Announcing Voting Period Ended

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Oct 21, 2022 5:09 AM

There are a few manual processes that are best practices to do once the Voting Period for a governance proposal that Stalkholders vote on ends.

  1. Remove Snapshot banners on bean.money
    1. Need GitHub access: https://github.com/BeanstalkFarms/bean.money/blob/4f1b85a2de352de8dba8a950976018036abaef25/pages/index.tsx#L19
  2. Publish marketing blog post
    1. Examples:

    2. https://bean.money/blog/bop-1-disclosures
    3. https://bean.money/blog/bip-22-23-beanstalk-q3-2022-budget
  3. Announce in Discord
    1. #announcements channel
    2. corresponding discussion channel
    3. Example:

  4. Tweet from Beanstalk Farms
  5. Example: