are really separate and their effects on Beanstalk are separate and one of the other principles of the silo or a principle of The Silo is that there is no stock without underlying bdv or uh liquidity that has exposure to pdb and the reason for that is to minimize uh uh the like the concept of permanent senior Edge which in theory you could have like limited seniors so people are now trading their pods for a new class of fungible debt or semi-fungible debt like fertilizer uh which is receiving a portion of mints in some other way so it's not like you can't do it in a way where it's somewhat simple and there's just a fourth facility or a fourth way that mints are going but in general don't don't think that it makes sense to mix the field in The Silo and more than that the field there's already liquidity in the field through the Pod market and don't think that it's on Beanstalk to make to provide additional liquidity for pods uh particularly in the form of future being cleared so now you can pick and choose your being senior age and you can go from pods you can transform your pods to something else just seems it's very complicated and unnecessary and it's unclear how it would affect Peg maintenance in any capacity so see that syncopt up here and uh Curious for your thoughts on this thing maybe I'm misunderstanding the idea yeah I think yeah the the there are a few messages and it seems that the idea has changed to an extent so I think maybe can explain or ask the question um to us hey sure thanks uh the opportunity to speak um yeah so it was a interesting discussion um originally was an idea of uh burning pods for preferred stock and then through the course of the discussion and that thread that um that Bach is linked to um you know Safi had a really good idea um and that's why we changed the thread titles to pods for compost so compost um according to their um as far as I understand and anybody in the audience feel free to correct me whoever has been following along with that thread um compost would essentially be like a um uh I guess preferred debt if you will so um it would you would take the Pod line and essentially offer an opportunity to people in the pot line to burn their pods in exchange for compost and the compost would be at the front of the line like it would be like a 50 50 split between the Pod line and then the compost line and then the compost um so it would create a 50 50 split within the field so kind of like how we already have this one-third and one-third one-third split between pods um stock and fur you would you would be splitting the the one-third of uh that corresponds to the Pod line right as it exists right now with the idea being that eventually when the fur is of you know when all the Sprouts are paid off hopefully um and the system reverts to the 50 50 split between The Silo and the field well then this would create uh essentially 25 25 50 split if that makes sense so there would be no blurred lines between the pond line and the and the silo as was originally envisioned there would be no preferred stock here it would just be um you're you're burning your pods to get a much more reduced number of what we would call compost um and you would be paid off at the at the front of the line essentially corresponded to potholders uh in the Pod line so it doesn't change the fact that pods would be first in first out as we already have established it would just allow people creditors to renegotiate their debt essentially and in exchange for doing that and reducing the debt load of the protocol it would get compost and then the compost would be paid out from you being mints um similar to the Pod line yeah what is the benefit to being stuck so the benefit to being stock is it would allow the creditors potholders to renegotiate their debt downwards kind of like the chop function that we have in the silo um this one what's the benefits of Beanstalk uh it would reduce the the pad rate and it would reduce the pot line but to some extent it actually wouldn't reduce the the pot line because if you're decreasing the amount of mints that go to the field or go to paint off the Pod line now the incentive to sew goes way down well it a big hypothetical to this and I think that's the one thing that if you check that thread pulley is you we don't have an answer to Is how would you determine the conversion of burning pods for compost because the idea would be that if you burn pods you're going to get a lot less in compost I think there's a couple a couple open-ended questions but actually the point is that Beanstalk doesn't have to determine that the market determines that at the time that this the market sews and the market also determines that on a continuous basis on the secondary market so don't really feel like it made sense in any capacity for Beanstalk to be serving this role now it may make sense for there to be other markets or like a compost protocol that's designed as a liquidity protocol for uh odds that function as a secondary but it really should not affect the peg maintenance model or the minting schedule of being I mean this type of manipulation of the Pod line is exactly the type of thing that would destroy beanstalk's credibility where now why would why would anyone so beans when the Dow is just going to go and radically change the parameters of the loans the exploit was a one-time thing where it makes sense to moderately reduce or dilute the the the the standard schedule to pause but it really was moderate in the grand scheme of things