Updating UI Copy

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Dec 4, 2022 10:56 PM

  1. Clone the repo. Ask guy or Silo Chad if you don’t have access.
git clone [REDACTED]
  1. Change directories into the repo you just cloned.
  1. Fetch all remote branches
git fetch --all
  1. Switch to the dev branch
git checkout dev
  1. Fetch all new changes from dev in the event you didn’t just clone the repo for the first time.
git pull
  1. Create a new branch—indicate that these are copy changes in the branch name.
git checkout -b copy-MM-DD
  1. Make changes in your text editor of choice, like VS Code.
  2. Add all the changes in your current directory.
git add .
  1. Commit the changes and prefix the message with copy.
git commit -m "copy: updating docs links"
  1. Push the changes to GitHub.
git push --set-upstream origin copy-MM-DD
  1. Go to the UI GitHub repo and when prompted, click Compare & pull request.
  1. IMPORTANT: Set the base branch to dev and click Create pull request.
  1. Wait for all the checks to pass.
  2. Ask guy to review and merge the changes.