Contributor Account Onboarding

Access Control
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Dec 19, 2022 5:28 AM


  1. Add the Beanstalk Farms role in Discord
    1. Can be done by the Mods
  2. Create a bean.farm email address
    1. Can be done from https://admin.google.com/ by @guy or @aloceros
  3. Add the Beanstalk Farms Google calendar to your calendar (click the link and switch to your bean.farm account:
    1. https://calendar.google.com/calendar/u/3?cid=Y181bTcwbjJ1MDIycHVhNDg3a2Jla2dva3J0NEBncm91cC5jYWxlbmRhci5nb29nbGUuY29t
  4. Give access to the Beanstalk Farms Notion as a guest
    1. Guests are free and have the same permissions as full members
  5. Get address for payroll and add to the BF Payroll spreadsheet
  6. Add contributor to the BF Accounts Spreadsheet


Check the BF Accounts Spreadsheet to check all the software account you may need to remove a contributor from when offboarding. See Using the BF Accounts Spreadsheet.

Also, remove their Beanstalk Farms role from Discord and replace with the Friend of BF role.