Using the BF Accounts Spreadsheet

Access Control
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The accounts spreadsheet is the source of access control information for all Beanstalk Farms accounts across various third party services.

It is used to record which contributors have accounts, which accounts have elevated privileges, and for shared accounts, which contributors have access to the shared account.

Access is BFC Limited: Contains sensitive contributor information. Accessible only by BFC members and Operations. Please contact a member of the BFC if you need access to the accounts spreadsheet.

Instructions by Tab:

Contents - A list of each third party service included in the accounts spreadsheet. All services used by Beanstalk Farms should be listed here.

Affiliation - A list of all contributors or otherwise affiliated individuals or groups who may hold accounts at any of the listed services.

Organized by “Org” in column B. Add “Notes” and a link to the “Snapshot” page, if applicable.

Services Tabs - There is one tab for each service.

List each contributor with access in column A. Use the VLOOKUP formula to pull the “Org” data from the “Affiliation” tab. “Access Level” is based on the categorizations provided by the service.

Highlight users with administrative level access in green.