Depositing Contributor Pay

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Oct 21, 2022 5:37 AM

Per BIP-22, contributor pay for the remainder of the quarter should be Deposited at the beginning of the quarter if the existing budget allows for Depositing all remaining contributor pay for the quarter. Otherwise, Depositing can happen after the passage of the quarterly budget BIP.

  1. To determine how Beans to Deposit, use the Silo Calculator sheet on the Payroll Spreadsheet (see
    Using the BF Payroll Spreadsheet
    ). Please wait for confirmation that Operations has verified the correctness of Deposit amounts prior to Depositing.
    • Note: Additional Deposits are required when a new contributor joins during a quarter.
  2. Go to the Apps page in Gnosis Safe and search for WalletConnect.
  3. Head over to app.bean.money and disconnect your current wallet.
  4. Select Connect Wallet and choose WalletConnect.
  5. Select Copy to clipboard to copy the QR code.
  6. Paste this text back in WalletConnect screen on Gnosis.
  7. Back on app.bean.money, you are connected to the Beanstalk UI via the BFM address.
  8. Head over to Bean Deposits.
  9. Fill in the number of Beans you calculated in Step 1 and select Deposit.
  10. Back on the Gnosis page, you’ll be prompted to submit the transaction to the BFM. You can select Simulate to confirm the transaction will run properly.
  11. Select Submit and sign the transaction.
  12. Share a link to the transaction queue and info about the transaction with the BFM group DM.