Permissionless contribution processes research

Deep backlog


  • There are many components of contributing to Beanstalk that are currently permissioned—if development of Beanstalk is to be truly decentralized, figuring out permissionless processes for contributing to the Farmers’ Almanac, the UI, etc. will be critical
  • Research Bitcoin and Ethereum contribution processes

reintroduce CONTRIBUTING.md file in Beanstalk repo

Example Farmers’ Almanac Section

Contributing (section of GitBook)

  • Documentation (page in GitBook)
    • Contributing to the Farmers’ Almanac
      • already possible on GitHub
        • who accepts these?
    • Contributing to the whitepaper
      • fixing typos
        • who accepts these?
      • editing whitepaper as part of a BIP
        • open a PR?
  • Frontend
    • Contributing to the Beanstalk UI
      • TODO
  • Subgraph
    • TODO
  • Contracts
    • TODO
  • Account Access
    • who gets access to things like the @beanstalkfarms twitter?