Discord Message Embedder

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Oct 21, 2022 5:14 AM

The Message Embedder is used to automatically insert and update messages by the Bean Bot into Discord channels.


Admin or Mod Discord account.


  1. Go to https://dyno.gg/ and “Login with Discord”.
  2. Select “Beanstalk”.
  3. Select “Modules”.
  4. Under “Message Embedder”, select “Settings”.
  5. Select an existing embed or “New Embed”.
  6. The name of the embed and the channel to insert it into are under “Message Settings”.
  7. The contents of the embed go into “Description”.
  8. When the embed is saved, it will be updated in the Discord channel.

More detail on Dyno syntax is in the Dyno Docs: https://dyno.gg/en/home