Discord Verification Overview

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Prior to these processes being put into place the Discord verification was very basic and allowed bots/ scammers access the entire membership list. The goal of the new verification flow was to not allow new unverified members access to other membership list.


  • Users get the Verified role by completing the quiz in the #verify channel.
  • The Verified role gets users access to the #rules channel.
  • Accepting the rules in the #rules channel gets users the Local Farmer role, which gives them access to the rest of the public Discord channels.

Verification Flow

When a new user joins the Beanstalk Discord they will first see this page.


The new user just has the @everyone role. To start the verification process the user must complete the Discord verification flow.


The user must read the server rules and select “I have read and agree to the rules”. Once this is done the user can select “Submit” and proceed to the Beanhammerbot verification.


The user must select “Start Verification” button, and will be presented with the following page:


This page will look similar to all new users, each user will see a different emoji to select. In this case, the user must select the cow emoji.


Once the user selects the emoji, the user will see the following page.


After successfully completion of this the user will get the @Verified role and will gain access to #rules. The user must select the rules channel to start the next process.


The user must read the rules and select “I accept the rules” to complete the final verification step. After selecting that button the user will have the @Local Farmer role and will gain access to the rest of the discord.


Once the user can see all of the channels the user has successfully completed the verification process.

Here is a video of the process

Bots being used

BeanHammer (SledgeHammer)- https://docs.sledgehammer.app/

Bean Bot (Dyno) -https://dyno.gg/