Monthly Operations Report

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Oct 21, 2022 5:35 AM

The monthly operations report is a public document on Github prepared at the end of each month to provide community members with transparency into Beanstalk Farms’ and Bean Sprout’s finances and contributors.


  1. The expense information to prepare the operations report is located on the finances spreadsheet. See the documentation for instructions on using the finances spreadsheet.
  2. Parts 1-3 “Expenses by Category”, “Expenses by Date” and “Balances” can be prepared from the “BFM Transactions” and “BSM Transactions” tabs. The categories in column H are the same categories used in “Expenses by Category”.
  3. Part 4 “Paid Contributors” can be prepared by referencing BFCPs and BFBPs on Snapshot. Contributors are ordered by ascending governance proposal number.