but the idea of now creating separate classes and changing the standard schedule at least from our perspective that would be a really horrible idea yeah just you know just to be clear um as far as the discussion was concerned this would have been totally opt-in from a potholder perspective so there's there would be nobody forcing I understand that but the idea that you're corrupting because as soon as anyone opts in now you're disrupting the entire pod line so someone opts in they're now getting priority over the people that were previously in front of them in London so you're you're actually corrupting the entirety of the Integrity of the Pod line foreign if somebody does burn however it would move people up behind them correct so yeah that's like the whole point of the Pod fifo structure which is that you lock in your plates in line now you're messing with that this would this would just destroy the incentive structure in the field entirely okay well I I would personally disagree with that but you know the threat is over and why is that right so there's this fifo system the incentive is that you can price uh your return and your risk exactly at the time of the loan you're saying what do you think is the odds or the time or the expectation of when the bean Supply will reach a certain amount it's a very clean calculation as soon as you add these other variables oh well other user behavior in the Pod line that makes the calculation way more sophisticated and from our perspective uh particularly given that this allows people to cut the line uh this is just it just something again to start start where we took where we started this answer There's real elegance and simplicity and it's really unclear we have to bifurcate benefit to people that are stuck in the Pod line uh and benefit to Beanstalk and those are totally different things so if you're stuck in the pot line uh From beanstalk's perspective Beanstalk doesn't give a [ __ ] it gives zero [ __ ] uh so the idea that now Beanstalk is going to disrupt its Peg maintenance model uh because of people stuck in the pot line in fact this is exactly why uh potholders don't have governance power because of course this is what God lenders would do they're going to say yeah you have to restructure our debt man uh or Dow like you know this is exactly this is exactly the way things work uh from an incentive perspective and why the stockholders in The Silo control uh the protocol and not the pod older exactly why yeah I'm not going to dispute that and if I mean at the end of the day no proposal is going to pass unless stockholders agree with it right so um as a courtesy to Safi who can't join this call and speak on on you know on their behalf I'm just explaining the discussion and that thread for everybody else feel free to look at that thread if you want to see um the course of that discussion thank you sink populous expanding maybe on this idea here what are your thoughts if you know in the future the protocol pays off all of the fertilizer and then it continues you know within with an extended let's say something before it goes to 50 50 and it does you know a one-time thing with it do you think that you see any any like value in the Dao thinking like that no okay the the goal here is to create the most simple autonomous system possible me ad complexity just for the sake of it and and the way the the code that's right now on on chain is that as soon as fertilizer is paid off it goes back so this is already already designed yeah but don't think that's the point obviously if there are better ideas for Peg maintenance or how the system should work they should be considered and probably implemented uh if not there'll probably be a fork that implements them so it's really important that the dad does consider the best ideas from an economics perspective but by the same program if the Dow goes the wrong way and implements crappy Economic Policy it's highly likely that it kills Beanstalk or if it doesn't kill Beanstalk very quickly at the very least it'll put Beanstalk in a worse position to compete with other similar versions of credit based stable coins that will likely Sprint up if Beanstalk continues to do well so the idea is Beanstalk is not just uh the Dow is not just trying to figure out you know marginal improvements there's a real competition in theory to figure out the best implementation and to get those sooner rather than later to really take advantage of the network effect that currently exists around these so at the end of the day these types of uh complexities and sophistications that don't add any value to Beanstalk make things much more hard to understand from a peg maintenance perspective at best and really are are going to take away from the the focus around things that actually matter I mean this is these are these are the wrong things to be focused on so you know if anything maybe it'll be a little bit more positive I feel like these are the types of cool economics problems that are ripe for innovation in the sense that fifo debt models those are new and the way to create liquidity particularly in a pooled fashion for pod is also unclear so the Pod Marketplace V2 does create a lot more options for liquidity don't think the UI is really at a place where it it it's able to take full advantage of that but the concept is there needs to be more outside the box uh thinking about this but so so not meant to discourage the idea of compost or or or the idea of trying to create new ways to create liquidity for