Form the BeaNFT DAO

Form the BeaNFT DAO

In progress


  • It is not currently possible to contribute permissionlessly to BeaNFTs. It’s unclear who owns them, who has authority to issue more of them, etc.
  • We need to answer the question of “Someone joins the community and wants to create a new BeaNFT collection. What do they need to do?”

Potential Solution

  • Propose a BOP to the Beanstalk DAO to form the BeaNFT DAO
  • Potential governance structure
    • Proposing to create a new BeaNFT collection requires a BOP
      • This would be to mitigate the potential of BeaNFT holders vetoing any proposal to create a new collection given that a new collection would result in dilution
    • BeaNFT Proposals (BNFTPs)
      • 1 token from any BeaNFT collection = 1 vote
      • Formation of the BeaNFT DAO could also seed a treasury? Not sure honestly
      • BNFTPs could be proposals to use the budget on BeaNFT related initiatives
      • There are about 3,000 BeaNFTs, not sure what a reasonable quorum would be
  • Setup BeaNFT DAO category in Discord that requires BeaNFT Discord role


  • Will Snapshot be able to support voting from multiple BeaNFT collections? Each collection is a different contract.
    • yes, just need multiple strategies