Recording and Uploading Discord Meetings

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To use Craig, type /join, then click the /join option for Craig, it will show up with an option, select it. This will ask you what channel you want Craig to record in. This is what it should look like below:


Press enter and Craig will start recording. You will also be presented with a message that looks like this:


This will give you a breakdown of what is going on with the recording. You can also stop the recording using the stop recording button.

NOTE: The recording will automatically stop when it does not hear any auto for a certain amount of time. The recording will also stop automatically when everyone leaves the call.

When the recording stops, you will be DM’d a message that looks like this:


This panel will let you download and delete the recording. Most of the time you will want to download the recording. After selecting “Download” you will be presented with the following screen:


Download in any form you want! Personally, I download in an Audacity project then make small edits to the track on audacity.

EaseUS RecExperts


for the process for EaseUS RecExperts. This allows you to record system level audio (outside of Discord, for example).


Youtube Thumbnail

To edit the YouTube Thumbnail you can use whatever photo editing software of your choice. Here is the .ai file that is changed for every class.



If using Craig to record the meeting, export the recording into an Audacity project. Audacity can be used to make people sound louder, quieter, or muted. You can also trim the recording, or take out certain parts. Once you have the audio file done go to file → export → mp3. It is a free software linked here.


To create an MP4 for YouTube, combine the exported audio file and the YouTube thumbnail in iMovie. This is very simple and does not take too long.



To upload to Anchor go to https://anchor.fm/ and sign into with the Beanstalk Farms Twitter. Select “New Episode” on the top left. After that select “Create an Episode”. This will give you a lot of options on how to upload a new episode. You will want to upload the exported mp3 file, this will take a couple of minutes to upload. Once the file is done uploading select “Save episode”. This will bring you to a page that allows you to add a title and description. See other episodes for example of what to put in these sections.


Go to Youtube.com and select the camera in the upper right of the page. Upload the exported iMovie to this page. After uploading the episode you will be able to add the title and description. Look at previous youtube videos for what to put in the description. In the description add the following links:

Website: https://bean.money/ Beanstalk Discord: https://discord.gg/beanstalk Farmers' Almanac: https://docs.bean.money/ Beanstalk Farms Twitter: https://twitter.com/BeanstalkFarms


To get the Transcripts from YouTube, go to the YouTube video and select the three dots to the left of the like and dislike button. A dropdown will appear and select “Show Transcript”. This will load the transcripts to the right of the video. Select the three buttons at the top of the transcripts page and select “toggle timestamps”. Copy the entire transcript and paste it into the transcript field on the Notion page in the Learning Center.