potholders but and and certainly trying to discourage manipulation of the core of the peg maintenance model and and particularly doing so with minimal obvious economic games to being stuck okay understood uh and that because I see you had a comment um I don't know if you want if you want an answer is that a question or are you content on the answer let me know okay put this one last maybe a comment um um or observation and this is just for thought so the price of Earth right now I understand I think there were some sold or being sold let's say atere that's better than than what you would have bought at 500 let's say when it was offered uh by by the by the Dao or by the protocol um on the on the barn race and I wanted to comment here about if there is any meaning to any of this so the 500 was an arbitrary number that I've chosen and there are a lot of things that you know um they played a role as well in it which is the timeline uh I remember during the boundaries there were talks about what if it happened before you know the the collapse of Luna and then maybe another thing to think of is that what if the binary has happened now after you know the collapse of FTX do you think when it comes to something like this that was sold it was sold arbitrarily and then it depends on many other things that the the selling price of it let's say or the market price of it you know is an indicator yeah an indicator of what of the performance of the overall protocol let's see and what what is it telling for I'm not not up to speed um I'm not sure I think if I remember it was something maybe like um you you would have gotten what you have got for nine cents since uh like 90 cents instead of a dollar something like that and how much have you been paid back if you have fertilizer do you know how many beans no so they're selling the Sprouts so imagine think of it like when when we were buying it at the boundary is a dollar you'd get you know six six clouds I think I don't think you can sell Sprout you can self-fertilize all right yeah so I believe they're selling like fertilizer with but but they're pricing it by the number of sprouts that are in it so the 500 fertilizer has six sprouts and what's that selling for um I'll try to look for it sorry just now following the secondary markets these days yeah so I think someone is selling um you know previous maybe you are right so I'm I'm not so sure if you know details here but I think uh if I'm understanding correctly that it's if you buy it if you buy it now you buy better or a cheaper than at five hundred percent when it was uh when it was in the boundaries oh yeah it can't be that it's it's 90 cents per Sprout because then you'd make a huge return right you make a 5x not yourself or 90 discount make like a 500 and something percent return no we can we can maybe revisit this question when I have a better understanding uh no worries so yeah we can move on yeah okay um we have a small surprise uh with Billy Beethoven and beloved talk uh you know by when as we close this class but before we do that I'll give it a minute or two see if any other folks have questions we can take them before before um having them on stage I can I can maybe invite you guys from now as well I think we might be live are we live yes you are oh [ __ ] okay people can hear us all right well so first and foremost um do people want to migrate over to a video streaming area yes we have we have something very special yes I I don't know happy holidays Merry Christmas and uh you know talk uh talk next Tuesday we'll move to the Barnyard To The Barnyard chat or less maybe you can come to the first you know see the performance yes all right we'll move we'll move to the Pioneer chat where we have our Dao our down meetings let's go there see you guys are you gonna screen share oh we're we're trying to turn the camera on okay all right but it says I can't stream into this channel fortunately oh it says it says we can't stream into this channel hmm TV can you can you help us with that I think you should be able to is it a permissions thing I don't think so but I'll check but I don't think so well we can always go with the plan B if this doesn't if this doesn't work out but uh there's something okay let's give it a minute CB is looking into it we'll give it a minute if you can fix it great otherwise go with the plan b hmm can I try now okay let me talk I'm muted uh yeah it still don't want doesn't seem possible yeah still still says that we don't have permission um yeah we let's let's go with plan B so we were there was going to be a there's going to be a face reveal uh and uh yeah we we have we have this whole setup but tell you what we'll we'll take a picture and we'll maybe leave and come back let's leave and come back and see if that works negative negative not not working unfortunately oh no well you know what we can we can still you can still hear us we can still perform a little bit for you guys and uh and we'll we'll send you we'll send you a picture a little Christmas picture and we'll we'll figure this out at some point I want to be able to to look you in the eyes at some point all right well let's let's get this show on the road Bean talk you ready foreign there we go all right this is a little something called she roams a lonely prairies late at night a more impressive side you've never seen there's lightning in his eyes you can hear his Thunder cries as he calls for me he moves the team up using just his size it doesn't work [Music] Wills with quiet Pride but