Launch V0 of Agronomics Handbook + docs-updates post


Discord announcement

see guy DM

Docs Update

see guy DM

Future Work

change protocol resources section to “protocol”
change community resources section to “community”

switch URL to docs.bean.money/developers (and other one to docs.bean.money/almanac
  • will have to update links for:
    • bean.money github
    • beanstalk-ui github
    • farmers-almanac
    • agronomics handbook
    • beanstalk-gov-proposals
    • beanstalk-audits
    • beanstalk contract repo
      • edit the README generally
        • link to contracts on the almanac and remove the facets table
        • remove bips.md and link to gov proposals repo in the README
    • discord dyno bots
make Agronomics Handbook and Beanstalk Whitepaper github repos public
also make a pass at the Beanstalk repo README


  • Get started on a hub page in the Farmers’ Almanac for technical docs links
    • RFC’s
    • eventually open source engineering Notion page
    • Discord technical questions?
    • Slack channels with Halborn?
    • Link to WIP technical GitBook

organization level domain
  • need to setup time with pubs4443 to test this out
  • docs.bean.money/almanac/…
  • docs.bean.money/developers/…

  1. Overview - overview - appstorage (see appstorage.sol) Facets Module -> facet - list public functions - call functions - view/peer functions - events Misc - BIPs (add RFCs) - video walkthrough FAQ - discord answers in #questions and #development (search msgs from pubs1703) - halborn slack questions + answers

Things to cover

  • function by function walkthrough
    • nuanced algorithms should be written up on a case by case basis
  • documenting schema of the subgraph
    • like how listings are filled
  • SDK js API overview
  • UI documentation
  • methods should be commented in some format