Gather community feedback on governance forum idea



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gm, I'd like to gather some feedback from the community on couple things related to Beanstalk governance—

(1) Proposal discussion forum

Do folks feel that is Discord is serving us well as a medium for proposal discussion within the DAO? Many other protocols use forums like Discourse or Commonwealth for focused discussion around particular proposals. Just to list a couple potential pros of having a discussion forum outside of Discord:

  • More permissionless—Discord is adamant about things like using a phone number to verify accounts, whereas tools like Commonwealth allow wallet sign in. In addition, someone must get permission from a Discord Mod in order to create a Discord channel for a new BIP discussion.
  • More sharable links—say you wanted to Tweet someone a link to a discussion about a BIP. Discord links don’t do a good job of this.

It may very well be that the answer is that Discord is adequately serving us and there are no action items. But wanted to get a temp check from the community on this.

(2) Voting choices on BIPs

Also want to resurface some of the discussion above about additional voting choices on BIPs. The current voting choices (For and Abstain) were approved via governance, so it would require a BIP in order to change it.

From my perspective, this is a “show me the incentive and I’ll show you the outcome” type of scenario, in that there’s no incentive to vote Against or Abstain and thus it will only happen at the margin. But curious if this is still of interest.

(perhaps in the Seraph BIP, which is very related to governance)


Other questions—

  • Do people feel like there has historically (last couple months) been sufficient time to debate and discuss BIPs?