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Quick guides on how to use each of the bots in the Beanstalk Discord.

This does not include the Beanstalk bots (i.e. the ones that display Beanstalk data on the sidebar, the bot channels, etc.)

Collab Land

To access the dashboard to config the bot go to the following website: https://cc.collab.land/dashboard/

To add a new contract to CollabLand-

1) Navigate to the TGR section

2) Create a new TGR for the BeaNFT Club Member role

3) Fill in the Description, chain type (most likely mainnet), token type, and the contract address,

4) Finally, add the minimum amount of tokens or NFTs you have to hold to qualify for the role

You cannot change the name of the channel the bot crates this breaks the bot

/join start a recording within the voice channel you are currently in

/note to make a note of something at the current time. This will be exported as a text file or within the Audacity project

/stop to stop the current recording

/recordings to see the last five recordings (you will only be able to see your last 5 recordings)


Dyno is currently in use for the following:

  • Start here and Links channels
  • Auto post when a YouTube video is posted
  • ?____
  • Accepting rules and getting a role

The Dashboard can be found here

FredBoat Bot (Free)
Ensure you are using the blue background pfp Frebboat bot, the gold background pfp controls the Beanthoven bot

/play (enter song/ playlist link or name you want to play)

FredBoat Bot (Patron) aka Beanthoven Bot
ensure you are using the gold background pfp for these commands, using the blue background pfp controls a sperate bot

To add a new song:

1) /playlist-manage add-track :playlist-name (name of the playlist you want to add it to. The main playlist is called Beanstalk) :track-name-or-link (name or link of the song you want to add)

2) /skip range :start (1) :stop (50)

3) /playlist-play (Beanstalk)

4) /repeat all

5) /shuffle on


/fees to see the cost for each transaction type

/gasto get the current GWEI

Lofi Radio

/play joins the current voice channel you are in, and will stay in that voice channel 24/7

/mode allows you to change the type of lofi playing

/volume allows you to change/ view the current volume

/stop to stop playing lofi

Midjourney Bot
Currently only has access to the Barnyard channel, using any commands outside of the Barnyard will result in the following message only displayed to the user

/imagine prompt:(insert any prompt you want here)


/config panel send :channel (insert channel to start verification process)

/config panel update - to update various aspects of the of the verification process


/add channel:(insert channel where bot will post) space:(insert ENS for the Snapshot page you want to post)

/remove channel:(insert channel where bot is posting on) space:(insert ENS for the Snapshot page you want to remove)


/channel stats :channel (insert desired channel) to see a channel’s stats

/channel chart :channel (insert desired channel) to see a channel’s stat chart

/help to see other commands


/follow :twitter-account (insert twitter account you want to follow) :channel(channel you want the bot to post in) :links (allow links) :retweets (post retweets) :ping (choose who you want to ping)

/dashboard to get a link to the dashboard