the scars along his heart prove the hero of a thousand epic Tales people [Music] or is it a piece [Music] of every hacking at a door he never met a cloud he couldn't go and if you came to First you'll be face down in the mud before you know lives of 50 pounds of beans a day we'll find a meat and greens and greens away his breath is sweet a sin only when he breaks his wind they can smell it way on down in Mexico is it a bowl easy to peace or is it a piece [Music] [Music] [Music] thank me for me foreign thank you thank you thank you this sounds really really good given that you're you know that you're doing it live much much cleaner and better than uh we've got the whole band here uh yeah 20 20 people um yeah they each they each charge so I hope hope the coffers are deep well try your camera CV says that it might work now show us the event okay okay let's let's see what happens here all right I'm gonna disconnect one more time yeah unfortunately no it doesn't look like it okay we can we continue then yeah yeah we'll wait is it wait wait is it working yep nope nope not working all right we'll we'll figure it out someday but uh for now I'm actually gonna take off my face because I don't know if you can tell but it's making my voice all muffled this face reveal was a was a big deal all right let's move on here let's no Let's do let's do the devil but the devil got in the crypto biggest but he loves he was doing his devilish Deeds he was pulling Rogues and spreading photos [Music] it's at the bean so you're the devil huh who's been causing us on the streets not half a mind to Can Your Hide And I think I've got the knees the devil left you must be telling Tales how could it be in the best of me but everyone else is there I'll tell you what let's make it easier you take all I can do and I'll leave this land forever and it's just the way it is the being said no the beans are surely folk and you don't scare me none so write up the deal and tell me where to sign let's get it done it's time to smell the blockchain cream you really need to hear what the name is [Music] you gotta Kick the devil right in the Nets the democrite that said might be you don't know what you've got I'll send a crypto winter and with that I think I won the game just struck if that's the best you've gotten you've been out of classed we ain't even growing slowly now just a little bit let's stop [Music] a place guess you haven't met my friends for Q A's with scared smooth brains are the best that's ever been the demo now looked a little scared but he had one trick more you may have beat me so far but let's even up to school I'll steal all your liquidity I'll drink your milkshake Drive you've never met a DJ anymore despicable than I am better watch out for an old place [Music] [Applause] the bean took just a moment's pause and said well it's not ideal there's nothing in the silence but if you think I'm down and out the boy You Don't Know Jack the farm is fine and look beans are already growing fast the devil knew then that he was being gave a piteous cry I don't think we leave without fear and greed the bean said no it feels a deal and you can yell until you're blue but show your sorry face again and I'll give the devil his dude [Music] this the live performances make it make me think that at the latest Sage you might you know re-release all of these things just acoustic or with with you know the acoustic version yeah well wait I mean where do you see the music videos with the the Reindeer and the dancing unicorns and the the choreography okay synchronized swimming do you want to try one last time CB says that you might have fixed it now oh one last time okay just just one second all right the face reveal okay this is this is as dramatic as it can be here this reveal wait I may have been lying a little bit about the unicorns [Laughter] [Applause] yo where did you make the mask [Laughter] give me my face this is look yeah it's like it's like an elephant man sort of thing you know we could just you make do with what you have a true Bean I love it uh this is good this is good farmer down we gotta get some of these and send them out oh we can we can set up like a a vanity photo shoot if you want all right should we do one more yes let's let's let's let's do one more here you can see more than I can all right uh which one do you want to do let's let's do flutter let's do futter never before performed live [Music] well it's looking like we stalled out here at 60 million votes not sure where 40 million more could be but this whole idea was a sample time here it's a house of cards a double rug ponzie beans Illuminati run the bar mates failed will never be made whole to pay my rents an 81.1 percent [Music] [Applause] [Music] is [Music] a terrible dog here it's a house of cards a double World Ponzi we're buying hamburgers and drain and all our cuts the bar lights available [Music] Ranch an apy point one percent he bet if you invest 1 billion bowl a bean only a woman ever loved it was his mother just a couple hundred parts [Music] now I've been put every bit of myself worth into this project and frankly if the devs don't make Iran beans immediately I have 234 thoughts that follow me on Twitter [Music] foreign [Music] thank you thank you guys for the for the performance and the entertainment thanks for the stage through it through your pfts yeah happy Holidays happy holidays take care thank you thank you once again viento and Bella binto and thank you all for for joining us today and we'll see you next week