How to Setup OBS

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Jan 5, 2023 5:34 PM
  1. Install Blackhole from this website https://existential.audio/blackhole/
  2. Check your email for the download link, once you have opened the download link download the 16ch version
  3. Follow the instructions on the download page
  4. Open Audio Midi Setup (this is a pre-installed app on all Macs)
  5. Create a new Multi-Output Device by selecting the + in the bottom left
  6. Select both your default audio output device (ie Default speakers, Airpods, Headphones etc) and Blackhole 16ch
    1. Right click Multi Output Device (or whatever you named it to) and select Use This Device For Sound Output
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      You can add as many output devices you want here. For example, you can have your Mac output to your Airpods, Default Speakers and BlackHole. You can also configure this on the fly.
  7. Install OBS using the following link https://obsproject.com/
  8. Create a scene by selecting the + in the bottom left
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  10. Within that scene add a Source with the + button
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  12. Select Display Capture (on Mac this is called MacOS screen capture) and name it whatever you want. Ensure it is the display you want to record. Select OK when done.
    1. Note: you can also select if you only want OBS to record certain applications by selecting “Method” then Application Capture then selecting the application you desire
  13. Within the same scene add another Source with the + button
  14. Select Audio Output Capture, name it whatever you would like, and ensure the device it set to default
  15. Ensure your microphone of choice is selected by selecting the 3 vertical dots or the gear to the right of Mic/Aux then select “Properties” and select your desired Mic.
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  17. Select Settings on the right of your screen, then go into the Output section
  18. At the top of the screen, change the Output Mode to Advanced
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  20. Select the Recording tab, then set where you want to the recording path to be. Ensure the Recording Format is mp4 and that Audio Track 1 and 2 are checked.
  21. Once this is done select Apply in the bottom left and then OK in the bottom right
  22. Select the same 3 vertical dots or the gear icon next to the Mic/Aux then select Advanced Audio Properties.
  23. On the right side of this pop out select the Mic/Aux to only check Track 1 and Desktop Audio/MacOS Screen Capture to only check Track 2. Once this is done select Close.
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  25. You are ready to start recording! To start recording select Start Recording on the right side of the screen. To ensure you are recording there will be a red light next to the REC in the bottom right.
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  27. Reach out to CanadianBennett if you have any questions.